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Make Up Sex

Erotic fiction inspired by Alyssia Kent and Aruna Aghora in “Back Home Reloaded

I was angry with her. She had made me mad. Does it matter how or why? The emotions were the same. I was so furious I didn’t even want to talk to her.

When she got home, I was still mad. She had forgotten her keys so I had to go down to the front gate and let her in, which just made me even angrier. But she was remorseful, wrapping her arms around me, holding me tight. A chink in my fury appeared and I allowed myself to hug her back.

We went inside in silence and I sat waiting for her on the bed while she changed. I was meant to be angry but she was naked and gorgeous. How was I supposed to make her feel guilty when she was standing there right in front of me in her panties and a little T-shirt that looked more like a bra?

Did she know she was turning me on? She stood there with her hands behind her back, looking down, curvy hips putting thoughts into my head. Was it guilt that kept her eyes on the floor or was she toying with me? Did she know I liked it when she acted so demure?

Whatever, I thought. She had made me mad and now she needed to make it up to me. I stepped in front of her, ran my hands over her hips and let my fingers trace around her belly button. She kept her hands behind her back and leaned against the bedroom wall. I looked at her, waited for her to turn her face up to mine, then kissed her, taking her lower lip between mine, sucking and nipping a little.

I watched her face for signs that she was playing me as I ran my hands over her breasts. They’re big and round and I love to touch them. My fingers grazed her nipples as she looked into my eyes, then I pulled her T-shirt up and squeezed her tits.

She remained where she was, arms behind her back, leaning against the wall, as I hooked my thumbs inside her panties and pulled them down around her thighs. My anger had been outpaced by my desire. I squatted down in front of her, kissing her shaved mons, nuzzling up against her slit with her legs together, trapped by her panties.

I wanted her. I licked at her slit, searching for her clit. She started to gasp and moan, one hand moving from the wall to touch my hair. I had her turned on too.

I stood up and we kissed, her tongue pushing deep into my mouth, her breasts pressing against my chest. She tugged her panties off and kicked them away and I got back down on my knees and licked her as she lifted one leg and spread herself open for me.

I was wet for her, hot for her, madly aroused. My anger had been forgotten, though it still influenced my actions. I wasn’t gentle with her clit; I rubbed it hard with two fingers, wanting her to shudder and twitch. My tongue spread her lips open, finding her hole, seeking out her juices and spreading them all over her pussy.

I stuck two fingers inside her, fucking her fast and hard, my hand grinding against her clit. I stood and pressed against her as she closed her eyes and moaned, lost in the agony and the ecstasy.

She still owed me. I spun her around and took her place against the wall, looking into her eyes and waiting for her to undress me. She opened my top, squeezed my tits and pulled my jeans down to my knees. Kneeling in front of me, she squeezed her hand into the gap between my thighs and rubbed me through my panties. She knew I was horny, could feel how wet I was. My juices had stained my panties, and my lips were coated in thick, gooey pussy juice. Her fingers made my clit buzz.

I pulled my pants off and put my foot up on the bed, grabbed her head and pushed her face into my crotch, moaning when her tongue met my clit, groaning when it curled down and lapped at my hole.

She owed me…

I turned around and bent over, leaning up against the wall, pushing my ass out. She knew what I wanted. She grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me open, her tongue sliding over my slick pussy and lapping at my puckered asshole. That got me so hot, I was writhing on the spot, grinding my body against the wall, my ass against her face as her tongue dived into my hole.

One hand slipped around my waist, searching for my clit, and the other sent two fingers into me while her tongue licked my asshole. I came on her hands and tongue, bucking my whole body back against her, pushing my ass into her face.

Once I had cooled down, we kissed some more, smiling. We had made up. For now…


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    CloverDale 57 minutes ago

    Oh, Sandra knows what lesbian love is. Others imagine but Sandra knows.

    on Glamorous Episode 4 - Chemistry

    loosebruce 2 hours ago

    nice interview with another treasure. Lucy's description of the scenes and how they interested her was great and I agree that the realism attempted did make them enjoyable.

    on Behind The Scenes: Lucy Heart Shooting Memories

    loosebruce 3 hours ago

    I was surprised by so many of the things Cherry Kiss said in this interview. Wonderfully surprised, but I would not have guessed all these things about her. I truly appreciate this interview and now I have a deeper appreciation of Cherry Kiss, who I already loved and admired.

    on Behind The Scenes: Cherry Kiss On Location

    loosebruce 3 hours ago

    Gina is a very special, wonderful young woman. Very self-aware, level-headed, and grounded. A beautiful human being.

    on Behind The Scenes: Gina Gerson On Location

    Sparky1 22 hours ago

    This whole 4 part series has just been "outstanding" in my opinion. This type of production sets out Viv Thomas apart from all others. Thank you Sandra Shine and all the team and models that made it all possible. May there be a "Glamorous 2" produced by this same team coming soon!

    on Glamorous Episode 4 - Chemistry

    LeHombre 23 hours ago

    Nice to see Sandra back on form.

    on Glamorous Episode 4 - Chemistry

    Rose 23 hours ago

    So hot and gorgeous together... every scene of this movie has been spectacular!

    on Glamorous Episode 4 - Chemistry

    lesvoyuer 2 days ago

    Wouldn't it be nice to go through life as a model and just get better looking every day? Aislin has done that, not that she was ever not good looking, she's always had a great pleasing looking body. But she is prettier today than she was when she started. And I would bet she has even changed as a person because she appears happier and more fulfilled. Shrima sure appreciated her. And Aislin reciprocates love too. I would bet this is the best day of her life. She's just so beautiful.

    on Captivate

    Rose 2 days ago

    Delicious couple!

    on Captivate

    harryben18 2 days ago

    And Rebecca is so cute and sweet - a really credible partnership. Loved this.

    on Glamorous Episode 3 - Desirable