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Rose’s sexy pic of the day!


Sunshine. Water. Two busty naked babes enjoying each other… this shot of Eve Angel and Vera reminds me why these are two of my favourite girls ever. Individually, they’re amazing; together, this pair rock my world!

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Subil Arch is irresistible in sexy lingerie!

Subil Arch and Cindy Hope

Provocative Moods pairs some of the best-loved stars of Europe with some gorgeous fresh faces. Russian babe Subil Arch is a girl I’ve never seen before, and I can tell from the very first moment of her encounter with superstar Cindy Hope that I’m going to enjoy her company as much as Cindy will.

Both girls look absolutely stunning in classic black lingerie and stockings. Cindy smiles with delighted anticipation as she runs her hands over Subil’s curvy bottom, then turns her over so she can look into her blue eyes. There’s no plot to distract you here, just two lovely girls ready to have some fun together.

Subil Arch is hungry for orgasms!

Subil lets Cindy take the lead to begin with, responding eagerly to her touch. Cindy has a way of kissing and teasing that is just so arousing. Sitting astride her new girlfriend, she leans in so they can rub their breasts together. Subil is clearly very turned on, grabbing at Cindy’s ass and sucking on her nipples. Cindy licks her up and down, then flips her over again so she can focus all her attention on that beautiful bottom. Then she begins to lick Subil’s crinkly, puffy pussy lips, her tongue delving deeper to access her hot pink slot. Subil’s rapidly escalating gasps and moans are a testament to Cindy’s skill at eating pussy.

Subil Arch wants to taste Cindy now, and shows she has some lesbian skills too by fingering her to a noisy climax, Cindy helping out by adding her own fingers to the task. Now Cindy wants to fuck her like a man, using a double-ended dildo so Subil can sit astride her and ride her hard. It’s a great introduction to a girl I hope to see much more of. How do you like her?

Provocative Moods is available from our online store on DVD and HD download.

Subil Arch and Cindy Hope Subil Arch and Cindy Hope Subil Arch and Cindy Hope Subil Arch and Cindy Hope

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A great pair of tits!


A few days ago, I wrote a post in praise of girls getting wet in our movies and photosets. Well, here’s another stunning example, from our extensive archive of dripping wet beauties.

Do you know who this spectacular top-heavy hottie is?

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Lesbian threesomes – too much of a good thing?


Here at, we do pride ourselves on listening to what our fans want. And overwhelmingly, you’ve told us that what you most crave is those intimate, sensual, passionate connections that only occur when two girls are really into each other.

So far, so good… but I do love the sexy, crazy, fun stuff too – and what could be more fun than watching three, or even four naked chicks give each other a thorough tongue-lashing? Check out the group sex pics and videos in our archive and you’ll see what I mean… there are some pretty famous names in there, as Sandy, Sophie Moon, Nella, Gina B, Sandra Shine and more get their groove on! There’s even plenty of steamy orgy action for those of you who love boy/girl sex too.

What do you think – is three a crowd, or are more babes better?

VivThomas_Awesome-Foursome_Kathy-Moore--Kylie-A--Sandy-A_low_0038 VivThomas_Rita-Faltoyano-Vanesa-Suzy--Bella_Bela-A--Rita-Faltoyano--Suzy-A_low_0026 VivThomas_Lesbian-threeplay_Lucky-A--Suzie-Carina--Zafira-A_low_0055 VivThomas_Sophie--friends_Jasmin-B--Missy-Nicole--Sophie-Moon_low_0049 VivThomas_Sandy--Gina-B--Stella_Gina-B--Sandy-A--Stella-Stevens_low_0047

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Club Pink Velvet – a new web series

A new logo for Club Pink Velvet

A new logo for Club Pink Velvet

The Club Pink Velvet concept

Over a beer one Friday night, my colleague, Holmesy, and I were discussing a way to inject a bit more passion into and we came up with the idea of creating a web series based around a fictitious club. A club called “Club Pink Velvet”. Apparently some of the more trendy amongst us would call them “webisodes“. Pffft :)

The point was this. Think Hedonism for lesbians. Think sun, surf, pool and tropical heat, bright bikinis and the luxuriousness of holidays. Massages, relaxation, skinny dips, naked sunbathing and most of all unbridled lesbian sex! Sounds just like a Viv Thomas shoot, right?

Club Pink Velvet production schedule

We have shot 15 scenes already, which will launch on in the coming months. They will also, as is customary for us, be released on DVD and Download in our online porn emporium (our shop!). Those 15 scenes will make up three films:

  1. Club Pink Velvet 1: The Beginning
  2. Club Pink Velvet 2: Filling the Slots

  3. Club Pink Velvet 3: Lesbian Heaven

More details for each film will surface as we get closer to release. For now, just trust me, there will be a huge selection of stunning lesbians parading across your scene this year.

That you can be sure of.

A few sample photos from the Club Pink Velvet series

The two girls who started it all - Henessy and Valentina CPV logo process A new logo for Club Pink Velvet Club Pink Velvet 1 cover

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Busty cutie Sasha gets soaking wet!


It sounds like summer has finally arrived for those of you in chillier climes, so here are a few shots of busty cutie Sasha larking around in the waterfall, to help you cool off. Enjoy!

VivThomas_sasha_Sasha-B_low_0072 VivThomas_sasha_Sasha-B_low_0086 VivThomas_sasha_Sasha-B_low_0083 VivThomas_sasha_Sasha-B_low_0043 VivThomas_sasha_Sasha-B_low_0062

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Spectacular breasts!


Did I ever tell you how much I love staring at boobs? This is a particularly fine pair – do you know which girl they belong to? Clue: she’s one of our most popular models ever, a natural beauty who is always elegant, sexy and somewhat intriguing…

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Eufrat and Karina Currie start Legal Lesbian Seduction with a bang!


I am so excited to hear what you think about our new movie Legal Lesbian Seduction, because I think it’s really something special.

It kicks off with the much-anticipated return of Czech honey Eufrat to one of our productions – and I have to say, she looks amazing! Yes, I am a little bit in lust with her. Eufrat trades sexual favours with saucy Brit babe Karina Currie, a hot-shot lawyer who abuses her position of power to satisfy her voracious appetite for beautiful girls. Luckily Karina is such a hottie herself that she has no problem persuading Eufrat to sample her sensational pussy-eating skills!

This stimulating scene is live now – enjoy!


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Zafira and Sophie Links – lesbian beauty and Passion!


Two stunning girls in high heels and glamorous dresses (which don’t stay on for too long!). Lust, sexual chemistry and most important of all… Passion.

The final scene from our new lesbian movie Passion, starring beautiful brunettes Zafira and Sophie Links, is definitely one to savour. See it now!


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Legal Lesbian Seduction – a new erotic classic?

Is it too early to say movie of the year? Legal Lesbian Seduction has everything I love in a movie: a proper plot, great locations, and a fabulous cast of beautiful girls who love to eat pussy!

Legal Lesbian Seduction features:

  • Karina Currie – looking better than ever, and perfectly cast as the hot shot lawyer who abuses her power to get sex.
  • Cindy Hope – our favourite ever party girl, back in the limelight with a bang!
  • Tess – a sexy babe who matches Cindy lick for lick!
  • Eufrat – one of the most gorgeous and popular girls we’ve ever shot, fucking up a storm!

Legal Lesbian Seduction is going live right now… all rise!

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Samantha Bentley and Nicole Smith – scorching lesbian Passion!


Samantha Bentley meets Nicole Smith.

Or to put it another way: busty, mischief-making Brit babe Sam meets feisty flasher Nicole, surely a major contender for hottest girl we’ve discovered this decade.

The result: a spectacularly sexy encounter. See their sun-drenched, scorching scene in our brand new movie Passion, right now.


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Blonde-on-blonde boob fun in Passion!


I like the contrast between these two girls – both blonde and cute, but Sabina Taylor is willowy and athletic, while Adriana Russo has fabulous more-than-a-handful tits!

Their scene from our brand new movie Passion captures the fun and mutual lust, along with some particularly juicy close-ups of Adriana licking Sabina’s meaty pussy lips and teasing her with those perky nipples. Enjoy!


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Nicole Smith and Paige Turnah – outdoor heat in Passion!


Live today – a hot outdoor scene from our brand new movie Passion, featuring Nicole Smith and Paige Turnah!

Sparks flew between these two on the set of Story of She 2, and it was clear curvy Brit babe Paige couldn’t wait to get her hands on naughty exhibitionist Nicole. They became more than just good friends, and here the full extent of their physical Passion is explored!


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Blue Angel – very bad cop!


I hope you haven’t been too busy eating your Easter eggs to check out the notorious Bad Cop scene from our brand new movie Licking the Velvet.

While the appalling porno ‘acting’ at the start of the scene has caused much hilarity around here, it cannot be denied that Blue Angel looks AMAZING in her sexy cop outfit – and busty Kitty Cat shines too, as the more-than-willing victim who gets thoroughly fucked with Bluey’s baton!

This scene is live right now, and I think it’s the best scene from a very hot movie – enjoy!


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Blue Angel and Ivana Sugar – lesbian beauties hook up for Licking the Velvet!


I do like pretty porn. I know prettiness isn’t everything, but what can I say, I enjoy looking at it! It’s a matter of great pride to me that Viv maintains such high standards with the girls he shoots, and as a result I think our movies are very pleasing to the eye as well as the libido!

Blue Angel and Ivana Sugar are two total head-turners, and so their scene in our new lesbian movie Licking the Velvet is the perfect blend of sizzling chemistry (it just so happens they are both horny little minxes) and physical loveliness. They are playful and passionate, and their sexy kissing is simply delicious!


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Nicole Smith and Vikky D in our new lesbian movie Licking the Velvet!


Sometime, I love making big-budget movies with plot, location and acting… and sometimes, I just want to watch two really hot girls having sex!

You all know Nicole Smith is my current girl crush – for me it’s a toss-up (and I use that phrase advisedly!) whether Nicole or Lana S is the hottest girl we’ve discovered in the last couple of years. And Viktoria Diamond (or Vikky D, as we call her) has quite a reputation as an ultra-vixen who loves to seduce sexy babes. So putting this blonde-on-brunette pairing together resulted in some stellar sex – the kind that has you inching closer to the screen so you can take in every sticky detail.

Check out their scene in our new lesbian movie Licking the Velvet, going live now.


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Coming soon – Licking the Velvet, our much-anticipated lesbian lickfest!

They say no guy can ever eat pussy quite like a girl can. Do you think that’s true? I’m not so sure, but I do believe nothing compares to watching two girls who are really, really into cunnilingus lick, suck and fingerfuck each other to ecstasy.

Our new movie Licking the Velvet is a perfect example of how girls excel at giving each other pleasure. The lustful couplings are:

If you enjoy watching beautiful girls eat pussy like they mean it, I have a feeling you’re going to love Licking the Velvet!

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Passionate lesbian sex in Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend!


The final scene of Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend has now gone live, and I think we may have saved the best till last.

Adriana Russo and Simony Diamond are two very sexy girls with real curves, and I love how they light up to each other. The passionate kissing, hot pussy-eating and sexy stockings make this quite a treat!


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Cute babes in sexy lingerie!


Yum! This brand new scene from Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend stars two very, very cute girls – Barbie White and Aleska Diamond – in fabulously sexy lingerie, stockings and high heels.

Even better, these two cuties turn out to be very naughty girls who enjoy big dildos and anal action!


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Kitty Kat and the cop – lost in translation!

We love it when our models attempt some serious acting, but the results are not always quite what we intended. Witness the intro to one of my favourite scenes from our forthcoming release Licking the Velvet

Blue Angel (surely one of the hottest girls we’ve ever shot) plays a sexually dominant cop who’s ready to give busty Kitty Cat a thorough grilling. Cue some frankly hilarious dialogue which I really hope makes the final cut – it’s classic bad porno!

The accents are cute as hell, though – and the scene’s a scorcher! Licking the Velvet will be released in early April, and I’m supremely confident you’re going to LOVE IT!


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Hot new lesbian scene from Nicole Smith!


The latest scene from our brand new movie Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend stars my favourite current girl-crush, the stunning Nicole Smith, in a juicy outdoor lesbian scene with curvy Sunny Diamond.

This very pretty blonde-on-brunette encounter gets hot and passionate as Sunny enjoys a vigorous fingering and licking from Nicole, before Nicole rides her face and gets her ass pleasured.

These girls are adorable – and sexy as hell!


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Want boobs? We got boobs!


It’s always arousing to see two incredibly busty babes pressing their titanic tits together for some ardent lesbianism.

Fans of boobilicious action will enjoy this scene from top-heavy twosome Allison Star and Pearl Diamond, from our brand new movie Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend. It’s a clash of the TIT-ans!


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First look at our new lesbian Diamonds movie!


Here’s the first scene from our new lesbian movie Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend, and it’s a cracker! Expert seductress Viktoria Diamond and busty beauty Colette make real, passionate, playful love – the chemistry is quite special!

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Jo – lesbian porn, or lesbian art?


Once again, Jo pushes the boundaries between art and porn with a new lesbian encounter that wouldn’t look out of place in a gallery – and is a whole lot more arousing than most of the ‘erotic art’ we’ve seen!

Jo and Alyssa Reece look beautiful – and very, very hot – in this brand new video and photoset.


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Eve Angel and Lana get dripping wet in their Lesbian Workout!


Eve Angel and Lana are two of the most beautiful girls around, and I think their tender and intimate sex scene for Lesbian Workout is one of the prettiest we’ve ever shot.

They look utterly gorgeous as they swim and play in the pool together – and we all know that Eve never looks better than when she’s having an orgasm! It’s a good thing that sexy blonde Lana is also an expert when it comes to pleasuring pussy…

4682-027 4682-059 4682-044 4682-077

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Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend – hot new lesbian movie!

Who isn’t partial to a handful of diamonds – especially sexy diamonds like these!

I love the cute concept to this movie: take five beautiful girls named Diamond – that’s Viktoria Diamond, Pearl Diamond, Sunny Diamond, Aleska Diamond and Simony Diamond – and let them choose their partners for some sparkling lesbian sex.

Our diamonds choose well, selecting Colette, Allison Star, Barbie White, Adriana Russo, and my special girl-crush Nicole Smith, who is rapidly becoming a huge fan favourite.

If you like to see this:

  • proper kissing
  • nipple sucking
  • big boobs
  • pussy fingering and eating
  • teasing and seduction
  • stockings and suspenders
  • anal play

Then you’ll find plenty to please you in Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend!


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Eileen Sue makes Lexi Lowe’s pulse race in Story of She 2!


When you’re as hot as our favourite busty blonde, Lexi Lowe, you naturally get your pick of all the girls. Here she is with the delicious Eileen Sue on location for Story of She 2.

Eileen’s pretty, freckled face and awe-inspiring body caught Lexi’s attention from the moment they set eyes on each other… and when they finally got their hands on each other too, the results were explosive!

You can see the full scenes, behind-the-scenes pics and interviews from Story of She 2 now, or get it on HD download or DVD from our store.

4804-012 4803-060 4735-008 4735-046

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Gorgeous new girls in sexy lingerie – my favourite thing!


That cute golf-themed location shoot I showed you yesterday wasn’t the only bonus material we shot of Iwia and Eileen Sue on the set of Story of She 2. We were all so enthralled with these two hot new babes that we wanted to make sure they were naked and naughty all the time! And if you like stockings, heels and sexy lingerie, you’re going to love this!

These two are the most perfect fresh-faced, natural beauties we have discovered in quite some time. Iwia is heartbreakingly cute, while Eileen Sue has the most charming freckles and a spectacular body. Put them together and the result is just… pure pleasure!

4804-048 4804-045 4804-061 4804-051

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Lana and Viktoria Diamond have sandy lesbian sex in Tides of Lust!

Okay, I’ll admit it – ever since we filmed this scene from our new release Tides of Lust, I have been quite seriously smitten with Lana. Viv is getting tired of me asking when he’s shooting her again (I ask at least three times a day!). Not that he is reluctant to book her, as she’s an absolute dream to have around – pretty, funny, and so sexy that all the other girls are clamoring to get their hands on her.

Viktoria Diamond (or VikkyD, as we call her) loves to play the sexual predator, so taking the role of the pussy-hungry vixen who seduces Lana behind her girlfriend’s back came very naturally to her. It’s great that Lana seems so shy and sweet as VikkyD put the moves on her – but when the two are alone on the sand, you see the look in Lana’s eyes change from submissive cutie to pure tigress! I’m absolutely convinced that these two had forgotten the camera was even there as they devoured each other. Lana is a sexual tease but knows how to please too… and how to take pleasure. As VikkyD rubbed Lana’s clit while fingering her hard, these two were totally in the moment, no acting required, and both assured me later that those powerful orgasms were one hundred percent real.

Check out the rest of the pics of these two hotties – and if that doesn’t tempt you to watch the full scene, you must be made of stone! The whole movie is also available on DVD, download and HD download from our store. It’s what I call a ‘proper’ film – interesting plot, beautiful locations, and of course five gorgeous girls having very hot sex!

4683-051 4683-013 4683-024 4683-036 4683-047 4683-057 4683-077 4683-089

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Nicole Smith and Lana have gorgeous lesbian sex in Tides of Lust!

Gorgeous. That’s the only word to describe it when two stunning girls have really hot, passionate sex. Perky blonde Lana, as you all know, is my major new girl crush – she’s pretty, naughty, fun and downright horny. As for Nicole Smith, her lovely face and curvy body are as close to faultless as I’ve ever seen – her breasts can literally stop conversations, as everyone just stands, openmouthed, watching her! These two made it fairly obvious that they found each other attractive – there was so much flirting going on during the filming of Tides of Lust that the place was buzzing with sexual energy – so putting them together was like lighting the fuse to a particularly explosive device!

Although the scene is a slow burner, with lots of gentle caressing and kissing leading up to the hot stuff, you can feel that every touch is making them tingle. As Lana’s pleasure starts to build she is quite assertive, rocking her pussy on Nicole’s fingers and then grabbing her hand to direct it, making sure she gets the powerful orgasm she’s craving. Once she’s got off, she gives Nicole’s nipples and then her clit a thorough licking. I guarantee Lana’s pussy-fingering skills will get any girl who watches squirming in her seat! And watching Nicole’s boobs wobble as she rides Lana’s face is quite mesmerizing…

You can see more photos of these two beauties getting hot and heavy, watch the full yummy scene, or get the whole movie on download, HD download or DVD from our store. I might be biased seeing as I’m utterly smitten with every girl in this movie, but I think Tides of Lust is our best release of the year. Do you agree?

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A sexy Thanksgiving feast!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends in the US (and the rest of you too, I don’t see why we can’t all celebrate!). I hope your Thanksgiving feast somewhat resembles this! Nothing enlivens a feast day more than watching some gorgeous girls eating pussy and licking food off each other, right? And of course, if one of them just happened to be the delicious Rita Faltoyano, so much the better! Remember Rita? What a hottie!

Food sex always gets me thinking about that classic scene from Nine and a Half Weeks where Mickey Rourke teases Kim Bassinger by feeding her food straight from the refrigerator, finally drizzling honey over her outstretched tongue – after that, things get very sticky! Those iconic images have no doubt inspired many kitchen floor sex sessions around the world. If you haven’t tried enhancing your sex play with food then maybe now’s the perfect time – I’d love to hear about your experiences!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at – whether or not you choose to spend it humping on the dining room table!

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What girls think about when they masturbate – lesbian domination!

This confession was shared with me by a very sweet-natured, soft-voiced, giggly model. You would never guess her secret fantasy is to dominate another girl! I hope we get to see it happen on camera one day…

I think about lesbian sex most of the time when I masturbate, even though in my personal life I like to fuck guys too. For some reason it makes me cum much faster and harder when I fantasize about having my pussy licked and fingered by another girl. My biggest turn on is an image of myself playing the aggressor, pinning down a sexy babe and eating her out until she screams with pleasure.

In my fantasy I am dressed in thigh high boots and a latex corset – classic dominatrix gear – and I am acting quite butch and masculine as I tell this submissive slut what I want. She is wearing delicate lingerie, which I practically tear off her writhing body. She’s shivering with lust and anticipation, but I make her wait, make her beg for me to touch her. When I finally relent, it only takes a few hard swipes of my tongue to make her cum for the first time, but I don’t let her recover, I plunge my fingers inside to rake over her G-spot as I hammer her clit with my mouth, making her convulse with pleasure over and over.

My master-stroke is a spiral-ribbed dildo, which I grease up with her pussy juice before jamming it into her ass, making her squeal with ecstasy. As she rides the waves of her climax, I sit on her face and grind myself off to a powerful orgasm, smearing my cream all over her pretty lips.

I always cum all over my fingers at this point!

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Lexi Lowe and Paige Turnah talk about their lesbian sex scene!

If you haven’t yet watched the breathtaking hot tub sex scene from Office Girls 3, here’s something to whet your appetite. Check out Lexi Lowe and Paige Turnah having a naughty naked chat with the crew immediately after filming their lesbian scene – they both look incredibly cute and a little flushed after their full-on fuckathon!

Lexi talks about the fun she had eating pussy underwater, and reveals how much she enjoyed being dominated by Paige. Her cute Welsh accent gets me every time, especially when she says “pussy”. Although I enjoy hearing her moan with pleasure even more…

Meanwhile Paige explains why a scene has added intensity when both girls are really into lesbian sex. Maybe that’s why fans have been telling us this is one of the best scenes of the year! Paige really relished her rich bitch role, finding Lexi the perfect submissive playmate to dominate and then fuck into a frenzy. Of course it doesn’t hurt that both girls are stunning, and super-sexual – the chemistry between them is explosive!

You can find tons more interviews, behind the scenes pics and of course the full hardcore scenes from Office Girls 3 at

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Lesbian beach blockbuster Tides of Lust is released today!

There is much excitement in the Viv Thomas camp (a bit like summer camp, but with porn) today – yes, Tides of Lust has hit the online store, and is now available on DVD, download and HD download for your viewing pleasure!

This has to be the most eagerly anticipated lesbian movie of the year, and with good reason. It’s not often you get five knockout beauties like Jo, Eve Angel, Lana, Viktoria Diamond and Nicole Smith together in one paradise location and see flirtation, jealousy, seduction and pure passion play out on screen in tastefully erotic and yet utterly hardcore style! We’re all somewhat obsessed with the sexual chemistry between Jo and Eve, but the real revelation for me was naughty little Lana – what’s not to love about an incredibly pretty girl who truly adores eating pussy!

Nicole Smith’s perfect breasts bouncing as she played beach volleyball, Viktoria and Lana’s sunset suck-and-fuckfest, and Jo and Nicole’s lustful waterfall dip are all particular horny highlights for me, but the story and sex are so compelling I think you’ll want to watch every moment of this movie from start to finish!

I can’t wait to hear what you all think of Tides of Lust – we are simply swelling with pride… at least I think it’s pride that’s causing some noticeable swelling, throbbing and moistening around these parts!

Monday-on-location-viv-thomas (20) Monday-on-location-viv-thomas (7) IMG_0212 Monday-on-location-viv-thomas (4) Wednesday (4) Tue (46) Tue (26) Wednesday (20) 4687-030 Tue (44) Tue (27) Tue (40)

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Clash of the busty lesbian babes in Office Girls 3!

Here’s a taster from my favourite recent clash of the tit-ans! Putting two busty Brit babes like Lexi Lowe and Rebecca More together on the set of Office Girls 3 was bound to get boisterous, but I don’t think any of us realized just how horny they were for each other until shooting began.

I love to see two really busty lesbian girls indulging in breast play, and it turns out that Lexi is just as much of a boob worshipper as the rest of us, judging by how much attention she lavished on Rebecca’s sensitive nipples. There was enough mutual licking, sucking, squeezing and fondling to get them both very much in the mood, before attention was turned to two very wet pussies needing to be fucked. By the time Lexi had Rebecca crouching on the office desk as she ate her juicy pussy, those of us watching were left in no doubt how much these two had been lusting after each other!

Office Girls 3 is available from our store now on DVD, download and HD download, and you can find the scenes, photosets and much more at Which is your favourite scene?

4671-036 4671-014 4671-020 4671-022 4671-032 4671-076 4671-054 4671-090

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Something extra hot and spicy from Viv Thomas!

For those of you who didn’t already know, filming and photographing beautiful lesbian girls is not the only hot action we enjoy here at We also love golf (everyone except me!), gardening (mostly me!), shoe shopping (yup, me again!) and eating (all of us!).

Viv is such a fan of the hot sauce that rules our cuisine back in South Africa that when we relocated to Portugal he set out to grow a few chilli plants, with the intention of making a classic Mozambican sauce to tingle everyone’s tastebuds. Several massive bumper crops later, Chilli Boy Piri Piri was born! Viv has proudly achieved everything himself, from harvesting and crushing the chillis to creating the perfect secret recipe and then bottling his creation. A spicy dipping and salad oil has now been added to the range, and both are enjoying their travels around the globe – see the latest news on the Chilli Boy Facebook page!

Chilli Boy could be just the thing to spice up your life in the kitchen as well as the bedroom – just check out the video to see the effect it has on gorgeous women!

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Lesbian Sex Diaries – juicy all-girl action available now!

I promised you another sneak peek at new release Lesbian Sex Diaries – Julie’s Story, and here it is. I love the premise of this movie – six friends reuniting to relive the lesbian fun of their college days and rekindle their dormant love of pussy with some very wet, finger-licking juicy fun! There are some hot girls here too – Ariel, Tea J, Micha, Lola and Suzie Carina have all featured in our own movies in the past, and so to see them brought together in this arousing new release is quite exciting – I love to see how other directors shoot ‘our’ girls!

There are enough interesting angles, sexy little moments and beautiful touches to really pique the interest of those who love erotic, artistic porn (myself included) and also enough full-on hardcore, ass-banging, pussy-sucking debauchery to satisfy those who love it really down and dirty – yup, myself included! Not forgetting the final, mindblowing lesbian orgy that I told you about last time.

Lesbian Sex Diaries – Julie’s Story is available on DVD, download and HD download from our store now – enjoy!

New Image 4 Episode 4 Claudia Sophie 20 Episode 4 Claudia Sophie 25 Episode 2 Claudia Angel 11 Angleina 75 Episode 1 Julia. 3JPG Angel 19 Episode 2 Claudia Angel 35 Angel 23 Episode 2 Picnic 5 Episode 4 Claudia Sophie 1 Angel 7

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Viktoria Diamond’s lesbian domination of Blue Angel!

We know rising superstar Blue Angel loves to dominate other girls, so it was interesting (and arousing!) to see gorgeous Viktoria Diamond turn the tables on her for their scene in Shades of Blue. Vikky D started out blindfolding Bluey and handcuffing her to the bed, before spreading open her juiced-up pussy and fingering and licking her to a hot, creamy mess. Note that this was all at Blue Angel’s request, as she chose the girls and themes for each scene of her movie. She clearly recognised that Viktoria was a strong character capable of making her submit to her supreme pussy eating skills!

However, once Bluey had enjoyed some orgasmic pleasure, she demanded to be released so she could take charge, strap on a fake cock and ride Vikky D hard. That’s just the kind of person she is – she loves to dominate other girls and make them cum! She takes pride in how well she can induce an orgasm, whether it’s with her talented tongue or by donning a fake dick. It certainly makes for a memorable scene, as these two pretty girls tussle for the upper hand – I defy anyone to watch it without one hand down their pants!

You know, whomever they do finally choose for the Hollywood adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey, I can’t imagine any mainstream actress commanding my attention as impressively as Blue Angel – or creating anything as erotic as Shades of Blue!

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Is 69 the magic number?

I had a funny conversation with a model the other day where she told me she didn’t like to 69. She said she preferred to concentrate on eating pussy without getting distracted by the overwhelmingly pleasurable sensations of getting eaten out herself! I was surprised, as I always thought soixante-neuf was the best of both worlds. In some situations it may be nobler to give than to receive, but when it comes to sex, you can do both at the same time!

I certainly love to see two gorgeous girls in a 69′er on camera – it’s lovely to see a peachy ass wriggling as its owner’s juicy pussy gets munched and her tongue gets to work teasing another creamy coochie to a froth. Kudos to the photographers and cameramen who capture it well, as it’s not an easy position to master, with all those limbs to work around! I know the crew at has tried many different angles in order to perfect it. The sideways 69 is a challenge too, but lets the camera get right in there – you can almost taste that pussy yourself!

I suppose if you’re getting close to cumming in a 69 then your pussy-eating skills might falter somewhat… but surely feeling your partner’s gasps and shivers against your hot skin is all part of the delicious experience? What do you folks think – is 69 the ultimate position? And do you enjoying seeing it on camera?

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Watching girls kissing!

It doesn’t surprise me that the Art of Kissing movies are three of our most popular titles. Who doesn’t love to watch beautiful girls touching gently, moving in for a more passionate kiss, and getting lost in the hot wetness of each other’s lips? Sure, I love to see sexy lesbian babes getting down to the nitty-gritty, sucking nipples and eating pussy, but if there’s no chemistry in the kissing then it’s not a classic match-up.

Some perfect pairings that are particularly memorable for me are Jo and Nella in Art of Kissing 3, Eve Angel and Lisa in Art of Kissing 2, and Sandra Shine with Lisa (again!) in the original Art of Kissing. But then I may be biased in picking girls that I love, so I can’t say for sure that these are the hottest kisses! Maybe it’s time for a fourth edition…

What do you folks think? Is Lisa the best kisser ever? And are there kissing scenes from our more recent movies that stand out?

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Jo enjoys pussy for breakfast on location!

Hi everyone, I thought you might enjoy a truly behind-the-scenes glimpse of the action from day 4 of our beach movie shoot. You can see how much Viv enjoys shooting pictures with Jo and Eve Angel - the chemistry between them is so apparent it makes for some very special moments. I think this lesbian scene is going to be absolutely killer, as they were very, very eager to shoot together again! Jo said to me, “Avril, I like to get a little pussy before breakfast!” before bursting into fits of giggles, but I actually don’t think she was joking! And you can see her impressive breakfast-making skills here too – this girl even manages to look pretty while she’s eating her bacon and eggs!

Later that day we also shot a simulated night time shoot with Viktoria Diamond and Nicole Smith. Don’t ask me how the crew make it look like night, but the results are amazing! Nicole and VikkyD looked stunning together and there were plenty of orgasmic gasps that had me feeling a little hot and flustered!

I’m not sure I could have handled watching any more steamy lesbian sex scenes after that, but luckily the crew chose to shoot some links and plot lines for the remainder of the day. I don’t want to give away too much of the story, but for a fun beach movie it actually has some interesting plot (although I find it hard to believe anyone would be dumb enough to cheat on Jo or Nicole!). We had Jo do the voiceover, she is really good at it these days, having done Portrait of a Lesbian for us, and quite a few for I Dream of Jo. I love listening to her voice, like everything else about her it manages to be cute and sexy at the same time!

4687-012 4687-030 4687-074 4687-114 4687-119 4687-136

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Naughty girls and naked golf on location!

I was telling you about day 3 of our beach movie shoot… well, while the crew snatched victory from the jaws of disaster by jettisoning their ill-fated boat shoot for a very hot scene poolside, I had the fun job of taking Jo, Nicole Smith and Lana shopping! As you can see from the pics, the three of them looked like greek goddesses, all dressed in white – you can imagine the stir they caused in our sleepy little town. I had to pop to the office (yes, I do actually do some work around here – it’s not all shoes and cocktails!) so I told them to call me when they wanted to be picked up. Pity I had left my phone on the table at home… Nick was not impressed when he had to leave the crew to go and fetch the girls!

Anyway, we were reunited back at the house in time to catch the end of the Eve Angel and Viktoria Diamond lesbian poolside shoot, which looked damn hot! We all needed a quick dip in the pool after witnessing those two light up to each other! After that, Viv shot Lana and VikkyD in a golf themed shoot. Now I don’t know if watching the scene earlier had turned Lana on, but she certainly seemed even more horny and frisky than usual! And as Viv loves golf almost as much as he loves shooting gorgeous naked girls, it promises to be a winner!

Meanwhile, the I Dream of Jo crew created a very fun shoot titled ‘Budding Romance’ which will be up on the site on June 28. Jo and Nicole looked amazing together, and since they both have the potential to be very, very naughty girls, I am looking forward to seeing how this scene turned out as much as you are!

Wednesday (30) Wednesday (18) Wednesday (11) Wednesday (13) Wednesday (31) Wednesday (35) Wednesday (12) Wednesday (19) Wednesday (34) Wednesday (29) Wednesday (36) Wednesday (37)

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Sex rocks the boat on our beach movie shoot!

On day three of our beach movie shoot, we split the team into two units. I got the fun part, taking Jo, Lana and Nicole Smith into town to do some shopping. Meanwhile Viv’s team definitely drew the short straw, taking Eve Angel and Victoria Diamond (or VikkyD, as we’re now calling her) out on the boat to shoot a hot lesbian scene. It sounded like a great idea, but not long into shooting, VikkyD started to feel seasick, and soon Viv, our other cameraman Hugo Boss, and makeup artist Gina B were turning green too. Only Eve remained cool as a cucumber, as she always does!

It wasn’t really creating the exciting and seductive atmosphere Viv likes for a lesbian scene, so when he spotted the cops on the horizon partway through the video scene he made the decision to abandon it and return to shore, to everyone’s great relief. Back at the house, Eve and VikkyD were much more in the mood, and enjoyed some cocktails, finger-fucking and pussy-eating by the pool. Although it hadn’t got off to a great start, the footage I’ve seen from the scene looks really pretty, and I think the anticipation of hotter sex to come made the girls really horny – it certainly seems like it from the way they tore into each other poolside! I’m glad I kept my feet on dry land having fun with the others though… more about that next time.

Wednesday (4) Wednesday (5) Wednesday (6) Wednesday (8) Wednesday (14) Wednesday (20) Wednesday (24) Wednesday (26)

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Day two on location at our lesbian beach movie shoot!

It seemed like we had barely caught our breath after the first day’s shoot for our as-yet untitled lesbian ‘Beach Movie’, and it was day two already! It’s a good thing our cast – Jo, Eve Angel, Lana, Nicole Smith and Viktoria Diamond – all have tons of energy and love outdoor sex! As we headed out to Tavira Island with all five of them, two makeup artists (Hajni and Gina B) and six crew members, the girls were snapping away like tourists and enjoying the beautiful Portuguese sunshine. They felt like VIPs (Very Important Pussies!) as we boarded a boat belonging to the owner of Sal Restaurant and Xiri Beach Bar, who was generously hosting us for the day.

It was pretty easy to forget we were supposed to be working as we played in the water, swam, surfed and had a few drinks at the beach bar. The girls were making a meal out of rubbing oil into each other’s beautiful semi-naked bodies (and who can blame them) so we distracted them with a game of volleyball – hey, who knew Jo was such a good player! Of course after that we all needed a siesta…

Eventually we could no longer delay getting ready to shoot Lana and Viktoria’s sex scene – they were practically making out right there on the beach, and it seemed a shame to waste all that passion! The toilets were closed and Viktoria was overheard to say, “Well, where am I supposed to wash my pussy?” like it was her little pet! We found some public showers and she and Lana took a naked shower together. The lucky gardener who had a prime view of that was transfixed… he must have thought he was dreaming as these two gorgeous blondes took their time washing each other. I’ll share some pics from their lesbian sex scene with you next time! For now I hope these location shots will put a smile on your face…

Tue (27) Tue (1) Tue (4) Tue (12) Tue (26) Tue (10) Tue (14) Tue (18) Tue (2) Tue (23) Tue (33) Tue (34)

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Lesbian toy time!

There’s a scene from the imminent lesbian video release Woman’s Touch: Breast Play that combines two of my favourite things – boob play and pussy pampering – as willowy lesbian hotties Elisa and Anita hook up for some passionate sex after a toy shopping trip. In my opinion, the only thing that could make this better was if we had filmed the entire shopping trip, complete with several hours of browsing and try-before-you-buy, but then that’s just me! For the rest of you less shopping-obsessed folks out there, I think you will find the focus on ‘real’ sex very enjoyable… seldom has a double-ended dildo been put to such good use!

I hope it will inspire you to explore your own toy collection, or even add a few new items. The nipple-pleasers have certainly got me wondering… What’s your favourite toy?

4581-086 4581-024 4581-047 4581-064 4581-058 4581-084 4581-095 4581-101

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Breast Play in the bathtub!

Some things are more fun to watch than to do yourself, and I think bathtub sex is one of those things. If you’re a tall and slightly top-heavy girl like me, the risk of slipping and banging your head is a bit of a passion killer! Maybe it’s because it’s not such a great success in real life that I like watching it so much on screen – especially when it’s two phenomenally sexy girls like Suzie Carina and Tea J. Their wet and slippery lesbian sex scene from the forthcoming movie Woman’s Touch: Breast Play is a sensual, soapy triumph!

I don’t think it’s overstating the case to say that this scene is a celebration of female beauty and sexuality. Let’s just say things get very, very wet!

What’s your take on bathtub sex – have you had any great experiences, or is it a spectator sport for you too?

4572-004 4572-020 4572-065 4572-056 4572-055 4572-070 4572-039 4572-014

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Does highbrow porn sound like fun?

Philosopher and author Alain de Botton has announced to the Telegraph UK newspaper that he intends to make ‘a better kind of pornography’, and intends to meet with leaders in porn and the arts in order to achieve this. We’ll be waiting for our call then. “Ideally, porn would excite our lust in contexts which also presented other, elevated sides of human nature - in which people were being witty, for instance, or showing kindness, or working hard or being clever - so that our sexual excitement could bleed into, and enhance our respect for these other elements of a good life,” he told the Telegraph.

Hmmm. When I want to be turned on, I’m generally thinking more about cocks, boobs and pussies than kindness, wit or hard work, but maybe that’s just me? Porn is escapism for me, not real life! But perhaps I’m just not intellectual enough to appreciate the need for a ‘better’ kind of porn. What do you think, folks? Does de Botton’s concept of highbrow porn sound like fun to you?

My personal take on intellectual sex is more along the lines of this lesbian video scene from Jo’s Sexy College Diaries (pics below). Jo seems intent on learning all about the contents of Natalie’s pants, and Natalie appears to be more than willing to teach her the finer points of pussy eating, in this classic photoset and scene! These two are certainly learning about sex in the best way! I’m not sure I actually need – or want – my porn to be any more highbrow than this…

teacher 2987-001 2987-002 2987-003 2987-004 2987-006 2987-007 2987-025

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Lesbian lovers are good enough to eat!

Yum! That does look delicious… and I’m not talking about the cake! When Elisa and Anita hooked up for a passionate lesbian video scene for the imminent release Woman’s Touch: Breast Play they certainly got my mouth watering!

These two girls are both a little below the radar – not stars yet, but girls with that certain something that really makes you want to watch them. The premise of the scene is quite naughty too – let’s just say Anita is a maid who really, really loves to please her mistress! And who could resist licking cream from Elisa’s perky nipples, or Anita’s perfectly pert bum?

I’m quite sure both of those pretty pussies taste sweet as candy, but the addition of the strawberries and cake frosting seemed to make the girls voracious… they were completely satiated by the time they had eaten each other to a sticky climax. This tasty match-up from Woman’s Touch: Breast Play has to be my favourite lesbian food sex scene ever. What’s yours?

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Celebrating Breast Play with our sensual new movie!

I am so excited that the new release Woman’s Touch: Breast Play is almost here! This much-anticipated movie will be available on the website before its DVD release this month, to celebrate the fact that our many forum members and supporters pitched the idea for a ‘breast play’ movie so enthusiastically we were convinced to shoot it!

Woman’s Touch: Breast Play has an appealing cast and a lovely variety of beautiful boobs, from itty bitties with very perky nipples to voluptuous curves you just want to bury your face in! I think it’s one of our most visually interesting movies too, with soap, oil, food, water and ice all coming into play. It’s the sensual focus on the giving and receiving of pleasure that does it for me though – we picked girls who genuinely love lesbian sex, and let them express themselves naturally! Of course we don’t neglect pussy pleasure, but the bountiful breasts are the focus… check out the rather arousing trailer for a little taster!

vt219-front-800 4572-029 4578-063 4575-150 4575-172 4581-133 4578-073 4584-130

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Sexy shenanigans on location for Office Girls 3!

This week’s shoot for the new movie Office Girls 3 has me exhausted already, and it’s only Wednesday! Maybe it’s because the week started so early, with Rebecca More going out for a run at 5:30am on Monday morning… of course I didn’t have to watch her, but who could resist ogling that delectable bottom in tight little running shorts?

By 9:30am we were already on location at a pretty riverside restaurant, with the girls dressed up to the nines – these pics from someone’s iphone will give you a sneak preview of how hot they were looking. Yum! And since everyone was all warmed up and in the mood to get sexy after that, we dashed straight back to the house to film Suzie Carina in a solo scene out on the verandah. Now, gorgeous Suzie Carina masturbating makes for pretty compelling viewing, but what were those distracting little noises coming from inside the house? I had to tear myself away to find out… Oh! It was Rebecca More and Lexi Lowe warming up for their lesbian sex scene… in my bedroom!!! Check out Rebecca’s Twitter pics to see why I couldn’t resist peeping!

Rebecca and Lexi have some scorching chemistry going on between them, they were whispering and giggling and fondling each other right through the scene and then shooed us all out of the room immediately afterwards… and yes, it was my bedroom! No nap for me then… Just had to amuse myself by taking a dip in the pool with Suzie, and yes, she really is that gorgeous close up, and yes, she does look good soaking wet!

It’s been even more hectic since then… I’ll tell you a bit more when I’ve caught up on my sleep. Suffice to say, these girls are very, very sexual, they like to have fun and they’ve probably had more orgasms in the last three days than you’ve had hot dinners. We’re off to paint the town red now – I don’t think the locals will know what’s hit them!

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Less than 2 minutes of pleasure – Wet and Dripping the new trailer

You can spare two minutes can’t you?

Actually it’s only a quick 1m31secs to get you into the mood of our new trailer for the next release from Wet and Dripping. A solo masturbation film with, you guessed it, tons of water and hot, dripping, beautiful, pink pussies.

On sale now!

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Coming soon – Blue Angel and Angelina Wild’s fisting scene in Hot Wet Lesbians!

These are two dirty, dirty girls. While some of the scenes in the imminent release Hot Wet Lesbians are beautiful seduction scenarios – Jo and Vera, for example, share a very sensuous scene – I think there’s something a little nastier, in the true porno sense of the word, about the encounter between Blue Angel and Angelina Wild.

Both these girls have a somewhat darker side, and while they didn’t seem to know each other all that well before we shot them together, they certainly took a shine to each other! Blue Angel has demonstrated before that she seems to know instinctively what her lesbian playmates will enjoy, and as Angelina is a very naughty, fun-loving character, she was delighted to show her appreciation by giving Bluey quite a workout in return.

Now, I like to think I’ve seen it all, but as the lesbian action reached a crescendo and Angelina’s whole fist inched its way into Blue Angel’s tight pussy, I’ll confess I was creeping closer and closer to the sight in disbelief. Blue Angel is so slender and willowy she doesn’t look like she could withstand that type of onslaught, but her moans of pleasure gave away how much she was revelling in the intense sensations. I was mesmerized! You can check out the pics on the paysite now, and the scene in Hot Wet Lesbians is one you really don’t want to miss!

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Sandra Shine and Eve Angel get soaked in Hot Wet Lesbians!

Much as we all appreciate fresh flesh to ogle, sometimes it’s nice to kick back and watch two major-league stars getting together to shoot a lesbian sex scene. We know them really well, they know each other really, really well, and there’s no question they know exactly what turns each other on. And when you put two megastars together – as we did with Sandra Shine and Eve Angel for the much-anticipated forthcoming release Hot Wet Lesbians – they need so little direction we can all just settle down to enjoy the action!

Seeing Sandra work her magic on Eve was a lesson in seduction. There are genuine sparks between these two, and Eve was purring like a kitten as she submitted to a sensuous pussy-licking and ass-fingering from her longtime friend. We did see her more dominant side too, as she sprayed Sandra’s overheated pussy with cool water and subjected her to a delicious tongue-lashing.

I don’t think there’s anything we could teach these two beautiful women about pleasuring pussy, so the guys didn’t try – they were just happy to be there, capturing it on camera. As for me, the damp patch on my chair may not just have been from the water that was being freely splashed around on the set of Hot Wet Lesbians!

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Face-sitting fun from Hot Wet Lesbians!

I am quite intrigued by these pics from the forthcoming lesbian video release Hot Wet Lesbians. I didn’t actually see this scene being shot – I was out shoe shopping with Vera that day! – and the guys have been too busy editing to give me more than a glimpse of it. I am eager to see this blonde-on-blonde combination though.

Neither Michelle Moist nor Shay Hendrix is the typical girl, maybe that’s what keeps drawing me back to their pictures. Michelle is an English DJ and TV presenter, while Shay is a Welsh hellraiser! They are a whole lot of fun to have around – noisy, giggly and very,very naughty!

I love this face-sitting pic, although the idea of being smothered with pussy slightly scares me in reality… don’t you get claustrophobic? Answers, please! I could definitely handle having my face squashed between these magnificent boobs though. It looks heavenly!

These two share a lesbian bathroom scene in Hot Wet Lesbians which looks fun but surprisingly elegant, given how rambunctious they can both be… it certainly promises to be very hot, and very wet, though!

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New lesbian movie Stockings and Lace is available now from!

Sexy girls in pretty lingerie having passionate lesbian sex… is there anything I would rather watch? Putting together the styling for the new release Stockings and Lace was a labour of love for me. Imagine helping Vera try on a bra, or watching while Sandra Shine chooses between two pairs of panties, and you’ll understand why I think I have the best job in the world!

The match-ups in Stockings and Lace are absolutely top-notch – whether your taste runs to busty babes, or lesbian video legends, blondes or brunettes, there’s sure to be a girl who tickles your fancy here! The pairings are:

Cindy Hope and Sandra Shine

Vera and Alexa Candy

Nesty and Nicole Sweet

Cindy Hope and Lexi Lowe

Colette and Eve Angel

Delicious! I have my favourites here – who’s yours?

Stockings and Lace is available to view at now, or to buy from our DVD store. Enjoy!

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Eve Angel and Colette share hot lesbian scene in Stockings and Lace!

If I was going to make a list of girls who look incredible in sexy lingerie (and believe me, I’ve done this in my head many, many times!) then Eve Angel and Colette would definitely both be heavily featured. They each have the kind of physique – womanly, curvy and decidedly busty – that looks quite incredible showcased in pretty underwear. So it gave me quite a thrill to put them together for a lesbian scene in the forthcoming release Stockings and Lace. It helps that Eve has become quite vocal about her preferences lately, and had expressed a strong desire to get her hands all over Colette’s voluptuous breasts!

Colette is perhaps better known for her super-hardcore boy-girl scenes – this girl is a bit of an anal freak! – but you can imagine how excited she was to discover she’d be shooting a lesbian sex scene with the legendary Eve Angel. And it turned out Eve was more than happy to wriggle an inquisitive finger into Colette’s tightest hole to give her the anal stimulation that seems to get her off the hardest.

Colette did manage to tear herself away from Eve’s bounteous rack in order to worship her perfectly peachy bum – who would not like to see that pretty bottom framed by stockings and suspenders, right in their face? Be assured, ass aficionados, the camera lingers over those splendid curves just as reverently as Colette did! It seems I’m not the only girl to get totally aroused by the sight of Eve Angel in Stockings and Lace! If you were casting a lingerie-themed movie, who would you pick?

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Jo and Vera star in Hot Wet Lesbians – new release from

I love it when a movie title tells you exactly what to expect, and we’ve got three imminent releases from that do just that! Simply the Best reunites some of our all-time favourite girls and will blow your mind with its star power. Stockings and Lace is a special treat for all you lingerie lovers. And Hot Wet Lesbians… I think you can guess what that’s all about!

Ten knockout girls in bikinis get soaking wet and enjoy juicy lesbian sex under the blazing Portuguese sun – you’d better believe Viv Thomas Mansions was a fun place to be while we were shooting this one! I don’t like to grumble, but with naked, nubile, tanned girls running around all over the place I did find it pretty hard to get anything done!

There was one quieter day though. Jo and Vera asked for a ‘closed set’ when they shot their lesbian scene… Jo said she found all the playful, chattering girls a bit of a distraction, and wanted some privacy so she could totally focus on making love to her longtime girlfriend, Vera. Of course, we all adore Jo and will do anything to make her happy, so the other girls were packed off to go shopping and our stunning lesbian lovers were able to pour all their pent-up lust into shooting a very steamy scene!

I was prepared to make myself scarce too, but Vera said, “Please stay, Avril – it turns me on to know you are watching when Jo eats my pussy.” She’s such a tease! There was a very hushed atmosphere as they began to kiss passionately, seemingly oblivious to the camera. I really did feel like I was watching a tender, beautiful lovemaking session, albeit a pretty erotic one with lots of hard orgasms! And needless to say, things got wet… very, very wet! Jo and Vera could be my favourite Hot Wet Lesbians ever.

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Lucky Antonya gets the lesbian licking of her life from Vera and Sandra Shine!

If a girl who was relatively new to filming was invited to make a list of girls she’d most like to shoot a lesbian scene with, who do you think would be on there? I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that Vera and Sandra Shine would be at the top of the list. But Antonya was even luckier than that, as she didn’t have to ask. Her fairy godmother (that’s me – Avril!) had the genius idea that she should shoot a threeway scene with both of them at the same time, for the much anticipated forthcoming release Simply the Best. And that’s exactly what happened!

I guess a lot of girls would have been a bit overwhelmed at the idea of being sandwiched between two such total lesbian legends, but not Antonya. Oh no. This girl loves sex, and was so thrilled at the idea of getting an expert pussy-licking from two girls she had masturbated over many, many times (she confessed as much to me) that there was no room for nerves. As for Vera and Sandra, I think they were quite aroused at the idea of giving Antonya a very thorough working over – and of course they are really into each other too, so I was anticipating fireworks.

No disappointment for me, as three very wet and puffy pussies were licked and fingered and pampered to perfection. Antonya has a really pretty pussy (as well as great tits and a fabulous rump) and her new bosom buddies lavished plenty of attention on it. Naturally they made sure they got their fair share of the satisfaction too – and Vera indulged in the anal stimulation she frequently craves!

A few people have asked why we decided to include Antonya, a relatively new face, in our round-up of superstars for Simply the Best. Watch this lesbian threeway scene and it will become blindingly obvious why we picked her – she’s damn hot!

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Hot Wet Lesbians – New Film Coming Soon

Hot Wet Lesbians are coming soon to your screens.

The sweltering heat of summer sends these lesbian girls into a sexual frenzy, pushing all of their carnal buttons. In a bid to cool down they get wet and slippery but this merely intensifies their lesbian desires as they slide and glide across each others bodies, seeking sexual sustenance from each other. There’s nothing more exciting and erotic than hot wet lesbians.

Looks good doesn’t it?

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Hot Wet Lesbians get soaked on video!

I’m quite partial to dripping wet lesbian action… I mean watching it, of course, before you start getting any naughty ideas about me!!!

Really, what could be nicer than seeing two pretty new girls in bikinis that show off their beautiful figures, hosing each other down and getting dripping wet in readiness for some slippery lesbian sex? I love it!

Kelly Cat and Cipriana are two of the girls that caught my eye in the forthcoming release Hot Wet Lesbians. This is a movie packed with big name stars – Sandra Shine, Blue Angel, Jo, Vera and Eve Angel, to mention a few names that I know will get you trembling with anticipation – but it’s cool to see a couple of lesser known girls in there too. And believe me, these two were way too busy exploring each other’s dripping wet pussies to care how famous they are!

It was really quite arousing to see how much fun they had fooling around together – and then how they warmed up and very much enjoyed teasing, touching and tasting each other, getting more and more aroused until fingers were squirming into assholes and strumming juiced-up clits like there was no tomorrow!

They do say variety is the spice of life… and these two provide a very tasty little treat to distract from their much-loved co-stars. Yum!

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Your review of 2011 at!

I was going to give you my review of 2011 here at, but you know, my memory is shocking! I have total recall of those juicy little moments that I replay over and over again in my head… but I’m not so great when it comes to remembering exactly who did what to who, and when! Maybe it’s because my life is such a blur of sexy girls getting naked and naughty…!

So, I need your help. Put the year back into focus for me by sharing all your favourite bits, and hopefully it will remind me of what a fabulous year it’s been!

Who was your favourite girl this year?

Best newcomer?

Best lesbian scene?

(I loved Jo and Brandy Smile in Prim and Improper, and Sandra Shine and Blue Angel in Naked Impulses Vol 2, but I’m sure I’ve forgotten some key scenes!)

Best boy/girl scene? That’s if you like boy/girl action at all… I know some of you are divided on that!

Best movie?

And most importantly of all, what would you like to see from in 2012? This is your chance to make it happen, folks!

Thanks for the help – I can’t wait to see what you think. And this coming year, I will make notes!!!


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Blue Angel eats pussy like a champion!

No question about it, Blue Angel is super cute. You have to forgive her silly name because it really does describe her very accurately! She’s sweet, sunny and even a bit shy, but she’s also a naughty little vixen. It’s interesting to me to watch the look in her eyes change as she starts to get aroused, and she visibly undergoes the transformation. She’s surprisingly nasty in front of the camera, and clearly loves pussy – which makes me love her!

Blue Angel’s lesbian video scene with Debbie White in the new release Boat Rides is fun, and I have to say Debbie looks cuter here than I remember her! I like the way they improvise with the implements to hand to get each other off – keyring dildo, anyone?! The location also adds a nice twist, as I’m quite sure the rocking of the boat added to the strength of their orgasms!

I’m enjoying watching Blue Angel develop in front of the camera, and I like that she seems to be as much into guys as girls – she certainly responds enthusiastically to both! That perfect, firm little ass may be her finest feature, but her pretty face and small but very perky breasts are also very appealing. She’s a natural in front of the camera too, and as a former gymnast, her flexibility is quite an asset! Mmmm, I’m definitely feeling the love!

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Exotic Sasha stars in new lesbian video scene!

I love Sasha. No really, when I look at her I think I might actually be in love with her… Or do I mean lust?

I’m guessing Lexi Lowe feels the same, because when the two of them hooked up on the set of the forthcoming release Story of She to shoot a lesbian video scene, Lexi was virtually vibrating with excitement! For a normally very chatty and bubbly girl, she went very quiet and was only answering questions in monosyllables. She clearly couldn’t think about anything except for Sasha.

Now, Sasha often seems to be oblivious to the devastating effect she has on both men and women (which is one of the things I like most about her) but she was sure as hell feeling the vibes Lexi was sending out. The two of them kept looking at each other, looking away, looking back… it was clear they couldn’t wait to touch each other.

Sasha is a Brit babe with Mauritian heritage, which explains that delicious dusky skin, with cute freckles on the nose which we all adore. She plays a dancer in a club, and I’m sure you will agree the skimpy outfit displays her voluptuous body to perfection! Lexi was more interested in getting her hands on those dangerous curves though. She worshipped Sasha’s bounteous boobs (a generous 34D) with her hands and lips, before moving down to that very pretty pussy. Sasha’s sexuality is a slow burn – she starts with a sizzle and builds up to red hot passion! She brings that astonishing combination of doll-like cuteness and feline sensuality to every lesbian video scene, but for me, this one has an extra intensity, and I can only put it down to the chemistry between the two of them.

And yes, Sasha did make Lexi cum too!

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Big boobed lesbian video scene!

Okay, make that huge boobs. Ginormous boobs, even. These boobs should really have their own zip code.

I know some of you are of the opinion that more than a handful is a waste. But I have to say, I really enjoy seeing the way massive boobs bounce up and down with the sheer velocity of their weight and roundness. It’s like watching one of those kinetic desk toys that won’t stop moving once it’s set in action – hypnotising!

Alison Star and Daisey Lee are totally new to me, but their scene in the forthcoming release Boat Rides has certainly piqued my interest. Maybe titanic boobs is actually the best way of describing them, because they look like they are capable of sinking this vessel, the way they sway, leap and bounce around like over-excited chest puppies! I particularly enjoyed seeing one spectacular rack getting doused with champagne – it may be a visual cliche, but it defintely made me feel like celebrating!

This boobilicious scene from Playboy TV production Boat Rides may just be a few inches too much for those of you who prefer your girls unaugmented – although there are some very pretty, totally natural girls in some of the other scenes – but if you’re into the idea of cute, busty girls enjoying lesbian video action which is heavy on the titplay, check it out!

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Lexi Lowe’s best lesbian video role?

I find Lexi Lowe a very interesting girl. I don’t just mean sexually, although she is definitely a lesbian video star to watch. I mean, she has a very engaging personality, with lots of opinions, and funny stories and plenty to say, which makes her great fun to have around. We have struck lucky with Welsh girls a few times, it must be something in the water! I do like the way she is very direct and upfront, and she’s just the same when it comes to sex. She’s not too shy to say what she wants and what feels good.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you think of her starring role in the forthcoming Story of She. There is quite a contrast between Lexi, who is tall and lean (although with fabulous natural boobs and a curvy bum!) and her petite costars like Antonya and Lisa. She might have a bit less lesbian video experience than them, but you wouldn’t know it. There was a lot of heat on set, and I think it really translates to the screen!

I’d never actually sen Lexi eat pussy in the flesh, so to speak, so I enjoyed being on the set of Story of She. I had watched her flirting with Lisa and building up the sexual tension, so that was the scene I was most looking forward to, and I wasn’t disappointed. All the kissing, touching and licking was very arousing to witness! I asked Lisa afterwards if the orgasms were as powerful as they appeared, and she said yes, they most certainly were!

Can’t wait to see which scene you like best, but for now, I am enjoying replaying that scene in my head, as well as on screen!

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READ MORE releases lesbian threeway video!

Girl on girl action is awesome, but sometimes Girl on Girl on Girl action is even better! I’m a big fan of lesbian threeways done right, and there is a lot in this new release to get my pulse racing and my panties damp!

There are five threesomes here, featuring a roster of girls that reads like a who’s who of hot lez babes. Sandy, Cindy Hope and Aleska have a wet and soapy time washing the car in a fun scene, and the boobilicious Cathy Heaven stars in a photo shoot threeway, but there are two real standout scenes for me.

The first is Sandy, Blue Angel and Madison Parker on a boat out at sea. Normally Sandy commands the attention in every scene she appears in, but she has some tough competition here! Madison Parker is a girl I would describe as a slut in the very best way – she totally loves sex and lets her enthusiasm show. I’m a big fan of her boy-girl scenes – she always looks stunning with a cock in her mouth! – but it’s nice to see her in some lesbian video action with two equally hot girls.

The other scene I love is Aletta Ocean with Brandy Smile and Logan. Actually, I couldn’t care less who she’s with. I could watch Aletta Ocean read the phone book and still get turned on. She’s another really nasty-but-nice girl. I know some of you will think the action is a bit “porny” – it was shot by Andrew Young for Playboy TV, and has his very definite style – but it’s porny in a way I find very arousing! Sometimes I like knowing that the girl is playing for the camera and enjoying her sexuality in a very overt way. Seeing Aletta spread her pretty asshole so it can get crammed with plastic dick is just fine by me!

I have been having triple the fun watching this new lesbian threeway release. Let me know which combo floats your boat!

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Sexy Cheerleaders!

I freely admit to preferring the exotic, European look to the all-American cheerleader type, but wow! I’m feeling the love for Made Man’s Hottest Cheerleader round-up! Sorry sports fans, I am not in the slightest bit interested in the NFL, but could quite cheerfully tear my attention away from the players in order to feast my eyes on these stunning girls! As a somewhat buxom blonde myself, I wouldn’t mind them teaching me a few moves… and I’m sure I’d fit in quite well if the post-match shower got a little steamy! Don’t you think it’s time made a sports themed movie?

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Our hardest lesbian video scene yet?

Now, you know I love to see passionate kissing in a lesbian video scene. I love to see ardent pussy licking too, and even a bit of anal tonguing and finger action. Who knew I would like to see FISTING though!!! Call me naive, but when Bellina and Cathy Heaven hooked up on the set of Naked Impulses 2, it was the first time I had ever seen a lesbian scene progress to that somewhat taboo point. The real thrill for me though, watching the action unfold, was that it was all totally unplanned…

The girls were really into each other, that was clear for all to see. Cathy is so curvy and pretty, and Bellina is a firecracker – one of those girls with mischief and seduction in her eyes. It was evident from the start that she would be the instigator, as she teased and stroked Cathy, building up the anticipation before zeroing in on her pussy for some serious licking and fingering. Cathy was so turned on at this point that she was literally putty in Bellina’s experienced hands. Later she told me it was the best pussy-licking she’d ever received, from a man or a woman!

Bellina was using plenty of oil to get Cathy’s pussy so slippery and pliable… I don’t know what put this wicked idea into her head, but the girls exchanged a look, Cathy nodded and then… WOW! Was I really seeing this? Bellina was fisting Cathy, who was moaning with pleasure!

It was certainly the hardest action I’d ever seen in a lesbian video scene, and yet the girls looked so beautiful and had such a strong and passionate connection that it really felt right. You can see for yourself on the download and at And before I could quite catch my breath from that, Cathy was repaying the favour with an anal dildo fucking that made Bellina cum like a train! I think everyone on set felt quite shaken and stirred by the time the scene drew to a close, and these two stunning girls had soared to the top of my ‘must see’ list!

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Eve Angel’s lesbian video seduction!

The story behind Eve Angel‘s dripping wet scene with the gorgeous Zuzana for new lesbian video release Naked Impulses 2 makes me smile every time I remember it. The girls were fooling around on set while everyone worked around them, and Eve suddenly grabbed a camera – not something we usually encourage, but I think we all wanted to see what would happen! She started giving Zuzana the most explicit direction, pretending to be an outrageous lesbian video director: “Now stick your fingers in your pussy! All of them! Rub your clit, I want to see you cum hard!!!”

We were all quite shocked to see the usually sweet Eve become such a sexual aggressor, while Zuzana, usually quite dominant, meekly did exactly as she was told. It really seemed to ignite a spark between them, and I think you can see that from the eye contact in the scene. You can tell from Zuzana’s pink, puffy pussy that she had already cum before we started shooting, too!

Eve was happy to let Zuzana take charge once filming began, and submitted to some expert tongue and finger work. The wet, transparent clothes clinging to their perfect bodies made for a beautiful and very erotic scene. Sadly, I can report that Eve would make a useless lesbian video director – she was evidently so turned on that the shakey camera work was appalling! It was quite a thrill to see her get in touch with her inner dominatrix though, if only for a few minutes! I hope we get to see more of it.

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Could you take a better photo?

This has to be one of Gergo’s better photos. Occasionally he sends us a few that he and Jo have cooked up and then Gergo throws a couple into Photoshop and has a play. I think this one came out really well.

It’s going to be fascinating to see how this lesbian photo set turns out on I Dream of Jo (if you weren’t aware, we run a site in partnership with our top model). Would you be interested to see how it turns out?

Quick quizz – Who is the other model? Answers on the blog only please.

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Carmen Croft in lesbian porn?

Carmen Croft relaxes in the Viv Thomas pool

We’re getting ready to release a few smoking hot sets of Carmen Croft. Now she’s a girl who seems to have been working extremely hard of late on the “European porn circuit” and what is fascinating to me, as an unbiased onlooker (I don’t take the photos Viv and Mark do!), is that she is a good looking girl. Fascinating, we have tons of those.

Carmen Croft is not a smoking hot natural beauty. She’s a big girl and could be viewed as very much on the busty side and even slightly overweight from some people’s views. However, when you see how the crew here at have captured this girl, you’ll be blown away at the solo masturbation scenes and hardcore boy girl videos they managed to film. Surely we need to get her back and coach her in the true art of lesbian porn?

Do you feel that a busty porn star like Carmen Croft would fit well with one of our lesbian beauties like Jo, Vera or even one of our up and coming British porn models?

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Masturbating with a friend

I saw this some time ago and I liked the way it all unfolds quite innocently and naturally, the improvised dialogue, and then as they build-up to a climax the way they reach out to one another. This is the kind of thing which is very hard to create realistically unless you have exactly the right girls.

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What Are Friends For?

Hmmm, I have two breasts but only one mouth, yet I want both nipples sucked at the same time. Hang on, Jane, my best friend in the whole world, if you could just scoot behind me then maybe you could…..Ahhh sorted!


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Unfaithful 5 – Behind The Scenes


Spunk L Davis has given me this must see behind-the-scenes clip shot during the making of the highly anticipated movie Unfaithful 5. As it’s Friday and I’m in a good mood I’ve decided to share it with the world.

The Unfaithful series have been a huge hit and we’re very proud of them here at VT Towers, and this next installment in the saga is shaping up to be one of the best. Unfaithful 5 is packing a stellar cast, the jaded lovers Nelly & Lisa are present, but are accompanied by Jo, Zafira and Eve Angel. My god, this title is so hot it’s a wonder Spunk’s computer hasn’t melted whilst he works on it.

The following clip is a real treat, a little sample of life behind the cameras. Once again you can see how much fun the girls have whilst on location, and also how much work goes into producing these titles. Nelly is as fun loving as ever, and watching Eve Angel get dressed in preparation for her scene held me in rapture. Eve truly is an angel, an angel of lust.

Anyway enjoy the clip and have a great weekend. Clip after the jump

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Getting me up in the morning


Recently I have been waking up to the glorious site of Mr Motivator’s new fitness side-kick, stretching and twisting her phenomenal body all over my TV screen. Her name is Deanne Berry and I only recently became aware that she was the star of the of that infamous music video “Call on Me” by Eric Prydz. She truly is a spandex treat and really get’s me pumped up in the morning as I scoff down a bowl of cereal and two boiled eggs. The 28 year old Aussie has won an army of fans who can’t get enough of her perky, energetic style and extremely sexual workout routines. She tries to get the viewers at home to join in with her. I join in but it’s not really the type of workout she’s doing.


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Revisiting Bubblegum Babes 4

bubblegumbabes4blogpic1Some of our forum members have been revisiting older movies in this thread, and then posting up to date reviews on them so people can get feedback on what some of our older titles are actually like. So I’ve decided to post some clips from the movies they are revisiting and today’s turn is the classic Bubblegum Babes 4.

This title may well be old but it does have some quality models in it, including Jo in a ballerina dress, Jamie in a schoolgirls uniform, and Ella and Olivia getting it on in the garden. I’ve included a sample of these three in the clip below, so watch it and enjoy. Although the quality of BB4 is nowhere near the standards that Spunk and the team have achieved in their modern classics such as the Unfaithful series, it was an important step in the progression of the company and a learning point for all those involved.

LeVerne has already revisited Reality Porn, you can see his post here. Enjoy the clip.

C lick here to view the clip

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Hack Attack


I haven’t got the first clue about computer hacking. It’s one of those skills that i think certain brains can pick up very easily, mine is not one of them. Somewhere out there right now is a 15 year school boy who should be cracking on with his geography homework but instead is tunneling his way into the FBI HQ just so he can pat himself on the back and boast to his underground cyber buddies.

Well some hackers are far less ambitious, instead they go for your average R&B diva such as Cassie here. She claims her computer got hacked, and her topless pictures are now floating around the internet. And because we live in the 21st century, Cassie’s already commented about the “scandal”-on Twitter. In the words of Cassie herself:


Well Cassie, i can’t see this little incident doing you any harm.


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Revisiting Sonia Red

soniaredblogpicAs Sonia Red arrived here in Portugal yesterday, all set to join the crew in making a brand new movie, I thought I’d remind myself and everyone else of exactly how much of a sex kitten Sonia Red is. So I compiled the following clip from the production Inside Peaches.

In this scene Sonia and Peaches are playing the roles of two schoolgirls discovering each other. This is a highly erotic scene, and Miss Red certainly knows her way around a pussy. I love the way that when she’s licking Peaches pussy she keeps glancing upwards, watching Peaches expression and maintaining eye contact. Then when it’s her turn for the orals we get to see her beautiful body, spread out on the bed sheet as she rubs her full breasts while Peaches tongue probes her inner goodness. Then Sonia’s back to doing what she does best, skillfully fingering and rubbing Peaches pussy, bringing her closer and closer to climax.

Click here to read more and view the clip

Sonia is a very horny girl, who genuinely enjoys her job and is very much into girls. I can’t wait to see the results of her latest photo and video shots, I may even have to take them home for a private screening. You may also be able to catch Sonia wandering round on or having sex on location with our live web cam here. Anyway enjoy the clip of Sonia Red, it’s great to be working with her once again.

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Unseen Squirt Footage

squirtblogpicLogging some shoot tapes earlier this afternoon and I stumbled upon a scene that said ‘Dawn & Georgette – The Squirt”. Upon further inquiry I was informed that actually they didn’t think the squirting footage contained within had been used before as it couldn’t get classified by the BBFC. Right, I thought, I’m blogging it then!

In this scene these two classy British birds are doing all the things that,we have learnt as a company over the years, are just wrong for porn. Cheesy dirty talk, over-the-top fucking, almost trying to be American porn (Remember this was early days for the company, way back in 2003). This was soon phased out for the style we have today, genuine orgasms, tender and passionate lovemaking and high end adult erotica (A cut above the rest). This was also the reason we started working exclusively with Eastern European Models, as the British models just couldn’t cut the mustard, not providing us with the scenes we wanted.

Anyway, in this clip I’ve kept in a bit of the cheesy dirty talk etc so you can see how bad it is. The model in question apparently squirts 3 times during this scene but the only one clearly caught is the third squirt. There is a funny little outtake midway where she sucks in more than she can chew whilst receiving a strap on doggy style.

Click here to read more and view the clip

Anyway before I sign off, can anyone tell me whether there are women out there who genuinely have a female ejaculation whilst orgasming. I’m dubious as to whether it’s a myth or not, as to me it just looks like they’re pissing. I’d love to have my opinion turned around on this matter, feel free to leave comments below.

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Scorching Hot Summer Glau


Kudos to Dan The Man for pointing my ever twitching nose in the direction of this feisty beauty. Summer, who is best known for her recent role in series Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, was originally trained as a ballerina and has been a professional dancer since aged 12, hence the flexibility you can see in the pics.

summerglaublogpicThere’s just something uniquely hot about this woman. Maybe it’s the fact she played smoking hot characters who also kick a lot of ass that attracts me to her, having sex with her would be like a danger fuck, you don’t know if you’d make it out the other end alive. But then would you care? Tear me apart Summer, just make sure I’m conscious to see you doing the splits over my poised member.

Summer whose dancing career was cut short by an ankle injury, also starred in the series Firefly and reprised her characters role in the movie sequel Serenity. With an incredibly toned body from years of dancing training, I hope we see a lot more of this darling in the near future, a bit more nudity from her in roles wouldn’t go amiss either.

Check out the clip below taken from the Sarah Conner Chronicles series, where she dances and we can see all her suppleness in all it’s glory.


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Position Of The Week – Sideways 69′er

powsiodeways69blogpicFollowing on from this earlier post by Sr. Spunk, I have decided to add my own position of the week, which as you can guess from the title is the sideways 69′er. The best example of this position in my opinion is in the scene between Anouska and Ella in the production Pink Velvet 2.

In this scene the big titted Anouska and the sultry Ella get up to all kinds of sexy shenanigans, before Ella rearranges herself on the bed in the above mentioned position, which is where the clip starts. What I love best about this position is not only is it pleasing to look at, but they also get full access to each others gorgeous looking pussies. Some people may be unaware of this sideways variation of the classic 69, and all I can do is try and encourage them through this post to try it. It’s a lot easier as one persons weight is not on the other, being the one underneath can be quite hard as you strain your neck upwards to reach those delicate folds. Sideways is a lot more comfortable and you can get hands and mouth to work straight away.

Click here to read more and see the clip

Which is what these two do, wasting no time they go to town on each others bodies. Anouska is straight in there, devouring Ella’s tight gory hole with relish, whilst Ella also laps away like the cat that’s got the cream (Lets hope her tongue isn’t as rough). Anyway why are you still reading this when the clip is a click away. Sit back, draw the curtains, and watch these two beautiful bodies getting intertwined sideways as they strive for orgasms.

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Fun On The Beach

beachpicblogdixiemiaevevivHere’s a fun behind-the-scenes clip of the girls enjoying some quality time off location and on the beach. In this clip Vivien, Mia, Eve Angel & Dixie have been given a well deserved break from filming to go and frolic in the surf (Clark is also there, but gets minimum screentime). The ever aware Lewis had grabbed his camcorder and followed them down to the beach, and as you will see, gets almost soaked for his efforts, when a big wave comes from nowhere as he innocently keeps the camera rolling. It reminded me of the film The Blair Witch Project as when he legs it out of the water the camera moves erratically as he escapes the surf.

I believe this was taken around the time of filming the production Sex Wives & Videotape, and if like me, you enjoy beautiful girls relaxing and having fun on the sand then please click play on the clip and enjoy.

To read more and view the clip click here

Plus keep an eye out for the ever filthy Mia as she says her sopping jeans are as wet as her pussy. That a girl Mia! But then we’ve known how sexy and filthy this girl can be from this previous post.

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“You can not get pregnant by swallowing spunk…”

vivthomascom_44084Wise words there, spunk ingested orally is simply a source protein and enjoyment for whomever’s spunk it is.

Private Practice was a sex-comedy we made in 2004 for Mayfair Magazine. I’ve blogged about it before, but since the download version has just become available I thought I would post one last clip. This is from a scene filmed between Stella and Sandy.

It’s done with it’s tongue firmly in it’s cheek so please no comments about Stella’s young schoolgirl acting or her costume, yes they are both colourful exaggerations of reality; although if you went to my school in South Wales you wouldn’t know it. This question she asks Sandy in the scene was actually asked by a 16-year-old girl in my Sex Ed class causing me to burst into spontaneous and hysterical laughter and saw me removed from the class and spending the next 45 minutes waiting outside until everyone had finished their various lines of questioning. <Video Clip after jump>

Anyway – wow, check out Stella’s soft wet pussy, I was so close to her filming that I could feel the warmth coming from it (insert big smiley face grin here.)

Other Private Practice blogs: The nurse, premature ejaculation and Outtakes

Buy now.

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Female Orgasms Part 8

nellytorifemaleorgasmblogpNow we’ve seen some great orgsams so far in this series of posts, but this next one is a bit special. It’s taken from the hit title Office Girls, and stars the ever poular Nelly and the delightful Tori. The reason it’s so special is because Nelly after her intense orgasm becomes ‘cum drunk’. This phrase was mentioned by one of our forum members Just Like Honey, who mentioned it in this thread on our forum about the best orgasms. JLH described it as “confused, disoriented, in a stupor, and/or made temporarily insane as manifested by excessive laughter or maniacal giggling”.

As you can see from the raw unedited footage that forms the clip, after Tori laps away like a thirsty dog on a hot day, Nelly’s orgasm is very intense and she does appear to become ‘cum drunk’, writhing around on the desk and almost falling over Tori when she sits up, almost like she’s inebriated. She also has to hold tightly onto Tori whilst kissing her as she appears to be disoriented and in a stupor. This is no doubt due to Tori’s superb cunnilingus skills and magic digits.

Click here to read more and see the clip

Office Girls is available to watch as a streaming video in the members section of our website, or is available to download or purchase on DVD. It’s a great title and was such a success it spawned a much clamored for sequel which was just as good. Anyway, stop reading and start watching, and hats off to JLH for coining the phrase ‘cum drunk’. Enjoy!

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The Contagious Laugh


Lewis was saying in this thread here that Gina B has what can be called a contagious laugh. Whilst i was looking at the raw footage for this scene from Pink Velvet 2 starring Ella & Peaches, I noticed that Ella also has one too.

In this clip Peaches is sitting astride Ella and whilst fingering her bum hole decides to suck on Ella’s toes. This goes OK at first until Ella cant seem to take it anymore and begins to laugh, also causing Peaches to giggle. Ella then has the giggles every time Peaches licks or sucks her toes. What I find endearing is that you cannot help but laugh when she laughs. You know what I mean, when someone is laughing and you are laughing with them only because it’s so funny that they’re laughing. I think I’ve confused myself now. I’m sure you get the gist. Watch the clip and i dare you not to smile and chuckle.

To read more and see the contagious clip click here

As I’m feeling very saintly today, I’ve also snuck a quick clip at the end where peaches sits up on the bed and watches Ella remove her top. Why have i put this in you may ask? Simply so you can admire the pertness of Peaches 18 year old tits as she is sitting up. God damn, what an amazing pair of breasts that woman has, they’re sitting there like two alert sentries with bayonets affixed. Magnificent!

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Grown Up Peaches!

peachesFollowing on from Hugh’s Ripe Young Peaches blog here is the now grown-up Peaches in all her womanly glory, having just turned 25 last month!

I guess she’ll be coming into her prime as a woman over the next few years, confident, sexy, sassy, Peaches has really become something much more than just a beautiful young girl, she’s attractive in so many more ways than just physically, which is hard to admit since she does have such a fucking knock-out body! Over the years we’ve had the privilege of watching her develop not just as a model but as a person too.bum

She has a movie coming out with us soon called MOST SUBSCRIBED. She also has a website with her girlfriend Gina B, and they are currently filming lots of very intimate sex tapes for the site which will hopefully go up over the next few months. Some of the things they are filming are so hot, it’s something that only they could do together. The video below is a small example (I’ve cut out the tasty parts for obvious reasons and watermarked it) but it’s still really enjoyable to watch this kind of thing, and even though they are filming these videos for their site they still feel really private.

There’s much more on their website at the moment including my favourites where they interrupt each other in the shower or wake each other up to cunnilingus! It’s intimate stuff.

So please support the girls and their website as I think this year they could make it a place quite extraordinary and very different to the host of other porn sites out there. They have the opportunity to offer something different and hopfully people will dig it. All the videos they have filmed themselves, and they use all their friend and favourite models so there’s a myriad of babes of there! They also have a free blog which they update regularly.

By the way, they filmed more things around this shopping center and eventually a security guard had to come and tell them to stop! Well done girls! I love it!

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Ripe Young Peach

youngpeachesblogpicFirst of all I’d like to congratulate Peaches on becoming Babe of the Month for March. In honor of her attaining this, I’ve decided to put a clip together of the early years of Peaches, when she first came to work with us here at VT at the tender age of 18.

The first part of the clip is taken from the production Pink Velvet 2, and I chose it just to show the incredibly nubile and breathtaking body of Peaches. She shines with innocence in this clip, and I love the fact that this is unedited footage that you are looking at. This raw shoot tape footage of Peaches looking at her body in a mirror had my face about an inch from the monitor, and as she unveils her ‘peachy’ boobs and delicately exposes her thatch of pubic hair, I was making strange gargling noises which had my colleagues looking in my direction. Wasn’t long before they were clambering round my desk making the same noises that I was.

The next part of the clip is taken from the production Pussy In Paradise co-starring Gina B and it is again taken from unedited raw footage. Now this is the first time these two adorable girls worked with each other and I think it shows that this was lust at first sight. I love the relaxed way they fondle and kiss each other, clearly desiring and willing to explore each others bodies and wanting to satisfy each other completely. It’s funny to think that some years after this Gina B and Peaches would be a couple in real life, with their own groundbreaking website. This is where the magic of their relationship started, and it was all captured by the cameras of Viv Thomas.

To read more and see the clip click here

I hope you enjoy looking back at the younger days of Peaches when she first started to work with us. Since then she has gone from strength to strength and has entrenched herself as a fan favorite, well loved by fans and all of us here at VT Towers.

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Oil be damned…

ginabsandymassageblogpicI had to post this when i saw it earlier. This is some footage shot during the production Making Of A Madame, with this scene starring the blue eyed goddess Gina B and the owner of one of the most toned and supple bodies ever, Sandy.

This was shot with a behind the scenes camera, hence the jerky footage, but it still aroused me earlier. This is a massage scene where Gina B is set to give Sandy a massage and ends up giving her a whole lot more for no extra charge. Sandy’s body could only be made more perfect by covering it in oil, and Gina’s deft hands caress and fondle Sandy beautiful bum till its as slick as wet raincoat. Also what a phenomenal outfit Gina B has on, must get one for the missus!

Click here to read more and see the clip

I found this almost amteur footage very sexy and i hope you lot do too, enjoy and let me know what you think of Sandys oiled up posterior!

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Female Orgasms (Part 6)

sandrashinesandygreatorgasContinuing on with Spunk L Davis ‘Female Orgasm’ posts, I’ve taken up the baton and decided to add this clip to the collective. In this scene, taken from the production Sandy Agent Provocateur, Sandy and Sandra Shine are consuming each other in the bedrooom. Now this have got to be two of the most hottest and popular European porn stars ever, and you can see why in the performances below.

What I love most of all about this clip is Sandra’s orgasm, brought about by Sandy’s expert cunnilingus skills. This behind the scenes camera catches the raw footage of Sandy sucking and licking Sandra’s pussy before zooming out to catch Sandra have a extraordinary powerful orgasm. I love the way Sandra gasps with pleasure, pulling Sandy’s head into her mound and her stomach undulating as the waves of orgasm radiate out from her twitching pussy.

To read more and see the clip click here click here

What I also like about this clip is how it catches the fun the girls have as they work together, with Sandra eager to return the sweet favor of an orgasm right back at Sandy. It’s evident these lovely ladies fancy the panties off each other and are eager to get down and dirty to deliver pleasure back and forth!

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Happy Birthday Silvia Saint

silviasaintbirthdayYep, today is the birthday of the most famous European porn star in the world, Silvia Saint. Now I’m not a religious man but i do tend to think of Silvia as a deity. She’s 33 today, and still remains one of my favorite, and in my opinion, one of the best looking porno stars in the world.

Since she started her porn career she has left a legacy of hard core fuck flicks which have included interracial, double penetration, anal and fetish. Her body is simply stunning, with a beautiful (albeit fake), pair of breasts, perfectly toned leg muscles and an arse and pussy that are irresistible. The contours of her face were meant for sperm races and her mouth is a glistening entrance to heaven.

Click here to read more and see the clip

I was chatting to Sean the other day about Silvia, saying how funny it was that I would spend hours throwing myself around my room with the latest Silvia Saint flick. I’d get home, slip the video into the VCR, settle down in my wanking chariot, and shoot thick ropes of potential people all over the place. It was funny in the sense that I never thought one day I would be editing her video footage, and in my opinion, doing a much better job then the editors back in the day.

One of my favorite VT films of her is Searching For Silvia, and as a treat I’ve put some snippets together of Silvia and Tara‘s scene in the pool together. Anyway, Happy Birthday Silvia and may you continue to keep me a shareholder in Kleenex for many years to come. Enjoy the clip.

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Lesbian prime minister

hughNo, it’s not Margaret Thatcher finally coming out aged 83. Johanna Sigurdardottir was named as Iceland’s prime minister on the 1st of this month. The BBC says she is “the first openly lesbian head of government in Europe, if not the world – at least in modern times.” Which is a bit uncertain by their typically high standards of fact-based broadcasting.

Anyway, she’s gay and the people of Iceland don’t seem to bothered about that. They are more interested in the fact that (compared to the people who’d gone done fucked up with the financial crisis) she seems to be quite good. As a minister, she polled the highest approval ratings of the entire cabinet (78%) and was the only minister to have improved these from the previous year.

It does appear that her sexual orientation has not been an issue. Different countries have different cultures and different levels of exposure to other cultures and some are more tolerant than others. Iceland add a strong woman to the legions of strong men they’ve produced.

Story at the BBC

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Latest Nelly Scene

nellyeveangelblogInspired by the comments on the ‘O Nella Where Art Tho‘ blog, I’ve decided to do another. In the first blog I showed you a few clips from one of Nelly’s first ever scenes, for this one I’m going to show you a few clips taken from her latest scene to come out on DVD, from us here at VivThomas. And what a scene it is!

Nelly is paired up with the simply stunning Eve Angel, in this smoking hot scene taken from the recently released production Club Girls Lesbian. And what a dream team this pair make. Soft kisses, expert lovemaking and genuine pleasure being taken from one another bodies. I couldn’t help but get aroused as I compiled a couple of clips from this scene, what with both girls being stunningly beautiful and gifted in the art of sex.

Click here to read more and see the clip

So without further ado, please click on the play button, make yourself comfortable, and prepare to get turned on by two of the best in the business.

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O Nella Where Art Thou?

nellatorihelena1Ahh Nelly, we do so miss Nelly. A great performer, lovely girl, fun pleasant and beautiful are just a few words the crew here use to describe her. It is always a pleasure to work with her, she’s almost the quintessential VivThomas girl.

Nelly has been a part of many stand out scenes over the years, and the crew have had some very intense filming experiences with her and various girls over the years. Spunk would often come back from location, trembling with lust after he had just filmed the latest scene with Nelly and partner. This is a girl who loved her work.

Sadly she’s moved on to do softer modelling now. We always wish her all the best in what she chooses to do, we’re all very fond of her here and it’s like she’s part of the VT family. Nelly will be sorely missed by crew and fans alike.

So i decided to dig out her very first scene that the crew worked with her on. Starring her then real-life girl-pal and fuck-buddy Tori, this scene was totally natural, erotic and brilliant. I’m pretty sure these girls forgot the camera was there and just went for it, passion and lust erupting from them both.

Click here to read more and see the clip

Since this scene she has gone on to star in over 15 productions with us here at VivThomas including the highly acclaimed Unfaithful series. As a matter of fact she is soon to be seen in Unfaithful Part 5, and the crew is still hoping that she will be a part of Unfaithful 6.

Anyway, press play and enjoy the clip showing Nelly in her first ever scene, taken from the production Girl On Girl 2. A bit of trivia for you actually, they both turned up originally to debut in Office Girls, but because the crew could see the chemistry between them, they decided off the bat to film a seperate scene first for Girl On Girl 2. Enjoy!

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Lesbians Out And About

outEveryone knows we are all very fond of Gina and Peaches here. They have been trying recently to promote their new site but the poor girls have had all kinds of troubles, first financially (*which is now all sorted*) then from someone trying to throw mud on them for no reason. It’s really unfair. I don’t understand why people just can’t accept these two and let them get on with things, they are adult models, of coure they have strange lives, but they are also really honest and down to earth girls and that is why people love them.

I’ve been enjoying their blog and At-Home videos, they have a certain charm which I find very appealing. Anyway I saw this video below and it made me think how difficult it must be sometimes, when they are out if they hold hands people stare, if they have a little kiss people scorn, some men get jealous – especially since neither girl has ever done any straight modeling work. I know that some people don’t like public displays of affection (usually those who either aren’t in love or aren’t getting any) but it must be horrible to actually have to hide your affection for someone you love.

I’ve never had to do that, so it made me think. I wonder what our female forum members feel about it? Is it common to keep your affections at home, or do you get to the stage, possibly like Gina and Peaches have, where you don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks and if anyone is going to frown upon your affections for your partner, then it’s their problem.


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Lily Allen had lesbian sex with identical twins

lily-allenNow, I’m not one for celebrity gossip but when a headline like that comes along, my integrity vanishes as quickly as it takes to read it. Don’t get me wrong, I still couldn’t care less about the other aspects of the life of the “celebrity” involved in this supposed scenario (here, she’s interchangeable with any woman below the age of 30) but what the headline has cleverly done is conjure imagery, in my mind, something like what’s in this clip. Except I’m in it as well.

She told Gay Times and they ran with the subtle cover quote “I Snogged Lesbian Twins” then The Sun got hold of the story and reworked it with the word “romp” unexpectedly contained in the phrase. I’m guessing that’s how the broken telephone headline subsequently ended up as it is here; full blown lesbian sex. The unique way that in British tabloids the verb “romp” can mean pretty much anything from “she sat on his lap” to “they had a 12 person, booze and drug-fueled orgy, covered in oil, in full view of everyone in the club”. Use a thesaurus, for fuck’s sake.

The “story” with added romp!

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Cunnilingus – Get To Know Her

i-love-you1Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than eating a girls pussy, savoring the smells and flavours, and letting her know so. There’s no denying that it’s something every man/woman should do for their girl to make them feel special. As Pacino says to his nephew in Scent Of A Woman when detecting a slight sexual frustration in the guys wife, “…you’re so wrapped up in the sugar business you’re forgetting the taste of the REAL HONEY! Whoo-haa!”

Some women are nervous about letting their partner perform cunnilingus on them because of the ridiculous stigma attached to the smell/taste, and they need to be gently coaxed into believing that there is nothing to be worried about. On the other hand, some men are nervous about doing it because they feel they don’t know what they are doing, and perhaps might make a fool of themselves. There are lots of tips and guides (some by women too) but they really don’t amount to much, I mean spelling out letters on her vagina, please.

The main debate is, are women better at eating pussy than men?
Video if you click….

Now it might seem obvious, women know womens bodies better than men do, but by that same regard are men better at blowjobs? I honestly can’t say. Some women are spectacular at fellatio, others aren’t, surely it’s the same with men and cunnilingus? I think it’s about getting to know your partner, once you get to know your girl in bed you can drive her crazy knowing the particular tricks and nuances that rock her world. I do suspect that on the whole there are more women that are better at it than there are men, because men are generally lazy, selfish lovers, but hey, not all of us. I can say honestly, from experience, that not all women are good at cunnilingus, I’ve worked with girls before now who don’t have a damn clue! They don’t even know where the clit is! I promise you. I’ve had to step in and give lessons.

Anyway, as a little bonus I have included a short clip here from the movie MOST SUBSCRIBED, as Peaches eats out her girlfriend Gina (these girls obviously know each others bodies very well). I notice that both girls have the same kind of technique, they like it when two fingers gently swirl around inside the vagina, stretching it ever so gently, as the tongue caresses the clit lightly but consistently. In fact, in this scene Gina has three (count them!) orgasms, about one minute apart from each other as Peaches employs this technique, broken up with some sucks and slurps of the pussy.
Exercise techniques can be found here.

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I saw an article on Fleshbot about this new movie “Champion” and I thought it worthy of a post here. Looks interesting, obviously not the kind of thing that we do here, but perhaps in some way closer to a previous, more common perception of lesbianism, fundamentally where girls are less ‘girly’ and romance is just the name of some French movie.

Shine Louise Houston has created what has been called an “indie lesbian film which happens to have sex in it,” and from the looks of things, pretty damn strong, intense sex.

Check flesbot for a clip.

I think people like Shine Louise Houston might not be on the same path as us but we’re certainly walking in the same direction, both trying to break ground in erotic film, and as it says here (where you can buy the movie) “transcend the level of ordinary porn.” I’m in full support.

Pink and White Productions.

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Who’s The Best Kisser? Part 7

Welcome back to the last in this series of ‘Who’s The best Kisser?’, which was started by the result of the poll from this thread, and from which we have seen Lisa in several steamy scenarios with various stunning girls.

Today’s lucky lass to get tongue trussed with Lisa is the quite simply beautiful Sandy, a long time vixen veteran here at VT Towers. This clip is taken from the production Pink Velvet 3, and is the perfect clip to end this series of blogs on.

We open this clip with luscious lips Lisa lying on her back as Sandy devours her mouth with lip smacking, probing ferocity. Lisa soon decides to take control and returns the kiss with zealous passion, and soon the girls are in a world of their own as both bodies become afire with ardent passion.

I love this clip, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs, exploring Lisa’s finely tuned art of kissing. I noticed on the comments that quite a few people have argued that they believe Nelly to be the finest kisser yet captured on VT film. Maybe people would like to see more clips of Nelly kissing in a future series of blogs, let me know and I’d be happy to oblige. For now, enjoy the clip, I’m off to grab a cold shower!

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Who’s The Best Kisser? Part 6

Welcome to part 6 of this series of blogs started by this thread, which by poll voted Lisa as best kisser in the VT universe.

So far we have had quite an eyeful, watching Lisa locking lips with the likes of Sandra Shine, Eve Angel and Ella to name but a few. Today’s clip is taken from the award nominated Unfaithful II, and star’s the one and only, Nelly.

A few of the comments that I have read on the previous Lisa kissing clips, have all said they disagree with the poll and have put forward their view that Nelly is in fact the greatest kisser out of all VT models. This is why i decided to pick this clip today to see these two battle it out with their tongues.

I have to admit that after seeing this clip, I was astounded by just how amazing these two particular models are together. I almost feel like I’m intruding on a very private lovemaking session. These girls are hot for each other, and with Nelly’s pure passionate kissing and Lisa’s demand for more of the same, I defy anyone not to get turned on by this footage. I still can’t really tell who the better kisser is tho, I think I’m still going to stick with Lisa but Nelly does cause pause for thought. Enjoy the clip, I know I did.

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Message From Peaches and Gina

We were in Budapest last week shooting some new experimental projects, and on Sunday we had the pleasure of a visit from Gina and Peaches, who brought us some good news about their site!

So the main announcement is that will go live again tomorrow, on the 11th December.

They have not split-up as rumors started, the reasons were more mundane and less exciting, but that can all be put to rest now and we’re all looking forward to seeing what the girls are going to be coming up with over the next months. They assure us that they continued to film their exploits, adventures and dramas while the site was down, so we’ll finally be able to spend some more time at home with the girls and their various girlfriends.

Video message from the girls after the jump……

The site is a mix of scenes the girls have filmed themselves, some reality stuff, behind the scenes clips and pictures, and their own private sex tapes which is very exciting stuff. They have a strange and open relationship (of course!), so it really does make spending time with them quite intoxicating and addictive. They are also really great, wonderfully fun girls! I wish them the best of luck, and it’s a pleasure for us here at the Studio to be able to help them and work with them.

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Who’s The Best Kisser? Part 4

As you will all know by now this series of blogs all started with this thread and it’s poll result of Lisa being voted the best kisser. Well in part 4 today I have a tongue twisting treat in store for you, let’s begin.

Todays clip is taken from the production The Art Of Kissing 2, and features Lisa kissing the heavenly sent Eve Angel. I have to admit to not seeing this scene before, but believe me I’ll be watching it again.

This scene to me defines the word horny. I love the way they are locked in an embrace, passion oozing out of every pore. I love the way Lisa turns round to give Eve better access to her body and then spins round again to devour more of Eve’s mouth. Also unlike previous clips, where I have mentioned that Lisa seems to take control of the kissing, I’d say in this one that Eve is the dominant one. She seems to control Lisa, hands pulling her closer and tighter to her, with Lisa following her lead.

Anyway, stop reading, click on the play button, sit back and enjoy one of the most erotic and passionate kissing moments caught on camera. More to come. . .

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Female Wetness Starring Angie

I was reading an older blog by Mr. Spunk L Davies entitled ‘Female Wetness‘, and i was immediately reminded of a scene from Sticky Fingers 2, starring Angie George.

In this scene Angie gets down and dirty in the kitchen, as you do, and gets herself sopping wet. What I love about this is the actual scene from the film lasts just under 20 minutes so she slowly builds up to her orgasm, teasing herself until she’s wetter than a shark’s dinner.

Take a look at the following short clip and you’ll see exactly what I mean, slick pussy lips, soft moans and the squelching sounds of a well oiled pussy. Superb! There would be no need for lubricant with this beauty.

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Who’s The Best Kisser? Part 2

As you may remember from yesterday Sr. Spunk started a news series of blogs entitled ‘Who’s the best kisser?’. The winner clearly so far in the polls of this thread is Lisa, so we have decided to explore some of her best kissing scenes to see if she deserves the tongue title.

This second part involves a scene between Lisa and the drop dead gorgeous Stella Stevens. This scene can be found in the bonus scenes of the Pink Velvet Box Set, and quite frankly had me all hot and bothered within the first few minutes. I like the way they get more passionate as the clip progreses, with what seems to me, Lisa taking control of the kissing, almost sucking the face of the young Stella. If Stella had dried off with that towel it’s clear to me that she’d soon be pretty damp again after Lisa kisses her with such vigor.

I also love Lisa in pigtails and can’t wait to finish writing this so i can carry on watching the scene with one hand. Visit this blog again tomorrow to find out who Lisa is going to do oral battle with, and to see if she does deserve her title of best kisser in the Viv Thomas universe.

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Lesbians: Nature or Nurture?

Apparently nature. That’s according to over 60% of the 5,000+ respondents to the poll on Pink Sofa, one of the largest lesbian communities in the interworld. The nature or nurture sexuality debate has been going on since, well…. at least since last Thursday or maybe even sometime before that.

Some people think they “became gay” because of how they grew up or (a) significant event/s, some think they made a choice (which is the least plausible and most inappropriately whimsical way to decide something a little more serious than “shall I have 2 Weetabix or 3 this morning?“) while most seem to feel they were born that way. Ah, and then there’s bisexuals, but that’s just greedy.

The church of course don’t agree, they think people are born heterosexual and then THE DEVIL (in which ever human form he chooses to take) makes that particular “lifestyle choice” for them. When they voted “YES” on Proposition 8 recently, Melissa Etheridge said "Gay people are born everyday. You will never legislate that away," but I’m sure they’ll try somehow, maybe the pro-life wing could do some research into how to identify and abort a “gay foetus” if that in fact does exist. But then that would make them monumental hypocrites. Again. Today.

Incidentally when I just did a Google search on Firefox for “lesbian” it didn’t come up with ANY results! It suggested “lessbounce”. What the fuck is that about? (not the actual list after you hit enter but the preemptive Google suggestions in the drop down box from the search bar as you type the word).

The story at NewsMaker.

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How Do Lesbians Lez?

Courtesy of Thefurfamily on the lezlove forum I saw this article published two years ago by Sandra Bell, claiming that some people don’t know how lesbians make love, and kindly explaining the process in a brief readers digest manner. Although I have to admit it sounds more like she doesn’t know how lesbians have sex.

Now I have to confess as a youngster I did wonder myself, was eating the pussy enough, because like many, when I first discovered sex I wrongly thought it was all about penetration. Maybe one girl inserts a breast into the others vagina, is that even possible? Of course in later years I realised that there was more to cunnilingus than I had originally thought or seen in straight porn movies -( two brief laps – hock, spit – make a noise like ‘ahhhhh come on baby take my cock yeeeeaaahhhh’ – job done). It was like discovering another world when I finally knew what to do – like Columbus must have felt when he landed on the moon.

I did wonder what else lesbians did together, surely it can’t be that simple I thought? What about fisting and golden cocktails, dippoldism, loveless orgies and partner swapping, auto-fladgulation and self-coprophilia? Of course now I know the truth, women make love to each other slowly for 90 minutes having an all-body, psychological bonding experience. I don’t know, does this really reflect the truth? I saw a Belladonna lez video once and it wasn’t like that at all.

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Kuala Lumpar bans lesbian sex!

Okay, to continue with my theme of sex being banned. Here’s a rather odd story from southeast Asia where the council of Kuala Lumpar have banned women from “dressing or behaving like men and engaging in lesbian sex” because apparently it’s forbidden by the Islamic religion.

The problem is, apparently it’s not. According to lawyers. Yes, I know that they could probably convince a group of random people beyond a reasonable doubt some complete bullshit like Angelika Black is actually not that fit but I’m gonna go with them on this one. They say “homosexuality is technically permissible as there are no provisions for it under the law.” Would you Eve & Eve it?

Another interesting element to this story is that the Fatwa Council who’s pushing this does not have jurisdiction in civil law!

Story at The Straits Times

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“…hot chicks having hot sex is good for ratings.”

The words of New York magazine contributing editor, author and REAL LIFE LESBIAN! (gasp) Ariel Levy whose birthday it is today.

In case you are not familiar she is the author of the book Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture which deals in part (haven’t read it by the way) with how “Porn creep” (the normalization of porn/its creeping into everyday society) has played a part in not just objectifying women, but encouraging women to objectify themselves.

She is an opponent of “lipstick feminism” and “loophole women” (those who succeed in the world of men being labeled as “acting like men”) she asks why they cannot be seen as confident women?

She wrote an interesting article a few years back about the then upcoming second series of The L Word (now confirmed for a 6th) and its portrayal of lesbians and also its links to Sex and the City.

“Despite the keg-party cliche that every man’s fantasy is to see two women make out, our more pervasive cultural fantasy about lesbian sexuality is that it is not all that sexual. In this formulation, lesbianism is about emotion, connection, sisterhood, herbal tea. It is about womyn loving womyn for various reasons, some of which are political and others of which are snuggly.”

I wonder what she’d make of our most popular title The Office Girls 2?

Happy Birthday Ariel!

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Female Wetness

THIS forum post by Gen this morning has inspired a blog, as it’s been something we have been quite particular on over the years, and something which is quite prevalent in a number of recent movies we have shot in the past, and especially some of our more recent work to be released over the next few months. Read the post – I’m a stickler for wetness as it’s a sure-fire sign that a girl is beginning to get into things; that those feelings, those twitches, those sharp breaths and those pleasure moans are real, not put on.

When a girls starts to get all sticky and soapy in that heavenly place between her thighs, her body is reacting to how she is feeling, and this is exactly what we are all about here at the Viv Thomas Studio, capturing the beauty of these genuine moments. One stand out for me from a past scene was in Six Days With Vera Vol.1, in the Sophie and Vera scene. I’d told Vera to take her time with Sophie, really slowly get her all worked up, kiss her everywhere, be real passionate and romantic with her. Well by the time Vera put her hand into Sophie’s panties, her body had reacted quite powerfully and she was extremely aroused and excited!

It happened off-camera, but they started giggling about something or other and when I asked Vera about it she just showed me her fingers (at the time still in Sophie’s panties and gently kneading her hole) and they were glistening! So I quickly told her “…rub and smear more of that juice on your hand, then bring it out of her panties on camera!” So I began to record as Vera rubbed her hand on Sophie’s dripping pussy, then she brings it out, it’s coated with Sophie’s wetness and Vera starts spreading the glistening liquid on her belly and nipples. So hot.

I’d forgotten how sloppy she gets in the scene, Vera eating her out is such a fucking turn on! The smacking, slurping noises of the juices and Vera’s passionate, enthusiastic pussy-eating is incredible, Vera just buries her whole face in there!

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The Lesbians At Home

On the set of Most Subscribed (Coming Soon) our man Stern Bigot was on set armed with a camera to record anything juicy going on behind the scenes. As we had real-life lovers there – Peaches & Gina – we knew there’d be lots to see and lots to talk about. He asks them about their relationship and about jealousy on a number of occasions, and they have some interesting views on the subjects. Relationships are a funny thing in this business but the girls seem refreshingly unfazed by the whole thing, I guess theirs works on a deeper level, and there’s obviously more too it than sex.

They have been filming lots of really sexy private stuff over the last few months, some of it now on their website at, and there’ll be more of that coming!

The full behind the scenes documentary will be available on the Most Subscribed DVD and on our website for members around Christmas time or in the New Year.

Check out the girls own blog!

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Sticky Fingers

I once asked a girl in school if she ever masturbated when she was alone and she told me, ‘no, never!’ Later on, in my teenage years I asked a girlfriend the same question, and she told me, ‘…no, I make you do it for me.’

Of course later I had other girlfriends who admitted it to me, but for the most part the women I knew were reluctant to talk about it, let alone admit it. Some years later I found myself working in porn where a girl told me that any girl who says they don’t masturbate is lying. How gullible I had been.

Filming solo scenes is one of my favourite activities, there’s just something so damn hot about watching a girl do it to herself, some of the models get themselves really worked up too. We’re spending more time filming scenes like this now because there’s so much we haven’t done in terms of female masturbation scenes. We’ve also released Sticky Fingers 1 as a download, so to celebrate the occasion here’s a clip of Sandra Shine flicking her bean. She got herself pretty moist too.

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Guess who’s having a Wank

A little test of your porn knowledge on this glorious Monday afternoon. So who’s taking some time out to flick her sopping wet bean? Here’s a clue – if i had to guess i’d say her favorite sport was horse riding. A bit cryptic that one but i don’t want to give too much away.

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Female Orgasms (Part 5)

I had taken a high stance with the BetaCam to get a full view of Gina B’s naked body, as Sophie Moone skillfully applied a buzzing pocket-rocket (since been stolen from the “VT box of toys”) to Gina’s clitoris in a rotational fashion. Gina seemed to be enjoying herself immensely, kind of caught up in her own world.

A second camera man was crouched on the floor with a small DV Camera getting cut-shots of Sophie, and close-ups of Gina’s sloppy-moist pussy, which after having been eaten out expertly by Sophie was now excreting a fair amount of natural vagina-lubrication.

Then without warning and completely out of the blue Gina’s thighs begin trembling and quivering uncontrollably (watch out for this in the clip,) Sophie looks up bewildered and a little surprised by the strength of the orgasm now powering it’s way through Gina, who is slowly turning a light shade of red. She gasps, arches her back, lets the orgasm flow, then relaxes, her eyes remaining closed and she breaths and tries to compose herself. Sophie sits up to kiss her, and we see Gina let out the slightest of held-back smiles so she can kiss Sophie properly. Wow. Watching this clip again I can’t help but feel it was much, much more impressive actually being there. Still, it looks pretty damn great. I just love seeing a girl in this state of pleasure. There’s nothing like it.

Clip from Sophie’s Wet Dreams.

Thanks to MM for the request.

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The fourth part of our UNFAITHFUL series has finally hit the online shop.

It’s been a long wait for many, our forum being inundated with requests to know what is going to happen, who is going to feature, and when it is going to be available.

Part Four sees Lisa reassessing her life, trying to stay faithful if only to prove to herself she can love only one woman. But Lisa might have lost her lover forever, and we join Nella on her lustful and deviant journey without Lisa.

Lisa lays awake at night, her mind speculating as to who her young lover is laying with, her body aching for her warmth, her soul craving her taste. Nella too misses her first love, each soulless encounter after the next leaving her empty and void of emotion.

Can these two lovers find a way to make it work, or is it now simply to late?



Download Version Available 26.08.08

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Strap-on or Strap-off?

Strap-ons. Never wore one myself, I have a cock. But lesbians use them? Right? Or wrong? Well I’ve mixed reports, some say yay some say nay. Then I read on various forums the arguments, “would never go near them…” …”love them use one all the time.” So what’s the consensus? Let’s have some comments!

I know most guys probably like seeing them because it’s like watching two girls have sex, like a man and a woman normally would, with the same kinds of positions and some close contact. Why that sounds great Spunk, – two beautiful girls, naked, in similar positions as I would be with a girl, with a similar phallic object on display (obviously a different colour and much smaller), and not a hairy bobbing man arse in sight, do go on.

But what do the women think? Are they just ridiculous? Or do they help get some deep penetration going in a relationship?

Clip from UNFAITHFUL 4, with Nella, Aletta, Peaches

Picture of Zara and CJ from Mums & Daughters

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There Will Be Oil!

It has driven countries to war. It corrupted Day-Lewis and drove him to madness in his greedy pursuit of wealth. It even ruined Viv’s ML when he put the wrong kind in the tank.

I’ve always been fond of scenes where girls smear themselves in oil and get all slippery. They do this kind of thing a lot in the Far East. There are these massage parlors you can go to where three or four girls cover their naked bodies in oil, and rub themselves all over you as you lay there bollock naked.

I also filmed a scene last month for a movie we were making called SNOW where Zoe and Gina really got oily. That was great!

So here’s a short clip from Confessions Of The Make-Up Artist where Zora Banx drips oil on her incredible breasts and then rubs them on Stella Stevens. Totally hot and brilliant scene, and a highly recommended girl/girl title!

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Unfaithful 4 – Backstage

With the anticipation quietly rising I thought I’d post a little raw footage here from the scene with Zara and Nella in Unfaithful Part 4. Couple of things I like about this, first Nella was WELL into Zara, she sensed that young Zara liked girls, responded genuinely, and was enjoying Nella’s experience.

Nella with a big smile on her face, arms out-stretched beckoning her new lover, then the two just snuggle up face-to-face and begin kissing, just as I’m checking the camera and before I’ve even called “action.” What a wonderful way to work.

Another great thing about this scene is the Czech Nella couldn’t communicate with Hungarian Zara at all, as she didn’t speak a word of English. But the two just made a real connection the other way, through the language of love. I think it made everything more exciting for them.

Nice to see Henrietta and Gina in the background there to, believe me these girls don’t normally sit and watch a scene but I think they felt something in the air that day and wanted, like everyone else, to see what was going to happen when we unleashed Nella on this inexperienced young model.

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Male Porn Stars Part II

We were filming Porn Academy in Budapest when we met Andi (pictured). She was a real lovely girl who wanted to make her first boy/girl scenes. We had also been compiling scenes for Dirty Dog 1 and since the Dog was with us we decided to take a break and film a scene for the DVD.

He’s a good bloke with an incredible cum shot, and usually does great scenes for us, but on that day something happened. His excuse was that he hadn’t had sex in three days, but I think it was a combination of the fact she was very excited about doing the scene (she got really wet) and the fact that he fancied the hell out of her. He just couldn’t do the scene, every time he put himself inside her he wanted to cum. It was a disaster and ended up on the DVD extras because he just couldn’t really get going. Bear in mind that at the end of the shoot he got paid!

He claimed she had a “magic pussy.” Yeah, right.

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