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Locker room lesbians

Erotic fiction inspired by Nancy A and Chelsy Sun in “Sandra’s Sporty Girls

Shelly and I had been playing racquetball together for a few weeks before it happened. Twice a week we’d take a long lunch break, hit the court and get a game in. Neither of us was particularly good, but we had fun playing, and it broke up the monotony of a day in the office.

Shelly was the first person to befriend me and stop treating me as the ‘new girl.’ I liked her a lot; and I’m a sucker for a good-looking woman in a business suit. But one thing I like even more than that is a sexy woman in tight yoga pants, her skin glazed with a fine sheen of sweat. Okay, I’ll admit it; when Shelly suggested we play together I jumped at the chance, not because I’m really into sports, but because I couldn’t help imagining how hot she’d look all sweaty and flushed. And the reality was even hotter than I’d pictured.

I didn’t expect anything to happen between us, I was just delighted to see her looking so damn sexy. The days we played would end with me going home and jilling myself silly thinking about her body.

And then, totally out of the blue after an exhausting match on a hot day, Shelly joined me in the shower. And I’m not talking about a communal shower, either; this was a private cubicle. There was no mistaking her intent.

I didn’t even notice her coming in as I had my head under the water, eyes closed, but then I heard the door close again and she said, “I know you want this. I’ve noticed you watching me on the court. I want it too…”

I almost jumped out of my skin. Before she came in, I had been stroking my clit, my head full of filthy fantasies as I imagined bending her over on the court, pulling her yoga pants down and burying my face in her ass and pussy.

Shelly’s hands wrapped around my waist, sliding over my hips and up to my breasts; she squeezed them, and pinched my nipples. I turned around and kissed her hard, our tongues tangling.

She pulled away for just a second and looked deep into my eyes, then slipped her hand between my thighs to feel my swollen clit and slide a finger between my lips. A flash of recognition appeared on her face as she realized I wasn’t just wet because of the water, and then she sank two fingers inside me and pushed me back against the wall.

I bit my lip – this was all happening so fast, and far from being freaked out by it, I was incredibly turned on. I leaned back against the cubicle wall, pressing my hands up against it and tilting my head, spreading my legs open further, needing to feel Shelly’s fingers fuck me harder.

With one hand on my pussy, Shelly began to grab at my tits, squeezing and kneading them, pulling on my nipples, making them stiff. She was getting me off really fast; by now I wasn’t able to keep quiet and little gasps and moans kept escaping from my open mouth.

Shelly sensed I was close to orgasm and her hand slipped around the back of my head. She pulled me close to her, two fingers still fucking my pussy, palm pressed hard up against my clit, and stuck her tongue into my mouth, kissing me hard and dirty as I moaned into her mouth, cumming with a serious sexual force.  

“What were you thinking before I came in?” she asked, fingers still inside me.

“I was thinking about you bent over and me stuffing my face into your pussy and ass…”

She laughed a little and turned around, bending over just enough for me to squat down behind her and do exactly that. Shelly had a hairy pussy, trimmed enough for me to be able to see all of her lips and clit, but with plenty of hair around her twat. She tasted delicious.

I ate her out, my nose pressed hard against her asshole, her hand in my hair, keeping me pressed up close. She practically fucked my face like this, grinding her cunt into my mouth as I tried to get my tongue as far up inside her as I could. I tongued her ass and pussy, clit and crack with long, voracious licks. When she was ready to cum, her hard grinding got faster and faster and her grip on my hair got tighter.

“Oh, fucking yeah!” she cried when she came, her legs spasming a little, her pussy smashing into my face. She let go and stood up straight again, letting out a little laugh of satisfaction.

“That was great,” she said as we kissed. “We should do this again.”

You’re damn right we should. And we have been. In fact, these days we spend about five minutes on the court before diving into the locker room. We mostly fuck in the shower, but some days we are brave enough to fuck on the bench in the locker room. We haven’t been caught yet, but the risk adds even more spice to our fun. Our coworkers often remark on the healthy glow we have when we finally make it back to the office!


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Mimi17 1 year ago

Haha...great story!

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    Rose 11 hours ago

    Super hot and passionate :-)

    on Angels Volume 3 Episode 4 - Seductress

    lesvoyuer 1 day ago

    It just dawned on me, these women within the last week have both been with Gina Gerson. I have no doubt that both of them compared notes on Gina and turned each other on so much that they were ringing each other's doorbells to come out and play. It's like a Chemistry class, let's see what works. And it's great to see the Chemistry now between all three girls. And I'm so grateful you didn't put all three together. That's a zoo. There will be more of this, whether we see it or not.

    on Charm

    lesvoyuer 1 day ago

    Both women are vulnerable, I like that in any woman. It brings out the tiger and the kitty in the same sitting. These women look great with each other.

    on Charm

    Rose 1 day ago

    Gorgeous girls!

    on Charm

    Jimf 2 days ago

    Excellent The sound was unique - just the breathing and slight gasps here and there with the only moans coming during the analingus and the orgasm at the end. It made it all seem that much more realistic. That quivering labia shot after the orgasm was really special. Sandra is going to have a hard time topping this one in the next few episodes. I hope she does and then some.

    on Tease Episode 1 - Enticing

    par135 2 days ago

    just love both girls .....but in this scene i feel the camera gets too close on many of parts of the movie...even in 4k its so much clearer with it pulled back a bit especially when the model is moving thanks

    on Tease Episode 1 - Enticing

    Rose 2 days ago

    These two are so pretty and so sexy together. Blonde on blonde... delicious!

    on Tease Episode 1 - Enticing

    Rose 3 days ago

    A terrific match, two gorgeous and very sexy blondes :-)

    on Tempting

    Rose 4 days ago

    Cherry is gorgeous, and so sexy... I could listen to her talk all day.

    on Behind The Scenes: Cherry Kiss Shooting Memories