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A tribute to Talia Mint and Mango

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We all appreciate the beautiful girls who share their sexuality with us here so openly, but Viv Thomas member Noel has taken it a stage further by creating this excellent tribute video to two of our most popular models. Mango and Talia Mint are incredible together, their scenes packed with highly arousing moments, and this is a wonderful way to celebrate their sensational sexual chemistry. Enjoy!

Members Comments (6)


NoelR 1 year ago

Thanks for the comments, stay tuned for a Talia special.


Geo1 1 year ago

Now that was incredible! What a beautiful, artful celebration of these two wonderful ladies!


Pinkfish 1 year ago

What better way to show your appreciation of two lovely girls Noel. Two of my favourites. 😍😍


ArEm 1 year agoLifetime member

Nice one, Noel.


HolmesVT 1 year ago

Great work Noel, hope to see more in the future


Rose 1 year ago

Great video, Noel! I know Mango and Talia will love it :-)

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