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Black Fox: naked passion among the trees

Erotic fiction inspired by Black Fox in “Kimono

She slips between the trees like a whisper on the wind. Glimpses of her pale skin and coal black hair as she darts from shadow to shadow.

I stand as still as the day, watching for her, waiting. I hear her laughter behind me, from a distance. Then I see her again, dashing from cover, the flesh of her legs flashing through her kimono.

I close my eyes and breathe. I will play her game if that is what she wants. I will not move, I will not open my eyes again until I have her in my arms. I will wait for the moment to come when she will stand before me and risk capture. It is only a matter of time.

She is close, I can sense it, closer than she has been. I hear her prowling behind me, the swish of her silks, a twig snapping under foot. A giggle and then, behind my ear, her warm breath. Her fingers slip through my hair briefly. And then she is away, running from me.

It is an age of silence as I stand and wait. I have lost all sense of her. She may have left me alone here… And then I hear her robe open, no more than a foot in front of me, falling to the ground, and I sense her stepping within my grasp. She wants to be caught. I lunge forward, arms whipping up quick as lightning, to wrap around her naked body and pull her against me.

“I am yours,” she whispers in my ear, and I open my eyes. She is naked in my arms, arching her back, her breasts pushed upwards to my face, her belly and thighs pressed against mine. Now it is her turn to stand and wait.

I release my grip and leave her there, naked, arms by her side, watching me. I take hold of her hair and walk around her, letting it run through my fingers like fine sand. Her shape arouses me, hips and waist working together to thicken my shaft. My fingers slide down her back, one tracing the cleft of her buttocks.

Stepping close behind her, I place both hands on her hips and move them up her waist, under her arms, finding her breasts, squeezing her nipples between my fingers. She breaks her silence with a gasp of pleasure and surprise.

I push myself forward, let her feel my burgeoning growth in my pants, press it against her rear. She pushes herself back against me, her desire made clear. It is so, she is ready and willing.

Now I undo my pants and pull my cock free. It is hard in my hands, excited by her body, hungry to be inside her. Reaching for her hands, I guide them to her buttocks and have her grasp her cheeks firmly. With one hand, I hold her hip, the other I use to push her forward. She bends for me, her hands tugging her cheeks apart as she folds her body. 

I use my foot to guide her feet apart. She is splayed before me. Her ass, her pussy, it is all for me. I will use her as I wish and she will do as I please. With my hand, I brush myself against her, stroking the head of my cock over her lips and higher, up to her ass, tapping on her tightest hole. She braces, I feel her shrink at my touch then relax. She would welcome me there. I leave my cock poised at her ass, an old friend at her door, but I do not enter. I do not want her ass today. It is enough to feel her submit to me.

I return to her pussy, using the top of my shaft and tip to rub against her lips. I do this until I see and feel her lips begin to part. The rough friction of skin on skin gives way to the smooth heat of her juice as her lips open for me and I am coated in her slick lubricant.

This is how I will have her. Letting go of my dick, I leave it resting against her, waiting for her to understand. She is to do all the work, bent over, gripping her ass open, pushing herself back and forth over me until she is ready to swallow my root inside her.

We stand like this for a moment before she understands. Then she begins moving, slowly, over my shaft, her body beginning to feel the rhythm, hips working, each brush stroke opening her up further.

Now I am ready. All I need do is tighten my muscle and I am taken inside. She shows some resistance, her entrance too tight to take me fully, but her willingness to have me drives her to push hard against me until I am fully enclosed. She cries out, a loud, sharp intake of breath to break the stillness of the woods.

I admire her ass, consider her anus. I contemplate a finger, should I probe her asshole with one? And as I enjoy her display, she moves faster, drawing her body all the way along me, almost losing me from inside before thrusting back to take me completely.

She works harder, her breathing louder, moans bursting uncontrollably from her mouth. She begins to thrust hard enough to topple me backwards. I am ready.

I take hold of her hips now, pull her harder onto me, fuck her with all of my strength. I cum. It is hot and powerful, enough to make me hold her tight, grip her tight against me as I unload inside of her. She struggles, desperate for her own orgasm, and her struggling, or perhaps my own dominant refusal to let her have her way, makes her cum too.

When I am done, I pull myself from her. She knows not to move until I say so, and I do not let her stand or release her grip until I have watched my seed spill from her. It rolls down her thighs, glistening in the dappled sunlight. And only when it has run its course do I allow her to stand and dress.


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    I LOVE bushes ! Oh yeah!

    on One Hot Summer Episode 3 - Cheeky Smile

    My Comment 15 hours ago

    Totally agree.. What a Woman. I would like more movies of course with Kira's great boobs, great eyes, great everything. Folowing the talk about Pick-Up's please star Kira in a four part movie exploring Pick Up's with women of her own choice.

    on Behind The Scenes: Kira Queen On Location

    harryben18 16 hours ago

    Natural big boobs are a delight, can't imagine not finding them attractive. Look at Zafira, Dorothy and many others.

    Anyway, a great scene and real connection between Kira and Alice. And let's please see more of Alice, she has a unique charm.

    on The Pick Up Episode 2 - Hitchhiker

    harryben18 16 hours ago

    Such a beautiful person, and her love of women is evident in her film. And three cheers for her magnificant natural breasts ! Her whole physique is amazing and so sexy, and her personality is charming.

    on Behind The Scenes: Kira Queen On Location

    aspan 1 day ago

    Great scenes specialy opening the vagina showing the inside with the tongue.
    I wish the opening of vagina is shown in the new movies.
    Licking the labia is artistic but going further will be wonderful

    on Lakeside Love

    soerba 1 day ago

    Lee is stunning but the Emylia's passion is even more erotic!

    on One Hot Summer Episode 3 - Cheeky Smile

    soerba 1 day ago

    not into big boobs but these babes were spot on, cute scene and setting

    on The Pick Up Episode 2 - Hitchhiker

    HopelessRomantic 2 days ago

    Finished this movie today and this was clearly my favourite scene. That dom sub dynamic worked well even if it could have been more present throughout the scene given the context. Cindy is so incredible evil in a sexy way that you just wanna fall to your knees before her and adore her. Lucky Blue...

    I think it's good to have a film like Agents Under Covers who goes a step or two out of the territory one usually associates with the name Viv Thomas. It's like a glimpse into a parallel universe where the VT-typically lesbian erotica is crossed with genre cinema. That 40s-like style was done well and reminded me a little bit of movies like Where Eagles Dare and Inglourious Basterds which is no coincidence, I suppose. Jo did a good job as a director and while AUC has its flaws (mostly how it delivers its story imo) I'm glad it exists. Could be interesting if VT does a movie like this which crossovers with a genre you wouldn't necessarily expect every two or three years.

    on Agents Under Covers Scene 3

    womenlover 2 days ago

    Awful video angles, poor editing , but beautiful women.

    on Summer Fun Episode 4 - Love Match

    aspan 2 days ago

    Some drops of wetness from their pussy will not spoil the artistical aspect of the website.
    Moreover it could certify the libido of the females couples
    It is not possible to arouse a pussy without some fresh pussy juice.
    Please consider that point in your movies/pictures as this is a gift from mother nature

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