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Eve Angel returns for cameo role in new Sandra Shine movie!

Eve Angel is erotic royalty; a raven-haired, doe-eyed, curvaceous beauty who starred in many classic Viv Thomas movies and had a long on-off love affair with Jo that inspired some explosively passionate scenes.

Eve stepped back from performing a couple of years ago and has been sorely missed; so I’m very excited to reveal that she will be appearing in her great friend Sandra Shine’s new movie. Eve – looking as sensational as ever – plays a mischievous matchmaker who loves fixing her friends up with new sexual partners, and although it’s theoretically a “non-sex role,” let’s just say that a girl as naughty as Eve tends to have trouble keeping her hands (and lips) to herself!

Olivia Grace, Anie Darling, Selena Mur and Rebecca Volpetti will also appear in the movie, which has a working title of “Eve’s Blind Dates.” Look out for it at Viv Thomas soon!

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michelle-n-jessica 12 months ago

we patient waiting we loving ;}~♥ eve and sandra ♥~{;


Sandra Shine 12 months ago

Hi All,

This is my first post here and I chose this topic to reply on as its indeed something special
with Eve in the movie. I dont want to share too much details yet, but I can ensure that both
lovers of lesbian erotica and fans of Eve will be happy for it. And since Im reading your comments
I can tell that I included a few of your past wishes in this movie already.
Umm, And might I tell a little secret, The Master of Erotica
will appear in there for a short moment :-)
Stay tuned and thanks for watching my movies.
Any suggestions or feedback will be much appreciated



Leo S 12 months ago

WOW, the casting for this movie is off the scale. The return of Eve as well as Olivia, Anie and Rebecca (finally an Italian in a VT movie).


harryben 12 months ago

Sandra , that is such good news. But I guess we will never see Jo again, she seems to have completely disappeared. Do you have any news of her ?

Basically, there are more of the legendary VT crew still working from time to time - Zafira particularly, Blue Angel now of course, and Brandy Smile occasionally. Would be great to see them again.


Rose 12 months ago

Never say never! Jo is doing great and Sandra knows her very well, so.... who knows?

Look out for some new appearances from other VT favorites :-)


harryben 11 months ago

Even if Jo does not return to performing - which I hope she will - I am thinking of her as directing, particularly. Her work on @idreamofjo was sometimes magical. Having Sandra and Jo as regular directors on VT would be extraordinary


Leo S 12 months ago

Any plans to cast an Americans in a future VT movie such as Jenna Sativa, Shyla Jennings, Kenna James, etc.?

Also any plans for Talia and Mango to return?


Rose 12 months ago

Possibly... and yes! :-)


Mimi17 12 months ago

Great! I love Eve. Will be terrific seeing her again..:)


Kat_Vaughn 1 year agoContributing Writer

Hell yeah! Perfect description for her..."erotic royalty". I still watch her films from time to time. She is breathtaking! This looks like a great appearance for her. :)


inklover 1 year ago

Man, when you think of classic Viv girls, she's right up there with Blue Angel, Jo and Peaches.... She still looks stunning, and here's hoping for a more active role sometime soon :-)

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    Mimi01 1 hour ago

    I love her partners..she's way too boney and lacks any real commitment to her scenes.

    on Behind The Scenes: Cassie Del Isla Shooting Memories

    Rose 22 hours ago

    A very sexy girl, love her accent!

    on Behind The Scenes: Cassie Del Isla Shooting Memories

    Rose 2 days ago

    I did help with the dialogue, Jimf, but the ideas came from Cindy herself. The storyline about her having retrained as a sex therapist is absolutely true! Glad you enjoyed it, I think she's dynamite. I loved every second and definitely plan to try and tempt her back again :-)

    on Dr Hope Episode 4 - Reprisal

    lesvoyuer 2 days ago

    I do hope you will release the photographs on this shoot. I always like what SexArt does, offer the movie and if you want to see the grids have at it. If all you do is watch movies then you wonder what spot in the movie was that great shot? And where Caomei is concerned there are tons of them. I bet she would like to see them too.

    on Behind The Scenes: Making Of Oiled

    Jimf 2 days ago

    Enjoyed that a lot. Liza's breasts are superb. The dynamics are great. So when do we see more of Cindy? She is a real turn-on. Calling for Dr. Hope 2 in the not too distant future - or anything that includes Cindy.

    Did you write that script, Rose?

    on Dr Hope Episode 4 - Reprisal

    BlueBaron 2 days ago

    Cristal resembles a young Sarah Vandella without the absurdly large fake breasts but also without Ms. Vandella's breathtaking hourglass figure fashioned though years of long hours in the gym. I could do without the former but my problem with many of the Czech models is probably cultural: most are so skinny and lack muscle definition. Some don't appear to work out regularly.

    Silvia is remarkably fit. But you can see the scars from her breast enlargement surgery. There's a way to perform that procedure entering through the armpit area that leaves no marks on the breasts. Perhaps it's a matter of expense.

    As for tattoos, that is more a generational thing. To younger eyes they're an adornment; a form of self-expression. To mine they're a willful disfigurement. 😳

    The performances were so-so. Kissing was pro forma rather than passionate and deep. The reason you oil up for the sheer sensual pleasure of rubbing bodies together in a long, languid fashion. Here's it more like lube.

    Although this is purely a matter of taste, I judge the quality of a GG film by how long it takes before the gals go for each other's nipples and vaginas and you can't just go from the one to the other. There is an entire, and usually lovely, female torso in between, chests and necks above, legs and feet below. And, behind all of that, is the beauty of a well-found female back and backside.

    Much is made of how BG scenes lack sensuality and appear more like mating than sex. Many of us drawn to GG scenes are looking for more, much more. In fairness, it's a lot to ask and it can't be easy for every performer to accomplish or every filmmaker to direct and capture.

    on Oiled Episode 4 - Radiate

    Rose 3 days ago

    Such a gorgeous girl, and I love the evidence that she's a natural redhead :-)

    on Pixie