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Interactive advert is sexy and cool!

Okay, so it’s an advert. But I don’t care, because not only does men’s clothing line Smoksho feature some amazingly hot babes in poses bordering on softcore porn on their website, but this has to be one of the most fun ads I’ve ever experienced.

The interactive advert finds gorgeous model Ana Cheri doing all kinds of things like laundry and trampolining that don’t sound all that sexy - unless you’re watching a hot semi-clothed babe doing them. You get to choose what she does, and then sit back and enjoy. Be warned, it’s addictive!


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Mila Kunis is officially the sexiest woman alive!

I don’t often agree with mainstream magazine polls (hell, how can you tell if a girl is really that sexy unless you’ve watched her scorching the sheets in a full-on lesbian lickfest?) but for Esquire magazine’s 2012 Sexiest Woman Alive poll winner I will definitely make an exception.

Mila Kunis is possibly my favourite Hollywood star EVER. For one thing she’s gorgeous, but not in the stereotypical apple pie way. She’s way more exotic than that, thanks to her Ukrainian heritage, has a wicked twinkle in her eye, and I think she looks hotter dressed down than dolled up – but best of all when she’s not wearing much at all!

She also manages to be sexy and funny at the same time (another favourite of mine, Emma Stone, also has that talent). It’s another reason why guys will happily watch her movies, even if they are meant to be chick flicks – I loved ‘Friends With Benefits’, and I bet you secretly did too! Better still, her lesbian scene with Natalie Portman in ‘Black Swan’ was super-arousing. She was totally believable, and totally hot. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who filmed the XXX-rated version of that scene in my head!

So, today Mila gets my vote for world’s sexiest woman too, and I haven’t even seen her totally naked… except in my dreams!

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Kylie Minogue’s naked bottom revealed!

Now this is something I can really get behind… petite pop hottie Kylie Minogue shows off her sense of humour as well as her fabulous ass in this short film by Katerina Jebb. Kylie looks the picture of fashion model elegance as she sashays towards a staircase in her evening gown… until she turns, to reveal a totally uncovered – and perfectly peachy – rear end! I wish a few more of our celebrity flashers had Kylie’s sense of fun. Love it!

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Anita is our Babe of the Month

Anita hails from the Czech Republic and, as is par for the course over there in Eastern Europe, she is a smoking hot beauty with a leggy fashion model look to her. We were amazed at how extremely shy she was. Her English was limited and this must have contributed to our impression of her, but as the week went on she started to come out of her shell and really started to enjoy herself.

She was working with her friend Elisa and they chatted away in Czech and when we shot some promotional pictures for the Rugby World Cup 2011, she began to enjoy herself. We were glad to see that happening as that is what we want whenever any model comes over. Our goal is to put the models at ease.

2011 was a big year for Anita. Sandra Shine and her crew had shot her for our website and when the excellent feedback came back from Sandra Shine, we knew we had to get her over to Portugal for a summer shoot. We all agreed she was beautiful so Viv flew her over. In 2011 alone, she shot 6 video scenes and photos with us, so it was clear she was a hit with the Viv Thomas Crew!

So when our June 2011 Babe of the Month was up for debate, it was easy to pick Anita! Not only is she stunning, June is the month in which both her films: “Woman’s Touch – Breast Play AND “Private Orgasms” are released.

anita 4588-062 VTPreview-4584-089 VTPreview-4497-008 VTPreview-4579-058 VTPreview-4583-017

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Viktoria Diamond is the Viv Thomas May Babe of the Month

Viktoria Diamond is one of the new wave of Hungarian hotties we here at VT have fallen for. Thanks to Jo for alerting us to her on I Dream Of Jo! Her amazing body and natural perky breasts quickly caught the eye of our video team, and they proclaimed her as a future star.

Viktoria turned up on set in Hungary looking stunning. Busty blonde babe, Colette, was instantly attracted to Viktoria, and there was no stopping her as she tucked into luscious helpings of Viktoria’s delicious pussy. It comes across so clearly in the video that she WANTED Viktoria and also wanted to give her pleasure.

Viktoria-Diamond Viktoria-Diamond Viktoria-Diamond Viktoria-Diamond Viktoria-Diamond Viktoria-Diamond Viktoria-Diamond Viktoria-Diamond

We were all so impressed with Viktoria, that when Antonya couldn’t make it due to illness, we called Viktoria back to do another scene with Nicole Smith. Most of you will have seen this iconic lesbian scene (which we released on our site in all it’s 40 minutes of unedited glory), and it did not disappoint. Both girls were wildly attracted to each other and both couldn’t wait to get at each other.

Tall, currently blonde and leggy, Viktoria will no doubt be apart of VT for years to come along with the new talent we have unearthed. Not only is she sexy as sin, she is a wonderful person to have on set – always smiling as you will see from the BTS and always trying to get the best performance possible.

Wait until you hear her talk! You will love her sexy accent. Viktoria really enjoys what she is doing, as she is a smart girl so doesn’t need to do it, SHE WANTS TO DO IT. Away from the business she is in college doing her studies and is a big fan of the band Rammstein and so can often be found hanging around the various rock clubs in Budapest.

Get to know her, you won’t regret it, and I’ll leave you with a short little video from her and Nicole Smith’s legendary lesbian 40 minute scene.

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The best model ever?

People often ask me who is my favourite girl, of all the beautiful and sexy models we have worked with over the years. That’s such a tough question… it’s like asking me to name my favourite flower, or puppy, or pair of shoes… they are all so gorgeous!

It’s not remotely difficult for Viv to answer that question, though. Without a second’s hesitation, he will tell you, Diana van Laar. Ahhh, Diana… We first shot her back in 1993, when she was becoming known as one of the top girls in the business – and it’s not hard to see why. Not only was she beautiful, but this long-legged Dutch stunner was probably the most elegant woman we ever worked with. Looking at her pictures now (even with that distinctive nineties styling!) she still looks so fresh, so naturally sexy.

We became such good friends with Diana – we even went to her wedding! – and she also has a special place in our hearts because she was the star of our first ever movie, Leg Sex, shot in 1995. Her co-star, Nikki Tyler, became a Vivid Girl, but it’s Diana you look at!

Diana could have done anything she wanted, but she enjoyed working with us the most, and we always had a whole lot of fun. If you’re not familiar with her, check out that perfect doll-like face, fantastic boobs, pretty pussy, pert bum and of course those long, long legs to see why we were all a little bit in love with her.

As for my favourite girl ever? Well, Diana is certainly a contender. But then there’s Sandy… and Jo… and Vera… and Sandra Shine… Who would you choose?

1185-009 1703-035 1182-032 1134-025 1290-015 1135-024 1258-017 1136-010

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Congratulations to Carmen Croft!

Why? Because she is our April Babe of the Month, and she is in good company too.

Carmen Croft is a sultry, mysterious beauty. Her jet black hair and deep eyes only accentuate the mystery. Her Eastern European origins are apparent when she speaks in heavily accented English and the joy is revealed when those magnificent breasts bounce free from her bikini.

Carmen is a wonder to gaze upon with curves in all the right places extending around her beautifully bulging boobs and down and around a perfectly formed body. Her initial photo shoot with us in the pool was one of our best ever and was instantly grabbed by our web designers for the very front page of – if that shoot had taken place ten
years ago it would be on the front page of Penthouse.

Alas these days, we are confined to the wonders of the internet but this does mean you get to see a whole lot more of Carmen Croft, both in solo scenes and her boy-girl hardcore adventure (another poolside expedition). She gulps cum
with the rest of them and exudes a style all of her own while doing it.

You NEED to check her out.

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Sunny Diamond shines in masturbation classic Wet and Dripping!

What a lovely way to start the week – I have just spent the past ten minutes (okay, the past hour!) staring at Sunny Diamond‘s boobs. They are certainly worthy of the attention, and I have to say they look especially good when wet and slippery… perhaps ready for a hard cock to slide between them?

Sunny’s scene for the upcoming solo masturbation movie Wet and Dripping is a thing of beauty. Everything was just right that day – the light, the mood on set, and of course it helps that Sunny really is a ray of sunshine, who gives you the impression that getting naked and fingering her wet pussy for the camera is just the most natural thing in the world to her. She cums really easily too – I do like that in a girl! You can see more of the gorgeous photos from this scene here.

Between Sunny and the ample charms of the equally busty Carmen Croft, there is a lot to please lovers of big boobs in Wet and Dripping - and I find it particularly enjoyable to see the camera make love to a girl I’m really attracted to, without anyone else there to distract me! Now, excuse me while I just watch Sunny’s scene again…

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8 more shots of Ivana Sugar, our March babe of the month

Diminutive Miss Ivana Sugar is one of the newer models we have shot bouncing around on set like a bundle of energy, excited about who she can get her claws into next. At just 20 years old, this beautiful Ukrainian has a long career ahead of her if she wishes it, because she really does love what she is doing!

We have quite a few video scenes coming out soon with the lovely Miss Sugar and she certainly has caught the eye of the crew. When she is not on set it seems Ivana is addicted to twitter often tweeting pictures of herself in various situations (including on set pictures).

She had a pretty awesome set with Zara, don’t you think?

ivana-sugar-zara-lesbian7 ivana-sugar-zara-lesbian6 ivana-sugar-zara-lesbian5 ivana-sugar-zara-lesbian4 ivana-sugar-zara-lesbian3 ivana-sugar-zara-lesbian2 ivana-sugar-zara-lesbian ivana-sugar

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Carmen Croft’s fabulous breasts play a starring role in Wet and Dripping!

There’s a tradition around here that whenever someone mentions Carmen Croft‘s name, someone else will interject ‘Great rack!’ or ‘Amazing breasts!’ or ‘Fantastic boobs!’ Seriously, you can’t talk about Carmen without those funbags popping up – they really are a standout feature, in all senses!

Carmen’s sexy solo masturbation scene for the forthcoming release Wet and Dripping is simply stunning. She looks the best I’ve ever seen her – just gorgeous! And watching the water cascade off those perfect breasts as she caresses them sensuously is quite mesmerizing. I think we were all a little bit in love with Carmen by the time she had reached a breathless climax.

The only sound in the room was the water splashing down onto those dangerous curves. She looked up and smiled, as if she’d only just realized she was being watched, and asked, “Did you enjoy that? I did!” Yes Carmen, we all enjoyed watching you masturbate very, very much indeed. I think you will all enjoy Carmen’s scene in Wet and Dripping too. Do you think she’s one of the hottest busty babes we’ve ever featured?

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Sexy Tea J is our Babe of the Month for Feb!

Making the gorgeous Tea J our Babe of the Month for February was a unanimous decision here at She might be fairly new to the scene, but this vivacious babe has made quite an impression on us all. Shooting a girl for the first time is always both exciting and nerve wracking, but Tea was so natural in front of the camera, managing to convey her true sexy and sultry appeal while not turning into a prima donna! We all loved her, and we knew she’d be perfect for our legendary Halloween shoot - and the feedback from all of you told us she was an instant hit.

Tea had confided in me right from the first day that what she really wanted to do was shoot a lesbian sex scene. She is utterly crazy about girls, but said that in her private life she doesn’t get to “experiment” as much as she would like to – so she was hoping we would allow her the freedom to express her true sexuality. Putting her together with Suzie Carina for our forthcoming movie Woman’s Touch – Breast Play was an inspired choice. Suzie is a cute blonde doll who contrasts beautifully with Tea’s exotic brunette looks, but they both share an intense sexuality which made for some compelling chemistry in their lesbian scene.

Tea was not kidding when she said she liked to eat pussy. She devoured Suzie, leaving her utterly shaken and exhausted, and seemed to be quite unaware of the camera as she was so focused on making her playmate orgasm hard. I hope we’ll be working with her again soon, as watching her plump bum sway and her fabulous tits bounce while she lavished her attention on Suzie was quite a thrill for us all! Who would you most like to see Tea paired with in the future?

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Nicole Smith – Babe of the Month at!

I know I’m not the only one around here who’s got a bit of a crush on our January 2012 Babe of the Month, Nicole Smith. For starters, have you seen that exquisite face? She looks like a supermodel to me. Then there’s that fabulous body – long legs, perky boobs, peachy bum – I’m just longing to get my hands on every inch of her!

But the best thing of all about Nicole is that she doesn’t act like a model. By that I mean that she doesn’t fuss about her hair and make-up (unlike me, ha!) she isn’t obsessed with shoes (also unlike me!) and she doesn’t expect to be treated like a little princess (you get the picture!). She’s just a well-balanced, happy girl who happens to be crazy for pussy, and considers herself very fortunate to be able to indulge her tastes on camera.

It’s amazing to think Nicole had never been with a woman on camera before she came to (although she had experienced lesbian sex in her private life). She was so natural and passionate from the first moment of her first lesbian video scene that we all just sat and watched, open mouthed and utterly aroused. And she loves to kiss – which makes her the girl of my dreams!

Nicole throws herself into everything 100%, whether it’s an impromptu rugby match or a steamy sex scene. And I love that she manages to look sexy and sultry even when she’s fooling around. When she’s on set, eating pussy and as horny as hell, this girl is so hot she could melt the polar ice caps! No wonder the other girls are all clamoring to shoot a scene with her…

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Sophie Moon’s lesbian toe sucking video!

There’s a very special place in my heart for Sophie Moon. This is a girl that lights up a room when she walks into it, who connects with the camera with that sexy little smile, and who makes every girl she touches feel like the only girl in the world! There’s no question every lesbian video scene featuring Sophie is pretty special, but I think she looks particularly knockout in the Sole Collector, a classic which is soon to be available for download for the first time.

Sophie’s in three scenes – a killer fourway with Sandy, Kylie and Cathy Moore, a threeway with Kylie and Cathy, and this girl-girl scene with Kylie, which I think is just delicious! It’s a perfect example of what I love most – pretty lesbian porn!

Sophie always looks so classy, even when she’s getting really down and dirty. She’s a very enthusiastic pussy-eater, who knows how to please! She loves to pamper pretty legs and feet, suck toes and look up with that lovely smile that tells you she’s really into it. Another thing that makes her such a great lesbian video star is that she cums very easily!

Sophie is one of the most popular girls ever, and rediscovering some of her classic lesbian video action in the Sole Collector has got me all hot and bothered! I think these are some of her best scenes ever – what do you think?

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Pick your favourite anal video scene!

I can’t wait to hear what you all think of new release Anal Pleasure… I am very excited to hear your feedback, I have all my toes and fingers crossed hoping that you don’t just like it, you LOVE it! I still can’t decide which is my favourite scene. Alexa Candy and Teena Dolly are both super cute as well as super sexy. Colette is absolutely knockout, I just can’t overstate how arousing I find this busty beauty.

I have to confess though, I keep returning to Cathy Heaven‘s scenes. She’s not just one of the most incredibly accommodating, enthusiastic and energetic anal video stars ever – although that would be enough to capture my interest! She’s also really pretty, and she has AWESOME blowjob skills. I don’t think we’ve celebrated Cathy’s love of sucking cock enough. Any lucky guy who gets her full attention lavished on his dick is bound to be so far beyond rigid it’s a wonder he can ever wear pants again! No wonder by the time he gets to fuck her in the ass there is no holding back and he just has to jackhammer her to a sticky finish!

So, I think my vote for best anal video scene goes to Cathy this time around – although I reserve the right to change my mind after I’ve watched them all again (and again, and again…). Looking forward to hearing what you think!

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My favourite MILF!

Have I mentioned how much I love sexy legs and feet? Mmmm, yes I may have done once or twice! One of my very favourite pairs of sexy legs belongs to the gorgeous Marlyn, who is surely the best of the more mature models these days. Much as I appreciate seeing a beautiful fresh-faced 18-year-old nymphet, Marlyn is a totally stunning MILF who brings something extra to her lesbian video scenes – a whole heap of carnal knowledge which she is happy to share!

Marlyn was amazing in the movies Vera Unleashed and My Mum’s Best Friend, and I’m really looking forward to hearing your reactions to her in the forthcoming Story of She. Nobody can play a sexy seductress quite like her! She gives off this total aura of sophisticated lustfulness which I can assure you is extremely arousing to be around. I often have to restrain myself from throwing myself at her divine feet for a spot of worship, not that I would remain in the prone position for too long when those lovely legs lead up to such tempting goodies! And I have the utter conviction that she could teach me a thing or two…

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Halloween sex queen!

All I want for Halloween is… Megan Cox. Seriously, when I see that seductive look in her eyes, I’m pretty sure she could make me scream! She is a bad girl in the best possible way. You know how naughty English girls can be…

Halloween is the perfect time for sexy role play games. What girl doesn’t secretly fantasize about dressing up as Dracula’s innocent victim and letting the Count have his wicked way with her? Or even being the vampire herself and creating an army of willing male servants to cater to her every whim? I definitely see Megan Cox in that role!

I’d love to see make a movie based around a sexy Halloween theme… who would you guys cast as the seductive witches and vampires, who would play the ghouls and zombies, and who would be the innocent victims?

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Nicole Smith – new lesbian video star?

If you haven’t yet checked out the overwhelmingly gorgeous Nicole Smith, I urge you to do so… she has us all in a spin here, with that slender but busty figure, seductive face and stunning come-to-bed eyes. YUM! That’s all I can think whenever I look at her. Nicole spent some time on location with us here in Portugal recently, and was the subject of many longing looks and flirtatious smiles from the other girls. You’ll see more of the fantastic pictures in the weeks to come, and even… dare I whisper it… her first ever lesbian pics!

Nicole is Hungarian and doesn’t speak too much English, but we all fell in love with her anyway. You can tell from those divine rugby pics adorning at the moment that she is as sweet as she is sexy! She comes from Sandra Shine’s model agency, which says it all – pure class. I think she has the potential to be a major new lesbian video star, as she has the perfect combination of looks, sex appeal and lust for pussy. What do you folks think – would you like to see more of her?

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Alexa Candy makes sweet anal video scene!

I know it sounds like a cliche, but Alexa Candy is just… sweet! She’s a pretty girl with a very friendly, sunny disposition, always quick with a cute comment which keeps everyone upbeat on set. The other girls like her, but the guys – they LOVE her! Maybe it’s because she looks even prettier with a mouthful of cock, or maybe it’s because for such a sweet girl, she has a very, very naughty side!

On the set of Anal Pleasure we were treated to a few classic Alexa moments, as she kept everyone giggling while the guys set up. But, wow! The minute shooting started, Alexa’s attention was one hundred percent focused on lucky Andy’s cock, which was immediately rigid. He said later that the blowjob she gave him felt so intense it was a struggle to remember they were making an anal video and not blow his load right then and there, especially when she looked up at him with those pretty eyes!

Luckily he held out manfully, not wanting to miss the chance to plunder that very tight asshole. For such a slight girl, Alexa proved to have a lot of energy, riding him hard and fast and having a powerful orgasm that shook her willowy frame. I felt like I was spying on a private moment, not watching them shoot an anal video scene – and I like that naughty feeling of spying on a sexy girl getting fucked every which way!

It’s funny, as soon as the scene finished Alexa was back to her sweet and giggly self, but I felt we’d seen a glimpse of another side to her personality – one that’s pure SEX – and I liked it!

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Intense kissing in new lesbian video!

Fans of intense kissing in lesbian video action should brace themselves for the first scene of Naked Impulses 2… Blue Angel and Sandra Shine, two of the hottest girls ever to appear in a Viv Thomas production, share a long, lingering moment of passion that you will feel in every nerve of your body, from head to toe!

Being the naughty peeper that you know your Avril has always been, I was watching the action from a very privileged vantage point, as Sandra and Blue Angel made out in the hot sun and then moved to the pool to get each other even wetter! Sandra is always a sexual tigress, but she clearly has a thing for Blue Angel, as the pair of them refused to stop even when the camera was not running.

I was afraid their best orgasms would not get captured on film (yes girls, I was watching you fingering each other in the kitchen before we even started shooting!!!) but never fear – Blue Angel is such an exhibitionist that knowing she is being filmed seems to kick up her sexual heat a few more notches! I like to see genuine energy and mutual lust in a lesbian video scene, so I’m happy to say these pussies were dripping wet long before they moved into the pool, and both girls were quivering, sensitive and satiated by the end. In fact, Sandra Shine slept for about ten hours after the scene finished, and now she can’t say Blue Angel’s name without smiling!

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I love this picture of Antonya; she really does have an amazing body. Take a look at this photo and look at the shape of her breasts, they are perfection.

Not only does she have a body most women would die for she is a genuinely lovely girl too… very shy and unassuming BUT when a camera is pointed in her direction her whole demeanor changes. Gone are her inhibitions, the quiet and shy Antonya has become a siren, those who gaze upon her are instantly under her spell never to leave (not that you would want to). When its over she is back to her quiet, sweet self, but us? Well we are still under her spell.

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Carmen Croft nude solo video

You may know that we are all pretty keen on Carmen Croft, our latest Czech beauty. She has unbelievable breasts and a butt that would crack acorns. Here she is posing for a photo set and while Mark very kindly grabbed some behind the scenes footage, Viv Thomas pours a bath for her, what a gentleman!

We have some super sexy boy-girl footage (no not leg sex, just footage as in film!) and we are looking forward to flying this sensual porn star out to Portugal again for some erotic lesbian videos. What do you think of Carmen Croft?

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Antonya – Viv Thomas babe of the month

I just thought I would remind you who our current Babe of the Month is. She’s scheduled to be in a few upcoming films including The Story of She sorry “Simply the Best0″, where she plays the lesbian slave to Mistress Sandra Shine. Hold on to your hat!

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Wet and dripping…

I don’t exactly know why Eve Angel decided to take a shower with her clothes on… but I’m certainly glad she did. I spent a most delicious few minutes - okay, make that an hour or so! - appreciating the way the water cascades down her smooth skin, soaking her panties and stockings. You can see her arousal building as her nipples get harder under the water pressure. What’s a girl to do but plunge three fingers knuckle-deep in that juiced-up fuckhole and ride them all the way to a wet climax? It’s always a pleasure to watch Eve cum, maybe because she’s sharing such an intense yet intimate moment with us and getting off on knowing that we’re watching her. Eve, you’re soooooo hot! Love and kisses, Avril xxx

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Deluxe ride!

After reading what the guys were saying about scene one of Summer of Lust, I was inspired to go back and take another long, lingering look at this photoset of Sylvia Deluxe and James Brossman. It’s funny, I usually like quite curvy girls and Sylvia is very slim and petite, but DAMN! She’s so nasty!!! This is not a thought I often have, but looking at Sylvia actually makes me wish I was a man, so I could fuck her! The way she caresses, licks and sucks a cock, it’s like nothing else in the world exists for her at that moment. Her focus is so animalistic, those piercing eyes show she really means to drain it dry. Sylvia’s definitely a woman, not a girl, even though she is quite playful and even giggly at times. I do like multi-faceted people, and I’m looking forward to seeing how much further she’ll go! In the meantime, unless I come back as a guy, I will have to content myself with watching James fuck her and trying to imagine how it feels to have your cock going out of that snug little hole…

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My latest girl crush…

I have a big girl crush on Olivia Wilde…. the funny thing is I never realized she had made a bunch of movies, I just really, really like her as Remy (aka 13) in House! There’s something about seeing a brainy, sexy girl – who just happens to be totally bisexual – outsmarting all the guys, that just totally gets me hot. Plus she looks super-sexy in the white doctor’s coat, some inspiration for a little doctors and nurses fantasizing there… Anyway, I got kind of a tingle reading this interview about her role in Cowboys & Aliens, where she uses the word “vagina” no less than SIX times! She obviously thinks about vagina a lot! I would prefer her to use a nicer word though, like “pussy”… In fact I can imagine her saying it to me, right before she shows me…. yeah baby! She is pretty all over, and not shy about getting quite raunchy on screen, so I can imagine her pussy is pretty too. I would like to know for sure though, sigh… Can anyone recommend some good movies or scenes where she shows plenty of flesh, just to fuel my crush?

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Denise Richards loves girls…

I think by now you all know that I LOVE girls who love girls... so I am positively squirming in my seat watching Denise Richards talk about her lesbian experience with an unnamed "beautiful" Hollywood star. I've had a soft, wet spot for her ever since seeing ‘Wild Things" - seriously, has anyone ever watched the lesbian pool scene between her and Neve Campbell and not felt the need to touch themselves?!? Anyway, watching her talking, with that short dress riding up on her silky thighs, I had this insane conviction that she would suddenly uncross her legs, hike her dress right up to uncover her pantyless pussy, and show us exactly what that lucky female partner had enjoyed. As she has already experienced how expertly another girl can lick and finger her pussy, I would love her to show us all exactly how she likes it!

I wish a XXX version of "Wild Things" existed... of course in my imagination, it does!!! Which mainstream movie would you like to see an adult version of today?

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Antonya – August babe of the month

Antonya sounds like the name of a greek goddess. Well actually it is. A goddess with an outstanding pair of breasts and a peach of a bottom that would make a priest renounce his faith. The combination of great arse and great breasts is a rare one to find indeed, usually one is better then the other, but Antonya’s assets compliment each other. In fact she is nothing short of my everything.

Antonya’s page on

A pleasant but also shy girl, she opens up on camera and unleashes a sexual tyrannosaurus, devouring her partners with a hunger for their most intimate parts. When they see her ample charms they are only too eager to dive in and savour the flavour. One of the first scenes we shot with her was with Blue Angel for the movie Hot Silk, where she delivered an outstanding performance and a genuine orgasm, coaxed out of her by the skilful tongue of Blue. The passionate assault she lands on Blue Angel afterwards has to be seen to be believed.

Antonya caused a slight controversy when she changed her hair to blonde after first driving our fans into a frenzy as a brunette, but I think she looks equally as good be it blonde or brown, but then I’m a breast and bum man rather than the colour of hair. I even enjoy it when the collar doesn’t match the cuffs.

Regardless however, Antonya is a joy to work with and a feast for the eyes. That body is made up of 90% water, and I’m damn thirsty. You can check Antonya’s incredible body in the productions Revealing Sasha, Hot Silk, Mums & Daughters 2 and Ripe For Tasting Vol 1.

-Hugh G Rection

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Gisele makes me giddy…

It’s not like I actually need an excuse to show Gisele Bundchen in her underwear… I mean, just look at her! There’s a reason why she’s the world’s highest paid supermodel. Is there anything about this woman that doesn’t scream SEX!?! In terms of pure animal heat I think she even outdoes my own personal favourite, Candice Swanepoel. So, seeing Gisele in her latest lingerie campaign is quite a treat. I have to say these undies are not too sexy though… I do a far better job of dressing her up – and then undressing her – when she visits my bedroom (in my dreams!). I’d rather see her in something a little more stylish and obviously sexy, because she sure as hell can carry it off!!! There is one thing I like about this campaign though (apart from Gisele’s ass) – how have they managed to give it that awesome seventies feel?

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Carmen Croft in lesbian porn?

Carmen Croft relaxes in the Viv Thomas pool

We’re getting ready to release a few smoking hot sets of Carmen Croft. Now she’s a girl who seems to have been working extremely hard of late on the “European porn circuit” and what is fascinating to me, as an unbiased onlooker (I don’t take the photos Viv and Mark do!), is that she is a good looking girl. Fascinating, we have tons of those.

Carmen Croft is not a smoking hot natural beauty. She’s a big girl and could be viewed as very much on the busty side and even slightly overweight from some people’s views. However, when you see how the crew here at have captured this girl, you’ll be blown away at the solo masturbation scenes and hardcore boy girl videos they managed to film. Surely we need to get her back and coach her in the true art of lesbian porn?

Do you feel that a busty porn star like Carmen Croft would fit well with one of our lesbian beauties like Jo, Vera or even one of our up and coming British porn models?

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Getting me up in the morning


Recently I have been waking up to the glorious site of Mr Motivator’s new fitness side-kick, stretching and twisting her phenomenal body all over my TV screen. Her name is Deanne Berry and I only recently became aware that she was the star of the of that infamous music video “Call on Me” by Eric Prydz. She truly is a spandex treat and really get’s me pumped up in the morning as I scoff down a bowl of cereal and two boiled eggs. The 28 year old Aussie has won an army of fans who can’t get enough of her perky, energetic style and extremely sexual workout routines. She tries to get the viewers at home to join in with her. I join in but it’s not really the type of workout she’s doing.


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Lola – July’s Babe & Portrait Of A Lesbian


In celebration of the release of Portrait Of A Lesbian, and Lola becoming our July Babe I thought I would leave this nice clip here – it’s taken from a longer solo scene with Lola which will be on the site for members.

The first part is an erotic nude sequence outside (nice navel shot for the navel people!) and the second part is Lola on a bed masturbating, which is a quite beautiful sight let me assure you…

You might remember me getting quite excited about Lola a while back, well I’m still excited about her. We’re hoping she’ll be back in September for a Mums and Daughters sequel, and also we’ll be seeing her again before the year is out in a still yet untitled project with Lisa.

Portrait Of A Lesbian trailer here.

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Best Bums


The blog has gone a bit boob mad lately so I want to balance things out a little with a new thread paying tribute to lovely ripe and firm bums. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good set of boobies but a great arse can send shivers down my spine. So I want to kick things off with a girl that has the whole package but her butt is quite phenomenal. Meet Cuban model Vida Guerra, I think I’ve found my next ex-girlfriend.

vida_2 vida3 vida-guerra4 vida_guerra1

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Hack Attack


I haven’t got the first clue about computer hacking. It’s one of those skills that i think certain brains can pick up very easily, mine is not one of them. Somewhere out there right now is a 15 year school boy who should be cracking on with his geography homework but instead is tunneling his way into the FBI HQ just so he can pat himself on the back and boast to his underground cyber buddies.

Well some hackers are far less ambitious, instead they go for your average R&B diva such as Cassie here. She claims her computer got hacked, and her topless pictures are now floating around the internet. And because we live in the 21st century, Cassie’s already commented about the “scandal”-on Twitter. In the words of Cassie herself:


Well Cassie, i can’t see this little incident doing you any harm.


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Lola Part 2….Pic Appreciation


I join Spunk L Davis as another member of the Lola fan club. She really is a gorgeous little bundle of loveliness who was an absolute pleasure to work with last week. Not only was she fantastic in the movie we were shooting, she shone like the little star that she is when it came to the pictures too. For some bizarre reason i took a ridiculous amount of pictures of that delectable little arse of hers, don’t ask me why.

lola6 lola4 lola1 lola2 lola3 lola5

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Great Arse….odd setting


The girl in this picture has a phenomenal arse – fact. It’s a shame she decided to pose for the picture on top of a public toilet. Surely such a fine behind deserves a more fitting backdrop. Anyway, just thought i’d share.

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Be sure to stretch


Recently a good friend of mine who will remain nameless (Happy Birthday by the way mate;-) joined me in lifting a few weights in our effort to look like Arnie and Franco. He chose not to stretch up before hand and spent the next few days walking around like an incontinent 85 year old who’d forgot to put his nappy on.

It reminded him just how important it is to stretch before exercise. One thing that i love to see is a hot girl stretching, especially if she is supple. So i’m gonna use that random example as a link to posting a hot girl stretching and bending like crazy. Why not, it’s Friday.


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Peaches Video Link

peachesvideolinkSpunk has asked me post this video because he has just had to run off to play golf with Viv, so here it is.

Peaches is back in Budapest and since she was on our forum just an hour ago we thought we’d try and get her on a new videophone link-up we have set up in our Budapest apartment. We wanted to ask her a few questions regarding her movie Most Subscribed and her experience of making the movie.

She did briefly say one or two things today on the forum here and the reviews so far have been very positive, the buzz around the office is a good one on this. We have high hopes for it. You can see the trailer for MS here, and what a trailer it is! My dick was so hard after watching this it could have cut diamonds. Watch it and tell me your not aroused afterward.

Click here to read more and view the video

Oh and on a side note, Spunk also told me to mention that you can now follow him on twitter which he updates daily with breaking production news and he’s promised some honest industry secrets and also some on-location pictures as they come in too. Sounds good. Next production starts at the end of April so we’re all looking forward to that.

So enjoy this video, I just hope he doesn’t leave Peaches waiting there all night.

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The Art of Jo


Jo loves to draw and suggested in her thread on the forum that we run some kind of an art competition. So we hopped in and donated a few prizes for the best piece of “Jo Art”. Check out her thread in the forum, and see how happy Jo was for this:

“Yessss, great!!!! I am so happy because of this little competition I hope many of you will join it. Maybe you don’t believe, but I would be really curious for the different results…”

You’ll have to be registered to enter the competition. Cheers and good luck!

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Position Of The Week – Face Sitting!

_art-of-kissing_3Face sitting, it’s a good oral position because the girl who is getting her pussy munched can control things a little bit. There is a great face sitting scene in The Office Girls between Vera and Stella, she really grinds away on her face, pushing herself onto Stella’s mouth while pulling her head hard into her pussy.

The only danger of this position is that the face-sitter can sometimes get carried away close to orgasm, I almost suffocated once when all this juice started going up my nose and I couldn’t breath, she wouldn’t let go of my head either so I no choice but to carry on and get her to cum as quickly as possible. I looked a bit like this afterward.

Main pic is from The Art Of Kissing 3 – Lucy (face sitter) and Mya (face sitee).

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Behind Convent Walls

2556204108_cc1871883a_bROME, Italy, a 45 year old gay man is planning a sex-change operation to become a nun, but in a quite shocking and and uncharacteristic act the church has failed to back his plan.

“I talked about my wish with a priest but I was misunderstood. A conversation with a bishop was even worse,” he told to an Italian news agency. What he obviously fails to realize is that anyone who questions our all-loving-all-forgiving God’s infinite power will burn in the fires of Hell, gays and non-believers included. It would be easier if the Church was just allowed to burn these sinners at the stake while they were still alive, wouldn’t it?

If only the church was like it is in the Porn World, where sexuality and desires are dealt with properly. Here is a clip starring Anoushka and Olivia (I really liked her) from Hot Babe Seduction.

Talking of religion, I haven’t seen Bill Maher’s documentary Religulous yet but I’m looking forward to it.

Source of news article.

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BotY – Zara?


We know most of the girls in the running for the Babe of the Year competition by their boobs and asses, but what about their personalities? I thought I would try spice things up a little by posting some footage of some of the nominees where you get to see them laugh, giggle, chat to the camera, just anything a little more natural and a little less sexy (not easy as I think most of these girls could look sexy eating spaghetti with their hands!) We’ll start with front runner Zara…

When I first met Zara I thought there was something different and special about her, she is a fairly new girl to the business and hasn’t done that much work, you don’t really see many of her pictures or scenes for other producers and there is a reason for that. She is not working in this business purely for the money, she is working because she loves girls and it’s a good way for her to explore that. It makes her presence in our movies much more interesting and exciting. Her first scene was with Vera in Female Liaisons and her inexperience shows through, next was Nella in Unfaithful 4, then CJ in Mums and Daughters, then Jo in the upcoming Portrait of a Lesbian (clip taken from below), and more recently Peaches in one of the Sex Tapes we made (what a run!)

Since I started working here I always liked to show the girls personalities in our films (see Our Movie, Six Days With Vera, Jo’s Secret Video etc), that is why I always write characters to suit the girls own personality, I’ve always done that, even in the Late Night Films we make. Zara has a naturally coy and quiet demeanor, but she likes a good giggle as much as anyone, and once you start talking to her she opens up more. I think her lack of confidence stems from her lack of English, because in Hungarian she is much more talkative, and of course once she climbs into bed with a girl and the cameras are rolling, shy Zara steps aside and the young sexual minx Zara comes out to play!

Other similar posts:

Cindy Hope clip here.

Lucy Bell and Angelika Black here.

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First Shoot at the VT Palace


Well i’m happy to announce that earlier in the week we were able to shoot for the very first time in the newly constructed home to Viv Thomas himself. It was an absolute dream to work in and all of the crew are looking forward to shooting there more in the future.

We had a lovely Czech girl by the name of Connie with us this week and she happened to have one of the nicest pairs of breasticles i’ve seen in a while. I couldn’t think of a finer pair to take the Mansions photo shoot cherry.

viv2 viv3 viv4 viv1 house

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Pink Velvet Box Set

pvtri-boxSadly we will no longer be printing our landmark series in it’s Box Set form – The Pink Velvet Trilogy, containing the entire trilogy, all the extras, and even two exclusive bonus scenes.

There are 10 remaining copies available at the time of writing this. So the next 10 sent out will be personally numbered and signed by the boss, Viv Thomas.

Thanks to everyone who bought this box set, it was a real special series for us and I have to say we had some great times making these movies. Great times!

Pink Velvet Series Mini Site.

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Zara is pulling into the lead!


I wonder how long she can hold on – it looks as if Angelika Black is racing up behind her – tell your friends to VOTE!

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Hot News – Melissa Theuriau


When this girl is reading the news who is really listening?

Melissa Theuriau has become an internet phenomenon with fans uploading YouTube video compilations receiving millions of hits from admirers. Theuriau is reportedly surprised by this phenomenon, stating, “I cannot explain it…I am absolutely not seeking this publicity”.

In 2006, the Daily Express voted her the world’s most beautiful news reporter. She was similarly voted “TV’s sexiest news anchor” by readers of the US edition of Maxim. In May 2007 she was voted most beautiful woman in the world in the French edition of FHM.

As Del boy would say – Bonnet de douche.

mel1 melissa_theuriau03_small melissa_theuriaun_2


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Vote now for YOUR Babe of the Year


The voting has opened on and this is YOUR opportunity to vote for the most stunning VivThomas Babe of the Year. If you’re lucky you may well be coming along to the Babe of the Year awards ceremony, but at the very least you will be able to see photos and a video of the event after the fact.

We may just feature one babe of the year candidate every day for the next few days while , so here is Angelika Black who is a really exciting choice to kick off with. From her page on Viv

It may seem like this exotic looking beauty has been performing on the adult stage for quite some time as she is now one of the most recognizable faces in Europe. Angelika (or Black Angelika as she is also known) has worked tirelessly over the last 2 years to really make a name for herself and the effort has paid off. Still only 21 years of age she has done everything from hardcore double penetration straight scenes to beautiful lesbian erotica. At 5 feet 4 inches tall, with sun kissed skin and a perfectly proportioned body she almost looks too good to be true. Her natural beauty is mesmerizing and her 32C natural breasts are simply incredible. Read more on her page…

We have prepared a video for you after the break


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Sex Party Down Under

53With Australia recently scrapping it’s absurd internet ‘porn-filter’ idea, Mossman, Australia is the place to be this month. The White Cockatoo are hosting a month-long sex party with over 250 people coming for the Adults Only no-rules swingers sex romp, clothing optional!

I wonder what the ratio of men to women normally is at these things? I just have this image of 238 single men hanging around bollock naked and drinking beer, while ogling the six unsatisfied wives of six poor husbands who’ve been dragged along by the missus because they don’t go south of the border west of the sun often enough.

Pictured – the sex party I had in my apartment this weekend.

Source –

Top 10 Nude Resorts.

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Vendula – the 2nd floor obsession

vendula5Every now and then we get a little carried away by a girl. Usually ole Lime in the corner chirps up something like “PHOAAARW – she’s a right honey!” and then we all rush over to gather around his monitors and revisit old memories of that particular babe.

Well this week Vendula has been attracting a lot of attention and I thought I’d get her blogged. She was so much fun on location with us last year and was a real sweetheart with her mate Gina – even translating for her in the video interview I did. What a sweetie! vendula vendula2 vendula3 vendula4 vendula5

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On Location Making Snow

hiddenLast year we had a project fall apart on us, you might remember me talking about it. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong that week. It got to the point where I started doing wild and crazy things just to salvage something from the week. I’ve been wondering what the heck to do with all the footage we took, none of it makes any sense. We had a few cracking girls doing some particularly sexy things, but it has no coherency. Chikita, Lola, Zoe, Bianca, Gina B, all ended up doing some great work which I can’t bear to see sit on the shelf next to my desk! It occurred to me that we could make the project into a documentary with behind the scenes, interviews with crew and what we did manage to film all put together. So, question… What happens when you hide a camera in the bedroom of two models on location? Answer – they break the microphone.

Hawthorne, go fuck yourself.

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Natalie Martinez

natalie_martinez_08120703One of the guys from our office pointed me in the direction of Cuban-American model/actress Natalie Martinez late last week. And all I can say is, yes.

Now I’m not a big fan of movies like Death Race, and I am even less a fan of remakes of movies like Death Race, however I am a fan of women, especially Cuban American women.

Natalie has been modelling for Jenny From The Bloc’s clothing line which seems to have kick-started this over-night potential movie career. Let’s just hope she has the talent to move on, so she doesn’t have to star in any more films by B-Movie hack Paul W.S Anderson, and next time maybe gets to work for the brilliant Paul Thomas Anderson instead.

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Sport Filly continued…Elisabetta Canalis


I’m not surprised most footballers want to end up playing in Italy. It increases their chances of meeting the likes of Elisabetta here. What is her connection with the world of sport you might ask? Well, she used to date famous football player Christian Vieri, and she also became the presenter of a football TV program. That’s about it, she’s still a sport filly in my eyes.

eliz2 eliz3 elisabettacanalis1 eliz4 Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

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Pube Slip

It’s amazing how just the slightest hint of a celebrities naught bits can cause a real stir. Take the lovely Miss Alba for instance. She’s a celeb we would all love to see completely naked, legs open and…..alright, no need to go down that road. The fact that she has somehow been able to keep her lovely naked bod out of the paps viewfinders has to be commended. Sometimes though she let’s her guard down, or in this case her low cut jeans. This pic was taken during The Teen Choice awards in the US, a great time to go commando Jessica.


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A word about Walleria

Walleria created quite a storm on our Forum when we first announced that she was Babe of the Month for February 2009. The reason being that she was a relative unknown in the world – that she certainly is, but what a stunner! Straight jet black hair (are jets actually black?) flows over a perfectly taught body and being fairly tall (5’8″ or 1.73m) she really does it for me ( I’m 6’4″ or 193cm!).

Walleria on

It seems like she “really does it” for quite a few people… What do you think?

Click through for our YouTube video featuring the one and only Walleria (and that isn’t a Prussian Province – she’s a GIRL!)


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Concept Art – Girls Bum In Panties?

unborn3You have to love the horror genre sometimes. Here is a movie poster for a new movie starring Odette Yustman (well hello there!) from that real-life alien invasion tape they found and codenamed “Cloverfield.” I’m quite impressed she went on to be a movie star to be quite honest, that experience must have been quite traumatic. Only joking, the Cuban/Italian/French actress was born in Bogota, Columbia, and raised in Nicaragua, and she has tread the boards before this, most notably in Kindergarten Cop.

So…The Unborn, I’m not sure what it is about but they have me sold with this girl-in-vest-and-panties poster. The marketing execs must have had a raise for this one. Now then, look at the poster closely and see if you can spot the ‘horror’ aspect of the design. It will take a few minutes but once your eyes settle on the poster, you might spot a small reflection in the mirror. “Evil Will Do Anything To Live,” including hang around girls bathrooms! Now that is what I call living.

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Monika Christensen

monika_christensenI don’t know anything about this new Danish supermodel except her name, and the fact that she is absolutely lovely.

From her slightly exotic looks I am going to guess that she’s not entirely Danish, as is everyone in Britain’s bacon.

I know another Danish supermodel, Helena Christensen (pictured with a drunk Harvey Milk), who’s mother is Peruvian.

monika_christensen monika_christensen7_smagazi monikachristensen Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

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“Most Subscribed” Coming Soon!

cindyI’m finishing off MOST SUBSCRIBED at the moment. We’re planning on releasing the download in March, and the DVD in April, so that is something to get excited about!

Although this latest release will come in the midst of the Lesbian Encounters whirlwind, we still want to release it sooner rather than later because it seems to be quite an eagerly anticipated title, and anyway it is quite different to Lesbian Encounters, less vintage VT gold and more the contemporary styling of recent years.

Not only is Most Subscribed quite different, but it’s got an edge to it I think will really thrill people. I really am excited about the reactions to this one – the scenes themsevles are longer than usual (around 30mins), they are filmed a little differently, and the whole thing has a realistic context which seems to give each scene an intense authenticity to it. The sex is also just spot-on, there are plenty of things to get worked up about!

On top of this, the whole Gina B/Peaches relationship dynamic comes into play, Gina being the make-up artist on the film and having to sit by whilst a myriad of younger girls eat out and getting eaten out by her lover. Gina also stars in the last scene of the movie with Peaches (I personally think it’s the best scene on there and one of the best scenes EVER!) Lots of great stuff was captured on the making-of documentary with regards to this, which will give the film a whole other dimension.

At just a scratch over 180mins, it’s a big title! DVD extras will include alternative angles on some of the orgasms, and also some deleted footage/outtakes. These extras can also be seen on the website, along with a 30minute making-of documentary (I’ve taken a short clip from this for below.)

Oh yes and did I mention Peaches is absolutely fucking hilarious in the movie.

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Mums and Daughters SOLD OUT AGAIN!

vivthomascom_74034As a celebration of our current quickest-selling DVD title – “Mums & Daughters” being sold out once again(!), I thought I would post a little behind-the-scenes snippet of Zara recording her telephone voice-over for her scene with CJ.

Thanks to everyone so far who bought this title be it on DVD-or-download, in this midst of this global recession it’s success has in part allowed us to continue our work this year! We’re already talking about a sequel!

Mums and Daughters will be available again very soon!

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Sex Education

nhu1ykserj448p0xi3tgcljdo1_500It is little wonder that so many of us have an unhealthy and puritanical hatred of our own bodies and our desires when you see films like this. I wonder how many oppressed generations this ideology was passed down to. I’m not going to ramble on too much here because I really just wanted to post this clip from a 1950s British Sex Education Video, which really did give me a good giggle this morning.

“A cosy evening at home together, can be profitably spend, practicing the correct technique, for the use of a condom.” Genius. Remove dentures before fellatio (what age group is this aimed at?) and of course “…in a healthy man the ejaculate is quite fulsome…” yeah! I can see that!!! Christ!

If only our sex education classes had been more like this one – from Monty Python’s Meaning Of Life.


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Movie Sex Scenes – Henry & June (1990)

mariademedeirosanduParis, 1931. Henry Miller is writing Tropic Of Cancer. A 19-year-old Uma Thurman is playing his wife in a film adaptation of AnaIs Nin‘s (played by Maria de Medeiros) book - Henry & June, directed by Philip Kaufman (The Unbearable Lightness Of Being.) All the pieces are there for a great movie.

The film is a landmark for the mainstream erotic genre, it was the first film to get the MPAA’s newly introduced NC-17 rating. The controversial film includes scenes of AnaIs slow-dancing (and deep lesbian kissing) with June in an underground lesbian club, AnaIs’ many passionate couplings with Henry during their affair together and simultaneously with her lover/cousin Eduardo (Jean-Philippe Écoffey); also the exhibition of lesbian love-making in a private show in a mirrored brothel room between Henry’s blonde squeeze (Brigitte Lahaie) and another frail prostitute (MaIte Maille) – when AnaIs advised the aggressive female: “stop pretending to be a man”; the scene of AnaIs’ descriptive and hallucinatory dream-fantasy of sex with June in an upper loft, experiencing ‘abnormal pleasures’ (“I begged her to undress. I asked her to let me see between her legs. As she lay over me, I felt a penis touching me…”); also AnaIs’ climactic love-making with Henry after he had finished his novel ‘Tropic of Cancer’ while Eduardo was downstairs; and the concluding scene of Anais and June getting together for love-making (while Henry was asleep in another room of the house).

I couldn’t find the particular scene I wanted to show here, but I did find these two clips. It’s a film worth checking out, although I did prefer Kaufman’s Unbearable Lightness Of Being.

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Sunday – Traditional Day Of Procreation

vivthomascom_42119I don’t know about you but I like Sundays. For me Sundays have never been about going to church. I talk directly to God, no middleman required.

Well these days it seems less people have been attending Sunday school and more people have been surfing the porn-ocean. Sundays always go one of two ways – either the significant other is staying the weekend, so on Sunday morning you both wake to the sound of next door watching Songs Of Praise in 5.1 Dolby, the indulgence of Saturday night still drying in the mouth, of one you instigates sleepy-sex and you spend all day half-dressed fucking intensely in every room in the apartment; or…the significant other is busy/has long since left you/is with someone else, so you spend all day hanging out in your dressing-gown watching Life On Earth documentaries and trying at all costs to avoid T4, before getting bored and surfing the web for porn.

Article here.

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Hello Freida Pinto

freida1Freida Pinto (hello there) is one of the few Indian actress to be making her screen debut in a ‘Hollywood’ movie. The 24 year old was born in Mumbai and after graduating from college started modeling and starring in commercials. Her career has just recently been giving a kick-start by Brit director Danny Boyle, casting her in his new movie Slumdog Millionaire. Freida comes from a Mangalorean Catholic community which is a prominent Christian community in Bombay, her father a senior bank manager and mother a principal at a high school, so her life didn’t exactly start out in the slums.

I for one, think she is startlingly beautiful. What she is like as an actress is yet to be seen, but whichever way that falls for her 2009 will surely see her on the What’s Hot What’s Not List (on the hot side), gracing the pages of middle-shelf porn mags FHM and Maxim, and if she’s lucky starring as the lead female role in Jason Statham’s new film “The Transporter 4: Transport This Motherfucker,” where he accepts a mission driving his Audi through India to the Pakistani border to deliver a bomb to evil militants before realizing the error of his ways, turning on them, and in the process falling in love with a local Indian girl who works in a sweatshop making trainers for Nike.

freida5 freida4 freida21 freida3 2846583129_5d50805c15 82589701TT002_Slumdog_Milli freida1 Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

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Giant Girl Doll

girldollFor those with an Attack of the 50ft Women fetish I thought I’d share this rather incredible and oddly disturbing clip from “The Sultans Elephant,” a spectacular street theatre display which took place in London in May 2006 by the French group Royale Deluxe. It takes a crew of over 30 operators to bring Giant Girl to life. For the night performance she plays a scratchy old record of Yves Montand Rue St. Vincent, strips slowly before climbing into a cold-water tin bath with milky white water. After softening her hard wooden skin she changes into white French stockings and underwear, then she begins a solo masturbation scene under the yellow street lights. It’s quite beautiful.

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Sport Filly continued…..Biba Golic

Women’s tennis seems to produce an abundance of hot participants. Anna, Maria, Jelena….i could go on. The little table version of the sport however has produced quite the opposite, up until now. Introducing Biba Golic. The 31 year old Serbian is certainly doing her part to boost the viewing figures of this of this funny little sport. A sport dominated by the Chinese, Biba is now well up there with the best. Known as the Anna Kournikova of Table Tennis i just hope she doesn’t fall for some crooning grease ball.




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She Likes ‘Em Big!

vivthomascom_35405This year we will be releasing a Platinum Collection title called “Blonde on Brunette,” currently being put together by in-house human editing machine Dan Da Man. The download version will feature for the first time, the original full uncut scene between Angie George and Natalie from Teenage Seduction (UK Hot Babe Seduction) which has never been seen before.

I’ve blogged before about vagina’s before, experience tells me that all girls are different as are all vagina’s. Some girls can really work the muscle, others can accept penetration with large objects easily, others find it difficult and penetration with even a normal size penis (8 inches or more I believe is average?) can be very painful, and of course there are lots of reasons why.

During the filming of this scene there was an “on-set” moment when the young Natalie made a comment about our microphone cage being like a big dildo. Angie got in on the act and both girls revealed that they have used dildos that size in their private life! Which I honestly find hard to believe. I mean I know that a woman’s vagina is a muscle and can be stretched, I’ve been told stretching and fisting is an intense experience, but our microphone cage is about 6 inches in diameter! There’s just no way, surely? I guess it’s that ‘pain is pleasure’ kind of thing. I like Natalie’s comment in this clip when asked if it hurt.

backstage clip after the click

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Kinski Uncut

__natasha-kinskiI’ve always been a big fan of Klaus Kinski, and after Sterns blog about pornographic novels it got me thinking about one of my favourite autobiographies – Kinksi Uncut, a quite hilarious, raging, sometimes tragic, and frequently pornographic documentation of the actors life, including his first sexual experience (with his sister,) and then others – an Indian giantess, a veiled Moroccan, actresses, directors’ wives, Gypsies, teenage girls, hotel maids, air stewardesses, prostitutes, nurses, converted lesbians, total strangers, his various wives, and Idi Amin's daughter. It also has one of the best, most touching and poetic epilogues I have ever read.

Here is Kinski’s last interview before he died. Book reviews here.

One of the best things Kinski ever did was have Nastassja Kinski, I has a schoolboy crush on her ever since I first saw that car-crash of a Paul Schrader film Cat People. She was great in Paris, Texas though, played a lesbian in Your Friends & Neighbours (another great film,) and was more recently seen in David Lynch’s Inland Empire. Nastassja became a model at age 13 and gained some notoriety through her nude appearances in Wim Wenders’ film The Wrong Move and To the Devil a Daughter (1976) while still a minor. She also dated Roman Polanski when she was 15 years old (he was 28 years her senior.) Nastassja later became a sex symbol in the 80s.


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Sport Filly continued…..Lokelani McMichael

Try saying this girls name after a few beers. The lovely Lokelani is a surfer and a triathlete who at the tender age of 18 became the youngest ever female competitor in the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon. With her model looks and A1 bod she is a joy to watch. The multi discipline event means she can swim like a fish, run like the wind and ride like a slutty sex kitten. Ok i made that last one up but here’s to hoping.


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Scarlett Johansson – A Tribute

When God was handing out…..well….everything, i’m pretty sure Scarlett Johansson was at the front of every queue. And even if you camped out all night to be at the front of a certain line and she strolled up just before God was about to start handing out stuff and she said ‘do you mind if i go in front?’ I’m pretty sure you’d let her. She has quite a fan base not just world wide but also here in the VT office. We love her to bits, and i’m not just talking about her two lovely, natural, full bits. No no, apparently she is quite a talented actress, you just have to look past aforementioned attributes to realise that. Unfortunately i haven’t been able to do that yet. I’d just like to say well done Scarlett, you are perfect.


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Sport Filly continued….Gina Carano

Gina Carano is probably the toughest woman on this list to date. She's a MMA fighter as well as one of the Gladiators on the new incarnation of American Gladiators. It really is difficult to understand why tv execs keep choosing to bring that show back. I mean what’s so appealing about watching a beautiful, athletic woman like Gina getting all hot and sweaty as she rolls around and grapples with an equally hot female contestant?………um…..ok fair enough. This 26 year old spandex treat certainly won’t go down without a fight, hopefully that’s not the case when she’s in the bedroom.



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Sport Filly continued….Alina Kabaeva

It honestly took me a few minutes to actually work out what was going on in some of these pictures, it’s just mind blowing. Alina is a 24 year old rhythmic gymnast from Russia. She is know for her extreme natural flexibility (your not kidding). Alina is actually Russia’s most successful rhythmic gymnast to date and has been romantically linked to Vladmir Putin. I bet he cracks open the Vodka and they have all kind of flexible fun.



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Sport Filly continued…Tatiana Grigorieva

The sport of pole vaulting is so complex and physically demanding that unless you are supremely fit, agile and fearless your not gonna be any good. Tatiana is all of those and then some. She was born in Russia, but she competes for Australia and more recently became a Gladiator in that much loved TV series (no one will ever equal Jet in my opinion)

Her rock hard body, pert boobies and gorgeous face certainly make pole vaulting much more watchable.


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Sport Filly continued….Francesca Piccinini

Francesca is an amazonian Italian volleyball player, and a lovely one at that. At a height of 6?1, she is able to spike at 304 cm from the ground (equivalent to 9?11) Impressive… i bet she’s handy to have about when you’ve forgotten your keys and your trying to get in through your bedroom window. She has also played over 330 official matches with the Italian national team and has become their star attraction…i can see why.


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Sport Filly continued – Anna…..of course

It was inevitable really, she was gonna turn up sooner or later so here she is. Despite crashing out in the first round of pretty much every tournament she played in, she made women’s tennis watchable again. She has made millions of dollars from endorsements rather than the sport she occasionally partakes in but she’s always lovely to look at nether the less. Even though she is dating that Spanish fuck nut Enrique Inglesias we still can’t get enough. Anna Kournikova we salute you.


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Sport Filly continued….Ashley Harkleroad

Ah the lovely Ashley. Not only is she one of the best female tennis players around at the mo but she also loves to get her sporty bits and pieces out for all the world to see. This 23 year old made the cover of Playboy recently and apparently the magazine flew of the shelves. From the pictures below i can see why.


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Sport Filly continued….Lovely Alicia

This past summer i spent most of my time on the sofa enjoying the Olympics in Beijing. There were so many fantastic moments but one in particular stood out for me – watching the lovely Alicia Sacramone in action. This 20 year old, 5′ bundle of supple splendor kept me glued to the tv and from that point on i became a big fan of womens gymnastics.

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Sport Filly……..Sean’s girls part 1

Spunk likes to stick his favorite chicks up for all to see so i though i’d do the same. I sway more towards the lovely toned, athletic bodies of sports women though, just can’t resist them. When i was a youngster i enjoyed partaking in many different athletic disciplines, one of which was pole vault. So that’s where i’m going to kick this thread off…….ladies and gentlemen i give you Allison Stokke. I’ve got the perfect pole for her.

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In The Family – Secret Revealed!

When we made In The Family there was a young girl called Delilah who joined the cast after the disaster we had with post-AVN-party no-shows. It was meant to be Sarah Blake eating her pussy that afternoon, instead it was Angela ‘the squirting queen’ Stone, who was kind of finding the whole thing rather amusing.

So Delilah was really getting into the swing of things, she understood what we were after and wasn’t confused by “the strange English (I’m not even English) guys who don’t want us to cuss and spit and fuck each other like possessed sex demons.” Which is exactly how we were known in L.A.

Angela was doing a good job of eating out Delilah though (it was a real ‘eyes roll into the back of the head orgasm!), so much so that after she came she had to tell Angela to stop, causing the squirting queen to give a look to the camera like “uh, did I just make that girl cum?” I cut it out of the final movie with some clever editing, but here it is in it’s uncut glory complete with the behind the scenes clip of ‘what happened next,’ courtesy of Hugh G Rection.

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Costumes In Porn

Trinny and Suzanna have nothing on us when it comes to style and fashion, especially when it comes to women.

Unless it’s a specialized project like Sirens (when we have to call in Fashion Guru Avril who then makes the arduous trip to NY to go shopping) we normally ask the models themselves to bring a good selection of their own clothes and then chose what we feel is suitable. It’s good that way because the girls feel comfortable in their own gear, it adds a little realism to things, and it also gives you a genuine glance at what the girls own tastes are.

Here’s a behind the scenes clip from Most Subscribed – of Sean and I choosing clothes for the lovely, 19 year old Nikita.

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Nipples that defy logic

Continuing on from Spunks post, here’s a lovely lass catching a few rays on the beach. But there seems to be two things that are attracting most of the suns attention…..those incredible NIPS. I’ve never seen anything like those before, neither has the bloke sunbathing behind her by the looks of things. I know that trick mate, put one leg up to hide the semi, soon to be full wood. He’s probably regretting throwing those Speedos on.

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Frank Miller’s The Spirit

I always liked Frank Miller, and not just because of his brilliant Sin City graphic novels. Frank finally has the technology and the inspiration to make movies the way he wants (much thanks to Robert Rodriguez for that), so now the lady-loving Miller is directing his first film The Spirit, an adaptation of Will Eisner’s graphic novel, and it looks set to be the hottest comic book movie ever.

Frank Miller knows how to cast films I will give him that. He casts Eva Mendes (who’s bare arse also makes a cameo) and Paz Vega, Jamie King, then writes a role specially for Scarlett Johansson. Good man, that is the way to make your first film!

Oh yeah and some dude called Samuel “Motherfucker” Jackson is also in the film.

The Spirit is another greenscreen movie shot in 48 days and in post-production for for over a year, almost as long as our own post-production epic The Return of Sandy.

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JAV Idol – Emily

I love Maria Ozawa, this is her on the left. She’s the pretty well known Japanese/Canadian – French JAV Idol who has pretty much done everything there is to do now, not that that puts me off her, quite the opposite.

Anyway I stumbled upon Emily today, an American/Japanese girl who has done some work in Japan, but I think only the really soft stuff where they lie naked around their houses dwelling on life and contemplating the meaning of life as tame Japanese music sounds in the background and everything glows a weird heavenly white.

I glanced at her youtube page and it seems she has a lot of stuff on there, she is a real nice looking gal and I like it when she’s talking Japanese, but boy she’s hyper. She’s one of those girls who just can’t keep quiet for a single second, it’s like listening to a long gush of random, stream-of-consciousness dialogue which relentlessly keeps on going, and going, and going. And the painful thing is she never seems to talk about much at all, there’s no point to anything. Not that that puts me off mind, I guess she’s doing it for her own self-promotional reasons.

So, my point is…no, sorry don’t have one, just thought you might be interested in seeing a nice looking girl speaking two quite incredibly different languages. That in itself is interesting enough for a blog in my opinion. And if anyone has any good erotic pictures of her, let me know.



Emily’s Japanese blog.

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Morning….Fancy a Brew?

I like to start my day with a nice hot shower followed by a mug of Columbia’s finest (coffee that is….it’s a bit early for their other finest export). And then my usual 3 weetabix and a banana. All of which is carried out while i am completely naked..naturally.
Looks like this lovely lass has got the same idea.

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Spunks Girls – Rosario Dawson

In this new series of blogs I will be looking at all kinds of different women and what’s hot about them and what’s not about them. From actresses, politicians, musicians and that girl who works in our local BBQ fish shack.

First up for my own personal brand of inane judgment is Rosario Dawson, a Puerto Rican Afro-Cuban Native-American Irish girl born in The Big Apple and star of numerous films including Kids, 25th Hour and Alexander.

I like her. She’s kind of got a kick-ass-coolness about her, she’s fucking beautiful, an out-spoken supporter of various charities and support groups, parties with Asia Argento and winner of MTV Awards Best Kiss 2006. Great you might think, it’s all adding up nicely.

But wait, not only has she worked for that hack Kevin Smith but her Wiki page says she’s dated a series of chumps including two teenage shills from Sex And The City and Dawson’s Creek, ah…but who hasn’t been in bad relationships and worked with self-indulgent directors (looks around shiftily), she has to be forgiven for that. I’d have to get to know her a little better first but I’d probably let her be my girlfriend.

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Cat Fight!

When I was a lad the most brutal schoolyard fights were between the girls. Biting, kicking, stomping, hair pulling, scratching, eye-gouging and tit slaps were all fair game. Not like the boys, where Queensbury rules would strictly apply over 25 ten-minute rounds.

Just before the making of Confessions Of The Make-Up Artist we had our two stars Henrietta (who later pulled out of the movie) and Vera vent their pent-up artists aggression on one another just after they started to bitch over a black mascara pen. The verbal GBH doesn’t end in a physical fight though, instead they went to a room and had hot, intense, sweaty make up sex with each other, as one does.

Ella and Nikki can also be seen in the video, as this was when we were filming Ella’s Dirty Little Fuckers.

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I like self-portraits, from Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso to Helmut Newton. But even more than those relative unknowns I prefer self-portraits of random girls who take pictures of themselves half-naked and post them on their own blogs, some of them are actually quite good. There’s something truly erotic about them, something personal and private, like Hudgensgate.

When we filmed OUR MOVIE the girls took our camcorder and made their own film, but even before this we’d often give them our Sony Cybershot and they’d turn it on themselves for a self-piccy, as celebrated in these two pictures.

Gina B and Stella Stevens from The Making Of A Madame, and Sophie Moone and Ella from Pink Velvet 3.

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The Lovely Jenni

Here’s Jenni again, who has a new photoset on the site. There’s something about this girl, lush curves, bubble-butt, dark nipples, perky boobs, beautiful face. But then again there is something about all the girls I work with which causes the hairs to stand, the blood to flow and the loins to stir.

These are some softer highlights of a nice solo video I filmed of her. The full video can be seen on the website or on the Unfaithful 4 DVD (also available on DVD.)

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Heart Shaped Boobs

I’ve heard of a heart shaped ass before but we don’t hear much about heart shaped boobs do we – like these lovely breasts.

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The Premature Problem

I was editing this scene earlier today and this out-take made me laugh. Tristan is the consummate professional in his line of work, and he takes his performance very seriously. So seriously in fact, that he is willing to punish his schlong if he thinks it’s not quite performing right. Take this clip for example, where he gets caught up in the passion of the moment with the delectable Carla Cox, and has to stop feeding her the dick as he is ready to blow his baby batter deep inside her, and it was nowhere near the time for the cum shot.

Fair enough, some women do have naturally tight pussies which can choke the sturdiest chickens and cripple the careers of many a male model. Also it’s not the first time it’s happened while we’ve filmed, in this clip James Brossman fails to hold out, and in this clip the male model declares that the girl has a magic pussy, of all things.

But Tristan blames his appendage personally and gives it, wait for it, the back of the hand! It’s true, check it out and laugh out loud, this clip made my day!

Needless to say Tristan carried on to deliver an outstanding performance and to fire a well deserved salvo of cupid’s toothpaste all over Miss Cox’s pretty face

This has also made me wonder if there is anyone out there, reading this blog, that has to punish their penis to stop it giving up the goo too early? I’d be fascinated to find out!

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Stella, Sandra and all doing the Flamengo!

While filming Butterfly and Our Movie in Spain there was a knock on the door one tequila-fueled evening from a man carrying a stage on his back…”I make Flamengo for your girls, and then I make love to them.” He wooed them with his sweaty Flamengo love that evening, although I can confirm he didn’t get to make any Flamengo lovin’.

Couple of things I noticed was that Stella and Sandra are great dancers, those girls can move! We later got Stella to dance for the movie Lust Fever and I used that same footage in Unfaithful 3 for the lesbian club scene at the beginning.

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Hairy Crack / Smooth Crack

Picture the scene, you’ve pulled this beautiful young girl, weeks of groundwork have paid off, finally the time is right and she wants you. She rips off her panties and begs you to eat her pussy, then she spins over and asks if you will lick her arsehole, who are you to say no, right? As you spread her cheeks you are confronted by wisps of coarse black hair, it’s like tonguing a monkeys ear hole.

Again another hair blog. You have to understand I’ve got nothing against hair, I like hair, even on a girls pussy I like it. Now it’s easier to shave one’s armpits than the crack of one’s arse, not that I’ve ever done either, so is it ok to leave a hairy crack? Would it put you off? Would you prefer that a woman waxes it? I guess if she’s going to ask you to toss the salad then she would at least be clean and freshly shaved around the rim.

Talking about this the last few days I have realised how much pressure is on women to groom themselves. I am sure that the next evolutionary step will be to make us all completely hairless.

Pictured – Lucky

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The Lesbians At Home

On the set of Most Subscribed (Coming Soon) our man Stern Bigot was on set armed with a camera to record anything juicy going on behind the scenes. As we had real-life lovers there – Peaches & Gina – we knew there’d be lots to see and lots to talk about. He asks them about their relationship and about jealousy on a number of occasions, and they have some interesting views on the subjects. Relationships are a funny thing in this business but the girls seem refreshingly unfazed by the whole thing, I guess theirs works on a deeper level, and there’s obviously more too it than sex.

They have been filming lots of really sexy private stuff over the last few months, some of it now on their website at, and there’ll be more of that coming!

The full behind the scenes documentary will be available on the Most Subscribed DVD and on our website for members around Christmas time or in the New Year.

Check out the girls own blog!

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Blast From The Past – Monika

Monika Hajkova started modeling around 1994. She did this set with Viv in 1997.

We tried to get Monika for a new movie we shot this year called Mums & Daughters but she didn’t want to do anymore girl/girl work, instead only doing solo work for the right kind of money.

Born in 1977 she’s a former Penthouse Pet, with an incredible body and a quite startlingly beautiful face!

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That’s A Tight Pussy!

It’s a porno cliche, …”oh fuck you’ve got a tight pussy. This pussy is so fucking tight.” “Do you like fucking my tight pussy, yeah, yeah! Oh fuck yeah, fuck my tight little pussy…” etc etc.

I’m sure most would agree there isn’t that much of a difference between the tightness of a girls pussy, once a girl is wet and aroused and your in the midst of making luuurve then there’s no real noticeable difference, even after childbirth, fisting, dildo stretching, they’re all quite snug! But there are some exceptions. On a few memorable occasions I have felt the moist embrace of an extremely small vagina, I know a girl who has so much control over her pussy muscles she can vacuum-pack my schlong like an astronauts lunch.

Anyway every now and then I’m working with a girl in a straight or lez scene and off camera one partner reveals how tight the other girls vagina actually is. It’s happened a couple of times. Vera has an incredibly tight vagina (see her pussy hole below), Sandy had so much trouble getting into Kylie’s pussy in The Sole Collector that it made my eyes water. Richie was fucking Suzy Spark in Bubblegum Babes 5 too and he said her pussy was so tight he couldn’t continue, he begged us to let him do his cum shot first, let him recover and go back to do the scene. I’ve been told Zara also has a very compact vagina, and more recently little Lola (who will be seen in Portrait Of A Lesbian at the end of this year) was said to have a pussy tighter than my friends wallet.

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Sticky Fingers

I once asked a girl in school if she ever masturbated when she was alone and she told me, ‘no, never!’ Later on, in my teenage years I asked a girlfriend the same question, and she told me, ‘…no, I make you do it for me.’

Of course later I had other girlfriends who admitted it to me, but for the most part the women I knew were reluctant to talk about it, let alone admit it. Some years later I found myself working in porn where a girl told me that any girl who says they don’t masturbate is lying. How gullible I had been.

Filming solo scenes is one of my favourite activities, there’s just something so damn hot about watching a girl do it to herself, some of the models get themselves really worked up too. We’re spending more time filming scenes like this now because there’s so much we haven’t done in terms of female masturbation scenes. We’ve also released Sticky Fingers 1 as a download, so to celebrate the occasion here’s a clip of Sandra Shine flicking her bean. She got herself pretty moist too.

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When Porn Stars Fall In Love

Here’s a new blog series I thought I’d start. It doesn’t happen too often, but when it does happen and you allow it to flow then you capture something most producers never do – reality. Chemistry is something that you just can’t force, it happens naturally and unexplainably.

Now I was going to post a new clip from Most Subscribed with Peaches and Gina here (Gina came three times) but as I was watching the footage just moments ago, I realized it was just to good to tease you all with at such an early date, there was a party going on in my pants and everyone was invited. So instead I’m going to tell the short story of Mya and Tristan.

We were trying to find couples who would be good to film for The Art Of Sex, and we were in Spain when it looked we had our first pair. Mya, a very horny, very fucking sexy and tiny Hungarian girl had fallen for Tristan. During the photoset she was wet, and I mean sopping wet! They were kissing, making love, just really getting into it. Afterwards they cuddled outside, and she asked him…”Can I kiss you?” He replied in his sexiest French accent – “You are so beautiful…” and they kissed. I looked at Stern, Stern looked to Viv, who in turn looked at me, and we all said in union “The Art Of Sex.”

So we asked them if they were up for it, and of course they were. Then we just let it happen. Thirty minutes of the most incredible love making between man and woman that I’ve ever recorded. Below I have grabbed a couple of quite random short snippets from the scene and strung them together roughly. I urge anyone who hasn’t seen this yet to take a look, it really is quite incredible. And then buy or download The Art Of Sex because there is more than one scene like this in the movie.

They fell in love that week. I caught them fondling and flirting constantly, watching movies together until late, eying each other up over dinner, watching each other work. Then when it was time for everyone to go home they had to say their goodbyes, tears were shed, kisses exchanged, and he even did a running wave after the taxi as she disappeared from his life forever. Well actually if I had to put money on it the first thing he did when he got back on French soil was delete the string of text messages they’d exchanged, tell his girlfriend he had to go away again, then flown her to the land of love and French Bread to screw like rabbits for another week. He told me she had a pussy “like silk.” Fucking lucky French bastard.

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Thanks from Cindy Hope

This month I got to thinking. I wondered if every model who has received the Babe of the Month gets to know about it? I mean it would be a little arrogant to think that these superstars sit there begging their higher being to be stamped with our seal of approval. It would be silly to think that they are bombarding us with a collossal stream of e-mails in the hope they they could get the ultimate smurf badge of porn.

So I mailed Cindy Hope (via our agent and her agent) and asked her if she knew about it. Of COURSE she did. Here is what I asked her and bear in mind her English isn’t so good, so I REALLY want to thank her for her words. It makes all the difference when we get some real feedback from the girls:

Well done, Cindy! You have been made the Babe of the Month. How do you feel?

I’m very proud of it and I would like to say thank you to Viv to give me this opportunity to work with him.

Did you know that you may be voted as the Babe of the Year as well? Will you be able to attend the Babe of the Year party next year?

Yes, I will be there for sure.

Let’s try and persuade her to come onto the forum and chat. Here’s her corner of our world.

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Fucking with Peaches

I’m sure a fair few of us have shut our eyes, dimmed the lights, and stroked ourselves while thinking of the lovely Peaches. Don’t lie. But would she really be all that good in bed? Maybe if you are a girl she might be more into it, but then again she’s been known to swing both ways, so she might enjoy the company of a nice man-shaft too (she told me she preferred smaller, average sized ones). And whilst she might smell like a peach between her creamy thighs (I asked Gina) is Peaches really the sexual dynamo one might imagine her to be, actually, are any of these models any good in real life? The answer…well of course they are.

Sex With Peaches.

Clip is from a bonus feature on the DVD.

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She’s Got a GREAT ASS!

A womans ass. You’ve got to love it. There’s just something about a womans ass which makes me want to….I don’t even want to say it.

We used to work with a guy who loved asses so much he insisted on making a film about a guy who loses his mind because of his lust for a womans ass. There’s also a great section on our website dedicated to the female bum. The best thing about asses is no two are alike, you get small tight ones, big plump ones, cuddly ones, firms ones, they’re just all different.

There also seems to be a healthy lack of taboo when it comes to a womans ass. They’re everywhere in the mainstream, especially in adverts and on posters. Go to the beach, they’re clearly on display everywhere. Which is great to be quite honest. When I think of a womans ass I get quite primeval, when the panties are slipped down and those warm rounded cheeks just burst out, something comes out in me, quite literally.

Pictures are of Nikki and Nikita

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Only Blue Can Make Me Happy (part7)

More philosophical insights from Laszlo, one of the most prolific Hungarian model agents, who’s been around since the beginning of the porno boom in Budapest. Also featuring Sandy and Sandra getting their asses kicked at tennis-doubles by Federer and Nadal (no, wait, that’s Viv and Sean), Mates playing headers with Kirsty from the official Czech Rep. womens football team, and Tye and Lew getting softened up by some of the models. Clip after the jump…

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Outtakes with Sandy, Vera, Sandra and Stella

xHere’s a couple of good outtakes from the movie Private Practice. It was great fun making this movie, as always. Some of these girls are a joy. Most fondly I remember making Sandra Shine slap Frank Major about a dozen times, not because she couldn’t get it right, but because he is a lucky lucky bastard. Enjoy.
Clip after the jump -

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Bald Beauties and CJ

Cozzy121 brought up an interesting point in his comment on our Babe of the Month: CJ – he says it brought out the “sci-fi geek in me”.

So I got to thinking about a picture of the beautiful Ilia and ran into an article: “Eight woman who look better bald than Britney” – I think we should apply to put CJ right up in that list. Now all we have to do is find a picture of CJ with hair…

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CJ – Babe of the Month

Well our new choice for July Babe of the Month may have been a little controversial, although I haven’t seen any discussions about her on the forum. As you can see she has a fantastic body and well-shaped skull! Ain’t no long blond tresses there, but what do you actually think about her as a choice for our prestigious BABE of the MONTH award? Also have you ever seen any pics of her WITH hair? Let’s see ‘em!

She’s an excellent model and works really well and was even at this years Babe of the Year awards in Budapest. Go check out the movie and photos of the event and see if you can spot her. Otherwise sign up and see her photos here on

Here’s an excerpt from her bio: “It is extremely rare for a model in the adult business to have the courage to sheer off her flowing locks and continue to be hugely popular. Of course it helps if, like CJ the model in question happens to be absolutely beautiful…” read more.

The post CJ – Babe of the Month appeared first on The Viv Thomas Raunch Report.


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    Rose 3 hours agoCommunity Staff

    Hi Baloo, the schedule is different each week! There will always be at least one or two movies, one or two photosets and a behind the scenes movie in each week.
    I agree Angelika is very hot :-)

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    Nightingale 4 hours ago

    Tired looking Elina de Lion does nothing for me and those pierced nipples are just awful.PASS.PASS and PASS for the next 3 days,

    on Ready For You

    baloo 5 hours ago

    Hi Rose,
    A question concerning the when the weekdays your films are released ? Since New Year I'm confused. And now when the updates have no date ! Please clarify. You may cut down on numbers of Behind The Scenes IMO. I'm afraid this is my opinion only. So forget it. I'll take a look more on Angelika Grey's films. I hope she'll be back.

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    Rose 6 hours agoCommunity Staff

    Welcome to Stacy Bloom, better known on MetArt as Pammie Lee. Those curves, yum :-)

    on Ready For You

    Kristo1 1 day ago

    I enjoyed this, but still feel a lot of erotic potential is lost because of too many close-ups. especially, this time, in the undressing elements

    on Please Don't Go

    Nightingale 2 days ago

    Now that is a beautiful woman.

    on Private Orgasms Part 3

    Supermodel2019 2 days ago

    The Russian and Euro cultures encourage free and open discussion of sexuality. The best girls on this site are cute, healthy, energetic, athletic. You hope that all the girls get a good liberal art education and evolve into what they were created to be and not get side tracked due to economic constraints.

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    JOHANNES BLT 2 days ago

    Ginger Mary's voice very sultry almost contralto; that was unexpected. Stasey is just plain adorable! I like this form of interview - more fun and intimate btw the girls ... just gotta work on some of their English vocabulary : )

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

    baloo 3 days ago

    I love watching Angelika orgasm it's beautiful and natural. I can feel her warm pussy climbing to explosion in a breathtaking way. Third time around is another masterpiece starting with first movie with Alyssa eating Angelika's pussy front and back not to resist going on to Lena eating Angelika's clit to a wonderful intense orgasm relected in the mirrors. Mindblowing film. Hope you bring Angelika back.

    on Lustful Foundations