4737-045Paige Turnah is the perfect dominatrix, as Lexi Lowe will attest. These two Brit babes are madly in lust with each other, but letting Paige take the upper hand in their scene for Story of She 2 upped the intensity in a major way. Lexi told me Paige gave her some of her most powerful orgasmic sensations ever.

You can watch this racy scene right now, or get the full movie in HD download or on DVD from our store.

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4742-068Instant chemistry. That’s what we witnessed when busty Brit babe Samantha Bentley met our Welsh wonder Lexi Lowe on the set of Story of She 2. It immediately became apparent that these two were very, very attracted to each other… which explains why their scene is so passionate, sensual and downright lustful! Sexy Sam recently won an AVN award, and you can see why – her naturally curvy figure, alabaster skin and sexy-fun attitude make her the quintessential English rose. It wasn’t much a stretch for these two hotties to play chat TV girls, as they both love putting on an erotic show – and there was no acting required when it came to the very real, very powerful orgasms they gave each other!

You can see this scene right now on the paysite, or get the whole movie on DVD or HD download from our store. Enjoy!

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Okay, I’ll admit it – ever since we filmed this scene from our new release Tides of Lust, I have been quite seriously smitten with Lana. Viv is getting tired of me asking when he’s shooting her again (I ask at least three times a day!). Not that he is reluctant to book her, as she’s an absolute dream to have around – pretty, funny, and so sexy that all the other girls are clamoring to get their hands on her.

Viktoria Diamond (or VikkyD, as we call her) loves to play the sexual predator, so taking the role of the pussy-hungry vixen who seduces Lana behind her girlfriend’s back came very naturally to her. It’s great that Lana seems so shy and sweet as VikkyD put the moves on her – but when the two are alone on the sand, you see the look in Lana’s eyes change from submissive cutie to pure tigress! I’m absolutely convinced that these two had forgotten the camera was even there as they devoured each other. Lana is a sexual tease but knows how to please too… and how to take pleasure. As VikkyD rubbed Lana’s clit while fingering her hard, these two were totally in the moment, no acting required, and both assured me later that those powerful orgasms were one hundred percent real.

Check out the rest of the pics of these two hotties – and if that doesn’t tempt you to watch the full scene, you must be made of stone! The whole movie is also available on DVD, download and HD download from our store. It’s what I call a ‘proper’ film – interesting plot, beautiful locations, and of course five gorgeous girls having very hot sex!

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Gorgeous. That’s the only word to describe it when two stunning girls have really hot, passionate sex. Perky blonde Lana, as you all know, is my major new girl crush – she’s pretty, naughty, fun and downright horny. As for Nicole Smith, her lovely face and curvy body are as close to faultless as I’ve ever seen – her breasts can literally stop conversations, as everyone just stands, openmouthed, watching her! These two made it fairly obvious that they found each other attractive – there was so much flirting going on during the filming of Tides of Lust that the place was buzzing with sexual energy – so putting them together was like lighting the fuse to a particularly explosive device!

Although the scene is a slow burner, with lots of gentle caressing and kissing leading up to the hot stuff, you can feel that every touch is making them tingle. As Lana’s pleasure starts to build she is quite assertive, rocking her pussy on Nicole’s fingers and then grabbing her hand to direct it, making sure she gets the powerful orgasm she’s craving. Once she’s got off, she gives Nicole’s nipples and then her clit a thorough licking. I guarantee Lana’s pussy-fingering skills will get any girl who watches squirming in her seat! And watching Nicole’s boobs wobble as she rides Lana’s face is quite mesmerizing…

You can see more photos of these two beauties getting hot and heavy, watch the full yummy scene, or get the whole movie on download, HD download or DVD from our store. I might be biased seeing as I’m utterly smitten with every girl in this movie, but I think Tides of Lust is our best release of the year. Do you agree?

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Let’s admit it, we’re all pretty enthralled by the lesbian romance that we’ve watched unfolding between Jo and Eve Angel over the years. Individually, they are two of the hottest girls ever to get naked and nasty for our viewing pleasure, and the fact that they are genuinely crazy about each other intensifies that hotness by a factor of around a gazillion.

So, it was no accident that we brought these two beauties together for the opening scene of our new beach movie, Tides of Lust. Their chemistry really sets the tone for the whole film – stunning girls having real (and very, very passionate) sex. I love that the camera lingers on those two perfect bottoms for long enough to satisfy all of us bum lovers, before moving on to capture every smile, sexy kiss and tender caress. Our course, it’s not just soft and girly but also gets pretty filthy, as Jo humps Eve’s leg, then rides her expert tongue to what looks like a powerful orgasm. Eve then gets a vigorous fingering and licking as payback. It’s juicy stuff!

I could watch these two go at it all day (I’m pretty sure I have, on occasion) and this is a worthy addition to the collection – I’m thrilled to report that watching Tides of Lust on screen is just as arousing as watching it being filmed was, especially since I missed the shoot the day this scene was shot. Jo promised me I would enjoy watching it, and she wasn’t kidding!

You can check out the full photoset and watch the scene at vivthomas.com now and the full movie is also available on DVD, download and HD download from our store.

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Remember Zdenka Novotna? There are only five photosets of her at www.vivthomas.com – the first shot way back in 1999 – and yet I remember her vividly. Those pouting lips, the haughty, slightly challenging look in her eyes, and of course those amazing tits – yum! How could I forget her?

Zdenka was the first Czech girl to become Penthouse Pet of the Year, in 2001, and certainly did her bit to put Eastern European girls at the forefront of our dirty minds. Now known as Zdenka Podkapova, she was apparently a professional gymnast for ten years before starting modelling – she had the strong, toned physique to prove it, but surely those spectacular boobs got in the way?

Sadly Zdenka never filmed solo video for us, let alone lesbian sex scenes – although I can’t imagine how another girl would have been able to handle her, anyway! I really wish we had shot more on her though, back in the day… she had that classic ‘sexbomb’ look that never gets old.

Of course we have our favourites here at vivthomas.com, girls like Eve Angel that we will happily keep shooting over and over again – they mature like fine wine. But can you think of any other classic beauties you wish we had shot more of – or any promising little hotties you hope we do?

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Two things I love about Nicole Smith!

September 24, 2012 - by: Avril

This list should be much, much longer, but whenever I think about Nicole Smith, I just can’t get past the two things that really grab my attention – those magnificent breasts! They might actually be perfect: big but not too big, firm, beautifully curved… and they feel amazing too, just in case you were wondering!

Nicole is an incredible package altogether. She’s pretty, sexy, smart and fun to be around. No wonder most of us follow her about like puppies with our tongues hanging out, eager to please her! Her lesbian skills are getting more and more refined and her costars all seem to find her extremely hot – her scenes in the forthcoming Tides of Lust will definitely impress and arouse you, and everyone fell a little bit in love with her on the recent shoot for Story of She 2. If you haven’t already enjoyed it, you should definitely check out her solo masturbation scene in Wet and Dripping too, as the camera lingers lovingly over those delicious curves, just as my tongue would like to do!

I think we may have found a genuine sex star here, folks. How do you like her?

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Sammy-Jane – classic blonde Brit babe!

September 10, 2012 - by: Avril

Much as I love our amazing Eurobabes, having the Welsh wonder Lexi Lowe in the house has reminded me how much fun it is shooting Brit girls. Remember Sammy-Jayne? This hottie was such a popular star, and no wonder – what’s not to love about a pretty, long-legged blonde who adored shooting both lesbian and boy-girl scenes, and lit up many a location shoot with her ‘absolutely filthy’ antics?

Here are a few choice Sammy-Jane moments captured on camera, and there are no less than 25 hardcore video scenes of her at vivthomas.com, many of which bring back some very warm and tingly memories for me! Viv loved shooting leg sex scenes with this willowy babe, but I have to confess that while her pussy-eating skills were sublime, I quite enjoyed watching the way she could devour a cock!

What’s your favourite Sammy-Jane moment?

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Is 69 the magic number?

September 05, 2012 - by: Avril

I had a funny conversation with a model the other day where she told me she didn’t like to 69. She said she preferred to concentrate on eating pussy without getting distracted by the overwhelmingly pleasurable sensations of getting eaten out herself! I was surprised, as I always thought soixante-neuf was the best of both worlds. In some situations it may be nobler to give than to receive, but when it comes to sex, you can do both at the same time!

I certainly love to see two gorgeous girls in a 69′er on camera – it’s lovely to see a peachy ass wriggling as its owner’s juicy pussy gets munched and her tongue gets to work teasing another creamy coochie to a froth. Kudos to the photographers and cameramen who capture it well, as it’s not an easy position to master, with all those limbs to work around! I know the crew at vivthomas.com has tried many different angles in order to perfect it. The sideways 69 is a challenge too, but lets the camera get right in there – you can almost taste that pussy yourself!

I suppose if you’re getting close to cumming in a 69 then your pussy-eating skills might falter somewhat… but surely feeling your partner’s gasps and shivers against your hot skin is all part of the delicious experience? What do you folks think – is 69 the ultimate position? And do you enjoying seeing it on camera?

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Five things I love about Eve Angel!

September 04, 2012 - by: Avril

I could list thousands of things I love about Eve Angel, but I’m restricting myself to five…

1. She’s beautiful. I don’t mean porn-star beautiful, I mean actual, real life, stop and stare at her in the street beautiful. Too gorgeous for porn, but she does it anyway – how fab is that!

2. She’s remote, ethereal, dreamy and almost angelic, and yet… she eats pussy like a champion, knows exactly how to make a girl cum hard, and isn’t shy about asking for what gets her off sexually.

3. She’s not as shy as she used to be. Check out her recent on-camera interview to see how open, chatty and engaging she can be. And how sexy, of course.

4. She’s naturally happy, fun and playful, despite being reserved at times. On our recent location shoot for Tides of Lust the other girls seemed to gravitate towards her. Everyone loves being around her. And classy as she is, she’s not above giving you a flash of boob or bum cheek, just to make you smile!

5. Jo loves her. Really, really loves her. You know what I’m saying here! And if she’s sexy enough to inspire Jo’s total adoration, she’s certainly hot enough for the rest of us!

What are your favourite things about Eve Angel?

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