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Touch your breasts, save a life!

Kudos to Sloane Steel, writer extraordinaire over at our sister site MetArt, for this endearingly silly tribute to the dozens - possibly hundreds? - of names we have for boobies. She’s cute too, huh? I could happily watch her talk about breasts all day.

Sloane’s video does have a serious side though. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and she has persuaded the fine folks at MetArt (breast lovers one and all) to donate 100% of proceeds from all new subscriptions for the entire month to the campaign to find a cure. Sloane’s “Touch Yourself, It Could Save Your Life” campaign is all about encouraging women to give themselves that all-important self-exam, to increase the rate of early detection. If you want to join in the fun, you can make a video where you name all the words for boobies you can think of, upload it, and submit it to the Twitter account @MetArt. I can’t wait to hear the words you come up with (my personal favourite is kajooblies).

So go on, ladies, touch your breasts now - it could literally save your life. Whether you touch yourself anywhere else at the same time is entirely up to you.


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Sexy reporter flashes World Cup bra!

Chilean reporter Jhendelyn Nunez celebrated her team’s goal in the best possible way. As Alex Sanchez scored an equalizer against Brazil, Jhendelyn showed her patriotism by flashing her Chilean flag bra - and her impressive cleavage. Too bad Brazil eventually won on penalties… imagine what she might have done if Chile had triumphed?


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Sexy fourth of July!

Model Madison Rae wants to teach you how to shotgun a beer. Why? Who knows. Maybe she just felt it was an important life skill for you to have. Whatever, it seems appropriate viewing for the glorious fourth, and it’s thoroughly entertaining to watch her - it could only be improved by seeing her fabulous breasts gaining independence from her swimsuit!

Have a fabulously sexy fourth of July, wherever in the world you are!


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Nicole Smith - best breasts of 2013?

Nicole Smith

There are a lot of things I admire about Nicole Smith. That pretty face, always quick to smile. The urge to flash in public. Her peachy bottom. And yet, when I watch her scenes, it’s always those fantastic tits that command my attention. They’re just so lovely! Nicole has an incredible body, and she seems to know instinctively how to show it off for the camera - maybe because she enjoys flashing so much that she has perfected her technique!

Nicole Smith’s boobs entrance Taylor Shay!

These shots are taken from Nicole’s scene with Taylor Shay for Waves of Desire, our summer 2013 lesbian blockbuster. Nicole’s jubblies can be seen jiggling over the opening credits of the movie as she strolls into the sea. It’s no wonder Taylor goes straight in to squeeze and caress them as the two babes kiss! Soon their bare breasts are pressed together as Taylor pushes Nicole down on the bed.

Taylor’s fingers quickly sneak down to tweak Nicole’s perky nipples, and this inspires her to suck on them hungrily. She seems utterly smitten by the brunette beauty. I particularly love how she keeps right on playing with Nicole’s tits as she moves down to eat her juicy pussy - apparently she just can’t take her hands off them!

After Nicole has fingered Shay to a powerful orgasm (she’s not just a pretty face, this girl has skills in the bedroom) we see her favourite sexual position. Sitting astride Shay’s face, she rides the waves of pleasure as she gets an intense licking that makes her climax hard. Needless to say, her breasts look totally awesome in that position!

Waves of Desire is available now from our online store, on DVD and HD download. Does Nicole rate highly on your Best Breasts of 2013 list?

Nicole Smith Nicole Smith Nicole Smith Nicole Smith

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Spectacular breasts!


Did I ever tell you how much I love staring at boobs? This is a particularly fine pair – do you know which girl they belong to? Clue: she’s one of our most popular models ever, a natural beauty who is always elegant, sexy and somewhat intriguing…

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Clash of the busty lesbian babes in Office Girls 3!

Here’s a taster from my favourite recent clash of the tit-ans! Putting two busty Brit babes like Lexi Lowe and Rebecca More together on the set of Office Girls 3 was bound to get boisterous, but I don’t think any of us realized just how horny they were for each other until shooting began.

I love to see two really busty lesbian girls indulging in breast play, and it turns out that Lexi is just as much of a boob worshipper as the rest of us, judging by how much attention she lavished on Rebecca’s sensitive nipples. There was enough mutual licking, sucking, squeezing and fondling to get them both very much in the mood, before attention was turned to two very wet pussies needing to be fucked. By the time Lexi had Rebecca crouching on the office desk as she ate her juicy pussy, those of us watching were left in no doubt how much these two had been lusting after each other!

Office Girls 3 is available from our store now on DVD, download and HD download, and you can find the scenes, photosets and much more at Which is your favourite scene?

4671-036 4671-014 4671-020 4671-022 4671-032 4671-076 4671-054 4671-090

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Lesbian babe Paige Turnah makes a splash in Office Girls 3!

Featuring horny Brit babe Paige Turnah in a starring role in our new release Office Girls 3 was such an inspired idea, I wish I could take credit for it! Paige is quite different from the lithe eastern European girls we so often shoot, with her luscious curves and cute freckles. And those natural breasts are more than a handful (trust me, I checked)!

It seems I wasn’t the only one lusting after Paige on the Office Girls 3 shoot, as costars Lexi Lowe and Suzie Carina both did their utmost to please her – and be pleasured in return. Paige’s bathtub scene with Lexi might just be my favourite of the movie, as a business negotiation quickly descends into a slippery, soapy, nipple-sucking, finger-sticking, orgasmic mess! Paige is certainly what I would describe as a real woman – sexually confident, voluptuous, and so seductive. I think you’ll enjoy watching her in action!

Office Girls 3 is available from our store now on DVD, download and HD download, and you can find the scenes, photosets, behind the scenes interviews and much more to come at

4673-106 4674-179 4723-110 4673-223 4674-153 4673-053 4673-028 4673-058 4673-129 4674-220 4674-228 4723-135

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Zdenka Novotna – the sexy blonde who got away?

Remember Zdenka Novotna? There are only five photosets of her at – the first shot way back in 1999 – and yet I remember her vividly. Those pouting lips, the haughty, slightly challenging look in her eyes, and of course those amazing tits – yum! How could I forget her?

Zdenka was the first Czech girl to become Penthouse Pet of the Year, in 2001, and certainly did her bit to put Eastern European girls at the forefront of our dirty minds. Now known as Zdenka Podkapova, she was apparently a professional gymnast for ten years before starting modelling – she had the strong, toned physique to prove it, but surely those spectacular boobs got in the way?

Sadly Zdenka never filmed solo video for us, let alone lesbian sex scenes – although I can’t imagine how another girl would have been able to handle her, anyway! I really wish we had shot more on her though, back in the day… she had that classic ‘sexbomb’ look that never gets old.

Of course we have our favourites here at, girls like Eve Angel that we will happily keep shooting over and over again – they mature like fine wine. But can you think of any other classic beauties you wish we had shot more of – or any promising little hotties you hope we do?

4086-022 4196-021 4194-031 4153-022 4197-017 4086-007 4197-031 4153-018

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Women stare at breasts as much as men do!

A new report has confirmed something I suspected all along – us women stare at boobs just as much as guys do! Let’s face it, when the tits are as spectacular as Zuzana‘s (above) or Chikita‘s (below) it’s hard to look at anything else! We even have a search facility at devoted to fabulous funbags, and I am one of the people who uses it most often, according to the web guys.

Anyway, a study by researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln explains why, if you care enough to find out. Apparently it’s all to do with ‘local cognitive processing’, which means we view a woman’s body as a collection of parts (some of them very, very nice) while we view men ‘globally’, in other words as a whole. So, no explanation for crotch-staring then.

My explanation for why I stare at tits is that I really, REALLY love them. How about you?

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Is Leryn Franco the world’s sexiest Olympic athlete?

A lot of you have requested more pics of Leryn Franco since I featured her on the blog a couple of days ago. The 30-year-old Paraguayan athlete is surely the hottest thing ever to happen to javelin throwing! She tends to attract more attention for her stunning looks (particularly those spectacular boobs) than her sporting prowess, but to be fair she has had a very successful career, and just to qualify for the Olympics implies that she takes her training seriously. Personally, if I looked like that I would be too busy fondling my own breasts to find time for sport…

leryn-9 leryn-8 leryn-3 leryn-1 leryn-4 leryn-7 leryn-5 leryn-2

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The world’s biggest natural tits!

How big is too big? This is Annie, whose breasts are size 102ZZZ and weigh 85 pounds. That’s BIG. Annie loves her bazookas, and directs adult movies under the name Norma Stitz (love it!).

I was just wondering, who pushes the boundaries for breast size here at Do you love Chikita‘s chest puppies and rejoice in Jazmine Bloom‘s kajooblies, or is more than a handful a waste?

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Lesbian toy time!

There’s a scene from the imminent lesbian video release Woman’s Touch: Breast Play that combines two of my favourite things – boob play and pussy pampering – as willowy lesbian hotties Elisa and Anita hook up for some passionate sex after a toy shopping trip. In my opinion, the only thing that could make this better was if we had filmed the entire shopping trip, complete with several hours of browsing and try-before-you-buy, but then that’s just me! For the rest of you less shopping-obsessed folks out there, I think you will find the focus on ‘real’ sex very enjoyable… seldom has a double-ended dildo been put to such good use!

I hope it will inspire you to explore your own toy collection, or even add a few new items. The nipple-pleasers have certainly got me wondering… What’s your favourite toy?

4581-086 4581-024 4581-047 4581-064 4581-058 4581-084 4581-095 4581-101

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Tea J loves lesbian Breast Play!

I’m a big fan of Tea J‘s breasts. Huge fan, in fact. They are just so enticing – natural, perky and the perfect handful! It seems I’m not the only one… Sandra Sanchez was so delighted to to hook up with Tea for their poolside lesbian scene in the imminent release Woman’s Touch: Breast Play that I though she was going to orgasm before Tea even touched her. She was certainly on a hair trigger!

Sandra’s nipples were absolutely rock hard as Tea poured oil over them and then set about sucking them like a girl on a mission. She told me before the scene that her aim was to make Sandra climax at least three times, and although I don’t know if you can tell from watching the scene, Sandra said afterwards that she made it to six! She managed to focus long enough to give Tea’s spectacular boobs the fondling and licking they deserved though, and seeing them jiggle as Tea rode Sandra’s face was one of my favourite moments of a very visually pleasing pairing.

The whole premise of Woman’s Touch: Breast Play is to show genuinely lesbian girls enjoying the kind of intimate, playful and adventurous sex they would enjoy in private, and I think the guys captured some very erotic action on camera. Personally, I could watch Tea’s breasts bouncing all day… and probably will!

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Celebrating Breast Play with our sensual new movie!

I am so excited that the new release Woman’s Touch: Breast Play is almost here! This much-anticipated movie will be available on the website before its DVD release this month, to celebrate the fact that our many forum members and supporters pitched the idea for a ‘breast play’ movie so enthusiastically we were convinced to shoot it!

Woman’s Touch: Breast Play has an appealing cast and a lovely variety of beautiful boobs, from itty bitties with very perky nipples to voluptuous curves you just want to bury your face in! I think it’s one of our most visually interesting movies too, with soap, oil, food, water and ice all coming into play. It’s the sensual focus on the giving and receiving of pleasure that does it for me though – we picked girls who genuinely love lesbian sex, and let them express themselves naturally! Of course we don’t neglect pussy pleasure, but the bountiful breasts are the focus… check out the rather arousing trailer for a little taster!

vt219-front-800 4572-029 4578-063 4575-150 4575-172 4581-133 4578-073 4584-130

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Busty beauty Carmen Croft plays hardcore Sex Games!

This week has been constant mayhem and merriment while shooting the new movie Office Girls 3, but I finally have a quiet moment to tear myself away from the lesbian love-in taking place in my not-so-tranquil home! Constant giggling, underwear and make-up strewn everywhere, bum grabbing whenever you walk past… it’s enough to drive a woman to watch some hardcore boy-girl porno!

Luckily I had been saving a scene for just this moment – busty beauty Carmen Croft treating Claudio Pedro to a stellar suck-and-fuck for our imminent release Sex Games. This is a boy-girl scene I really, really enjoyed watching as they were shooting it. The way Carmen’s boobs bounce and jiggle is so hypnotic I could watch it all day – and I fully intend to, as soon as I get the chance! Those breasts are astoundingly gorgeous, I have to sit on my hands whenever Carmen is around to stop myself from grabbing them… not that I think she’d mind too much! She’s an intriguing character, very sultry and sexy but also quite playful and not averse to jiggling her boobs in my face to see if she can distract me when I’m trying to do something serious.

Anyway, you could tell Claudio fell deeply in lust with Carmen the second he set eyes on those magnificent curves, and the deep, intense blowjob she gave him really sealed the deal. I just have no idea how he managed to fuck her for as long as he did without coming, especially as she confessed afterwards that she was teasing him by squeezing her pussy muscles really tight to give him a very snug ride! Having those boobs bouncing in his face while she slid up and down on his pole must have been quite an experience.

I’m going to watch the scene all over again now, while fantasizing about dressing Carmen up in various outfits that I think would really suit her amazing curvy body (and then undressing her again!). What would you like to see her wear?

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Stunning newcummer Nicole Smith stars in Wet and Dripping!

There’s no need to ask why we all believe new starlet Nicole Smith is one to watch. I’m quite certain her solo masturbation scene in the forthcoming release Wet and Dripping will make converts of you all. The camera totally adores her as she strokes her pussy and cups her shiny wet boobs, all the while looking like a sultry sex kitten who knows how to make herself purr!

Nicole isn’t merely a pretty girl, she has a certain quality that makes everyone – men and women – stop and stare. When she looks at you, you feel like she’s undressing you with her eyes… and you don’t want her to stop. Even the most experienced girls seem to get a bit shy and giggly when Nicole is around, so we’re really looking forward to shooting her some more and seeing the sparks fly! Who would you like to see her paired up with?

Meanwhile, Nicole’s solo masturbation scene in Wet and Dripping will give you a long, lingering look at her beautiful face, perfect breasts, pert bum and silky smooth pussy. It’s one of my favourite scenes from a very arousing collection of erotica self-pleasure. Yum!

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Carmen Croft’s fabulous breasts play a starring role in Wet and Dripping!

There’s a tradition around here that whenever someone mentions Carmen Croft‘s name, someone else will interject ‘Great rack!’ or ‘Amazing breasts!’ or ‘Fantastic boobs!’ Seriously, you can’t talk about Carmen without those funbags popping up – they really are a standout feature, in all senses!

Carmen’s sexy solo masturbation scene for the forthcoming release Wet and Dripping is simply stunning. She looks the best I’ve ever seen her – just gorgeous! And watching the water cascade off those perfect breasts as she caresses them sensuously is quite mesmerizing. I think we were all a little bit in love with Carmen by the time she had reached a breathless climax.

The only sound in the room was the water splashing down onto those dangerous curves. She looked up and smiled, as if she’d only just realized she was being watched, and asked, “Did you enjoy that? I did!” Yes Carmen, we all enjoyed watching you masturbate very, very much indeed. I think you will all enjoy Carmen’s scene in Wet and Dripping too. Do you think she’s one of the hottest busty babes we’ve ever featured?

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Boobs: how big is too big?

Is more than a handful too much, or is Sheyla Hershey, owner of these 38KKK megabreasts, right to believe that there’s no such thing as enough? This record-holding rack obsessive actually had quite a sad tale to tell in ‘My Strange Addiction’ – although is it wrong to admit I find her quite attractive in the pictures I’ve seen? What can I say, I’m a sucker for a pretty face!

I know some of you are totally opposed to breast implants, but I think it depends on the girl’s body type – although I’m sure we can all think of a few frankenstein boob jobs that have totally wrecked a girl’s appeal.

Do you dig Sheyla’s behemoths, or do you prefer the shot below of Heidi and her itty bitty titties? Is all-natural always best, or can good breast augmentation enhance a girl’s natural beauty? And can you name the best and worst boob jobs in‘s history?

The post Boobs: how big is too big? appeared first on The Viv Thomas Raunch Report.


Zuzana Drabinova and her incredible breasts

Zuzana Drabinova (or Suzana Drabinova) was an incredible, but difficult find. She has been hugely popular mostly because of her incredible natural breasts. She did a solo stripping scene for Mayfair’s Private Practice (and prominently featured on the cover) where she slowly stripped out of a nurses uniform that hardly contained her huge breasts.

The reason I say she was a difficult find, is that we tried to work with her afterwards and this busty beauty and her gorgeous breasts kept on cancelling. As much as we wanted to work with her and her breasts again, it was impossible.

Have you seen anyone with similar looking breasts to Suzana Drabinova? She is just so phenomenally well built!

The post Zuzana Drabinova and her incredible breasts appeared first on The Viv Thomas Raunch Report.


Big boobed lesbian video scene!

Okay, make that huge boobs. Ginormous boobs, even. These boobs should really have their own zip code.

I know some of you are of the opinion that more than a handful is a waste. But I have to say, I really enjoy seeing the way massive boobs bounce up and down with the sheer velocity of their weight and roundness. It’s like watching one of those kinetic desk toys that won’t stop moving once it’s set in action – hypnotising!

Alison Star and Daisey Lee are totally new to me, but their scene in the forthcoming release Boat Rides has certainly piqued my interest. Maybe titanic boobs is actually the best way of describing them, because they look like they are capable of sinking this vessel, the way they sway, leap and bounce around like over-excited chest puppies! I particularly enjoyed seeing one spectacular rack getting doused with champagne – it may be a visual cliche, but it defintely made me feel like celebrating!

This boobilicious scene from Playboy TV production Boat Rides may just be a few inches too much for those of you who prefer your girls unaugmented – although there are some very pretty, totally natural girls in some of the other scenes – but if you’re into the idea of cute, busty girls enjoying lesbian video action which is heavy on the titplay, check it out!

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Busty beauty Colette stars in new anal video!

I’m sure I’ve told you how much I love Colette. I mean seriously, this girl has it all… pretty face, spectacular rack and a very nasty-but-nice attitude. She’s the kind of girl you would take to a fancy restaurant, enjoy stimulating conversation with her all evening, then take her home and let her fuck your brains out! LOVE her! So, seeing her as one of the major stars of upcoming hardcore anal video release Anal Pleasures is quite a treat.

Colette doesn’t just let lucky Jamie screw her tight asshole, she rides him till her plump buttcheeks are jiggling and her fantastic tits are bouncing. You can tell she really gets off on having his huge cock in her bounteous bum, her pleasure is so evident and communicates right off the screen – believe me, you will feel it from your head to your toes and every spot in between! It doesn’t hurt that she’s wearing black stockings and suspenders and looks absolutely fabulous!

Anal Pleasures is coming soon… and so will you be!

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Carmen Croft in lesbian porn?

Carmen Croft relaxes in the Viv Thomas pool

We’re getting ready to release a few smoking hot sets of Carmen Croft. Now she’s a girl who seems to have been working extremely hard of late on the “European porn circuit” and what is fascinating to me, as an unbiased onlooker (I don’t take the photos Viv and Mark do!), is that she is a good looking girl. Fascinating, we have tons of those.

Carmen Croft is not a smoking hot natural beauty. She’s a big girl and could be viewed as very much on the busty side and even slightly overweight from some people’s views. However, when you see how the crew here at have captured this girl, you’ll be blown away at the solo masturbation scenes and hardcore boy girl videos they managed to film. Surely we need to get her back and coach her in the true art of lesbian porn?

Do you feel that a busty porn star like Carmen Croft would fit well with one of our lesbian beauties like Jo, Vera or even one of our up and coming British porn models?

The post Carmen Croft in lesbian porn? appeared first on The Viv Thomas Raunch Report.


World Record Rack – 38KKK

sheylahersheyBlogPicSheyla Hershley is bound for the record books, after nine surgeries and over a gallon of silicone, she has enhanced her bust to a staggering 38KKK.

Following eight surgeries the model/actress was a staggering 34FFF, but she still wanted more and she was determined to achieve it, even breaking up with her boyfriend as he tried to persuade her not to do it. However Hershey thought she may have to stick with her FFF warheads as the state of Texas had a limit on the amount of silicone that can be injected into breast implants. Undeterred she discovered through research that Brazil has no such limitations so the ninth surgery was planned and she now is the proud owner of her 38KKK bust and the owner of the largest implants in the world.

My god, I am a big boob lover, but surely this is going to extremes. This woman is a walking tit bomb, her implants threatening to burst at any moment showering silicon around like an erupting volcanoe while her nipples shoot off like flying manhole covers, decapitating all in thier wake. Doctors have warned her of the dangers of such huge implants but she seems to think big is beautiful, which I agree with, but they aren’t big, they’re absolutly bloody massive. It would be like sucking on a sumo wrestlers stomach. Plus after nine operations they must look like Wolverine has got his claws into them. Still if she asked nicely enough I guess I’d…

Anyway, you can se the full article here.

The post World Record Rack – 38KKK appeared first on The Viv Thomas Raunch Report.


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    Hi Baloo, the schedule is different each week! There will always be at least one or two movies, one or two photosets and a behind the scenes movie in each week.
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    Tired looking Elina de Lion does nothing for me and those pierced nipples are just awful.PASS.PASS and PASS for the next 3 days,

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    Welcome to Stacy Bloom, better known on MetArt as Pammie Lee. Those curves, yum :-)

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    Now that is a beautiful woman.

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    The Russian and Euro cultures encourage free and open discussion of sexuality. The best girls on this site are cute, healthy, energetic, athletic. You hope that all the girls get a good liberal art education and evolve into what they were created to be and not get side tracked due to economic constraints.

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    Ginger Mary's voice very sultry almost contralto; that was unexpected. Stasey is just plain adorable! I like this form of interview - more fun and intimate btw the girls ... just gotta work on some of their English vocabulary : )

    on Behind The Scenes: Ginger Mary And Stasey On Location

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    I love watching Angelika orgasm it's beautiful and natural. I can feel her warm pussy climbing to explosion in a breathtaking way. Third time around is another masterpiece starting with first movie with Alyssa eating Angelika's pussy front and back not to resist going on to Lena eating Angelika's clit to a wonderful intense orgasm relected in the mirrors. Mindblowing film. Hope you bring Angelika back.

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