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Dripping With Lust

Erotic fiction inspired by Adel C and Sabrisse in “Angels Volume Two

Adel lay by the pool, her long, slender figure glowing under the sun’s warm rays, a thin veil of perspiration rising on her nearly-naked body. The thin ties of her bikini briefs dangled towards the water’s edge, her fingers drooped over the side delicately dipping into the water, along with the ends of her long, wavy red hair.

Sabrisse lay back in her inflatable chair, her calves and feet hanging over the edge, lost beneath the water, a glass in her hand, ice cubes chinking.

“So hot…” murmured Adel as she waved her fingers back and forth.

A smile drifted onto Sabrisse’s face behind her wide rimmed sunglasses. As subtly as she could, she directed her floating seat over to Adel. Quietly, slowly, at an inestimable crawl, Sabrisse drew closer to the sunbathing redhead.

Adel, her eyes closed beneath the unblinking stare of the sun, had no idea what was coming. Sabrisse had drawn up beside her so quietly, even the ice in her glass had seemed to melt just to keep itself from giving her position away.

In an instant, Adel was squealing in surprise and Sabrisse was yelling gleefully, her glass falling to the bottom of the pool as Adel slipped awkwardly into the water. She rose quickly, gasping for breath, water pouring from her nose, her elbows and shoulders stinging from the scraping edge of the pool.

“What the fuck, Sabrisse!” she yelled, eyes smarting, and climbed out of the pool, stomping off in a huff.

“Oh, come on, baby! Don’t be like that,” Sabrisse said, a twinge of regret in her voice. Adel ignored her and disappeared inside their apartment. Sabrisse dived down for her glass, retrieved it and climbed out to follow.

Adel was in the shower, not really sure why she’d come here, her instantaneous fury taking over her rational mind. Sabrisse slipped in behind her, again as silent as an assassin. She reached up for Adel’s shoulder, but her girlfriend instantly shook off her hand.

“Don’t be like that,” Sabrisse spoke quietly. Taking the bottle of shower gel and squeezing some into her palm, she began to work the lather into Adel’s back.

Adel would have liked to stay mad at Sabrisse, but as it happened, she had been fantasizing about her when her mischievous friend had dragged her into the water. She had been thinking about how she’d like to have Sabrisse’s tongue in her mouth and her fingers in her pussy. And now here they were, naked together, Sabrisse eager to make it up to her.

Adel let her apologetic lover work at making it up some more, soothing the suds into her back and shoulders, lifting her hair out of the way and gently kissing her neck.

Adel turned around, pouting beneath the warm, fierce jets, eyes downcast. She’d let Sabrisse work a little harder before she was going to admit she was horny for her.

Sabrisse’s hands wound up on Adel’s hips and she pulled her closer, the water gathering where their bodies met at the waist. She leaned in to kiss Adel, who turned ever so slightly away, teasing her girlfriend just a little longer.

But Sabrisse was not so easily deterred. She reached up and turned Adel’s face to hers. Adel looked up into Sabrisse’s eyes and could no longer keep up the pretence. They kissed, mouths open, tongues coming together, and Adel felt Sabrisse’s other hand move around from her hip to her groin, Sabrisse’s fingers moving with the water down between her legs, grazing over her clitoris, slipping between her lips.

Sabrisse came to realize that Adel was either so turned on by her first touch or had been getting horny for some time – her pussy was slippery wet and not with water from the shower. Her lips opened easily and Sabrisse found her fingers coated in the greasy evidence of Adel’s lust.

She curled her hand around, sliding two fingers up inside Adel. Knowing she was hot for her, Sabrisse thought she’d play with that. With her other hand, she reached back behind Adel’s head and clutched her wet hair, pulling her head back and letting the shower spray down onto her face, thrusting her fingers deeper inside her, making her know she was going to get fucked now.

Adel responded, a cry of surprise mixed with one of sexual satisfaction as her body pushed back against Sabrisse’s hand. Sabrisse licked at her throat, the hot water gushing into her mouth, ducking down to take one of Adel’s nipples between her teeth, nuzzling and sucking on her teat, feeling it stiffen in her mouth.

She was a naughty girl, thought Sabrisse, and she needed to be punished. She turned Adel around under the water. Adel reached up to steady herself against the wall, the water running over the back of her head and shoulders, straight down to her ass, where Sabrisse was busy spreading her cheeks with one hand and groping her pussy with the other. The hot water pooled on Sabrisse’s open palm as she rubbed three fingers between Adel’s plump pussy lips, clapping the water up against her slit.

Sabrisse fucked Adel then, two fingers inside, one hand up against her back, pressing her into the wall, at once wanting to dominate her and punish her while also wanting to make her cum and love her for it.

Adel cared little about whys and wherefores, right now all she cared about was how good it felt to have Sabrisse fucking her like this, to feel the hot water gushing down her back and over her asshole, onto Sabrisse’s hand where it slapped and squished up against her pussy.

Sabrisse could tell Adel was close to orgasm, and she brought her other hand around to search for her clit, grinding one finger over it as she fucked her from behind. Adel was in sexual ecstasy, her legs buckling beneath her as her orgasm burst from her, nearly collapsing into Sabrisse’s arms.

Sabrisse smiled to herself and slowly withdrew her hands, stepping out of the shower to towel off and return to the pool. Later, she would expect Adel to return the favor…


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Jimf 1 year ago

That was a good read and a welcome addition to my subscription. I also enjoy


Rose 1 year ago

Thank you Jimf, that's very nice to hear :-)

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    My Comment 3 hours ago

    Totally agree.. What a Woman. I would like more movies of course with Kira's great boobs, great eyes, great everything. Folowing the talk about Pick-Up's please star Kira in a four part movie exploring Pick Up's with women of her own choice.

    on Behind The Scenes: Kira Queen On Location

    harryben18 4 hours ago

    Natural big boobs are a delight, can't imagine not finding them attractive. Look at Zafira, Dorothy and many others.

    Anyway, a great scene and real connection between Kira and Alice. And let's please see more of Alice, she has a unique charm.

    on The Pick Up Episode 2 - Hitchhiker

    harryben18 4 hours ago

    Such a beautiful person, and her love of women is evident in her film. And three cheers for her magnificant natural breasts ! Her whole physique is amazing and so sexy, and her personality is charming.

    on Behind The Scenes: Kira Queen On Location

    aspan 21 hours ago

    Great scenes specialy opening the vagina showing the inside with the tongue.
    I wish the opening of vagina is shown in the new movies.
    Licking the labia is artistic but going further will be wonderful

    on Lakeside Love

    soerba 24 hours ago

    Lee is stunning but the Emylia's passion is even more erotic!

    on One Hot Summer Episode 3 - Cheeky Smile

    soerba 24 hours ago

    not into big boobs but these babes were spot on, cute scene and setting

    on The Pick Up Episode 2 - Hitchhiker

    HopelessRomantic 2 days ago

    Finished this movie today and this was clearly my favourite scene. That dom sub dynamic worked well even if it could have been more present throughout the scene given the context. Cindy is so incredible evil in a sexy way that you just wanna fall to your knees before her and adore her. Lucky Blue...

    I think it's good to have a film like Agents Under Covers who goes a step or two out of the territory one usually associates with the name Viv Thomas. It's like a glimpse into a parallel universe where the VT-typically lesbian erotica is crossed with genre cinema. That 40s-like style was done well and reminded me a little bit of movies like Where Eagles Dare and Inglourious Basterds which is no coincidence, I suppose. Jo did a good job as a director and while AUC has its flaws (mostly how it delivers its story imo) I'm glad it exists. Could be interesting if VT does a movie like this which crossovers with a genre you wouldn't necessarily expect every two or three years.

    on Agents Under Covers Scene 3

    womenlover 2 days ago

    Awful video angles, poor editing , but beautiful women.

    on Summer Fun Episode 4 - Love Match

    aspan 2 days ago

    Some drops of wetness from their pussy will not spoil the artistical aspect of the website.
    Moreover it could certify the libido of the females couples
    It is not possible to arouse a pussy without some fresh pussy juice.
    Please consider that point in your movies/pictures as this is a gift from mother nature

    on Sexual Exploration

    My Comment 2 days ago

    I love Kira - her boobs, eyes and her behind too - lovely woman. Congrates to Alice what a sexy creature and her body matches Kira's in WOW-effect. For my account they could have their own 4-part movie - The Pick-up / The Disco/ The Weekend/The Move In Together etc.
    I don't know why but this time the outside shooting works and intro and outtro music does not bother me. I can think of more reasons: The story and the chemistry between Kira and Alice I got caught up with the story watching those endearing kisses ending with two wonderful orgasms.
    Last but not least as I have mentioned before I love the close-up's.

    on The Pick Up Episode 2 - Hitchhiker