Erotic star Kathy Anderson is proof positive that some things get better with a little maturity. The stunning Czech babe made her Viv Thomas debut way back in 2006 in a movie titled “Girl On Girl 3” with Nikki Sun. Fast forward to 2018, and the platinum blonde sex kitten has become a tigress.

Now 39 years old, this voluptuous MILF has a compelling screen presence and a voracious appetite for beautiful women. In Andrej Lupin’s sensational erotic movie “Enjoy Me,” Kathy takes the lead through four steamy encounters, putting her willing partners through their paces assertively, focused on giving and receiving the maximum pleasure possible.

In episode one, dominant Kathy binds sexy brunette Niki Sweet’s wrists before licking and finger-fucking her avidly, and riding her face in a passionate sixty-nine. Episode two sees her drilling Terra Twain’s soaked snatch with a ridged dildo, before taking it deep in doggy position. In part three, she seduces cute Vanessa Hell, reducing her to a quivering mess with her fingers, tongue and a vibrating wand, before grinding her hot ass in her new lover’s face. And in episode four, Kathy can’t get enough of Shona River’s sweet ass, both girls demonstrating the pussy-eating prowess that can only come with ample experience.

Here’s what our members have to say about the movie so far:

“Absolutely Beautiful. A perfect 10/10. Well Done!!!”

“Ok this is the charts...amazing and any other compliment in the English language I can come up with...just love the story and great acting by Niki as Kathy takes charge as she ties her hands...she had a what did I get myself into look on her face...both girls just outstanding erotic sexy and is this going to be a great series.”

“Amazing! My lover and I have waited 30 years to finally see this kind of erotic film. We call this "Romantic Domination" – and we have NEVER seen it depicted correctly until now. Thank you Mr. Lupin! Having two women (who look and dress like normal people) want to have exciting submissive-dominant sex is so erotic. The dark room, the gentle way in which Kathy tied Niki up, all so romantic and hot at the same time. Even better, we loved the way Kathy straddled Niki's face, rubbing her pussy all over Niki's mouth, then turning to have her anus licked while she masturbated right on Niki's face. We have now watched this video three times together.”

If watching sexually confident, mature women having utterly satisfying sex floats your boat, check out Kathy Anderson and her sexy co-stars in “Enjoy Me” on Viv Thomas now.


Flirting, sexting, sending dirty pics – mobile phones play a key role in any modern courtship, especially when it comes to passionate lovers who can’t stop thinking about each other 24/7. The sensational “Sex Message” series of movies from director Andrej Lupin and producer Ariel Piper Fawn has explored this playful mode of foreplay to exciting effect, and with “Sex Message IV” we have four delicious new lesbian encounters to delight you.

Brazilian beauty Francys Belle kicks things off in episode one, sexting with adorable Jenny Ferri before they get their eager hands and tongues on each other, fucking to some very intense orgasms. Busty 18-year-old sweetheart Angel Princess makes her Viv Thomas debut in episode two, licking sexy Dominica Phoenix’s shaved pussy and tight ass voraciously. Episode three pairs another new model, gorgeous Stacy Sommers, with hot brunette Ally Style for some juicy oral pleasuring and fierce finger-banging, while episode four sees stunning redhead Linda Sweet go to town on irresistible newcomer Tera Link, in one of the stand-out scenes of the year so far.

With naturally beautiful babes who share genuine sexual chemistry enjoying each other’s body without inhibition, “Sex Message IV” is a highly arousing new movie you certainly won’t want to miss!


Venice - decadent new lesbian movie!

January 26, 2015 - by: Rose


Venice is all about glamour and decadence, as masked beauties shed their inhibitions along with their sexy lingerie to get truly intimate. Sensuality abounds as the girls pair up to act out their steamy desires!

Let Candy Sweet, Rosaline Rosa, Tracy Smile and Roxy Mendez (the latter two making their VivThomas debut) transport you to a world of erotic passion.

Venice is coming soon to

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Introducing Bella Blond

January 19, 2015 - by: Rose

Bella Blond

I'm delighted to introduce a beautiful new girl who has made a huge impression on everyone here. Bella Blond is a sweet, sexy and stunningly gorgeous babe who is notorious in her native Germany for shooting public ‘flashing' movies. When the dynamic duo of director Andrej Lupin and producer Ariel Piper Fawn spotted her, they knew she would be a perfect fit for the MetArt Network, and whisked her away to Lanzarote to shoot The Bet, which will be released this week. She appears in two fantastic scenes, a lingerie liaison with cute newcomer Cristal Caitlin, and a superb shower hook-up with lovely Kiara Lord, who has recently received a very warm welcome here.

Bella has a sensational slender-yet-stacked body and a pretty face with the most incredible eyes. When she looks at her sexual partner, you can practically hear their pulse start to race! Andrej and Ariel were so impressed they also shot her for another future release, as well as some scenes for our sister site, SexArt. "She is a really lovely girl, we will shoot her again soon for sure!" Ariel told me.

Bella Blond

Of course I grabbed the opportunity to ask Bella a few questions - who wouldn't want to find out more about a babe this hot? Here's what she told me...

Bella, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

BB: I am 24 years old. I live in Munich, Germany. I enjoy going swimming, I like cooking very much and I travel very often.

You are the first German girl ever to work with SexArt and VivThomas - is modelling an unusual choice for a German girl?

BB: It is very nice that I am the first German girl ever to work with SexArt and Viv Thomas. But it's not unusual for a German girl to work in this industry.

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

BB: I am very fine with my body and I like showing it to other people while they're enjoying seeing me!

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

BB: My favourite thing has to be my breasts, they are 70D (32D).

Bella Blond

Did you do a lot of stills photography, before starting to make movies?

BB: No, I started filming directly. I also used to dance, but I don't any more.

You are known in Germany for making public ‘flashing' movies, such as on the subway. Do you get recognised by your fans in Germany?

BB: Yes, all the time!

How did the experience of working with Andrej Lupin in Lanzarote compare with your previous work?

BB: There were huge differences in working with Andrej Lupin… I mean like very wonderful big differences, which I can't compare to anything I have ever seen.The location was awesome.

Did you enjoy getting dressed up for the shoots?

BB: I loved being dressed up, this was wonderful! My personal style is ‘elegant classic.'

Do you enjoy sex with girls in your personal life? Had you had sex with a girl before you did it on film?

BB: It is a wonderful experience having sex with girls, and I had already had sex with a girl before I started shooting movies.

If you could only have sex with boys or girls for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

BB: I'll always choose boys… because I would miss them too much!

I think you are going to like this amazing girl A LOT... I can't wait to hear what you think of her!

Bella Blond

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Aiko Bell and Nataly Von

Aiko Bell looks adorable as she sits by the pool, in a white string bikini. She flashes a boob as she takes a selfie to send to her lover. No wonder sultry brunette Nataly Von starts masturbating when she receives it - wouldn’t you? The final scene of new movie SexMessage II finds these two beauties turning each other on with their sexy texts, until the power of their lust transports them into a joint shared fantasy.

The girls kiss passionately, Aiko already naked and highly responsive to Nataly’s seductive touch. Nataly teases her awhile before finally sliding her manicured fingers down to caress that pretty pussy. Aiko smiles with pleasure as Nataly circles her fingertips rapidly, then moves down for a taste of pussy. Her oral technique drives Aiko crazy, as she sucks her clit firmly and wriggles a couple of fingers inside her.

Nataly Von licks Aiko Bell’s pretty ass…

Aiko Bell and Nataly Von

Aiko gets on her hands and knees so Nataly can spread her cheeks and lick her pussy and ass from behind. She looks exquisite as she shudders through an immense orgasm. Then the girls move into a 69, Nataly on top with Aiko going wild on her sweet pink slit. They move through spoons, and then Aiko eats and rubs Nataly to a climax that ends the movie with a bang.

SexMessage II is free for members to stream and download at, with the DVD and HD download coming soon to our online store.

Aiko Bell and Nataly Von

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The Bet - scorching new lesbian movie!

January 16, 2015 - by: Rose


The Bet is a saucy tale of two beautiful blondes who decide to spice up a boring vacation with a naughty wager - who can fuck the most girls? Featuring a cast of hot new babes who love to get intimate, this stellar movie from acclaimed director Andrej Lupin’s team, shot on location in Lanzarote, is bound to bring a smile to your face!

The girls of The Bet

  • Cristal Caitlin - stunning Czech babe, new to VT!
  • Kiara Lord - Hungarian hottie who made such an impression in recent releases Bar Memories and Art, we couldn’t wait to get her back for a starring role!
  • Bella Blond - beautiful German starlet, new to VT!
  • Eva Berger - fiery Russian redhead, new to VT!

The Bet will be coming soon to - and believe me, you won’t want to miss it!


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Blue Angel sexts her lesbian lover!

January 15, 2015 - by: Rose

Blue Angel and Hanna Sweet

Do you fantasize about Blue Angel? You certainly wouldn’t be alone. The Hungarian honey is one of the most popular babes ever to make movies for Viv Thomas, and with good reason - her beautiful blue eyes, soft curves and voracious appetite for sex are once seen, never forgotten. In scene three of brand new movie SexMessage II, gorgeous brunette Hanna Sweet is sexting Bluey, who looks utterly delicious as she sits in the sun in her swimsuit, smiling at Hanna’s flirtatious messages. As Hanna masturbates to her steamy desires, we get to see them become reality - Blue Angel appears in the room, and she can’t wait to get her hands on her lover!

The girls look so sexy in their pretty lingerie as they kiss, Bluey tugging the lace covering away from Hanna’s fantastic breasts so she can squeeze and suck the stiff nipples. Soon she has Hanna naked and is down between her thighs, her ass high in the air as she tongues Hanna’s wet spot. Bluey always gives great eye contact, and the way she gazes up at Hanna as she eats her is extremely arousing! She turns Hanna onto her side so she can lick her asshole too, then fingers her all the way to an orgasm that racks her whole body.

Blue Angel goes face down, ass up!

Blue Angel and Hanna Sweet

Hanna sucks Bluey’s hard nipples, then eases off her panties so she can devour her from behind. She licks her ass and fingers her pussy vigorously, getting her really wet, then flips her over onto her back so she can eat her some more. The girls move into a sexy 69, Hanna on top with her sticky pink slit spread wide open as they eat each other to mutual bliss. We should all enjoy such powerful fantasies!

SexMessage II is free for members to stream and download at, with the DVD and HD download coming soon to our online store.

Blue Angel and Hanna Sweet

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Rosaline Rosa and Eveline Neill

At the start of scene two of brand new movie SexMessage II, we find adorable Rosaline Rosa touching herself as she exchanges flirtatious texts with Eveline Neill. Mutual lust works its magic, as moments later Eveline is there in the room - in Rosaline’s fantasy at least - clad only in a lace top that barely covers her perfect bottom.

The girls kiss tenderly, their feelings for each other plain to see. Rosaline smiles as she undresses Eveline, then licks her fingers and slides them between her girlfriend’s thighs. Sucking Eveline’s perky nipples, she circles her fingers rapidly, eliciting gasps of pleasure. Before long, Eveline slides off Rosaline’s panties and spreads her legs wide so she can sample her honey.

Eveline Neill savours the sweetness of Rosaline Rosa!

Rosaline Rosa and Eveline Neill

Rosaline’s nipples are diamond-cutter hard as Eveline sucks and licks expertly, wagging her head from side to side to intensify the sensations. Rosaline rubs her own clit as Eveline slides a couple of fingers inside her, licks her tight asshole, then moves into a spoons position so she can frig her all the way to orgasm.

Now Rosaline moves Eveline onto her hands and knees, so she can lick and suck her slippery slit vigorously, and tongue her asshole. Eveline’s slender body bucks with pleasure as she rides Rosaline’s fingers. She flips over and spreads her legs high and wide, Rosaline’s stellar tonguing and furious finger-work making her delirious with pleasure. It may only be Rosaline’s fantasy… but what a fantasy!

SexMessage II is free for members to stream and download at, with the DVD and HD download coming soon to our online store.

Rosaline Rosa and Eveline Neill

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Timea Bella and Chelsy Sun

New movie SexMessage II is all about flirty babes exchanging saucy messages to get each other in the mood for fun. Who better to kick it off than charming Timea Bella, the adorable 21-year-old Czech cutie who has had us all entranced since she made her VivThomas debut last October? At the start of the movie, Timea is smiling to herself as she types a raunchy message to her gorgeous girlfriend, brunette hottie Chelsy Sun. Next thing, we see Timea’s smiling face appear between Chelsy’s parted thighs, as the girls’ shared fantasy becomes reality.

Timea Bella’s tan lines are so delicious!

Timea Bella and Chelsy Sun

Timea’s peachy bottom is perfectly highlighted by her sexy tan lines as she lies between Chelsy’s legs, eagerly licking her pussy - and the way she looks up and smiles is simply heart-stopping. No wonder Chelsy can’t resist flipping her onto her back and straddling her, so she can kiss her passionately, her fingers rubbing Timea’s pussy. She goes down for a taste, licking slowly and teasingly at first, then quicker as Timea rocks her hips up to meet each stroke. Both girls are flushed with arousal as Timea chases her orgasm, arching her hips right up as the waves of ecstasy hit her.

Now Chelsy goes face down ass up, and Timea begins to circle her wriggling tongue around her girlfriend’s puckered asshole. Chelsy fingers herself frantically as the pleasurable sensations overwhelm her. Timea switches her attention to Chelsy’s pussy, finger-banging her hard and fast, making her moan and shake. She flips Chelsy over so she can hump against her and suck her nipples, before fingering her more ferociously than ever. As the girls kiss lovingly, we fade out to Chelsy masturbating as she reads Timea’s message, their tryst no more than a truly vivid fantasy…

SexMessage II is free for members to stream and download at, with the DVD and HD download coming soon to our online store.

Timea Bella and Chelsy Sun

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lesbian threeway

The final scene of brand new movie The Gym brings things to a stirring crescendo with a delightful lesbian threeway. We join the three gorgeous girls as they are stretching after their workout, blonde bombshell Uma bending over in her tiny shorts to reveal a particularly delicious rear view! She and cute Lexie Dona look very impressed with instructor Alexis Crystal‘s flexibility. It seems their workout has got all three girls in the mood for some more physical fun, as mutual glances and smiles are all it takes to have them touching and kissing.

Our three sexy stars have a red hot lesbian threeway on the gym floor!

lesbian threeway

Lexie and Alexis pull off Uma’s top so they can suck her nipples, and then join in rubbing her pussy through her tight shorts. Soon Alexis is licking the big damp patch spreading there, before she pulls them off so she can get a taste of her friend’s sweetness. As Uma gets eaten by Alexis, she fingers Lexie inside her shorts, before Lexie takes over licking Uma while Alexis eats her asshole from behind.

It’s a free-for-all of eager fingers and tongues, with Uma riding Lexie’s face, her puffy clit getting thoroughly teased, while Alexis kisses her and then goes down to lick Lexie’s pussy and ass again. Now it’s Alexis’ turn to get all the attention, her spectacular bottom up in the air as Uma swipes her tongue over her spread petals. Alexis kisses and fingerbangs Lexie, before they trade places and Lexie uses her talented fingers to augment the work of Uma’s busy tongue. Plentiful orgasms and a juicy threeway kiss end this highly satisfying scene!

The Gym is free for members to stream and download at, with the DVD and HD download coming soon to our online store.

lesbian threeway

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