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Sex on a pool table?


Residents of Bethseda, Maryland, have been up in arms over this ‘sexist’ advert for Equinox gym, shot by renowned photographer Terry Richardson. Personally I think it’s a hot image, although I hope she doesn’t actually go to the gym wearing those heels – never mind what damage they could do to the baize!

Below, Eve Angel and Lola show how sex on a pool table is really done… Have any of you tried it?


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Name these models and WIN!

Name these three models and you can win a free 7 day membership to Answers will only be valid if they are in the blog comments. Good luck!

pool nude pool nude sofa shower-girl

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Summer of Lust – scene 4

Summer of Lust

Scene 4

Teena Dolly, a cute blonde as her name suggests, just can’t wait for James to get out of the pool and to slip her bikini off. You can see he knows it as he swims around, almost teasing her. She is just taut with anticipation, nervous giggles, hair flicks and coy smiles. The moment he leaves the water, their lips lock in culmination of the sexual tension.

See the trailer.

It looks like she really enjoyed this scene, and starts to moan with pleasure as she opens up her most private place to him: her bum. It’s surprising to see Teena enjoying Jame’s lavish strokes as she seems like such a demure and innocent young girl, yet she shivers in pleasure as he slides yet another load into her twitching little bum.

4345-204 4345-069 4345-091 4345-143 4345-227 4345-005 4345-013 4345-021 4345-025

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Summer of Lust – scene 3

Summer of Lust

Scene 3

A few beers down, Bellina and Jamie wake up on the grass beside a pool. Is it the morning after an awesome party? What ever happened the night before, these two wake up desparate to lavish each other with love. Bellina’s beautiful breasts jump out of her bra and her blouse comes off, jeans slide down smooth thighs and they ease slowly into the throes of passionate sex.

You know that feeling when you have just met someone really special the night before and EVERYTHING feels right? I think Bellina is right there. You can see these two don’t care about who might be walking past, they’re so involved with each other. It’s incredibly erotic and exciting at the same time and reflects the desperateness of fresh love and two people who can’t wait to explore each other’s bodies.

The Summer of Lust is coming to our site and our shop pretty soon. Enjoy the trailer.

4373-003 4373-024 4373-026 4373-027 the-morning-after-sex

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Antonya – August babe of the month

Antonya sounds like the name of a greek goddess. Well actually it is. A goddess with an outstanding pair of breasts and a peach of a bottom that would make a priest renounce his faith. The combination of great arse and great breasts is a rare one to find indeed, usually one is better then the other, but Antonya’s assets compliment each other. In fact she is nothing short of my everything.

Antonya’s page on

A pleasant but also shy girl, she opens up on camera and unleashes a sexual tyrannosaurus, devouring her partners with a hunger for their most intimate parts. When they see her ample charms they are only too eager to dive in and savour the flavour. One of the first scenes we shot with her was with Blue Angel for the movie Hot Silk, where she delivered an outstanding performance and a genuine orgasm, coaxed out of her by the skilful tongue of Blue. The passionate assault she lands on Blue Angel afterwards has to be seen to be believed.

Antonya caused a slight controversy when she changed her hair to blonde after first driving our fans into a frenzy as a brunette, but I think she looks equally as good be it blonde or brown, but then I’m a breast and bum man rather than the colour of hair. I even enjoy it when the collar doesn’t match the cuffs.

Regardless however, Antonya is a joy to work with and a feast for the eyes. That body is made up of 90% water, and I’m damn thirsty. You can check Antonya’s incredible body in the productions Revealing Sasha, Hot Silk, Mums & Daughters 2 and Ripe For Tasting Vol 1.

-Hugh G Rection

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Carmen Croft in lesbian porn?

Carmen Croft relaxes in the Viv Thomas pool

We’re getting ready to release a few smoking hot sets of Carmen Croft. Now she’s a girl who seems to have been working extremely hard of late on the “European porn circuit” and what is fascinating to me, as an unbiased onlooker (I don’t take the photos Viv and Mark do!), is that she is a good looking girl. Fascinating, we have tons of those.

Carmen Croft is not a smoking hot natural beauty. She’s a big girl and could be viewed as very much on the busty side and even slightly overweight from some people’s views. However, when you see how the crew here at have captured this girl, you’ll be blown away at the solo masturbation scenes and hardcore boy girl videos they managed to film. Surely we need to get her back and coach her in the true art of lesbian porn?

Do you feel that a busty porn star like Carmen Croft would fit well with one of our lesbian beauties like Jo, Vera or even one of our up and coming British porn models?

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    Leslove 2 hours ago

    I like to think that while I'm up and about and doing things that these two are still going at it. I like to think that when we shut the door, they are still doing it. I think that's what we have orgasms for, is to go have some cereal.

    on Lustful

    Supermodel2019 3 hours ago

    Luscious bodies and labia; they must really enjoy the exhibitionism and exotic cunnilingus!

    on Reflections Episode 3 - Pole Dance

    Daenerys 4 hours ago

    Magnificient babe, lovely face, love her grey eyes and her colour on her pale skin. Any chance she'll do g/g ? Anyway, thank you !

    on Chaste

    Lord John Whorfin 5 hours ago

    I'm not sure what we did to deserve two updates with Lexi Dona in a row, AND pairing her off with Sabrisse. But someone needs to tell us whatever it was so we can do it again. A lot.

    on Lustful

    Rose 9 hours agoCommunity Staff

    A delicious pairing, so right for each other! :-)

    on Lustful

    HarryH 2 days ago

    Perfect in every way! Fantastic video.

    on No Fear in Love Part 3

    JOHANNES BLT 2 days ago

    Hi Sandy T! You are truly gorgeous and sexy! I'm all hot and happy now, excuse me ... : )

    on Chaste

    Kristo1 2 days ago

    My newest fantasy: to be licked all over by Lexi! What a sensuous tongue! Not to mention all the rest of her.
    But there were some moments missing. or in close-up when a longer shot would have been more appropriate ...

    on You Want Me, I Want You

    harryben19 2 days ago

    Love Lexi and Condy, but there is a strange lack of connection here, as often happens with the Nik Fox films. Bit of a sense of going through the motions, unfortunately.

    on You Want Me, I Want You

    Robert 3 days ago

    Silvia Saint is as close to the perfect woman as I have ever seen. Her legs are unmatched and in sheer, black stockings they are nothing short of mouth watering. She is heart-poundingly beautiful. And to top it all off she is very bisexual. Very,very few women are as desirable.

    on Fit!