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Paige Turnah dominates Lexi Lowe in Story of She 2!

4737-045Paige Turnah is the perfect dominatrix, as Lexi Lowe will attest. These two Brit babes are madly in lust with each other, but letting Paige take the upper hand in their scene for Story of She 2 upped the intensity in a major way. Lexi told me Paige gave her some of her most powerful orgasmic sensations ever.

You can watch this racy scene right now, or get the full movie in HD download or on DVD from our store.

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Samantha Bentley and Lexi Lowe get passionate in Story of She 2!

4742-068Instant chemistry. That’s what we witnessed when busty Brit babe Samantha Bentley met our Welsh wonder Lexi Lowe on the set of Story of She 2. It immediately became apparent that these two were very, very attracted to each other… which explains why their scene is so passionate, sensual and downright lustful! Sexy Sam recently won an AVN award, and you can see why – her naturally curvy figure, alabaster skin and sexy-fun attitude make her the quintessential English rose. It wasn’t much a stretch for these two hotties to play chat TV girls, as they both love putting on an erotic show – and there was no acting required when it came to the very real, very powerful orgasms they gave each other!

You can see this scene right now on the paysite, or get the whole movie on DVD or HD download from our store. Enjoy!

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Lana and Viktoria Diamond have sandy lesbian sex in Tides of Lust!

Okay, I’ll admit it – ever since we filmed this scene from our new release Tides of Lust, I have been quite seriously smitten with Lana. Viv is getting tired of me asking when he’s shooting her again (I ask at least three times a day!). Not that he is reluctant to book her, as she’s an absolute dream to have around – pretty, funny, and so sexy that all the other girls are clamoring to get their hands on her.

Viktoria Diamond (or VikkyD, as we call her) loves to play the sexual predator, so taking the role of the pussy-hungry vixen who seduces Lana behind her girlfriend’s back came very naturally to her. It’s great that Lana seems so shy and sweet as VikkyD put the moves on her – but when the two are alone on the sand, you see the look in Lana’s eyes change from submissive cutie to pure tigress! I’m absolutely convinced that these two had forgotten the camera was even there as they devoured each other. Lana is a sexual tease but knows how to please too… and how to take pleasure. As VikkyD rubbed Lana’s clit while fingering her hard, these two were totally in the moment, no acting required, and both assured me later that those powerful orgasms were one hundred percent real.

Check out the rest of the pics of these two hotties – and if that doesn’t tempt you to watch the full scene, you must be made of stone! The whole movie is also available on DVD, download and HD download from our store. It’s what I call a ‘proper’ film – interesting plot, beautiful locations, and of course five gorgeous girls having very hot sex!

4683-051 4683-013 4683-024 4683-036 4683-047 4683-057 4683-077 4683-089

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Nicole Smith and Lana have gorgeous lesbian sex in Tides of Lust!

Gorgeous. That’s the only word to describe it when two stunning girls have really hot, passionate sex. Perky blonde Lana, as you all know, is my major new girl crush – she’s pretty, naughty, fun and downright horny. As for Nicole Smith, her lovely face and curvy body are as close to faultless as I’ve ever seen – her breasts can literally stop conversations, as everyone just stands, openmouthed, watching her! These two made it fairly obvious that they found each other attractive – there was so much flirting going on during the filming of Tides of Lust that the place was buzzing with sexual energy – so putting them together was like lighting the fuse to a particularly explosive device!

Although the scene is a slow burner, with lots of gentle caressing and kissing leading up to the hot stuff, you can feel that every touch is making them tingle. As Lana’s pleasure starts to build she is quite assertive, rocking her pussy on Nicole’s fingers and then grabbing her hand to direct it, making sure she gets the powerful orgasm she’s craving. Once she’s got off, she gives Nicole’s nipples and then her clit a thorough licking. I guarantee Lana’s pussy-fingering skills will get any girl who watches squirming in her seat! And watching Nicole’s boobs wobble as she rides Lana’s face is quite mesmerizing…

You can see more photos of these two beauties getting hot and heavy, watch the full yummy scene, or get the whole movie on download, HD download or DVD from our store. I might be biased seeing as I’m utterly smitten with every girl in this movie, but I think Tides of Lust is our best release of the year. Do you agree?

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Jo and Eve Angel rekindle their lesbian romance in Tides of Lust!

Let’s admit it, we’re all pretty enthralled by the lesbian romance that we’ve watched unfolding between Jo and Eve Angel over the years. Individually, they are two of the hottest girls ever to get naked and nasty for our viewing pleasure, and the fact that they are genuinely crazy about each other intensifies that hotness by a factor of around a gazillion.

So, it was no accident that we brought these two beauties together for the opening scene of our new beach movie, Tides of Lust. Their chemistry really sets the tone for the whole film – stunning girls having real (and very, very passionate) sex. I love that the camera lingers on those two perfect bottoms for long enough to satisfy all of us bum lovers, before moving on to capture every smile, sexy kiss and tender caress. Our course, it’s not just soft and girly but also gets pretty filthy, as Jo humps Eve’s leg, then rides her expert tongue to what looks like a powerful orgasm. Eve then gets a vigorous fingering and licking as payback. It’s juicy stuff!

I could watch these two go at it all day (I’m pretty sure I have, on occasion) and this is a worthy addition to the collection – I’m thrilled to report that watching Tides of Lust on screen is just as arousing as watching it being filmed was, especially since I missed the shoot the day this scene was shot. Jo promised me I would enjoy watching it, and she wasn’t kidding!

You can check out the full photoset and watch the scene at now and the full movie is also available on DVD, download and HD download from our store.

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Zdenka Novotna – the sexy blonde who got away?

Remember Zdenka Novotna? There are only five photosets of her at – the first shot way back in 1999 – and yet I remember her vividly. Those pouting lips, the haughty, slightly challenging look in her eyes, and of course those amazing tits – yum! How could I forget her?

Zdenka was the first Czech girl to become Penthouse Pet of the Year, in 2001, and certainly did her bit to put Eastern European girls at the forefront of our dirty minds. Now known as Zdenka Podkapova, she was apparently a professional gymnast for ten years before starting modelling – she had the strong, toned physique to prove it, but surely those spectacular boobs got in the way?

Sadly Zdenka never filmed solo video for us, let alone lesbian sex scenes – although I can’t imagine how another girl would have been able to handle her, anyway! I really wish we had shot more on her though, back in the day… she had that classic ‘sexbomb’ look that never gets old.

Of course we have our favourites here at, girls like Eve Angel that we will happily keep shooting over and over again – they mature like fine wine. But can you think of any other classic beauties you wish we had shot more of – or any promising little hotties you hope we do?

4086-022 4196-021 4194-031 4153-022 4197-017 4086-007 4197-031 4153-018

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Two things I love about Nicole Smith!

This list should be much, much longer, but whenever I think about Nicole Smith, I just can’t get past the two things that really grab my attention – those magnificent breasts! They might actually be perfect: big but not too big, firm, beautifully curved… and they feel amazing too, just in case you were wondering!

Nicole is an incredible package altogether. She’s pretty, sexy, smart and fun to be around. No wonder most of us follow her about like puppies with our tongues hanging out, eager to please her! Her lesbian skills are getting more and more refined and her costars all seem to find her extremely hot – her scenes in the forthcoming Tides of Lust will definitely impress and arouse you, and everyone fell a little bit in love with her on the recent shoot for Story of She 2. If you haven’t already enjoyed it, you should definitely check out her solo masturbation scene in Wet and Dripping too, as the camera lingers lovingly over those delicious curves, just as my tongue would like to do!

I think we may have found a genuine sex star here, folks. How do you like her?

4564-099 4564-059 4600-084 4567-044 4586-067 4565-077 4557-035 4564-093

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Sammy-Jane – classic blonde Brit babe!

Much as I love our amazing Eurobabes, having the Welsh wonder Lexi Lowe in the house has reminded me how much fun it is shooting Brit girls. Remember Sammy-Jayne? This hottie was such a popular star, and no wonder – what’s not to love about a pretty, long-legged blonde who adored shooting both lesbian and boy-girl scenes, and lit up many a location shoot with her ‘absolutely filthy’ antics?

Here are a few choice Sammy-Jane moments captured on camera, and there are no less than 25 hardcore video scenes of her at, many of which bring back some very warm and tingly memories for me! Viv loved shooting leg sex scenes with this willowy babe, but I have to confess that while her pussy-eating skills were sublime, I quite enjoyed watching the way she could devour a cock!

What’s your favourite Sammy-Jane moment?

2687-024 2072-003 3064-043 2076-029 2805-008 3068-027 2115-034 2811-018

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Is 69 the magic number?

I had a funny conversation with a model the other day where she told me she didn’t like to 69. She said she preferred to concentrate on eating pussy without getting distracted by the overwhelmingly pleasurable sensations of getting eaten out herself! I was surprised, as I always thought soixante-neuf was the best of both worlds. In some situations it may be nobler to give than to receive, but when it comes to sex, you can do both at the same time!

I certainly love to see two gorgeous girls in a 69′er on camera – it’s lovely to see a peachy ass wriggling as its owner’s juicy pussy gets munched and her tongue gets to work teasing another creamy coochie to a froth. Kudos to the photographers and cameramen who capture it well, as it’s not an easy position to master, with all those limbs to work around! I know the crew at has tried many different angles in order to perfect it. The sideways 69 is a challenge too, but lets the camera get right in there – you can almost taste that pussy yourself!

I suppose if you’re getting close to cumming in a 69 then your pussy-eating skills might falter somewhat… but surely feeling your partner’s gasps and shivers against your hot skin is all part of the delicious experience? What do you folks think – is 69 the ultimate position? And do you enjoying seeing it on camera?

4237-071 4082-076 4264-069 3368-075 4575-076 4351-082 4232-041 4368-048

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Five things I love about Eve Angel!

I could list thousands of things I love about Eve Angel, but I’m restricting myself to five…

1. She’s beautiful. I don’t mean porn-star beautiful, I mean actual, real life, stop and stare at her in the street beautiful. Too gorgeous for porn, but she does it anyway – how fab is that!

2. She’s remote, ethereal, dreamy and almost angelic, and yet… she eats pussy like a champion, knows exactly how to make a girl cum hard, and isn’t shy about asking for what gets her off sexually.

3. She’s not as shy as she used to be. Check out her recent on-camera interview to see how open, chatty and engaging she can be. And how sexy, of course.

4. She’s naturally happy, fun and playful, despite being reserved at times. On our recent location shoot for Tides of Lust the other girls seemed to gravitate towards her. Everyone loves being around her. And classy as she is, she’s not above giving you a flash of boob or bum cheek, just to make you smile!

5. Jo loves her. Really, really loves her. You know what I’m saying here! And if she’s sexy enough to inspire Jo’s total adoration, she’s certainly hot enough for the rest of us!

What are your favourite things about Eve Angel?

3907-039 3655-007 3905-050 4527-049 4527-014 4521-062 4376-036 4365-075

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Who is your favourite MILF?

Remember way back when MILF was a new term? Now it’s a concept we all warmly embrace, along with ‘Cougar’. It’s very seductive to imagine someone more sexually experienced than you, skillfully teaching you a few new tricks and guiding you through the most mindblowing orgasms of your life, isn’t it?

Although we don’t specialize in shooting MILFs at – we tend to go more for the naughty nubile newbies – we have shot a few legendary MILFs that are very dear to our hearts, such as Marlyn, Tanya Tate, and of course the legendary Lisa. Not only are their seduction skills beyond compare, but the camera loves them! The result has been some very memorable scenes – Marlyn ravaging Lexi Lowe in Story of She is a favourite of mine, while My Mum’s Best Friend and Mums and Daughters offer some racy lesbian action for MILF lovers!

Who is your top MILF star, and what’s your favourite scene?

4295-047 4206-019 4207-046 4295-040 3970-017 4316-044 4469-030 4295-079

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Women stare at breasts as much as men do!

A new report has confirmed something I suspected all along – us women stare at boobs just as much as guys do! Let’s face it, when the tits are as spectacular as Zuzana‘s (above) or Chikita‘s (below) it’s hard to look at anything else! We even have a search facility at devoted to fabulous funbags, and I am one of the people who uses it most often, according to the web guys.

Anyway, a study by researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln explains why, if you care enough to find out. Apparently it’s all to do with ‘local cognitive processing’, which means we view a woman’s body as a collection of parts (some of them very, very nice) while we view men ‘globally’, in other words as a whole. So, no explanation for crotch-staring then.

My explanation for why I stare at tits is that I really, REALLY love them. How about you?

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What makes the perfect tit wank?

I honestly had no idea this was called a ‘hotdog’. So that’s why all the guys in the office were laughing at me when I said I wanted one! To me, having lived in the UK for so long, it’s officially called a ‘tit wank’. My American friends say ‘titty ride’. Is there actually a proper name for it?

Whatever… if I was a guy it’s the first thing I’d ask for. Jessica Moore makes it look so good here, but then she has the most fabulous big funbags to wrap around a lucky guy’s boner. I’ve heard it feels like the ultimate tight ride – firm but yielding, hot and slippery, and with the added bonus of a lick at the top of each stroke! Unless I somehow come back as a man, I guess I’ll never know for sure. So, enlighten me, guys – what makes the perfect tit wank?

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Shaved versus hairy pussies?

One of my favourite things to do is to hold a heated debate over some point where actually neither side is right and then suddenly switch sides and argue the opposite to whatever I said in the first place. It never fails to confuse my opponent, infuriate Viv, and mystify onlookers! A case in point is the hairy pussy debate…

I really, really love to see a perfectly smooth-shaven pussy. You can see every delicious contour in pristine detail, watch it flush pink as it gets all puffy and aroused, see the first drops of moisture welling up… a succulent shaven haven like that of Kylie (above) is surely the most tempting sight ever.

And yet… hairy pussies seem so exotic and rare these days that an untamed bush really gets my attention. Pubic hair is said to enhance a woman’s natural musky scent, so when she gets turned on her aroma intensifies. Hair hides and yet frames the delights within… Lana‘s fluffy muff looks very appetizing indeed!

Maybe it’s fair to say I just love the sight of pussy, shaven or not! Which side do you support in the hairy pussy debate?

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In praise of naked redheads!

Ginger, firebush, flame-haired, auburn – call them what you will, but I have to confess I have a passion for redheaded beauties. I don’t think it’s a myth that redheads have fiery personalities to match, and I love the sexual intensity they bring to a scene, especially in hot lesbian action!

Search for redhead at and you’ll find all manner of flame-haired babes, from busty Jana (a particular favourite of mine!) to ethereal Ariel, and Evelyn Lory, who looks uncannily like a young Tera Patrick. Who’s your favourite redhead?

3883-057 2869-024 2997-095 3173-070 4052-033 4089-027 4215-070 4437-014

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In search of the perfect blonde!

We were talking about designing the perfect blonde in the office today (yup, that’s the kind of conversation we have all the time… don’t you wish you had my job?). Anyway, I was trying to describe what I like best in a blonde – tall, statuesque, with big firm breasts, lovely long legs, a pert bottom, a tight pussy and a pretty face. And then I realized I was describing an actual person, not just a fantasy girl!

Remember Bianca? I just spent the last couple of hours poring over her photosets (see, I told you I had the best job!) and sure enough, she has all the attributes that make her a classic blonde beauty. Viv loved her too, because of those gorgeous legs and cute feet – he even shot a leg sex shoot with her! She was amazing in lesbian sets, and we also shot one boy-girl set, where she sucked cock very enthusiastically!

So what do you think, folks? Was Bianca one of your favourites? And is she the perfect blonde, or can you think of one that tops her?

4118-043 4120-062 4128-060 4124-023 4122-070 4122-010 4494-064 4495-042

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Sexy lingerie for Private Orgasms!

It’s no secret that I have a thing about sexy lingerie – especially when it’s on a pretty girl! So you probably already guessed that I am loving Elisa‘s scene from Private Orgasms, which has just gone live at There’s something very pleasingly kinky about her black lingerie, all straps and see-through panels, and sexy stockings which make me imagine those lovely long legs wrapped around me!

I’m a big fan of solo masturbation scenes, and watching Elisa pull those naughty panties aside to finger her pretty pussy, before cramming it full of plastic cock, certainly brought a flush to my cheeks. The movie is wall-to-wall hot girls – Suzie Carina, Nicole Smith, Tea J, Anita and Sandra Sanchez also show you their favourite masturbation techniques in some intimate and exotic settings – but right now I’m replaying the moment where Elisa’s fingers dip into her wet coochie for the first time. Damn, she’s gorgeous! She told me she really loves to imagine thousands of pairs of eyes on her while she wanks, and I’m sure you won’t let her down…

4580-010 4580-002 4580-008 4580-012 4580-014 4580-059 4580-070 4580-073

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Avril’s Sex Tips part 1

I thought I would share a few of my favourite sex tips with you… It’s not that I think I’m any great expert, but I have witnessed a lot of sex. A LOT. The girls we shoot – and the guys – are often happy to share their experiences and tips, and as you all know, I’m not too shy to ask when I see something that intrigues me. So here are the first few snippets of useful sex info that I have gleaned. I hope you put them to good use!

1. When eating a girl’s pussy, press down gently on either side of her belly-button. She’ll orgasm harder!

2. Pomegranate juice increases blood flow to the genitals – leading to firmer and longer-lasting erections!

3. Experiment with yourself. If you always masturbate the same way, try something different – and if it works, show your partner.

4. If you always call your partner by a pet name, use their real name during sex. It shows you see them as a unique sexual being.

5. Watch porn together. Might not be a new idea, but it sure as hell works! If you want to tell your sex partner they are prettier than Kitty, or studlier than Matt, our photoset stars (whether it’s true or not) that will work too!

Any tips you’d care to share?

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Great content lined up for

Over the next two weeks we have an unbelievable array of goodness lined up for you on our main pay site:

  • Imagine seeing Zuzana Drabinova again in two extra sets (yes her… from THIS famous post – our all time most popular post on the blog).
  • Ok, that’s cool, but imagine getting a full on set from all time hottie, Aphrodite Night as well. mm mm mm, the BODY on that bird! As one of our site members comments:”Maybe my top all-time model. She is very slender, but those breasts and that smile, and she just always seems to love what she is doing.”
  • That’s not all because Lisa and Eve Angel are lined up in a wonderful lesbian video set,
  • Zuzana and Lola light up Viv’s wine tasting room,
  • Cathy Heaven does a solo video,
  • Vera, Antonya and Sandra Shine go crazy in a threesome photoset and…
  • the piece de resistance is Womans’s Touch – Breast Play finally making it’s way out of post-production and into the limelight.

If you don’t believe me, scope out our updates page, designed specially for these special occasions, and I’ll leave you with the BreastPlay trailer:

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Lesbian toy time!

There’s a scene from the imminent lesbian video release Woman’s Touch: Breast Play that combines two of my favourite things – boob play and pussy pampering – as willowy lesbian hotties Elisa and Anita hook up for some passionate sex after a toy shopping trip. In my opinion, the only thing that could make this better was if we had filmed the entire shopping trip, complete with several hours of browsing and try-before-you-buy, but then that’s just me! For the rest of you less shopping-obsessed folks out there, I think you will find the focus on ‘real’ sex very enjoyable… seldom has a double-ended dildo been put to such good use!

I hope it will inspire you to explore your own toy collection, or even add a few new items. The nipple-pleasers have certainly got me wondering… What’s your favourite toy?

4581-086 4581-024 4581-047 4581-064 4581-058 4581-084 4581-095 4581-101

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Breast Play in the bathtub!

Some things are more fun to watch than to do yourself, and I think bathtub sex is one of those things. If you’re a tall and slightly top-heavy girl like me, the risk of slipping and banging your head is a bit of a passion killer! Maybe it’s because it’s not such a great success in real life that I like watching it so much on screen – especially when it’s two phenomenally sexy girls like Suzie Carina and Tea J. Their wet and slippery lesbian sex scene from the forthcoming movie Woman’s Touch: Breast Play is a sensual, soapy triumph!

I don’t think it’s overstating the case to say that this scene is a celebration of female beauty and sexuality. Let’s just say things get very, very wet!

What’s your take on bathtub sex – have you had any great experiences, or is it a spectator sport for you too?

4572-004 4572-020 4572-065 4572-056 4572-055 4572-070 4572-039 4572-014

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Does highbrow porn sound like fun?

Philosopher and author Alain de Botton has announced to the Telegraph UK newspaper that he intends to make ‘a better kind of pornography’, and intends to meet with leaders in porn and the arts in order to achieve this. We’ll be waiting for our call then. “Ideally, porn would excite our lust in contexts which also presented other, elevated sides of human nature - in which people were being witty, for instance, or showing kindness, or working hard or being clever - so that our sexual excitement could bleed into, and enhance our respect for these other elements of a good life,” he told the Telegraph.

Hmmm. When I want to be turned on, I’m generally thinking more about cocks, boobs and pussies than kindness, wit or hard work, but maybe that’s just me? Porn is escapism for me, not real life! But perhaps I’m just not intellectual enough to appreciate the need for a ‘better’ kind of porn. What do you think, folks? Does de Botton’s concept of highbrow porn sound like fun to you?

My personal take on intellectual sex is more along the lines of this lesbian video scene from Jo’s Sexy College Diaries (pics below). Jo seems intent on learning all about the contents of Natalie’s pants, and Natalie appears to be more than willing to teach her the finer points of pussy eating, in this classic photoset and scene! These two are certainly learning about sex in the best way! I’m not sure I actually need – or want – my porn to be any more highbrow than this…

teacher 2987-001 2987-002 2987-003 2987-004 2987-006 2987-007 2987-025

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Some classic Jo photosets from the archives!

I love Jo as much as you do. And I love the womanly, sexual brunette beauty she has become. But I also loved the cute, sweet and not-quite-innocent Jo we first worked with way back before she had become the global icon she is today. So, I’m very much enjoying some classic archives sets of Jo that we have been showcasing at lately.

If you haven’t seen them yet, check out Jo and Sophie Moone (blonde on blonde deliciousness, and oh, that perfect bum!). Then there’s Jo and Ella (almost unbearably cute!) and Jo and Janine (outdoor dildo fun, yum!).

To date we have a massive 134 photosets, 53 films and 150 videos of Jo at - both lesbian and solo, blonde and brunette, sweet and sophisticated, so there is literally something for every Jo fan. And if you need more, there’s I Dream of Jo, her very own site in collaboration with us, one of the fastest-growing sites out there. Enjoy! I’d love to know, what’s your favourite Jo scene or photoset ever?

3195-097 3256-027 4393-045 3338-060 3256-013 4392-052 4397-014 3338-038

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How often should women masturbate?

Ladies, be honest – how often do you masturbate? Once a week? Once a day? Once an hour?! Apparently none of us are doing it enough, according to the resident sexpert at Your Tango, who seems to think we all need to put in a few more hours of DIY. Seriously, if us girls spent any more time diddling, nothing would get done around here!

Fellas, do you enjoy seeing your girl exercising her fingers, or would her hands be put to better use on your cock? I don’t really need to ask our lesbian and bi-girl fans whether they enjoy it, right?! Personally it’s something I love to see, which is why I’m an ardent campaigner for our solo masturbation movies such as the recent wankfest Wet and Dripping. What’s your favourite solo masturbation scene ever?

By the way, the gorgeous girl in these pics is Kylie, she looks like she masturbates a LOT. Just sayin’…

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Study proves women who are easily aroused have sex more often!

From the university of Tell Us Something We Didn’t Already Know, here is an academic study that demonstrates that women who are ‘easily aroused by erotic stimuli’ are more likely to engage in impulsive sexual behaviour. On the other hand, women who are easily aroused by pictures of food tend to eat more pies…

I have to confess to not being utterly amazed by these findings. I am a horny woman who finds sexual images arousing, therefore I am more likely to have sex? Well, duh! I think we all know that exists precisely to cater for our very human desire to watch erotic images and be stimulated by them. Without the ability to become aroused, I imagine we would soon become extinct… or at least very, very bored!

I’m a visual person, so I find sexy images, both pictures and movies, turn me on the most. Today I am very much enjoying these new pics of busty redhead Jana, who has a lot of the assets I find extremely stimulating – great boobs, pretty pussy, fantastic bum – she’s got it all going on! I’m guessing it’s the same for most of you folks – or are there times when your other senses come more into play?

Just wondering… I am easily aroused by shoe catalogues, does this give me a scientific way to justify my outrageous shopping habits to Viv?

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The best model ever?

People often ask me who is my favourite girl, of all the beautiful and sexy models we have worked with over the years. That’s such a tough question… it’s like asking me to name my favourite flower, or puppy, or pair of shoes… they are all so gorgeous!

It’s not remotely difficult for Viv to answer that question, though. Without a second’s hesitation, he will tell you, Diana van Laar. Ahhh, Diana… We first shot her back in 1993, when she was becoming known as one of the top girls in the business – and it’s not hard to see why. Not only was she beautiful, but this long-legged Dutch stunner was probably the most elegant woman we ever worked with. Looking at her pictures now (even with that distinctive nineties styling!) she still looks so fresh, so naturally sexy.

We became such good friends with Diana – we even went to her wedding! – and she also has a special place in our hearts because she was the star of our first ever movie, Leg Sex, shot in 1995. Her co-star, Nikki Tyler, became a Vivid Girl, but it’s Diana you look at!

Diana could have done anything she wanted, but she enjoyed working with us the most, and we always had a whole lot of fun. If you’re not familiar with her, check out that perfect doll-like face, fantastic boobs, pretty pussy, pert bum and of course those long, long legs to see why we were all a little bit in love with her.

As for my favourite girl ever? Well, Diana is certainly a contender. But then there’s Sandy… and Jo… and Vera… and Sandra Shine… Who would you choose?

1185-009 1703-035 1182-032 1134-025 1290-015 1135-024 1258-017 1136-010

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Rebekah Teasdale – an all-time favourite!

Wow, how amazingly hot was Rebekah Teasdale?!? It’s not that we’re resting on our laurels around here – we’re working on some very exciting stuff at the moment – but here at we all seem to have come over a bit nostalgic. Maybe it’s because we’re spring-cleaning the office… we keep turning up amazing stuff from the archives that reminds us of past glories (and hopefully spurs us on to aim even higher!).

Rebekah was a huge favourite, both for us and for the fans, from the first moment we shot her. We only filmed one scene with her, for UK vs Europe (it’s a classic one too!) but we shot plenty of great photosets. She had such a unique look – strong face, great boobs, amazing long legs – that she left a lasting impression.

Would Rebekah make the cut in your All-Time Top Ten?

2422-036 2425-035 2414-029 2429-032 2420-007 2432-035 2434-021

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Erotic fact or erotic fiction?

I’m an avid reader, as I know many of you are. Sometimes I like to take a break from watching porn to read porn! Sometimes it’s interesting to read about the behind-the-scenes side of the industry too.

I am looking forward to Penny Flame/ Jennie Ketchum’s book I Am Jennie, which is due out in July, although with some trepidation. It makes me sad to read some of the more negative experiences in the adult business. We try so hard to make everything about a positive experience, for the staff and performers as well as the fans. I don’t want to be all Pollyanna about it, but I think we succeed, at least most of the time! Anyway, we had the pleasure of working with Jennie back when she was still Penny Flame on a movie called Sisters, as well as a few other interesting titles. It was obvious that she was an extremely bright, articulate and motivated girl, so I’m not surprised she has gone out into the wider world to make a name for herself.

Have you read any of the other ‘porn star’ books out there? Of course there is Jenna Jameson‘s How to Make Love Like a Pornstar - how many of you remember that we actually shot Jenna, way back before she was famous? She was a very sweet girl. Tera Patrick and Monica Mayhem have both written books too. But for the guys, I would have to recommend The Pornstar Guide to Great Sex, by Mr Marcus – you might learn a thing or two!

Have you read any of these, and can you recommend any others – or do you prefer erotic fiction to erotic fact?

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Boobs I have loved!

I was having a casual chat about boobs with one of the crew – as I very often do – and do you know whose name suddenly popped into my head? Adele Stephens! Top-heavy Adele was one of the first really busty girls that became a big favourite here at I think the photosets and especially the videos we did with her were very memorable… I do love to see big bouncy boobies spilling out of a pretty bikini top! She put in a classic performance in our movie UK Vs Europe, too!

Although Adele could be quite shy, and never really got that raunchy in front of the camera, she always managed to leave the impression that she was quite a dirty girl. Guys wanted to see if they could get her to be as naughty as they suspected she really was; girls always wanted to touch those spectacular breasts! (I did and believe me, they were quite a handful!)

Just thinking about Adele has made me all warm and tingly. Who’s your favourite busty blast from the past?

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Semen is good for you!

Regular followers of my random musings will know that I’m a big fan of Jayme Waxman, the US sex educator, so I was delighted to find this validation of girls who love to swallow semen. Apparently, spunk is low calorie but packed with protein, good for your skin, and full of mood-boosting hormones! What’s not to love!

Looks like Viktoria Diamond already knew that secret, as she appears to have given lucky James the blowjob of a lifetime in this photoset. Now, James has experienced a LOT of oral in his time, but the stiffness of his dick says it all. And Viktoria appears pretty happy to be sucking him to a sticky finish and letting him spill his load all over her silky skin, only to scoop it up and swallow it. She doesn’t waste a drop!

For more hot girls exploring the art of cocksucking, and getting their creamy treat at the end, check out our new release Sex Games, coming April 22 from

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Sunny Diamond shines in masturbation classic Wet and Dripping!

What a lovely way to start the week – I have just spent the past ten minutes (okay, the past hour!) staring at Sunny Diamond‘s boobs. They are certainly worthy of the attention, and I have to say they look especially good when wet and slippery… perhaps ready for a hard cock to slide between them?

Sunny’s scene for the upcoming solo masturbation movie Wet and Dripping is a thing of beauty. Everything was just right that day – the light, the mood on set, and of course it helps that Sunny really is a ray of sunshine, who gives you the impression that getting naked and fingering her wet pussy for the camera is just the most natural thing in the world to her. She cums really easily too – I do like that in a girl! You can see more of the gorgeous photos from this scene here.

Between Sunny and the ample charms of the equally busty Carmen Croft, there is a lot to please lovers of big boobs in Wet and Dripping - and I find it particularly enjoyable to see the camera make love to a girl I’m really attracted to, without anyone else there to distract me! Now, excuse me while I just watch Sunny’s scene again…

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Face-sitting fun from Hot Wet Lesbians!

I am quite intrigued by these pics from the forthcoming lesbian video release Hot Wet Lesbians. I didn’t actually see this scene being shot – I was out shoe shopping with Vera that day! – and the guys have been too busy editing to give me more than a glimpse of it. I am eager to see this blonde-on-blonde combination though.

Neither Michelle Moist nor Shay Hendrix is the typical girl, maybe that’s what keeps drawing me back to their pictures. Michelle is an English DJ and TV presenter, while Shay is a Welsh hellraiser! They are a whole lot of fun to have around – noisy, giggly and very,very naughty!

I love this face-sitting pic, although the idea of being smothered with pussy slightly scares me in reality… don’t you get claustrophobic? Answers, please! I could definitely handle having my face squashed between these magnificent boobs though. It looks heavenly!

These two share a lesbian bathroom scene in Hot Wet Lesbians which looks fun but surprisingly elegant, given how rambunctious they can both be… it certainly promises to be very hot, and very wet, though!

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Talking sex with lesbian video star Tea J

Being part of a multinational South African-British-Portuguese team shooting mainly Czech and Hungarian girls is not without its frustrations. Aside from the interminable travel arrangements, the chief source of aggravation (and much hilarity) on set is the language barrier. We’re lucky so many of the girls have more than a smattering of English, but sometimes directions do get lost in translation!

I find it most frustrating when I’m really intrigued by a girl and want to learn more about her, but we struggle with communication. That’s how it is with Tea J, our current Girl of the Month. Expressive though her sultry body language is, I really wanted to find out more about this exotic beauty, mainly because my heart beats faster each time I see her. So with a little translating help from the luscious Suzie Carina, with whom she shot a wet and slippery bathtub scene for the forthcoming lesbian video Woman’s Touch – Breast Play, here is what I managed to ask:

Avril: Tea, what made you decide to shoot lesbian videos with us?

Tea: Although I do enjoy sex with men as well as women in my personal life, I prefer to watch only lesbian porn. I find it much more sensual, and the idea of being filmed having sex with a beautiful girl really excited me. I find lesbian sex in my personal life feels much more ‘forbidden’ than sex with a guy, and I wanted to see if that would come across on camera. I was so lucky to work with Suzie because she made me forget the camera was there. I was really thinking about how good it felt when she licked my pussy.

Avril: Do you like to watch lesbian porn when you masturbate?

Tea: All the time! Of course I was already aware of Viv’s work before I came to Portugal to shoot. I really like watching Vera’s scenes, I like girls who are a contrast to me. I fantasize about having sex with Vera. Maybe you will make it happen for me, Avril? I masturbate when I remember shooting my scene with Suzie too. In fact, I just did it a few minutes ago. Taste my fingers!

At this point, Tea held her hand out to me, fixing me with a gaze so intense it actually made me blush! This girl is utterly sexual, and very charming – she has already mentally seduced me! Who would you like to see us shoot her with next?

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Panties can reveal evidence of illicit sex!

Beware, if you’re planning on cheating – suspicious types can now use soiled underwear to expose their partner’s extramarital affairs via a DNA test! The DNA lab concerned can identify semen or female DNA from clothing for just $200, and claim that around 30 percent of the tests they perform reveal damning evidence!

The wearer of these very sexy panties is the delightful Elisa – wish I could remember where I sourced the styling for this particular photoset, as I would like a pair of these naughty knickers for myself! Elisa is hot enough to make me become a closet panty-sniffer! We’ll be seeing more of her in the forthcoming lesbian video Woman’s Touch – Breast Play, which also features some very pretty lingerie. I wouldn’t mind doing my own personal DNA testing on some of the worn panties from this movie!

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Sexy Tea J is our Babe of the Month for Feb!

Making the gorgeous Tea J our Babe of the Month for February was a unanimous decision here at She might be fairly new to the scene, but this vivacious babe has made quite an impression on us all. Shooting a girl for the first time is always both exciting and nerve wracking, but Tea was so natural in front of the camera, managing to convey her true sexy and sultry appeal while not turning into a prima donna! We all loved her, and we knew she’d be perfect for our legendary Halloween shoot - and the feedback from all of you told us she was an instant hit.

Tea had confided in me right from the first day that what she really wanted to do was shoot a lesbian sex scene. She is utterly crazy about girls, but said that in her private life she doesn’t get to “experiment” as much as she would like to – so she was hoping we would allow her the freedom to express her true sexuality. Putting her together with Suzie Carina for our forthcoming movie Woman’s Touch – Breast Play was an inspired choice. Suzie is a cute blonde doll who contrasts beautifully with Tea’s exotic brunette looks, but they both share an intense sexuality which made for some compelling chemistry in their lesbian scene.

Tea was not kidding when she said she liked to eat pussy. She devoured Suzie, leaving her utterly shaken and exhausted, and seemed to be quite unaware of the camera as she was so focused on making her playmate orgasm hard. I hope we’ll be working with her again soon, as watching her plump bum sway and her fabulous tits bounce while she lavished her attention on Suzie was quite a thrill for us all! Who would you most like to see Tea paired with in the future?

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News for foot fetishists – scratching your ankle is better than sex!

Yes, my foot loving friends, according to scientists it seems that scratching an itchy ankle is as pleasurable as having sex! So – a new way to masturbate in public, perhaps?

Now, feasting my eyes on these classic pictures of Sophie Moon, I do feel compelled to say that fondling her feet for an hour or two would certainly feel deeply satisfying – although if she were to allow me to trace my tongue up the contours of her beautiful legs it would be the icing on the cake! One of the perks of being part of the team here at is being able to take advantage of Viv’s well-known love of feet to indulge my own fetish for gorgeous shoes and pretty toes. I have had some of my most arousing experiences watching Viv film leg sex titles such as The Sole Collector, as it combines so many of my favourite things – red hot lesbian sex, beautiful girls and foot worship! I’m looking forward to our new release Stockings and Lace too, as although it’s not specifically aimed at leg sex aficionados, it does feature lovely legs in stockings and suspenders – simply delicious. I will scratch an itch for these stunning girls any time!

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6 perfect lesbian images from today’s lesbian photoset

Lesbians Blue Angel and Antonya in a perfect photo set. Both girls are all warm and snug inside Viv’s apartment in Budapest and make the most of a snow day off.

It is unbelievable! Whether Antonya’s pert natural boobs are floating around in our pool in Portugal or being fondled by Blue Angel’s loving hands in our apartment in Budapest one can’t help but get turned on by these two lesbian beauties. They thrive on each others bodies and end up blindfolded with a strap on…

Check out the full photo set in our lesbian photo section.

VTPreview-4603-001 VTPreview-4603-010 VTPreview-4603-019 VTPreview-4603-034 VTPreview-4603-039 VTPreview-4603-062

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Stunning new photo set on the new site

Tea J and Suzie Carina enjoyed a sensual bath a few weeks ago on location with us and it has made it onto our web site. You have to have a look at this one, it’s a spectacular lesbian photo set.

Do you agree?

4572-001 4572-002 4572-005 4572-006 4572-007

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Nicole Smith – Babe of the Month at!

I know I’m not the only one around here who’s got a bit of a crush on our January 2012 Babe of the Month, Nicole Smith. For starters, have you seen that exquisite face? She looks like a supermodel to me. Then there’s that fabulous body – long legs, perky boobs, peachy bum – I’m just longing to get my hands on every inch of her!

But the best thing of all about Nicole is that she doesn’t act like a model. By that I mean that she doesn’t fuss about her hair and make-up (unlike me, ha!) she isn’t obsessed with shoes (also unlike me!) and she doesn’t expect to be treated like a little princess (you get the picture!). She’s just a well-balanced, happy girl who happens to be crazy for pussy, and considers herself very fortunate to be able to indulge her tastes on camera.

It’s amazing to think Nicole had never been with a woman on camera before she came to (although she had experienced lesbian sex in her private life). She was so natural and passionate from the first moment of her first lesbian video scene that we all just sat and watched, open mouthed and utterly aroused. And she loves to kiss – which makes her the girl of my dreams!

Nicole throws herself into everything 100%, whether it’s an impromptu rugby match or a steamy sex scene. And I love that she manages to look sexy and sultry even when she’s fooling around. When she’s on set, eating pussy and as horny as hell, this girl is so hot she could melt the polar ice caps! No wonder the other girls are all clamoring to shoot a scene with her…

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Dr Sandy – qualified nice arse specialist

A few photo sets from @machogergo have made their way on to our site. As you know he is the primary photographer for the lesbian video site,, and has always done a fantastic job of taking fascinating behind the scenes photos for us.

When Sandy became a “qualified nice arse specialist” or the lesbian crazed Dr Sandy, Gergo was on hand to capture the fun. Stella Stevens and Sandy had so much fun with this lesbian video, it was almost a surprise that they got paid for all the giggling and laughs they shared.

Catch Private Practice on our site.

Private Practice Film Trailer

Photos from the filming of this lesbian doctor scene.

Stella Stevens and Dr Sandy 4615-057 4615-056 4615-090 4615-083 4615-080 4615-074

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Your review of 2011 at!

I was going to give you my review of 2011 here at, but you know, my memory is shocking! I have total recall of those juicy little moments that I replay over and over again in my head… but I’m not so great when it comes to remembering exactly who did what to who, and when! Maybe it’s because my life is such a blur of sexy girls getting naked and naughty…!

So, I need your help. Put the year back into focus for me by sharing all your favourite bits, and hopefully it will remind me of what a fabulous year it’s been!

Who was your favourite girl this year?

Best newcomer?

Best lesbian scene?

(I loved Jo and Brandy Smile in Prim and Improper, and Sandra Shine and Blue Angel in Naked Impulses Vol 2, but I’m sure I’ve forgotten some key scenes!)

Best boy/girl scene? That’s if you like boy/girl action at all… I know some of you are divided on that!

Best movie?

And most importantly of all, what would you like to see from in 2012? This is your chance to make it happen, folks!

Thanks for the help – I can’t wait to see what you think. And this coming year, I will make notes!!!


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Why Aletta Ocean is my blowjob queen!

I am knee-deep in gorgeous lesbians here. I mean, literally as well as figuratively… There always seem to be beautiful girls getting up to all sorts of naughty things right under my nose, and believe me, I’m not complaining!

But sometimes, just sometimes, what I really want to see is a bit of good old fashioned fucking – I mean, with dicks and everything! Fingers, tongues and of course toys can only do so much for a girl (although I’m sure some of you out there will instantly disagree with me on that point). Let’s just say, they only do so much for this particular girl.

On days like this, I turn to my favourite cock-crazy girls, the ones I actually prefer to see riding a guy than making out with another beautiful babe. Top of the list has to be Aletta Ocean, with Madison Parker coming a close second. Both have only done a small amount of boy-girl work with, yet that’s what sticks in my mind when I think about them (and I think about Aletta a lot!). What I love about them both is that they are nasty, NASTY girls who know how to lavish attention on a cock, and they are both incredible in a group sex scene, surrounded by a veritable forest of boners!

I’m all for equality in and out of the bedroom, but a blowjob should be all about cock worship. The guy should feel like master of the universe! Look into Alexa’s eyes and they tell you everything you need to know – she’s sucking it, she’s loving it, and that lucky man is experiencing the greatest blowjob of his life.

Guys, it’s the only time we’re ever likely to get on our knees for you, so make the most of it! Be vocal, show your appreciation, and let us know exactly how you want it. I’ll let you into a little secret – it’s the one time we LOVE being told what to do! It turns us on. It gets us wet. That’s what Aletta’s trying to tell you, with those sexy eyes… and that’s why she’s my blowjob queen. Who’s yours?

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Cindy Hope and Blue Angel show us how lesbian hardcore is done!

Sometimes it’s so refreshing to try something new. Abseiling, learning a language, fisting… hang on, FISTING!?! Yes, that is what I said! These incredible new pics of Blue Angel and Cindy Hope have convinced me it could be fun and fulfilling!

Cindy is the kind of girl who always likes to take things too far, and I mean that in the best possible way! She had been begging to show off her wilder side, and so you have her to thank for the sexy rock chick styling. It’s far from my usual taste, but you know what, I really like how they worked it – these chicks rock!

Blue Angel is far from being a passive, lie-back-and-take-it type of girl when it comes to lesbian action, but Cindy was so into the role that for once Blue Angel was more than happy to let herself be totally dominated. It seems like Cindy knows how to push her buttons, because after licking and fingering her to one wet climax, she did manage to wriggle her whole pretty little hand in there and rock Blue Angel’s world! The only problem was getting them to stay still for long enough to take pictures…

Check this photoset out!

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Sandy and Stella’s lesbian video scene!

This shot combines so many of my favourite things, but top of the list must be Sandy‘s ass! Yes, Sandy’s perfectly peachy bumcheeks hovering above another delicious blonde’s face – in this case the fantastic Stella Stevens, who is another of my all-time favourite lesbian video starlets. You can see Stella is really intent on licking Sandy’s juicy pussy, as Sandy obligingly spreads her cheeks wide so we can see her tight little asshole too! These two are great friends – and we’re talking friends-with-benefits, of course! – so their on-screen chemistry is utterly natural and genuine.

Sandy and Stella are great together in The Sole Collector. Shot in 2005 and imminently available to download for the first time, it features such top-notch girls that it is hard to single one out, but Sandy brings such energy to any lesbian video scene, and she and Stella are very compatible! There were always fun and frolics with these two, both on-screen and off! I’m talking panty raids, impromptu midnight skinny dipping and one memorable occasion involving a remote controlled vibrating toy in a restaurant…

Sandy’s bottom should receive its own star billing in the Sole Collector – is it the most perfect one ever?

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Sophie Moon’s lesbian toe sucking video!

There’s a very special place in my heart for Sophie Moon. This is a girl that lights up a room when she walks into it, who connects with the camera with that sexy little smile, and who makes every girl she touches feel like the only girl in the world! There’s no question every lesbian video scene featuring Sophie is pretty special, but I think she looks particularly knockout in the Sole Collector, a classic which is soon to be available for download for the first time.

Sophie’s in three scenes – a killer fourway with Sandy, Kylie and Cathy Moore, a threeway with Kylie and Cathy, and this girl-girl scene with Kylie, which I think is just delicious! It’s a perfect example of what I love most – pretty lesbian porn!

Sophie always looks so classy, even when she’s getting really down and dirty. She’s a very enthusiastic pussy-eater, who knows how to please! She loves to pamper pretty legs and feet, suck toes and look up with that lovely smile that tells you she’s really into it. Another thing that makes her such a great lesbian video star is that she cums very easily!

Sophie is one of the most popular girls ever, and rediscovering some of her classic lesbian video action in the Sole Collector has got me all hot and bothered! I think these are some of her best scenes ever – what do you think?

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Sandy’s sexy lesbian video!

Whether you are into sexy foot and leg action or not, I am one hundred percent certain the Sole Collector will go straight to the top of your favourite lesbian videos list. Shot in 2005, the Sole Collector is without a doubt one of‘s best ever videos, and it’s soon to be available to download from the paysite for the first time ever! It’s a real treat for those of you who love story-led movies, packed to the gills with beautiful and very horny girls.

It’s an incredible collection of babes – Sandy, Stella Stevens, Sophie Moone, Cathy Moore and Kylie… I actually get very excited just thinking about watching these classic beauties getting up to such naughty things together. This shot is from the opening scene, starring Sandy, Kylie, Sophie and Cathy. Many words have been written in praise of these topnotch favourites, all of them justified! If there’s a more delicious sight than these four gorgeous blondes licking, sucking and eating each other’s succulent pussies then I would like to know about it! This must be one all the all-time greatest lesbian fourways…

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My favourite MILF!

Have I mentioned how much I love sexy legs and feet? Mmmm, yes I may have done once or twice! One of my very favourite pairs of sexy legs belongs to the gorgeous Marlyn, who is surely the best of the more mature models these days. Much as I appreciate seeing a beautiful fresh-faced 18-year-old nymphet, Marlyn is a totally stunning MILF who brings something extra to her lesbian video scenes – a whole heap of carnal knowledge which she is happy to share!

Marlyn was amazing in the movies Vera Unleashed and My Mum’s Best Friend, and I’m really looking forward to hearing your reactions to her in the forthcoming Story of She. Nobody can play a sexy seductress quite like her! She gives off this total aura of sophisticated lustfulness which I can assure you is extremely arousing to be around. I often have to restrain myself from throwing myself at her divine feet for a spot of worship, not that I would remain in the prone position for too long when those lovely legs lead up to such tempting goodies! And I have the utter conviction that she could teach me a thing or two…

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A sneak preview of Halloween 2011 on

This year we have rented the services of a beautiful witch, complete with pumpkins, broomstick and her very own jet black cloak. She let us put out a few shots of her before she emblazons the pages of our official pay site (where there may just be a special little surprise for you on the 31st). Our wicked witch got so horny in the photo shoot that she begged our guys to video her before she got herself off, so watch out for that video too.

4574-011 4574-020 4574-022 4574-030 4574-040 4574-071 4574-072 4574-077 4574-079 4574-083 4574-118 4574-142 4574-153 4574-165 4574-183 4574-221 4574-225

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Halloween sex queen!

All I want for Halloween is… Megan Cox. Seriously, when I see that seductive look in her eyes, I’m pretty sure she could make me scream! She is a bad girl in the best possible way. You know how naughty English girls can be…

Halloween is the perfect time for sexy role play games. What girl doesn’t secretly fantasize about dressing up as Dracula’s innocent victim and letting the Count have his wicked way with her? Or even being the vampire herself and creating an army of willing male servants to cater to her every whim? I definitely see Megan Cox in that role!

I’d love to see make a movie based around a sexy Halloween theme… who would you guys cast as the seductive witches and vampires, who would play the ghouls and zombies, and who would be the innocent victims?

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Suzie Carina – leg fetish queen!

I know I’m not the only huge fan of Suzie Carina around here. Pretty face, lithe body, long gorgeous hair – this girl has really got it going on! She always looks damn hot, but I think this fabulous leg fetish shoot may be the best I’ve ever seen her looking – what a heartbreaker! For such a petite girl (only 5’2″, and very cute and smiley) she looks like a total ice queen here. I can just imagine her towering over me in her sky-high stilettos, those perfect legs in their sexy black stockings seeming to go on for ever, leading up to that tempting lacy panty-crotch. Would I dare reach up to touch it, would she let me melt that icy demeanor with some fervent leg worship?

While I do of course adore girls who look fresh and sweet, this is one of my favourite ever transformations from cute sex kitten to rampant tigress! I would love to see Suzie Carina play dominatrix in a leg sex video scene. Wouldn’t you? And who else do you think could handle the transformation from sweetie to diva?

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Nicole Smith – new lesbian video star?

If you haven’t yet checked out the overwhelmingly gorgeous Nicole Smith, I urge you to do so… she has us all in a spin here, with that slender but busty figure, seductive face and stunning come-to-bed eyes. YUM! That’s all I can think whenever I look at her. Nicole spent some time on location with us here in Portugal recently, and was the subject of many longing looks and flirtatious smiles from the other girls. You’ll see more of the fantastic pictures in the weeks to come, and even… dare I whisper it… her first ever lesbian pics!

Nicole is Hungarian and doesn’t speak too much English, but we all fell in love with her anyway. You can tell from those divine rugby pics adorning at the moment that she is as sweet as she is sexy! She comes from Sandra Shine’s model agency, which says it all – pure class. I think she has the potential to be a major new lesbian video star, as she has the perfect combination of looks, sex appeal and lust for pussy. What do you folks think – would you like to see more of her?

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Sexy feet!

I know this subject is one that divides you into foot lovers – foot worshippers, even – and those of you who see fabulous feet and lovely legs as just a nice pathway to the main event. This shot combines the best of both worlds for me – sexy feet and a pretty pussy that’s eager to be filled!

If you really don’t get why feet are so sexy, maybe you never will. But if you feel a faint stirring in your pants when you see a hot girl walk by in sky-high stilettos, showing off her dainty toes, check out this lovely compilation of sexy feet and enjoy the sensations.

I’ll confess I love it all… having a pedicure, watching girls lick and suck each other’s feet, and especially having someone help me try on shoes! Foot sex and leg sex really get me excited. Don’t you folks agree it’s time for to make a new movie set in a shoe store, just for me? Who would be the stars? I’m writing the script in my head, right now…

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Sudden new lesbian porn shoot announced

That headline is not ENTIRELY true – the porn shoot is sudden, but it won’t be 100% lesbian video (and photo sets), we will do two solo girl sets as well at the end of this month. The PLAN at this stage is to do something with a very special and topical theme – let’s just say at this stage that it may involve mud and grass…

We have booked two super hot beauties from Hungary who will be winging there way over to us here in Portugal on the 28th September. Stay tuned to this blog (and our twitter) for coverage of their visit with us.

Nicole Smith is from Hungary and apparently hasn’t done any girl/girl on camera before. Her only lesbian experiences have been in her private life which sounds exciting. I hope she speaks English so we can nab a few words with her for our interview section. Sunny Diamond, we don’t know much about bar the fact that she is blonde, beautiful and loves to get naked for the camera.

nicole-smith sunny-diamond

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Carmen Croft nude solo video

You may know that we are all pretty keen on Carmen Croft, our latest Czech beauty. She has unbelievable breasts and a butt that would crack acorns. Here she is posing for a photo set and while Mark very kindly grabbed some behind the scenes footage, Viv Thomas pours a bath for her, what a gentleman!

We have some super sexy boy-girl footage (no not leg sex, just footage as in film!) and we are looking forward to flying this sensual porn star out to Portugal again for some erotic lesbian videos. What do you think of Carmen Croft?

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Wet and dripping…

I don’t exactly know why Eve Angel decided to take a shower with her clothes on… but I’m certainly glad she did. I spent a most delicious few minutes - okay, make that an hour or so! - appreciating the way the water cascades down her smooth skin, soaking her panties and stockings. You can see her arousal building as her nipples get harder under the water pressure. What’s a girl to do but plunge three fingers knuckle-deep in that juiced-up fuckhole and ride them all the way to a wet climax? It’s always a pleasure to watch Eve cum, maybe because she’s sharing such an intense yet intimate moment with us and getting off on knowing that we’re watching her. Eve, you’re soooooo hot! Love and kisses, Avril xxx

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Deluxe ride!

After reading what the guys were saying about scene one of Summer of Lust, I was inspired to go back and take another long, lingering look at this photoset of Sylvia Deluxe and James Brossman. It’s funny, I usually like quite curvy girls and Sylvia is very slim and petite, but DAMN! She’s so nasty!!! This is not a thought I often have, but looking at Sylvia actually makes me wish I was a man, so I could fuck her! The way she caresses, licks and sucks a cock, it’s like nothing else in the world exists for her at that moment. Her focus is so animalistic, those piercing eyes show she really means to drain it dry. Sylvia’s definitely a woman, not a girl, even though she is quite playful and even giggly at times. I do like multi-faceted people, and I’m looking forward to seeing how much further she’ll go! In the meantime, unless I come back as a guy, I will have to content myself with watching James fuck her and trying to imagine how it feels to have your cock going out of that snug little hole…

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Hot out here…

Wow, it’s hot. I mean, really, really HOTTTT. Even my eyelids are glowing (you know girls don’t sweat, they just glow). The only sensible thing to do is to follow Jo and Brandy‘s example, go outdoors and get naked. Although I’m not sure what they’re doing here will help them cool down – watching them had the opposite effect on me! I like the way Jo’s fingers fit soooooo snugly in Brandy’s tight pussy hole… I think Brandy likes it too!

Damn where have all the smilies gone when you need them?

You need to imagine the smilie with it’s tongue poked out… which believe me is what you would be doing if you were lucky enough to witness these two going at it in the flesh! Nothing is faked between these two beauties. The passion is slow burning, maybe not so intense on the surface but you can tell it runs really deep. Ooooh, I love girls who love girls!!! Now I need a cold shower…

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Carmen Croft in lesbian porn?

Carmen Croft relaxes in the Viv Thomas pool

We’re getting ready to release a few smoking hot sets of Carmen Croft. Now she’s a girl who seems to have been working extremely hard of late on the “European porn circuit” and what is fascinating to me, as an unbiased onlooker (I don’t take the photos Viv and Mark do!), is that she is a good looking girl. Fascinating, we have tons of those.

Carmen Croft is not a smoking hot natural beauty. She’s a big girl and could be viewed as very much on the busty side and even slightly overweight from some people’s views. However, when you see how the crew here at have captured this girl, you’ll be blown away at the solo masturbation scenes and hardcore boy girl videos they managed to film. Surely we need to get her back and coach her in the true art of lesbian porn?

Do you feel that a busty porn star like Carmen Croft would fit well with one of our lesbian beauties like Jo, Vera or even one of our up and coming British porn models?

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Shooting this week


We’ve really enjoyed working with two new girls this week, Carie (above) is a beautiful Czech girl with that special aura and a warm, open personality, she really is a lot of fun. Sean has been shooting some great picture sets of her, I made a lovely video with her yesterday and we also did some girl/girl scenes which were really great. In her interview she talked quite openly about a number of things, how she always felt like the “ugly ducking” at school (I think we made her feel beautiful over the last few days!), and how only more recently (she just turned 20) has she started to feel that sexual confidence in herself. She also told us that she often has sex with girls or sometimes with a girl and her boyfriend, in her home town of Brno. “So how do you pick up these girls?” I asked. “On the Internet, dating and sex websites,” she confessed quite casually. All I can say is that her boyfriend is one lucky fella.

This might be a little crude of me to say but Carie has a quite unique pussy. I’ve seen a lot of vagina’s in my time and I can’t ever recall seeing one quite like this, they are all different I know (part of their beauty) but hers is kind of remarkable. It’s really delicate looking, a little bit plump but with a small labia. It’s hard to describe, but you’ll get to see her nude soon enough. In her girl/girl scene she was quite visibley wet, testament to her profession of a love of girls. An exciting new girl I think.

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Louise Glover

louise-gloverIts great to see a girl succeed. Especially when she has done a bit of work with us in the past.

Not so long ago on a wintry autumn morning in 2003, Louise Glover walked through our doors and did a few sets. Now she is swanning around with Hugh Hefner at the Playboy mansion and is currently on location in the Bahamas doing a shoot for the Bahamian tourist board!

She has a list of achievements as long as my arm and then some, including beauty pageants, Playboy model of the year and check THAT: Miss Great Britain finalist!

* Miss Hawaiian Tropic International Finals 2007 Las Vegas Finalist-
* Miss Hawaiian Tropic UK 2007 Winner
* Playboys Model of the Year 2006 Winner
* Miss England = Miss World 2005 Finalist
* Miss Hawaiian Tropic UK 2005 Finalist
* Miss Merseyside 2005 1st runner up
* Miss St.Helens 2005 Winner
* Miss British Isles 2004 Finalist
* Miss Hawaiian Tropic UK 2004 Finalist
* Miss Earth Finals 2002 UK Winner
* Repesenting Great Britain for 4 weeks in Philippines, s/e Asia.
* Miss Great Britain 2002 Finalist
* Miss St Helens 2002 Won

That is a great journey and I am sure she has some interesting stories to tell. Well done, Louise!

Photo from her Facebook.

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New Lola Set


Beautiful, natural, pure, young, alluring, quiet, lovely, shy, endearing, unassuming; Lola is all of these things. We talked about how much we liked her during our live interview last week, in fact everyone here who’s meant Lola likes her. Now we have to somehow get you guys to ‘meet’ her.

There is a new Lola photoset up on the site, and she is currently our Babe Of The Month for July and co-stars in Portrait Of A Lesbian.

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Jo and Silvia Saint

Jo and Silvia Saint

Jo and Silvia Saint – Just because they’re HOT! Here’s the set for MEMBERS only :)

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Blast from the past

As Viv has been taking erotic photos since 1984 or “glamour” as it was called in those days, we have stockpiled a large amount of photos. Many people gloss over the old images and focus on the latest stuff – if you’re a member, why not take a trip down memory lane and rediscover the great glamour pics of the 80s, 90′s and early 2000′s – Blast from the past photo section.


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Rachel ‘The Body’ Evans


This Czech beauty can be seen in the upcoming Portrait of a Lesbian, which looks amazing by the way. I know I’m biased but I don’t care. Rachel has an incredible body, her boobs deserve an honorable mention for being…well….lovely and she also possesses a refreshing amount of pussy hair, by today’s standards. The pictures speak for themselves, to see this set in it’s entirety check out our latest section.

Also check the Portrait Of A Lesbian topic on the forum for more pics and info.

rachel1 rachel3

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A new/old set of Jo


Shot in 2001 here’s a set which is new to the site but an old series of photos – coming on the 22nd March! Did you miss Jo?

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Vendula – the 2nd floor obsession

vendula5Every now and then we get a little carried away by a girl. Usually ole Lime in the corner chirps up something like “PHOAAARW – she’s a right honey!” and then we all rush over to gather around his monitors and revisit old memories of that particular babe.

Well this week Vendula has been attracting a lot of attention and I thought I’d get her blogged. She was so much fun on location with us last year and was a real sweetheart with her mate Gina – even translating for her in the video interview I did. What a sweetie! vendula vendula2 vendula3 vendula4 vendula5

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Coming soon…..

sophie in spain

Whilst on one of my excavations through our picture archive, i unearthed this gem. A picture-esq set of an alluring young lady named Sophie! i grabbed it made an impressive forward roll past Spunk L Davies & commando crawled under the watchfull gaze of Stern Bigot, to share this set with you…..all this & i still kept my hat on my head. You can call me Indiana Lime ;D

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Nude Avril Pic of The Day


Since she was kind enough to make the staff some chocolate cake yesterday, here is a nice pic in her honour, as featured in the New Nude section of our website.

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Coming Soon…..

NEW Peaches & Sophie Moone lesbian set coming this way!

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Rachel – Blast from the past

rachelOccasionally I happen upon a girl that I haven’t seen before in our huge archive of photographs (almost 150,000 of them!) and am literally blown away.

Take young Rachel here for example posing in 1996 next to what looks like the River Thames, but maybe a private lake of sorts. What excited me the most was the feast of photographic morsels to go with this one: she has nine other super sexy sets on her model page!

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Nip Slip Bliss

At some point or another a celebrity will be caught with a boob out. It’s inevitable considering just how relentless and predatory paparazzi are today. That one shot can be sold around the world and enable that lucky pap to move out of his parents basement, at least for a month until he’s spent that money on medical bills from getting smacked around left, right and center by annoyed celebs.

Some celebs actually get them out intentionally, Janet Jackson for example. She claimed it just popped out, of course it did Janet, that’s why you put a big fancy star around your nipple. As Chris Rock said ‘no one wants to see a 40 year old titty, that’s your mans titty. Now a 20 year old titty….community titty.’

Sometimes it can be quite disappointing, the moment you actually get to see the superstar breast that you imagined would be perfect only for it to be a saggy, misshapen mess.

It happens in sport as well, obviously because they are jumping around a hell of alot more than some celeb on a red carpet. Either way it’s always a bit of a treat when they let something hang out whether it be intentional or not.

eva_mendes_slip_big kirsten-dunst-nipple-slip lindsay-lohan-glamour-nipple-nip-slip boob2 jessica-simpson-nipple-slip courtney-cox-nipple-slip janet-jackson-nipple-slip gemma-beadsworth

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Watching Girls

I like observing people who aren’t aware they are being observed, but I’ve never been much into voyeurism. I’m more a participating kind of guy, except when I have a camera in my hand and I’m working of course!

I know a lot of people love to watch women undressing, Kern does a lot of that kind of photography, but I’ve never really been able to tap into it, I feel kind of perverted if I’m watching an unsuspecting girl undress. Saying that of course it is erotic, I remember when I was about 15 my neighbour (a forty-something lady) used to sunbath topless in her garden and I used to watch her from my bedroom window when I got home from school. I learned later that she actually knew I was watching her. I came home one day to find the old man had left me a list of chores. When she saw me over the garden fence she sat up to say ‘hi’ and after a moments small-talk she asked (with a smile) if I liked watching her from my window. I bottled it and made my excuses, something I later regretted.

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Victoria Cruz – the cowgirl

I just had to get this in before lunch. She looks fantastic – check her out inside the site today.

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Amazing number of shutter clicks!

Here is an interesting bit of useless information. We have (at this point in time) 140,301 images in our “online collection“. That is one hundred and forty thousand, three hundred and one photographs.

Bear with me for a bit here – that means that Viv has clicked that shutter over 140, 000 times, met 650 odd stunning woman (and seen the ring-hole of every single one of them). When you meet him you should ask him what his index finger looks like (after clicking all those shutters).

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Blondes Or Brunettes, theres no doubt!

Okay people this may cause you distress but you’ve got to believe me, blondes may have more fun, & may come across cute but i’m telling you brunettes are pure filth, in look, in personality & especially in the sack for sure!!

Take these 3 beauties here, Angelika Black, Lucy Bell & Suzie Carina these are my personal favourites & if you can do better than this, then it’s on like Donkey Kong…….

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How Dogging started

Dogging is a British euphemism for engaging in sexual acts in a semi-public place (typically a secluded car park or a cinema) or watching others doing so.

But one thing that Wikipedia DOESN’T know is how dogging started. You see Viv was shooting Sandy and Trixi here in a public park. Bit risky, but what the fuck; Viv was young and full of piss and vigour and he would have proudly told anyone who contradicted him to “fuck off”. So a small crowd formed and the lads started texting (Brit for SMS’ing) their mates and soon Viv himself had to fuck off, with Sandy, Trixi and Avril in tow.

The next weekend some bright spark decided to shag his babe in a public car park and he subtly sent a text to his mates to come over and watch. It spread via the internet and mobile phone and soon the BBC was reporting on it. Amazing hey? Here’s the set

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When Porn Stars Fall In Love (No.2)

You can read all about this story here, which I suggest you do before watching the clip to give it some background. But I was going through some tapes on my Sunday afternoon off (when I should have been playing golf,) when I came across this section of footage from an orgy we filmed for Sex, Wives & Videotape. It relates directly to the story I wrote about on the forum about Mia Stone.

In this clip you see Mia staring deeply into Ian’s eyes during the photoshoot, then they hold hands tightly, and she grinds away deeply on his dick while photos are being taken. The clip then switches to the video scene where she is fucking her ‘real boyfriend’ Attila, trying to make Ian jealous, kissing him, telling the camera how great he is. When she finally got to fuck her new squeeze Ian, it turned into a pretty sweaty and quite electric scene.

The last and best section of the clip shows her sucking Ian while I am not filming, just look at her staring into his eyes. Wow, that is hot stuff.

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Sunny the porn star

There’s a bit of Hardcore action going on in our HARDCORE PHOTO section today. Sunny gets some serious action with a bloke called Ruka Stone (what does THAT mean? My cock is hard as stone?). I love these guy’s names, I mean we had a young chap in called “Bob Terminator”! That’s got to to give you a chuckle and a half. Anyways, I meant to tell you about Sunny, not about her man-boy partner. Her biggest claim to fame in the World is that she has lapped away at the delicate little pussy of Lady Jo! Scope it out.

Here’s the blurb from the photo set:

“We aren’t just talking about the super sucker blow jobs Sunny deals out, if you look closely you’ll see some spunky man-girl thrusting and jizz soaked lips too!”

The post Sunny the porn star appeared first on The Viv Thomas Raunch Report.


The best Coke advert!

I was watching a Bill Hicks stand up routine recently & he was saying how ridiculous advertising was getting and that one day you’ll just see a hot horny bitch licking her lips and as the camera pans out she’s frigging herself off, with Enjoy The Real Thing written in at the end. Nuff said concerning this pic concerning Sandy & Trixi.

Can't Beat The Feeling!

Can't Beat The Feeling!

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Girls Having Fun!

Here’s another series of outtakes, this time from Confessions Of The Make-Up Artist (more about this below.)

There’s nothing I like better (well there are a few things actually) than knowing the girls have fun with us while making our movies, it makes everything about the film better. Girls smiling and enjoying themselves makes for better sex scenes believe me.

Vera, once again the star of the clip, shows why she is so popular; infectious laugh, goofing around, genuinely getting into the scenes, and just generally enjoying herself on-set. Oh yeah, and a lovely little body and a very pretty face, I forgot about that for a second.

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Military Porn

While I was going through an upcoming photo set to be published in the ON LOCATION section, I came across this picture of a cute young Lucy Bell. I have no idea what was happening here but I got to thinking: “Have we done any military style porn?”

The short answer is YES, we did a movie called War and Sex, and we have done a few photo-sets in prisons etc. Wouldn’t it be great to do some more work in a real grotty part of a broken down town with weapons and sexy uniforms?

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Sneaky Preview

Tomorrow Judith unveils her beautiful body once again on She will be joining her other six sets which include a spunky little threesome with Toni and Michelle and a lesbian affair with Toni (sorry, that’s a members only link) while they hang up the washing! Oh, for a housewife like that, ey?

Back to the future; tomorrow, Judith is caught on camera by Viv as she strolls through a summery meadow and finds a run-down cottage in which to shelter from the burning sun (and frig herself off of course). It’s a great set.

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