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Backdoor cuties Luna Corazon and Shrima Malati in Sandra Shine’s movie “Derriere”

I’ve always been a big fan of pretty little Shrima Malati, such a petite sexual powerhouse – she has that cute natural sex appeal that is so irresistible. I love the way her face lights up when she smiles and she looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, even when she’s got two fingers up her pussy at the same time. Makes a man hard as hell!

And today I’ve just seen the most awesome Viv Thomas video ever! Shrimi, looking like the adorable girl-next-door of my dreams in a simple T-shirt and shorts, is joined by the always amazing ebony beauty Luna Corazon in episode two of Sandra Shine’s hot movie “Derriere.”

Watching these two babes together is thrilling enough. Luna’s pussy eating technique is really something special, the way she uses the flat of her tongue to open Shrima’s pussy lips, dipping the tip into her hole and then sliding it up to her clit, then sucking hard – I’ll be using this method on my wife for sure. But it’s the moment when Luna reaches into the sex toy box and pulls out a dildo to ease up Shrima’s tight little asshole that totally blows me away! The smile that lights up Shrima’s face just before she gets fucked in the ass is exactly what I’m talking about, just imagine seeing that welcoming expression greeting you in real life…

And then we’re treated to the sight of Luna stuffing that big rubber dick up her girlfriend’s asshole and lapping at her wet pussy as she plows it in and out. You can tell how much they are both into it, their smiles and moans and the way they communicate with each other all reveal their amazing sexual chemistry. There’s nothing better than watching two gorgeous girls fuck, and to see these two exotic beauties together, Luna in control, Shrima the willing supplicant, is absolutely outstanding.

Then when Luna gets the gold butt plug out and plants it deep in Shrima’s ass, eating her pussy even more voraciously, it’s simply superb. You can see the little spasms of Shrima’s thighs when Luna’s really hitting the spot. Shrima’s playful smile when she turns over with the plug still up her ass is so hot, you can see she’s utterly blissed out.

I thought things couldn’t get any better than seeing Shrima on her knees, face down ass up, getting fingered by Luna with a butt plug up her ass; but then Luna takes it even further by strapping on a rubber cock and fucking Shrima’s ass like she owns it!

It’s one of the most fun, playful anal scenes I’ve ever seen. Too often anal is made to look really gruelling and rough, it’s a joy to see a scene where the girls are having an awesome time and giving each other so much pleasure. Shrima and Luna are both so stunning and naturally sexy, and clearly made each other orgasm over and over. I defy anyone not to have a good time watching them together. Kudos to Sandra Shine for honouring the Viv Thomas legacy with movies where the sex is fun and the fun is sexy!


Sexy fantasies come to life in Sandra Shine’s “Day Dream”!

You know how it is – some gorgeous girl catches your eye, and you just can’t help fantasizing about her. Sandra Shine’s delicious new movie “Day Dream” blurs the boundaries between dreams and reality as four sexy girls live out their fantasies with the beauties they lust after.

The cast is superb – newcomers Lana Storch, Veronica Clark and May Thai, and returning stars Zafira, Tiffany Doll, Daphne Anbel, Melody Petite and Lovita Fate – and the stories are fun and playful. Whether it’s checking out the carwash cutie, ogling the flirtatious waitress or lusting after the irresistible gardener, these lovely girls can’t help letting their minds explore the possibilities…

Naturally, the hot lesbian action is every bit as juicy and passionate as you’ve come to expect from superstar director Sandra Shine, with lashings of mindblowing close-ups of dripping wet pussy eating and finger-banging. Fans of anal action are in for a special treat too, as new Asian sweetheart May Thai gives stunning Veronica Clark a luscious licking before fucking her tight ass with a big dildo. To say Veronica’s orgasm is intense would be an understatement!

Who wouldn’t want to live out their fantasies in such an exciting and satisfying manner? “Day Dream” is simply a dream come true!


Viv Thomas movie of the month: August 2017

It’s been a knockout month for movies here at Viv Thomas, with some gorgeous new models and returning stars enjoying lashings of red hot girl-on-girl action. Alis Locanta introduced two new series, “Girlfriends” and “Lesbian Stories Volume Two,” while Sandra Shine created a sensational tribute to a Viv Thomas classic with “The Art Of Kissing Revisited.”

Lesbian Stories Volume Two” revolves around a complex love triangle, as sexy redhead Adel C and her stunning partner Sabrisse grapple with their feelings for their adorable roommate Kalisy. Sabrisse cheats on Adel with the slender little sex kitten, yet still can’t resist her passionate lover. Scene two is especially hot, as Sabrisse catches Adel masturbating to an erotic movie, and watches her avidly. Keep watching to see how their relationship will play out…

In “Girlfriends,” various aspects of the love affair between busty babe Kira Queen – making her Viv Thomas debut – and vivacious Henessy are shown; they are by turns tender, voracious, kinky and playful, but never less than utterly beautiful.

The Art Of Kissing Revisited” brings together delicious first timers Melody Petite, Swabery Baby, Ani Blackfox, Miki Torrez and Lovita Fate along with top stars Cayla Lyons, Stella Cox and Gina Gerson, for an oral overload of avid kissing and pussy eating. Each scene opens with a cute interview by director Sandra Shine, and is packed with juicy close-ups of succulent smooching and snatch-sucking. Seeing big-boobed Stella Cox getting bent over the pool table by sexy blonde Cayla Lyons is particularly fine; but my favorite scene of the month has to be the spectacular return of Gina Gerson in scene four.

I know I’m not alone in considering Gina one of the most watchable stars around; she brings such uninhibited fun and sexuality to everything she does. It’s rare to see a girl so cute who is so utterly single-minded in her pursuit of pleasure, demanding multiple orgasms from every encounter and ensuring her partners will never forget her. Here, she guides pretty blonde newcomer Lovita Fate through some stellar poolside pussy munching, and even manages to tempt Sandra Shine herself into a passionate cameo kiss! It’s a must-see.

What was your favorite Viv Thomas scene of August 2017?


The Art Of Kissing – a Viv Thomas classic revisited

The Art Of Kissing” was a highly acclaimed lesbian classic released by Viv Thomas way back in 2005, when Viv was reinventing the girl-on-girl genre with his beautiful and passionate movies. The cast of this Sapphic blockbuster and its two sequels reads like a who’s who of Viv’s all time top models: Eve Angel, Jo, Peaches, Vera, Lisa C, Ariel Piper Fawn, Sylvia Saint, Nella, Suzie Carina, Penny Flame… and of course the legendary Sandra Shine. So who better to pay tribute to this unforgettable masterwork than our superstar model-turned-director herself?

Sandra Shine’s “The Art Of Kissing Revisited” celebrates everything that’s irresistible about watching two sexy girls in a hot embrace. The slow burn of escalating lust; intense emotional and physical connection as lips and tongues meet in a sensual dance; and the thrill of excitement that only a first kiss can bring.

With a gorgeous cast – fresh new faces Melody Petite, Swabery Baby, Ani Blackfox, Miky Torrez and Lovita Fate, and top models Stella Cox, Gina Gerson and Cayla Lions – great locations and intimate, passionate smooching, “The Art Of Kissing Revisited” is a must-see for fans of authentic lesbian erotica. And naturally, all that hot kissing leads to some truly sublime pussy eating!


Viv Thomas movie of the month: July 2017

It’s been a great month for lovers of quality girl on girl erotica here at Viv Thomas, with the first and second series of Alis Locanta’s luscious “Angels” running concurrently, and a superb new movie, “Body Worship,” from Sandra Shine. With so much delicious lesbian action to enjoy, we’ve been spoilt for choice.

Angels Volume One” continued to explore the intense sexual and emotional attraction between gorgeous redhead Michelle H and her cute girlfriend Kira Zen, while Volume Two saw vivacious Adel C pair up first with adorable Kalisy and then sex kitten Sabrisse. Episode four, in which Adel and Sabrisse have passionate sex in the shower, is my pick of the bunch. It’s the fact that both these stunning girls are partially dressed as the water starts cascading down on them that really gets me. Wet hair, drenched underwear clinging to perfect curves, Sabrisse’s hand sliding down into Adel’s sodden panties… very hot and steamy stuff.

Body Worship” is a very special movie for me because I wrote the voiceover script for it. The voiceover, narrated by my colleague Jaiden, is now available as a podcast on our free fiction site, along with a concluding part to the story, so I hope you will check it out. Each episode of the movie focuses on a different body part, and Sandra Shine has proved herself to be highly creative when it comes to directing scorching lesbian scenes with an unconventional fetish flavor. Whether or not you are particularly into feet, ass, breasts or pussy worship, I guarantee you will find her unique take on it fresh and arousing. All four scenes are super-hot and contain some moves I’ve never seen before, but if I had to pick a favorite I’d choose episode two, which features sexy Frida Sante and Lilu indulging in some of the most erotic pussy teasing ever. The crotch of Frida’s panties consists of a string of three big pearls that nestle between the butterfly wings of her pussy lips, driving her wild as Lilu licks all around them and presses them deeper. Frida stuffs Lilu’s panties into her dripping pussy, leaves them there to get soaked as they grind together, and then pulls them out oh-so-slowly… it’s insanely hot.

What was your favorite Viv Thomas scene of July 2017?


Aural sex: talk dirty to me!

Every sense comes into play during the best sexual experiences. Sight, sound, touch, taste and smell unite to flood your perceptions. Of course when you’re watching a hot movie you can only experience the first two directly, and that’s when the aural becomes just as important as the oral! What could be more arousing than the moans and whimpers of a gorgeous girl who’s approaching her orgasm, her gasps and cries of pleasure, and the words that tumble out as she begs for more?

Dirty talk turns me on like crazy; tell me exactly what you want to do to me and how you’ll make me feel, and I’ll be putty in your hands. It can heighten sexual anticipation too… just check out the voiceover at the start of each episode of Sandra Shine’s new movie “Body Worship” to see what I mean. The voiceover is based on stories I wrote for our free fiction site,, and it’s spoken by my colleague Jaiden, who has the most incredibly sexy voice. Hearing her speak my dirty thoughts aloud really enhances the tease factor for me.

If you’d like to hear more, the whole voiceover is now available in a single podcast here – and in the accompanying text I continue the story, so I hope my naughty words will have the desired effect…



Hot new foot fetish film from sexy Viv Thomas director Sandra Shine

Lovers of beautiful legs and feet found their spiritual home at Viv Thomas back in the days when the great man himself was still at the helm. Viv is a self-confessed leg man, and loved to style his models in classic stockings and garters, and sexy high heels. His legendary “Leg Sex” series set the bar for the genre back in the nineties.

Now director Sandra Shine has reinvented foot fetish play in her own inimitable style with episode one of “Body Worship.” As elegant French beauty Clea Gaultier and cute blonde Daniella Margot lavish attention on each other’s gorgeous feet and legs, the action is so hot and sensual that even if you’re never considered feet to be an erogenous zone before, you’re sure to get turned on by it. And of course, those pretty toes, toned calves and soft thighs lead up to juicy pussies eager to be licked!

But just what is it about feet that some people find so irresistibly arousing? Often, it’s a formative experience, as 42-year-old Rob*, explains: “I think I’ve always been into feet. I love watching women take their shoes off; looking back, I remember a friend of my mom’s coming over to the house when I was about 18 and kicking off her shoes so she could rub her tired feet. The touching and rubbing, and the way she reacted to it, stirred feelings in me. I even joined a hiking club in my twenties just so I could watch the female members take off their boots and socks to rub their feet at the end of a long hike. I particularly love watching movies of two girls stroking and massaging each other's feet.”

“I was never really into feet much,” says 24-year-old Terry. “I was into big breasts, but then I saw this beautiful woman with really long, gorgeous legs on the subway, and I started looking online. I found some of Viv’s pictures of Bell A, this stunning South African blonde Viv shot a lot of foot fetish photosets with, and that was it! I kept imagining her jacking me off with those sexy feet…”

But how about the object of those fantasies – the girls with the beautiful feet and lovely legs we fantasize about… What’s in it for them? “After my clitoris, my feet are the most sensitive part of my body,” 32-year-old Elaine explains. “And I love having my toes sucked! If you’ve never tried it, you should. I always think it’s the closest we ladies can get to being on the receiving end of a blowjob. Especially when I’m standing up and my lover is kneeling in front of me with my foot up in their face. As well as the physical sensations, it makes me feel so powerful and dominant, which is a turn-on in itself. A reflexologist will tell you that every part of the foot is linked to another area of the body and that a good foot massage can work on the whole body. Now imagine that applied to sex and you’ll understand what it is that I love about having my feet worshipped…”

For a foot lover, each part of the foot has its own special appeal too. “I probably have loved every part of a foot in my time, but I am particularly drawn to the big toe and the instep,” says 51-year-old Sam. “I really love sucking on a big toe, getting it to rest on my tongue inside my mouth and running a couple of fingers up a woman’s instep. I also really love it when a woman I’m with has very sensitive feet. My ex-wife had a very sensitive pad behind her big toe, she couldn’t bear to have it massaged and only let me touch it very, very gently.”

Terry, on the other hand, is not so choosy. “I don’t think I have a favorite part of the foot, I just like to have feet involved in my sex life, whether it’s through massage, masturbation, foreplay, whatever. I do like it when a girl has feet that are long enough to sandwich my erection between and cover it all, though. That is seriously hot in my eyes. And I like the smell and taste of feet too, it gets me hard as a rock.”

“I favor really good heels,” Rob says. “If it’s smooth and soft without any hard skin, and it’s curvy and not flattened out, that to me is the holy grail of beautiful feet. And if you have toes that you can flex to a 90-degree angle, then you’ve got me heart and soul – I will do anything for you!”

“I love having my feet played with,” Elaine says. “But most of all, I love having my big toes sucked. If you want to get me wet, take my foot and wrap your tongue around my big toe, then open your mouth and take it all the way inside, making sure your lips glide over every inch. Oh god, just the thought of it is enough to get me horny!”

“I think most girls are pretty happy when you confess you’ve got a foot fetish,” Terry says. “One particular girlfriend, as soon as I told her, she took off her shoes and stood over me with her foot in my face, asking me to suck it. That was an amazing day. She used her feet to open my pants and then stayed standing while she rubbed her feet all over my dick. I came very hard and fast that day.”

“I remember the first time I asked my girlfriend if I could come on her feet,” says Rob. “She said it was fine so long as I gave her a long foot massage first. So both of us get what we need, and her feet have never felt softer!”

Elaine has had good and bad experiences: “I’ve had boyfriends who were willing to worship my feet, and I’ve had boyfriends who were just not into it at all. Needless to say, those relationships where the guy was disgusted by feet didn’t last long. If you can’t love my feet, then I can’t love you.”

“It’s not the be all and end all to a relationship, though,” Sam concludes.  “You get some people who think that because you have a foot fetish you can only get off on feet, and that’s not true at all. I was married for 15 years and I had a very healthy sex life with my wife but it wasn’t all about feet. It’s like your favorite food – if you love pizza you don’t eat it every day, but when you do eat it, you really savor it. Although, I guess if you were to open a pizza restaurant you might have a slice every day. Maybe I need to marry a woman who has a fetish for having her feet played with…”

Check out episode one of Sandra Shine’s sensational movie “Body Worship” if you’re still not convinced foot play is arousing, sensual and super sexy!

*All names have been changed to protect the guilty



Busty MILF boss Dorothy Black in “The Assistant”

Like a fine wine, Dorothy Black grows more delicious – and more intoxicating – with every passing year. The busty MILF beauty has been a favorite with Viv Thomas members since her starring role in the legendary “Mums and Daughters” back in 2008, and as she enters her fortieth year, looking sexier than ever, she returns to star in a hot new movie directed by Sandra Shine.

The Assistant” finds Dorothy and her equally top-heavy partner, horny redhead Isabella Lui, hiring some office help. But it soon becomes apparent that they’ve picked cute brunette Rebecca Volpetti for her looks rather than her non-existent skills. Dorothy is first to fall for the naughty flirt’s charms, but Isabella isn’t far behind; luckily this complicated lust triangle has a simple solution…

“The Assistant” was inspired by the classic series “Office Girls,” and the plot was devised by Viv Thomas member Renegade, who wrote the script for “Love Match” back in 2015. With the emphasis firmly on fun, passion and red-hot pussy eating, it’s a playful and very arousing tribute, with all three of the cast sharing a seemingly insatiable appetite for sex. And if you’ve seen gorgeous Dorothy in action before, you’ll already have realized this is the must-see movie of 2017. 


Viv Thomas movie of the month: May 2017

It’s been a very strong month for movies here at Viv Thomas. Usually I don’t have such a problem picking a favorite, but there have been two amazing new releases in May 2017, both really hot for very different reasons, and both starring incredibly gorgeous girls.

First, director Alis Locanta took the bold step of shooting an entire four-episode film with just two girls, exploring their deep emotional and sexual connection. “Our Story” pairs vivacious Spanish redhead Amarna Miller and voluptuous Greek beauty Inna Innaki (making her Viv Thomas debut). The action is varied, taking place in several rooms, and packed with dripping wet oral sex; episode three introduces a strap-on, which is particularly hot; but one thing that’s a constant is the authentic passion, affection and lust between the pair. It’s a very memorable introduction to stunning Inna, whose big breasts and booty are absolutely irresistible, and makes the most of Amarna’s wild energy too.

The other major release of the month, Sandra Shine’s “Dark Desires,” is a very different, but equally fascinating, style of movie. Dolly Diore (also making her Viv Thomas debut) stars as the deliciously dominant Mistress who helps her girlfriends to explore different aspects of their sexuality. Submissive blonde sexpot Misha Cross needs to learn discipline; delicate beauty Sasha Rose must be obedient; slender babe Delia struggles to ask for what she wants; and in today’s final episode, cute Anina Silk gets her fantasy fulfilled, with the help of Dolly and adorable Jenny D in a scorching threeway. The movie walks a fine line between sub-dom games and playful fun, as Dolly administers her particular brand of discipline with a naughty smile and a voracious sexual appetite. With its darker theme it's not expected to be to everyone's taste, but I love it. The movie is based on some of my stories from our free erotic fiction site,, which means it has a special place in my heart – it’s very exciting to see the creative spin Sandra and Dolly have put on it.

So, I’ve been spoiled for choice with this month’s movies. If forced to choose one (maybe by Dolly making me obey – now there’s a thought) I would have to pick episode one of “Dark Desires” – Misha and Dolly both look so sexy, and all that teasing, spanking and avid pussy-eating is very arousing indeed.

What was your favorite Viv Thomas scene of May 2017?



Sexy dominatrix Dolly Diore reveals her Dark Desires

Voluptuous Dolly Diore makes the perfect dominatrix. When she looks at you with those sexy eyes and issues her commands so imperiously, you would not dare disobey. Dolly is perfectly cast in her Viv Thomas debut, as the demanding, sexually voracious star of Sandra Shine’s sensational new movie, “Dark Desires.” She knows exactly what she wants, pushing her submissive partners to their limits with her hot words, skilful tongue and punishing hands.

“Dark Desires” is based on a series of stories I wrote for our erotic fiction site,, and it’s very exciting for me to see Sandra and Dolly bring their own stylish and highly arousing interpretation to the screen. The series launches today with episode one, “Discipline.” You can read the original story here. It was based on a real power game of mine with a male partner; but with Dolly as the harsh disciplinarian and gorgeous Misha Cross as her willing victim, it reaches a whole new level of kinky hotness – and Misha looks irresistible. I can’t deny it turned me on like crazy.

Future episodes of “Dark Desires” star Sasha Rose, Delia, Anina Silk and Jenny D alongside Dolly, each exploring another facet of sexy power play and culminating in a scorching threeway. I simply can’t wait to hear what you think of this exciting new movie and its powerful star. 


Viv Thomas movie of the month: April 2017

It’s been a great month for movies here at Viv Thomas, packed with beautiful girls in hot action. Whether you like blondes or brunettes, slender sweeties or voluptuous vixens, you’re sure to have found something to arouse and entertain. So what was your favorite scene of the month? Here’s my personal and entirely subjective pick:

Sandra Shine’s playful and passionate “Winter Warmers” has been a standout success for two reasons: firstly for capturing all the fun on the slopes so brilliantly, and secondly, for its excellent casting. What an array of gorgeous new models, as well as two very welcome returning stars, busty babes Zafira and Athina. Episode one, which introduced gorgeous Sasha Rose, was my particular favorite; I hope we’ll be seeing much more of her, she’s a total knockout with that beautiful face, raven hair and pale skin.

But the most attention-grabbing star of the month has to be gorgeous Talia Mint, whose sensational role in “Lesbian Stories Vol. One” has shown off a whole new aspect of this adorable girl’s personality. It’s cute and funny to see pretty Talia playing the streetwise, androgynous player who seduces first big-breasted French fox Anissa Kate, and then her sexy blonde girlfriend, Lucy Heart. Episode three, which shows bad girl Talia meeting her match in sexually voracious Russian doll Lucy, is my top pick of the month. It’s totally unromantic, just two seriously horny girls coming together in an explosion of lust. They eat pussy with a skill and hunger that is very exciting to watch. Hot stuff.

What was your favorite Viv Thomas scene of April 2017?



Viv Thomas movie of the month: March 2017

March is a month when thoughts naturally turn to sex, and the hot lesbian movies at Viv Thomas are sure to have put a spring in your step! We’ve had fetish fun and flirty first dates, sexy blondes and sultry brunettes, slender cuties and busty babes to inspire you. Here’s my personal, and entirely subjective, top three movies of the month…

In “House of Dreams” episode three, director Alis Locanta brought together two of my favorite Spanish sweethearts, Alexa Tomas and Jimena Lago, for some super-stylish high-fashion fetish play. Submissive Jimena looks supremely sexy in a collar and leash, being led around on her hands and knees by dominant Alexa, who is irresistible in stockings and heels. Alexa spanks Jimena, fingers her and fucks her with a dildo, making her climax with an intensity that leaves her shaking.

My next choice is episode three of Sandra Shine’s fabulous “Eve’s Blind Dates,” which features a sizzling cameo from VT superstar Eve Angel, looking gorgeous as ever. The way she sets up adorable newbie Jessica Lincoln with Gina Gerson has to count as the best matchmaking ever – and Gina is rapidly becoming one of my all-time top performers, bringing a natural charm, vivaciousness and ravenous appetite for sex to everything she does. She’s also an insanely skilful pussy-eater. If you haven’t seen her behind-the-scenes interview you will definitely want to check it out. Honorable mention also has to go to episode two of this movie, for teaming up the hottest mature model on the planet, Dorothy Black, with horny little Taissia for some scorching anal action. Taken as a whole, “Eve’s Blind Dates” looks set to become an instant VT classic.

The third of my top picks for the month is “Let’s Play,” the VT debut of talented new director J. Zakari. He builds the sexual tension masterfully as blonde bombshell Tracy Lindsay – looking outrageously sexy in thigh high leather boots – plays power games with pretty and pliable brunette Tess. Tracy’s ice queen demeanor lends itself perfectly to the kinky domme role as she extracts maximum pleasure from her plaything. It’s a beautiful and very arousing introduction to this exciting new director’s work.

What was your favorite VT scene of March 2017?


Viv Thomas movie of the month: February 2017

February is for lovers; especially lovers of exciting erotica! February 2017 saw the release of some major new movies from Viv Thomas, starring some of our most gorgeous stars, and some hot new models too. Here’s my entirely subjective top three movies of the month…

Summer Memories” episode four: Inspired casting from director Alis Locanta, bringing together French fox Nikita Bellucci and Spanish stunner Julia Roca. Both girls are beautiful in an edgy, unconventional way, and both bring boundless energy and passion to their scenes. If there’s a girl who makes more noise when she gets aroused than Julia, I’ve yet to discover her, and those husky cries of pleasure drive me crazy. One of the hottest shower scenes I’ve seen; those firm bodies look sensational dripping wet!

Luna’s Heavenly Bodies” episode one: This gets bonus points for featuring sexy director Sandra Shine in an extended cameo role… and damn, she looks hotter than ever! Scripted by our very own Paul Holmes, the storyline is cute and funny, and gives flirty Luna Corazon plenty of opportunity to shine. The Brazilian beauty seduces gorgeous Mexican babe Frida Sante, with tons of hot kissing and voracious pussy eating. As one member noted, it’s a classic light-hearted VT romp in the finest tradition.

My top scene of the month has to be episode one of “Outlines: Reloaded,” which sees Alis Locanta doing what he does best – pushing the boundaries of erotica with stylish, seductive and highly sexual imagery. Busty Stella Cox makes her VT debut in memorable fashion, turning vivacious Penelope Cum into her sexual plaything, spanking and licking her before riding her face. The inventive cinematography, creative use of fast cuts and slow-motion, colour, sound and light, all adds up to something fresh and highly erotically charged. Bravo!

So, did I pick your favorite this month?


Viv Thomas movie of the month: January 2017

Despite the grey days and post-holiday season slump, January has been a sparklingly sexy month here at Viv Thomas. We’ve seen a bunch of gorgeous new models, as well as some of our returning favorites, and some scorching hot girl-on-girl action that’s really turned up the temperature.

It’s not easy to pick a favorite with so much hotness on offer, but here’s my (entirely subjective) pick of the top three scenes that got my motor running this month. Have I picked yours?

My First: Reloaded” episode three – Sweet Cat and Nikita Bellucci. The third scene starring this pair, and if I had my way I’d see them together another fifty times – their chemistry is off the scale! Sexy blonde Cat seems to get a particularly naughty gleam in her eye whenever she looks at Nikita. The tattooed French fox, usually so sexually confident and forceful, plays the shy first-timer ready to be seduced here, and she does it beautifully. She looks stunning in sexy lingerie, while Cat looks sensational naked, tanned and between her new lover’s thighs as she teaches her the joys of lesbian sex.

All About Me” episode three – Lexi Dona and Paula Shy. The return of two top Viv Thomas stars, busty Asian beauty Paula and athletic hottie Lexi, in a scene that ticks all the boxes – there’s a steamy sixty-nine, some frenetic scissoring and lashings of juicy pussy-eating. They really know how to please each other, and look spectacular doing it. Another classic from Alis Locanta.

Choosing the best scene from my favorite movie of the month, Sandra Shine’s “Androgynous,” is a challenge – each scene has its own unique flavour, from fresh ebony superstar Luna playing the stalker to get her girl, to busty blonde Aislin dominating her car mechanic, and sexy chauffeur Rina Ellis servicing Latina babe Frida Sante. But episode three, in which leggy Kerry Cherry performs a scorching lapdance for cross-dressing Roxy Dee, really hit the spot. Kerry looks incredible in lingerie and heels, bumping and grinding on her admirer before indulging in some delicious oral action.

So that’s my personal top three scenes of the month. Did I pick yours?


Eve Angel returns for cameo role in new Sandra Shine movie!

Eve Angel is erotic royalty; a raven-haired, doe-eyed, curvaceous beauty who starred in many classic Viv Thomas movies and had a long on-off love affair with Jo that inspired some explosively passionate scenes.

Eve stepped back from performing a couple of years ago and has been sorely missed; so I’m very excited to reveal that she will be appearing in her great friend Sandra Shine’s new movie. Eve – looking as sensational as ever – plays a mischievous matchmaker who loves fixing her friends up with new sexual partners, and although it’s theoretically a “non-sex role,” let’s just say that a girl as naughty as Eve tends to have trouble keeping her hands (and lips) to herself!

Olivia Grace, Anie Darling, Selena Mur and Rebecca Volpetti will also appear in the movie, which has a working title of “Eve’s Blind Dates.” Look out for it at Viv Thomas soon!


Luna Corazon – ebony beauty taking Viv Thomas by storm!

Here’s a very cute behind the scenes glimpse from Sandra Shine’s current location shoot, a starring vehicle for Brazilian beauty Luna Corazon with the working title of “Luna’s Heavenly Bodies.” Luna and her partner in this scene, Russian hottie Katrin Tequila, certainly seem to have taken a liking to each other!

In Luna, our wonderful model-turned-director Sandra seems to have found the perfect muse: not only is the sexy dark-skinned 26-year-old utterly gorgeous and super-cool with that chic afro hairdo, she’s also smart, multi-lingual and a great actress! Check out the opening of “Androgynous” episode one to see her playing the menacing seductress who blows Kira Thorn’s mind; and if you’re into fit and athletic babes, see her kickboxing before she eats coach Erika Korti into a froth in “Sandra’s Sporty Girls” episode four.

Sandra spotted Luna’s star potential the moment she set eyes on her, and immediately wrote a movie to showcase her incredible sexual heat, energy and sense of fun. Look out for it here at Viv Thomas in February. 


Sexy babes in yoga pants star in Sandra’s Sporty Girls!

If you’re a lover of fit and flexible women in skintight sportswear, prepare to be enthralled by the latest movie from superstar model turned director Sandra Shine for Viv Thomas. The bevy of beauties in “Sandra’s Sporty Girls” has been hand picked for their strength, suppleness and sexual magnetism – and they bring as much energy and passion to their lesbian liaisons as they do to their workouts.

Sandra even appears in a cameo role as the running coach who brings gorgeous blonde Nancy A and slender brunette Chelsy Sun together in episode one. The girls start as rivals for Sandra’s attention, but jealousy boils over into locker room lust as they lick each other to orgasm after orgasm.

Episode two finds cute Ginger Fox asking trainer Nataly Gold for help getting in shape. Nataly has trouble disguising her arousal when she sees Ginger’s firm physique glistening with perspiration, and soon uses the weights bench in the gym for a much hotter purpose, peeling off her tight yoga pants for a very special training program.

In episode three, sweet Brandy Smile comes to the rescue when voluptuous Zafira sprains her ankle rollerskating. Brandy finds the perfect way to take her friend’s mind off the pain, distracting her by eating her to a froth in a sensual sixty-nine.

The final episode sees dusky Brazilian bombshell Luna Corazon testing her boxing skills against adorable Erika Korti. When Erika gets caught by a stray punch, Luna shows her concern by kissing her better. Erika makes a rapid recovery, eating Luna’s juicy pink pussy and sitting on her face as she rides to an intense climax of her own.

Scripted by veteran Viv Thomas staffer Paul Holmes aka Holmsey, who created the classic “Story of She 2” and Sandra’s recent blockbuster “Love Lesson,” this is a playful and passionate movie that’s sure to have your pulse racing. The first episode of “Sandra’s Sporty Girls” launches tomorrow… let’s get physical!


New movie from superstar Viv Thomas director Sandra Shine!

I’m so excited to tell you about legendary model-turned-director Sandra Shine’s brand new movie for Viv Thomas. ‘Love Lesson,’ which launches from today, was written by our very own Paul Holmes aka Holmesy, who as many of you know has been involved with the running of Viv Thomas for several years, and was responsible for scripting such favourites as ‘Story of She 2.’

‘Love Lesson’ harks back to classic Viv Thomas plotlines, with a racy story concerning two lesbian couples that get entangled in each other’s love lives during a summer vacation. And who better to film this than Sandra, who has experienced the special blend of romance, lust and fun from both sides of the camera, having starred in unforgettable films from Viv’s own directing heyday including ‘Prim and Improper,’ ‘Butterfly’ and ‘I Dream of Jo.’

Let’s not forget our stellar cast, either; Gina Gerson makes a long-awaited return to Viv Thomas as the adorable little cutie trying to make her sophisticated partner, Henessy, relax and have some fun; while Ivana Sugar and Anina Silk are the playful couple who are only too willing to show their new friends how to have a good time. Shot in a beautiful sun-drenched villa and combining all the best elements that have made Viv Thomas a force to be reckoned with over the years, ‘Love Lesson’ feels like something very special. And did I mention that the sex is SUPER-HOT, with lashings of intense pussy-eating, face-sitting and tribbing? I can’t wait to hear what you all think of it.



Thirty years of babes from Viv Thomas - N 17

I’m continuing my celebration of thirty years of babes - thirty magnificent years since Viv Thomas first picked up a camera and started photographing beautiful girls. This time I’m looking at the sexy stunners whose names begin with the letter ‘S’ - and as some of you rightly pointed out, there are far too many superstars to do justice to in one blog post. So this time I will just be looking at the girls Sa-Si, with the rest to follow soon!

Thirty years of babes - the super-sexy sweethearts beginning with S!

English rose Sammy-Jayne was so striking, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and an incredible body. But what made her a star was the way her posh British accent and elegant style were combined with a huge appetite for sex! She never looked better than with a big cock in her mouth and ass in Sex Analyst, but Viv also loved to cast her in leg sex titles like Heels and Hose 1 as she looked totally irresistible in classic lingerie and high heels.

thirty years of babes

Sandra Shine is one of the best loved stars ever to come out of Hungary. A natural beauty with perfect-handful breasts, Sandra shot more than twenty movies and scores of photosets with Viv before setting up her own model agency and production company. Prim and Improper, Sex With Sandra Shine and Simply Shine are just a few highlights of an amazing career.

thirty years of babes

Sandy was Viv’s first superstar discovery, and as I wrote in this recent blog post, she was one of the girls who helped to shape what became best known for - gorgeous girls having great lesbian sex in luxurious locations. The Hungarian hottie starred in many terrific titles, including Private Practice and Sandy Babe Abroad 2 before launching her own model agency.

thirty years of babes

Czech cutie Silvia Saint was a massive star, known for her pretty face, fabulously flexible figure, and affinity for hardcore humping! We loved her best in lesbian classics like Inside Peaches and The Art of Kissing 2, showing off her beautiful body and deeply sensual nature.

thirty years of babes

There are plenty of other girls worth a mention in the first half of the ‘S’ girls - Brit babes Shay Hendrix and Samantha Bentley, cute Sandra Sanchez and sophisticated Simony Diamond all spring to mind. Next time, I’ll be looking at the second half of the ‘S’ babes, Sl-Sz, and there are some more big stars to come!

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Avril’s sexy pic of the day!


Classic beauties Sandra Shine and Eve Angel share a passionate kiss in the pool at sundown. Wouldn’t you love to be there?

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Simply Shine - a lesbian classic!

Simply Shine

Sandra on location – simply stunning!

Simply Shine isn’t a typical Viv Thomas lesbian classic. There’s no plot, no acting, and the locations are nothing unusual - although they are gorgeous. What makes this movie so memorable is the outstanding quality of the girls, and the genuine connection, intimacy and sensuality of the sex.

Of course, much of this movie’s enduring appeal is due to its star, the incomparable Sandra Shine. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll already know that I consider Sandra to be one of the most beautiful, desirable and sexually charged girls ever to grace the screen. Sandra loves girls, makes them feel special - and crucially, is a super-talented pussy eater who can give orgasm after orgasm to her costars!

The stars of Simply Shine

Pretty blonde Lola is an exquisite match for Sandra, and the attraction between them is palpable as they gradually tease and caress each other towards ultimate pleasure.

Simply Shine

Sandra and Lola

Pint-sized sex-bomb Vera is as sexually experienced as her partner here, and this makes for a powerful and explosive coupling!

Simply Shine

Sandra and Vera

Who can resist Jo‘s charms? Although we often see her exploring her sweet and almost-innocent side, in this hot scene she is all woman!

Simply Shine

Sandra and Jo

Sweet Zuzana‘s rooftop encounter with Sandra sees her furry pussy taking a vigorous fingering and licking. I love the camera angles in this scene that let us get right in on the action!

Simply Shine

Sandra and Zuzana

The stunning final scene finds Eve Angel and Sandra in a passionate embrace at dusk, enjoying the sensations of the cool water and each other’s hot touch. They soon seem to forget that the camera is there as they explore and excite each other.

Simply Shine

Sandra and Eve Angel

Simply Shine is available on DVD and HD download from our store. Which is your favourite scene?

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Lesbian Seduction from Viv Thomas - N 3

lesbian seduction

Blue Angel teaches Jo all about pussy eating!

The opening fourway from Prim and Improper is a classic lesbian seduction from one of our most popular movies. It starts with society girls Vera and Sandra Shine incredulous as naive Jo confesses she has never experienced oral sex. While they are explaining that being licked is the ultimate pleasure, who should appear but Blue Angel - who is notorious for her pussy-eating skills!

Blue Angel is an expert at lesbian seduction!

It doesn’t take much to persuade Blue that Jo is in need of some expert tuition - and when Jo sees this blonde beauty close up, she succumbs to her natural urges and lets Blue peel off her shorts and panties and explore her pussy with that talented tongue. Of course, seeing Jo get so thoroughly aroused is a huge turn-on for Sandra and Vera, who turn to each other for some mutual satisfaction.

lesbian seduction

Vera’s turn to experience Blue Angel’s sexual prowess!

Once Jo has enjoyed her first ever orgasm from cunnilingus, Blue invites the other girls to take a taste. The voracious Blue then decides it’s Vera’s turn to get a deep fingering and licking, and it seems Jo’s lesbian seduction is complete as she spreads Sandra’s legs and practices what she’s just learned.

I love the dialogue and acting in this scene; it has a really natural feel and Jo is totally believable as the innocent sweetie all ready to be corrupted by her more worldly friends. Blue Angel has never looked more beautiful and the scene builds to a crescendo as the other three reward her for bringing them such exquisite pleasure by going to town on her and making her climax hard.

Prim and Improper is available on HD download and DVD from our store. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out - it’s a fan favourite with good reason!

lesbian seduction

Blue Angel gets her reward!

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Skinny Dips – something even you can do

Skinny dipping in the lake

The scene is beautifully set. It’s a hot, lazy afternoon and the girls are drowsy after a tasty lunch up at the house. They come for a walk and settle down in the cool shade of a tree to relax, chatting about their innermost thoughts.

Jo seizes on a pause in the conversation and asks all innocently: “Do you mind if I swim in the lake?” Both girls know the entire afternoon has changed it’s purpose and sex hangs in the air as Jo strips and casually saunters down to the water’s edge…

Personally, think it’s one of our best scenes. Am I the only one, or do you find this setup incredibly… ummm…. stimulating too?

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Late nights on the set of Return of Sandy

These were golden moments in lesbian porn …the Viv Thomas crew sitting on a bed, chatting with Sandy and Sophie Moone late at night (way after Viv had gone to bed) about life, sex and dildos (what else?).

They take a bet that the other girls are not fucking at this very moment, and hell… are the boys in for a surprise.

These were golden moments on location and every minute of this film deserves to be absorbed and remembered for all time…

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A quick look back at The Return of Sandy

It’s wonderful to revisit older titles and this one is extremely special: “The Return of Sandy”

Watch five stunning porn queens go at each other like sex-starved, pussy carving nymphettes on heat. These young, firm, all-star babes suck, finger-fuck and eat tight wet pussy until the sun goes down. Unplanned, unscripted and on-heat, these girls are so fit and sexually charged you’ll make yourself sore. An all time classic.

In this three minute long free trailer, Sandy introduces us to the girls on location:

  • Sophie Moone
  • Sandra Shine
  • Jo
  • Sophie Paris

Wouldn’t you love to have joined in?

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Are handful-sized breasts best?


Oops! Seems like I caused a bit of a stir by suggesting that huge natural hooters were the greatest thing ever. Plenty of you were quick to jump to the defence of perky palm-sized boobs, not to mention itty bitty titties.

I’m surprised nobody mentioned Sandra Shine‘s fabulous natural funbags though. Sandra has an amazing body, and her perfectly proportioned breasts look and feel awesome – trust me, I have copped a feel on many occasions! I love their slightly upturned tilt, as if her nipples are searching for the attention they deserve…

I just can’t get enough of Sandra, which may be one of the reasons why we have shot her so many times – so far we’ve racked up an impressive

  • 69 scenes
  • 83 photo sets
  • 25 movies

…and I still want more more more! Check out Sandra’s beautiful boobs (not to mention her pretty face, peachy bottom and lovely long legs) and tell me if she makes your top ten list!


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Beyonce’s sexy bikini campaign!


I’ve never been a huge H&M fan (more like an S&M fan, tee hee!) but the high street clothing chain has certainly raised its game with a brand new ad campaign starring Beyonce. Damn, she’s smokin’ hot!

It got me thinking, who is your favourite bikini babe? Okay, so I know you probably prefer to see our models naked, but being a very girly girl, I do enjoy watching a bit of bikini-clad frolicking. I might have to cheat and cast my vote for the incredibly sexy duo seen below – Sandra Shine and Eve Angel. Now don’t you think an ad campaign starring these two could sell a billion bikinis?


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The life of a porn star – perfect!

Imagine this, you arrive in an exotic country, get whisked off to a fairy-tale mansion with all your buddies that you have known for years and get to drink champagne naked in the pool minutes after you have arrived!

I guess not all porn shoots are like this, but when porn stars get invited to shoot for in Portugal, not many say no!

Edit – this is an old video “Simply the Best” is already available in our shop.

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Blue Angel invites Sandra Shine over for a swim

Naked Impulses 2 is a great lesbian porn film – I mean if you include two of Europorn’s all time girl girl legends: Blue Angel and Sandra Shine what do you expect?

The gist of this video is as follows: The guy down the road with the big house and swimming pool has gone away. Blue Angel and Sandra Shine decide to jump the wall and make full use of the amenities!

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Sandra Shine and Eve Angel get soaked in Hot Wet Lesbians!

Much as we all appreciate fresh flesh to ogle, sometimes it’s nice to kick back and watch two major-league stars getting together to shoot a lesbian sex scene. We know them really well, they know each other really, really well, and there’s no question they know exactly what turns each other on. And when you put two megastars together – as we did with Sandra Shine and Eve Angel for the much-anticipated forthcoming release Hot Wet Lesbians – they need so little direction we can all just settle down to enjoy the action!

Seeing Sandra work her magic on Eve was a lesson in seduction. There are genuine sparks between these two, and Eve was purring like a kitten as she submitted to a sensuous pussy-licking and ass-fingering from her longtime friend. We did see her more dominant side too, as she sprayed Sandra’s overheated pussy with cool water and subjected her to a delicious tongue-lashing.

I don’t think there’s anything we could teach these two beautiful women about pleasuring pussy, so the guys didn’t try – they were just happy to be there, capturing it on camera. As for me, the damp patch on my chair may not just have been from the water that was being freely splashed around on the set of Hot Wet Lesbians!

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New lesbian movie Stockings and Lace is available now from!

Sexy girls in pretty lingerie having passionate lesbian sex… is there anything I would rather watch? Putting together the styling for the new release Stockings and Lace was a labour of love for me. Imagine helping Vera try on a bra, or watching while Sandra Shine chooses between two pairs of panties, and you’ll understand why I think I have the best job in the world!

The match-ups in Stockings and Lace are absolutely top-notch – whether your taste runs to busty babes, or lesbian video legends, blondes or brunettes, there’s sure to be a girl who tickles your fancy here! The pairings are:

Cindy Hope and Sandra Shine

Vera and Alexa Candy

Nesty and Nicole Sweet

Cindy Hope and Lexi Lowe

Colette and Eve Angel

Delicious! I have my favourites here – who’s yours?

Stockings and Lace is available to view at now, or to buy from our DVD store. Enjoy!

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Simply the Best – new lesbian release set to become instant classic!

The eagerly anticipated new lesbian movie Simply the Best will be released by on January 25th – that’s Burns Night of course, though personally I’m more interested in gorgeous naked lesbian sex than haggis and whisky!

We’re all immensely proud of Simply the Best, and off the top of my head I can think of five good reasons why I think you will love it too.

1: Jo. Everyone’s favourite sweet little temptress turned sultry siren, she seems to get more confident in her sexuality with every passing day and there’s no question she’s all woman now!

2: Vera. Explosive sex bomb in a tiny buxom package, Vera is always full of fun, mischief and upfront carnal pleasure.

3: Sandra Shine. Knockout body, lovely face, terrific personality – Sandra is almost regal in her bearing, but very down to earth when it comes to sex!

4. Eve Angel. Beautiful, ethereal, but also very physically warm and with a deft touch which leaves her partners purring!

5. Antonya. Stunning girl who has risen to the challenge of matching these more experienced girls with relish and won their hearts!

I could give you a hundred more reasons why I think you’re going to love the intense and passionate lesbian sex, superstar hook-ups and intimate moments of Simply the Best. But actually, I’m looking forward to having you tell me which are your favourite bits!

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Lucky Antonya gets the lesbian licking of her life from Vera and Sandra Shine!

If a girl who was relatively new to filming was invited to make a list of girls she’d most like to shoot a lesbian scene with, who do you think would be on there? I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that Vera and Sandra Shine would be at the top of the list. But Antonya was even luckier than that, as she didn’t have to ask. Her fairy godmother (that’s me – Avril!) had the genius idea that she should shoot a threeway scene with both of them at the same time, for the much anticipated forthcoming release Simply the Best. And that’s exactly what happened!

I guess a lot of girls would have been a bit overwhelmed at the idea of being sandwiched between two such total lesbian legends, but not Antonya. Oh no. This girl loves sex, and was so thrilled at the idea of getting an expert pussy-licking from two girls she had masturbated over many, many times (she confessed as much to me) that there was no room for nerves. As for Vera and Sandra, I think they were quite aroused at the idea of giving Antonya a very thorough working over – and of course they are really into each other too, so I was anticipating fireworks.

No disappointment for me, as three very wet and puffy pussies were licked and fingered and pampered to perfection. Antonya has a really pretty pussy (as well as great tits and a fabulous rump) and her new bosom buddies lavished plenty of attention on it. Naturally they made sure they got their fair share of the satisfaction too – and Vera indulged in the anal stimulation she frequently craves!

A few people have asked why we decided to include Antonya, a relatively new face, in our round-up of superstars for Simply the Best. Watch this lesbian threeway scene and it will become blindingly obvious why we picked her – she’s damn hot!

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Jo’s hot lesbian scene with Sandra Shine in Simply the Best!

Putting our dreamgirl Jo together with the legendary Sandra Shine for the much-anticipated release Simply the Best gave a lot of us here at sleepless nights. It’s not that we were worried about how it would turn out – we’re talking about two of the sexiest girls on the planet here – it’s just that we were all too excited to sleep!

Jo confessed to me that she felt the same – if it looks like her pussy is already juiced-up with anticipation at the start of the scene that’s because it really was (and the fact that she’d been masturbating to try and calm herself down a bit may have added to the wetness!). Sandra, meanwhile, was cool as a cucumber, despite the heat. She’s so confident in her sexuality, which is one of the things that makes her so arousing to watch.

Let’s not forget that Jo is no longer the sweet little sex kitten we first saw though. She has developed into a beautiful woman with a genuine love of sex. When girls film a lesbian sex scene with Jo for the first time they always seem surprised at how adept she is – she can please a pussy very skillfully with her fingers and tongue, and I’ve seen her reduce another girl to quivering jelly in mere seconds!

Putting Jo and Sandra together was quite explosive – we wondered who would take control. Sandra drove Jo wild by trickling ice-cold champagne down her overheated pussy crack and then lapping it up. I would have happily pushed my face right in there at that point! Seeing Jo with her fingers knuckle-deep in Sandra’s ass a little later though, it was clear she was equally happy to give pleasure as to receive it. Sandra came so hard every inch of her body was trembling.

I needed a cold shower and a glass of champagne myself after watching the filming of this lesbian sex scene! Meanwhile Jo and Sandra were not to be seen for some hours – and when they finally emerged that evening they both had a rather satisfied glow about them!

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Sandra Shine is Simply the Best lesbian video star!

No question about it, the much-anticipated new release Simply the Best is doing a great job of feeding my Sandra Shine obsession. Firstly, she looks absolutely awe-inspiring, which is nothing new for Sandra, but the thrill of watching her having lesbian sex sure as hell never wears off for me!

Secondly, she has some incredible partners in this movie. There’s a wet and wild session with Antonya in the pool that I have watched dozens of times already and still keep returning to view ‘one more time’. There’s a delicious match-up with Jo that sees Sandra trickling ice cold champagne down Jo’s pussy-crack, and then Jo giving Sandra a vigorous asshole fingering – yum! And there’s a threeway between Sandra, Antonya and the lovely Vera – let’s just say I found this scene very ‘satisfying’, and I’m sure you will too!

There might be a hotter woman than Sandra in the world, but if there is, I haven’t met her yet! She really is Simply the Best.

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Three new Sandra Shine movies for 2012!

Have I mentioned how much I love Sandra Shine? Only six or seven hundred times, right? Of all the ‘classic’ stars, she’s still the one that takes my breath away every time I see her. I’ve spent many a happy hour watching Sandra shoot lesbian video scenes – and then watching those scenes over and over again!

So it’s a pretty massive understatement to say that I’m excited we have three new movies starring Sandra Shine to release in the very near future (and you know what happens when Avril gets excited, huh?!)

Hot Wet Lesbians has a rather delicious pairing of Sandra with the most famous ass in the west – yes, I’m talking about Eve Angel‘s fabulous derriere! Of course the rest of Eve is there too, but I could not tear my eyes away from that beautiful bubble butt. Sandra and Eve certainly are hot, they most definitely get wet… and I was hot and wet too, by the end of that scene!

Stockings and Lace sees Sandra getting it on with another big favourite of mine, Cindy Hope. These two look absolutely stunning together, and were quite clearly feeling the love for each other too – or should that be intense lust? Cindy is such a sexual girl, and the two of them together make for a dynamite lesbian video scene.

Then of course there is the much-anticipated Simply the Best, possibly the most classic cast we’ve ever put together. There are so many highlights to this I don’t even know where to start, and Sandra features heavily in my favourite moments! Seeing her lick champagne from Jo‘s pussy is definitely one, and I don’t think Antonya has ever recovered from the pool workout Sandra gave her!

I have a feeling 2012 is going to be a big year for Sandra Shine fans… and previewing these scenes for you has put a smile on my face and a tingle somewhere else! Tell me, fellow Sandra lovers – which of these pairings are you looking forward to most?

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Sandra Shine shares the benefit of her lesbian video experience!

One of my favourite parts of the brand new release Story of She isn’t even a full lesbian video scene – although it is pretty hot and steamy. It’s a guest starring appearance from the incomparable Sandra Shine, who is responsible for awakening Lexi Lowe‘s lesbian curiosity in a breathless encounter that leaves Lexi shaken and very stirred.

It got me thinking back to Sandra’s own sexual awakening… she first shot with Viv Thomas when she was just 18, and although she was a pretty girl (albeit with her hair dyed blonde in those days) I don’t think any of us realized just how impressively she would blossom. She did already have those spectacular boobs, though! Her natural charm made us all want to see her again, and as her confidence emerged and she turned into a skilled teaser and pleaser of pussy, she became quite a favourite around here!

Now of course, Sandra is a deserved megastar, with a successful model agency, so it’s a treat to see her once more in front of the camera. And for a less experienced girl like Lexi, what a thrill to be touched, teased and pleased by Sandra! Lexi told me she will never forget the sensation of those lips touching hers for the first time!

If you want to see more of the delicious Sandra in action (and who doesn’t!), look out for the future lesbian video release Simply the Best… but for now, check out her appearance in Story of She – it made Lexi’s day! Meanwhile, here’s a pictorial reminder of Sandra’s progression from babyfaced blonde to brunette superstar!

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Sex with Sandra Shine

sex-with-sandra-shineI don’t know why I get this feeling but Sandra Shine is one of the most incredible girls we have ever worked with and it sometimes feels like she is sidelined on our site. I guess because she is off working on her own projects now and running her own web site – hopefully very successfully. In honour of all her work with us, the guys compiled her greatest scenes in one DVD: Sex with Sandra Shine.

Do you think we chose the right scenes or do we need to do a version 2 as well? I have added the trailer after the break and you can buy the DVD here or pay for the download if you need it NOW! :)

The mighty Fleshbot just published a review on Sex with Sandra Shine by the equally renowned Gram Ponante of Porn Valley. Thanks guys!

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The Best Breasts – Part 1

sandras-breastsI’ve decided to do a few posts in homage to some of the best breasts out there on planet erotica. I am a boob man first and foremost (although I am partial to a tasty looking ass also), so the following posts will be in my own opinion, some of the finest out there in porno land. I’m not saying I should be the master of mammary but I like to think I know a nice breast when I see one, well preferably a pair. Also to be in my best breasts posts does not mean the girls just have to have big boobs, the best breasts come in many shapes and sizes as we’ll see in the following posts.

Who to start with? Sandra Shine of course. This girl has an absolutely fantastic pair of full tits, firm and bold, they pack a punch without being overly large. They’re perfect for her body frame, with ripe nipples and a natural cleavage that just sends me drooling. Having those heaving bad boys in front of me wold mesmerize me like headlights to a rabbit.

I also happen to have the perfect video clip to show her assets off. whilst going through some shoot tapes from the production The Return Of Sandy I came across an introduction clip filmed for Reality Porn 2 that was filmed the same week. The shot required is for Sandra Shine to bounce topless up and down on a trampoline and introduce that episode of Reality Porn. Well here it is in all its unedited and raw glory, featuring the perfect Sandra getting breathless by the end of the final and third take.

To read more and view the clip click here

Sandra’s amazing personality and just how much of a nice girl she really is shines through here (see what I did there), but most importantly her amazing breasts bounce up and down lots of times. Enjoy the clip, more best breasts to follow…

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Lesbian Encounters DVD Release


I’m happy to announce the DVD version of Lesbian Encounters is now available in our shop. You’ll be able to sink your teeth into bonus goodies including all the outtakes and unseen footage. Here’s a little taster to wet your appetite.

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Tit To Clit

tittoclitblogpicNow here’s an unusual clip of sexual activity that I spotted whilst going through the behind-the-scenes shoot tapes from the production Sandy Agent Provocateur. I’m sure it’s not unheard of but I cant say that I’ve come across it very often either. It involves rubbing the breast against the clit, whilst at the same time almost using it as a big soft dildo, dropping it on the pussy and pushing against it.

In this clip, Sandy is on her back and Sandra Shine is in between her spread legs. Watch the clip to see how Sandra grabs her perfectly formed breast and rubs it all over Sandy’s pussy, she even attempts a kind of thrusting motion with it, moving her body up and down so it lifts and drops into Sandy’s succulent sex. Sandy then spreads her lips wide, exposing her pussy, for Sandy to try and penetrate with her hard bullet like nipple.

I’m intrigued as to whether or not any of our female readers have ever thought of rubbing their breasts into their partners pussies. I’m sure the nipple clipping the clit would provoke quite pleasurable results but is there something more to it, is it that when your breasts then get sucked by your partner that they are coated in their own juices from their own bodies, the fragrant scent fuels more lust?

When it boils down to it tho, whatever the reason behind this, it’s still hotter then pissing on spark plugs. Enjoy the clip and let me know your views in the comments below.

Click here to view the clip

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Position Of The Week – Cowgirl Tribbing

cowgirltribbingblogpicThe clip below is a snapshot of two scenes from two productions, each showing the beauty of the position chosen for this week from different viewpoints. Before I talk about the clip tho I want to talk a bit about the actual position first.

Why have we chosen this position and whats so good about it? Well this position is highly liked for possibly several reasons. Firstly it’s almost a heterosexual position, so a male viewer can really get into the scene watching the two lovely ladies grinding away at each other. Secondly it could be seen as a dominant position, with the woman on top taking more control as the other lies on her back, in a helpless sort of manner. My own personal preference for liking this position is that I love the idea of two pussies rubbing against each other, moistened lips and folds pressing and catching, creating their own wet friction as their juices mix and mingle whilst their engorged clit’s are caressed by their naturally lubed soft skin. All the while accompanied by the sounds of wet membrane on membrane. Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom…

Okay I’m back lets talk about the clip. In the first part we see the much loved Nelly with the tempting Tori, taken from the production Girl On Girl 2 (fantastic film by the way). Nelly’s bum is slightly raised here and I love the way she undulates her groin upwards, desperately seeking contact with Tori’s damp sex. Both girls are getting quite a lot out of this position, their groans and gasps escaping them Tori’s free hand reaching down to squeeze Nelly’s perfect breast. This position also allows for kissing as we can see when Nelly gets up on one elbow to mingle other juices whilst they still grind away. Phew!

To read more and view the brilliant clip please click here

The second part of the clip features two hall of famer’s, Eve Angel & Sandra Shine, taken from the superb production Pink Velvet 3. We get different angles on the position here, ad some quality close ups of the two gladiator pussies battling it out for the orgasmic prize. Fuck this is a horny scene, you can imagine Eve’s coarse pubic hair setting Sandra’s sensitive skin on fire as their pussies juice up and Sandra’s absolutely fucking fantastic tits are squeezed and groped by Eve in their mounting passion.

To summarize, before I head off to the bathroom to fire another web from the wrist (call me Spiderman), I think this position is one of my all time favorites for lesbian shenanigans. For all the reasons mentioned above and also because their hands are free to tweak nipples, stroke bodies and generally stoke the fires of orgasm. I mean the idea of one girl on top, pussies rubbing together….just watch the clip, I’ve got to go…

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“You can not get pregnant by swallowing spunk…”

vivthomascom_44084Wise words there, spunk ingested orally is simply a source protein and enjoyment for whomever’s spunk it is.

Private Practice was a sex-comedy we made in 2004 for Mayfair Magazine. I’ve blogged about it before, but since the download version has just become available I thought I would post one last clip. This is from a scene filmed between Stella and Sandy.

It’s done with it’s tongue firmly in it’s cheek so please no comments about Stella’s young schoolgirl acting or her costume, yes they are both colourful exaggerations of reality; although if you went to my school in South Wales you wouldn’t know it. This question she asks Sandy in the scene was actually asked by a 16-year-old girl in my Sex Ed class causing me to burst into spontaneous and hysterical laughter and saw me removed from the class and spending the next 45 minutes waiting outside until everyone had finished their various lines of questioning. <Video Clip after jump>

Anyway – wow, check out Stella’s soft wet pussy, I was so close to her filming that I could feel the warmth coming from it (insert big smiley face grin here.)

Other Private Practice blogs: The nurse, premature ejaculation and Outtakes

Buy now.

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Female Orgasms (Part 6)

sandrashinesandygreatorgasContinuing on with Spunk L Davis ‘Female Orgasm’ posts, I’ve taken up the baton and decided to add this clip to the collective. In this scene, taken from the production Sandy Agent Provocateur, Sandy and Sandra Shine are consuming each other in the bedrooom. Now this have got to be two of the most hottest and popular European porn stars ever, and you can see why in the performances below.

What I love most of all about this clip is Sandra’s orgasm, brought about by Sandy’s expert cunnilingus skills. This behind the scenes camera catches the raw footage of Sandy sucking and licking Sandra’s pussy before zooming out to catch Sandra have a extraordinary powerful orgasm. I love the way Sandra gasps with pleasure, pulling Sandy’s head into her mound and her stomach undulating as the waves of orgasm radiate out from her twitching pussy.

To read more and see the clip click here click here

What I also like about this clip is how it catches the fun the girls have as they work together, with Sandra eager to return the sweet favor of an orgasm right back at Sandy. It’s evident these lovely ladies fancy the panties off each other and are eager to get down and dirty to deliver pleasure back and forth!

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I saw an article on Fleshbot about this new movie “Champion” and I thought it worthy of a post here. Looks interesting, obviously not the kind of thing that we do here, but perhaps in some way closer to a previous, more common perception of lesbianism, fundamentally where girls are less ‘girly’ and romance is just the name of some French movie.

Shine Louise Houston has created what has been called an “indie lesbian film which happens to have sex in it,” and from the looks of things, pretty damn strong, intense sex.

Check flesbot for a clip.

I think people like Shine Louise Houston might not be on the same path as us but we’re certainly walking in the same direction, both trying to break ground in erotic film, and as it says here (where you can buy the movie) “transcend the level of ordinary porn.” I’m in full support.

Pink and White Productions.

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Who’s The Best Kisser? Part 5

Carrying on today with this series of blogs, started by this thread, we will be watching Lisa devour the succulent Sandra Shine. This clip was taken from the production The Art Of Kissing, and it is a steamy scene indeed.

Being a big Sandra Shine fan, I loved her in Butterfly, i was looking forward to selecting this clip and I have to say it doesn’t disappoint. Sandra and Lisa just look good together, an almost natural chemistry that comes across in their performance. The sensuous kissing between these two really turned me on, and makes for great viewing.

So click play already and watch two beautiful women sharing some spittle, top stuff! More tomorrow.

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Sandra is Shining

Another sneaky clip from Lesbian Encounters, Viv’s all-star Lesbian Opus. Here we see the incredible Sandra Shine and the gorgeous Judith Nero meeting after a long absence.

The filming of this scene was quite intense. The sun was blazing down and the sweat was dripping off the girls as they rolled around on the leather seats of the Mercedes convertible. Sandra took the lead and devoured every inch of Judith’s body.

They weren’t the only ones sweating believe me. I had sex in a car once…..not as easy as these girls make it look.

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Stella, Sandra and all doing the Flamengo!

While filming Butterfly and Our Movie in Spain there was a knock on the door one tequila-fueled evening from a man carrying a stage on his back…”I make Flamengo for your girls, and then I make love to them.” He wooed them with his sweaty Flamengo love that evening, although I can confirm he didn’t get to make any Flamengo lovin’.

Couple of things I noticed was that Stella and Sandra are great dancers, those girls can move! We later got Stella to dance for the movie Lust Fever and I used that same footage in Unfaithful 3 for the lesbian club scene at the beginning.

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Download Viv’s Dream Team now!

We have just made the simply stunning babes of Viv’s Dream Team available for download.

This title features exclusive pairings of Sandy, Sandra Shine, Vera, Sophie Moon, Eve Angel, Peaches, Stella Stevens, Gina B, Bridgett & Jamie. They are arguably some of the most beautiful & most popular models to have graced a VT viewfinder.

The release ties in quite nicely with a recent poll on our forum about favourite scene pairings. My favourite ever pairing is Vera & Zora Banx in Confessions of the Make-up Artist. Seriously hot stuff! Or wait a minute, is it Stella Stevens & Zora Banx? Maybe that’s even hotter, the girls dripping sweat on each other and….

Uh-hmm! Anyway, Viv’s Dream Team is now available to download here for $14.95.

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Sticky Fingers

I once asked a girl in school if she ever masturbated when she was alone and she told me, ‘no, never!’ Later on, in my teenage years I asked a girlfriend the same question, and she told me, ‘…no, I make you do it for me.’

Of course later I had other girlfriends who admitted it to me, but for the most part the women I knew were reluctant to talk about it, let alone admit it. Some years later I found myself working in porn where a girl told me that any girl who says they don’t masturbate is lying. How gullible I had been.

Filming solo scenes is one of my favourite activities, there’s just something so damn hot about watching a girl do it to herself, some of the models get themselves really worked up too. We’re spending more time filming scenes like this now because there’s so much we haven’t done in terms of female masturbation scenes. We’ve also released Sticky Fingers 1 as a download, so to celebrate the occasion here’s a clip of Sandra Shine flicking her bean. She got herself pretty moist too.

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The Return Of The Return Of Sandy- Unseen


Following on from a previous blog here is some more unseen footage from The Return Of Sandy. We used the simple equation, Pool + Naked Girls = Entertainment, while filming this. Read on for the clip…..

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Return Of Sandy – Unseen

As requested by Becks I went though the The Return Of Sandy in the hope of finding some good, unseen material. Now just bear in mind that we had around 10 hours of footage here, I didn’t edit the movie, and the guy who did had a problem with sunflower seeds at the time, in short, he was an addict. He was also addicted to raisins, pumpkins and cereal. Now whether these things affected his desktop managment I don’t know, but the whole thing is a catastrophic mess. Never mind the return of Sandy, I was lucky to return to my desk after going on there. I will attempt at some point to find some more good stuff.

Anyway I eventually found a timeline called “Unused.” I have made two parts, the first one here, and I have not even attempted to edit them, so the sound cuts off in a couple of places. So in this clip you can enjoy Avril enjoying to dress Sophie Moone, a short Sandra Shine interview, and someone licking some else’s pussy.

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A helping hand from Sandra

Some of you might think i’m slightly obsessed with the sight of VT starlets handling man meat…….what can i say…….you’re not wrong.

Here’s a clip featuring the lovely Sandra Shine. It’s a few years ago and she was obviously drafted in as the Lezbo third wheel in a standard boy/girl/girl 3-some. However the randy fella cannot resist grabbing her hand and placing it around his schlong, well you would wouldn’t you? She’s happy to play along as well……good girl Miss Shine.

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Only Blue Can Make Me Happy (part7)

More philosophical insights from Laszlo, one of the most prolific Hungarian model agents, who’s been around since the beginning of the porno boom in Budapest. Also featuring Sandy and Sandra getting their asses kicked at tennis-doubles by Federer and Nadal (no, wait, that’s Viv and Sean), Mates playing headers with Kirsty from the official Czech Rep. womens football team, and Tye and Lew getting softened up by some of the models. Clip after the jump…

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Outtakes with Sandy, Vera, Sandra and Stella

xHere’s a couple of good outtakes from the movie Private Practice. It was great fun making this movie, as always. Some of these girls are a joy. Most fondly I remember making Sandra Shine slap Frank Major about a dozen times, not because she couldn’t get it right, but because he is a lucky lucky bastard. Enjoy.
Clip after the jump -

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