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Late One Night

Erotic fiction inspired by Black Fox in “Vivid

Sunday night I was just lounging around like a lizard when I got a ping! on my phone.

-Hey I need a favor. What are you doing?

It was my girl Nadia who worked the bikini coffee stand. Crazy girl, but lots of fun...

-Nothing, wassup?

-I just need a place to crash

-No problem come on over

A few minutes later, Nadia showed up lugging her overnight bag. She was on her way home from a weekend trip, and her roommate had her key.

“Thanks Greg!” she said, smiling that bright smile in scarlet lipgloss, her long dark hair hanging down over her breasts. She looked around, taking in the large, lived-in apartment.

“Damn! That was a looong drive back!” She flopped in a chair and pulled her boots off. “Can I take a shower?”

“Sure, go ahead. Listen, you take my bedroom and I'll sleep on the couch.”

“No way! You’re so tall, you'll never fit. Your bed is huge. We can share.”

It was late, so I got into bed and I must have dozed off because the next moment Nadia was bouncing on the bed in her pink bra and panties.

“Hey Nadia, remember what we talked about, okay? I'm too old for you.”

“I remember. Relax, I won't bite,” she giggled.

So we settled in under the covers in the dark, back to back, nice and comfy. We gave each other some pats and then held hands for a minute. I tried to sleep but that never works. Then I felt a chin on my shoulder.

“Still awake, Greg? I can't sleep. Want to talk?”

She told me about her trip. Soon she was snuggled right up to me. I tried not to think about her breasts squished into my side. It got harder not to think about her body as she told me about getting tipsy with her friends and dancing on the stage, kissing, then going back to the dancers’ dressing room…

“You like girls, Nadia?”

“Sure! I like guys too. But girls are so much fun! I can’t decide who the sex is better with...” I felt her arm go around my waist. “Actually my best time was with both, at a festival, my girlfriend and her boyfriend, in their tent. I came so many times. What was your best ever sex?”

I knew exactly what to tell. “Long time ago, back in my Santa Cruz days. I had an affair with a very horny married lady, very hot. Tall, blonde... she introduced me to anal sex, among other things...”

All the talk about sex was affecting me, not to mention Nadia's warm closeness. I shifted to free up my boner; my boxers were getting tight.

“One night we really went at it. I totally worked on her ass. Fingering it, and then I ate her out with two fingers in her ass and she just went nuts. I like that a lot; when a girl comes hard when I do her. Really gets me going. So then she was ready and she turned over and I was able to slide into her ass. We went really slow, but soon I got my whole cock in. That was amazing!”

Nadia's eyes never left me, but inside my pants her fingers had encircled me and were slowly stroking.

“At first it was super tight, hard to move, but then it got easier. Her ass was so tight I got very turned on and I came really hard...” It was a great memory. Nadia shifted around and straddled me and I felt her warm lips around my cock while she stroked me. Her knees were on either side of me and I could feel the warmth of her sex on my face in the dark and I knew she was wet. I reached up and pulled her panties down, squeezing her firm cheeks in my hands. Nadia has a cute bubble butt and I could feel her smooth skin tugging on my unshaven cheeks when I pulled her down and nuzzled my face up in there.

My tongue found sweetness inside her puffy outer lips. Tasting her smooth little opening when she was horny was so life-affirming. Unable to see a thing, I felt my way around familiar places and found her hole with my fingertips and massaged it softly while lapping at her clit insistently. Nadia had focused and had a great rhythm going, sliding me into the back of her mouth along her lavishly wet tongue. She started to rock back and forth and I used that motion to push a finger into her ass, rolling it around while tongue-flicking her clit hard.

She reached back to grab my hair and hold me close, my arm around her waist, and then she broke out in shivers, just about smothering me with her pussy, moaning and gasping. I caught my own breath in gasps and Nadia sped up her stroking and sucking. I couldn't hold it in any longer, so I let go and let the cold fire burn through me until I felt her licking my shaft clean.

We cuddled, her warm, semen-flavored lips on mine, her tongue exploring mine to taste her own pussy. She took off her damp, tangled underwear, her soft boobs squashed against my chest. Arms around each other, we dove in again, lips to lips, body to body. Her hips were rolling, leaving a wet streak on my thigh, and she was bringing me to life, my rod extending, getting firm again in her demanding hands.

She lay back, pulling me on top of her, feet on my chest then over my shoulders, and she took hold and guided me in. She was so tight, but very wet, so I could move inside her. I felt like I was 21 again as I pounded her G-spot, making her climax hard and long. Her thrashing around lit my fuse again and I came with a slow rush, feeling her get all wet and sloppy.

We collapsed together, breathing hard, sweating. I wrapped around her in spoons, my hand cupping her breast, buried my face in her hair, and I was out.

Well don't you know it, next morning she was gone. Snuck out and didn’t even wake the dog. When it got light I saw the only thing she’d left, her pink panties tangled in the sheets. I took a pic on my phone and sent it to her. She told me to keep them safe for her…


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Mimi01 8 months ago

Hot story George! :)


Geo1 8 months ago

Thanks Mimi! Hope Nadia likes it too!

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    I LOVE bushes ! Oh yeah!

    on One Hot Summer Episode 3 - Cheeky Smile

    My Comment 15 hours ago

    Totally agree.. What a Woman. I would like more movies of course with Kira's great boobs, great eyes, great everything. Folowing the talk about Pick-Up's please star Kira in a four part movie exploring Pick Up's with women of her own choice.

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    harryben18 16 hours ago

    Natural big boobs are a delight, can't imagine not finding them attractive. Look at Zafira, Dorothy and many others.

    Anyway, a great scene and real connection between Kira and Alice. And let's please see more of Alice, she has a unique charm.

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    harryben18 16 hours ago

    Such a beautiful person, and her love of women is evident in her film. And three cheers for her magnificant natural breasts ! Her whole physique is amazing and so sexy, and her personality is charming.

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    aspan 1 day ago

    Great scenes specialy opening the vagina showing the inside with the tongue.
    I wish the opening of vagina is shown in the new movies.
    Licking the labia is artistic but going further will be wonderful

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    soerba 1 day ago

    Lee is stunning but the Emylia's passion is even more erotic!

    on One Hot Summer Episode 3 - Cheeky Smile

    soerba 1 day ago

    not into big boobs but these babes were spot on, cute scene and setting

    on The Pick Up Episode 2 - Hitchhiker

    HopelessRomantic 2 days ago

    Finished this movie today and this was clearly my favourite scene. That dom sub dynamic worked well even if it could have been more present throughout the scene given the context. Cindy is so incredible evil in a sexy way that you just wanna fall to your knees before her and adore her. Lucky Blue...

    I think it's good to have a film like Agents Under Covers who goes a step or two out of the territory one usually associates with the name Viv Thomas. It's like a glimpse into a parallel universe where the VT-typically lesbian erotica is crossed with genre cinema. That 40s-like style was done well and reminded me a little bit of movies like Where Eagles Dare and Inglourious Basterds which is no coincidence, I suppose. Jo did a good job as a director and while AUC has its flaws (mostly how it delivers its story imo) I'm glad it exists. Could be interesting if VT does a movie like this which crossovers with a genre you wouldn't necessarily expect every two or three years.

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    womenlover 2 days ago

    Awful video angles, poor editing , but beautiful women.

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    Some drops of wetness from their pussy will not spoil the artistical aspect of the website.
    Moreover it could certify the libido of the females couples
    It is not possible to arouse a pussy without some fresh pussy juice.
    Please consider that point in your movies/pictures as this is a gift from mother nature

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