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SexMessage III coming soon – sexting has never been more seductive!

A beautiful girl sends you a sexy text message – how do you react? You sext her back, of course, and enjoy the build up to some steamy phone sex action… or if you’re lucky, your vivid imaginings may even come to life!

That’s just what we get to witness in director Andrej Lupin’s brand new all-girl movie, SexMessage III, as six of the hottest girls around let us witness their flirty fun, and then succumb to their powerful mutual lust as their deepest desires take over.

Alexis Crystal is the sexy star of the show here, first enjoying a saucy exchange with Silvie Luca that sees her transported into Silvie’s bed. The two beauties enjoy an intense encounter that leaves them both utterly satiated.

Next, leggy Alexis hooks up with blonde bombshell Uma for a frenetic stairway liaison. An abundance of face-sitting, rimming and orgasmic pleasure sees them both drenched in sweat and pussy juice!

Delicious Lexi Dona is the next incredible babe to catch Alexis’ eye, flirting via instant message before her passion becomes reality. The girls look irresistible in their sexy lingerie as they kiss, stroke and lick each other into a frenzy. Lexi has never looked better than with Alexis’ talented tongue wriggling between her sweet ass cheeks!

Finally, adorable Aiko Bell is carried away by her desire for curvy Hanna Sweet, the two playful pussy pals enjoying every inch of each other’s body during their scorching lovemaking. The orgasms are plentiful… and powerful!

SexMessage III will be free for members to stream and download at, with the DVD coming soon to our online store. It’s one message you’ll be delighted to receive!


A Taste of Peaches – the film

VT249-aTasteOfPeaches-blogHow did Peaches get her name?

Peaches is tasty, there is no doubt about that. According to modern porn legend, the way she obtained her model name, Peaches (nope her mother didn’t call her that, as cute a name as it is), is that she had a serious fondness for peach juice.

Whenever we used to go out on a shoot, Viv Thomas would be going around the restaurant table asking everyone what they preferred to drink. Peaches would pipe up: “Peach juice please, Viv”. Someone said, that’s it! That’s what you’ll be called.

I’m not sure how true that story really is, but one thing is for sure, Peaches really looks awfully tasty, and you’re getting dollops of deliciousness in this title. It was filmed a few years ago and has been unavailable (from us at least) since the Lesbians at Home web site closed.

The “lost” Peaches footage

Some of our fans have been pleading to see this “lost” footage, so we have managed to wrangle a deal with Gina B and here it is. The second of our films from that ill-fated web site: “A Taste of Peaches”.

A Taste of Peaches trailer

Have a look at the trailer for “A Taste of Peaches” and see how many of the models you can recognize. Answers below in our scene by scene photo gallery.

Well what did you think of that? I’m presuming you watched the trailer already? If not, here goes – a photographic list of the scenes:

A Taste of Peaches scene 1

Scene 1 – Peaches and Vivien

Zafira and Peaches in A Taste of Peaches

Scene 2 – Zafira and Peaches

A Taste of Peaches

Scene 3 – Peaches and Cindy Hope

Peaches and Eve Angel in A Taste of Peaches
Scene 4 – Peaches and Eve Angel
Peaches and Cindy Dollar in A Taste of Peaches

Scene 5 – Peaches and Cindy Dollar

You’ll be able to buy another piece of Peaches’ history (on DVD or instant Full HD download) over on our store. Here’s a link to the latest films page on the Viv Thomas shop.

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Deep inside the Viv Thomas production team

Our crew is hard at work, as usual, but right now, they’re slobbering slaving over a clutch of exceptionally amazing content. Check out this 6 second Vine video and I’ll break it down for you.

Ok. Firstly, make sure you play this Vine Video with the soundtrack off. Don’t ask me why. Just do it.

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Sex Tapes Clip – Jo and Eve Angel

SexTape_jo_eveThe time is approaching, the four “Sex Tapes” projects are soon to be released!

We’re hoping to have the first one available to download next month and then we’ll release a new one every two weeks, we’re not sure of the order yet. The 4 DVD versions will come out a little later, and will be tightly crammed with some new extra features, including some unseen scenes.

At the moment there is some subtitling work going on and some colour corrections being made, so basically they are all in the final stages. I for one am getting pretty excited about them. Back when we made the first Unfaithful movie there were calls for someone to film a project which allowed the viewer to really spend some time with just two girls, not just for one sex scene but a whole movie. Well this is exactly that – we spend an entire day with these girls recording everything they do, including making love (of course!).

Each one is a little different which I think is what is going to be the really cool thing about them. You can read about each tape in more detail in that link above.So I won’t say much more, I will just introduce this clip and you can post questions on the forum.

It’s December 12th 2008, Jo and Eve Angel are best buddies, they have been for years. We follow them around as an invisible observer for a day, the take the subway to a Christmas market, do some shopping and drink some mulled wine, eat some traditional Hungarian sausages, then they catch a tram to the local shopping center and go ice-skating. Eve hurts her back a little so afterward they go back to her apartment where Jo gives her an oil massage. Getting a little turned on, the girls begin to get intimate on the floor, then later they take it to the bedroom, where we get to spend some really personal time with them. Sounds good? Check out a random couple of minutes -

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Portrait of a Lesbian – Duality


We are currently re-editing Portrait Of A Lesbian for Playboy TV complete with a new English language voice-over and remix of scene order amongst other things. It’s interesting to see how editing can really alter the pace, tone and feel of a movie. One thing which we didn’t emphasise too much in the original movie was the parallel between Jo and the character she has created and is writing about – Kyla.

Jo says at one point she feels like she might be writing about herself, and the otherworldliness and dreamlike quality of the end sequence where Kyla comes into Jo’s world where they make love touched on this idea. It was meant to be transcendental, like their souls meet in a spiritual realm where they are also able to be physical! We didn’t push this too much, at least not as much as we wanted to because we’ve been criticized in the last year for taking porn too seriously! In the original script all the characters from Jo’s book come to her (in a dream maybe, or they transcend worlds) and they all take turns to fuck her as she submits herself completely to them. When it came down to it we were worried it might not work for people, and because there was this real chemistry between Kyla and Jo (which kind of surprised us all to be honest) we decided to shoot a really romantic, deeply passionate and intimate scene between the two girls, which I was really happy with.

So we wanted to emphasise it a little more in the Playboy TV version and we cut this following sequence (which still needs some trimming) where Jo is away from her laptop because all this erotic writing has got her wet, so she lays down to masturbate. Then we splice in a sequence with Kyla where for the first time we see her without Jo breathing life into her while creating the novel in which Kyla exists – is Jo imagining or thinking about Kyla as she plays with herself, or does Kyla really exist in another world, where she too is masturbating? Is she Jo in a parallel universe? Am I on psilocybin mushrooms? No, I’m not, and by the way our next few movies, after Unfaithful 5, will be fun-lovin’ lesbian romps! Don’t fret. Here’s the rough cut of that clip…

Full Trailer.

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Most Subscribed – A Clip


Most Subscribed has been out for a while now and I have read reports from people who think it’s “the best movie we have ever made,” to “best movie this year,” to “don’t see what all the fuss is about.”

For me personally, despite all that’s happened recently and the rather ugly situation surrounding the Peaches and Gina break-up, I still consider it one of our best and one of my personal favourites. I think the simple concept, the little scenarios, the personality of Peaches and her co-stars, the way we filmed it and the sheer raw, lustful passion of the sex scenes makes it a top title. But of course it doesn’t matter what I think! What you think is what is important to us so please keep the reviews coming on the forum because I take a lot from reading them (usually a lot of anti-depressants more recently.)

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Lola – July’s Babe & Portrait Of A Lesbian


In celebration of the release of Portrait Of A Lesbian, and Lola becoming our July Babe I thought I would leave this nice clip here – it’s taken from a longer solo scene with Lola which will be on the site for members.

The first part is an erotic nude sequence outside (nice navel shot for the navel people!) and the second part is Lola on a bed masturbating, which is a quite beautiful sight let me assure you…

You might remember me getting quite excited about Lola a while back, well I’m still excited about her. We’re hoping she’ll be back in September for a Mums and Daughters sequel, and also we’ll be seeing her again before the year is out in a still yet untitled project with Lisa.

Portrait Of A Lesbian trailer here.

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Sex with Sandra Shine

sex-with-sandra-shineI don’t know why I get this feeling but Sandra Shine is one of the most incredible girls we have ever worked with and it sometimes feels like she is sidelined on our site. I guess because she is off working on her own projects now and running her own web site – hopefully very successfully. In honour of all her work with us, the guys compiled her greatest scenes in one DVD: Sex with Sandra Shine.

Do you think we chose the right scenes or do we need to do a version 2 as well? I have added the trailer after the break and you can buy the DVD here or pay for the download if you need it NOW! :)

The mighty Fleshbot just published a review on Sex with Sandra Shine by the equally renowned Gram Ponante of Porn Valley. Thanks guys!

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Portrait Of A Lesbian


Stern and I have been working on finishing off Portrait Of A Lesbian for a couple of weeks now. I know we’ve been fairly quiet about this one but finally here is the full trailer for the movie.

The minisite will be up next week, around the same time that we are going to simultaneously release the film on DVD and as a download. A date will be announced on our forum very soon. This trailer will also be available to watch in a larger size in the trailers section of our website.

Portrait is one of our most polished movies I think, when we were making it we wanted it to be a super erotic piece so even though there is a story and a strong setting it’s quite visual. Once again it’s different, and coming after something like Most Subscribed (which is very different in style) it will be interesting to see what people think.

The cast is almost entirely made up of girls making their debut in a movie – for me it’s Lola and Kyla Fox who come out on top.

There will be a lot more to say about this movie on the forum a little later. For now, enjoy this trailer.

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Portrait Of A Lesbian – Coming Soon

portraitOkay, you’ve listened to the hype, you’ve waited patiently for the movie to arrive, and now after months and months of work it is finally in the UK at a distribution lab going through the final process of what is a time consuming and frustrating journey that a movie goes though from conception and filming to DVD and download.

It is an ultimately rewarding journey though, and when you see this one I’m hoping for some very positive comments. I believe it’s a winner, with a great cast of mostly new girls, some incredible scenes (lots of them) and a solid story, its a keeper.

Jo is grown up now, she’s no longer the innocent virgin who is unsure of her sexuality, experimenting and allowing herself to be dominated by older women, she’s a lesbian, she’s our lesbian!

So here is a clip from the movie. It features a scene between Babe Of The Year, Zara, and Jo – busy writing her novel, a local girl from next door comes to see who is staying in the cabin next to her house. The full trailer will be released in a week or two.

Since I first joined the team, Jo (now in her 9th year of working for us,) has pretty much summed up what we are all about. Her perfect form of femininity and female beauty encapsulates our idealism – someone liberated, not ashamed of her own desires and who she is inside. But Jo is real. She loves sex, she likes to experiment, she enjoys making love with men and women, she has desires, she has needs, just like any other woman or man, and why should she have to feel bad about them, she does what she feels is right, and embraces them. Even though Jo has a real-life job and career, she still loves to work with us, and its a testament to everything we like about her.

In the meantime if you didn’t already see it here is the teaser.

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Sex Tapes – Sandy & Anita


The Sex tapes are really taking shape and causing quite a stir in the VT office, particularly the Sandy and Anita tapes. The reason being that the footage itself was a mystery to us until we started reviewing the tapes given to us by the girls. Usually we know exactly what to expect because we film the stuff but the girls have done an incredible job capturing their filthy exploits. This project was somewhat of a gamble for us but so far we are extremely pleased with the results.

In this little snippet you are about to watch we see Sandy and Anita preparing for a night out. I have a feeling they've filmed themselves before in private because they really seem to know how to maneuver and play up to the camera without any direction. Anita Pearl's incredible arse almost upstages Sandy's. Don't worry, I said almost.

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She’s worked for us for over 8 years

jo-coming-soonI was browsing through our local database of ALL the photos we have ever taken (imagine having access to all those images…) and came across a particularly beautiful shot of our 2008 Babe of the Year. She has been working with us since 8th Feb 2001 – thats over 8 years! She is still as stunning as the day we first met her.

Anyway, some of our fans may know that she will be featuring in another film soon. It will be released next month. What is it called?

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Portrait Of A Lesbian – coming soon


In the run up to Portrait Of A Lesbian being released we thought we would post some nice clips and images from the movie. This one (after the click), is taken from the scene between Lola (our current muse) and Kyla.

Now this whole movie is just an erotic tour-de-force, but this scene was a really memorable one to film, mainly because it was twenty minutes into the scene (and that is in the edit!) before Kyla slipped off little Lola’s panties to sample her flavour, and when I nipped around for a close-up shot I was struck by just how wet she was! Off-camera Kyla was looking at me smiling, with a “can you believe this!” expression on her face, gently dipping her finger into Lola’s pussy to show her cum. It was hot, and this is just the build-up! The whole scene is great, they do loads of tribbing and after Lola has eaten Kyla’s pussy (Kyla does this great thing when she’s having her pussy eaten where she almost fucks the girls mouth, riding and grinds against her face) there is this moment where Lola comes up to kiss her and Kyla just starts licking all over Lola’s mouth and chin saying “I can taste myself…” and things like that.

Portrait Of A Lesbian is our next “big” title as far as we are concerned. It’s a really, really strong title with some incredible new girls, and a string of memorable, sensational scenes, and of course the iconic Jo, and Babe Of The Year, Zara!

Teaser here, trailer coming soon.

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Lola and a new movie


As some of you might be aware, last week we shot a new production. You can read all about it here.

This blog is to basically share with you my enthusiasm for a new girl we have been working with called Lola. She is, I believe, a wonderful new discovery. For three days Lisa was giving me comparisons with one of her favourite girls, Jo, who she shares a long history with in our movies. Lola’s eyes, her soul, her smell and her taste were all that of a young Jo, apparently. Lisa’s words, not mine.

Lola not only encompasses young natural femininity and female beauty, but she is really great to work with too. I can’t say enough about this young girl right now, but I think she is something special and I hope it’s going to come across over the next few films she is in.

Below are a few quick snips of raw footage I threw together, just from skimming quickly through a tape while reviewing the footage. It’s nothing special, I just wanted to include something. Sorry I didn’t bring in a funny dialogue section or something like that, but I don’t want to give anything away about the movie just yet, as I said, this is just from forwarding through some footage this morning.

I couldn’t believe just how incredibly beautiful Lola’s face was, she didn’t need any make-up at all, all I had to do was point a camera at her and the shot just came alive. It was incredible.

Lola will next be seen in Portrait Of A Lesbian. Teaser trailer here.

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Rachel ‘The Body’ Evans


This Czech beauty can be seen in the upcoming Portrait of a Lesbian, which looks amazing by the way. I know I’m biased but I don’t care. Rachel has an incredible body, her boobs deserve an honorable mention for being…well….lovely and she also possesses a refreshing amount of pussy hair, by today’s standards. The pictures speak for themselves, to see this set in it’s entirety check out our latest section.

Also check the Portrait Of A Lesbian topic on the forum for more pics and info.

rachel1 rachel3

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Lesbian Encounters DVD Release


I’m happy to announce the DVD version of Lesbian Encounters is now available in our shop. You’ll be able to sink your teeth into bonus goodies including all the outtakes and unseen footage. Here’s a little taster to wet your appetite.

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Lesbian Encounters – Now on DVD


Great news! The long awaited DVD has arrived. Many of you reading this may already know that this movie is the last one that Viv will be involved with from start to finish. This doesn’t mean that he is going anywhere, just that Spunk L Davis takes the reins, but don’t worry, we will still keep him in check :)

Now how cool is that cover? Soon some of you may have that actually wrapped around the DVD. Personally I think it is the best cover that our man, Cisco has done to date. What do you think?

Buy the DVD

Buy the Download

See the trailer

Read all about it on our forum

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Behind Most Subscribed


By now many people will know a little bit about the rather ugly situation surrounding Peaches, Gina B, and their ex-website. Reactions to the whole debacle have been mixed, but this being the entertainment industry, and them being pornographic models who have sex freely and with multiple partners as part of their job, most people aren’t taking it too seriously.

Moving on, we have a movie some of you might be aware of. A really, really good movie which stars both Peaches and Gina, as well as a couple of other young girls, lovely nubile young girls. It is a real shame that the movie will now in many ways be associated with this fiasco, because it is a top notch movie which I wanted people to love and enjoy. It’s called Most Subscribed and you can currently download it here or watch the free trailer here.

We are currently showing a behind the scenes feature of Most Subscribed for members of our website, which will show in parts over the next couple of days, starting today (read more for short clip…)Below is a short snippet (the full feature is about 30minutes long), highlights including a cute arse-jiggle from the lovely Nikita, a quick flash of the elusive Avril, Gina B wearing MC Hammer’s trousers and blow-up ball keep-ups from Sean and I, samba style.

It will be interesting to see what members think of the full on-location feature because there are a lot of interesting moments between the two lovers, which is the key word here.

Whatever anyone says, Peaches is a great model and this really is her movie. She shines in almost every frame, captivating you and pulling you into the scene with her. She shares a strong chemistry with each girl in the movie, and in regards to her scene with Gina B, which I still rate as the best in the movie and amongst the top scenes we’ve ever done, …well watch it and you decide what you want. Boyfriends, drama, only models or not – it’s a fucking great scene and beyond that who really cares?

Mini Site is coming soon, as is the DVD (sorry I can’t be more specific, as the censors have had their scissors out!). You can read reviews for Most Subscribed here or find information and ask questions here.

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National Cleavage Day

ncdblogpic1What a day, what a day, what a day, what a mighty fine day! It’s national cleavage day. Just let that sink in for a minute. National cleavage day. You can stick pancake day up your ass, I now have a great new annual celebration. And who have I got to thank for bringing me this day, none other then Viv’s countrymen, the South Africans.

National cleavage day (abbreviated NCD) started in 2002 and is sponsered by none other then Wonderbra and the Cosmopolitan magazine. According to Samantha Paterson, the brand manager for Wonderbra, the NCD is started according to a design to solemnize women’s independence and power in all facets of life from careers, relationships and even destiny. Anita Meiring, public relations consultant for Wonderbra explained the event, “It is a day for women to realize that their cleavage is something unique and they should be proud of it”. Well I don’t know about all that waffle but I do know that thousands of women will be wearing low cut tops and exposing cleavage much to the delight of males (and females) everywhere.

NCD is celebrated in offices, restaurants and bars throughout the nation, and any gross revenue made is donated to the Sunflower Fund, a non governmental and non profit organization with a stated aim to help South African citizens diagnosed with life threatening blood diseases.

Now how the hell do I get this ball rolling in Portugal, well I’ve got a year to try and make it happen, wish me luck!

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Most Subscribed – Download 25.03.09

most-subscribed-frontMost Subscribed, the eargely anticipated new Peaches film will be available to download from our online shop on the 25th March 2009.

The 3 hour movie sees the lovable Peaches start a video blog which she becomes rather obsessive about, first revealing herself to her subscribers in the most intimate of ways, and then inviting girls back to her room and recording pretty much everything which happens there.

A lot of people have been asking for something with less cuts and longer takes, something more natural, playful, unscripted, and where we not only get to see hot, sweaty, flowing lesbian sex but also where the girls real personalities are allowed to shine. Well…here it is!

Most Subscribed is a little more explicit than our last few features but it’s all done in our own unique way, I think even in during the most extreme close-ups the fun attitude of the project elevates it above the usual unpleasant porn where girls are just raw flesh, the type that leaves a bad taste in the mouth and most of us here try to avoid. I found myself getting really turned on during this one and as a consummate professional that is something that doesn’t happen all that much.

Cindy Hope, Vivien, Lucy Bell, Nikita and Gina B co-star in the movie. Every scene is great actually, with a lot of really funny moments, outtakes left in the scenes, some insanely hot orgasms (some of the girls cum two or three times a scene!) with the final scene being unmissable! Seriously. The sounds of slippery wet, juicy pussies and the girls voices is also the only music in the movie, which I think adds to the naturalistic feel behind the whole thing.

Anyway enough rambling, check it out next week and please be sure to report back to us with your thoughts, we would greatly appreciate that. In the meantime here is a clip from the behind the scenes feature which will be in the members area of the website, also next week.

For more information see this thread and for details on the DVD check here.

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BotY – Zara?


We know most of the girls in the running for the Babe of the Year competition by their boobs and asses, but what about their personalities? I thought I would try spice things up a little by posting some footage of some of the nominees where you get to see them laugh, giggle, chat to the camera, just anything a little more natural and a little less sexy (not easy as I think most of these girls could look sexy eating spaghetti with their hands!) We’ll start with front runner Zara…

When I first met Zara I thought there was something different and special about her, she is a fairly new girl to the business and hasn’t done that much work, you don’t really see many of her pictures or scenes for other producers and there is a reason for that. She is not working in this business purely for the money, she is working because she loves girls and it’s a good way for her to explore that. It makes her presence in our movies much more interesting and exciting. Her first scene was with Vera in Female Liaisons and her inexperience shows through, next was Nella in Unfaithful 4, then CJ in Mums and Daughters, then Jo in the upcoming Portrait of a Lesbian (clip taken from below), and more recently Peaches in one of the Sex Tapes we made (what a run!)

Since I started working here I always liked to show the girls personalities in our films (see Our Movie, Six Days With Vera, Jo’s Secret Video etc), that is why I always write characters to suit the girls own personality, I’ve always done that, even in the Late Night Films we make. Zara has a naturally coy and quiet demeanor, but she likes a good giggle as much as anyone, and once you start talking to her she opens up more. I think her lack of confidence stems from her lack of English, because in Hungarian she is much more talkative, and of course once she climbs into bed with a girl and the cameras are rolling, shy Zara steps aside and the young sexual minx Zara comes out to play!

Other similar posts:

Cindy Hope clip here.

Lucy Bell and Angelika Black here.

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Nella, Lisa and Unfaithful 5

nellaOk, calm down. I am only posting this clip because it is a special day today, it’s the birthday of one of our forum moderators, Kim, and it features her favourite girl, Nelly. So this little behind the scenes clip is for you Kim, Happy Birthday!

Unfaithful 5 has a lot of Nella and Lisa together in lots of different places, as people were hoping! But it is still in the early stages of post-production, so please don’t ask me for a release date just yet. This scene of them in the shower will feature in the movie and of course it gets a little more raunchy than this! I’m just showing you this little taste because I caught them a little off guard and acting natural. We filmed this piece in the shower after they made love, so they really were just showering together and washing down each others sweaty bodies.

Clip after the jump…

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Sex with Sophie Moone – ready for download


It had to happen – as we prepare our entire library for digital download we came across this thrilling gem of a movie: Sex with Sophie Moone. If you are new to and haven’t heard of Sophie Moone, you HAVE to check out her body of work (sorry about that pun, I know… I know… it was really lame). Seriously though, although rumour has it that Sophie has packed her bags and moved onto pastures anew, we had a great time working with her and happily all of that excellent footage is preserved forever in our archives.

So technically this isn’t a NEW new release, just a re-release in download format. We trust you will enjoy it, and remember with all our DVD Downloads it’s possible and HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED to back them up to DVD, as we can’t give you access again.

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Lesbian Encounters – Anal Fury

analI know a lot of you out there like analingus. It can be somewhat of an acquired taste (sorry, couldn’t resist). There seemed to be one or two of you that were a little miffed at the lack of tongue on ring action in the movie itself. Well you’ll be pleased to know that there is plenty to enjoy in the unseen footage included on the DVD release. Here is a little taster (couldn’t resist again) featuring Jo’s probing little tongue and Angelika Black’s delectable little arse.

Take a look

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Lesbian Encounters – Fluffing their lines


I was originally going to name this post – Lesbian Encounters – Fluffing. But the use of the word ‘fluffing’ has a very different meaning in our world. Apparently that is just a porn myth anyway. To be honest if i ever witnessed a porn actor getting sucked off before a scene just to make him hard enough to go and have sex with the actual actress i’d punch the lucky fuck in the head quicker than you could say ‘If you can’t get it hard in the first place then get the fuck off my set.’ Hope that makes sense, it made me angry just writing that sentence.

So anyway, let’s move on to what this post is actually about – Lesbian Encounters. Viv insisted on all the actresses speaking the Queens English. Not surprisingly our beautiful Czech and Hungarian starlets usually required more than one attempt at delivering their lines. Here is a snippet of the gag reel (not that sort of gag Stern). The full version will be included on the the DVD release along with plenty of unseen footage.

See the clip click

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Lesbian Encounters – To Fist or not to Fist

poster_lesbianencountersThat was the decision we had to make when it came to the final edit of
Lesbian Encounters. At the end of filming the ‘Caught in the Act’ chapter starring Eve Angel and Lauryn May we found ourselves trying to answer a difficult question. The lovely little Lauryn, fresh from giving Eve an earth shattering orgasm wandered up to us and softly said ‘Would you like me to fist my arse now?’ We had already wrapped on the scene but thought why the hell not.

The problem we faced was that it had no real place in the context of the story. We didn’t just want to throw it in or tag it on. So when it came to the download version we chose to cut it. This meant of course that because of BBFC guidelines concerning fisting there was no way we could include it in the DVD version either. I’m not revealing the full story though. The five minutes of fisting footage that we captured that day has a twist in the tale which helped cement the decision to cut it. You will soon be able to see exactly why this decision was made when the full version of this clip is in the members section. Here though is a little clip of how it began.

Clip after the jump…

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“Most Subscribed” Coming Soon!

cindyI’m finishing off MOST SUBSCRIBED at the moment. We’re planning on releasing the download in March, and the DVD in April, so that is something to get excited about!

Although this latest release will come in the midst of the Lesbian Encounters whirlwind, we still want to release it sooner rather than later because it seems to be quite an eagerly anticipated title, and anyway it is quite different to Lesbian Encounters, less vintage VT gold and more the contemporary styling of recent years.

Not only is Most Subscribed quite different, but it’s got an edge to it I think will really thrill people. I really am excited about the reactions to this one – the scenes themsevles are longer than usual (around 30mins), they are filmed a little differently, and the whole thing has a realistic context which seems to give each scene an intense authenticity to it. The sex is also just spot-on, there are plenty of things to get worked up about!

On top of this, the whole Gina B/Peaches relationship dynamic comes into play, Gina being the make-up artist on the film and having to sit by whilst a myriad of younger girls eat out and getting eaten out by her lover. Gina also stars in the last scene of the movie with Peaches (I personally think it’s the best scene on there and one of the best scenes EVER!) Lots of great stuff was captured on the making-of documentary with regards to this, which will give the film a whole other dimension.

At just a scratch over 180mins, it’s a big title! DVD extras will include alternative angles on some of the orgasms, and also some deleted footage/outtakes. These extras can also be seen on the website, along with a 30minute making-of documentary (I’ve taken a short clip from this for below.)

Oh yes and did I mention Peaches is absolutely fucking hilarious in the movie.

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Mums and Daughters SOLD OUT AGAIN!

vivthomascom_74034As a celebration of our current quickest-selling DVD title – “Mums & Daughters” being sold out once again(!), I thought I would post a little behind-the-scenes snippet of Zara recording her telephone voice-over for her scene with CJ.

Thanks to everyone so far who bought this title be it on DVD-or-download, in this midst of this global recession it’s success has in part allowed us to continue our work this year! We’re already talking about a sequel!

Mums and Daughters will be available again very soon!

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Lesbian Encounters is coming

The official movie will be available to download on Monday (02/02/09).

Lesbian Encounters is a journey to the roots of Six vignettes set to emotional stories compliment the passionate lesbian sex that follows.
Twelve of Viv Thomas's all time favourite girls come together to celebrate the vintage VT style that helped pave the way for future productions. Lesbian Encounters hails back to the Golden era of and pays tribute to the very foundations that enabled the director to become the master of Lesbian erotica.


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The Bed-In

In 1969, during the Vietnam War, John Lennon (a working class hero) and Yoko Ono held a two week-long bed-ins for Peace, one in Amsterdam (what better place to stay in one room for a week?) and one in Montreal. I cry when I think that some fucker shot Lennon in the back, I often wonder how much influence those people like John Lennon would have had if they were still alive today, unfortunately many of them are tragically taken from us too early. Please click on that last link by the way and watch it.

Well, in 2008, Peaches and Zara held a similar bed-in over a weekend in Budapest (which coincidentally also brought tears to my eyes) in The Radisson Hotel suite 237. Except this bed-in wasn’t for peace, although it was done through the eyes of love. You can read more about it here. We’re planning on making the whole thing available to download this year.

For now enjoy these images.

3q8u7375 3q8u7358 3q8u7336 3q8u7354 3q8u7372 3q8u7367

You may say I’m a dreamer….but I’m not the only one.

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Cunnilingus – Get To Know Her

i-love-you1Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than eating a girls pussy, savoring the smells and flavours, and letting her know so. There’s no denying that it’s something every man/woman should do for their girl to make them feel special. As Pacino says to his nephew in Scent Of A Woman when detecting a slight sexual frustration in the guys wife, “…you’re so wrapped up in the sugar business you’re forgetting the taste of the REAL HONEY! Whoo-haa!”

Some women are nervous about letting their partner perform cunnilingus on them because of the ridiculous stigma attached to the smell/taste, and they need to be gently coaxed into believing that there is nothing to be worried about. On the other hand, some men are nervous about doing it because they feel they don’t know what they are doing, and perhaps might make a fool of themselves. There are lots of tips and guides (some by women too) but they really don’t amount to much, I mean spelling out letters on her vagina, please.

The main debate is, are women better at eating pussy than men?
Video if you click….

Now it might seem obvious, women know womens bodies better than men do, but by that same regard are men better at blowjobs? I honestly can’t say. Some women are spectacular at fellatio, others aren’t, surely it’s the same with men and cunnilingus? I think it’s about getting to know your partner, once you get to know your girl in bed you can drive her crazy knowing the particular tricks and nuances that rock her world. I do suspect that on the whole there are more women that are better at it than there are men, because men are generally lazy, selfish lovers, but hey, not all of us. I can say honestly, from experience, that not all women are good at cunnilingus, I’ve worked with girls before now who don’t have a damn clue! They don’t even know where the clit is! I promise you. I’ve had to step in and give lessons.

Anyway, as a little bonus I have included a short clip here from the movie MOST SUBSCRIBED, as Peaches eats out her girlfriend Gina (these girls obviously know each others bodies very well). I notice that both girls have the same kind of technique, they like it when two fingers gently swirl around inside the vagina, stretching it ever so gently, as the tongue caresses the clit lightly but consistently. In fact, in this scene Gina has three (count them!) orgasms, about one minute apart from each other as Peaches employs this technique, broken up with some sucks and slurps of the pussy.
Exercise techniques can be found here.

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She Likes ‘Em Big!

vivthomascom_35405This year we will be releasing a Platinum Collection title called “Blonde on Brunette,” currently being put together by in-house human editing machine Dan Da Man. The download version will feature for the first time, the original full uncut scene between Angie George and Natalie from Teenage Seduction (UK Hot Babe Seduction) which has never been seen before.

I’ve blogged before about vagina’s before, experience tells me that all girls are different as are all vagina’s. Some girls can really work the muscle, others can accept penetration with large objects easily, others find it difficult and penetration with even a normal size penis (8 inches or more I believe is average?) can be very painful, and of course there are lots of reasons why.

During the filming of this scene there was an “on-set” moment when the young Natalie made a comment about our microphone cage being like a big dildo. Angie got in on the act and both girls revealed that they have used dildos that size in their private life! Which I honestly find hard to believe. I mean I know that a woman’s vagina is a muscle and can be stretched, I’ve been told stretching and fisting is an intense experience, but our microphone cage is about 6 inches in diameter! There’s just no way, surely? I guess it’s that ‘pain is pleasure’ kind of thing. I like Natalie’s comment in this clip when asked if it hurt.

backstage clip after the click

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