An all-time classic lesbian movie!

February 26, 2013 - by: Avril


A recent twitter chat (you can follow me @Avril_VT) reminded me about one of my favourite ever lesbian movies, Butterfly. I’d posted a classic archive pic of this most delicious pairing, Sandra Shine and Stella Stevens, which provoked a very perceptive comment:

“I think their scene in Butterfly was one of the first Euro girl/girl scenes to show models fucking rather than posing.”

I felt inspired to go back and watch Butterfly again when I read that (Sandra Shine is my most enduring girl-crush, so I didn’t need much persuading!) and… WOW! What an amazing line-up of girls we had in that movie! Eight total hotties, including Sophie Moon and Liz Honey! Not to mention a proper storyline, great locations and a whole heap of genuine hot fucking – it’s everything I love in a lesbian classic.

If you haven’t seen Butterfly yet, treat yourself – it’s really something special.

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It’s funny, we were only discussing the perils and pitfalls of filming orgy scenes recently, and now along comes a lesbian orgy that literally takes my breath away! Lesbian Sex Diaries – Julie’s Story is an erotic tale of six college girlfriends who reunite to awaken their deep lesbian lust, culminating in a torrid orgy scene that leaves no pussy unexplored. It was filmed by talented director John Chalk, a name you will recognize if you’ve been a Viv Thomas fan since the nineties – John was responsible for shooting much of our video action back then, and so we’re incredibly proud to be official distributors of this exciting movie.

Now I’ll admit to being somewhat partisan – I usually prefer Viv’s movies to everyone else’s (I guess the man just knows how to turn me on!) – but this film is pretty special. The girls are hot, the camerawork is sexy as hell, and there’s enough pussy and ass-reaming to satisfy my most carnal urges! And the orgy scene – wow! Beautifully shot, filthy, hardcore lesbian sex, I love it!

Lesbian Sex Diaries – Julie’s Story is available from our store on DVD, download and HD download now. I’ll show you some more tasty tidbits from it presently, but for now, here’s a sneak peak of that remarkable orgy scene to whet your appetite…

VT229_LesbianSexDiaries_JuliesStory-blog Episode 6 Orgy 36 Episode 6 Orgy 49 Episode 6 Orgy 58 Episode 6 Orgy 104 Episode 6 Orgy 110 Episode 6 Orgy 114 Episode 6 Orgy 127

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Five things I love about Eve Angel!

September 04, 2012 - by: Avril

I could list thousands of things I love about Eve Angel, but I’m restricting myself to five…

1. She’s beautiful. I don’t mean porn-star beautiful, I mean actual, real life, stop and stare at her in the street beautiful. Too gorgeous for porn, but she does it anyway – how fab is that!

2. She’s remote, ethereal, dreamy and almost angelic, and yet… she eats pussy like a champion, knows exactly how to make a girl cum hard, and isn’t shy about asking for what gets her off sexually.

3. She’s not as shy as she used to be. Check out her recent on-camera interview to see how open, chatty and engaging she can be. And how sexy, of course.

4. She’s naturally happy, fun and playful, despite being reserved at times. On our recent location shoot for Tides of Lust the other girls seemed to gravitate towards her. Everyone loves being around her. And classy as she is, she’s not above giving you a flash of boob or bum cheek, just to make you smile!

5. Jo loves her. Really, really loves her. You know what I’m saying here! And if she’s sexy enough to inspire Jo’s total adoration, she’s certainly hot enough for the rest of us!

What are your favourite things about Eve Angel?

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Blast from the past – a blonde Jo

July 27, 2012 - by: Nick Spillum

Jo's Secret Video

Back in 2004 Jo took a trip to London for work (and to try and pick up girls). See in the clip below, how sneaky she is when faking an injury here :)))

It was taken from Jo’s Secret Video – which is a timeless romp through some gorgeous English girls from the perspective of our most popular Hungarian: Jo!

Blast from the past – a blonde Jo from on Vimeo.

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Blue Angel invites Sandra Shine over for a swim

July 25, 2012 - by: Nick Spillum

Naked Impulses 2 is a great lesbian porn film – I mean if you include two of Europorn’s all time girl girl legends: Blue Angel and Sandra Shine what do you expect?

The gist of this video is as follows: The guy down the road with the big house and swimming pool has gone away. Blue Angel and Sandra Shine decide to jump the wall and make full use of the amenities!

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Watching girls kissing!

July 16, 2012 - by: Avril

It doesn’t surprise me that the Art of Kissing movies are three of our most popular titles. Who doesn’t love to watch beautiful girls touching gently, moving in for a more passionate kiss, and getting lost in the hot wetness of each other’s lips? Sure, I love to see sexy lesbian babes getting down to the nitty-gritty, sucking nipples and eating pussy, but if there’s no chemistry in the kissing then it’s not a classic match-up.

Some perfect pairings that are particularly memorable for me are Jo and Nella in Art of Kissing 3, Eve Angel and Lisa in Art of Kissing 2, and Sandra Shine with Lisa (again!) in the original Art of Kissing. But then I may be biased in picking girls that I love, so I can’t say for sure that these are the hottest kisses! Maybe it’s time for a fourth edition…

What do you folks think? Is Lisa the best kisser ever? And are there kissing scenes from our more recent movies that stand out?

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Just in case you had forgotten about our award winning lesbian title “Mums and Daughters 2″, here’s a little reminder of the Blue Angel and Antonya lesbian video scene. Enjoy!

Antonya and Blue Angel kiss in Mums and Daughters 2 from on Vimeo.

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In search of the perfect blonde!

July 12, 2012 - by: Avril

We were talking about designing the perfect blonde in the office today (yup, that’s the kind of conversation we have all the time… don’t you wish you had my job?). Anyway, I was trying to describe what I like best in a blonde – tall, statuesque, with big firm breasts, lovely long legs, a pert bottom, a tight pussy and a pretty face. And then I realized I was describing an actual person, not just a fantasy girl!

Remember Bianca? I just spent the last couple of hours poring over her photosets (see, I told you I had the best job!) and sure enough, she has all the attributes that make her a classic blonde beauty. Viv loved her too, because of those gorgeous legs and cute feet – he even shot a leg sex shoot with her! She was amazing in lesbian sets, and we also shot one boy-girl set, where she sucked cock very enthusiastically!

So what do you think, folks? Was Bianca one of your favourites? And is she the perfect blonde, or can you think of one that tops her?

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Five things I love about Jo!

July 10, 2012 - by: Avril

Of course there are a lot more than five things I love about Jo, there are thousands, but if I started to list them we’d be here all day! So here are the first five that popped into my head…

1. She loves to cook. Witness the behind-the-scenes video from our recent beach movie shoot. What’s not to love about a gorgeous girl who will pick you up, bang your brains out and then cook you a slap-up breakfast the next morning? It’s enough to turn any straight girl into a lesbian…

2. She’s funny. She tells a mean joke (usually in Hungarian, unfortunately) and loves to clown around on set. She’s also a bit of a practical joker, which creates a great atmosphere on location… although I still haven’t quite forgiven her for putting my new sunhat and scarf on the potbellied pig! The girls all love to be around her, because she’s so much fun (and also because she eats pussy really, really well!).

3. She’s not shy when talking about sex. “I like all my orgasms to be real,” is her mantra, “the camera can tell the difference, and I don’t want to waste my time having bad sex!” When she’s filming a scene she will direct the girl, “Lick a little bit harder, press harder with your finger,” and the result is explosive orgasms, happy Jo and great footage! Her recent scenes for new release I Dream of Jo 2 saw her becoming much more confident and vocal about what she wanted, and so the sex is scorching!

4. She’s ambitious. She won’t rest until I Dream of Jo is the best website in the world! She gets such a buzz out of planning shoots, working with new partners and old favourites, exploring new locations and trying different sexual moves. “I learn something new from every girl I have sex with, and every girl tastes and smells different, makes me orgasm in a new way, challenges my own ideas about sexuality… I love it!” she says. “I want to share with my fans the excitement I feel each time I have sex with a beautiful new girl. That first touch, the way her pussy feels, her soft skin – it’s the most thrilling thing to reveal that on camera.”

5. She’s beautiful, sexy, sweet, warm and utterly adorable. But then you knew that already!

What do you love about Jo?

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Mums and Daughters: take a bow!

June 11, 2012 - by: Nick Spillum

It’s awesome getting compliments. The one below was attached to the first scene of lesbian porn film Mum’s and Daughters.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I’ve watched probably hundreds of girl-girl movies, but never have I felt the need to comment on one before watching this scene. Examples like the above are the reason that the Viv Thomas team are, quite simply, the best in the world at what they do.

Have you seen Mums and Daughters yet?

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