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Selfie Love

Erotic fiction inspired by Shrima Malati and Jenny Ferri in “Intimate Touch

Lesbian lovers Shrima and Jenny are only in their early 20s, and still exploring their sexuality together. They’re a fun couple and love experimenting and trying new things.

What began as some fooling around in the bedroom on a hot summer afternoon escalated into one of their most erotic experiences. Shrima was lying on the bed in her panties, staring at her phone, taking selfies and editing them for fun. She was so engrossed in her phone that she didn’t notice Jenny standing in the doorway of the bathroom. Jenny watched her slender, sexy partner, eyes raking over her body as Shrima wriggled on the bed, lifting one leg and then the other. Jenny found herself getting aroused by the sight of Shrima’s tight white panties, bulging around her pussy mound.

Jenny crossed to the bed and climbed on at the foot as Shrima looked up from her snaps. The prone brunette smiled as her lover crawled in bra and panties to straddle her thighs.

“Let me take a picture,” said Jenny, reaching out to snatch Shrima’s cellphone from her hand.

“Hey!” Shrima complained, laughing, trying to grab her phone back.

“Uh, uh,” Jenny admonished, holding the phone above her head and wrestling Shrima’s hands back. “Not until I’ve got some good ones.”

Shrima clasped her hands to her bare breasts, and pouted for the camera as Jenny snapped away. Then Jenny reached down and pulled at Shrima’s hands.

“Come on, babe. Don’t be shy…” she coaxed. Shrima giggled nervously and let Jenny pull one arm from her chest, but refused the other. “Don’t be silly, this is your phone. Who’s going to see them but you?” urged the horny photographer.

Shrima could feel the heat of Jenny’s pussy on her thighs, and her eyes involuntarily scanned her lover’s body, roaming down over her breasts, to the panty-covered mound that was pressing down on her legs. Was Jenny beginning to rub herself against Shrima? Could she feel her pussy getting hotter?

She let Jenny pull her other hand away and take a picture of her breasts. Then she took her camera back to look at the pictures.

“Now let me take some of you,” Shrima said, turning the cellphone on Jenny. Her girlfriend was a much more willing subject, unclasping her bra immediately and posing proudly for the camera.

“Want a close up?” she purred suggestively, leaning over until her nipple was brushing the phone.

“Hey, behave yourself!” laughed Shrima, but she didn’t really mean it. She liked it. She wanted Jenny to come even closer, and she pulled her down by the shoulders, dropping the phone on the bed beside her and lifting her face to let her lips meet Jenny’s nipple as it came closer to her mouth.

Jenny smiled down at her sweetheart as Shrima licked her nipple and sucked it gently into her mouth. She could feel it stiffen and pressed herself further forward, wanting Shrima to suck harder. Shrima sensed her lover’s desire as much as her own, kissing each breast, sucking on Jenny’s nipples, one hand squeezing. Her other hand made a move for Jenny’s ass, caressing her cheeks.

Jenny responded to the touch, grinding her pussy against Shrima’s leg, lust taking control quickly. Her hands slid down Shrima’s body, fingers searching for her nipples, tweaking them hard, communicating through touch just how horny she was for Shrima.

Shrima pressed her leg against Jenny’s crotch, wanting to turn her on even more, letting her know that she wanted her pussy to soak her thigh. Her hand came around to stroke Jenny’s pussy through her panties. Jenny sat up, looking down at her girlfriend, smiling and biting her lip. She took Shrima’s hand and pressed the fingers harder against her pussy, rubbing herself on them. 

Shrima tried to slide her hand into Jenny’s panties but it was too awkward an angle for her to do so comfortably, and so Jenny kneeled up and pulled her underwear down as far as she could. Then she grabbed the phone and Shrima’s hand, guided the hand to her pussy and began to snap away, taking shot after shot of Shrima’s hand as the fingers thrust inside her.

Shrima’s fingers were wet with Jenny’s pussy juice, and she brought them to her mouth to lick them clean as Jenny captured the moment. It gave her an idea. She took her panties off, then straddled her lover once more, climbing up her body to plant her wet, gaping, smooth-shaved pussy on Shrima’s mouth. Shrima wanted to make her orgasm, and eagerly licked her clitoris, sliding her tongue inside the tight, warm slot, trying hard to get as deep inside her as she could.

Jenny could barely contain herself, writhing on her lover’s face, trying to control her shaking enough to take pictures; but the sight of Shrima, dark brown eyes staring into the camera, her tongue deep inside Jenny’s hole, was too much. Jenny came hard and loud, squeezing the cellphone tight in her hand, unable to tap it anymore.

With her orgasm subsiding, Jenny idly ground her wet pussy over Shrima’s mouth, and Shrima continued to lick her slit.

“Mmm, yeah. That was hot,” purred Jenny. “I think I’ll keep this phone for myself now. These pictures will be great for when you’re not around.”

Shrima pushed her off and grabbed at the phone. The lovers laughed and bounced around the bed, playful once more.


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    Leslove 4 hours ago

    During your break here I wanted to thank you for those three sessions with Cathy Anderson. What it made it seem like, having her do three session almost in a row was that she was in town for about ten days and while she was there, she was accosting every young girl in her path, throwing them down on a bed and having her way with them. We introduced new people who now are really hot and found out that Cathy Anderson is a very good catalyst for girl-girl. She can make scenes seem so real and lusty. I just have to believe it's because she is that in real life. She had to enjoy this.

    on Behind The Scenes: Making Of Angels Vol 3

    Rose 11 hours ago

    What a great cast :-)

    on Behind The Scenes: Making Of Angels Vol 3

    Robert 17 hours ago

    Peaches is one of my very favorite performers. Mimi17 nails it. The way Peaches looks at Gina could start a fire.

    on Most Subscribed Extras 3

    freeborn2a 23 hours ago

    did you not find these two Ukrainian hotties as a matched set?

    on Summer Fun Episode 1 - Pleasure

    Hairy 2 days ago

    The one item that stands out most for me in this scene is the analingus. It's rare for me to feel that it's long enough or passionate enough or just plain good enough, especially without some anal fingering, but both segments were, for lack of a better description, perfect. Both built up passionately, lasted exactly the right amount of time and ended in climax. Wow!

    The best series in my memory. Thank you for all four scenes.

    on Enjoy Me Episode 4 - Revel

    Rose 2 days ago

    You can watch trailers without being a member, Johannes, and you can also buy individual scenes if you particularly like the look of them :-) Amaris certainly is a very cute girl, I'm looking forward to seeing more of her.

    on Summer Fun Episode 1 - Pleasure

    soerba 2 days ago

    great chemistry and kissing. Both gorgeous but Adel brought it to another level with that final fingering

    on Summer Fun Episode 1 - Pleasure

    JOHANNES BLT 2 days ago

    Alas, I'm not subscribed to sex art, but good to know more amaris is coming, thanks Rose

    on Summer Fun Episode 1 - Pleasure

    Jimf 2 days ago

    The tan lines are refreshing..

    on Desire

    Rose 2 days ago

    Wow, what a cutie! Adorable face, luscious curves :-)

    on Desire