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Aural sex: talk dirty to me!

Every sense comes into play during the best sexual experiences. Sight, sound, touch, taste and smell unite to flood your perceptions. Of course when you’re watching a hot movie you can only experience the first two directly, and that’s when the aural becomes just as important as the oral! What could be more arousing than the moans and whimpers of a gorgeous girl who’s approaching her orgasm, her gasps and cries of pleasure, and the words that tumble out as she begs for more?

Dirty talk turns me on like crazy; tell me exactly what you want to do to me and how you’ll make me feel, and I’ll be putty in your hands. It can heighten sexual anticipation too… just check out the voiceover at the start of each episode of Sandra Shine’s new movie “Body Worship” to see what I mean. The voiceover is based on stories I wrote for our free fiction site,, and it’s spoken by my colleague Jaiden, who has the most incredibly sexy voice. Hearing her speak my dirty thoughts aloud really enhances the tease factor for me.

If you’d like to hear more, the whole voiceover is now available in a single podcast here – and in the accompanying text I continue the story, so I hope my naughty words will have the desired effect…



Sexy dominatrix Dolly Diore reveals her Dark Desires

Voluptuous Dolly Diore makes the perfect dominatrix. When she looks at you with those sexy eyes and issues her commands so imperiously, you would not dare disobey. Dolly is perfectly cast in her Viv Thomas debut, as the demanding, sexually voracious star of Sandra Shine’s sensational new movie, “Dark Desires.” She knows exactly what she wants, pushing her submissive partners to their limits with her hot words, skilful tongue and punishing hands.

“Dark Desires” is based on a series of stories I wrote for our erotic fiction site,, and it’s very exciting for me to see Sandra and Dolly bring their own stylish and highly arousing interpretation to the screen. The series launches today with episode one, “Discipline.” You can read the original story here. It was based on a real power game of mine with a male partner; but with Dolly as the harsh disciplinarian and gorgeous Misha Cross as her willing victim, it reaches a whole new level of kinky hotness – and Misha looks irresistible. I can’t deny it turned me on like crazy.

Future episodes of “Dark Desires” star Sasha Rose, Delia, Anina Silk and Jenny D alongside Dolly, each exploring another facet of sexy power play and culminating in a scorching threeway. I simply can’t wait to hear what you think of this exciting new movie and its powerful star. 


Luna Corazon – ebony beauty taking Viv Thomas by storm!

Here’s a very cute behind the scenes glimpse from Sandra Shine’s current location shoot, a starring vehicle for Brazilian beauty Luna Corazon with the working title of “Luna’s Heavenly Bodies.” Luna and her partner in this scene, Russian hottie Katrin Tequila, certainly seem to have taken a liking to each other!

In Luna, our wonderful model-turned-director Sandra seems to have found the perfect muse: not only is the sexy dark-skinned 26-year-old utterly gorgeous and super-cool with that chic afro hairdo, she’s also smart, multi-lingual and a great actress! Check out the opening of “Androgynous” episode one to see her playing the menacing seductress who blows Kira Thorn’s mind; and if you’re into fit and athletic babes, see her kickboxing before she eats coach Erika Korti into a froth in “Sandra’s Sporty Girls” episode four.

Sandra spotted Luna’s star potential the moment she set eyes on her, and immediately wrote a movie to showcase her incredible sexual heat, energy and sense of fun. Look out for it here at Viv Thomas in February. 


The hottest scene of 2016 from Viv Thomas

2016 has been a stellar year for Viv Thomas, with superstar model turned director Sandra Shine joining the team on a permanent basis, and legendary auteur Alis Locanta reaching new heights with his creative flair and erotic vision.

Many gorgeous new models have made their Viv Thomas debut this year, including blonde sweetheart Nancy A, tattooed French fox Nikita Bellucci, ebony babe Noe Milk, sexy redhead Michelle H, adorable Shrima Malati, and so many more! We’ve also seen some of our major stars go from strength to strength, featuring in some of their best movies to date – Alexa Tomas, Tracy Lindsay, Lorena, Mango and Lola A all spring to mind. And let’s not forget the triumphant return of everyone’s favorite busty MILF, Dorothy Black, in the starring role of “Mature Attraction,” which culminated in a frenetic threeway with Taissia A and Alyssa Reece. Hot stuff!

So what was your top scene of 2016? It’s hard to single one out from such a wealth of sensational movies, but here’s my fave five to get you thinking…

“Love Lesson” episode two – Gina Gerson and Ivana Sugar

Gina is possibly the cutest thing on the planet, but don’t be misled – she’s as naughty as they come! Her adorable flirting leads to some mind-blowingly hot sex with sophisticated Ivana Sugar, both girls utterly focused on the pursuit of pleasure and incredibly skilled at eating pussy. An instant classic from Sandra Shine.

“Kinky Trip” episode one – Sophia Laure and Violette Pink

Alis Locanta excels at filming beautiful, upmarket BDSM with a stylish twist, and this is elevated way beyond typical kinky fare by having French beauty Sophia Laure talk about her motivation for playing sex games. Cleverly going against type, cute Violette Pink takes on the dominant role with surprising power, restraining Sophia and pulling her hair, then fucking her in the pussy and ass with a ridged glass dildo. Naturally it divided opinion as well as pushing boundaries, but for fans of edgier action, it’s a must-see.

“Velvety Feel” – Lorena Garcia and Sweet Cat

One of our all-time most popular models, stunning brunette Lorena, has passionate sex with lovely blonde Sweet Cat. Simple, passionate, authentic lesbian action just doesn’t get any better. Renowned photographer Don Caravaggio’s forays into film are few and far between, but always worth waiting for, and the intimate connection between his uninhibited starlets is something very special.

“Lesbian Bachelorette” episode four – Alexa Tomas, Michelle H and Lena Love

A blonde, a brunette and a redhead; all beautiful, sexy, and buzzing with sexual energy. Alis Locanta’s climactic scene for this engaging movie is visually irresistible, wraps up the storyline to perfection, and boasts so much sexual chemistry that Alexa recently revealed the three girls carried on fucking long after shooting had finished.

“Precious Moments” episode four – Eva Berger and Viola Bailey

Bathtub scenes are notoriously hard to pull off, but this unforgettable scene from Sandra Shine is not only technically accomplished but compelling and highly arousing. Big-boobed beauty Viola Bailey has never looked better, her exquisite face and voluptuous figure displayed superbly in sexy lingerie, and wildcat Eva Berger turns up the heat with sizzling sexual charisma. It manages to be believable and yet the stuff of fantasies.

So, did I name your favorite?


Sexy babes in yoga pants star in Sandra’s Sporty Girls!

If you’re a lover of fit and flexible women in skintight sportswear, prepare to be enthralled by the latest movie from superstar model turned director Sandra Shine for Viv Thomas. The bevy of beauties in “Sandra’s Sporty Girls” has been hand picked for their strength, suppleness and sexual magnetism – and they bring as much energy and passion to their lesbian liaisons as they do to their workouts.

Sandra even appears in a cameo role as the running coach who brings gorgeous blonde Nancy A and slender brunette Chelsy Sun together in episode one. The girls start as rivals for Sandra’s attention, but jealousy boils over into locker room lust as they lick each other to orgasm after orgasm.

Episode two finds cute Ginger Fox asking trainer Nataly Gold for help getting in shape. Nataly has trouble disguising her arousal when she sees Ginger’s firm physique glistening with perspiration, and soon uses the weights bench in the gym for a much hotter purpose, peeling off her tight yoga pants for a very special training program.

In episode three, sweet Brandy Smile comes to the rescue when voluptuous Zafira sprains her ankle rollerskating. Brandy finds the perfect way to take her friend’s mind off the pain, distracting her by eating her to a froth in a sensual sixty-nine.

The final episode sees dusky Brazilian bombshell Luna Corazon testing her boxing skills against adorable Erika Korti. When Erika gets caught by a stray punch, Luna shows her concern by kissing her better. Erika makes a rapid recovery, eating Luna’s juicy pink pussy and sitting on her face as she rides to an intense climax of her own.

Scripted by veteran Viv Thomas staffer Paul Holmes aka Holmsey, who created the classic “Story of She 2” and Sandra’s recent blockbuster “Love Lesson,” this is a playful and passionate movie that’s sure to have your pulse racing. The first episode of “Sandra’s Sporty Girls” launches tomorrow… let’s get physical!


Shrima Malati makes her Viv Thomas debut!

Adorable Shrima Malati finally makes her long-awaited Viv Thomas movie debut today. The petite Russian pixie stars in episode three of Sandra Shine’s “Precious Moments,” sharing an intimate al fresco bath with bubbly blonde Nesty that is sure to delight her many fans.

Shrima is already a popular model on our sister sites SexArt and The Life Erotic (where she’s known as Sima B). She’s not at all the typical ‘glamor model’ type. She is quiet, but not shy; self-contained, but not aloof; sexually confident, but not flirty. She’s a true individual, with an edgy taste in music and fashion, and she projects a sense of knowing exactly who she is. In a word, she’s cool. I got to know her when she was on location for SexArt a while back, and I found her fascinating. She’s naturally cute and effortlessly hot, and projects a love of sex that is utterly authentic. Here’s a little more about her, in her own words…

Shrima, please tell us about yourself.

SM: I’m 28 and I’m from Russia, St Petersburg. I moved there to study, and I stayed there. When I have free time I like to go for walks, go to the forest sometimes. I meet my friends, that kind of thing.

You seem like a quiet girl off camera, but then when you are shooting a scene you are very different…

SM: Yes, exactly!

Is this because you get to express a different side of your personality?

SM: Maybe. I love sex! Maybe this is the reason.

Do you like sex equally with girls and guys?

SM: Yes, both. I am bisexual.

Did you have experiences with girls before making movies?

SM: Not much. Maybe once or twice, maximum. When I’m shooting it’s different… it’s better!

And you also like shooting scenes with guys?

SM: Yes! I like DP, actually! I like all positions, but I like missionary best. In DP, I like one guy in front and one guy behind me, holding me up… it’s very quick pleasure, a very cool experience.

What type of guy do you like?

SM: It depends on their personality. It’s not a question of their body, it’s something inside.

Where do you like to meet guys?

SM: I don’t go to clubs, I only meet guys on shoots. I’ve only been in one serious relationship before, and now I am free! I am a romantic person. I don’t like clubs and noisy places, in my private life I am very boring!

Did you ever have sex in a public place?

SM: Yes, on a shoot, between some houses. I also did a naked photoshoot once.

Was it fun?

SM: No! If I think about doing a scene with two thousand, three thousand people watching, that’s okay for me, that’s very, very cool. But on the street, I feel like I could disturb somebody, I will get in trouble!



Sex kitten Milena up close and personal!

Ukrainian cutie Milena D is one of the most enduringly popular models across the MetArt Network. Since her debut on our big sister site MetArt in 2010 at the age of 18, this adorable little sex kitten has enthralled members with her unique combination of naughtiness and angelic looks.

It makes it all the more surprising that she only made her first Viv Thomas appearance this summer, having featured in three delicious girl-girl photosets since then. It’s astounding that she manages to look so pure and yet so seductive as she gets intimate with her co-stars, and helps explain why she is such an unforgettable and well-loved model.

Milena’s hair often plays a starring role in her photosets – both the wavy hair on her head that reaches right down to her peachy bottom, and the luxuriant bush she has been known to sport, to the delight of fans of all-natural beauty.

Here’s the chance to get to know one of our top models a little better… and if you find yourself craving more, she has an impressive 69 appearances to date on MetArt, including a handful of movies, so that’s the perfect place to start!

Milena, please tell us about yourself.

M: I am 25 years old, and I was born and brought up in Kiev, the greenest city in Europe, where many nations and cultures magically intertwine. Since I was little, even before I started school, I have really enjoyed embroidery and knitting. I graduated from music school, I played piano and accordion and successfully participated in city competitions among musicians, receiving first place awards. All these things were and still are my hobbies. It’s my way of meditating. I’ve got a forest cat at home, a couple of years ago I had nine cats.

What inspired you to get into nude modeling?

M: I like doing new things, experiencing something new for myself. In 2010 one of these new things was nude modeling. Being a model means working on yourself, it’s a challenge for your body and your emotions. Girls that did dancing or gymnastics before are used to that sort of thing, but for me it was completely new.

What is your favorite thing about your appearance?

M: Everything. Really. However my appearance changes, I still like it.

How do you keep in such good shape?

M: I walk around naked at home, I watch what I eat, I go to nude beaches, this makes me stay in shape at all times. Also I walk a lot, around 15 km a day sometimes, and I really like swimming.

How would you describe your personality?

M: If you were to define my personality by type – I am sanguine. Sometimes I experience very strong emotions (passion, joy, sadness) but all in all my personality is quite peaceful and cheerful. I can control myself.

Are you a romantic person?

M: A romantic is someone who opposes society, has a lifelong struggle with their environment. No, I'm not a romantic person, I prefer harmony and I practice it in everything and with everyone who is close to me. To make the world a more beautiful place you need to take a realistic look at things.

Are you an exhibitionist?

M: I think so. However, sometimes I get shy and I probably would not be able to go around the city naked.

Who do you prefer – men or women?

M: Of course I prefer men – however beautiful a girl is in life or in bed, for me a woman can never beat a man.

What kind of men do you like?

M: I like men who are confident, imperious but at the same time sensitive, with a good understanding of the female psyche. I like them to be courageous and brave, like the Gods from legends. It’s ideal if this is all combined in one person.

Where do you prefer to meet people?

M: I used to meet a lot of people at the beach, in cafes and many other places. These were just friendly encounters, with no after-stories. I’ve never seen any of these people again. That’s why I prefer to meet people online and keep our relationship going there (my twitter account is @MilenaAngel). This gives us the opportunity to always keep in touch, no matter where we live, we can follow each other’s successes and feel the support in various situations. For me, it’s very important to feel that my friends are always there for me, in spite of thousands of kilometers between us.

Do you believe in open relationships?

M: I think it’s quite hard to passionately love several people at the same time. It’s possible when it’s done in turns.

What are your ambitions?

M: The role of women in the world is to carry the beauty, to create warmth and harmony around them. Fill the heart with love. The world needs to dream about beautiful things, to see the natural beauty and to improve itself by being inspired. Every day before going to bed, I ask myself, has someone become happier today because of me? And if the answer is yes, then I go to sleep peacefully.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

M: Dream big and enjoy this life. Explore the possibilities and inspire others with your accomplishments. Life is beautiful and this is exactly what I want to convey to you with my creativity.



New movie from superstar Viv Thomas director Sandra Shine!

I’m so excited to tell you about legendary model-turned-director Sandra Shine’s brand new movie for Viv Thomas. ‘Love Lesson,’ which launches from today, was written by our very own Paul Holmes aka Holmesy, who as many of you know has been involved with the running of Viv Thomas for several years, and was responsible for scripting such favourites as ‘Story of She 2.’

‘Love Lesson’ harks back to classic Viv Thomas plotlines, with a racy story concerning two lesbian couples that get entangled in each other’s love lives during a summer vacation. And who better to film this than Sandra, who has experienced the special blend of romance, lust and fun from both sides of the camera, having starred in unforgettable films from Viv’s own directing heyday including ‘Prim and Improper,’ ‘Butterfly’ and ‘I Dream of Jo.’

Let’s not forget our stellar cast, either; Gina Gerson makes a long-awaited return to Viv Thomas as the adorable little cutie trying to make her sophisticated partner, Henessy, relax and have some fun; while Ivana Sugar and Anina Silk are the playful couple who are only too willing to show their new friends how to have a good time. Shot in a beautiful sun-drenched villa and combining all the best elements that have made Viv Thomas a force to be reckoned with over the years, ‘Love Lesson’ feels like something very special. And did I mention that the sex is SUPER-HOT, with lashings of intense pussy-eating, face-sitting and tribbing? I can’t wait to hear what you all think of it.



Introducing MyErotica – free fiction for filth fans!


I’d like to introduce a brand new erotic fiction site, the repository of all my sexual secrets: I know how much you all enjoy a dirty story; we have a thriving fiction community right here on the blog, and it’s been my great pleasure to read and share erotica from our members, as well as making a few naughty revelations of my own. Now we’re turning the heat up with a dedicated site just for our most intensely arousing stories.

MyErotica’s mission statement is “Refined erotic fiction to ignite your deepest desires” and that’s just what you’ll find there. It’s a collection of sexual confessions, exciting tales and kinky revelations for hot-blooded men and women who dare to explore their wild side.

It’s my own personal project, and I share a lot of very naughty stuff, both fantasies and real life experiences – it’s up to you to guess which is which! MyErotica also features stories by my writing partner Jaiden (who is a very bad girl indeed), and selected writers who I deem worthy of being included, including our lovely member Kat, who has shared some of her hot stories here. Whether you prefer girl on girl liaisons or girl meets boy encounters, kinky or vanilla, you're sure to find something that turns you on. 

And what’s more, it’s totally free!

So, how can you get involved?

Well first of all you can “FOLLOW” me (Rose), my writing partner Jaiden, and our online publication, MyErotica. That means you’ll be notified whenever we add a new story. You have to create a profile the first time you do this, but it only takes a moment, and of course you can use any identity you choose! Doing this also gives you a personalized feed of all the fun stuff on Medium, the mainstream platform we’ve chosen to host MyErotica. It’s the best source of interesting features, news and thought-provoking journalism I’ve ever come across, and I’m quite addicted.

Second, you can “RECOMMEND” my stories, by clicking on the little heart icon at the bottom of the story. It would mean a lot to me if you do this, because the story then reaches many more potential readers who need my filthy confessions in their life!

And third, you can CONTRIBUTE your own stories. Email me at (tell me it’s for MyErotica)… I look forward to reading your dirty confessions and hottest fantasies.

Please check it out and let me know what you think, and what you’d like to see at MyErotica. I’d love to write something just for you.



In Praise of Facesitting

I’m not exactly an innocent when it comes to facesitting… as a bisexual girl, I’m very familiar with being both the sitter, and the sat-upon. But I learned two new things today: firstly, did you know it’s called ‘queening’ or ‘kinging’ depending upon the sex of the sitter? I didn’t. I’m going to have to work the phrase “Queening it over somebody” into my vocabulary now. And secondly, I had no idea there was a special piece of furniture called a ‘queening stool’ designed to make it more comfortable and eliminate the potential risk of smothering your partner (although some people are into that too). I never knew I needed one of those, but now I really want one.

Facesitting is one of the most fun positions in which to get oral, because you can face in either direction, and it feels different – but really good – in each. It has the added bonus of leaving the hands free to play with your nipples, and it can be as relaxing or energetic as you like, depending on whether you kneel or squat.

It also looks gorgeous on film; check out yesterday’s movie, episode four of ‘Take Me Away to That Special Place,’ to see exactly why I find myself doing an awful lot of rewinding and replaying when it features in a scene. You can see Henessy’s tongue pressing into the groove of Julia Roca’s pussy so clearly, Julia holding herself open and rocking her hips frantically to control the pace. Julia’s husky moans leave no doubt how good it feels, and when she tips forward and thrusts urgently against Henessy’s mouth I defy you not to feel stirred!

A couple of our Viv Thomas members, C.C. and Dee, left this comment on episode four of ‘Celebration Oral Sex’ – which certainly lives up to its title – and it sums up what’s so special about filmic facesitting beautifully:

“Romantic, slow at first, very sensual, and highly erotic – we wish more directors and filmmakers would have two women engage in facesitting the way Cayla lovingly has Tracy straddle and ride her mouth to orgasm.

“Facesitting (when done right, as we see here) is one of the most intimate acts that two women in love can enjoy. For the woman on the bottom, it is a way of expressing that she wants to truly feel, soak in, breathe, and be absorbed by her lover’s most sacred body part; for the woman on top, it is a way of showing how much love she wants to ‘give’ – by pressing, rubbing, massaging, and deeply ‘kissing’ her lover with her vagina.

“Facesitting is, in fact, a most intimate ‘kiss’ between two women – and it should be performed like deep ‘French kissing’ – slow at first, deep tonguing, very passionate, lips locked together, in short, ‘necking’ with one pair of lips being vaginal. Too many scenes of facesitting show the woman on top starting off by rubbing really fast, but that is NOT how lovers start when they kiss and neck. Facesitting is to be performed like beautiful French kissing, and that is what this video captures.”

It certainly feels like one of the most intimate sexual acts, although it’s not always as tender and loving as the above suggests; it can play an important role in BDSM games too, as it’s easy to pin down your partner with just your bodyweight. I’ve played on both sides of this power equation with girls, but I’ve never dominated a guy this way; I know some of you have though, so make sure you share the details with me! However you choose to do it, it’s a wonderful and highly pleasurable part of any girl (and many guys’) sexual repertoire.

Randomly enough, UK producers are not allowed to film facesitting; an amendment to the 2003 Communications Act that was passed in 2014 banned depictions of several acts, including facesitting, spanking, restraint and squirting, regardless of whether they are consensual. Protesters against these apparently arbitrary rules argued that they seemed to be particularly sexist, targeting acts that involved women’s pleasure. Thank goodness the internet knows no boundaries – I hope my fellow Brits will continue to enjoy all the facesitting they can get!



The appeal of the older woman

Judging by the excitement that has greeted our current release ‘Mature Attraction,’ I’m not the only one around here who appreciates a woman with a few more miles on her clock – especially when she looks as good as our two sexy stars.

The return of Dorothy Black to Viv Thomas is a major event in itself. The sultry Hungarian honey played the pivotal role in the classic movie ‘Mums and Daughters’ back in 2008, and while ‘Mature Attraction’ isn’t a direct sequel, it does pay homage to this most iconic of Viv’s films. And if you thought Dorothy looked good back in 2008, you should see her now, the best part of a decade later! ‘Hot’ doesn’t even begin to do her justice. Her face is more beautiful than ever, her spectacular breasts are still utterly perfect (her boob job is the best argument for augmentation you’ll ever see, even if you – like me – prefer your girls all-natural) and she’s acquired even more of the sophistication and sexual confidence that makes her simply irresistible. Seeing the poise and charisma with which she seduces sweet Talia Mint in episode two of ‘Mature Attraction,’ it’s abundantly clear why she is such a superstar, at an age when most starlets have hung up their spangled panties.

The other deliciously ripened star of ‘Mature Attraction’ is Czech cougar Lena Love, making her Viv Thomas debut at the age of 33. The statuesque blonde with beautiful blue eyes and a megawatt smile partakes in some delicious role reversal in the opening episode of the movie, as she is deliberately seduced by a much younger woman. You’ll have to keep watching to see what happens when Lena decides to take control!

So just what is it that makes older women so sexually attractive? In a word, confidence. Mature women tend to be comfortable in their own skin. They are experienced and uninhibited, they know what they want and aren’t shy about asking for it, and they like to relax and have fun without needing to analyse everything. They already have their own life, so they are less likely to be looking for commitment; in short, they are the perfect companions for physical play, and have the emotional maturity to enjoy fun times and good conversation too.

I have had some very exciting and enjoyable experiences with older women; I find them less needy and clingy than younger girlfriends when I’m not in the mood for heavy relationship dramas, and sexually – wow! There’s nothing more arousing than a woman who knows exactly what she likes in bed. And like a fine wine, some women – I’m thinking Helen Mirren, Kim Basinger, and for sure Dorothy Black – just get more delectable with age.



Why strong women like bondage

This is adapted from something I originally posted on the blog of our kinky little sister site, The Life Erotic. It seems appropriate to share it with you here at Viv Thomas now, as today’s new movie, episode one of “Kinky Trip,” features some BDSM play somewhat stronger than anything we’ve seen here before – although if you’re familiar with director Alis Locanta’s work for SexArt, you’ll know exploring the dark side of passion is his forte.

The movie shows Sophia Laure and Violette Pink pushing each other’s boundaries with restraints, gags and anal penetration. It’s playful and it’s consensual… but for some it’s a step too far. And while I think few will object to seeing the girls in charge, having their wicked way with one another, I wonder how you feel about having a female ‘victim’ restrained and subjected to power games by a man – something we have shown on SexArt, and that inspires some of my erotic stories on TLE? It might even have you asking the uneasy question: Is bondage anti-feminist?

Well, it depends who you believe.

If you study the feminist literature, you’ll find a wide range of opinions. In the seventies, the prevailing view was that BDSM was a form of women-hating violence; proponents of this viewpoint suggest that women who enjoy being submissive only like it because they have been led to believe it is expected of them by sexist power structures. However, since then other theories have emerged. Some feminist writers believe that BDSM is an expression of sexual freedom, and therefore is actually an empowering act.

So here’s the thing: I consider myself a free, confident, liberated bisexual woman; and yet I do enjoy a little domination and rough play – spanking, being held down, disciplined… you know the kind of thing. It makes me feel naughty, dirty and desired. Does that make me a hypocrite, a bad feminist?

I’m no psychologist, but I suspect that because I spend all day being strong, efficient and capable, making decisions, getting things done, it’s a major aphrodisiac to surrender control to someone else. It’s a pure jolt of sexual adrenaline that doesn’t translate to any other area of my life. In other words, I find it thrilling to be told what to do in the bedroom, but you’d better not try it in the boardroom (unless you’re fucking me on the desk… that would be hot!).

BDSM, to me, is about desire. It’s about somebody knowing, very clearly, exactly what he or she wants from me. It’s about the fierce pleasure that lies in giving pleasure. It’s about trust, risk and being brave enough to relinquish control, to open oneself up to whatever comes next.

In fact, it has been argued that in BDSM play, the submissive person is the one with the power, as they actually control what happens – for example, by using a ‘safe’ word. Power games take place in a safe psychological space, where authentic desires are acknowledged, rules are observed and external pressures to behave in a certain way can be escaped.

Do we really have to reconcile our sexual self to the self we present in other areas of our life – or can we allow ourselves the freedom to experiment, to experience pleasure without limits, and without shame? Ultimately, I think defining female sexuality in terms of dominant/submissive is as limiting and stereotypical as lesbian/straight or butch/femme.

I’ll just do what turns me on.

By the way, if you enjoy a little walk on the wild side, you might enjoy some of my erotic fiction on the blog at The Life Erotic… you don’t have to be a member to read it, and I’d love to know what you think of it.



A gift for the girl who has everything…

Ladies: if you’re looking for an investment that will not only make you feel good (potentially really, really good!) but further your understanding of your own sexuality and arousal, look no further than the Lioness vibrator on crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

The Lioness is no ordinary sex toy – in fact it’s a smart vibrator that tracks your sexual response and relays that information to an app that syncs to your smartphone. It has five embedded sensors that record data about your arousal and response, with the aim of making you more adventurous and finding new and better ways to get off.

The creators say: “We often fall into patterns when we masturbate or have sex. We repeat the things we’ve enjoyed because they seem reliable. However, patterns get boring, and there are a lot of different ways we can experience pleasure. Our vibrator provides feedback on what you’ve enjoyed and recommends what else you can try… The possibilities are endless.”

Personally I already spend so many hours a day attached to my smartphone and associated gadgets that I’m not sure I need any more encouragement to geek out – but if someone is feeling the urge to buy me one of these I’ll certainly give it a whirl, because it’s such a cool design! The curved, double-probe design looks perfectly suited for G-spot orgasms (my favourite kind). It’s no surprise to learn that the Lioness was dreamed up by a woman. And the more you use it, the more information you have about what works for you as an individual, which sounds like a fitness-tracker style challenge if ever I heard one!

Gentlemen, if you’re looking for a thoughtful, meaningful and sexy present for your significant other, this could be the gift that keeps on giving…


The return of Dorothy Black! Location report day five

So, I promised you huge news from Spain today, and I’m pretty sure this is going to blow your socks off. The legendary Dorothy Black just arrived on location...!!! Alis Locanta is filming a reimagining of one of the most popular Viv Thomas movies ever, and to say I’m excited about it would be a ridiculous understatement.

Dorothy is more alluring now than ever. The first thing that really grabbed my attention wasn’t even her staggering figure (although she has, without a doubt, the best breasts I’ve EVER seen) but her sexy laugh. Interviewing her was a challenge for two reasons: first of all, keeping my gaze on her pretty eyes rather than her spectacular breasts – especially when she flashed them at me! – and secondly, concentrating on asking her questions rather than just being mesmerised by how incredibly hot she is!

I was feeling a little flushed and breathless after our interview, and what happened next did nothing to calm me down.  Alyssa Reece and Talia Mint shot an episode for a movie called ‘Kinky Trip,’ and the title really does say it all. Alyssa told me she loves to take the dominant role during sex, and she proved it by taking control of sweet Talia in the hottest way imaginable. Alyssa kept up a stream of highly arousing dirty talk as Talia – her wrists cuffed together – knelt to suck her strap-on. That was just the start of a crazy-hot scene that is going to drive you crazy if you like to see gorgeous girls enjoy kinky power games. Something I really appreciate about this movie is that Alyssa discusses her taste for BDSM play on camera too, giving a very arousing insight into what turns her on.

After that, Dorothy and Talia were shooting together for but alas, it was time for me to leave for the airport… I was so tempted to change my flight so I could stay and watch it! I have a feeling this fresh spin on an old classic is going to be one of the must-see movies of the year.

“Grazie mille, muchas gracias” to Alis and his wonderful team for their hospitality, and for allowing me such insight into their creative process. And to all the beautiful models for sharing their secrets with me on camera… all my thanks and love!


Good sex with naughty girls! Location report day four

My fourth day on set with Viv Thomas director Alis Locanta in Spain brought a fresh and fabulous delight. Interviewing adorable new starlet Violette a couple of days ago, I had already fallen for her cute giggle and pure ray-of-sunshine smile… but now it was time to see her naughty nature in full effect! She was shooting with blonde bombshell Lena Love, the sexy and sophisticated beauty that I introduced to you previously in that incredible massage scene with Naomi Nevena.

The story is that Lena has discovered bad girl Violette has not only been spying on her, but has actually taken some photos of her masturbating. Should she be angry, or just really flattered and aroused? Well, Violette is so sweet I doubt anyone could stay mad at her for long, however badly she misbehaves; and she didn’t give Lena much chance to think about it anyway, grabbing her for a passionate kiss. Violette didn’t waste any time removing Lena’s clothes to reveal her amazing slender but busty figure either, sliding a hand into her panties to stroke her before peeling them off too. Kneeling, she started to lick and finger Lena’s pussy surprisingly skilfully for one who seems so youthful and almost-but-not-quite-innocent.

Before long Lena was gasping and grabbing Violette’s hair as she thrust back against her tongue. Violette spun her around, rubbing her harder and harder until her legs were shaking and she was shuddering to an intense climax. When Lena caught her breath, she undressed her mischievous seductress and ate her to the brink of orgasm, diddled her vigorously, then sat so Violette could straddle her lap and ride her fingers. Violette turned from reverse cowgirl into cowgirl as the pleasure started to overwhelm her, grinding her hips and slamming the chair against the wall with each downward thrust as she rocked to her climax. It was quite exhausting to watch, but in a very good way!

Oh, and if you’re wondering which movie this is for, the plot may give you a little clue, but I don’t want to give away the BIG surprise just yet… I’m saving it for tomorrow!

After a break to shoot some linking sequences – which is always fun, as the models get to act different scenarios and fool around – it was time to shoot another scene for the massage vignette movie, ‘Passionate Session.’ This time Lena played the role of client, and all eyes were on her as she unveiled that beautiful body again… including those of Talia Mint, her masseuse. Of course my girl Talia looked totally irresistible in that short, sexy little uniform as she began to spread massage oil over Lena’s skin, caressing her slowly and sensuously. The action was being shot from overhead as well as in close up, making for some incredible visuals. Lena’s breathing grew heavier as Talia’s fingers strayed closer and closer to her pussy; by the time Talia stopped teasing and touched her directly, she was gasping and struggling to stay still. And when Talia’s fingers slid right inside her, she gave up the attempt to maintain her self-control and simply surrendered to pleasure. She moved onto her back, spreading her thighs wide to allow Talia to penetrate her harder and faster, the frantic frigging giving her a powerful orgasm.

Talia hopped up on the massage table so Lena could repay the favour with some juicy, lip-smacking pussy-eating that drove her wild. Lena used her oily fingers to great effect, keeping Talia hovering on the verge of a huge climax for what seemed like ages before finally tipping her over the edge. The girls finished up rubbing their slippery bodies together for a very hot finale.

It seemed like the day just couldn’t get any better, but there was one more wonderful treat in store… the arrival of Canadian cutie Alyssa Reece! She lights up the room with her charm and vivacity, and that adorable smile. Of course I grabbed the opportunity to interview her, and I think you’re going to be bowled over by her honest, sweet and downright loveable personality as much as by her heat in front of the camera. More tomorrow, chicos y chicas!



Blonde on brunette – location report day three

Today on location it was all about beautiful blonde on babelicious brunette – sweet Naomi Nevena meets my sexy girl Talia Mint, to be exact. The first thing you will notice about this perfect pairing is the kissing… oh my goodness, the kissing! The husky little moans and whimpers from Talia as Naomi nuzzled her neck were unbelievably arousing, especially as I was less than two feet away when they started making out.

The girls were shooting an episode for a movie which director Alis Locanta told me is to be called ‘Video Killed the Radio Star.’ To be honest I’m still not sure if he was kidding, so don’t be surprised if it’s called something else entirely by the time it’s released! What I can say for certain is that it’s going to be damn hot. My favourite moment from many, many hot ones was when Naomi was riding Talia on the sofa, grinding hard on her leg, and then turned her over into doggy to finger her hard from behind. I love how loud Talia is when she gets turned on because believe me, there is nothing fake about it. She’s just a very sexual person without any inhibitions! After she had a really intense orgasm, she went down to lick Naomi until the pretty blonde’s face was flushed with pleasure.

The chemistry between the girls was so raw and powerful, and I noticed that they didn’t take their hands off each other for most of the day, Talia taking particular enjoyment from grabbing and spanking Naomi’s ass at every opportunity. I had the double pleasure of watching the filming through the camera viewfinder as well as right in front of my eyes, as I was sitting (wriggling in my chair!) directly behind Alis. I think it’s going to be an exceptional scene.  

Later in the afternoon, Talia and Naomi were reunited for their big scene together in ‘Dirty Weekend.’ The story concerns two lesbian couples who get together for an eventful couple of days. Talia is a little perturbed that Naomi seems very happy to see her ex-girlfriend, but jealousy turns out to be a powerful aphrodisiac! I thought I’d seen Talia cum hard before, but as she rode Naomi’s fingers she was so overwhelmed by the physical and emotional sensations that I thought she might actually pass out. To call it hot would be a serious understatement… and the coolest thing was hearing Talia after the scene wrapped, telling Naomi exactly how good it had felt.

For now she wasn’t done though; she undressed Naomi down to her stockings and garterbelt, and then produced something I hadn’t been expecting – a buttplug! I had a feeling things were about to get really interesting… I’ll leave the rest to your imagination for now! More tomorrow, amigos…



Cute girls and slippery sex – Location report day two

What better way to start my second day on location in Spain with Alis Locanta’s talented production team than with a dose of incredible cuteness? Interviewing fresh-faced sweetie Violette was so much fun, because not only is she ridiculously adorable, but she’s also more than a little bit naughty – and very candid when it comes to talking about sex. You’re going to love her, I’m sure of it.

That was a very enjoyable warm up for the day’s main event, which was watching Naomi Nevena and Lena Love shoot a massage scene for a new movie called ‘Passionate Session.’ Lena looked meltingly gorgeous in a crisp white masseuse uniform that just skimmed her tanned thighs, her long blonde hair tied back to show off her beautiful eyes and cheekbones. She and sexy Naomi couldn’t take their eyes off each other as they started to film, Lena pulling back Naomi’s towel to uncover her perky breasts and pouring oil over them. Her smile as she started to touch Naomi more and more intimately was absolutely priceless. Having stroked Naomi to a high state of arousal, she spun her over onto her front to finger her to a noisy climax. Lena then unbuttoned her uniform to show off her pretty white lingerie, before getting naked and mounting the massage table face down, ass up. Naomi skilfully fingered her to boiling point, then turned her over so she could look into her eyes as she made her orgasm.

The girls had such great chemistry that I decided it would be a brilliant idea to let them interview each other on camera rather than doing it myself, and it turned out that I was correct. After a quick break to rinse off the oil – and given the fun they seemed to be having together, we decided to allow them some privacy and not ask what they were getting up to in the shower together – they cosied up on the sofa to ask each other some probing questions. Chattering away in a rapid mixture of English and Czech, they really opened up and shared plenty of juicy gossip and racy secrets… at times I suspect they had forgotten anyone was listening!  

There was something else going on today too, some very exciting fetish shooting. Those of you who are familiar with Alis Locanta’s work on SexArt will know it’s something he excels at, and I’m stoked that he is bringing this exotic and erotic flavour to Viv Thomas. More on this soon! It’s time for us to go paint the town red… more tomorrow, muchachos y muchachas!



Sunshine and sexy babes – Location report day one

It’s cold and grey in London today. But that’s okay, because I just arrived in sunny Spain to join Viv Thomas director extraordinaire Alis Locanta on location with a bevy of beautiful girls! The first person I set eyes on as I walked into the grounds of the stunning seafront villa was none other than my girl Talia Mint – and what a sight for sore eyes, in short shorts and high heels that showed off her lovely long, tanned legs.

She was just having her make-up touched up during a break in filming, which gave me the perfect opportunity to catch up with her and meet the other girls. You’ll already be familiar with Naomi Nevena (who is just as gorgeous in the flesh as she is on camera) and there are three delightful new stars here too. Sophia Laure is a petite French fox with a very sexy accent; Violette is a super-cute Czech babe with an adorably happy personality; and Lena Love (below), who is also Czech, is an irresistible blonde bombshell with great cheekbones and killer smile. There are more girls coming later in the week, but I’m not going to spoil the surprise by telling you who just yet… it's BIG news!

As I arrived, the girls were shooting part of a script I wrote called ‘Dirty Weekend,’ which features not just a love triangle but a love quartet, in the classic Viv Thomas mould. I really hope you’re going to like it, because from what I’ve seen so far, it’s going to be hot! Sophia (below) was still flushed from a very exciting encounter with Talia when I grabbed her for a behind the scenes interview. She speaks a little English but felt she could express herself better in French; oh my goodness, listening to her speak was so arousing I had a lot of trouble concentrating on my questions! I just about managed to ask her what I wanted to know in my poor schoolgirl French – too bad I was such a naughty girl and didn’t concentrate better in class. If you’re as much of a sucker for a sexy accent as I am, it’s going to get you very hot and bothered. She’s not shy when it comes to talking about sex! After that it was time to head out for dinner and a little Spanish nightlife. More tomorrow, chicos y chicas…


The best Viv Thomas scene of 2015?

2015 was a momentous year for With 157 scenes shot by no less than five superb directors (seven, if you count some previously unreleased scenes shot by Viv himself before his retirement, and a vintage movie from Gina B and Peaches) and a mind-blowing array of gorgeous girls, we really were spoilt for choice.

It’s not easy to choose the best scene from such a stunning collection of fine lesbian erotica – especially for someone as fickle as me – but I have managed to narrow my list down to one or more from each director that really pushed my buttons. As always, it’s a purely personal choice, so I’d love to hear which were your favourites.

Andrej Lupin, artist-in-residence over at our sister site SexArt, steered Viv Thomas into 2015 with some sensational models and very elegant action. Uma made a huge impression – who could resist a beautiful blonde who flushes bright red as she gets turned on? Her hook-up with the equally passionate and energetic Alexis Crystal in ‘Sex Message 2’ was particularly spectacular, and when they added Lexi Dona to the mix for the climactic threeway of ‘The Gym’ the result was super-hot. But I think my top choice from Team Lupin would have to be feisty redhead Eva Berger’s seduction of lovely Kiara Lord in ‘Dominance' for the chemistry and charisma.

Spanish auteur Guy Ranieri Sblattero took the Viv Thomas helm in April 2015, bringing a fresh cinéma vérité feel to the action with his raw and real approach. His very first scene, which brought superstars Lorena and Tracy Lindsay together in ‘After Hours,’ was a total attention-grabber, both beauties utterly uninhibited as they pleasured each other’s pussy and ass in a whirlwind of mutual lust. Another scene with exceptional chemistry, and a rather darker and rougher vibe than normally found here, was the encounter between tattooed babe Misha Cross and Spanish sweetheart Apolonia in ‘Reading Room.’ If you like your erotica a little edgier, it’s a must-see! I also have to include Carolina Abril’s scene with Amarna Miller in ‘Learning Curve,’ for the gentle way Amarna coaxes Carolina through her first anal experience, and the genuine and sweet communication between the pair as Carolina gets more and more excited.

Director and photographer Don Caravaggio is a regular contributor to MetArt and SexArt, so it was a thrill to welcome him to Viv Thomas in 2015. Of his five terrific movies this year, my top choice has to be ‘The Intruders,’ a stellar production that brought dream girl Lorena together with adorable Lola in a story that had everything – cute plot, classy location, playfulness, charm, personality, and incredibly hot sex. It’s an absolute masterpiece.

Sandra Shine is one of our all-time modelling icons, and in 2015 it emerged that she’s not just a legend in front of the camera, but also an extremely talented director. Her movie ‘Vine’ made a real splash, with a stunning cast, great theme and truly blistering heat. The naughty liaison between Minnie Manga and Vanda Lust was a delicious and very juicy pre-Christmas treat that definitely made my shortlist. 

And just when it seemed like things couldn’t get any hotter, award-winning SexArt director Alis Locanta became the new creative force behind Viv Thomas in December. He brought with him a cast of some of the finest models we’ve seen; Patritcy, Taylor Sands, Lola, Henessy, Alexa Tomas and Naomi Nevena all blossomed under his direction, but my pick of his scenes in late 2015 would be Mango and Talia Mint in ‘One Small Step’ for the passion, the uninhibited enjoyment, and the fabulous face-sitting. The future looks very bright with our maestro at the helm.

So, that’s my shortlist for my favourite Viv Thomas scenes of 2015, and I’m honestly not sure I can narrow it down any further! Now I’d love to hear from you. What do you think was the best Viv Thomas scene of 2015?



Alexa Tomas: bewitching beauty reveals all!

I have a serious girl crush on Alexa Tomas, no point denying it. She embodies pretty much everything I find attractive, both physically (hell yeah!) and mentally. For starters, she’s super-gorgeous – slender and athletic, tanned, and classically beautiful with a radiant smile. She’s Spanish (my favourite flavour!) with a sexy voice, which means listening to her speak really drives me crazy. She’s also smart, doesn’t take herself too seriously, and is an impressive actress. But possibly the hottest thing about her is the way she embraces sexual pleasure so wholeheartedly, surrendering to sensation in the most uninhibited and arousing way imaginable.

Alexa is deservedly popular both here at Viv Thomas and on our sister site SexArt, where she has also appeared in several boy-girl movies including the bondage-themed ‘Possessione 2.’ At 30, she is a little more mature than many of our models, and brings that womanly confidence and charisma to every scene she appears in. As you can imagine, I was thrilled to get to know her a little better…

Alexa, please tell us about yourself.

AT: Hello everyone! Well, I am 30 now, I’ll be 31 in March, and I’m a Pisces. I was born in Valencia, Spain, where I still live now, although I’m always travelling a lot and to be honest I’m never at home. I’m 5’5” (1.70m) tall. And I love playing sports, dancing, reading, the ocean, animals – especially horses and cats… by the way I have two cats and a parrot!

Do you like to dance, and to sing? It was very cute when you did both in ‘Io Ballo Da Sola 2’ for SexArt!

AT: Hahaha! Yes, I love dancing… I do sing but… I’m terrible at it!

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

AT: That I am a natural, normal girl.

How do you keep in such great shape?

AT: I try to play sports every morning. Since I was little, I always enjoyed eating healthy food. Although I can’t give up chocolate and sweeties!

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

AT: My boyfriend Joel Tomas started as a porn actor shortly after we got together, and one day producer Bel Gris suggested we should do a movie together. I was very curious to know how it felt to be filmed, and to act… I liked it so much that I kept doing it until I got where I am now. 

How long have you been making movies?

AT: Two and a half years.

What do you enjoy most about it?

AT: Each movie is something new, the acting is often a lot of fun, I meet great people and I get to know new cities. Besides, my partner is nearly always with me and that helps me a lot, we get along beautifully.

Do you have any training as an actress? You seem to enjoy the challenging roles, such as acting tipsy in ‘Girls Love Sex – Noche de Fiesta’ on SexArt.

AT: I don’t have any training as an actress. I studied Fine Arts and I worked as a bus driver afterwards. I love playing odd characters and so far I have never had any trouble performing any role.

Do you like to watch your own movies?

AT: It’s not that I like it, but I do watch my scenes very often to see if there is something that I can improve.

Which is your favourite of your scenes for the MetArt Network so far?

AT: ‘The Morning After,’ because it was my first scene for you, and ‘Io Ballo da Sola 2’ was a very funny comedy and you made me sing… and I’m awful at it!

Who is your favourite sexual partner?

AT: Joel Tomas. There’s nothing better than a scene with my partner, with him I feel very relaxed and our scenes together always turn out great.

Do you have a high sex drive?

AT: Yes, huge!

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life, before you did it in a movie?

AT: Yes, the first time was when I was 12 years old. She was the daughter of my mother’s friend. I have never considered myself bisexual, but I do enjoy it a lot when I am with girls. With girls I am dominant, and I like that. And with guys it’s the opposite, I am submissive.

What is your favourite position?

AT: I like cowgirl because in this position I am in charge and I can control the pleasure. I also like it when I’m lying face down and someone is on top of me, and biting my neck… 

What turns you on?

AT: When my partner bites my nipples.

Please tell us about filming ‘Possessione 2,’ for SexArt. Is bondage play something you enjoy?

AT: I like bondage, but not extreme bondage. With men I like to be submissive.

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

AT: In the street between two cars; at a lighthouse; and at a movie theatre.

Do you like to masturbate?

AT: Yes, of course I like it! I like to use my fingers.

What is your favourite sexual fantasy?

AT: Two or three men, each of them wearing a different uniform…

Are you a romantic person?

AT: Yes, very much so.

What kind of men do you like?

AT: I especially like men that aren’t conceited, men that are romantic and rebellious and make me laugh.

How would you describe your personality?

AT: I am a calm person and very active at the same time. I don’t usually get mad, but when I do…. You’d better run! I am very responsible, except for punctuality. And very passionate when it comes to love.  

What are your ambitions?

AT: Myself and my partner are trying to make movies – I hope we will do well, and we will be able to make a living from it. And also to have a house in the countryside with horses.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

AT: Many thanks to my fans for following me every day, and for taking the time to write to me and tell me how much they like my work. A very big kiss to all of them, men and women!



Viv Thomas debutante Léa Guerlin talks about sex

Léa Guerlin was one of our finest discoveries of late 2015. The petite French cutie made an immediate impression with her Viv Thomas debut in the opening scene of ‘My Sweet Diary,’ performing a mesmerising dance that had one member describing her as an “exquisite little vision,” before seducing Henessy in a steamy no-holes-barred encounter. A subsequent liaison between the pair in episode two of ‘First Time Stories’ saw them turn up the heat even more with some intense – and intensely arousing – lovemaking.

Léa will return to our screens soon, having impressed director Alis Locanta with her beauty and unstudied sexuality. In the meantime, I grabbed the opportunity to ask this sweet but spicy starlet to share her thoughts about sex with you all…

Léa, please tell us a little about yourself.

LG: I’m 21 years old and I’m 5’1” (1m58) tall. I am from the Nord-Pas-De-Calais region in France. I love travelling, shopping and taking care of myself.

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

LG: I started in the erotic industry working as a stripper in the clubs, and soon, thanks to my photos on social media, I was offered the chance to work in erotic movies.

What do you like most about your appearance?

LG: I particularly like my bottom, and also the look in my eyes, which can be sweet and naughty at the same time!

How do you keep fit?

LG: I don’t really have to work out, you could say I am one of the lucky ones. 

How long have you been making movies?

LG: I started my career as an actress in February 2015.

What do you enjoy most about filming erotic movies?

LG: I like the sensuality, the sex and the glamour a lot. I am trying to convey a feminine, sexy and stylish image to an audience that likes girls like me!

Do you like to watch your own movies?

LG: Yes I do, so I can watch my progress and see if my acting was good, and evaluate my poses.

What did you like best about shooting with Alis Locanta for recently?

LG: What can you say about Alis Locanta except that he is perfectly nice, respectful and a good listener when needed, and also very well organised. He knows exactly how to guide us through the shooting if we need him. I think he is one of the best directors I’ve worked with!

Do you have a high sex drive?

LG: I think it’s average but my desire is somewhat stronger if I feel really attracted to my partner!

Did you have sex with a girl before you started making movies?

LG: Yes. Being naturally open minded, I had already experienced sexual pleasure with women before. I am bisexual, but I have a preference for men.

What do you like best about sex with girls, and with guys?

LG: I love women for their sensuality, sexiness and glamour; and women know the body of their partners very well. And I love the powerful, sexual and dominant side of men.

What is your favourite position?

LG: I love the Amazon position because I can grind on top of my partner and look him in the eyes.

What turns you on?

LG: I love men in uniform, especially military men. I like men who are preferably a bit exotic. I find mixed race men very exciting, for sure.

What is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

LG: There are several! I would say trains. It’s very exciting to have sex in a place in full public view, with the fear of being caught in action. I’ve also done it in a cinema, in a public garden, and in a stairwell! I love the exhibitionist and naughty side of it, being in full public view but with this risky feeling, it’s so good!  

Do you like to masturbate?

LG: Yes, I like to masturbate when I am aroused. I love the new Hitachi toy, which makes me cum quickly!

What is your biggest sexual fantasy?

LG: To have a naughty and debauched party with plenty of military men in uniform in a public place.

Are you the romantic type?

LG: Yes indeed. I am very romantic, affectionate and sensual.

How would you describe your personality?

LG: I am calm, smiling and adventurous – I like discovering new things, which is ideal for making erotic movies! I hope I am also caring and generous – I try to reply to all my fans’ messages.

What are your ambitions?

LG: I’d love to find my place and make a name for myself in the porn industry, in order to be famous nationally and internationally.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

LG: Thank you for following me on social media. I will carry on bringing you pleasure with my films. I give you plenty of kisses!



Henessy shares her sex secrets!

Russian doll Henessy is one of those girls you just can’t take your eyes off. She brings irrepressible sexual energy and passion to her movies, as well as looking good enough to eat with those tempting curves and pretty smile. Henessy made her debut back in 2013, but her recent movies with new VT director Alis Locanta have really elevated her to superstar status. She has demonstrated an impressive acting ability, as well as fucking up a storm – with more exciting encounters to come soon. I asked the sexy cutie to share some of her intimate secrets with us…

Henessy, what inspired you to get into nude modelling?

H: My first steps in the adult industry were for a webcam studio. I was 18 years old and was looking for job, then I found an advert in the newspaper about this job and decided to try it. I soon realised that I felt very comfortable in front of the camera getting nude, and I started to look for something else, like erotic photo shoots for example. I can’t say that anything specific really inspired me, I just decided to try something new and open up my personality, and my sexuality....

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

H: I love my breasts... and also my eyes!

How do you keep in such good shape?

H: I go to the gym regularly, and also love to be active every day, walking instead of driving, always keeping moving. Summertime is good for hiking.

What do you enjoy most about making movies?

H: I love to act – maybe every girl wants to be an actress a little bit! So here I can try it, that’s why I like to be involved in movies with a story and dialogue; Viv Thomas gave me this opportunity on the latest shoots. And of course I love sex! I am a Scorpio and as everyone says, it’s the most sexual sign of the zodiac... maybe that’s one of the reasons why I become a pornstar!

Do you like to watch your own movies?

H: I always watch my movies, first of all to see if I am good or not, and if there is something I can improve in my next movie – so sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t!

Please tell us about the movies you shot recently with Alis Locanta for

H: Our last shoot was a bit different from previous times I have shot for VT, there was a storyline and dialogue, and I really enjoyed this part, I could express myself. Besides this, I enjoyed working with such a professional and friendly team! To make a good movie, the atmosphere on the set must be energetic and have a good vibe, and that was definitely the case.

Are you an exhibitionist?

H: Maybe a little bit!

Do you have a high sex drive?

H: Oh yes I do! Sometimes I even think it’s too much. I used to have a ‘friend with benefits’ and we used to fuck like crazy and pretty often and it was good, but later I heard from his friend that he complained that he didn’t have enough strength for me!

Are you more dominant or more submissive?

H: On set I am dominant, but in real life I am submissive.

Did you ever have sex with a girl in your personal life before you started to make movies?

H: I am bisexual, but my first time having sex with a girl in real life happened after I’d already started making movies.

Do you prefer guys or girls?

H: I prefer guys. Boys are strong, they can protect you, and they can drive you and inspire you as a woman. But sometimes I love to be strong myself, and that’s why I like having some nice girls around who need my advice and help!

What turns you on?

H: I can’t answer that exactly, it’s a mental connection usually. If we’re talking about the physical part, it’s enough to touch my clit a bit, and I am close to cumming!

Have you ever done it in a public place?

H: Yes, many times – on the deck, in the park…

Do you like to masturbate?

H: I do, and do it pretty often. I usually use my fingers, but I also love toys.

What is your favourite sexual fantasy?

H: I am crazy about pilots! So my dream is to have sex on a plane, in the pilot’s cabin.

What kind of man do you like?

H: Funny! The most important thing for me in a man is to make me laugh and fuck me good! Same goes for girls.

How would you describe your personality?

H: In few words: passionate, honest, responsible.

Are you a romantic person?

H: It depends on what’s going on in my life; right now, not really, but when I am in a relationship, I am the sweetest pussycat ever!

What are your ambitions?

H: Right now I am concentrating on my work, not only as performer but also as a model agent [She is manager of Julmodels agency in Budapest]. I’m working on a few projects connected to the business in some way. I would like to see my business grow and reach the goals that I set for myself, but also in the future I would like to have a family and kids.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

H: Be yourself and follow your feelings, whatever they are!


Don Caravaggio: interview with a Viv Thomas director

Don Caravaggio is a very welcome addition to the Viv Thomas roster of artists. A mainstay on our sister site SexArt, where he specializes in photographing exotic beauties in luxurious locations, he is also a superb filmmaker whose movies combine sizzling sexual chemistry with a flair for storytelling and a sense of playfulness that fits the Viv Thomas ethos perfectly. Today’s movie, ‘The Intruders,’ is a classic example of heart-warming erotica. Starring Don’s muse, Lorena, and her adorable friend Lola, it’s sweet, funny, endearing and very, very hot!

As many of you already know (because I just can’t stop talking about it!) I was lucky enough to meet Don and watch him work while on location in Spain with director Alis Locanta for Viv Thomas recently. I was struck by Don’s artistic appreciation of visual beauty, as well as his red-blooded man’s appreciation of female sensuality. Put them together, and magic happens. Look out for more of Don’s work here at Viv Thomas soon; and in the meantime, if you’d like to know a little more about what inspires him, read on…

Don, what is your background in photography?

DC: I started when I was young with an old reflex I had at home, just for fun. With time it became an important hobby for me. At the age of 25 I went to photography school to learn fashion photography, the use of light… After that I started working professionally, way before I started with art nudes and later with erotica for the MetArt Network.

What inspired you to start shooting erotica?

DC: I was always attracted to the beauty of the female body, and to portraying the art of the female form. I still try to combine explicit and sensual photos with showing simple artistic nudes the best way I can.

Which model most inspires you?

DC: Lorena. Over the last six years we have developed a close friendship and I have a special feeling for her. Also Iveta, Eufrat, Lilly A, and Indiana are great models to collaborate with.

Are you influenced by mainstream art and photography?

DC: Yes – Helmut Newton, David Hamilton, Steven Meisel, Jeanloup Sieff and Marco Glaviano, among many others.

You seem to prefer shooting outdoors – why is that?

DC: I like nature, the vividness of the colours and natural light. For most models it is more difficult to pose outdoors, so now I try to combine my outdoor shoots with indoor sets, to make them feel more confortable and to get a wide variety of poses from the model. I have to get 120 good shots instead of just a single shot (like for a calendar).

We also see the occasional movie from you here at Viv Thomas – what is it about a girl that inspires you to do this?

DC: I am always looking for new challenges and I never tried it before, I wanted to do something different apart from just photography.

What are your ambitions for your work with the MetArt Network?

DC: To improve myself, to get better with each shoot and to present the best models I can find.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

DC: Thank you to the whole MetArt Network family, the members and every model I have worked with. It is an honour to be part of MetArt!



An interview with Viv Thomas legend Sandra Shine!

Over the years, we’ve watched Sandra Shine’s journey take her from being one of Viv Thomas’ most beautiful and iconic models, to becoming a successful agent and make-up artist, and then a talented movie director. It’s incredible to discover photosets of Sandra on VT dating back as far as 2001; she’s grown more and more stunning over the years, and her appearances have enlivened many classic Viv movies, such as ‘Prim and Improper,’ ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Pink Velvet 3,’ as well as earning her a well-deserved Babe of the Year trophy in 2011. Since then she’s gone from strength to strength, setting up her model agency while simultaneously learning her craft as a camera operator and then taking on directorial duty.

Last year’s ‘Models Unleashed’ – a fascinating glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera – gave us a hint of Sandra’s creative potential, as she had major input into all aspects of the shoot. Now today’s new movie, ‘Vine,’ sees her take the directing reins in confident and convincing style, exploring an unusual location and encouraging some gorgeous girls to have naughty fun in the sun!

I’ve had a massive girl crush on Sandra for the longest time, so it was a thrill for me to talk to her about her career, and her experiences working with Viv Thomas.

Sandra, you were one of the most popular models Viv ever shot – what was it like working with him? Do you have a favourite movie from that time?

SS: Everybody in the business knows that working with Viv was always top class. Meaning great scenarios, beautiful locations, and he only shot top models. The very first time I shot with Viv was at the dawn of my modelling career, I had just turned 18 and he took me to Spain, to a beautiful villa. It was a wonderful place. Back in those days he shot on film, not digital. Yes, it was that long ago! Viv and his wife, Avril, said they thought I might have a very successful career, and it turned out they were right. Viv followed my career over 13 years in the business, we shot a lot of scenes and movies. I always loved shooting for Viv always treated the models very well, shooting with his crew was a lot of fun. I think one of the reasons why the scenes are so good is that the models loved shooting them. Viv really had an eye for seeing which models were genuinely into girls, and he kept shooting them all over and over again. It’s hard to choose one movie or scene that is my favourite, but I had my very own movie, ‘Butterfly,’ that everybody loved and so did I. It’s basically about me and my sexual fantasies coming true. It was directed and shot in a very nice, romantic way. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s time to watch it!

Please tell us about your model agency – why did you decide to start it?

SS: I’ve been in the business a long time and I know a lot of clients and models. I travelled in the States a few years back and I kept getting requests from the photographers to organize models for them when they were in Europe. Then in 2005 I started my own website and I shot a lot of Hungarian and Czech models. Since I gave the models work, I just thought it was time to start a model agency site to serve both sides. The site – – is only for professional use by registered photographers and directors. Since I came from modelling myself, I think the models trust me absolutely and I treat them the way they want to be treated. I am friends with my models.

Do you still model?

SS: Due to a back injury I stopped shooting for a few months, about three years ago. I had enough content of myself for my website to last for a while, and in the meantime I started doing camerawork for Viv and I really enjoyed it. So I never went back to modelling again. Never say never, but now I’m a very confident director and camerawoman and I’m not planning on going in front of the camera again. We will see though…! I really enjoyed being a model. I started as a fashion model when I was 16, then at 18 I started to take my clothes off. Then I slowly went into lesbian scenes. I think lesbian movies are so sexy. In the modelling work I loved travelling, being in professional make-up and sexy clothes, I could live out all my sexual fantasies in front of the camera. I was a Penthouse Pet in the US numerous times, and I’ve been on the cover of all the top magazines. I think my success comes from the fact that I love what I am doing.

How did you learn to direct? What do you enjoy about it?

SS: I always watched and asked questions about production wherever I went for shooting. I learned a lot from Viv on location. I always had good ideas about scenes that everybody loved, so we shot many of my own ideas. I learned about camerawork from the photographer and videomaker who shoots for my site, Gabor Orban. Then I started experimenting and learned a lot on my own. I think that’s how it goes. If you are interested in something you keep doing it and you get better and better. I enjoy this new way of being creative in the business. Now I’m not in front of the camera but behind it, and I can still fulfil a lot of my own fantasies with other models. Models love to pose for a camerawoman. And sometimes they get turned on when I say, “Wow, this is so damn sexy!” and the scene gets even better.

Please tell us about your movie ‘Vine.’ It’s an unusual location for a movie – what gave you the idea?

SS: ‘Vine’ was my very first idea for a whole production that I came up with. Basically the idea came from Viv’s fondness for the vine! [Viv is a celebrated wine connoisseur, his custom built cellar was the highlight of many a trip to Portugal!]. Then I heard of this little family vinery in the countryside so I went there to check it out. When I went there I saw the scenes immediately. I fell in love with the location and the story, and the style of shooting and cutting was born already. I would love to go back there to shoot some more, maybe a continuing story… I knew that Viv always wanted to do a movie on that subject, so I was so happy when I found this location. I selected the models, wrote the full script and shot it. That’s how simple it was. I did the camerawork and directing at the same time, that was something completely new for me and sometimes it was hard to focus on both at the same time. The thing I love most about the movie is the style of the scenes. I’m really curious to hear members’ feedback, hopefully viewers will be captivated by the ambience. I’m even up for a forum chat with them if they have any questions. Just an idea! Since it’s my first full production I would love to hear what they liked and what they would suggest doing differently. I like to learn every day. I had a hard time choosing the right editor; at one point I was planning to learn how to edit videos myself. Then finally I managed to find someone. That’s why it took so long for the movie to come out. But I’m happy with the result now.

What would be your dream movie to make?

SS: I have an idea for a continuous story of about 10 films. I would love to share it but I’m afraid somebody else would do it, so I will keep it quiet for now! One thing I can share is that I really love shooting sea view scenes and shooting in unusual places with unusual scripts.

Have you ever considered making a movie with all Viv’s classic models from the past?

SS: Wow, I would love to do that! I know real fans love to see their favourite models, even 100 times. And to put Viv’s dream team together for a big movie would rock! If I could be the director-camerawoman I would be grateful for that. I’m just wondering who is still active from the dream team… It’s been a few years! Thank you so much for asking me questions that made me think about nice memories from the past. Kisses to all!



Lorena talks about her movie ‘Bailando Sola’

We don’t often feature solo movies here at Viv Thomas, but if any girl deserves our full attention, it has to be the lovely Lorena. She’s our number one rated model, and with good reason; her warmth, her radiant smile and her uninhibited sexual confidence are utterly compelling, and of course she’s beautiful too!

Lorena has collaborated on some interesting projects with artist Don Caravaggio, and today’s movie ‘Bailando Sola’ (‘dancing alone’) is one in which you can really see her influence. The playful opening, her frank enjoyment of the self-expression she finds in dancing, the sweet smile as she begins to masturbate; this is Lorena at her effervescent best, sharing herself with us joyfully and generously. I adore her, and I’m pretty sure you do too!

I asked Lorena to give us a little background about her experience shooting ‘Bailando Sola,’ and here’s what she told me…

Lorena, at the start of the movie you naughtily flash your breasts in the street – have you ever done this in real life? Are you an exhibitionist?

LG: I have done it a couple of times in the street, but only for work. That’s not because I think breasts should be hidden, or for that matter any other body part. It feels great and healthy not wearing bra on a daily basis, and practicing nudism in the right places. I’m not really an exhibitionist, I don’t get turned on by showing my body. What turns me on is the connection I might get with a partner or even with myself, the intimacy and playfulness of it, rather than thinking about who might be watching and how they feel about it. I’m not really into any kind of fetishes. Nakedness, for me, is not directly related to a sexual thought or intention. It’s something beautiful and interesting to look at, especially the male form.

You are a great dancer – how did you learn to dance like that?

LG: Gracias for your compliment, Rose! I always loved to dance, shake, jump... Music is everything to me, and the energy that flows through me depends on the type of music; but I never went to dance classes except for flamenco years ago. I don’t consider myself a great dancer since I usually laugh about it, but it’s all about enjoying myself. As I recall, the main song playing in the background while we shot this was ‘Let Me Put My Love Into You’ by AC/DC, one of my favourite songs. [Oh my goodness I love that song – she’s actually the perfect woman!]

Do you like to go dancing in clubs? Would you dance with a guy or girl you didn’t know if they were a good dancer?

LG: I was never into going to mainstream dance clubs. When I was younger I used to go alone to small, almost empty, rock and heavy metal clubs; that’s something I wouldn’t mind doing more often. Basically I don’t drink, in clubs there are too many people for my taste, and strangely I won’t move a finger or toe to music I don’t like just to follow the vibe. When my kind of music is playing, I’m there to dance the whole night! Flirting and random conversation is forgotten, but I welcome anyone that is happy to dance or head bang with me. So it’s a ‘yes’ to your last question! I have had the opportunity to dance close to a professional dancer for a full night, yet a wonderful night happened to be with a man that never danced before in his whole life. He was too shy to even talk to a woman, so I took his hand and asked him for just one dance, after that he could choose to go or stay. The bar was closing and we just stayed there. He became the kind of man I like to share a dance with – overcoming what blocks you by having a laugh and a wild time.

Later in the movie you wear a skirt with no panties – do you like to do this?

LG: Yes, I like to feel comfortable. Underwear is just for some occasions...

Does it turn you on to be watched?

LG: It turns me on to be watched and to watch the man I might be with or that I feel for. Gazing into someone’s eyes is a way of arousing intimacy.

You are credited as editor on this movie; please tell us about your involvement in making your movies – do you like to write, direct, edit, pick the outfits?

LG: Don’s team, for all the movies where I am involved like this one, let me choose my outfits and the general storyline. I’m also taking my first steps on the editing side. For a long time we only worked together on movies for MetArt; the solo and girl-girl collaborations belong to the beginning of our journey with SexArt and now Viv Thomas. I enjoyed having the opportunity to involve myself a little behind the camera, the movie standard is very high as Don and his team are so great. It was a wonderful chance they gave me to explore this new area. I’m so grateful to Don, his team, Jon [MetArt Network owner] and the lovely members for supporting me on my journey!


Candid shots from the Viv Thomas set!

I know how much you all love to get the flavour of what it’s like to be on set with our gorgeous models, so here’s a little sneak preview from Alis Locanta’s shoot this week. 

Here's naughty Naomi Nevena...

New Spanish star Nekane, looking sultry and sexy...

Henessy, overcome by giggles...

And Lea Guerlin and Nekane getting intimate!

Wish you were there? Me too!


Movie preview: ‘One Small Step,’ Alis Locanta’s debut feature for Viv Thomas

Here’s the first glimpse of celebrated director Alis Locanta’s inaugural movie for Viv Thomas. Titled ‘One Small Step,’ it features a dream cast that will blow your mind: Mango (making her VT debut), Talia Mint, Patritcy, Lola, Taylor Sands, Lorena, Alexa Tomas and Henessy – pretty amazing, right? And if that cast list alone doesn’t get you in the mood, then I think this trailer for episode one, starring Mango and Talia, should do the trick…

The first thing you’re likely to notice is the kissing. Lots and lots of passionate, raw, intense kissing. What else can you expect? Well, scorching sexual chemistry, dialogue, romance, tenderness and red-hot sex. As he promised in his recent interview, Alis has been paying attention to feedback from Viv Thomas members, and he’s quietly confident that he’s delivered what you want to see.

The photoset of Mango and Talia will be released on Tuesday 1st December, with the full episode following on Wednesday. Are you counting the days yet?


Locanta on location!

Yes I know... I'm a naughty tease. But when our new Viv Thomas director Alis Locanta sent me this shot from his location shoot this morning, I just had to share it with you. Isn't that the peachiest little bottom ever? It belongs to a lovely French model, Lea Guerlain, and the girl she is feeling up so enthusiastically is Spanish knockout Nekane. Both new girls are on set with Alis right now, alongside some of our special favourites, and I think you will like what you see.

You only have a few more days to wait before Alis Locanta's debut VT movie is unleashed; I hope this 'cheeky' shot has whetted your appetite!


Viv Thomas nominated for 2016 AVN Awards

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but getting nominated for an AVN award is a pretty big deal. Often described as the ‘Oscars of adult entertainment,’ the awards celebrate all that’s fun and fabulous about the adult movie world.

This year, Viv Thomas is proud to receive two nominations:

Guy Ranieri Sblattero is up for Best Director – Foreign Non-Feature for ‘Reading Room.’ This unique movie not only has a clever and original premise, but also stars our top-rated model, Lorena. The wild encounter between Spanish sweetheart Apolonia and Polish femme fatale Misha Cross was one of the most arresting scenes of the year.

Our second VT nomination is for director Andrej Lupin and his team, for Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production, for Brandy Smile and Lexi Dona’s scene in ‘Art.’ This energetic scene has two beautiful girls enjoying everything from pussy-eating and rimming to sixty-nine and scissoring. It’s a must-see!

It’s great to see nominations for Female Foreign Performer of the Year include several popular Viv Thomas stars too: Misha Cross, Alexis Crystal, Tiffany Doll, Anissa Kate, Amarna Miller, and Taylor Sands.

Our sister site SexArt has received nominations for Best Cinematography and Best Director  Foreign Non-Feature (both to our new VT director, Alis Locanta!), Best Foreign Non-Feature, and Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production.

And most exciting of all, our flagship site is up for Best Membership Website!

Wish us luck!




Erotic fiction inspired by Nicole Smith and Taylor Shay

The smell of chlorine, warm skin, your perfume as you move closer and murmur in my ear. The taste of oranges as I kiss your sweet lips. I came here feeling parched, arid, incapable of love, and you quenched my thirst and then made me burn with lust for you.

“Kiss me again,” you purr, and I push you back into the shallow water, moving on top of you, your legs wrapping around me. We grind and rock, breasts and hips pressed together, my hair in your face, my tongue dancing with yours.

“I want to taste you,” I gasp, breathless with desire. Lifting you onto the edge of the pool, I nuzzle your crotch through your soaked bikini panties, breathing in your heat and fragrance, then tug them down and push your thighs apart. Careless of who might be watching, I run my tongue along the slippery seam of your pussy, feeling you quiver. My tongue plunges deeper, plowing the furrow as your flower opens to me, lapping up your nectar.

Your wetness smears my lips as you oscillate against me, your breath coming in gasps, your thighs trembling. When your moans quicken I reach for my glass, trickling some of the sweet, chilled juice over your hot flesh. You cry out, fingers tangling in my hair, and I lap up every drop of juice and suck you to the peak of pleasure, let the waves of sensation recede a little way, then take you right up to the peak again.

Glistening with sweat, you tilt my face up to yours and kiss me, licking your cream from my lips. “Now I’m thirsty…” you say with a smile.

If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to me at I don't promise to post it in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!



Lola makes a welcome return to Viv Thomas – location report day four!

The first sight that greeted me on location early this morning was Lola A’s tiny, taut, tempting ass, magnificently lit by the blazing sunshine. It’s been far too long since this gorgeous little pocket rocket graced a Viv Thomas movie, so how amazing to have her here in Spain for the start of Alis Locanta’s creative reign! That perfect petite little bottom was pointing right at me as she straddled lovely Taylor Sands; they were filming a scene for a new movie called ‘First Time Stories,’ and it already looked like it was going to be scorching hot!

The girls started out sharing a bottle of champagne in the bathtub of their sumptuous suite… and then we cracked open a few more bottles and had a wild party… well no, not really. I think being drunk in charge of such expensive camera equipment is somewhat frowned upon! It was a nice little fantasy though…

Anyway, Lola got out of the tub and a few moments later returned to the bathroom wearing her sexy lingerie. She let down her long blonde hair, and there was an electric moment – she just looked SO pretty it was absolutely heart-stopping. It’s hard to believe she first shot for Viv Thomas back in 2008, because she still looks just as natural and fresh and almost (but not quite) innocent! If you’ve had a crush on her ever since then, you’ll be as excited as I am to see her return to our screens.

Taylor watched Lola move around in just her sexy lingerie, suddenly inspired to grab her, push her against the wall and kiss her voraciously. She tore off Lola’s bra and sunk to her knees to start eating that sweet pussy. Although Lola is a very shy, sweet girl, she quickly came out of her shell as Taylor’s tongue warmed her up – I guess that’s what they call “the Taylor Sands effect”!

Taylor spun Lola around and tugged her panties down, burying her face between those peachy ass cheeks, then turned her back again and began to suck her pussy more hungrily than ever. What a turn-on to see sweet Taylor being so dominant! Lola grabbed her head, grinding against it, her legs almost buckling as she was hit by an orgasm like a tidal wave. She pulled Taylor to her feet for an even more passionate and prolonged kiss, then led her to the bed…

I’ll let you discover the rest of the scene for yourself; suffice to say you won’t want to miss it! After a little break for Lola to regain her composure after that erotic encounter, I was lucky enough to get the bonus of watching her shoot a photoset with another of our talented artists, Don Caravaggio. She is a natural model – actually one of the best I’ve ever seen – and her killer smile and frankly irresistible figure make for a winning combination.

After that, Patritcy cooked dinner for me – topless, naturally! – and then there was more fun and games to be had, but not by me, alas; it was time to head to the airport, and back to the real world… one that doesn’t involve a luxurious villa populated entirely by beautiful naked girls! I’d like to thank Alis, Don and their talented teams for letting me be a part of the magic for a few days. It was an experience I’ll be reliving in my dreams!



Lust, lingerie and lovely girls – location report day three!

My third day on location with director Alis Locanta started with a pretty momentous event… the first 4K 60p movie ever to be filmed for Viv Thomas! Now, I’ll be honest here, in technological terms I don’t really know what that means, but in visual terms it has a very noticeable impact – it looks absolutely incredible on the screen! The movie is called ‘Red Passion,’ and this scene saw the adorable Taylor Sands, our new arrival here on set, taking control of Patritcy. Taylor plays a character who gets aroused by the colour red, and although she is trying to work, when she realises Patritcy is wearing red lingerie she just can’t control her lust.

Taylor and Patritcy had never worked together before, but the physical attraction between them was instantaneous, and it was evident they had taken a shine to each other. Although Patritcy’s antics had the whole crew in stitches, there was a definite undercurrent of sexual tension. Taylor is such a sweetheart, quite shy and demure, and it was fascinating to see the sexual side of her emerging as Patritcy started to flirt and whisper with her. And when it was time for seduction, Taylor suddenly took the lead, ordering Patritcy to strip for her, then grabbing her dominantly and pushing her onto her back.

Taylor went face down between Patritcy’s thighs to lick her, and I had a view anyone would envy, as her dress rode up to reveal her flimsy panties stretched tight against her plump pussy mound. Patritcy’s nipples were stiff, her head thrown back in delight, as Taylor sucked and fingered her pussy. Taylor has very sexy eyes, and the way she looked up at Patritcy as she licked her was a major turn-on. Patritcy’s orgasm was fierce, sweeping through her whole body like a forest fire.

Taylor’s pretty face was filled with passion as she undressed and lay back to let Patritcy take her turn at giving pleasure, her legs pushed high and wide and her beautiful breasts jiggling. Patritcy licked her hungrily and slid two fingers in and out rapidly, making her moan and gasp for breath. Taylor straddled her lap, her exquisite pussy squeezing snugly around Patritcy’s probing fingers, her hips rocking as she rode her way to orgasm.

After watching such a steamy coupling, it was amusing to interview Taylor and find her so shy and sweet once again – it would appear her inner sex goddess only emerges in front of the camera! I also eventually managed to grab the effervescent Patritcy for a very revealing chat – it’s hard to pin down such a ball of energy, but I’m glad I managed it!

Our second arrival of the day was the lovely Lola A (who is known as Dido on SexArt). It’s several years since Lola last appeared on Viv Thomas, so it was fantastic to see her looking better than ever, a little more confident and womanly perhaps but still the adorable little cutie we know and love. I didn’t get much chance to talk to her before she started shooting a very fun and flirty gym and bedroom scene with Patritcy, but I’ll tell you more about her next time. Meanwhile I took the opportunity to get to know Berenice, the lovely new model I told you about yesterday, so look out for her interview on the MetArt blog soon! 


Spanish sun and sexy girls – location report day two!

I started my second day on location with Alis Locanta very pleasantly indeed… did I mention that photographer and filmmaker Don Caravaggio is also here? I love his work for SexArt, and recently we ran a couple of his movies starring Lorena here at VT, which met with universal approbation. Watching him shoot gorgeous Patritcy in the Spanish sunshine was a real treat. By the time she was naked and wiggling her lovely bottom in the air, the temperature was definitely rising… it’s hot in November with such splendid eye candy to warm the place up!

I then moved to one of the lavish bedroom suites to see Alis shooting a scene for a new movie called ‘Lingerie Obsession.’ Mango and Talia Mint looked like beautiful fashion models in sexy lingerie, stockings and heels; there was a very strong attraction between them, and it was obvious they couldn’t wait to get their hands on each other.

Talia watched through the glass wall to the bathroom as Mango entered the shower, fully dressed. Within moments, her dress was saturated and transparent, showing her lingerie and clinging to her incredible slender body. She moved sensuously, dancing for Talia alone, the camera forgotten. Talia was utterly transfixed by the mesmerising sight. Even when filming paused for a moment, the girls continued teasing and flirting with each other. As you can imagine, when they were finally allowed to touch, to kiss, and to taste each other, the results were explosive! I think this scene will really blow your minds…

I enjoyed getting to know Mango so much (look out for a behind-the-scenes interview with her, so you can get to know her too) and I was really sad to see her leave. But it was impossible to stay sad for long, with the prospect of watching Talia and Patritcy together! Their scene for “And in the End…” took place mainly on a huge bed, Patritcy looking pretty in pink lingerie, and Talia perfect in purple. They started the scene already kissing and touching, which didn’t take much encouragement – they were already so hot for each other!

The passion quickly rose as Talia’s fingers found their target, Patritcy’s gasps betraying how excited she was. She started squeezing her magnificent natural breasts as Talia’s tongue pleasured her, her moans reaching a crescendo. Talia flipped her over and spread her ass cheeks, squeezing and spanking, then started an onslaught of licking and fingering that left her delirious! And that was just the start of it; I don’t want to spoil the scene for you by spilling too many details, but I think you will like it a whole lot.

After that, another departure, and another arrival… I was very sorry indeed to say goodbye to Talia, who is such a bright spark she lights up every room she walks into. I know you will love her behind-the-scenes interview, as she is so funny, cute and stunningly attractive. But luckily I was distracted by the arrival of a beautiful new model, Berenice. She has only shot for MetArt once, last month, and made such an impression that our Content Manager K tracked her down and arranged for her to shoot with Don Caravaggio. She’s so new to modelling that she only shoots soft and teasing pictures so far, but I can’t wait to see her at MetArt, and I live in hope that one day she will decide to make movies for us!

It was time for us to head out for a little R&R before tomorrow’s shoot. Two more of our favourite models will be arriving, but for now I’ll keep you in suspense about who they are…



Mango makes her Viv Thomas debut – location report!

If you’re a member of our sister sites SexArt or MetArt, I’ll hazard a guess you’re already a big fan of Mango. I certainly am. So on arrival on location in Sitges, Spain to join our brand new VT director, the brilliant Alis Locanta, you can imagine my delight when the first model I set eyes on was none other than everyone’s favourite beach babe herself! And let me tell you, she is every bit as sweet and adorable in the flesh as you would imagine.

Shooting was already underway when I arrived at the luxurious beach-house location, but as soon as I got the chance, I grabbed Mango for an exclusive video interview – I’ll be sharing that with you soon, along with a whole bunch of revealing behind-the-scenes snippets!

Of course, when I found out Mango’s next scene for future release ‘And in the End…’ would be with the irresistible Patritcy, I made sure I was right there on set, watching on your behalf (I know you would expect nothing less of me!) – and it was a pretty incredible experience. Alis knows all about capturing the chemistry between his stars on screen, and the sparks were flying between this pair long before the cameras started rolling. Patritcy is a natural clown, and the way her dimples appear every time she flashes that killer smile is simply irresistible. The girls were almost giddy with laughter as they started fooling around, grabbing and groping and cuddling each other. But when the kissing started in earnest, the laughter stopped and the sexual tension was palpable.

Mango has the most perfectly peachy, firm and spankable bottom on the planet (I know because I spanked it – I really love my job!). She looked totally amazing as she knelt to pull down Patritcy’s panties and lick her pussy. Patritcy’s beautiful natural breasts were quivering with the delicious sensations.

Later in the scene (a complex shoot with several different segments) they moved to the sofa, kissing passionately, Mango’s nipples already diamond-hard as Patritcy removed her bra and panties. Patritcy was on top, her plump pussy looking delectable, Mango’s legs wrapped around her. Patritcy went down to eat Mango’s pussy, eliciting little gasps and whimpers of pleasure. As Patritcy’s skilful tongue drove her wild, Mango turned over, that spectacular ass in the air, to get eaten from behind. Patritcy grabbed her for a wild and lustful kiss, rubbing her to a climax that wracked her whole body. You are going to love the raw lust and powerful sexual energy of this movie!

After a day of steamy shooting the Sitges nightlife beckoned, but I’m excited to see what Alis and his talented team have in store for us next… more on that soon!



NEWS: Alis Locanta takes the helm at Viv Thomas!

Two HUGE pieces of news for Viv Thomas members…

First, the sad news. Our wonderful director Guy Ranieri Sblattero has had to take a step back from VT due to personal reasons (don’t worry folks, it’s nothing serious, just something that will take him away from us for the time being). Guy has done a wonderful job of revitalising VT and bringing it bang up to date, and I’m sure you will join me in thanking him and wishing him the very best for the future.

Now, the AMAZING news. None other than Guy’s friend and mentor, the legendary director ALIS LOCANTA, will be taking the helm! For those of you who aren’t already familiar with his groundbreaking work, Alis Locanta is one of the incredible team of artists over at our sister site SexArt. The video above will serve as a quick introduction to a filmmaker whose creative genius knows no bounds. I think when you’ve watched it, you’ll be as excited as we are about the future of VT.

And guess what, folks – tomorrow morning, I’ll be on my way to join Alis, his talented team and a whole bunch of top-class models on location in Spain! Believe me, your mind will be blown when you hear which models are involved in this momentous shoot. I’ll be grabbing every opportunity to interview the girls, capture all the behind-the-scenes action, and generally make sure you don’t miss a thing!

If you’d like to learn more about this inventive, skilful and daring maestro of erotic cinema, read on. I invited the Italian auteur, who is based in Barcelona, to introduce himself to VT members and share his past experiences and his vision for the future of VT…

Alis, please tell us about your background in film, and how you started to shoot erotica.

AL: Life is an amazing journey and sometimes, unexpected things happen! When I was a kid my whole life was focused on music. I spent all my days playing, playing and playing, guitar and piano. I could only imagine my future as a musician (or an astronaut, for sure…!). But my journey had just started, and it took a different direction. One day I started getting seriously interested – almost obsessed – about how they shoot films. I was about 15, and I wondered how they use cameras, lights, dollies… I couldn’t stop thinking. As soon as I started working (in a big company, in IT), I spent my first wage packet on buying a VHS-C camera and started shooting stupid short movies with my friends. That obsession became a real passion. I worked many years for that company till the day I decide to soar. I became a filmmaker. During those years I shot a lot of projects (some good, some less good…) and I was finally happy my passion was my job. But something else was going to happen. One day I was watching a porn movie (oops! I mean… a friend of mine was watching a porn movie!!!... haha!). It was a VHS tape and it started with some trailers: between a lot of trashy stuff, I saw something incredibly unique! It was an Andrew Blake film. I couldn’t believe it was an adult feature! It looked like a fashion or music video! Well… that was the moment I understood I really wanted to shoot erotica.

Do you remember your first SexArt production?

AL: Yes of course! I can’t forget it! It was June 2012 and I was in Budapest. After seeing a demo I shot, Jon [owner of the MetArt Network] asked me to shoot something better, something cooler. I spent many days thinking about that script. I wrote many ideas but in the end I trashed them. So I decided to stop thinking about other films and only imagine something very personal, according to my vision. So, like a tightrope walker without a net, I shot ‘Ode to Beginning,’ a visionary girl-girl scene with Aleska Diamond and Denisa Doll. I shot a lot of stuff handheld, inspired by my great masters, Mann and Soderbergh, using a classical piece of music I love: ‘Clair De Lune’ by Debussy. When I sent the final cut to Jon I was incredibly tense. I’d watched all the SexArt films and I knew I had shot something pretty different. I remember that night; I was in a pub (not my habit, I’m not a night life lover) and I got an email from Jon: he liked it!

What is your proudest achievement to date?

AL: Well… my best answer is: the next one! But it’s not a figure of speech! I really mean I’m so proud about what’s happening soon. SexArt members have known me since 2012 and they assisted me on this fantastic journey. If you look at this teaser clip you can understand exactly what I feel: in these three years I have put all my efforts into giving members a very unique product; my first year was really hard, I hadn’t found my way and I couldn’t express my vision. Then I finally understood how to do that. And now, after shooting more than 200 films for SexArt and having many of them top ranked, I feel ready to start a new journey. So, when I say my proudest achievement is my next one, I mean members are going to see a new Locanta.

How did you get involved with

AL: The past year has been pretty unusual: on one side I started experimenting on SexArt with my deepest ideas (thanks to the huge confidence Jon has shown in me); on the other side I have been working ‘behind the scenes’ with Guy. He’s a very talented artist and I only helped him to put all his ideas inside the wonderful MetArt box. A few times I was tempted to change some elements of his filmmaking, but I didn’t. I still believe he did something unique and really new. I think his films are the most mainstream adult content I’ve ever seen. So, here we are. I actually have been involved with VT, as a mentor and advisor, for a year. When Guy said he needed to take a step back, I talked with Jon for days and days. We both felt VT needed a new vision to make it great, as its creator did many years ago.

How do you feel about taking the directorial helm at Viv Thomas?

AL: Good good good!!! This is exactly the kind of adventure that excites me! MetArt Network members are incredible people! I used to look at many adult sites and I spent a lot of time reading members’ comments. Well, let’s just say that here we have the best community. I’m not saying our members always appreciate our job; I’m saying we have real communication, a person to talk with, to match, and to be inspired by. And I want to tell them I’m already spending every drop of my sweat to make them happy!

What are your plans for it?

AL: I think I’ve read every single VT comment in the last year. Yes, really!!! It helped me a lot to understand what the members like and what they hate. First of all I want to say something very important: don’t expect to see SexArt Locanta’s films, just VT branded… You’d be completely wrong! Many members already know I have a huge passion for filmmaking and some addiction to dark scenarios. But I’m a pro. The pro doesn’t shoot for himself. I’m not the kind of director who says, “I shoot my film for my own taste…” I have worked hard with Jon, Rose and my priceless executive producer Estelle Adams on developing a magic potion. Its ingredients come only from members’ feedback. Now I don’t want to give away too many details, so I can only say that members will “see.” Yes, you are going to watch a celebration of female beauty, passion, connection and lust. The only thing that will be the same as my SexArt productions is the models – be ready to see all the top-ranked girls I have worked with, and new models too, including some fantastic girls from the US!

Is there a model who particularly inspires you?

AL: Ahhh! That’s a hard question! In the past three years I worked with a lot of models, more than 100, but only a very few of them could really understand my vision. I’m not saying I didn’t work well with the others, but those models really helped me to get what I wanted. I can say Melena A and Mango A are my muses when I have to create a visionary world based on breathtaking beauty. While my great friend Amarna Miller (especially in ‘Love For Sale – Crossdressing’ on SexArt) and Czech Iwia (just think about ‘The Contract’) show me incredible acting skills, worthy of mainstream productions.

How do you get the models to understand the role and get into character?

AL: Do you want to know a secret? The real answer to this question is: Google Translate! Hahaha, no, just kidding! When I shoot a model who already knows me, it’s pretty easy for us to understand each other. For example, with Amarna I go on defining the role even during the shooting (“… let’s try to do it like this, like that…”). With new models it’s more difficult: we talk a lot, I show them examples, scenes from mainstream movies, just to describe the emotions and expressions. A funny story: when I shot Lola Reve for the first time, for ‘The Heat 2,’ it was really hard; she only speaks French and I don’t speak French at all! So I really had to use a translator before and during our shoot!

What inspires you – movies, music, books, dreams?

AL: I don’t read many books (even if it sounds like an excuse, I don’t have time) and my dreams are not so erotic – most of them are about school exams or classwork! I get my inspiration from mainstream movies and music videos. I watch a lot of different genres; comedy is the one thing I don’t like that much. My milestones are ‘Traffic’ by Soderbergh, ‘Insider’ by Mann, ‘Memento’ by Nolan and ‘Babel’ by Inarritu. When I shoot my films I always want to tell a story. If you are not telling something, you have failed. Those movies and how they have been shot, help me to find a cool way to tell that story. When you shoot a scene, you have plenty of ‘tools’ for describing characters, moods and feelings. If you shoot the same action in two different styles, you can express two completely different emotions.

How much planning goes into a shoot? Do you storyboard every shot in advance?

AL: I write a lot. To be honest I completely suck at drawing! So it’s impossible to have storyboards. So I have to write everything, every little detail. For a fifteen minute film I might have a five page script. Most of the time I decide the music soundtrack before shooting; as many of you know, music is so important for me. And having a good music track in my mind helps me a lot during the shoot.

You shoot a lot of technically complicated shots. Do you spend a lot of time experimenting with different techniques?

AL: That’s my passion, that’s my life. It brings me back to my very beginning: when I was obsessed to know HOW they shot films. Even if every filmmaker has a style, I’m trying not to shoot the same feature every time. I like to experiment with new solutions, but I need to think, develop, write and test before doing it in a final film. If I have a rule it is: what’s in front of the camera must be as perfect as what’s behind the camera.

How is your relationship with the MetArt Network?

AL: As I said at the start, life is a long and incredible journey. In 2012 I couldn’t have known I would get to know Jon and get involved in the MetArt Network. I could say that was one of those moments when your life changes. My relationship with Jon is one of those things that makes my job priceless. I’m not saying it has always been easy… it could sound fake! But it has been a continuous growing up process. Jon helped me a lot with all his words, his critique; if now I have raised the bar so high, it is thanks to him. When we meet in LA we always have a great time, talking about new ideas, new projects and laughing about some of the ‘less good stuff’ I shot in the beginning!

Alis Locanta’s movies will be available on Viv Thomas starting from December 1. Prepared to be dazzled and delighted!


The Art of Kissing

Kissing is the most intimate thing two people can do. It’s not just the physical act of touching lips, tangling tongues… it’s the vulnerability of revealing how much you desire each other. You can tell a lot about how someone will make love from the way they kiss, and it can spark off unexpected heights of sexual arousal, and a surge of excitement that makes you tremble. A really good kiss is never forgotten.

Kissing has inspired artists through the centuries and in every medium; think Rodin’s iconic sculpture The Kiss, or Rhett Butler telling Scarlet O’Hara, “You should be kissed, and often. And by someone who knows how.” And then there’s girl-on-girl kissing, of course – nothing brings notoriety to a mainstream movie or TV show quite as effectively as a little lesbian lip-locking. Denise Richards and Neve Campbell dripping wet in ‘Wild Things’ is a perennial favourite, ditto Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis in ‘Black Swan.’ And I’m still slightly obsessed with Shane (Katherine Moennig) from ‘The L Word,’ because of the way she devours her conquests with such urgent, raw lust. I’m powerless to resist that kind of animalistic passion.

Do you remember your first kiss… your best kiss? I’m sure you do…

Viv Thomas members take kissing very seriously. It’s no coincidence that Viv’s classic movie ‘The Art of Kissing’ and its two sequels were extremely successful DVD releases (and boasting a cast of top models such as Sandra Shine, Jo, Eve Angel, Vera and Peaches certainly didn’t hurt!). It seems kissing is a theme that strikes a chord with lovers of lesbian erotica all around the globe.

And yes, while some of the kissing in recent scenes has reached the high standards that Viv’s ‘classic era’ babes set, I have to concede that some of it has been a little lacklustre. That’s why we’re making a brand new commitment to kissing excellence today. Tender kisses… slow, lingering kisses… scorching hot, I-need-you-right-now kisses… we love them all, and we know you do too. Keep watching, folks; on the next shoot we’ll be putting plenty of emphasis on getting the sexy smooching just right, and that’s a promise. 


Big News to Come!

I’ve dropped a few hints lately that there are some exciting changes coming to Viv Thomas. We’ve been listening to feedback from members, discussing it exhaustively, and brainstorming obsessively.

The result is a piece of HUGE NEWS that you won’t have seen coming… but I’m pretty sure it’s going to make you all very, very happy indeed.

Look out for a MAJOR announcement on November 1. 



Erotic fiction inspired by Lia Tailor

Alone in my hotel room, waiting for my lover to arrive, I was bored and horny. I was lying on the sofa, naked except for my white panties, thinking about what might happen when she arrived. Yes, I said SHE. I’d never been in a physical relationship with another woman until I met her, and just thinking about her touch made me shiver with anticipation.

Squeezing my breasts, I imagined her lips closing around my nipple, her hot tongue flicking against it, making it stiffen. I pictured her naked, holding me tight, her breasts squashed against mine as we kissed and kissed. I spread my thighs a little wider and stroked my fingers lightly over my panties and between my legs, feeling my pussy quiver. I knew her touch would be just as light and gentle to begin with, becoming firmer and more insistent as she felt my juice begin to soak through the thin fabric.

I rubbed my panty crotch harder, my fingers finding the groove between my plump lips, the dampening fabric moulding to my folds. I slid my hand inside my panties to find my slit already slippery with arousal, my fingers gliding up and down over my clit and between my pussy lips smoothly. I tugged the panties tighter against my pussy, the delicious friction sending a surge of pleasure through me, and then peeled the sticky fabric away from my creamy hotspot.

Circling a finger over my puffed-up clit, I imagined my lover’s eyes drinking in the sight of my flushed pink pussy, wet and throbbing with desire for her. I slid my panties down around my ankles, enjoying the way they held my feet together so that my thighs splayed wider open, displaying my juicy pussy so flagrantly. Teasing myself with how long I could resist, I slid my fingers up and down my saturated slot over and over, before finally allowing them to sink inside. I was so turned on that my pussy walls immediately spasmed around my probing fingers, sending tremors of excitement through my body. I knew it wouldn’t take much more to make me orgasm, but I wanted to hold back. I wanted her to be watching me when I came.

Turning onto my front, I clasped my hands together and thrust them between my legs, humping my pussy against them. It was enough to keep me at fever pitch, but not quite enough to push me over the edge. Right on cue, there was a knock at the door. I answered it naked, of course… and a few minutes later I did finally enjoy my first orgasm of the day (but by no means my last) with my lover’s fingers jammed deep inside me, and her lips on mine.

If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to me at I don't promise to post it in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!



Amirah Adara shares her sex secrets!

Amirah Adara is a delicious babe with a unique style. Although she’s Hungarian, her dark eyes and aquiline nose give her the exotic look of an Arabian princess. Amirah made her Viv Thomas debut back in 2014 in Sandra Shine’s movie ‘Models Unleashed,’ and over on our sister site SexArt she has appeared in some scorching boy-girl movies, notably the highly acclaimed series ‘The Writer.’ But we’d been missing her until recently, when VT director Guy Ranieri Sblattero shot her on location in Budapest in a handful of sizzling scenes.

So far we’ve seen her play a sexy masseuse with a very hands-on approach in ‘Discreet Service 2015,’ and take a playful spanking from Felecia Kiss in ‘Power Play,’ but the movie that really showcases her sweet personality is ‘Sex, Lust & Videotape.’ Here, Amirah looks effortlessly sexy as she speaks in cutely accented but excellent English, sharing her personal experiences, before Mona Kim emerges from behind the camera to seduce her. The frank way she opens up about her sex life is charmingly arousing, and made me want to learn more about her! I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know her too…

Amirah, please tell us a little about yourself.

AA: I’m 23 years old, and I’m from Budapest, Hungary. I’m still living in Budapest but I travel a lot. I love my work, so if I can I work every day! When I have free time I like to be with my family and friends. I like almost every kind of music, what I listen to depends on my mood. I had a cat but nowadays I travel too much so I don’t have time for pets, sadly.  

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

AA: I was just curious. I like to try new things, so I tried it and I loved it!

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

AA: I like my hair and my nose.

How do you keep in such good shape?

AA: My work is sometimes like training! But seriously, I try to eat healthy and go to the gym as often as possible.

What do you enjoy most about making movies?

AA: The people, the travelling, the feelings, the attention, the sex, everything!

Do you like to watch your own movies?

AA: Usually I don’t watch them, but I do love to watch porn!

Please tell us about shooting for Viv Thomas recently. Did you have a favourite partner?

AA: I love them all! Anita B and Alexa Tomas are my good friends, but the other girls – Felicia Kiss, Mona Kim and Lauren – were amazing as well. There was a lot of passion and fun, I just loved it!

You shot a very naughty spanking scene with Felicia Kiss – are you more dominant or submissive?

AA: For me it depends on the other person. I can be both, and I like both as well! Usually I’m very dominant in my personal life, so sometimes it’s good to be submissive in scenes!

Are you an exhibitionist?

AA: Yes, I am for sure!

Do you have a high sex drive?

AA: Yes I do, so this is a perfect job for me! 

Are you bisexual?

AA: Yes I am! I like girls as well. I like the person, not the gender.

What turns you on?

AA: If we have chemistry, everything! Touching, kissing, feeling each other.

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

AA: I've tried a lot of different places! In a pool saloon, at a festival, bathroom, park, car, and so on…

Do you like to use your fingers or toys to masturbate?

AA: Mostly my fingers, but if I have a really good sex toy I love to use it!

What is your favourite sexual fantasy?

AA: I want to have sex in an elevator. I don’t know why but this never happened to me yet!

What kind of partners do you like?

AA: Funny, intelligent, interesting, extreme, open minded, crazy like me!

How would you describe your personality?

AA: Open minded, a little bit crazy, exhibitionist, funny.

Are you a romantic person?

AA: I can be with the right person.

What are your ambitions?

AA: I would like to do porn for as long as I enjoy it, I want to win awards, and after that I would like to have a company for organizing events. And later of course I would like a husband and children.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

AA: Just that I LOVE you all and thanks a lot for your support! I’m nothing without you guys! 



Masturbation Education!

You may consider yourself an expert in erotic self-pleasure, but it seems there is always something new to learn. English Literature undergraduates at Sheffield University in the UK will reportedly be taking a compulsory module that includes a lecture titled ‘The Art of Masturbation’ led by Dr Fabienne Collignon.

Dr Collignon told Sheffield’s student news site The Tab, “The lecture will be on Walt Whitman, Rob Halpern and the deconstruction of masturbation. The last week is called pleasure, self-scrutiny and auto-eroticism. I ended up calling it that because there’s an affinity between literary pleasure, critical self-scrutiny and auto-eroticism… It will argue how the writing of lyric poetry and masturbation always imagines an absent other.”

Masturbation may be a touchy subject, but you know I’m very much in favour of people speaking more openly about sex. However, I can’t help wondering how this particular skill set will translate into the workplace. Is it something students will be encouraged to put on their résumé? “Proficient at focusing on the task at hand,” perhaps?

Students are also encouraged to undertake independent research into the subject. Let’s hope they are members of Viv Thomas, just in case they need some help with their homework.



Dirty talker Jemma Valentine makes her Viv Thomas debut!

Canadian cutie Jemma Valentine is brand new to Viv Thomas, but she made such an instant impression that I couldn’t wait to find out more! Her debut scene in ‘A Day in the Life’ saw her melting Angelina Brill’s heart (and loins) with her romantic kisses and dirty talk. Suffice to say we’ll see different aspects to her sparky personality in the other scenes she shot on location in Budapest with VT director Guy Ranieri Sblattero. Arousing as it is to hear this delicious blonde bombshell talking dirty, she’s also charming and eloquent when it comes to sharing her intimate secrets with us…

Jemma, please tell us a little about yourself.

JV: I’m 24 years old. I grew up in inner city Toronto, and I currently live in Montreal but spend most of my time travelling. I am a bit of a workaholic but I love my work and the lines between work and play are very blurred for me. I love bringing joy to people and creating entertaining and sexy media. I listen to a lot of hip hop, r&b, some electro and classic rock. I don’t have any pets – I’ve thought it might be nice to get one but it wouldn’t really work out well for me as it’s hard to travel with animals! 

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

JV: I was doing mainstream modelling – commercials, music videos, lingerie and bikini photoshoots. I found myself tugging at my clothes in a lot of my photos and creating very sensual images. I wanted to shoot nudes for a while. I love showing off my body. I also had come to a point where a lot of financial responsibility was coming on to me at once in my life (tuition, wisdom teeth, recent separation of my mom and stepdad) and it seemed like a great and fun way to take care of that.

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

JV: I hate choosing favourites! I'd say probably my eyes, breasts, or pussy. I feel pretty lucky for my proportions. 

How do you keep in such good shape?

JV: To be honest, the physical activity I do the most is sex! I do keep active and like working out as well as other activities like swimming and pole dancing. I’m pretty aware and do my best to eat healthy. 

Do you like to watch your own movies?

JV: I like showing people my videos and getting their feedback. When I get back a movie I’ve produced from editing I watch it before I post to check how it turned out. I use every shoot as a learning opportunity as well – I look for what looks good and works so I can do more of that as well as things I can improve.

Please tell us about shooting in Budapest for

JV: It was great shooting for Viv Thomas. I respect the company and the art that they produce a lot so I was looking forward to working with them. Some of the crew were from the same part of Italy that my grandpa came from, it was cool connecting about that. Angelina Brill, Kitty Lovedream and Diana Dolce are all very beautiful girls, it was a pleasure working with them. I find that most companies I’ve shot with in Europe tend to like me to be pretty vocal, and VT was the first company I worked with that asked me not to speak as much. I shot three scenes – the first, with Angelina Brill, I spoke quite a bit in, then remained more quiet for the other two.  

You are very vocal during sex – does it turn you on to talk?

JV: I do like dirty talk, especially if it comes across naturally. I found that I’ve received a lot of direction from different companies that they’d like for me to talk, particularly since when I work in Europe there aren’t many native English speakers. It’s a rarity so of course they’d like to capitalize on it. I think that it’s good to have that dimension as well as it brings you into the action on screen more – it seems more needed particularly in a situation where the viewer can’t feel you. 

Do you have a high sex drive?

JV: I have a seriously high sex drive! 

Did you ever have sex with a girl in your personal life?

JV: Yes, I’ve had sex with many girls in my personal life before doing so on film. I’ve had girlfriends... I think my longest relationship with a girl was about five months long. I am certainly bisexual. 

Do you prefer guys or girls?

JV: I wouldn’t want to have to choose between guys and girls... it depends more on the individual for me than their gender. 

What turns you on?

JV: Ambition, power, drive, money, feeling comfortable, secure and desired. Novelty and hot bodies. 

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

JV: Hmm, that’s a tough one. I think it was probably the rooftop of a warehouse while the sun was rising. 

Have you ever done it in a public place?

JV: Yes – I lost my virginity in a forest. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie and a total exhibitionist. It’s amazing when there’s so much sexual tension between two people that they can’t even wait to get to a private place and have to have each other in the moment. 

Do you like to masturbate?

JV: Yes, I masturbate sometimes – usually on camera though! I like running water, my dildos and vibrator. 

What is your favourite sexual position?

JV: I hate choosing favourites! I find it’s about my connection with the person. I think my top three are doggie, cowgirl and missionary with my legs overhead. 

Do you like to be more dominant or more submissive?

JV: I’d say I’m sexually aggressive. I can be more dominant or more submissive depending on the person I’m with and their tastes. I’d say in general I’m more submissive to men and dominant towards women in bed.

What kind of partners do you like?

JV: I like ambitious, confident people who are in touch with themselves, their desires and what they bring to the table. I love when a person can really make me laugh and I think that’s definitely a big sign of situational intelligence, which is really hot. 

How would you describe your personality?

JV: I’m very outgoing, sexual, and ambitious. 

Are you a romantic person?

JV: I’m not very romantic. I’m friendly but not usually very emotionally involved – I prefer rough sex on a whim or a hot threesome after clubbing rather than a candlelit dinner and flowers. 

What are your ambitions?

JV: I’m a partner in the only Canadian porn agency. I’m really interested in building that company, Maxxx Models, up and having it blossom. I also want to be a very successful porn star and producer, creating beautiful moments for people all over the world. 

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

JV: Thanks for being my Valentines! [winking]



Five minutes with vivacious star Alexis Crystal!

Adorable Alexis Crystal brings so much fun and energy to her scenes that she practically leaps out of the screen at you. Here at Viv Thomas, she made a memorable debut last October in ‘The Circle,’ where she was perfectly cast as the irresistible love of Eileen Sue’s life. Her passion and joie de vivre made an instant impression; and a subsequent role in ‘The Gym’ showcased her sensational body and impressive flexibility to arousing effect. Three hot scenes in ‘Sex Message III’ revealed a penchant for anilingus and a deliciously dominant streak!

Over on our sister site SexArt, Alexis is best known for the climactic fourway episode of ground-breaking action series ‘The Game.’ Recently she returned for the opening scene of Andrej Lupin’s latest series, the complex and compelling ‘Secrets of Prague.’ Teamed up with Eileen Sue (who’s known there as Margot) once again, she doesn’t hold back any of her explosive sexual energy. As filming of ‘Secrets of Prague’ wrapped, I managed to grab five minutes with this gorgeous, vivacious and always-smiling babe; and five minutes is all you need to see just how much fun she is…

Alexis, please tell us about yourself.

AC: I am 22, and I live in Prague. I enjoy doing my job, catching up with friends and having fun.

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

AC: Nothing, it was a series of circumstances. 

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

AC: A positive approach. 

How do you keep in such great shape? Are you a dancer?

AC: I’m not a dancer, so it’s just hard work, hard work and hard work again.

Which is your favourite of your movies on Viv Thomas and SexArt?

AC: Definitely ‘The Game,’ on SexArt! It was an amazing experience – and sometimes it’s not just boys who like playing soldiers!

What do you enjoy most about making movies?

AC: I like playing different roles, so I really love the buzz around it; the sex itself is the icing on the cake.

Who was your favourite partner so far in a scene?

AC: Matt Ice, of course!

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life before you did it in a movie?

AC: No, but I like doing it on film! 

Please tell us about ‘Secrets of Prague.’

AC: I think Andrej Lupin and Ariel Piper Fawn are a perfect team that create breathtaking erotic art. In particular, this series is purely feminine, full of my native city, Prague, and romantic sex. You’ll definitely love this series!

You seem like a very energetic person, always smiling and having fun in your scenes. How would you describe yourself?

AC: Positive Alexis! 

What are your ambitions?

AC: I want to keep doing this job and then we’ll see…

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

AC: Thank you for your favour, I’m sending you a thousand kisses!



‘REM’ – Viv Thomas member creates a dream movie!

One of the things that sets Viv Thomas ahead of the pack is the thriving community of members who play a vital role in shaping how the site evolves. Comments, critique and lively debates all influence what is filmed.

‘REM,’ scene one of which goes live on Monday 21, is the second movie to be based on an idea submitted by a member (the first was recent release ‘Love Match,’ written by Renegade). ‘REM,’ inspired by a story from VT member Lex, is an erotic exploration of the power of dreams, and it’s as arousing as it is unsettling. Featuring seductive superstar Alexa Tomas and blonde bombshell Candy Sweet, along with a handful of gorgeous new Hungarian models, ‘REM’ is sure to haunt your dreams and fuel your fantasies!

If you have an idea for a movie, you can send it to me at – I’d love to see it!


Anal sex – the best route to orgasm?

Anal sex. It’s a divisive issue, a real love-it-or-hate-it practice. But it seems that those who love it really, REALLY love it – it’s one of the most requested acts here on VT, hence its inclusion in some of the brand new batch of movies shot by director Guy Ranieri Sblattero in Budapest.

When people talk about anal, they tend to be referring to either hetero couples or gay male couples, but these new movies are proof positive that licking and fingering of the tightest hole has a place in lady lovin’ too. Of course, if you don’t like it, you can always fast forward through it – but you’ll miss some pretty spectacular orgasms. I’d hazard a guess that watching Henessy convulse with pleasure as she crams her fingers into her pussy and Alexis Brill drills her tight ass (in scene one of new release ‘The Lingerie Consultancy’) is something you don’t want to miss!

It might help your decision to know that according to data analysts, female orgasms and anal sex go hand in hand. Polling aggregation website FiveThirtyEight crunched the numbers from the 2009 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, and found that 94 percent of women had an orgasm in encounters where they received anal sex. Now, this figure is open to interpretation – maybe having anal implies that the woman is already very aroused, is confident in bed, or is feeling particularly naughty – but it certainly suggests there are a lot of gals out there getting off by having their backdoor stimulated!

So, what is it about anal that feels so good? Well, there are a ton of nerve endings there; and the space between the pussy and rectum is very thin, so a finger in the ass will press right against her G-spot. But above all, maybe it’s the sheer intimacy and taboo nature that makes it so arousing.

Of course, it’s not all about anal. You can look forward to seeing lots of hot kissing, passionate pussy eating and sex play of all kinds too. But if analingus and deep finger penetration between beautiful girls floats your boat, you’re in for a fun time! Check out today's new movie, episode one of 'Power Play' for starters (and there's a little spanking thrown in too!). I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback, so please keep the comments coming.


Eileen Sue: fun, freckled and fabulous!

Eileen Sue is a very sexy girl. For starters she’s extremely pretty, with sharp cheekbones and a scattering of cute freckles. Then there are those amazing natural breasts, with alluring dark nipples, a tiny waist, pert bottom and long legs. Add to that her energy and voracious appetite for pleasure, and you’ve got a pretty sensational package.

She burst onto the Viv Thomas scene in early 2013 in a memorable encounter with the equally busty Lexi Lowe in ‘Story of She 2.’ A handful of sizzling scenes followed, before ‘The Circle’ cemented her status as a star to watch. Not only did she bring irrepressible passion to the movie – her liaison with Alexis Crystal is off-the-scale hot –  but she also displayed some impressive acting skills, playing the innocent cutie with seductress Naomi Nevena, and portraying love and heartbreak brilliantly.

Over on our sister site SexArt, where she is known as Margot, she has appeared in some very classy scenes, including one of my all time favourites, ‘Lift,’ with Whitney Conroy. Their chemistry is scorching, and the orgasms are wild! Most recently, she has been a part of Team Lupin’s major new SexArt series ‘Secrets of Prague,’ a complex and compelling story that you certainly won’t want to miss. I grabbed the chance to ask her a few questions shortly after filming wrapped, and I thought you might like to learn more about her too…

Eileen Sue, please tell us a little about yourself.

ES: I am 26 years old, and I live in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic. I like reading, listening to music, watching movies and catching up with friends. 

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

ES: I worked in a factory and a friend of mine had been telling me about her work in erotica for ages. My answer was always that I didn’t want to do that. But then I was fired from work, so I tried it! I was approached by an Italian photographer, Deltagamma, and I accepted.

What is your favourite thing about modelling?

ES: I love travelling and meeting new people. I generally like trying new things – places, food, people… 

How do you keep in such great shape?

ES: I go to the gym, and I visit a cosmetician, but it’s mostly genes. 

Which is your favourite of your movies on Viv Thomas and SexArt?

ES: As for Viv’s movies, I enjoyed 'The Circle' most, and on SexArt, 'Lift.' I have fun making movies.

Who is your favourite partner?

ES: I have no favourite partner; if the girl I work with isn’t problematic, it’s always a nice cooperation. Leila Smith might be one of the best ones. I never had sex with a girl before I did it in a movie!

Please tell us about 'Secrets of Prague,' the series you recently shot with Andrej Lupin for SexArt.

ES: It was an interesting production, and I really enjoyed it. I feel proud of it. I like the idea of the project, I enjoyed being a part of it, and I’m looking forward to seeing the whole series.

You seem like a very energetic person, you bring a lot of passion to your scenes. How would you describe yourself?

ES: I give everything to the scenes, because I want my work to look good. I generally like looking at women, and I can at least “taste” them when making a movie. If I wasn't married, I would shoot with guys as well, this is how much I enjoy it!

What are your ambitions?

ES: In my life I would like to be happy and satisfied, have a lot of children and a trouble-free life. 

Is there anything you would like to tell your fans?

ES: Thank you all for your support, I really appreciate it, and I love you so much! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be who I am.


fun on set with Lorena and Lola (aka Dido)

How often have you wished to be a fly on the wall when a special VT shoot was taking place? It’s every bit as pleasurable as you would imagine. Take it from me, I’ve done it many times – but I’ve never been lucky enough to witness Lorena in action at first hand.

Here’s a special treat for us all though, as our ultimate VT dream girl was sweet enough to send me a behind-the-scenes clip to share with you.

“Dido (Lola) and I shot this movie with Don Caravaggio for Viv Thomas,” she told me. “Don is just finishing editing it at the moment. We had so much fun shooting it, we only hope the members will enjoy it just as much!”

Judging from this, I’d say that’s a safe bet…


Sex talk with busty French beauty Anissa Kate

It’s hard to tear your eyes away from French starlet Anissa Kate’s gorgeous face… but then, it’s also a challenge not to stare at those incredible breasts! The exotic beauty has been turning heads since she made her debut on our sister site SexArt in January, and now she has brought her glamorous sex-appeal to Viv Thomas too. A starring role as the cheating fiancée in ‘Love Match’ showcased that fantastic body and simmering sensuality perfectly, while ‘Vacancy’ and ‘Fashion & Fetish,’ have revealed a fun and flirty side to her personality. It’s a treat to learn more about this busty bombshell…

Anissa, please tell us a little about yourself.

AK: I am from Lyon, France, and I currently live in Spain. I’m 28 years old, and 1m68 (5’6”) of happiness. I love travelling, staying at famous hotels, shopping. My lifestyle is not suitable for a pet because I travel a lot... But when I am more settled, I’d like to have a dog.

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

AK: I was bored with studying. One night, I watched a TV programme on the NRJ12 channel called ‘Tellement Vrai’ (‘So True’) about the actress Jessie Volt. I thought it must be cool to be an actress. The travel, the money, the freedom of being able to work as you want, all this made me want to try it.

How big are your breasts? Which do men look at first when they meet you, your eyes or your breasts?

AK: 95D (38D). I never asked the question!

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

AK: My face.

How do you keep in such great shape?

AK: Practicing sport!

How long have you been making movies?

AK: It will be four years in September. I love the freedom in my work. I do not have job security or a fixed salary but I am my own boss. I am totally in charge of my career.

Do you like to watch your own movies?

AK: No, never!

What do you like about shooting with director Alis Locanta for SexArt?

AK: It is very soft, very glamorous and the atmosphere is always relaxed. He also has amazing fashionable Italian outfits. Personally, I love it.

Please tell us about the movies you shot recently with Guy Ranieri Sblattero for Viv Thomas.

AK: ‘Vacancy’ was the first time I had a scene with Ava Courcelles. I sank my whole teeth into her beautiful bum with relish! In ‘Fashion and Fetish’ I had two very cool scenes with two actresses, who looked very young, Ena Sweet and Talia Mint. In ‘Love Match’ I was supposed to marry Erica Fontes and right before the wedding I cheated on her with Talia Mint – what a bad girl I am!

Did you enjoy acting the role in ‘Love Match’?

AK: Yes, I liked it a lot. I had a good feeling with Erica Fontes. She’s a very nice girl, with an amazing body.

Do you have a high sex drive?

AK: I would say normal, the same as everyone.

Who was your favourite sexual partner so far?                                     

AK: Pascal Saint James. I love more mature men. He has a beautiful body and he is a gentleman.

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life, before you did it in a movie?

AK: I had already played ‘touche-pipi’ – that’s how we say ‘playing doctor’ in French – with a friend a little bit. I am not really attracted to women so much, although I find doing lesbian scenes pretty cool.

What do you like best about sex with girls, and with guys?

AK: With girls, I would say cuddles, touching and cunnilingus. With men, I like penetration and sucking nice dicks.

What is your favourite position?

AK: Missionary position, as this is when I feel my partner the most.

Do you find it easy to orgasm when filming a scene?

AK: Yes and no. It depends on how I feel with the other actor and on my mood…

What turns you on?

AK: When I shoot with actors who I find attractive, or with new actors. Sometimes a change of partner is good!

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

AK: In the Nevada Desert.

Do you like to masturbate?

AK: Very rarely since I have been making movies. In intimacy, I always use my fingers.

What is your favourite sexual fantasy?

AK: To have sex with a transsexual, a gorgeous trans with the face of woman, big tits and a huge dick.

Are you a romantic person?

AK: Yes I am.

What kind of men do you like?

AK: I prefer men older than me, who are charming and don’t take themselves too seriously and are not pretentious.

How would you describe your personality?

AK: I am generous, straightforward, sometimes impulsive and anxious.

What are your ambitions?

AK: To have the best career possible as an actress, carry on shooting and open a wine bar in Los Angeles in a few years’ time

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

AK: A big thank you to all my followers. I wish you to be happy and healthy, and to enjoy life!



‘Vacancy’ – take a trip you’ll never forget!

Ladies, next time you book a trip, keep your fingers crossed you find somewhere to stay like the B&B that Ava Courcelles runs in new movie ‘Vacancy.’ The elegant French beauty stars as the sophisticated manager, who takes great pleasure in seducing her gorgeous female guests. She exhibits a powerful sex drive, whether she’s masturbating in the shower, fantasizing about prospective conquests, or acting on her lustful urges.

Ukrainian sweetheart Talia Mint is first to feel the full force of Ava’s desire. After she moves into her room and changes into a sexy bathing suit, the Gallic charmer brings a bottle of wine to welcome her. She surprises Talia by nuzzling her breasts and kissing her luscious lips, then kneels to suck her wet pussy. Talia eats Ava, driving her wild, and then Ava gives Talia an intense orgasm with her talented tongue, before they rub each other to an explosive mutual climax.

Spanish cutie Ena Sweet calls Ava for assistance when she discovers there are no towels in her room. Ava touches herself as she watches Ena in the bathtub, and makes no effort to disguise her arousal as their eyes meet. She sucks Ena’s nipples and feasts on her succulent slot. When Ena has been driven to fever pitch by Ava’s teasing, she gets eaten from behind, then squats with her thighs spread wide as Ava rubs her to orgasm. Now Ena undresses Ava and fingers her to a rapid climax, turning her around before she has a chance to catch her breath and fingering her to a second, even more intense orgasm.

Busty French sensation Anissa Kate is next to stir up Ava’s libido, inspiring Ava to fantasize about stroking and squeezing her magnificent curves. When Ava can’t resist any longer, she creeps into Anissa’s room to wake her by sucking her nipples. Ava peels off Anissa’s panties and goes down to lick her pussy, making her quiver with excitement. Anissa straddles Ava, pressing her breasts in her face as she rides her fingers to an orgasm that makes her ass jiggle. She kisses Ava hungrily and eats her pussy, turning her over to do her from behind and then fingering her ass as she rubs herself to orgasm.

Ava’s secret crush on her friend Erica Fontes is finally realised, as Erica visits and the pair find themselves in bed. Naked bodies entwined, they rub each other’s pussies frenziedly, enjoying a rapid simultaneous orgasm and then taking time for a more leisurely exploration of each other’s charms. Ava licks and fingers Erica’s sensitive pussy until she cums again, and then Erica returns the favour, before they move into scissors and grind to a powerful climax.

This cosmopolitan cast of beauties laps up the warm welcome from their gracious and voracious hostess, as they enjoy such unique hospitality they’re sure to want to come again soon!



Rising superstar Talia Mint tells all!

Once in a while, a girl comes along and makes everyone sit up and take notice. It’s that indefinable blend of looks, personality and a certain special quality that suggests you’re witnessing the dawn of a major new star – and Talia Mint has that aura of shining promise. It’s surprising – and delightful – to discover that her recent movies for Viv Thomas were her FIRST EVER appearances in front of the camera; this is a girl who was born to be an erotic actress! While her roles in ‘Vacancy,’ ‘Love Match’ and ‘Fashion and Fetish’ have hinted at her incredible potential, I think it’s ‘Truth or Dare,’ which is going live over the next couple of weeks, that really showcases how awesome she is. In the first scene, she translates between English and Spanish fluently, all while having fun with her girlfriends and looking gorgeous. No doubt, this is a girl you want to hang out with, as well as watching her have passionate, energetic and very noisy sex!

Talia has been cool enough to chat with members here at VT, and reading her funny, modest and charming comments really made me want to get to know her better. I think you’ll enjoy it too…

Talia, please tell us a little about yourself.

TM: I’m 25 years old, born and raised in Ukraine and currently residing in Spain. I did a degree in English teaching and philology [the study of the development of language] when I was still in Ukraine so that’s probably why my English is so good – although I think it could still be better! But I realised while I was still a student that teaching was not going to be my career choice. I got into web and graphic design later on, it was just a hobby at first but soon it became my job. I like mixing things up a little and being a freelancer who only needs a computer and internet access to work lets me do other things in my life like modelling or acting. I enjoy travelling and meeting new people – every other person is a chance for me to see the world from a different perspective. I also like photography and of course being photographed! I have a passion for languages, I only speak three for now but as soon as I have some spare time I’ll start learning French and then maybe something exotic like Arabic or Mandarin. I love design, that’s why I do it for work but I also do it for fun too. I like to try all things new, so my hobbies often change. 

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

TM: I’m generally happy with the way I look. I mean it could be worse, right? [laughing] 

Please tell us about your tattoo.

TM: Well, this is what I wrote when some VT members asked me about it recently:

‘It was early 2009. Mercilessly cold Russian winter has reached its peak and all the people, scared to go outside, were hiding in the warmth of their houses... all except for one girl. She crossed the central square struggling with the freezing wind. She was walking towards her destiny that will leave a mark on her little (but rather fabulous) body forever. She had no fear, for her friends were waiting for her and she knew how much they needed her that moment. The thought of their happy faces kept her going. And after about half an hour of torture that seemed like forever she finally made it! The door opened in front of her and she stormed into the room gasping warm air greedily, feeling it spread all over her body, bringing her happiness and relief. 
The grand quest has been completed. She opened her backpack and retrieved two huge bottles of cold beer and her friends cheered and there was no ending to their happiness… And then we all got drunk and my dumb tattooist friend made me that tattoo. We haven’t spoken ever since, I think he moved to a different city shortly after the incident.’

How long have you been making movies?

TM: I only started this year! My first movie ever was for Viv Thomas. The idea of being in an erotic movie always seemed appealing to me but I was too busy doing other things so I didn’t get into it until this year. I’m happy I didn’t start when I was too young, I can relax and enjoy it now, take only the jobs I want and work with the companies that I like, because my life doesn’t depend on it.

What do you enjoy most about making movies?

TM: I enjoy it all! I love travelling, I love beautiful girls, I love sex and being on camera. Every movie is a different fantasy that we get to bring to life, it’s something I probably would have never experienced otherwise. We are very lucky to have an opportunity to do what other people can only dream of. 

Do you like to watch your own movies?

TM: Yes of course I do! It reminds me of how much fun I had when the movie was being made. Also it helps me notice things that I could improve, both on camera and in my private life!


Please tell us about the movies you shot with Guy Ranieri Sblattero for Viv Thomas.

TM: In ‘Vacancy’ I was a foreign girl looking for an apartment to rent and Ava Courcelles was my real estate agent. I wish more real estate agents were like that! Most I’ve met so far have been permanently smiling, balding Spanish men who looked nothing like Ava. If they were all like her I’d be moving to a new apartment every month! Being seduced by a gorgeous French girl is a fantasy worth reliving over and over again. And on top of it she’s an excellent kisser! 

In ‘Love Match’ I was a sneaky friend who comes to Anissa Kate’s apartment right after she got engaged to her girlfriend. The movie was shot in the kitchen so we got to try all kinds of crazy positions. I should say the kitchen is not the most comfortable place for lesbian sex but nevertheless it was fun trying not to fall over on Anissa’s head! Anissa is a girl I could stare at all night from the corner of a nightclub and never dare to come close to. She is beautiful, confident and she knows herself well. I’m happy that I had an opportunity to shoot with her, there’s no chance I could get a girl like that in real life! 

‘Fashion and Fetish’ was a new thing for me. I know a few guys who have a foot fetish and I understand its appeal but I hadn’t thought I’d ever get to touch a girl’s vagina with my toes! It was very unusual and very funny, I think we had to stop shooting for a few seconds because at one point I started giggling like an idiot. But eventually after taking a few deep breaths I could relax and enjoy the moment. Jimena Lago is absolutely adorable and a great person too. We ended up talking for hours and we got to know each other rather well so shooting with her was as easy as spending a Sunday afternoon with a girlfriend. She looks so innocent but when it comes to sex she’s as wild as it gets. I know I can be rather loud sometimes but she managed to outdo me there! And at the same time she’s so nice to just cuddle with! We’re still in touch, I have her on whatsapp and we chat every now and then. I really hope we can do another movie together some day!

‘Truth or Dare’ was SO much fun! I’m really curious to see Julia and Leila’s video with those cuffs that popped out of nowhere in the middle of the scene! Now that you’ve reminded me of it I won’t be able to sleep all night trying to guess what was going on there. Both girls are extremely sexy and they clearly love what they do. I could relax with them and just have fun. We had such a laugh with the banana, OMG we were joking about it for hours after the scene.

Do you enjoy the acting?

TM: Yes I do! I get to be a different person for a moment or just me in different circumstances. It’s always a little adventure. 

Do you have a favourite scene?

TM: I like the moments in ‘Fashion and Fetish’ with Erica Fontes when she was adjusting my underwear and then when she lowered the camera and kissed me. It was such a turn on you can’t imagine, I just wanted to grab her and take her home with me! And it ended up looking great on video, the team managed to capture all the glances, every touch and the kiss perfectly. 

Were you happy about the great reaction to your recent MetArt debut?

TM: Yes I was checking the website 10 times a day to see if there were more comments! You’ve got the most charming gentlemen among your members there. 

Do you have a high sex drive?

TM: I believe so, yes. I can’t spend an hour without touching myself when I’m home alone and I’ve probably seen more porn movies than any other movies or series in my life! I have a small collection of toys to keep me busy on a rainy day. I’ve had relationships with men and women and both at the same time but I’m not a cheater so when I’m with someone there are no other people in my life unless we’re sharing!

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life, before you did it in a movie?

TM: Yes, I am bisexual. I’ve always been attracted to girls. I kissed a girl for the first time when I was still at school and I enjoyed it. She was saying that it was weird so I had to pretend it was weird for me too but it was actually really nice. I had sex with a girl for the first time when I was 18 and there have been a lot since. I find it easier to have casual sex with a girl rather than a guy. 

What do you like best about sex with girls, and with guys?

TM: It’s different. It’s like wearing silk and leather. One is light and soft, the other is rough and heavy, but both are nice to wear. With girls I like to be more active, I think there’s nothing more exciting than giving a woman pleasure. And it’s more relaxed, there’s no rush, more touching and kissing. Girls are small fragile creatures and this is our beauty. With guys it’s completely the opposite. It’s nice sometimes to just be a little girl and have a strong man hold you in his arms. 

What is your favourite position?

TM: It depends on the partner and the situation. 69 is good but if the partner is tall it’s more struggle than pleasure! So I like to try as many positions as possible with every partner and figure out what feels best. 

Do you find it easy to orgasm when filming a scene?

TM: It doesn’t take much to make me orgasm, I find it harder not to at times! 

What turns you on?

TM: I love accents, especially French, it drives me crazy! I like nice lingerie, transparent knickers are the best! I love it when a girl is shy, it’s so hot! And of course a nice body is a plus. With guys it’s more about the personality than the looks. Confidence and class is more attractive than muscles or a pretty face. 

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

TM: Oh, I’ve tried many! The most unusual was probably during a San Juan party behind a small lighthouse. 

Have you ever done it in a public place?

TM: A few times. In the ocean, at the beach, in the dunes, on the side of the road… I wouldn’t say no to good fun just because there’s a few people nearby!

You are very vocal during sex – does this ever get you in trouble?

TM: I’ve had neighbours complaining many times! But random people rarely make any comments, I think they feel more uncomfortable about it than me. 

Do you like to masturbate? Do you like to use your fingers, or toys?

TM: I love it! Who doesn’t? I like toys but sometimes I masturbate with my fingers when I can’t be bothered to go get my toys out. 

What is your favourite sexual fantasy?

TM: Running away with a beautiful stranger and having sex with her on the balcony of a hotel room watching the sunset.

Are you a romantic person?

TM: I can be sometimes but I can be very practical too. Depends on the mood!

How would you describe your personality?

TM: I’m a very open-minded and chilled person, I like to goof around, life is boring without a good laugh. I’m very emotional and that’s why I’m not very good at arguments, I get too excited easily! [laughing] 

What are your ambitions?

TM: I want to be the first alien to trick humanity into world peace and bring prosperity to the third world countries and when everyone gets fat and happy I’ll feed them to my people. 

Is there anything else you would like to tell the Viv Thomas members?

TM: Stay awesome, eat your vegetables and keep the compliments coming! 



Ava Courcelles: a smart and stylish star speaks out!

French fox Ava Courcelles is about as far removed from the stereotypical image of a ‘pornstar’ as it’s possible to get. Naturally elegant, stylish and sophisticated, she’s also intelligent and passionate. And of course she is super-hot, with a beautiful face and incredible curvy figure; if those full lips, freckles and her sexy French accent don’t stir you, I can’t imagine what will!

Ava made her Viv Thomas debut back in March with ‘Look At Me’ and ‘In His Shoes,’ instantly making an impression with her classy demeanour. As a result, she was perfectly cast in current release ‘Vacancy,’ in which she stars as the sexually confident and independent manager of a bed-and-breakfast establishment, who has no inhibitions when it comes to seducing her enticing female guests. I wanted to learn more about this intriguing beauty, and I’m sure you will too…

Ava, please tell us a little about yourself.

AC: I was born in February 1981 in St Mandé, a suburb of Paris, and grew up in a western suburb of Paris, Hauts-de-Seine. My family moved to California when I was 17 and I spent my final year of high school in an American school. Then I returned to France not by choice, but because I was an adult and so I was no longer on my step-dad’s working visa. My youth was complicated. My parents divorced when my twin sister and I were barely three years old. My mother remarried shortly after. We saw our real dad until we were nine, then he agreed to give away his custody rights to our step-dad... I must confess it felt like being abandoned. Even more so as from this moment we lived in hell. We spent our teenage years under dictatorship and psychological torture. At 18, we became independent and started to look for work, to survive. Working full-time to pay rent, food and bills was incompatible with student life. I had no choice but to work, and I worked as a hostess in the corporate sector for 10 years.

Having a twin sister is the best thing life gave me. It helped me overcome the hard times in life. Having a twin sister has only advantages. We have an incredibly close bond, we tell each other everything, we experience everything together. To tell the truth, when she was pregnant, I had a phantom pregnancy. I gained 10 kg, which I lost in a week after she gave birth! This is one of the mysteries of twinning. I am 5' 2" tall, and I weigh 52kg (114lbs).

What do you like to do in your spare time?

AC: I look after my dogs and my man, and I exercise. I watch movies, mainly horror movies. I love them! And I am regularly on social media. I spend time with my family – my twin sister, my niece, my man and my dogs. I’ve got two dogs (an English Bulldog, Rosie, and a cane corso, Athena) and two European cats, Gaïa and Afra, who were rescued from the streets. I love animals because they are loyal and faithful. They are a model for me. Believe me, they are far from being inferior to human beings. My passions are drawing, animals, films, dancing, sport, communication and the passion to learn more. But my biggest passion is my niece.

Why did you decide to become an actress in adult movies?

AC: After 10 years working as a hostess, I decided to stop. I took a break for a month and asked myself: “I love dancing, why not lap dancing?” I joined the team of the Eropolis fair a few months later. This is where I met women who were porn actresses, and I found them more glamourous than the ‘ordinary’ stripper. Mind you, I am not denigrating this job. I love it, but for me combining lap dancing with acting was more motivating. That’s why I joined the porn industry. I am comfortable in my own body so nude modelling seemed very natural to me!

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

AC: Physically speaking, I like my bottom and my face.

How do you keep in such great shape?

AC: I have been practicing sport for ever, and bodybuilding intensely for over four years and five times a week, training in the gym for an hour and a half. Food wise, I am lucky. I can eat everything without putting on weight. So I make the most of it! But I still try to eat healthy. In fact, I eat a lot of starches, vegetables, dairy products, cereals especially oat flakes, chicken, turkey as well as quatre-quart [pound cake]…And on Saturday it’s cheat meal! I mean fast food, ice creams, cakes and so on! But I drink very little alcohol and I don’t smoke.

Do you like to watch adult movies?

AC: I don’t watch porn. I prefer films that let you guess rather than showing it all. Having said that, I think a beautiful porn film is a true work of art. I admire the work. That is why I only act in beautiful productions. I like ‘smart’ porn. I do watch my own films, but definitely not to pleasure myself. I watched them with a professional and critical eye.

What is your favourite type of scene?

AC: I like scenes with dialogue, in which I get to play a real character. I like playing a headstrong and confident woman. I don’t make a lot of movies. I prefer choosing rather than enduring. I will carry on acting, that’s for sure, but only in movies which mean something to me. What I like in this job is the human contact, the freedom it gives me: I only choose what I like and I manage my career myself. I am free!

What do you like about shooting with Guy Ranieri Sblattero for Viv Thomas?

AC: Shooting with Guy is amazing. He is human, polite and very professional. His work is true art. I think he can reach a female audience just as well as a male audience. A woman can enjoy watching his films because they are focused mainly on female pleasure.

Please tell us about shooting ‘Vacancy.’

AC: That’s exactly the type of film I was hoping to make for a long time: a lot of story and shorter sex scenes. The shoot was truly enjoyable. I got on extremely well with the other actresses. They are lovely women. I already knew Anissa, and she is French so it was convenient to speak in our native language! I played alongside Erica a few months earlier. We had a very good relationship, which we consolidated during the filming of ‘Vacancy.’ I never met Talia and Ena before but I loved working with them. They are both very sweet and human.

Who was your favourite sexual partner so far, and why?

AC: Ian Scott; he is very sexual and is a good performer.

Do you have a high sex drive?

AC: In my humble opinion, I am in the average. What turns me on are impromptu situations. Recently, I had sex with my man in the restroom of a casino during a wedding. I loved it! However, I like everything about sex. I like role-play because you can play several characters and it is exciting to become someone else. FYI, the best way to make me cum is to look me in the eyes when I am very aroused.

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life, before you did it in a movie?

AC: Yes, once, but I was not that much into the girl. I am not bisexual but I must say it excites me more and more.

What do you like best about sex with girls, and with guys?

AC: With a man I like to be dominated. I like intense and wild sex. With a woman I like sweet, sensual and light sex.

What is your favourite position?

AC: I love nearly every position and my preferences change; at the moment I love spooning because it gives me intense pleasure rather quickly. This position has to be perfect to reach my G-spot!

Have you ever done it in a public place?

AC: Yes, and very often: mostly in restrooms!

Do you like to masturbate?

AC: I love masturbating. For me, pleasuring yourself is essential in order to spend time with yourself and learn about yourself. I much prefer doing it with my fingers than with a toy.

What is your favourite sexual fantasy?

AC: I think I satisfied a lot of them. These days I would say: to watch my fiancé make love to another woman without taking part.

Are you a romantic person?

AC: No, I am not a romantic. I am a passionate person, a lover of love. Actually I never asked or suggested to a man to be romantic with me. Buying me jewellery, flowers, this is not important to me. I am not materialistic at all. All I need when I am in love is the man and his love.

How would you describe your personality?

AC: I am passionate, very sensitive but strong at the same time. Headstrong, determined, I get to the bottom of things that are important to me, and nothing will stop me. I am professional and nice, I hate conflict. However, inside I can feel fragile and insecure, which I know how to hide very well.

What are your ambitions?

AC: I have achieved my ambitions! I signed an exclusive contract with Hot Vidéo [a French adult magazine] and a contract as the ambassador of the [French] social network Socialporn.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?




Viv Thomas member writes hot new movie ‘Love Match’!

I’m thrilled to announce a very special event here at Viv Thomas – the first movie to be written entirely by one of our talented members! Renegade is a fairly new member, but was so inspired by what he found here that he wrote a script for us. Director Guy Ranieri Sblattero loved it, and the resulting movie, ‘Love Match,’ will be released on Viv Thomas starting on July 29.

The story revolves around a gorgeous lesbian couple, played by busty French beauty Anissa Kate and willowy Portuguese babe Erica Fontes. We meet them at a turning point in their relationship, with Erica proposing marriage, and Anissa’s doubts driving her into the arms of another woman, gorgeous Talia Mint. The path of true love certainly doesn’t run smooth – especially with Jimena Lago, Ena Sweet and Ava Courcelles further complicating matters along the way. Will love conquer all – or will illicit desires rule?

‘Love Match’ will be free for members to stream and download, and also available on Pay Per Scene for non-members, and the DVD will be in our online store soon. 


Carolina Abril – daring, delightful and downright delicious!

Carolina Abril is the most wonderfully uninhibited girl you could imagine. The Spanish sweetheart’s cute appearance means she is perfectly cast as the innocent newbie – but when you see the verve with which she tears into her partners you realise looks can be deceiving! She made her Viv Thomas debut in May with a naughty fruit-flavoured liaison with Tiffany Doll in ‘Senses,’ and subsequent scenes in ‘Goodbye My Love’ and ‘Holiday’ inspired me to write a script just for her.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the way she interpreted the story for ‘Learning Curve.’ Her adorable personality shines through as she plays a sweet, shy, giggly, sexually adventurous and ultimately voracious ingénue trying her first experiences of lesbian sex, anal fun and posing for nude pictures.

I wanted to find out more about this little firecracker, and I’m delighted to report that Carolina is one of the most forthright girls I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to about sex! I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know her too…

Carolina, please tell us a little about yourself.

CA: I just turned 23. I’m almost 5’5” tall. I’m Canarian from Tenerife, and I live in Madrid. 

What do you enjoy doing?

CA: Fucking. Besides fucking, I like sports, especially swimming – always with my female friends. 

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

CA: My first job wasn’t nude modelling, it was a porn scene with an old fat man. And well, that was my darkest fantasy. To fuck in front of the cameras and then people would masturbate watching me. I love to give orgasms. 

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

CA: It used to be my bottom, but since I fell on a crystal vase and got 30 stitches in it, I choose my boobs.  

How do you keep in such great shape?

CA: Fucking almost every day for many hours. 

How long have you been making movies?

CA: Since I was 18 years and 1 month old. 

What do you enjoy most about making movies?

CA: The orgasms they give me, and that I enjoy so much.  

Do you like to watch your own movies?

CA: I’ve never watched one of my movies!

What do you like about shooting with Guy Ranieri Sblattero for Viv Thomas?

CA: The romance, glamour, sweetness, and it’s always with young, sexy and beautiful girls.

Please tell us about the movies you have shot for Viv Thomas.

CA: Well, first was ‘Senses’ with Tiffany Doll, the food scene. It was very morbid and funny at the same time. We were throwing all the fruit above us, it smelled of fruit throughout the entire house. When we were having oral sex it also tasted like fruit!

Then ‘Goodbye My Love’ with Leila Smith – oh, what a nice and beautiful girl! What a nympho! Even when Guy stopped shooting, we kept giving love to each other. I loved that girl and the sex was perfect.

‘Holiday’ with Silvie Luca… a gorgeous girl but when they stopped shooting, she stopped fucking me and I wanted to cry or grab her head and make her eat me!

In ‘Learning Curve’ I had three scenes. Bailey Ryder was lovely but if she had had shorter nails it would have been much better! Good oral sex though! Amarna Miller (the anal scene) and Amber Nevada (the photographer scene) – both were the best! Maybe because we understood each other sexually and verbally. We never stopped and ohhhh what delicious orgasms we gave each other. No doubt we Spanish girls are the most vicious!

Which is your favourite of your scenes for Viv Thomas so far?

CA: Hard to choose between Amber and Amarna. Can I choose both? Why? Well obviously because of the chemistry. We wanted to make love for a long time.

Who was your favourite sexual partner so far, and why?

CA: Many: Potro, Nacho Vidal, Rob Diesel… All of them give me orgasms every time, wherever we are.

Do you have a sexual fantasy?

CA: Yes, to fuck on a plane with a total stranger, and take him into the toilet with me. Make love brutally and then never see him again. 

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life, before you did it in a movie?

CA: Yes, but I can’t tell you who with! I am bisexual.

What do you like best about sex with girls, and with guys?

CA: Women, oral. Men, to be sitting on them. My favourite position is riding! I love to feel a good penis and rub my clit with his abdomen.

What turns you on?

CA: To feel that someone desires me. 

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

CA: Oh so many! Pool, beach, park, train, open space, toilets...

Do you like to masturbate? Do you like to use your fingers, or toys?

CA: I love to masturbate. I don’t use my fingers or toys. I just rub myself with anything! 

Are you a romantic person?

CA: Yes, and thoughtful. I like to surprise people every day and break the routine.

How would you describe your personality?

CA: Cheerful, morbid, daring.

What are your ambitions?

CA: To fuck a lot! As much as I can until my pussy says ‘stop’! 

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

CA: Many thanks for watching my videos and giving me your richest climax. I hope I can fuck with you some day! [giggling].



Cute and naughty Taylor Sands opens up to Viv Thomas!

Taylor Sands is cuter than a basket of kittens. She’s also a horny little minx who makes no secret of her love of sex, with male and female partners – or in the case of ‘Waltz With Me – Winter’ over on our sister site SexArt, both at the same time! Taylor’s sweet smile, mouth-wateringly beautiful breasts and shapely bottom have won her plenty of admirers at SexArt, so it was wonderful to see her long-overdue debut here at VivThomas recently. A sultry mutual striptease with Amarna Miller in ‘Private Show’ showcased her more overtly sexual and passionate side, while in ‘Gambling’ we see her playful personality to full effect. It’s fun to see her talking and flirting with her girlfriends before she decides to turn the heat up! I wanted to get to know this fun-loving cutie a little better, and I thought you would too…

Taylor, please tell us a little about yourself.

TS: I’m 22 years old, and I live in the Netherlands together with my lovely roommates. In my free time I like to spend time with my family and friends, have a party, watch movies or you’ll find us shopping, we just enjoy life. Experimenting and learning about super foods is my new obsession. I never thought it would be something for me, but my roommates are very happy about it! I like to read, mainly I read about true stories and different cultures. Dancing is my first love, it makes me feel free to feel the music and show my emotion. I just started to do zumba and I really like it, and kickboxing as well, I get all my energy out there.

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

TS: My life was too boring for me, almost every day was the same. I wanted to see the world, meet new people and have fun. So I responded to an adult modelling advertisement and two weeks later I was flying to Portugal. The first thing that scared me was flying! Now I can really enjoy the view. When I did my first scene I was really nervous and excited but I knew this was what I wanted to do. I had a great time with nice people, and I had some free time to enjoy the beauty of Portugal.

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

TS: My smile.

What do you enjoy most about making movies?

TS: Everything, it’s exciting to travel, meet new interesting people and of course I like sex. Who doesn’t?

Which is your favourite of your scenes for SexArt so far?

TS: ‘Inside Couple,’ I really liked the concept. It was a romantic scene and Juan Lucho is cute!

Who was your favourite sexual partner so far?

TS: Sicilia, we have a lot fun together on set and also after shooting. She is real, a lovely person with a beautiful smile.

Please tell us about shooting ‘Gambling,’ your first movie for Viv Thomas – you looked like you were having fun!

TS: Yes we had fun, I didn’t mind losing this time. Amber is a good lover!

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life, before you did it in a movie?

TS: I was curious to know how it would be with a girl, and honestly it was not so romantic as I thought it would be, haha!  But now I have more experience. I like girls as well.

Do you prefer guys or girls?

TS: If I really have to choose, then it would be men, only because I don’t see myself in a relationship with a girl.

What is your favourite position?

TS: Missionary. I like it when a man takes control, and I feel the most contact with my partner when I can look into his eyes.

What turns you on?

TS: Dancing, flirting, whispering and kissing!

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

TS: Going camping, behind a ski hut in the woods, it’s too funny!

Have you ever done it in a public place?

TS: Yes, it does turn me on to know there are people are around.

Are you a romantic person?

TS: In a relationship I think I am.

How would you describe your personality?

TS: I’m opinionated, I will listen to people but they won’t change my mind. My chaotic behaviour can stress me out sometimes but I love my freedom and discovering new things. I’m a positive person, but also sensitive. I’m very sympathetic to people around me.

What are your ambitions?

TS: First, when I have the time I would like to travel around the world; and I want my own house with a lot of animals. 

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

TS: Follow your heart, it knows the way. Kisses to you!



Luscious lessons in lesbian lust in ‘Learning Curve’!

Adventurous girls try out new sexual experiences with explosive results in “Learning Curve.” First, Spanish beauty Carolina Abril has her first lesson in lesbian lust under the experienced tutelage of Bailey Ryder. A seemingly innocent dressing-up session turns decidedly erotic as sophisticated Bailey shows adorable Carolina what sexy really means. Nipple-sucking, cunnilingus and finger-banging open Carolina’s eyes to a whole new world of gratification, and she puts her new knowledge into practice by exploring Bailey’s body ravenously.

Carolina’s sexual horizons broaden once again when Amarna Miller introduces her to anal pleasure in the most delightful way. Watching Carolina work out tempts Amarna to film her secretly, and then to grab and squeeze her peachy rear. Peeling down Carolina’s skintight leggings, she licks and fingers her ass voraciously. The sensation is initially overwhelming, but as Amarna works her finger in and out – accompanied by another penetrating her pussy – Carolina succumbs to utter bliss.

Amber Nevada gives Carolina another new experience, offering her assistance when her cute friend is struggling to take a sexy selfie. Amber grabs her professional camera and starts to snap away, realizing how sensational Carolina looks through the lens and suggesting she bares a little more skin. Initially shy, Carolina warms to her role as erotic model, the banter between the girls growing intimate as she poses naked. Friendly kisses lead to ardent mutual fingering and licking. Carolina straddles Amber’s face, the intense pleasure as she orgasms almost unbearably powerful, then rubs Amber to a sticky and prolonged climax of her own.

Finally, Amber experiences her first taste of domination as Amarna subjects her to some playful spanking in the bathtub, then blindfolds and restrains her on the bed. Intense pussy licking brings Amber – and ‘Learning Curve’ – to an intense and joyful climax. 


Silvie Luca – the sweet introvert who loves sex on screen!

Silvie Luca is a girl of contradictions – an introspective dreamer, who loves to try forbidden things, and fantasizes about fucking two guys! Silvie first appeared on VivThomas as the unfaithful object of Eileen Sue’s true love in ‘The Circle,’ her slender, sexy body and diamond-cutter nipples making an immediate impression. Since then she’s appeared in a handful of other movies; her adorable side shone through in a recent liaison with Tiffany Doll in ‘Senses,’ and the central role in ‘Holiday’ allowed her to play seductress very convincingly!

Silvie has already demonstrated her willingness to push her sexual boundaries in the edgy ‘Be My Slave III’ on our sister site SexArt, and it’s been interesting to see these different facets of her personality reveal themselves. I took the opportunity to ask her a few revealing questions…

Silvie, please tell us about yourself.

SL: I just turned 22, and I am from Czech Republic. I like to spend a lot of time by myself; I have always been this kind of person, more in my shell than sociable, so I kind of have my own world and keep the circle of people around me small. I like to spend time with my loved ones, just chill, listen to music, watch tennis or sometimes go to the gym – that’s great for switching off and clearing my mind. 

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

SL: Well, I will be totally honest here, the very first thing of course was money, but also I love challenges and trying new things – especially kind of forbidden things, which in a way this was. As for my appearance – I am myself. I learnt to be myself and not act different just so other people like me. No matter what. I don’t care what others think, and I think everybody should be like that. If people like you, great – if not, that’s okay! 

How do you keep in such great shape?

SL: I don’t even think I am in shape, never mind great shape! I have always been tiny since I was a kid. It’s all about lifestyle, I think. Definitely some physical activity is good as our bodies need that, and watching what you eat as well. It’s all about balance and finding what’s good for you and what your body is asking for. 

What do you like about making erotic movies?

SL: I like to, in a way, turn into somebody else – because in a movie obviously it’s still me, but not me like you would see me every day in normal life. 

What is your favourite scene?

SL: Hmm, that would be tough to choose. I always love doing stories where I can act. I enjoy them all, but the movies I just shot for VivThomas, ‘Holiday,’ and ‘Senses,’ were really fun, and ‘The Circle’ was a really great story. Also I have done some really amazing scenes with director Alis Locanta for SexArt.

Who is your favourite on-screen partner?

SL: I don’t want to pick just one person, but it would probably be Alexis Crystal, when we shot ‘The Circle’ for VivThomas. She is a bit crazy but friendly and really easy to work with. 

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life, before you did it in a movie?

SL: No. I don’t really consider myself bisexual, but I do like having sex with girls in movies! For me, it’s fun. I simply take it just as fun. I don’t know how else to explain it.

What is your favourite position?

SL: Doggy!

What turns you on?

SL:  Well, a black guy with muscles in a suit and with a sexy look is a turn on for sure. 

What is your favourite sexual fantasy?

SL: Two black guys, I never tried that!

Are you a romantic person?

SL: I consider myself to be one. Candles and roses, yes please! 

How would you describe your personality?

SL: Ah. Complicated. As I mentioned, I am quite introspective and in my own world. I am a dreamer. I am a sensitive person, caring, kind, open, compromising, honest, humble, imaginative, stubborn, thoughtful… sometimes I am too critical and maybe indecisive. It’s tough to describe myself...

What are your ambitions?

SL: Make the most out of my life. Try to be the best me – progressing, growing, exploring, experiencing… Always stay humble. Help people. Leave this world knowing I did all I could and in peace.

Is there anything you would like to tell your fans?

SL: I hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about me. Keep watching SexArt and VivThomas, the best productions! 



Enjoy the ‘Private Show’!

What could be more arousing than to watch a beautiful girl undress for you, slowly and tantalisingly, knowing she will soon let you touch her? The gorgeous stars of 'Private Show' know just how to tease and please their partners to the very peak of ecstasy.

Amarna Miller and Taylor Sands start out kissing tenderly. They look into each other’s eyes and smile as they touch each other, Amarna unzipping Taylor’s dress to reveal her ample cleavage, Taylor nuzzling Amarna’s neck as her passion rises. Their embrace turns more urgent and lustful, and then Amarna playfully pushes Taylor away and makes her watch as she slowly undresses, Taylor following suit. They devour each other with their eyes as their beautiful bodies are gradually revealed, and each girl begins to touch herself. Soon their mutual desire cannot be resisted any longer, and they kiss hungrily, hands moving between each other’s thighs to stroke and penetrate until they are both gasping with pleasure. Amarna goes down to eat Taylor’s pretty pussy, licking her puffy clit as she slides a couple of fingers inside to make her climax. Amarna goes wild as Taylor returns the favour, rubbing her own clit to intensify the sensations as Taylor licks and fingers her. Taylor moves astride Amarna’s face, grinding her pussy on the sexy redhead’s tongue, and then leaning forward into a sixty-nine to eat Amarna to orgasm.  

Bailey Ryder and Amber Nevada exchange teasing glances and lingering gazes. As they move closer, their eyes meet, and the heat is palpable. Amber unbuttons her dress teasingly and Bailey peels off her tiny shorts, each drinking in the sight of the other in sexy lingerie. There is the sweetest blend of shyness and lust as they both wriggle out of their panties, still watching each other avidly. Then, finally they touch, running their hands over each other’s soft skin delightedly. Their kisses grow more passionate and Amber sucks Bailey’s nipples hard, then bends her over the kitchen counter and begins to lick her pussy from behind. Bailey lifts a leg high so Amber can lap at her sweet folds and slide a finger inside her, making her gasp and moan with pleasure. Bailey caresses Amber’s breasts and kisses her hungrily, sliding her wet fingers down to stroke that tempting bare slot. Amber bucks her hips to ride the waves of pleasure as Bailey fingers her harder, then kneels to lick her pussy, her tongue flicking the sexy piercing. When she’s at fever pitch, Amber turns around and Bailey penetrates her from behind, getting her even hotter. Now Amber entwines her thighs with Bailey’s so they can grind on each other, both girls gasping in climax as they cling together passionately.

Amarna Miller and Lady Dee sit across the table from one another, exchanging flirtatious looks as they begin to undress and touch themselves sensuously. They take evident pleasure in seeing each other’s beautiful body being gradually exposed, and when both are naked, Amarna takes Dee’s hand and draws her closer for a kiss. They rush to the sofa, where their embrace becomes more ardent, Amarna lying back and inviting Dee to sit on her face. She sucks on Dee’s whole mound and presses her tongue into her sweet pussy, rubbing her own clit as licks Dee skilfully. Dee dismounts and sucks Amarna’s nipples, then goes down to eat and finger her pussy, making Amarna gasp and giggle with delight. Dee goes face down so Amarna can bury her face between her cheeks and lick voluptuously, then fingerbang her to an orgasm that has her thrusting back against her lover’s hand. Amarna then guides Dee to rub her to a rapid climax.

Bailey Ryder smiles flirtatiously at Amarna Miller. She looks pretty as a picture in her flimsy dress, and Amarna seems quite captivated, watching her lasciviously. Bailey rises and slides her dress down to reveal her lacy bra, then watches as Amarna follows suit. Bailey shimmies out of her dress and Amarna does likewise, flashing her gorgeous smile as she reveals her sexy panties. The sizzling sexual tension between the pair builds as they shed their lingerie, leading to fervent kisses as they finally touch. Moving indoors to the sofa, they kiss and grope each other hungrily, before Amarna instructs Bailey to get on all fours so she can worship her from behind. She kisses Bailey’s cheeks and then licks her sweet slit, fingers her and rubs her clit until she’s moaning with abandon. Now Amarna lifts her legs high, squealing with pleasure as Bailey laps at the delicate folds of her pussy and gives her an intense and prolonged orgasm. The girls move into a sexy scissors position, mashing their wet pussies together until they both climax explosively.

If you enjoy seeing girls take pleasure in each other's beauty, ‘Private Show’ is perfect viewing!



‘Gambling’ – at Viv Thomas, everyone’s a winner!

Lucky at cards, unlucky in love? Not if you’re a gorgeous girl who plays to win… ‘Gambling’ shows that you don’t have to hold all the cards to have a good time!

Scene one finds Amber Nevada taking on the role of croupier and doing her best to win all Taylor Sands’ chips. Taylor (making her VT debut) goes all in and loses everything to her lucky opponent, who suggests she bets her clothes on the next hand. Taylor literally loses her shirt, followed by her shorts, her bra – revealing her incredible breasts – and finally her panties. Is Amber cheating? We’ll never know, but Taylor is happy with the suggestion that they play another game, one that involves a lot more touching and kissing. Amber sucks Taylor’s nipples, and then goes down to lick her lightly-furred pussy, strumming her clit with tongue and fingers until Taylor is gasping with pleasure. After a powerful climax, Taylor strips Amber and laps at her pussy enthusiastically, before her friend bends her over the card table to eat her from behind. They finish by rubbing each other to a simultaneous climax, leaving them both flushed, breathless and giggling delightedly.

In scene two, cute little Lady Dee (also making her VT debut) is the next gorgeous player to try her luck at Amber’s casino. Amber rapidly bankrupts Dee and then persuades her to bet her clothes on the next few hands. Cardshark Amber keeps on winning, and when petite Dee is naked, Amber kisses and caresses her seductively. The game forgotten, Dee gets on her knees and Amber eats and fingers her from behind. Dee straddles Amber and rides her fingers energetically, then turns into reverse cowgirl and frigs herself before Amber makes her cum explosively. Now Dee eats Amber skilfully, rubbing her clit, licking and fingering until her girlfriend is moaning with delight. Amber turns into doggy position, Dee spanking her ass cheeks and then spreading them apart to lick her succulent pussy until she gasps her way to an orgasm. It seems that in Amber’s case, the winner really does take it all…

Adorable Taylor has a blast as she assumes the position of croupier in scene three, taking on sexy Bailey Ryder at blackjack. It’s clear the girls are just role playing – they are on the bed, after all – but they enter into the spirit of the game, as Taylor steadily wins all Bailey’s chips, and then her clothes too! Bailey looks so delectable as she undresses that Taylor can’t resist leaning in for a kiss. Bailey’s mood visibly lifts as Taylor pushes her down on the bed, kissing her passionately and sucking her nipples, then spreading her legs and licking her pussy. Bailey rocks her hips with pleasure as Taylor’s probing tongue and fingers drive her wild. When Bailey’s on the verge of climaxing, Taylor breaks off to strip for her, then straddles her face so she can get her share of the licking. She rides until she’s also at fever pitch, then moves Bailey into doggy position, fingering and eating her ravenously. Bailey takes her turn to lick Taylor’s pussy again, this time driving her to a powerful orgasm, then grinding on her until they enjoy an incredible simultaneous climax.  

Dee hasn’t learned her lesson. Having been thoroughly trounced by Amber, she now goes back for another round with naughty Taylor. And it appears Taylor is lucky at cards, as well as in love! Although she quickly wins all Dee’s chips, when Dee wins a hand she chooses Taylor’s clothes, rather than her cash, as her reward. By the time both girls are naked, they have a different type of game in mind… Tender kisses rapidly grow more passionate, and Taylor mounts Dee in a sexy sixty-nine position, breaking off from her voracious sucking and fingering to gasp with delight as Dee laps at her tempting pink folds. Taylor goes down to give Dee a more focused and intense licking, and then they move into a delicious scissors position, grinding their pussies together. Taylor goes face down, ass up to enjoy a powerful orgasm, and finally the girls rub themselves to a noisy mutual climax. Win or lose, these hot girls know how to have fun!



Amarna Miller makes her Viv Thomas debut!

Amarna Miller is the kind of girl you could fall in love with. It’s not just her looks, although she is deliciously pretty, with sparkling eyes and a smile that can melt your heart. It’s her attitude – she’s vivacious, playful, thoughtful and utterly captivating. She’s also open and uninhibited about her sexuality. Amarna embraces life, and maybe that’s what makes us want to embrace her!

Amarna is a huge star over on our sister site SexArt, and a short while ago I interviewed her for the blog there. (Don’t forget, if you want to see the SexArt movies she talks about but you’re not a member, you can always watch them on Pay Per Scene). Talking to her made me adore her even more!

Now that Amarna has made her long-awaited Viv Thomas debut, in a hot new movie, ‘Private Show’ – with a star turn in ‘Learning Curve’ coming this week – I thought you might like to get to know her better too…

Can you tell us a little about yourself, and what you enjoy doing?

AM: Of course! I’m a Spanish model, porn actress and writer. I spend my life travelling around the world shooting for the companies that I like and having as many adventures as I can! I consider myself an adrenaline junkie and I love to be out of my comfort zone. I suppose that’s one of the reasons that led me to work in this business. As you can imagine, I love outdoor sports, hiking, scuba diving, travelling to unexplored locations while searching for antique stuff as if I was Lara Croft… and all the things your mom tells you not to do.

I studied Fine Arts, specialized in photography and cinema, and I lived in the US for almost a year while I was still at university; that’s why I know how to speak English! I founded my own porn production company when I was 19 years old and I closed it six months ago. I’m 24 now, and I spend most of the time planning how to conquer the world. From time to time I give talks related to sexuality or how to open your mental frontiers.

When I’m free I also write about my crazy life if the editors are crazy enough to let me do it! At the moment I collaborate with Vice, Playground and Primera Linea magazines. I also publish in the Spanish newspaper El Periodico de Catalunya. In my last column I wrote about how much I hate the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy. Oh, yes: I’m also very direct and I value sincerity above everything in this world. 

I’m the opposite of a materialistic person and I save each cent I earn to spend it on having as many experiences as I can. Mostly going to crazy places (last year I was living in a tent while doing a road trip around Australia) but also enjoying good food to feed my stomach (I especially enjoy Korma chicken) or for my soul (books! books! books!). I love the work of Jack Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs and most of the beatnik generation. Meanwhile, I do porn. Why? Because I love sex, I’m an exhibitionist and I love to show the world that you can have brains and live because of your body. And also because it allows me to travel, of course!

I have a polyamory relationship and I’m a very open minded person. I believe in free love and I think that you should tie down the people you love! For this same reason I don’t practice monogamy and I don’t have sexual or emotional exclusivity with my partner.

I’m surrounded by people I love, I mostly do what I want in this life and I truly love my job. So, as you can see, I’m a very happy person!

Your look is quite distinctive for a Spanish girl – pale skin and red hair. Do you think that makes you stand out? What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

AM: My favourite part of my body is my eyes, because they are blue and that’s not something very common in my country. About the red hair and the distinctive appearance, it can be something good or not, depending what company you want to work with. Some productions want a ‘girl next door’ look and they complain about my crazy hair!

 What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

AM: I’ve always been an open minded person, and because I was studying Fine Arts I was surrounded by painters, photographers and people related to the artistic media. I met a guy and he asked me to model for him; at first I hesitated but when I finally did it… it was amazing! Not just because the final pictures were great, but also because I was able to prove to myself that I was capable of being pretty on camera. At that time I had very low self-esteem, so starting to do nude modelling became some kind of therapy for being happy with my style of beauty and my body.

 AM: Did you do a lot of stills photography, before starting to make movies?

Yes, I’ve been working as an artistic model since I was 18 years old so I was already comfortable in front of the cameras when I started in porn. Here is my model portfolio, if you want to take a look!

 What do you enjoy about making movies?

AM: Basically I love to experiment with my sexuality and I enjoy trying new things! This business allows me to try practices and recreate situations that I would not do in my normal life, so it’s quite exciting. I also love to travel, meet new people and have new experiences every day; each day of your life becomes an adventure because you can play different characters, different styles…

How did you enjoy shooting “Gambling’ and ‘Private Show’ for Viv Thomas?

AM: This has been the first time in years shooting with my precious Amber Nevada. We started in porn together and she’s my best friend in real life so having this possibility is just amazing, I can’t wait to see the video because our chemistry is just incredible.

You have worked a lot with Alis Locanta on SexArt – what do you enjoy about working with him? How is it different to other movies you have made?

AM: Alis and his team are professional filmmakers in the biggest sense of the word. When you work in porn you usually don’t find such a high quality in terms of aesthetic, image and technical level and as a Fine Arts graduate it makes me happy to participate in their works of art. 

I mean, when you work with Alis you are doing a real movie, not only shooting sex! That’s what makes him stand apart from other directors: he doesn’t film porn, he shoots movies in which there are sexual encounters.

 You seem to enjoy making movies with themes of dominance and submission. Is this something that turns you on? Are you more dominant or submissive by nature?

AM: Yes! I enjoy exploring the limits of my sexuality and experimenting with new horizons… I suppose that’s why I love BDSM both in front of and behind the cameras. It allows me to know my limits and find pleasure in things that I wouldn’t have expected.

I switch, which means that I can be submissive or dominant depending on the person, the practices and the situation. For example, with women I tend to be more dominant while with boys I like to be the bottom part of the play. But it depends a lot!

I especially love an artistic type of Japanese bondage called shibari, which involves tying your partner’s body doing intricate, beautiful patterns. You can suspend the person from the ceiling or just play with the feeling of the power exchange. The rope becomes an extension of your own body and as you’re tying your partner he/she falls into a semi-meditative state called ‘subspace.’ Time and space just stop and when you wake up from the trance it’s just amazing. If you haven’t heard about this before I would recommend you to take a look at the pictures of the Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki… I did a lot of articles related to his work while I was studying for my degree, and I can say I’m in love with what he does!

 Which is your favourite of the movies you have shot for SexArt, and why?

AM: That’s a hard question! I especially like the ‘Waltz With Me’ series for the way in which Alis recorded it… when I first heard about the idea of doing a circular travelling camera with the sex scene as the centre of the rotation, I called him almost shouting, “PLEASE LET ME APPEAR IN THIS FILM!” When he chose me as one of the actresses I was jumping with excitement! 

Which was your favourite partner?

AM: My shoot with Ariel Rebel (‘Pour Toi Mon Amour 4’ on SexArt) was absolutely incredible. Not only because she’s extremely hot (and a very good lover, I have to say), but also because she’s interesting as a person. We were talking for hours before and after filming and I really felt attracted to her for more than the physical aspect. Regarding girls, I also fell in love with Tracy Lindsay, Samantha Bentley and Gina Gerson.

As for the boys, I love to work with Franck Franco. We’ve always had a special connection and you can feel it when you watch our films together: there are lots of kisses, passion, chemistry… Juan Lucho is also amazing: incredible sex and always taking care of you during the shoots.

By the way, I want to say that I cannot wait to work with Alexa Tomas and Julia Roca! Please, directors of SexArt, organize a shoot with the three of us.

Do you enjoy shooting scenes more with girls or boys? Do you have sex with girls in your personal life?

AM: Yes, I’ve had both emotional and sexual relationships with girls in my personal life. I consider myself completely bisexual and I like men and women equally…. Having said that, I have to tell you that sometimes I have a period in which I feel more attracted to one gender than the other, but usually I like the person rather than their sex. On screen it is exactly the same: sometimes you have a lot of chemistry with someone and sometimes not, and it doesn’t depend on what they have between their legs. 

You also write scripts, including ‘Que es la Pasion,’ your scene with Juan Lucho. Can you tell us about this movie – what inspired it?

AM: We wanted to do something related to love, sex, chemistry… but it was just an abstract idea. Alis wanted something special, a definition of passion, narrated by me for the beginning of the video, so I started to write and the words just flowed. I read a lot of poetry and I also write my own work so it was easy to just imagine how I feel when I really like someone, and translate that into words.

 What are your ambitions?

AM: I take a lot of care in becoming the person I want to be. I manage my emotions, learn how to avoid unhealthy people and toxic situations and live the life I want to have. It seems simple but it’s not!

Beyond that, my biggest ambition is to travel around the world. At some point I would love to sell everything and just live while travelling… I will photograph everything and write about my life on my website.

 Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

AM: Yes! If you like me and you want to know more about me or follow my adventures around the world you should definitely check out my personal blog I write every day, not only about porn (that would be pretty boring…), but also about my ideas, plans, my way of seeing life… I really hope you enjoy it, and thank you for this opportunity to share my thoughts.


Spanish sweetheart Amber Nevada reveals why she loves making movies!

Amber Nevada lights up the screen with her effervescent personality and forthright love of sex. Cute and playful but also very naughty, she always seems to be having fun. She has made a great impression on VT members with appearances in ‘Senses’ (she has a mischievous liaison with Tiffany Doll) and ‘Holiday,’ where she is seduced by Silvie Luca and then has some wonderful slippery sex with busty Angel Piaf. Today’s new movie, ‘Gambling,’ finds her playing games with adorable Taylor Sands, and we get to know her much better as she talks, teases and ultimately takes Taylor to heaven and back with her talented tongue! I was curious to find out more about what turns this sweet and spicy babe on…

Amber, please tell us about yourself?

AN: I’m 25 years old and I’m from Madrid, Spain. I love travelling, which I do often thanks to my job, and when I am home, I love to relax and watch movies. I like to go to the gym, shopping and on the weekends I also like to party with my friends!

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

AN: Actually I started because of my good friend Amarna Miller! I never modelled before, but I like to try new things. So she asked me if it was something I would like and I decided to try it! Why not? And then I discovered how much fun it was and how much I enjoyed it!

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

AN: I really like my eyes, they are very beautiful. But really I like myself as a whole; if not, I wouldn’t show myself naked on the internet, haha! I’m a very confident girl! 

How do you keep in such great shape?

AN: Well my shape is not the fittest, but I like to eat healthy and go to the gym regularly. Sometimes because of work it’s hard to have a routine, but I try my best to look good, and the most important thing is that I’m happy with my body.

What do you like most about making movies?

AN: Well, I enjoy everything. I love to get on set and meet all the people from production, I really like when they do my make-up and we pick out the clothes I will wear. I love to get to know many other models, because sometimes you meet very nice people. Once you are shooting, you have the opportunity to have sex with fantastic people and even if you have to take direction, you can have so much fun. For me it is a great experience, and after the great time you had... you can even watch your amazing sex because it is all recorded!

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life, before you did it in a movie?

AN: I never had sex with a girl before I started in the industry. I did make out and kiss with many girls but I was a bit too shy to take the next step... I know it doesn’t make sense, but I am a very shy girl! 

Are you bisexual?

AN: Yes, I like both girls and boys.

What do you like best about sex with girls, and with guys?

AN: With girls, I love the female body, and knowing the anatomy from yourself makes it more fun because you know what your partner is feeling because you feel it, too! And boobs, I love boobs! With guys, I love the masculinity and to get rough, I’m submissive so I like when they take control. And blowjobs, I just love giving blowjobs! Also all the different positions you can make, I think it is more versatile! 

What is your favourite position, and why?

AN: It depends on my mood, but I love missionary, because you can look into your partner’s eyes, also doggie, because I think it is very sexy and feels great! And cowgirl!  

What turns you on?

AN: Tattoos and body modifications! Besides that, flirting, kisses and bites on the neck and ears and also spanking! And a beautiful smile!

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

AN: At this point of my life, I don’t even know what unusual means, haha! 

Have you ever done it in a public place?

AN: Yes! Bathrooms, cinemas, the bus, in clubs, the street, the swimming pool...

What is your favourite sexual fantasy?

AN: For myself and another girl to dress up as kittens and spill milk over our bodies and lick it off each other and have wild sex!

Are you a romantic person?

AN: It depends... I’m very cute but I am more of a bad girl! 

You seem like a very happy person, always smiling and laughing in your scenes. How would you describe yourself?

AN: Well I am a very happy person, I love my job so I am pretty happy when I have to do a shoot! I am very open but also a bit shy, I am a bit childish but also mixed with ‘bad girl’ style. I love to joke and not take anything too seriously. I think I’m pretty awesome, but it’s hard for me to describe myself, but yeah I’m a great person! (laughing)

What are your ambitions?

AN: I try very hard to give the best of myself every day, in my personal life and for my job. My ambition is to be happy and satisfied with everything I accomplish in my life, and also to go as far as I can by doing great and getting recognition for it!

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

AN: I can only say I love when people discover me and share their nice words with me. I am a very grateful person and knowing I can make my fans happy, it makes me super happy! Thank you all out there, who appreciate my work, but especially me as a person!



Body Language

Erotic fiction inspired by Apolonia and Misha Cross

Misha tries to keep her voice steady as she reads, but she’s stumbling over the words as Apolonia slides a hand up her skirt. She’s never seen this side of Apolonia before, so strong and domineering. It makes her excited, and a little nervous. She glances up from the page as Apolonia begins to unbutton her blouse, and the look of lust on her seducer’s pretty face almost overpowers her. She struggles on as Apolonia removes her bra, and kneels to slide down her panties, but by the time Apolonia tears the book from her hands and stuffs her panties into her mouth to silence her, she is already quivering with anticipation. Those pretty lips around her nipple are all it takes, and she surrenders utterly as Apolonia throws her on the sofa and spanks her ass cheeks, before burying her tongue in that tempting pink slot.

The ferocity with which Apolonia licks, sucks, finger-fucks and spanks her has Misha moaning and grabbing her lover’s hand to urge her on. She’s completely lost in a pleasure so intense it’s almost painful. She moves to her knees and Apolonia spanks her again and eats her hungrily, her own fingers strumming her clit to intensify the sensations. She straddles the doll-like beauty’s face and bucks her hips as she rides, shaking on the brink of release; then moves into spoons, letting Apolonia handle her roughly and frig her to a climax that consumes her.

Pulling off Apolonia’s panties with her teeth, Misha uses them to gag her lover, as she plunges her fingers into that juiced up box and tongues her asshole. Now she’s playing power games of her own, pulling Apolonia’s hair, spitting, squeezing, grabbing and sucking until the Spanish sweetheart gasps and moans and thrusts back hard against her hand. When Apolonia sits astride Misha’s lap and rides her fingers, she is almost delirious with pleasure, shuddering through a noisy orgasm with Misha’s mouth clamped to her breast.

Misha’s face and pussy are both flushed bright pink with sexual adrenaline as Apolonia moves on top of her in a sixty-nine and begins to rub and lick her again. She slides her fingers into Apolonia’s snatch as it hovers over her lips, too consumed with ecstasy to lick until her orgasm has subsided. She kisses her lover, tender now that her passion is spent, Apolonia quickly re-establishing herself as the dominant partner with some assertive sucking and grabbing. Misha knows she’ll never be able to resist Apolonia’s seductive blend of beauty and power…


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to me at I don’t promise to post it in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!



Bittersweet romance in ‘Goodbye My Love’

“Parting is such sweet sorrow,” as Shakespeare wrote. Juliet’s speech from the balcony scene immortalised the idea that saying goodbye is a bittersweet experience – sad, because the thought of separation from a lover is painful; sweet because we anticipate the joyful moment when we will be reunited.

‘Goodbye My Love,’ a new movie from Guy Ranieri Sblattero, brings us four delightful episodes exploring this painful pleasure. It’s a movie of overwhelming sweetness, tenderness and playfulness – not neglecting the hot sex, of course! There are no steamy seductions or sub/dom power games here, just adoring lovers wringing out every last drop of delight from their moments together.

Flame-haired Leila Smith is the star, and while her relationship with her girlfriends is not made explicit, there’s no mistaking the warmth of the connection she has with each of them. First she does her utmost to prevent Silvie Luca from leaving, flirting and teasing her. Silvie manages to drag herself away, but rushes back for one more torrid embrace. Within moments she is naked again, and crouching between Leila’s thighs to lick her and slide two fingers into her juiced-up pussy. Their energetic pussy-munching and finger-banging leaves them both craving each other’s company more than ever.  

Busty blonde Angel Piaf is showering and packing for her trip, Leila both helping and distracting as she shares her sadness at her girlfriend’s departure. Angel leaves, but she just can’t bear to be parted from her lover, and comes rushing back to surprise Leila. Angel gets pleasured in missionary, doggie and spoons positions, and then Leila sits on Angel’s face, rocking her pelvis as Angel tongues her puffy clit. She turns over so Angel can lick her from behind with long, slow swipes of her tongue, and then gets eaten and fingered to a powerful climax. The girls kiss tenderly, all thoughts of separation forgotten for now.

Leila leaves Carolina Abril lonely and masturbating, until on impulse she dresses hurriedly and dashes into the street in pursuit of her girlfriend. Back in the bedroom, she touches herself to show Leila how hot she is, before Leila takes over licking and fingering her. She stands and grinds against Carolina’s face, then goes down to eat her again, giving her a tremendous orgasm. Finally she goes face down, ass up and Carolina licks her asshole, spanks her cheeks and makes her cum noisily.

Finally, freckled French fox Tiffany Doll tries not to disturb Leila’s slumber as she leaves, but hesitates and then returns to rouse her with a kiss. Leila is amused to find Tiffany wearing her clothes, and insists she takes them off, as they kiss and caress with rising passion. Tiffany laps at Leila’s juicy pink folds, driving her wild by thrusting a couple of fingers in and out as she licks, then moves to her knees, her peachy ass high in the air so Leila can eat her from behind. Leila straddles Tiffany’s face, then pins her down with her legs right back and her pussy exposed for a frantic tongue-lashing. Both already on the brink, they finger each other to an explosive simultaneous orgasm.

‘Goodbye My Love’ is sure to give all those who have been separated from their lover a sigh of recognition – and a smile when recollecting the passion of being reunited!


French fox Tiffany Doll shares her secrets… in that sexy accent!

Tiffany Doll has the kind of face that makes you want to study every detail – a sweet expression with full lips just made for kissing, adorable freckles, and a devastating smile. She has plentiful freckles on her firm but curvy bottom too, which we often get to see in wonderful close-up! She is a passionate and spontaneous lover, making her sexual performances highly arousing and involving. Tiffany made a huge impression here with her 2014 debut in ‘Art of Erotica,’ followed by a delightful scene in ‘Models Unleashed,’ and she’s been big news since new director Guy Ranieri Sblattero took the helm. The starring role in ‘French Kiss’ was perfectly suited to her charms, with plentiful smooching and super-hot anal licking and fingering. Now her fantastic new movie ‘Senses’ is letting us see more of her playful personality, her warmth and her energy. I asked her to share her secrets with us – to get the full effect, imagine her sexy French accent making you go weak at the knees as you read it…

Tiffany, please tell us more about yourself.

TD: I’m 29 years old but like every woman, I like to think that I look younger. I’m from Cherbourg, a small city in Normandy close to the sea. In my free time I love to go mountain biking, I love nature, but because I’m a woman I do love shopping too.

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

TD: I had always been interested in doing it but I was too shy. One day I tried with an amateur photographer, a woman, and I found that I really liked what we did and I became a bit more confident about who and what I am.

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

TD: Well, I really like my hair. Long hair is sexy and I’m very proud of mine.

How do you keep in such great shape?

TD: As I said I do a bit of mountain biking and I also love doing yoga. I try to eat healthy but I love food so much, especially fat and heavy food.

Which is your favourite of your movies for VivThomas, and why?

TD: I love ‘Models Unleashed’ because it’s one of the first I ever shot for VivThomas and also I really enjoyed shooting with Eve Angel. She’s so amazing and very pretty and because it was one of the first movies I shot for Viv Thomas I was a bit nervous but she made me feel confortable from the beginning. 

What do you enjoy most about making movies?

TD: I enjoy travelling and meeting new people. All the models I’ve met have such great stories behind them that it’s always interesting to shoot for and with new personalities. Every day is different.

Who was your favourite partner in a scene?

TD: I do like a French girl a lot. Her name is Amel Annoga, she’s great and natural. She really loves what she does and I like it.

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life before you did it in a movie?

TD: Yes I did but not so much as I was pretty shy before. Since I’ve been modelling I’ve changed a lot in terms of being shy. As a married woman and a bisexual, I enjoy shooting for VivThomas a lot. It’s everything I love doing at home in my private life.

Please tell us about your new movie ‘Senses.’

TD: It was totally different from what I normally do, and it was a great experience. I really loved doing the sense of taste with Carolina Abril, firstly because Carolina is so sexy, and also because taste is one of my favourite senses. When you are having sex you use all of your senses and you even don’t think about it, so it’s great sometimes to be concentrated on only one. 

You seem like a very energetic person, you bring a lot of passion to your scenes. How would you describe yourself?

TD: I’m an epicurean girl, I always like trying new things but I also live by what is good in life: sex, food, games. I’m an easy person, I don’t like making things too complicated. We live to laugh and have fun. What I do something I always give 100% of myself, and I love seeing that I give pleasure to my partner. If the people around me are happy then so am I.

What are your ambitions?

TD: I don’t know. I don’t want to be a star, I just want to do what I do with a lot of pleasure. 

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

TD: Continue to watch what I do for VivThomas, I know you will love it because I did and for sure you can feel it in every movie I shot for VivThomas.



Tracy Lindsay talks about her life and adventures!

Tracy Lindsay is the epitome of sex appeal – a beautiful golden-skinned blonde bombshell, with an incredible body (that world class ass!) and an enticing smile that suggests time spent with her would be unforgettable. Tracy’s not content with merely looking hot, though. ‘Waves of Desire’ and ‘Club Pink Velvet 3’ showed us her giggly, fun personality, but since then the darker, more dominant side of her sexual nature has been a wonderful revelation.

‘Sexpresso’ showed us that she wasn’t afraid to show sensuality, intensity and genuine desire, and most recently, an explosive scene with Lorena in ‘After Hours’ and an incredible star turn in the ‘Imperfection’ series have established Tracy as a superstar with plenty of surprises still in store for us. I was lucky enough to get to ask this classy, sassy babe some questions about her experiences…

Tracy, please tell us a little about yourself.

TL: I am 23 years old, and I live in Prague. I like fitness, healthy food, good movies, going on trips...

What inspired you to get into nude modelling?

TL: It was a friend who got me into nude modelling. At first I thought that I would just make some one-time money and gain a new experience, but I liked it and decided to continue on a long-term basis.

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

TL: I am generally satisfied with my appearance; if you want me to pick which part of my body I like in particular, it might be my lips. 

How do you keep in such great shape?

TL: I go to the gym. I try to eat healthy but it's sometimes very difficult with all the travelling I do. 

What do you enjoy most about making movies?

TL: I like travelling and meeting new people –the production people, as well as the models. 

Which is your favourite of the movies you have shot for the MetArt Network?

TL: The series I like the most is Sexpresso, for VivThomas. I like how the scenes are cheerful, colourful and full of passion. It was shot in beautiful surroundings and with a group of great people. Even my role of a dominant, horny mistress fit me so well. I really enjoyed making the movie, and I think you can see that on screen.

Can you tell us about shooting ‘Love For Sale,’ your series shot by Alis Locanta for SexArt. This series caused a lot of controversy because of the storyline! How did you feel about it?

TL: The whole thing was a huge misunderstanding and the situation needlessly escalated. Making the movie was very interesting and a lot of fun, all participants were kind to me and nobody pushed me into doing anything I wouldn’t like to do myself (I am responding to some of the comments made about it). The most intensively discussed issue was anal sex, disliked by some of the members, and I respect that. However, I enjoy anal, in my private life as well as on screen! I think this series has fulfilled its purpose, because it was meant to be controversial and unique.

You narrated the story for ‘Love For Sale,’ and your English was excellent! Did it make you nervous to do this?

TL: No, I was not nervous. I am used to speaking English in my work. But it's true that I worried about the pronunciation: the story was quite complex and some of the expressions were not part of my daily vocabulary.

Who is your favourite partner?

TL: I particularly like working with Suzie Carina and Whitney Conroy. And also Misha Cross [they have a terrific scene in ‘Imperfection’], Amarna Miller and Lorena B.

You recently shot a scorching hot scene with Lorena for ‘After Hours’ – did you enjoy shooting with her?

TL: Yes, I enjoyed it. Lorena is a very emotional person and she is always so dedicated to her role and the movie.

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life before you did it in a movie?

TL: No, I didn't. Just some kissing and touching in a relaxed atmosphere at the disco…

Do you find it easy to get turned on when you are filming?

TL: If myself and my partner suit each other, it is easy.  

Please tell us about the series you are shooting with Andrej Lupin for SexArt at the moment.

TL: ‘Secrets of Prague.’ Well, it's great! You just have to see it. I have a great partner, Whitney Conroy, and we just love it. We are having a lot of fun during the shoot. It's also a lot of hard work but it's worth it, I am sure the result will be wonderful.

Are you an exhibitionist in real life?

TL: Maybe, partly. I am not a fan of sex in public, but I like wearing sexy or eccentric clothes and I enjoy people's looks. I would rather say that I like being the centre of attention!

You seem like a very daring person, who likes to try new things. How would you describe yourself?

TL: I think I am; I often enthusiastically jump in head first to new things. I like being active; sitting home and being bored is definitely not for me. Travelling and meeting new people is a part of my work, this is why I love it. I feel enhanced by each new person I meet.

What are your ambitions?

TL: I would like to continue doing what I do as long as possible. But I realize that it can't be this way forever, so I want to graduate from university while working and get involved in the social sphere. Or I wouldn't mind continue working in this field (not being a model) if I found a way.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

TL: Yes, I would like to thank the members for all their positive evaluations and nice comments regarding me and my scenes. I really read them and they always boost my mood.



Get in the 'Holiday' mood!

New movie ‘Holiday’ finds Silvie Luca and her girlfriends making the most of their vacation by indulging in plenty of sexy fun! Silvie seems thrilled as she explores her holiday home with curvy blonde Angel Piaf, the pair chatting as they check out the terrace and pool. When they reach the cosy bedroom, it seems it’s time for a sexy siesta, and the girls peel off their tight dresses and underwear and get comfortable on the bed. Kissing, touching and nipple sucking lead to a sensuous sixty-nine, mutual masturbation, and plenty of passionate pussy munching.

While the girls are still in the bedroom, Amber Nevada comes to visit. Getting no response to her calls, she goes in search of Silvie, and through the bathroom window she discovers her friend naked on the bed, smooching with Angel. Naturally, the sight turns Amber on, and when Silvie spots her, she encourages her not to be shy about joining in the fun! Angel leaves the pair alone, and Silvie, still hot from her previous liaison, kisses Amber passionately. The sweet little Spanish babe is soon naked too, and Silvie fingers her until she is gasping with pleasure. Amber eats Silvie’s pussy in a delicious doggie position, making her cum hard before they move into scissors and frig their way to a simultaneous climax.

Later the girls are soaking up some rays out by the pool, and Amber offers to rub some oil into Angel’s fair skin. Angel takes off her bikini, and is clearly enjoying the attention as Amber massages the oil all over her body. The slippery fingers stroking between her thighs get Angel visibly aroused, and she undresses her friend too, as Silvie watches and touches herself. Angel massages Amber, running an oiled-up finger along the groove of her plump pussy lips, and the girls rush indoors to find a more comfortable place to make love. As soon as they make it to the bedroom, playful Angel begins devouring Amber with hungry kisses. They take turns fingering and eating one another, Angel climaxing first and then grinding against Amber’s peachy bottom until she cums again. She thanks Amber by fingering her to a fierce orgasm of her own.

Carolina Abril stops by to help Silvie tidy up the house. The girls fool around as they do their chores, and a hot kiss on the staircase suggests they have a little more fun in mind. Sure enough, as they make the bed, Silvie is inspired to mess it up again with pretty Carolina! She kisses her voraciously, then goes down to lick her lovely dark-haired pussy. Carolina responds eagerly to Silvie’s talented tongue, straddling her face and then leaning forward into a sixty-nine so she can taste her lover too. Carolina gives Silvie a terrific orgasm, and then strokes herself to a climax as Silvie squeezes her breasts. The girls roll on the bed, kissing tenderly, as the movie draws to a close.

Director Guy Ranieri Sblattero has captured the holiday spirit with this sun-soaked slice of escapism, where there’s nothing to do but enjoy watching sexy babes giving and receiving pleasure all day long.


Tiffany Doll gives us a feast for the ‘Senses’

I can’t get enough of fuckable French fox Tiffany Doll. There is a softness and sweetness to her looks, with those amazing full lips and lovely long hair that reaches down to the crack of her ass, but it’s coupled with a fiery sexual presence that makes her utterly compelling to watch. She’s deservedly popular, and the perfect star for ‘Senses,’ a movie which is all about ways of enjoying sensual pleasure.

Tiffany explores the senses of taste, touch, sight and sound with four very beautiful partners, three of whom are new to VivThomas. In the opening scene, Carolina Abril is preparing fruit in the kitchen, at first unaware that Tiffany is watching her. The lovers feed one another succulent fruit, crushing it until the juice runs over their bare skin and then licking it off. Tastebuds fully stimulated, they are hungry for a different kind of sweetness, kissing passionately and licking each other’s pussy and ass all the way to some delicious orgasms.

Tiffany hides a camera in Angel Piaf’s bedroom and watches the curvy blonde try on some sexy lingerie, touching herself as the sight gets her more and more excited. Angel is amused but also aroused when Tiffany confesses to her crime, and allows her naughty friend to undress her again. They pamper each other with some intense licking and fingering, Angel’s perfect-handful breasts looking particularly fine as she sits on Tiffany’s face and rides to her climax.

Amber Nevada finds Tiffany sleeping and slips her earphones on to treat her to some seductive sounds. She watches as Tiffany, still lost in her dream world, begins to stroke her pussy. Amber masturbates too, and then rouses Tiffany with some lusty kissing. They make their own sweet music, with gasps, moans and cries of pleasure as they eat each other to noisy orgasms. Grinding in scissors position drives them both wild, and their squeals reach a crescendo as they rub each other to a mutual orgasm.

In the final scene, fan favourite Silvie Luca asks Tiffany for help. She wants to experience something new, but she’s nervous. Tiffany calms her with a sensual naked massage, awakening her sense of touch as it becomes more and more intimate. Tiffany oils herself up too, and the two beauties rub their slippery bodies together. Silvie’s hesitancy is forgotten as Tiffany gives her a powerful climax, and she repays her friend with some pussy licking and frenzied finger-fucking of her own.  

I hope you’ll be delighted by the way VivThomas is evolving. New director Guy Ranieri Sblattero has responded to feedback from members by focusing on the chemistry between the girls in the build-up to the sex, bringing in more sophisticated technology and techniques, and of course taking note of all those little details that make VivThomas “a cut above the rest.” I wrote the story for ‘Senses,’ and I’m thrilled to see the way these wonderful girls have brought it to life. It really is a feast for the senses!

‘Senses’ will be free for members to stream and download at and also available on Pay Per Scene, with the DVD coming to our online store soon. 


Whitney Conroy talks about lust and lesbianism!

Whitney Conroy is an unstoppable force of nature. From her debut appearance in the charming ‘Hotel Eden’ in April 2014, it was evident she was a babe to watch. Since then, she’s put in hot performances in ‘Female Expose,’ ‘Shell Girls’ and ‘SexMessage,’ as well as appearing in some rather daring and powerful movies over on our sister site SexArt. Gradually, a fascinating side to Whitney’s personality has begun to emerge on screen; far from being the soft, sweet little babe she first seemed as Lorena’s girlfriend in ‘Hotel Eden,’ she has a powerful, almost masculine confidence, and loves to dominate her partners with utter disdain for convention. It’s this devil-may-care side to Whitney that I find irresistible, and the insanely hot way she dominated Margot in the sensational ‘Lift’ (my pick of her movies, as well as her own!) was one of many reasons why I made her my ‘SexArt Girl of 2014.’

Whitney is more – much more – than just a hot girl. By turns sweet, flirty, sassy and insatiable, she becomes what one MetArt Network member described as a “sexual tyrannosaurus” when she’s intent on reaching one of her trademark mind-blowing orgasms. You can imagine how thrilled I was to get the opportunity to ask Whitney some questions for the SexArt blog – and her forthright way of expressing herself made me love her even more. I though you might enjoy it here too…

Whitney, please tell us a little about yourself.

I am 21 years old. I live in Prague and I was also born here. I love Prague very much.

What inspired you to get into nude modeling?

I saw some advertising for nude modelling, so that was the first impulse. Nothing that special; I was 18 and wanted to make some money, like everyone else… and then I got into it and started working a lot!

What is your favorite thing about your appearance?

My favorite things are probably my bottom and my lips and my smile.

Did you do a lot of stills photography, before starting to make movies?

I didn’t do any! I started with stills and movies at the same time.

You seem to enjoy making movies with themes of dominance and submission – and we love watching you in them! Are you more dominant or submissive by nature?

Honestly, I am more dominant than submissive. I like this kind of shooting because it’s something different.

Which is your favorite of the movies you have shot for the MetArt Network?

I really like the SexArt movie ‘Lift’ with Margot [Eileen Sue], she is a really great person. I like it because it’s also something different, I like the power of this movie! And it’s amusing to watch it.

Who was your favorite partner in a movie?

Margot A, Tess B and Matt Ice.

Did you have sex with girls in your personal life before you started making movies?

Yes, I did it twice. I was about 15 years old. And it was with a friend of mine in our pool at home!

What do you like about girls, and guys?

There’s a big difference between guys and girls. I like girls because of their body, soft movements, the shape of the pussy, and nice kissing. I like boys because of their mind, thoughts and attitude to life. I don’t like a girl’s psyche very much.

What are you ambitions?

My ambitions are very big! Some of them: improve my English and Spanish, finish university, keep up my healthy eating (mostly raw and vegan), be with the people I love, buy a flat, and live in the moment and enjoy life (that’s really important).

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

Don’t ever waste your time, do everything you like or love, put yourself first and live your life to the maximum!!! Love, kiss!!!



New movie ‘Reading Room’ delivers aural excitement!

The premise of new VivThomas movie ‘Reading Room’ is simple, but very titillating: a beautiful girl reads aloud from a classic book while her companion attempts to distract her in the most seductive way possible. For those who enjoy listening to a gorgeous girl speak as much as hearing her cry out with pleasure, it’s a very arousing way to start a scene – and things just get hotter as resistance crumbles and passion takes hold.

VT superstar Lorena is the perfect girl to spearhead a charm offensive; Alexandra Stein tries her hardest to keep her cool, but with Lorena teasing and tempting her, she eventually abandons herself to the kissing, licking, face-sitting and tribbing that overwhelms her.

Next, sultry Polish stunner Misha Cross reads to Spanish sweetheart Apolonia, the ultra-cool chick succumbing as her cute seductress handles her with surprising forcefulness. Their wild encounter will thrill lovers of raw, raunchy and undeniably real sexual chemistry. Apolonia returns for the third scene, this time looking deliciously elegant as she reads in her native Spanish to lucky Alexandra. Apolonia’s husky, warmly sexy voice is just the start of the pleasure in store, as Alexandra undresses the fiery beauty and fucks her frenziedly.

The final scene sees Lorena and Alexandra reunited, this time with Lorena reading to her lover in Spanish. For all those of us who have said many times that we would happily watch Lorena reading the back of a cereal packet, this is a rare treat! Her mellifluous voice falters as Alexandra ravishes her, the tongue teasing her hot pussy shredding the last of her resolve to continue. Soon her voice is raised in ecstasy as Alexandra licks and fingers her. The girls move through multiple positions in their quest for pleasure, finishing in a climactic and powerfully satisfying sixty-nine.

A tongue-tangling feast for cunning linguists everywhere, ‘Reading Room’ is sure to delight lovers of aural, as well as oral sex! 


Lorena opens up about shooting for VivThomas!

In a world of beautiful girls, Lorena Garcia is something special. The sexy Spanish sweetheart is not only spectacularly beautiful, with that radiant smile and irresistible body, but has an energy and charisma that makes every one of her scenes memorable. Lorena made a splash (literally!) with her first appearance on VivThomas, a cute swimming pool photoset that made everyone sit up and take notice. Since then she has gone from strength to strength, burning up the screen in steamy girl/girl scenes here and on our sister site SexArt, as well as winning over the fans of high-class erotic photography over on MetArt.

I’m pretty sure you can imagine my excitement when new VT director Guy Ranieri Sblattero encouraged me to cast Lorena in the starring role for my first ever script, ‘After Hours.’ And what a thrill it turned out to be, as we discovered a whole new raw, uninhibited heat to Lorena’s sexual performance! Never a girl to hold back, she now seems to tear into her partners with a hunger and urgency that is incredibly arousing to watch – and yet, her sweet and tender side is still there too. I was lucky enough to get to ask Lorena a few questions about her life and her experiences…yes, I love my job!

Lorena, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am 28 years old, I grew up in Spain and Barcelona is my new hometown. I enjoy charcoal drawing, sports in general, and to spend time simply on my own. I have fun spending time in tune with nature. I also like to spend too many hours searching for and listening to music. It’s almost all I do when I grab my computer.

Do you have any favorite TV show? Books? Music?

I never watch TV… On my computer I love to watch documentaries, sports, old music clips, comedians like Bill Hicks, Louis C.K, Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson, Jim Carrey… Or even cartoons. I have many favourite books, two of them are The Book of Children by Osho, and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin S. Sharma. Loving music, I do have a wide variety on my playlist but I got stuck in the pre-2000s! Classical, R&B, Rap, Heavy, Disco, Industrial, Soul, Rock, sometimes popular music… A few artists I like: A Perfect Circle, Staind, Rob Dougan, Genesis, Billy Paul, Prodigy, Faithless, Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Can, Tindersticks, Alexander O’Neal, The Sisters of Mercy, Pantera, Bach, Vivaldi…

Your fans love to hear you speaking in your sexy Spanish accent. Is there an accent that really turns you on?

I do smile when I hear others’ accents, and find many languages beautiful to hear. I find the deepness of a voice or the way a person might talk more attractive than the accent itself.

What is your favourite thing about your appearance?

In general I embrace my body as it is. If I have to pick one thing in particular, the first that comes to mind is my small chest. Most of the time it only gets attention when it is truly needed! (Laughing)

What is the difference between stills photography and making movies, for you?

In the beginning there was no difference. It was all about how to learn to stay relaxed during the shoots and movies. To simply stay still and stare at the camera was not simple or natural to me. I do tend to move too much and too fast and some photographers still struggle a little bit with me in that respect! Once I began to feel more comfortable in front of the camera, the differences started to depend more on the kind of photographer or videographer. What they look for, their way of working…

What do you enjoy most about making movies?

I enjoy sharing a passionate and fun experience with my partners and having a good connection with the team in general.  I also enjoy seeing how a scene is built and the progress of it.

What made you decide to start making girl/girl movies?

I was willing to try something new after gradually changing how I felt about it. One day I got a call asking if I would replace a model that didn’t show up at the location. I agreed after talking and thinking about it for while.

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life before you did it in a movie?

No, I did not and I still have not done it in my personal life. My first time was with Miela A, and then right after with Mia Knox for SexArt. It was a very strange feeling and I was completely lost about how to touch a woman. Knowing the cameras were rolling didn’t make it any easier!

Which is your favourite of the movies you have shot for the MetArt Network, and why?

‘Be Mine’ with Tess B, for SexArt. It was the first girl on girl movie I made with Don Caravaggio and his team. I felt it was intense, natural, flowed well, and there was a good vibe behind the work.

Who was your favourite partner?

I would like to mention more than one: Brandy A, Tracy Lindsay, Eve Angel, Mia Knox, Dido, and Tess B.

You seem like a very happy person, always smiling and laughing!

I do try to feel my best in whatever I do. Smiling, laughing… Sometimes it comes naturally, other times it helps me to feel more relaxed. I can smile for the camera, yet it starts for myself. It raises my energy up.

Do you feel competition or rivalry in this business?

No. Everyone is different. Comparison, rivalry, popularity… I prefer to let the ego sleep while trying to enjoy what I do, as long the team and members are pleased with the work.

Are you a dominant or submissive person?

I like passion, to play…and yet I do like it when it is 50/50. I am pleased to give and receive.

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

No, I am happily single.

Please tell us about the recent shoot with Guy Ranieri Sblattero, the new director for Viv Thomas.

The shoot was in Barcelona and the women were all nice to meet and work with. It was also my first work after almost one year not being involved with lesbian movies, and it put me back on track with how hardworking Guy’s team is! I did not see any of his movies for Viv Thomas before, yet it was easy to see he was looking for something different and dynamic. I felt very good around him and the way he directed us during every scene.

Do you have twitter, Facebook?

I never used Twitter, honestly I have no idea how it works. For now I am no longer active on Facebook, the only platform I have ever used.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

Yes…To all the members of the MetArt Network: desertrat, mep1… Others not mentioned here, and those who might not be active on the comments section so I don’t know their names – thank you very much for all your support!



Tracy Lindsay – the perfect star for new VivThomas movie ‘Imperfection’

Tracy Lindsay is the archetypal blonde bombshell – a pretty, naturally sexy girl who’s more naughty than you could possibly imagine. A huge favourite at VivThomas ever since her debut appearance, she was the obvious choice for the starring role in ‘Sexpresso,’ the movie that heralded VT’s new incarnation as part of the MetArt Network. Since then, Tracy has shown just how daring and uninhibited she really is with a lead role in ‘Love For Sale,’ a series on our sister site, SexArt, which broke erotic boundaries.

Tracy is a superb actress as well as a confident and compelling sexual presence, so having the opportunity to write a movie for her was a dream come true for me. I couldn’t imagine anyone else taking on the lead role of ‘Imperfection,’ a wild, unconventional character who plays power games with the emotions of her companions, driving them to heights of sexual abandonment they’ve never experienced before.

‘Imperfection’ starts with Tracy dominating petite Spanish sweetheart Apolonia, subjecting her to some intense licking, strap-on screwing and mock fellatio before getting her own satisfaction from her cute plaything. In the second scene, she trashes the obsessive-compulsive tendencies of beautiful Alexandra Stein, who relinquishes her need for control and submits to lust and passion. She learns about a different type of control, using a strap-on to make Tracy scream with pleasure. In scene three, Anna Siline tries to achieve organisational precision under the cold gaze of Tracy, who destroys her work and then ravages her completely. Finally, sultry Misha Cross imposes her own order on Tracy, in a scene of stunning intensity that sees Tracy riding Micha’s mock cock in a frenzy of arousal, and then licking and fingering her to a froth.

Perfection may never be achieved in Tracy’s world, but ‘Imperfection’ proves to be utterly satisfying. 


Director Guy Ranieri Sblattero talks about shooting for VivThomas

It’s always exciting to meet someone who understands your vision and instinctively knows how to carry it forward into reality, and that’s exactly what happened when Guy Ranieri Sblattero became the new director to carry the torch for VivThomas. The Spanish auteur has his own unique style and technical approach, but his ideas about storytelling, eroticism, romance and powerful female sexuality hold true to the ethos that Viv Thomas himself established.

I was lucky enough to work with Guy on his last series of shoots, writing the script for a couple of the movies and discussing members’ likes and dislikes with him. I’ve loved observing the way his creative mind works, taking ideas and dissecting them, then making something surprising and compelling… and very, very hot! With three brand new movies going live over the next few weeks, and the next series of shoots in the pipeline, it seemed like the perfect time to ask Guy a few questions about his background, and his first experiences of shooting high-class erotica for VivThomas.

With Guy’s permission, I haven’t corrected his English too much, in keeping with his own ethos of rawness and realism! I think it gives you a truer impression of his enthusiastic character, rapid-fire Spanglish pouring out as he tries to convey his passionate drive to perfect his erotic art.

Guy, can you tell us a little bit about your background in film direction?

GRS: Well… I was born in a small town next to Madrid. I was not good at school and my parents were crazy because of me! When I was 19, I went to Barcelona and did a lot of small jobs. I was a driver for a production company and I started to be on set during commercial jobs. I liked what they did and enjoyed trying to understand everything about that. So when I was 22, I bought my first camera and started shooting stupid things with my friend. My life was changing and I understood what I liked so much: making film. In the last 10 years I was better and did a lot of music video, short films and documentary.

What made you move into directing erotica?

GRS: Last year I was shooting a backstage in a big studio in Barcelona and in one of the stages they were shooting an adult film. I was curious and I wanted to see. Well… I wanted to see girls! But I saw something very different to my ideas of adult: there was a man shooting with red cameras and the set was great, like a real movie. When they finished I talked with this man because I wanted to know what they were doing. He was Alis Locanta. That night I started looking at the sites he told me about and I discovered something I didn’t know. Well… I watched a lot of porn movies in my life, hahaha! But I never saw something so beautiful and professional. In a month I perfectly knew all the MetArt Network sites and I met Alis again and I asked to be on set with him. Only to help, nothing more. He was nice to me and I started helping during his shoots. I learned a lot of things and I wanted to shoot something. So I shoot a solo with a Spanish model and show it to Alis. He told me what was not good and how to do better. Next time I shoot a soft scene with two models. He liked this and showed it to the MetArt owner. I was so excited! They liked it and asked me to shoot a real girl-girl film for VivThomas. I didn’t believe it! And…well… this girl-girl film was good for them and I started to shoot my first official VT movies!

What do you like about the original Viv Thomas movies?

GRS: I watched a lot of VT films, done by Viv, and I like how he tells stories and characters. There is a reality I really like, something that seems like all those independent movies I always watch. Here in Spain we do a lot of indie stuff and I love it. So, Viv’s style was direct, raw, and the passion was really hot. I didn’t want to copy, I want to shoot with my style. But at the same time I want to remember his original style and try to do it with my eye.

How do you think your approach is different?

GRS: Viv was a photographer and he always showed the beauty. I like his image, it’s very well done. I’m a guerrilla filmmaker!!! And I want to be close to the action. I love camera in hand, hard focus. I think you can feel like you are between the models and live with them. My style is more raw, I try to show a more real situation and passion. After my first scenes I understood a lot more things from the members. I read all the comments and I started thinking how I can do better for them. I already shot other films and I did something different, I hope they can find better things. I have already written new films and I’m shooting soon. They will be different. I think members will see my experience getting better.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

GRS: I love cinema and I see many movies. I try to watch all kinds, but my favourite is indie films. My style of shooting is inspired by them, and I try to tell my story in the same style. Now when I watch a movie I always have ideas for VT: camera movements, lights and situation. I like music too, a lot! But I decided not to use music in my VT films. It’s a difficult choice but I do that because I want a very indie/raw mood.

Please tell us about your recent shoot.

GRS: A few weeks ago I shot in a big house in Barcelona that I saw first time with Alis while he was shooting. I finally shot with wonderful models: Spanish, French, Czech, Swedish and Polish. The stories were written by lovely Rose! She helped me a lot, telling me about VT films, the style and what members want to see. I shot three films, four scenes for each film. One is ‘After Hours,’ it shows moments ‘after’ work, study… when you come back home and your partner is there waiting. It’s a very passionate film! Then I shot ‘Imperfection.’ Rose was inspired by the maniac feelings we all sometimes have! One model is always obsessed by little things, and the other is a crazy girl. There is a contrast between two characters. Cool! The last one is my own script, ‘Reading Room.’ We have one model reading a book and the other is provoking her. Touching, kissing and undressing. It’s very hot!

Which movie are you most proud of so far?

GRS: You don’t forget your first love! I like ‘French Kiss.’ The models were very good and Tiffany Doll was great! I think deep kissing is wonderful and they did very good. The models understood what I wanted and understood that their kisses were the ‘story.’ I shot with camera in my hand at 30-40 cm to models and I think you feel you are very close! 

Is there a model who particularly inspires you?

GRS: I don’t have long experience, but all the models were good. Well... I’m Spanish and… I love Spanish models! Lorena was incredible! I knew all her movies and I like them. It was a wonderful experience shooting and talking with her. She’s interesting and kind and we talked about a lot of things. In the next months I want to work with Amarna Miller. Alis talked about how amazing she is and I’m sure it will be another great experience!

What are you planning next?

GRS: In the next few days I’m shooting more films. Some models are already on VT and others are new! I’m excited! I don’t want to tell too much! Only to say they are French, Czech and Spanish! The next movies will be different. I worked with Rose to shoot another structure. The story will be longer and members will see better characters and situations. Passion will start in the first part too. I think they are more like mainstream movies. I think members will like them. 


Spanish superstar Lorena stars in hot new movie ‘After Hours’ for Viv Thomas!

It’s no mystery why Spanish sweetheart Lorena is one of the most popular girls ever to grace the MetArt Network. Her radiant smile, effervescent personality and lust for life make her utterly unforgettable. Most of us have experienced not just love at first sight, but an enduring adoration for this vivacious beauty.

That said, I’m sure you can understand my excitement when new VivThomas director Guy Ranieri Sblattero allowed me to pick Lorena as the star of my first ever movie script, ‘After Hours’ – what an honour! Not only that, but he also encouraged me to pair her with blonde bombshell Tracy Lindsay for the first scene, and then with three gorgeous new girls! If this is a dream, please don’t let me wake up…

The premise of ‘After Hours’ is simple – it’s all about what happens when work is done and it’s time to enjoy a little fun. Shot in a fresh, raw style that captures the urgency of mutual desire, it lets us see Lorena’s voracious sexuality in full effect.  She’s supremely confident, at times even dominant, and refreshingly uninhibited when it comes to giving and receiving pleasure. It’s all part of her irresistible charm.

In scene one, Lorena returns home from a frustrating day at work to find Tracy Lindsay waiting for her. That’s enough to make anyone shrug off the cares of the day and enjoy some sweet solace! The chemistry between this stunning pair is incredible, and their tender caresses soon give way to intense oral coupling with plenty of face-sitting, ass-licking and mindblowing orgasms.

Lorena is preparing fruit in the kitchen at the start of scene two. Anna Siline, coming home from the office, is delighted to receive such a warm welcome. Hearing the pair offer endearments to one another in French before things get hot and sticky is an added treat – Anna’s accent is super-sexy, and it turns out Lorena sounds divine in every language!

At the start of scene three, cute Apolonia (an amazing new find) is struggling with her studies when Lorena brings her tea, and institutes a much-needed study break. Hearing these two hot honeys chat in rapid Spanish is all the foreplay anyone could need! Their passionate lovemaking builds from a slow burn to fever pitch, ending with them grinding together in a sensational scissors position.

In the final scene, Lorena – wearing some truly eye-catching lingerie – is masturbating over an erotic novel when Misha Cross returns and catches her in the act. Polish babe Misha has a wonderfully edgy look, with sleeve tattoos and a sultry expression, and sparks fly as she and Lorena tumble around and play a little rough.

The combination of hot new talent and two of our very special superstars is an absolute winner, and I’m pretty sure ‘After Hours’ will blow your socks off! I can’t wait to hear how you like it. It will be free for members to stream and download at from Friday, with the DVD coming to our online store soon – and with our brand new Pay Per Scene feature making it accessible to non-members too, there’s no reason to miss out on the fun!


Erotic fiction for VivThomas?

Is erotic fiction something you’d enjoy reading here? I’m not talking ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ (I think I already made my feelings about that very clear!). I mean fiction inspired by the beautiful girls we feature. Or maybe even fiction written by YOU?

Erotic fiction is a very fulfilling form of self-expression, and can be an exciting way to live out fantasies that you don't quite dare to try in real life!

Some of you may remember that way back when Avril Thomas used to write this blog, she would sometimes share her erotic experiences and fantasies (and very naughty they were, too!). I always looked forward to reading her racy stories, so I thought I’d revive the idea with a little fiction writing of my own. It's the first time I've ever tried something like this, and it turned out to be quite... stimulating!

You can read my first three stories at and and - here’s a little taster:

“Your fingers brush downwards, grazing the fluffy line of hair that leads to those delicate pink folds. I inch closer, breathing more heavily, all my willpower focused on restraining the urge to reach out…” (inspired by Sabrisse, MetArt).

“My hand seeks the pulsing source of my energy. And that’s it; all sense of control is lost as I plunge three fingers into my slippery slot, my thumb rubbing frantically on my clit. Almost immediately I feel a gush of wetness…” (inspired by Saju, The Life Erotic)

"Turning onto your knees, your face buried in the warm blanket, you feel the full force of the sun bless your upturned pussy as your expose yourself to its bright gaze. .." (inspired by Genevieve, MetArt).

What do you think – would you enjoy reading erotica inspired by your favourite VivThomas girls? Let me know! And if you’d like to contribute your own stories, you can send them to me at I don’t promise to post them in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!


Uma – goddess of love!

Actually the name Uma is derived from the Hindi or Sanskrit for ‘light,’ but I’m sure I can be forgiven for bending the truth a little. It’s impossible to look at our Uma, a statuesque blonde with the look of a Nordic queen, and not be struck by her radiant beauty and natural sensuality.

Uma, who is actually from the Czech Republic, is unusual in that she didn’t make her VivThomas debut until the age of 31; she’s no slip of a girl, but a strong, sexually self-assured woman with a powerful appetite for sex. Maybe that’s why she has the confidence to let us see her true passion and hunger during her sexual encounters. While other girls may fuss over their hair and lipstick, Uma commits everything to satisfying her partner and herself. Drenched in sweat, her chest flushed bright red with arousal, you know she’s totally lost in the moment – no acting required.

Uma made an instant impression in her VivThomas debut movie, Gardeners. From the first moment of the opening credits, it was clear the camera loved her, and as her scene with Frida unfolded, her irresistible charm became apparent. Tumbling around on the bed, her long blonde hair dishevelled, her superb body glistening with sexual sweat, she immediately captured hearts. A second, equally scorching liaison with Victoria Daniels in Gardeners followed, and on the strength of these two stellar scenes she was snapped up for a new movie, The Gym. Clearly this required Uma and her two co-stars, Lexi Dona and Alexis Crystal, to look fit and foxy in their sporty gear – and the sight of Uma in skintight yoga pants would be enough to get even the most reluctant exerciser flexing at least one muscle! The climactic threeway merits repeated viewing, with the three beauties giving their all in an encounter packed with face-sitting, rimming and mindblowing orgasms.

Meanwhile over on our sister site SexArt, Uma has appeared in a couple of sizzling boy-girl movies, to which she commits as much heat and intensity as we have come to expect from this passionate lover; and a recent, spellbindingly beautiful liaison with lovely Lexi Dona in ‘Above’ confirmed her as a favourite with fans of exquisite lesbian lovemaking.

Tomorrow’s movie release on VivThomas – the second scene of Andrej Lupin’s SexMessage III, which sees Uma reunited with firecracker Alexis Crystal – is something truly exceptional. It’s rare to find two girls who match each other so perfectly in energy, sexual charisma and skill, as well as beauty. Too horny to find a more secluded spot, the girls tear into each other on a stairway, reducing each other to a quivering mass of orgasmic exhaustion before they are done. It’s the epitome of female passion, and if you like to see genuine, explosive sexual chemistry captured on screen, it’s something you won’t want to miss. 


SexMessage III coming soon – sexting has never been more seductive!

A beautiful girl sends you a sexy text message – how do you react? You sext her back, of course, and enjoy the build up to some steamy phone sex action… or if you’re lucky, your vivid imaginings may even come to life!

That’s just what we get to witness in director Andrej Lupin’s brand new all-girl movie, SexMessage III, as six of the hottest girls around let us witness their flirty fun, and then succumb to their powerful mutual lust as their deepest desires take over.

Alexis Crystal is the sexy star of the show here, first enjoying a saucy exchange with Silvie Luca that sees her transported into Silvie’s bed. The two beauties enjoy an intense encounter that leaves them both utterly satiated.

Next, leggy Alexis hooks up with blonde bombshell Uma for a frenetic stairway liaison. An abundance of face-sitting, rimming and orgasmic pleasure sees them both drenched in sweat and pussy juice!

Delicious Lexi Dona is the next incredible babe to catch Alexis’ eye, flirting via instant message before her passion becomes reality. The girls look irresistible in their sexy lingerie as they kiss, stroke and lick each other into a frenzy. Lexi has never looked better than with Alexis’ talented tongue wriggling between her sweet ass cheeks!

Finally, adorable Aiko Bell is carried away by her desire for curvy Hanna Sweet, the two playful pussy pals enjoying every inch of each other’s body during their scorching lovemaking. The orgasms are plentiful… and powerful!

SexMessage III will be free for members to stream and download at, with the DVD coming soon to our online store. It’s one message you’ll be delighted to receive!


Blonde beauty Kiara Lord talks fun, passion and positivity!

Kiara Lord is an absolute treasure – a sweet-faced blonde with a sensational slim-but-busty figure and a positive attitude towards life. She burst onto the VivThomas scene with a delightful lingerie scene in Bar Memories, swiftly followed by a sensual liaison with Lexie Dona in ‘Art’ that captured everyone’s hearts. As a result she was cast in one of the lead roles in ‘The Bet’ – her steamy shower scene with Bella Blond was a major highlight of that playful movie. Most recently, she hooked up with raunchy redhead Eva Berger for ‘Dominance,’ in a superb encounter that had both girls looking irresistible and driving each other to climax after juice-drenched climax. It’s one of the stand-out scenes of the year so far.

Over on our sister site SexArt, she shot a couple of gorgeous boy-girl scenes before being given one of the main roles in ‘What Happens When,’ a wild extravaganza shot in Ibiza that can only be described as an event movie. She’s equally hot, energetic and compelling to watch whether working with a male or female partner, and brings a lot of charm and charisma to everything she does.

I was lucky enough to get to ask Kiara a few questions about her life, her loves, and her experience shooting for the MetArt Network…

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

KL: I’m 22 years old and I’m from Budapest, in Hungary. Basically my family is from Russia, so I’m bilingual. I like the same kind of things most people do… for example I like nature a lot, the colours of it; then I’m obsessed with music as well, especially with jazz, piano, but I enjoy progressive house, electronic style too. And I must say that I love French chansons or rap, like Stromae – not sure if you can call it rap, but anyway I love it! I have a passion for tao music, relaxing, meditating tracks. Also I like to travel, my biggest love is Japan. What else? Meeting new people from different cultures or places is very exciting for me. I’m a communicative person, I like to find a nice topic I can discuss with someone. So, I could say, basically I’m an extrovert girl, but I have my own peaceful and quiet side too. Laughing and smiling, just being easy is very important for me, even one of the things I live for. I have my girly attitude, which means I enjoy clothes, make-up, and beauty. I enjoy food a lot, I have a passion for meat, I’m a huge fan of a great steak for example, but I like almost everything and I’m thankful for life giving us a big variation of food. Movies and books are a must have in my life. I just watched ‘Kill Bill,’ so awesome.

How did you get into modelling?

KL: I had no inspiration for modelling. I just got an e-mail from an agency asking if I was interested in nude modelling. I answered yes, and it happened pretty fast. I had no experience in front of the camera before entering the adult industry.

What do you enjoy about making movies?

KL: I enjoy acting and also good sex. I think it’s a creative job and I like the idea of making something for people. It helps give me self-confidence about my body, I see nice photos of myself and they make me proud. 

What are your favourites of the movies you have shot?

KL: I liked shooting with Lexi Dona in ‘Art’ for VivThomas, because she was sensual and nice, not just acting – that makes a movie different for me. For SexArt I had the chance to join in something very special, and I was excited about the result. I loved all my scenes in ‘What Happens When.’ It was so much fun. I felt like an important character in it, and it felt like it mirrored reality. I love stories with teenagers and it was something like a crazy teenager’s life, with nothing more to do than enjoy life, and party. 

Who is your favorite partner in a movie?

KL: Matt Ice, do I need to say more? He is nice to me. 

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life before making movies?

KL: Well, I did... But only once. 

Do you have a preference, boys or girls?

KL: I like both, but there’s a small problem with shooting with girls. I think basically there are more heterosexual people on earth and that’s why I have smaller chance to shoot with a girl who likes girls as well. It is more guaranteed to have pleasure with boys, in my case. 

What are your plans for the future?

KL: My ambition is to be a good person, be wise, learn about life and live happily in love, no matter how. As for the business, I have high hopes. I want to be a good performer. 

Is there anything you would like to tell your fans?

KL:  Yes, I always want to talk to my fans, because they give meaning to being Kiara Lord. First of all, I never thought that people would like me so much, and this feeling is so fantastic. I appreciate every single person who ever thought something nice about me and who likes me. I want my fans to know that I’m down to earth, I enjoy just living life, and my profession won’t change my way of thinking or my philosophy. I don’t want to have the ‘pornstar attitude,’ even if you only see me as a porn actress. But that is fine. I love you, I wish you all the best, good health, love and smiles. Thanks for reading this interview! :-)


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