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An all-time classic lesbian movie!


A recent twitter chat (you can follow me @Avril_VT) reminded me about one of my favourite ever lesbian movies, Butterfly. I’d posted a classic archive pic of this most delicious pairing, Sandra Shine and Stella Stevens, which provoked a very perceptive comment:

“I think their scene in Butterfly was one of the first Euro girl/girl scenes to show models fucking rather than posing.”

I felt inspired to go back and watch Butterfly again when I read that (Sandra Shine is my most enduring girl-crush, so I didn’t need much persuading!) and… WOW! What an amazing line-up of girls we had in that movie! Eight total hotties, including Sophie Moon and Liz Honey! Not to mention a proper storyline, great locations and a whole heap of genuine hot fucking – it’s everything I love in a lesbian classic.

If you haven’t seen Butterfly yet, treat yourself – it’s really something special.

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Breathtaking orgy scene in new release Lesbian Sex Diaries!

It’s funny, we were only discussing the perils and pitfalls of filming orgy scenes recently, and now along comes a lesbian orgy that literally takes my breath away! Lesbian Sex Diaries – Julie’s Story is an erotic tale of six college girlfriends who reunite to awaken their deep lesbian lust, culminating in a torrid orgy scene that leaves no pussy unexplored. It was filmed by talented director John Chalk, a name you will recognize if you’ve been a Viv Thomas fan since the nineties – John was responsible for shooting much of our video action back then, and so we’re incredibly proud to be official distributors of this exciting movie.

Now I’ll admit to being somewhat partisan – I usually prefer Viv’s movies to everyone else’s (I guess the man just knows how to turn me on!) – but this film is pretty special. The girls are hot, the camerawork is sexy as hell, and there’s enough pussy and ass-reaming to satisfy my most carnal urges! And the orgy scene – wow! Beautifully shot, filthy, hardcore lesbian sex, I love it!

Lesbian Sex Diaries – Julie’s Story is available from our store on DVD, download and HD download now. I’ll show you some more tasty tidbits from it presently, but for now, here’s a sneak peak of that remarkable orgy scene to whet your appetite…

VT229_LesbianSexDiaries_JuliesStory-blog Episode 6 Orgy 36 Episode 6 Orgy 49 Episode 6 Orgy 58 Episode 6 Orgy 104 Episode 6 Orgy 110 Episode 6 Orgy 114 Episode 6 Orgy 127

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Five things I love about Eve Angel!

I could list thousands of things I love about Eve Angel, but I’m restricting myself to five…

1. She’s beautiful. I don’t mean porn-star beautiful, I mean actual, real life, stop and stare at her in the street beautiful. Too gorgeous for porn, but she does it anyway – how fab is that!

2. She’s remote, ethereal, dreamy and almost angelic, and yet… she eats pussy like a champion, knows exactly how to make a girl cum hard, and isn’t shy about asking for what gets her off sexually.

3. She’s not as shy as she used to be. Check out her recent on-camera interview to see how open, chatty and engaging she can be. And how sexy, of course.

4. She’s naturally happy, fun and playful, despite being reserved at times. On our recent location shoot for Tides of Lust the other girls seemed to gravitate towards her. Everyone loves being around her. And classy as she is, she’s not above giving you a flash of boob or bum cheek, just to make you smile!

5. Jo loves her. Really, really loves her. You know what I’m saying here! And if she’s sexy enough to inspire Jo’s total adoration, she’s certainly hot enough for the rest of us!

What are your favourite things about Eve Angel?

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Blast from the past – a blonde Jo

Jo's Secret Video

Back in 2004 Jo took a trip to London for work (and to try and pick up girls). See in the clip below, how sneaky she is when faking an injury here :)))

It was taken from Jo’s Secret Video – which is a timeless romp through some gorgeous English girls from the perspective of our most popular Hungarian: Jo!

Blast from the past – a blonde Jo from on Vimeo.

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Blue Angel invites Sandra Shine over for a swim

Naked Impulses 2 is a great lesbian porn film – I mean if you include two of Europorn’s all time girl girl legends: Blue Angel and Sandra Shine what do you expect?

The gist of this video is as follows: The guy down the road with the big house and swimming pool has gone away. Blue Angel and Sandra Shine decide to jump the wall and make full use of the amenities!

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Watching girls kissing!

It doesn’t surprise me that the Art of Kissing movies are three of our most popular titles. Who doesn’t love to watch beautiful girls touching gently, moving in for a more passionate kiss, and getting lost in the hot wetness of each other’s lips? Sure, I love to see sexy lesbian babes getting down to the nitty-gritty, sucking nipples and eating pussy, but if there’s no chemistry in the kissing then it’s not a classic match-up.

Some perfect pairings that are particularly memorable for me are Jo and Nella in Art of Kissing 3, Eve Angel and Lisa in Art of Kissing 2, and Sandra Shine with Lisa (again!) in the original Art of Kissing. But then I may be biased in picking girls that I love, so I can’t say for sure that these are the hottest kisses! Maybe it’s time for a fourth edition…

What do you folks think? Is Lisa the best kisser ever? And are there kissing scenes from our more recent movies that stand out?

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A snippet from Mums and Daughters 2 with Blue Angel and Antonya

Just in case you had forgotten about our award winning lesbian title “Mums and Daughters 2″, here’s a little reminder of the Blue Angel and Antonya lesbian video scene. Enjoy!

Antonya and Blue Angel kiss in Mums and Daughters 2 from on Vimeo.

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In search of the perfect blonde!

We were talking about designing the perfect blonde in the office today (yup, that’s the kind of conversation we have all the time… don’t you wish you had my job?). Anyway, I was trying to describe what I like best in a blonde – tall, statuesque, with big firm breasts, lovely long legs, a pert bottom, a tight pussy and a pretty face. And then I realized I was describing an actual person, not just a fantasy girl!

Remember Bianca? I just spent the last couple of hours poring over her photosets (see, I told you I had the best job!) and sure enough, she has all the attributes that make her a classic blonde beauty. Viv loved her too, because of those gorgeous legs and cute feet – he even shot a leg sex shoot with her! She was amazing in lesbian sets, and we also shot one boy-girl set, where she sucked cock very enthusiastically!

So what do you think, folks? Was Bianca one of your favourites? And is she the perfect blonde, or can you think of one that tops her?

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Five things I love about Jo!

Of course there are a lot more than five things I love about Jo, there are thousands, but if I started to list them we’d be here all day! So here are the first five that popped into my head…

1. She loves to cook. Witness the behind-the-scenes video from our recent beach movie shoot. What’s not to love about a gorgeous girl who will pick you up, bang your brains out and then cook you a slap-up breakfast the next morning? It’s enough to turn any straight girl into a lesbian…

2. She’s funny. She tells a mean joke (usually in Hungarian, unfortunately) and loves to clown around on set. She’s also a bit of a practical joker, which creates a great atmosphere on location… although I still haven’t quite forgiven her for putting my new sunhat and scarf on the potbellied pig! The girls all love to be around her, because she’s so much fun (and also because she eats pussy really, really well!).

3. She’s not shy when talking about sex. “I like all my orgasms to be real,” is her mantra, “the camera can tell the difference, and I don’t want to waste my time having bad sex!” When she’s filming a scene she will direct the girl, “Lick a little bit harder, press harder with your finger,” and the result is explosive orgasms, happy Jo and great footage! Her recent scenes for new release I Dream of Jo 2 saw her becoming much more confident and vocal about what she wanted, and so the sex is scorching!

4. She’s ambitious. She won’t rest until I Dream of Jo is the best website in the world! She gets such a buzz out of planning shoots, working with new partners and old favourites, exploring new locations and trying different sexual moves. “I learn something new from every girl I have sex with, and every girl tastes and smells different, makes me orgasm in a new way, challenges my own ideas about sexuality… I love it!” she says. “I want to share with my fans the excitement I feel each time I have sex with a beautiful new girl. That first touch, the way her pussy feels, her soft skin – it’s the most thrilling thing to reveal that on camera.”

5. She’s beautiful, sexy, sweet, warm and utterly adorable. But then you knew that already!

What do you love about Jo?

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Mums and Daughters: take a bow!

It’s awesome getting compliments. The one below was attached to the first scene of lesbian porn film Mum’s and Daughters.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I’ve watched probably hundreds of girl-girl movies, but never have I felt the need to comment on one before watching this scene. Examples like the above are the reason that the Viv Thomas team are, quite simply, the best in the world at what they do.

Have you seen Mums and Daughters yet?

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Great content lined up for

Over the next two weeks we have an unbelievable array of goodness lined up for you on our main pay site:

  • Imagine seeing Zuzana Drabinova again in two extra sets (yes her… from THIS famous post – our all time most popular post on the blog).
  • Ok, that’s cool, but imagine getting a full on set from all time hottie, Aphrodite Night as well. mm mm mm, the BODY on that bird! As one of our site members comments:”Maybe my top all-time model. She is very slender, but those breasts and that smile, and she just always seems to love what she is doing.”
  • That’s not all because Lisa and Eve Angel are lined up in a wonderful lesbian video set,
  • Zuzana and Lola light up Viv’s wine tasting room,
  • Cathy Heaven does a solo video,
  • Vera, Antonya and Sandra Shine go crazy in a threesome photoset and…
  • the piece de resistance is Womans’s Touch – Breast Play finally making it’s way out of post-production and into the limelight.

If you don’t believe me, scope out our updates page, designed specially for these special occasions, and I’ll leave you with the BreastPlay trailer:

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Tea J loves lesbian Breast Play!

I’m a big fan of Tea J‘s breasts. Huge fan, in fact. They are just so enticing – natural, perky and the perfect handful! It seems I’m not the only one… Sandra Sanchez was so delighted to to hook up with Tea for their poolside lesbian scene in the imminent release Woman’s Touch: Breast Play that I though she was going to orgasm before Tea even touched her. She was certainly on a hair trigger!

Sandra’s nipples were absolutely rock hard as Tea poured oil over them and then set about sucking them like a girl on a mission. She told me before the scene that her aim was to make Sandra climax at least three times, and although I don’t know if you can tell from watching the scene, Sandra said afterwards that she made it to six! She managed to focus long enough to give Tea’s spectacular boobs the fondling and licking they deserved though, and seeing them jiggle as Tea rode Sandra’s face was one of my favourite moments of a very visually pleasing pairing.

The whole premise of Woman’s Touch: Breast Play is to show genuinely lesbian girls enjoying the kind of intimate, playful and adventurous sex they would enjoy in private, and I think the guys captured some very erotic action on camera. Personally, I could watch Tea’s breasts bouncing all day… and probably will!

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Lesbian lovers are good enough to eat!

Yum! That does look delicious… and I’m not talking about the cake! When Elisa and Anita hooked up for a passionate lesbian video scene for the imminent release Woman’s Touch: Breast Play they certainly got my mouth watering!

These two girls are both a little below the radar – not stars yet, but girls with that certain something that really makes you want to watch them. The premise of the scene is quite naughty too – let’s just say Anita is a maid who really, really loves to please her mistress! And who could resist licking cream from Elisa’s perky nipples, or Anita’s perfectly pert bum?

I’m quite sure both of those pretty pussies taste sweet as candy, but the addition of the strawberries and cake frosting seemed to make the girls voracious… they were completely satiated by the time they had eaten each other to a sticky climax. This tasty match-up from Woman’s Touch: Breast Play has to be my favourite lesbian food sex scene ever. What’s yours?

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The best model ever?

People often ask me who is my favourite girl, of all the beautiful and sexy models we have worked with over the years. That’s such a tough question… it’s like asking me to name my favourite flower, or puppy, or pair of shoes… they are all so gorgeous!

It’s not remotely difficult for Viv to answer that question, though. Without a second’s hesitation, he will tell you, Diana van Laar. Ahhh, Diana… We first shot her back in 1993, when she was becoming known as one of the top girls in the business – and it’s not hard to see why. Not only was she beautiful, but this long-legged Dutch stunner was probably the most elegant woman we ever worked with. Looking at her pictures now (even with that distinctive nineties styling!) she still looks so fresh, so naturally sexy.

We became such good friends with Diana – we even went to her wedding! – and she also has a special place in our hearts because she was the star of our first ever movie, Leg Sex, shot in 1995. Her co-star, Nikki Tyler, became a Vivid Girl, but it’s Diana you look at!

Diana could have done anything she wanted, but she enjoyed working with us the most, and we always had a whole lot of fun. If you’re not familiar with her, check out that perfect doll-like face, fantastic boobs, pretty pussy, pert bum and of course those long, long legs to see why we were all a little bit in love with her.

As for my favourite girl ever? Well, Diana is certainly a contender. But then there’s Sandy… and Jo… and Vera… and Sandra Shine… Who would you choose?

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Revealing interviews at!

One of the things I enjoy most about working on sexy movies at (apart from the shoes… oh yes, and the sex!) is chatting to the models, getting to know them a little bit better – sometimes a whole lot better! It’s always interesting to hear someone reveal personal things about themselves, especially sexual things! That’s why we love to film behind-the-scenes interviews and candid chats, so you can get to know them a little bit better too.

I was browsing through the interviews today, thinking about some of the girls we haven’t worked with in a while, and they brought back a lot of funny, sexy memories. So many of the models have shared their thoughts with us, from favourites like Vera, Sandy, Sophie Moone, Lisa, Stella Stevens and of course Jo, to rising stars like Blue Angel and Lexi Lowe. There’s also an amusing chat with James Brossman, not to mention our main man Viv Thomas himself sharing a few secrets over a glass of vino! Thoroughly entertaining stuff…

Who would you most like to see us interview? And what would you ask them?

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Pussy Printing Problems

I thought you may be interested in this reblog from a few years ago, now that we are in the midst of creating Office Girls 3. – Spillum

veraphotocopierblogpicWhilst getting the footage for this post, I came across this outtake from the original shoot footage of Office Girls. They say in show business never to work with animals or children, well I’m going to add photocopiers to that list. The premise was simple, Vera is to sit on the photocopier and copy a picture of her sweet pussy and firm ass. But do you think that photocopier is going to comply?

Try as they might, the crew and the lovely Vera cannot fathom how to get it to work. One of my favorite lines is said by Vera when she says “It was choosing the paper size”, ah, right then Vera, jolly good.

Patience and perseverance pays off in the end and the crew get the shot they need. I wonder whatever happened to that photocopy of Vera’s ass and pussy, surely they could have auctioned that off online, especially if it was signed. Enjoy the clip.

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Rebekah Teasdale – an all-time favourite!

Wow, how amazingly hot was Rebekah Teasdale?!? It’s not that we’re resting on our laurels around here – we’re working on some very exciting stuff at the moment – but here at we all seem to have come over a bit nostalgic. Maybe it’s because we’re spring-cleaning the office… we keep turning up amazing stuff from the archives that reminds us of past glories (and hopefully spurs us on to aim even higher!).

Rebekah was a huge favourite, both for us and for the fans, from the first moment we shot her. We only filmed one scene with her, for UK vs Europe (it’s a classic one too!) but we shot plenty of great photosets. She had such a unique look – strong face, great boobs, amazing long legs – that she left a lasting impression.

Would Rebekah make the cut in your All-Time Top Ten?

2422-036 2425-035 2414-029 2429-032 2420-007 2432-035 2434-021

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Sexy shenanigans on location for Office Girls 3!

This week’s shoot for the new movie Office Girls 3 has me exhausted already, and it’s only Wednesday! Maybe it’s because the week started so early, with Rebecca More going out for a run at 5:30am on Monday morning… of course I didn’t have to watch her, but who could resist ogling that delectable bottom in tight little running shorts?

By 9:30am we were already on location at a pretty riverside restaurant, with the girls dressed up to the nines – these pics from someone’s iphone will give you a sneak preview of how hot they were looking. Yum! And since everyone was all warmed up and in the mood to get sexy after that, we dashed straight back to the house to film Suzie Carina in a solo scene out on the verandah. Now, gorgeous Suzie Carina masturbating makes for pretty compelling viewing, but what were those distracting little noises coming from inside the house? I had to tear myself away to find out… Oh! It was Rebecca More and Lexi Lowe warming up for their lesbian sex scene… in my bedroom!!! Check out Rebecca’s Twitter pics to see why I couldn’t resist peeping!

Rebecca and Lexi have some scorching chemistry going on between them, they were whispering and giggling and fondling each other right through the scene and then shooed us all out of the room immediately afterwards… and yes, it was my bedroom! No nap for me then… Just had to amuse myself by taking a dip in the pool with Suzie, and yes, she really is that gorgeous close up, and yes, she does look good soaking wet!

It’s been even more hectic since then… I’ll tell you a bit more when I’ve caught up on my sleep. Suffice to say, these girls are very, very sexual, they like to have fun and they’ve probably had more orgasms in the last three days than you’ve had hot dinners. We’re off to paint the town red now – I don’t think the locals will know what’s hit them!

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Blue Angel’s hot anal scene for Sex Games!

I always have such a sense of anticipation when Viv tells me we’re going to shoot Blue Angel. For those of you who aren’t already huge fans, she’s a pretty, willowy blonde who brings a sense of fun to her scenes and can get into some astonishingly supple positions! She’s also what we can an ‘equal opportunities fucker.’ She loves working with guys as much as girls, and whoever you pair her up with, she smiles and says, “I can’t wait” – and she MEANS IT!

We’ve worked with many girls over the years who really enjoy sex, but Blue Angel has to be one of the most genuinely overtly sexual girls I’ve ever met. Even an innocent phrase like “Can you pass the coffee please?” sounds like a naughty invitation when she says it. As a result, I’m hot and flustered whenever she’s around – and I’m pretty sure it’s not just me who feels that way.

So no doubt you can imagine my excitement when we shot Blue Angel for the new hardcore boy-girl movie Sex Games. She makes no secret of her love of anal sex, and Frank Major makes no secret of his love of Blue Angel’s perfectly pert little bottom! It was a tight squeeze for her to take such a hefty cock up her tightest hole, but with some oiling and wriggling she managed to cram it all the way in. I was filled with admiration that Frank managed to hold back his load for as long as he did with this horny little minx riding him!

You can see some more pics from this red hot scene here, to get you in the mood. I think Sex Games will be well worth the wait. Meanwhile, what’s your favourite Blue Angel scene so far?

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Shay Hendrix loves kinky Sex Games!

Who better to enter into the spirit of our forthcoming boy/girl release Sex Games than busty blonde bombshell Shay Hendrix? This welsh wonder has become a firm favourite with us because of her party-loving, rock chick attitude. She always shakes things up around here with her raucous laughter and hilarious anecdotes, but when it comes to sex, she has the awesome ability to make a guy feel like he’s the only man on the planet.

It also doesn’t hurt that she gives a stellar blowjob! The intensity of her scene in Sex Games, where she’s blindfolded as she lavishes her attention on Andy Mann’s cock, is quite something to behold. Afterwards she told me, “Wow, Avril, it was such an incredible sensation… I totally forgot about the cameras and the crew, because I couldn’t see them. The only thing I was aware of was Andy’s cock twitching and throbbing in my mouth. After a while though, I wanted to see it while I sucked it!” It seemed only fair to switch things around and blindfold Andy so he could savour sucking on Shay’s ample boobs uninterrupted. And we all enjoyed seeing Shay’s bum jiggle as she rode him hard and fast!

Shay’s scene in Sex Games definitely reflects her fun personality, and reminds me why we all like hanging out with her so much. Which of the models would you most like to spend time with, and what would you do (apart from the obvious!)?

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Galaxy Porn Awards Step Up a Notch

This year the Galaxy Porn Awards are stepping up a notch by including a whole week of festivities, instead of the previous year’s purely virtual awards. It’s a Spanish based programme and takes place in Barcelona.

We’re lucky enough to be past the pre-nomination rounds and are nominated for:

  • Best Girl Girl Scene
  • and Best European Website

(which thanks to you, we won last year… <VT takes a bow>). So get on over and have a look see (only after you have had a gander below at THE best girl girl scene this year of course).

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Home sex tape fun with busty Colette!

When we were planning the new hardcore boy-girl release Sex Games, it was my favourite busty bombshell Colette who suggested the theme for her scene with Dexter. It seems Colette loves to make home movies of herself getting fucked – especially in her tight asshole – and thought having our cameras capturing the action at the same time would make the experience even more exciting.

The result is a pretty special scene, as Colette teases and flirts, flashing that spectacular rack, before lavishing a wet blowjob on Dexter’s rigid cock and then riding it hard and fast. She’s such a hot girl it wasn’t too surprising when Dexter relinquished the camera so he could concentrate all his attention on slamming up into her pretty bum as she bounced on him. She has a lot of stamina, and loves drinking cum too! I think her scene for Sex Games might just be her best yet – I love feeling like a peeping tom watching a private moment!

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Stunning newcummer Nicole Smith stars in Wet and Dripping!

There’s no need to ask why we all believe new starlet Nicole Smith is one to watch. I’m quite certain her solo masturbation scene in the forthcoming release Wet and Dripping will make converts of you all. The camera totally adores her as she strokes her pussy and cups her shiny wet boobs, all the while looking like a sultry sex kitten who knows how to make herself purr!

Nicole isn’t merely a pretty girl, she has a certain quality that makes everyone – men and women – stop and stare. When she looks at you, you feel like she’s undressing you with her eyes… and you don’t want her to stop. Even the most experienced girls seem to get a bit shy and giggly when Nicole is around, so we’re really looking forward to shooting her some more and seeing the sparks fly! Who would you like to see her paired up with?

Meanwhile, Nicole’s solo masturbation scene in Wet and Dripping will give you a long, lingering look at her beautiful face, perfect breasts, pert bum and silky smooth pussy. It’s one of my favourite scenes from a very arousing collection of erotica self-pleasure. Yum!

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Carmen Croft’s fabulous breasts play a starring role in Wet and Dripping!

There’s a tradition around here that whenever someone mentions Carmen Croft‘s name, someone else will interject ‘Great rack!’ or ‘Amazing breasts!’ or ‘Fantastic boobs!’ Seriously, you can’t talk about Carmen without those funbags popping up – they really are a standout feature, in all senses!

Carmen’s sexy solo masturbation scene for the forthcoming release Wet and Dripping is simply stunning. She looks the best I’ve ever seen her – just gorgeous! And watching the water cascade off those perfect breasts as she caresses them sensuously is quite mesmerizing. I think we were all a little bit in love with Carmen by the time she had reached a breathless climax.

The only sound in the room was the water splashing down onto those dangerous curves. She looked up and smiled, as if she’d only just realized she was being watched, and asked, “Did you enjoy that? I did!” Yes Carmen, we all enjoyed watching you masturbate very, very much indeed. I think you will all enjoy Carmen’s scene in Wet and Dripping too. Do you think she’s one of the hottest busty babes we’ve ever featured?

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A sneak preview of Jo’s scene from new release Wet and Dripping!

Sometimes I think I have the best job in the world. And sometimes I have trouble keeping quiet about it! That’s why there are a few shots from this scene that will never make it to public viewing – me with my face pressed up against the glass, desperately trying to get closer to the action. Yes, the guys had to banish me from the room for the filming of Jo‘s amazing scene for the forthcoming release Wet and Dripping, because they said I was making too much noise!

I wasn’t talking, you understand. Apparently, although I have no recollection of this, I was letting out little moans and gasps. That’s the effect watching Jo has on me! I don’t think there’s any doubt these days that Jo has moved on from the adorable cuteness of her early modelling career to become a very confident and sensual woman, but she just looks astonishingly sexy in this scene! Much as I enjoy watching her lesbian scenes, it’s very arousing to see the camera focus purely on her beautiful body – and it certainly doesn’t hurt that she’s wearing stockings and looking frankly stunning!

If you haven’t checked out the trailer for Wet and Dripping yet, then I can think of no better way to spend a couple of minutes… or several hours if, like me, you feel compelled to watch it over and over again. I think this could be one of Jo’s hottest ever solo scenes. Which is your favourite Jo solo masturbation scene of all time?

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Do you enjoy watching fisting?

Nella, Peaches and Aletta Ocean got pretty wild in the opening scene of Unfaithful 4 and Nella plunged her teeny little hand deep into Peaches pulsing pussy.

Does this kind of thing drive you nuts with excitement or do you think it’s gross and too extreme?

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Coming soon – Blue Angel and Angelina Wild’s fisting scene in Hot Wet Lesbians!

These are two dirty, dirty girls. While some of the scenes in the imminent release Hot Wet Lesbians are beautiful seduction scenarios – Jo and Vera, for example, share a very sensuous scene – I think there’s something a little nastier, in the true porno sense of the word, about the encounter between Blue Angel and Angelina Wild.

Both these girls have a somewhat darker side, and while they didn’t seem to know each other all that well before we shot them together, they certainly took a shine to each other! Blue Angel has demonstrated before that she seems to know instinctively what her lesbian playmates will enjoy, and as Angelina is a very naughty, fun-loving character, she was delighted to show her appreciation by giving Bluey quite a workout in return.

Now, I like to think I’ve seen it all, but as the lesbian action reached a crescendo and Angelina’s whole fist inched its way into Blue Angel’s tight pussy, I’ll confess I was creeping closer and closer to the sight in disbelief. Blue Angel is so slender and willowy she doesn’t look like she could withstand that type of onslaught, but her moans of pleasure gave away how much she was revelling in the intense sensations. I was mesmerized! You can check out the pics on the paysite now, and the scene in Hot Wet Lesbians is one you really don’t want to miss!

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Remembering Pussy in Paradise – Gina B and Pixie

It’s a hot summer’s night and Gina B and Pixie are in the pool, both smoking hot and itching to lick each other in every possible place imaginable. It could only be Pussy in Paradise - an old gem from Have you seen it yet?

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Sandra Shine and Eve Angel get soaked in Hot Wet Lesbians!

Much as we all appreciate fresh flesh to ogle, sometimes it’s nice to kick back and watch two major-league stars getting together to shoot a lesbian sex scene. We know them really well, they know each other really, really well, and there’s no question they know exactly what turns each other on. And when you put two megastars together – as we did with Sandra Shine and Eve Angel for the much-anticipated forthcoming release Hot Wet Lesbians – they need so little direction we can all just settle down to enjoy the action!

Seeing Sandra work her magic on Eve was a lesson in seduction. There are genuine sparks between these two, and Eve was purring like a kitten as she submitted to a sensuous pussy-licking and ass-fingering from her longtime friend. We did see her more dominant side too, as she sprayed Sandra’s overheated pussy with cool water and subjected her to a delicious tongue-lashing.

I don’t think there’s anything we could teach these two beautiful women about pleasuring pussy, so the guys didn’t try – they were just happy to be there, capturing it on camera. As for me, the damp patch on my chair may not just have been from the water that was being freely splashed around on the set of Hot Wet Lesbians!

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Our best selling title over the last few years – The Art of Sex

As a predominantly girl/girl studio, it’s pretty crazy that our best selling title is a boy/girl one. Isn’t it? Well not really. The idea with The Art of Sex was to take all the tenderness, love and sensuality that we put into our girl/girl or lesbian video titles and create a boy/girl film. It was an experiment and one that worked out really well. Here are some of the directors notes:

The Art Of Sex has been a long time in the making. We didn't want to present it as a story, instead we wanted to go back to basics and concentrate solely on the precious act of making love. We wanted to show its lustful, raw passion, we wanted to show it in all it's natural beauty, and we wanted it to be a true reflection of the emotions and physical pleasure shared between a man and a woman during sex.

We took our time to let the women and the men know each other when filming this project. They needed to want to make love to each other. They had to feel it, they had to be genuinely aroused, they had to be aching for one another. We let the girls choose their partner, and then we stepped back and allowed them the freedom to love each other naturally.

I think we all agree that it turned out perfectly. Have you seen The Art of Sex?

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Talking sex with lesbian video star Tea J

Being part of a multinational South African-British-Portuguese team shooting mainly Czech and Hungarian girls is not without its frustrations. Aside from the interminable travel arrangements, the chief source of aggravation (and much hilarity) on set is the language barrier. We’re lucky so many of the girls have more than a smattering of English, but sometimes directions do get lost in translation!

I find it most frustrating when I’m really intrigued by a girl and want to learn more about her, but we struggle with communication. That’s how it is with Tea J, our current Girl of the Month. Expressive though her sultry body language is, I really wanted to find out more about this exotic beauty, mainly because my heart beats faster each time I see her. So with a little translating help from the luscious Suzie Carina, with whom she shot a wet and slippery bathtub scene for the forthcoming lesbian video Woman’s Touch – Breast Play, here is what I managed to ask:

Avril: Tea, what made you decide to shoot lesbian videos with us?

Tea: Although I do enjoy sex with men as well as women in my personal life, I prefer to watch only lesbian porn. I find it much more sensual, and the idea of being filmed having sex with a beautiful girl really excited me. I find lesbian sex in my personal life feels much more ‘forbidden’ than sex with a guy, and I wanted to see if that would come across on camera. I was so lucky to work with Suzie because she made me forget the camera was there. I was really thinking about how good it felt when she licked my pussy.

Avril: Do you like to watch lesbian porn when you masturbate?

Tea: All the time! Of course I was already aware of Viv’s work before I came to Portugal to shoot. I really like watching Vera’s scenes, I like girls who are a contrast to me. I fantasize about having sex with Vera. Maybe you will make it happen for me, Avril? I masturbate when I remember shooting my scene with Suzie too. In fact, I just did it a few minutes ago. Taste my fingers!

At this point, Tea held her hand out to me, fixing me with a gaze so intense it actually made me blush! This girl is utterly sexual, and very charming – she has already mentally seduced me! Who would you like to see us shoot her with next?

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Is there such a thing as tasteful porn?

Just when I thought I’d seen it all… I have to confess, eel porn is a new experience for me! The world of Genki Genki is Japanese weirdness at its most extreme. It’s freaking me out, but I can’t stop looking – are they really DOING that??? The hilarious translations on the site did make me laugh even as I was shuddering, though!

People who object to ‘porn’ tend to lump it all into one category, but for me there are many shades of sex, from pretty and tasteful lesbian erotica to this kind of shock exploitation porn (I guess you could only call it tasteful if you really love sushi!).

I wonder, do most people only choose to view one type, or do you like different types on different days? I obviously have a strong preference for the beautiful lesbian shoots that specializes in, but I will still sometimes look at really intense hardcore, and even naturalistic POV stuff occasionally. I nearly always get upset by the poor production values and have to look at some pretty lesbian porn afterwards though!

If the shot above has disturbed you too much, here’s an antidote – feast your eyes on the pic below! This is Jo and Vera from the forthcoming release Hot Wet Lesbians, fulfilling all my criteria for gorgeous lesbian porn that doesn’t make me feel dirty (in a bad way) afterwards!

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Blonde-on-brunette combination is so seductive in lesbian movie Stockings and Lace

I’m an equal opportunities lesbian porn fan – I like blondes AND brunettes (and redheads too… and actually I like sexy black girls and asian girls… maybe it’s fair to say I just LIKE GIRLS!). Anyway, one thing I really do especially enjoy is the blonde-on-brunette combination, I think the contrast is so striking. Blonde-on-blonde can be a bit insipid – unless the girls are very similar, in which case it gives me a bit of a kinky thrill! Two brunettes can sometimes be drab. But blonde-on-brunette always looks pretty, especially when they mash their pussies together and you see the contrast in vivid close-up.

Nesty and Nicole Sweet look great together in the forthcoming lesbian video Stockings and Lace. They are both pretty girls in very different ways. Nesty has quite a natural, girl-next-door appeal (I would be such a Peeping Tom if I lived next door to a girl like her!) while Nicole is voluptuous, with what I can only describe as a spectacular rack! Those beautiful breasts get the fondling and licking they deserve in the girls’ lesbian scene, and Nesty looked absolutely delighted to get her hands on them. Nicole’s pussy was very wet by the time Nesty had finished sucking on her sensitive nipples, and she was more than ready for a licking.

It made me wonder, what’s your favourite blonde-on-brunette scene, folks? And do you prefer to see all blondes, all brunettes, or a delightful smorgasbord of every skin colour and hair colour under the rainbow? I love the word smorgasbord, by the way… makes me think of ORGASM!

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Sexy Tea J is our Babe of the Month for Feb!

Making the gorgeous Tea J our Babe of the Month for February was a unanimous decision here at She might be fairly new to the scene, but this vivacious babe has made quite an impression on us all. Shooting a girl for the first time is always both exciting and nerve wracking, but Tea was so natural in front of the camera, managing to convey her true sexy and sultry appeal while not turning into a prima donna! We all loved her, and we knew she’d be perfect for our legendary Halloween shoot - and the feedback from all of you told us she was an instant hit.

Tea had confided in me right from the first day that what she really wanted to do was shoot a lesbian sex scene. She is utterly crazy about girls, but said that in her private life she doesn’t get to “experiment” as much as she would like to – so she was hoping we would allow her the freedom to express her true sexuality. Putting her together with Suzie Carina for our forthcoming movie Woman’s Touch – Breast Play was an inspired choice. Suzie is a cute blonde doll who contrasts beautifully with Tea’s exotic brunette looks, but they both share an intense sexuality which made for some compelling chemistry in their lesbian scene.

Tea was not kidding when she said she liked to eat pussy. She devoured Suzie, leaving her utterly shaken and exhausted, and seemed to be quite unaware of the camera as she was so focused on making her playmate orgasm hard. I hope we’ll be working with her again soon, as watching her plump bum sway and her fabulous tits bounce while she lavished her attention on Suzie was quite a thrill for us all! Who would you most like to see Tea paired with in the future?

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Simply the Best – new lesbian release set to become instant classic!

The eagerly anticipated new lesbian movie Simply the Best will be released by on January 25th – that’s Burns Night of course, though personally I’m more interested in gorgeous naked lesbian sex than haggis and whisky!

We’re all immensely proud of Simply the Best, and off the top of my head I can think of five good reasons why I think you will love it too.

1: Jo. Everyone’s favourite sweet little temptress turned sultry siren, she seems to get more confident in her sexuality with every passing day and there’s no question she’s all woman now!

2: Vera. Explosive sex bomb in a tiny buxom package, Vera is always full of fun, mischief and upfront carnal pleasure.

3: Sandra Shine. Knockout body, lovely face, terrific personality – Sandra is almost regal in her bearing, but very down to earth when it comes to sex!

4. Eve Angel. Beautiful, ethereal, but also very physically warm and with a deft touch which leaves her partners purring!

5. Antonya. Stunning girl who has risen to the challenge of matching these more experienced girls with relish and won their hearts!

I could give you a hundred more reasons why I think you’re going to love the intense and passionate lesbian sex, superstar hook-ups and intimate moments of Simply the Best. But actually, I’m looking forward to having you tell me which are your favourite bits!

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Jo and Vera star in Hot Wet Lesbians – new release from

I love it when a movie title tells you exactly what to expect, and we’ve got three imminent releases from that do just that! Simply the Best reunites some of our all-time favourite girls and will blow your mind with its star power. Stockings and Lace is a special treat for all you lingerie lovers. And Hot Wet Lesbians… I think you can guess what that’s all about!

Ten knockout girls in bikinis get soaking wet and enjoy juicy lesbian sex under the blazing Portuguese sun – you’d better believe Viv Thomas Mansions was a fun place to be while we were shooting this one! I don’t like to grumble, but with naked, nubile, tanned girls running around all over the place I did find it pretty hard to get anything done!

There was one quieter day though. Jo and Vera asked for a ‘closed set’ when they shot their lesbian scene… Jo said she found all the playful, chattering girls a bit of a distraction, and wanted some privacy so she could totally focus on making love to her longtime girlfriend, Vera. Of course, we all adore Jo and will do anything to make her happy, so the other girls were packed off to go shopping and our stunning lesbian lovers were able to pour all their pent-up lust into shooting a very steamy scene!

I was prepared to make myself scarce too, but Vera said, “Please stay, Avril – it turns me on to know you are watching when Jo eats my pussy.” She’s such a tease! There was a very hushed atmosphere as they began to kiss passionately, seemingly oblivious to the camera. I really did feel like I was watching a tender, beautiful lovemaking session, albeit a pretty erotic one with lots of hard orgasms! And needless to say, things got wet… very, very wet! Jo and Vera could be my favourite Hot Wet Lesbians ever.

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Lucky Antonya gets the lesbian licking of her life from Vera and Sandra Shine!

If a girl who was relatively new to filming was invited to make a list of girls she’d most like to shoot a lesbian scene with, who do you think would be on there? I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that Vera and Sandra Shine would be at the top of the list. But Antonya was even luckier than that, as she didn’t have to ask. Her fairy godmother (that’s me – Avril!) had the genius idea that she should shoot a threeway scene with both of them at the same time, for the much anticipated forthcoming release Simply the Best. And that’s exactly what happened!

I guess a lot of girls would have been a bit overwhelmed at the idea of being sandwiched between two such total lesbian legends, but not Antonya. Oh no. This girl loves sex, and was so thrilled at the idea of getting an expert pussy-licking from two girls she had masturbated over many, many times (she confessed as much to me) that there was no room for nerves. As for Vera and Sandra, I think they were quite aroused at the idea of giving Antonya a very thorough working over – and of course they are really into each other too, so I was anticipating fireworks.

No disappointment for me, as three very wet and puffy pussies were licked and fingered and pampered to perfection. Antonya has a really pretty pussy (as well as great tits and a fabulous rump) and her new bosom buddies lavished plenty of attention on it. Naturally they made sure they got their fair share of the satisfaction too – and Vera indulged in the anal stimulation she frequently craves!

A few people have asked why we decided to include Antonya, a relatively new face, in our round-up of superstars for Simply the Best. Watch this lesbian threeway scene and it will become blindingly obvious why we picked her – she’s damn hot!

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Lesbian superstars Vera and Eve Angel get hot and wet in Simply the Best!

Picture the scene. It’s a gloriously sunny day in Portugal and I’m watching two of the most beautiful girls ever, Vera and Eve Angel, having passionate lesbian sex in the pool. It actually doesn’t get much better than this! Putting Vera and Eve together for the forthcoming lesbian movie Simply the Best was an obvious choice, as these two are crazy about each other. They spent a lot of time whispering and cuddling before the scene, which gave me the distinct impression they were planning not so much to fuck each other’s brains out as to ‘make love’.

Of course that doesn’t mean they didn’t go all out to make each other cum – far from it! We all know how much Vera craves anal stimulation, and Eve had a wicked glint in her eye as she fingered Vera’s tight pucker vigorously, to a chorus of rapidly escalating gasps and moans from our pint-sized sex queen. The challenge with Eve is always to shatter her air of serenity, and Vera was certainly able to make her lose her composure with some very focused licking and fingering!

This was one of the most beautiful lesbian scenes I’ve ever witnessed – the girls both looked so pretty, the blonde-on-brunette contrast was delicious, and the chemistry was palpable. Could Eve and Vera’s scene be the most classic lesbian match-up ever?

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Lexi Lowe makes Cindy Hope cum beautifully in Stockings and Lace!

Cindy Hope does everything beautifully. She can’t help it, she looks amazing every second of the day, even when she’s just drinking her coffee or painting her nails. She loves posing for snaps on my camera phone too, and will always flash a bit of panty crotch or nipple, just to tease me. I’m pretty sure she knows I have a massive crush on her, and finds it amusing!

Cindy has an incredible knack of bringing out the best in other girls too – possibly because she’s permanently horny, and believes in wringing out every last drop of pleasure from every sexual encounter, onscreen and off! Lexi Lowe was so excited before shooting a lesbian scene with Cindy for the forthcoming release Stockings and Lace that she could barely speak – and she’s normally quite a chatterbox who keeps us entertained with a stream of filthy anecdotes!

The girls both looked absolutely stunning in their sexy lingerie, and were shooting admiring glances at each other as they got ready for their scene. They don’t know each other particularly well, and I think Lexi was a little taken aback as they started shooting. Cindy is very sweet and friendly off set, but when she’s having sex she’s very direct about what she wants. There’s no pretense or false politeness, she will quite happily give directions until her partner’s tongue is hitting the exact spot she needs to get off. To my delight, Lexi took it as a challenge, and gave Cindy a tongue-lashing in the very best sense of the words!

Cindy seems to instinctively know what her bedfellows desire, and lavished attention on Lexi’s very sensitive nipples, whipping her up into a froth before letting Lexi ride her face. She was literally quivering all over by the time Cindy was finished eating her pussy.

I never get tired of watching Cindy shoot lesbian video action, and she and Lexi seemed very well matched in energy and appetite – their lesbian scene for Stockings and Lace turns me on as much watching it back as it did watching it live!

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Jo and Eve Angel – lesbian lovers reunited for Simply the Best!

I find it really arousing to watch a lesbian video scene where the girls clearly have genuine chemistry. And it enters the stratosphere when you know the girls well, have seen them develop into sexy, confident women, and have watched them make passionate love many times!

Putting our dreamgirl Jo together with fan favourite Eve Angel for the forthcoming release Simply the Best was a no-brainer. These two have so much history, and create such sparks when they shoot together, that it was a natural decision to pair them up when we decided to shoot a movie with our all-time most popular girls. However, it’s not like we had a choice, since Eve put two conditions on appearing in this movie – first was that she and Jo wanted to shoot a really classic scene together, and second was that they wanted to share a room!

So it was that when we started shooting Jo and Eve together in an elegant bathroom setting, we had the distinct impression that they had already ‘warmed up’. Eve can often be so ethereal and dreamy, but she was touching Jo in a very direct and almost dominant way. And Jo looked less innocent and sweet, and more frankly sexual, than I have ever seen her before.

It almost felt like the camera was intruding on a private lovemaking session, but I’m such a voyeur I was perfectly happy to bask in every sultry moment. I can assure you, it wasn’t just the steamy bathroom that was making me feel all hot and flushed! Just watching was reward in itself, so the sweet little gift Eve gave me for granting her wishes was the cherry on the cake! Simply the Best has such a stellar cast it’s hard to choose a favourite scene, but I’ve certainly watched this one a few (dozen) times since it was shot…

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Vera is so sexy in Stockings and Lace!

I’ve always been a fan of Vera‘s beautiful bottom, and it has never looked finer than when perfectly showcased by sexy stockings and suspenders. The forthcoming lesbian video release, Stockings and Lace, does a fabulous job of presenting Vera’s peachy rear view, and an equally fine job of letting those ample tits spill from the confines of her pretty lingerie!

Alexa Candy clearly thinks so too, as she worships Vera with hot kisses and fervent caresses, before zeroing in on Vera’s pussy for some ardent finger and tongue play. The juicy lesbian action reaches a crescendo as Vera’s puckered asshole is stretched to receive a fat dildo, while Alexa lavishes licks on her clit.

Longtime fans of Vera (that’s everyone, surely?!) know that our favourite pint-sized Hungarian is a bona fide pussy-lover. She packs a whole lot of passion, personality and pure fun into that tiny frame. Frankly I envy any girl who gets the benefit of Vera’s experience – she’s been working with for over a decade, and I honestly think she’s prettier and sexier now than she was the first time we saw her. She’s more confident too, and never holds back in front of the camera – believe me, witnessing a Vera orgasm at close quarters is quite a memorable experience! Alexa has been smiling like the cat that got the cream ever since they shot this scene…

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Jo’s hot lesbian scene with Sandra Shine in Simply the Best!

Putting our dreamgirl Jo together with the legendary Sandra Shine for the much-anticipated release Simply the Best gave a lot of us here at sleepless nights. It’s not that we were worried about how it would turn out – we’re talking about two of the sexiest girls on the planet here – it’s just that we were all too excited to sleep!

Jo confessed to me that she felt the same – if it looks like her pussy is already juiced-up with anticipation at the start of the scene that’s because it really was (and the fact that she’d been masturbating to try and calm herself down a bit may have added to the wetness!). Sandra, meanwhile, was cool as a cucumber, despite the heat. She’s so confident in her sexuality, which is one of the things that makes her so arousing to watch.

Let’s not forget that Jo is no longer the sweet little sex kitten we first saw though. She has developed into a beautiful woman with a genuine love of sex. When girls film a lesbian sex scene with Jo for the first time they always seem surprised at how adept she is – she can please a pussy very skillfully with her fingers and tongue, and I’ve seen her reduce another girl to quivering jelly in mere seconds!

Putting Jo and Sandra together was quite explosive – we wondered who would take control. Sandra drove Jo wild by trickling ice-cold champagne down her overheated pussy crack and then lapping it up. I would have happily pushed my face right in there at that point! Seeing Jo with her fingers knuckle-deep in Sandra’s ass a little later though, it was clear she was equally happy to give pleasure as to receive it. Sandra came so hard every inch of her body was trembling.

I needed a cold shower and a glass of champagne myself after watching the filming of this lesbian sex scene! Meanwhile Jo and Sandra were not to be seen for some hours – and when they finally emerged that evening they both had a rather satisfied glow about them!

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Sandra Shine is Simply the Best lesbian video star!

No question about it, the much-anticipated new release Simply the Best is doing a great job of feeding my Sandra Shine obsession. Firstly, she looks absolutely awe-inspiring, which is nothing new for Sandra, but the thrill of watching her having lesbian sex sure as hell never wears off for me!

Secondly, she has some incredible partners in this movie. There’s a wet and wild session with Antonya in the pool that I have watched dozens of times already and still keep returning to view ‘one more time’. There’s a delicious match-up with Jo that sees Sandra trickling ice cold champagne down Jo’s pussy-crack, and then Jo giving Sandra a vigorous asshole fingering – yum! And there’s a threeway between Sandra, Antonya and the lovely Vera – let’s just say I found this scene very ‘satisfying’, and I’m sure you will too!

There might be a hotter woman than Sandra in the world, but if there is, I haven’t met her yet! She really is Simply the Best.

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Hot Wet Lesbians get soaked on video!

I’m quite partial to dripping wet lesbian action… I mean watching it, of course, before you start getting any naughty ideas about me!!!

Really, what could be nicer than seeing two pretty new girls in bikinis that show off their beautiful figures, hosing each other down and getting dripping wet in readiness for some slippery lesbian sex? I love it!

Kelly Cat and Cipriana are two of the girls that caught my eye in the forthcoming release Hot Wet Lesbians. This is a movie packed with big name stars – Sandra Shine, Blue Angel, Jo, Vera and Eve Angel, to mention a few names that I know will get you trembling with anticipation – but it’s cool to see a couple of lesser known girls in there too. And believe me, these two were way too busy exploring each other’s dripping wet pussies to care how famous they are!

It was really quite arousing to see how much fun they had fooling around together – and then how they warmed up and very much enjoyed teasing, touching and tasting each other, getting more and more aroused until fingers were squirming into assholes and strumming juiced-up clits like there was no tomorrow!

They do say variety is the spice of life… and these two provide a very tasty little treat to distract from their much-loved co-stars. Yum!

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Three new Sandra Shine movies for 2012!

Have I mentioned how much I love Sandra Shine? Only six or seven hundred times, right? Of all the ‘classic’ stars, she’s still the one that takes my breath away every time I see her. I’ve spent many a happy hour watching Sandra shoot lesbian video scenes – and then watching those scenes over and over again!

So it’s a pretty massive understatement to say that I’m excited we have three new movies starring Sandra Shine to release in the very near future (and you know what happens when Avril gets excited, huh?!)

Hot Wet Lesbians has a rather delicious pairing of Sandra with the most famous ass in the west – yes, I’m talking about Eve Angel‘s fabulous derriere! Of course the rest of Eve is there too, but I could not tear my eyes away from that beautiful bubble butt. Sandra and Eve certainly are hot, they most definitely get wet… and I was hot and wet too, by the end of that scene!

Stockings and Lace sees Sandra getting it on with another big favourite of mine, Cindy Hope. These two look absolutely stunning together, and were quite clearly feeling the love for each other too – or should that be intense lust? Cindy is such a sexual girl, and the two of them together make for a dynamite lesbian video scene.

Then of course there is the much-anticipated Simply the Best, possibly the most classic cast we’ve ever put together. There are so many highlights to this I don’t even know where to start, and Sandra features heavily in my favourite moments! Seeing her lick champagne from Jo‘s pussy is definitely one, and I don’t think Antonya has ever recovered from the pool workout Sandra gave her!

I have a feeling 2012 is going to be a big year for Sandra Shine fans… and previewing these scenes for you has put a smile on my face and a tingle somewhere else! Tell me, fellow Sandra lovers – which of these pairings are you looking forward to most?

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Your review of 2011 at!

I was going to give you my review of 2011 here at, but you know, my memory is shocking! I have total recall of those juicy little moments that I replay over and over again in my head… but I’m not so great when it comes to remembering exactly who did what to who, and when! Maybe it’s because my life is such a blur of sexy girls getting naked and naughty…!

So, I need your help. Put the year back into focus for me by sharing all your favourite bits, and hopefully it will remind me of what a fabulous year it’s been!

Who was your favourite girl this year?

Best newcomer?

Best lesbian scene?

(I loved Jo and Brandy Smile in Prim and Improper, and Sandra Shine and Blue Angel in Naked Impulses Vol 2, but I’m sure I’ve forgotten some key scenes!)

Best boy/girl scene? That’s if you like boy/girl action at all… I know some of you are divided on that!

Best movie?

And most importantly of all, what would you like to see from in 2012? This is your chance to make it happen, folks!

Thanks for the help – I can’t wait to see what you think. And this coming year, I will make notes!!!


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Lesbian and boy/girl videos available to download this xmas from!

Santa baaaaaby… all I want for xmas is this girl, in this outfit, delivered to my door please! I am a big fan of the sexy Santa outfit – Ann Summers have some super-cute ones this year. I would be only too happy to play Santa’s little helper!

Then what could be nicer after some festive role play than to curl up together and watch a sexy movie, recharge our batteries and get inspired to start all over again? It’s a perfect time to download something new to watch with that special someone! With that in mind, have made available a whole bunch of Playboy TV titles in SD Download format which were previously only available on DVD – so now you don’t have to wait for your fun!

The titles now available from the Viv Thomas store include some great lesbian videos and boy-girl videos:

Girl on Girl on Girl

All Girl Seduction

Boat Rides

Sex @ctually

Interview With A Sex Maniac


Secret Diary Of A Lesbian Nympho

Jo’s Sexy College Diaries

Sordid Secrets

The Making Of A Madame

Kinky College Sluts

Kinky Sex Sluts

Skin Deep

La Corsetry La Femme

There’s something to inspire everyone here! Merry Xmas!!!

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Jo’s Sexy College Diaries now available to download from!

Here’s a very yummy early xmas treat for you – Jo’s Sexy College Diaries is now available in SD download format from the shop, along with some other classic titles which have previously only been available on DVD.

We’ve all relished watching Jo develop from naughty little blonde college girl to the confident brunette bombshell she is today, and it’s such a pleasure to view some of her early lesbian video action once again – it brings back a lot of memories, both fun and sexy! Jo has always had the ability to capture the camera’s attention, she’s just so damn adorable! The other girls clamour to work with her, as it’s no secret that this sweet little sex kitten is not just into being pampered until she purrs – she’s also no slouch when it comes to giving pleasure, and can reduce her partner to a quivering wreck, all the while looking just as innocent as can be!

Jo has some delicious lesbian video scenes with Tiffany, Natalie, Sarah and of course the inimitable Vera (in her brunette days!) in Jo’s Sexy College Diaries, which has been a fan favourite since it was filmed. There really is nobody quite like Jo when it comes to making us all hot and bothered…

CORRECTION from Avril:

Silly me! These pics and cast list refer to the DVD version of Jo’s Sexy College Diaries, which is an entirely different movie! Sorry for the confusion! The Playboy TV download version, which is newly available, actually stars Jo alongside Ella, Jamie, Judith Fox (yum!), Jessica, Pauline, Delores, Passion… and… (drumroll!)…. Lisa! The scenes where Lisa plays an art teacher who seduces Jo is very passionate, I know you will love it!

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Jo’s Sexy College Diaries now available to download from!

Here’s a very yummy early xmas treat for you – Jo’s Sexy College Diaries is now available in SD download format from the shop, along with some other classic titles which have previously only been available on DVD.

We’ve all relished watching Jo develop from naughty little blonde college girl to the confident brunette bombshell she is today, and it’s such a pleasure to view some of her early lesbian video action once again – it brings back a lot of memories, both fun and sexy! Jo has always had the ability to capture the camera’s attention, she’s just so damn adorable! The other girls clamour to work with her, as it’s no secret that this sweet little sex kitten is not just into being pampered until she purrs – she’s also no slouch when it comes to giving pleasure, and can reduce her partner to a quivering wreck, all the while looking just as innocent as can be!

Jo has some delicious lesbian video scenes with Tiffany, Natalie, Sarah and of course the inimitable Vera (in her brunette days!) in Jo’s Sexy College Diaries, which has been a fan favourite since it was filmed. There really is nobody quite like Jo when it comes to making us all hot and bothered…

CORRECTION from Avril:

Silly me! These pics and cast list refer to the DVD version of Jo’s Sexy College Diaries, which is an entirely different movie! Sorry for the confusion! The Playboy TV download version, which is newly available, actually stars Jo alongside Ella, Jamie, Judith Fox (yum!), Jessica, Pauline, Delores, Passion… and… (drumroll!)…. Lisa! The scenes where Lisa plays an art teacher who seduces Jo is very passionate, I know you will love it!

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“Story of She” video freebie

Since Viv’s YouTube account was deleted due to a complaint by some faceless, anonymous cowards yesterday, he asked me to upload this video here on our blog. I guess it’s fair enough, even though we went to great lengths to adhere to the YouTube terms and conditions, porn shouldn’t be on YouTube until they open up an adults only area. So from now on, it’s all happening here! Please tell your friends.

This video shows you the opening few minutes of Scene 3 of Story of She: Sasha and Lexi meeting up in London and Lexi Lowe’s subsequent introduction to pole dancing, lapdancing and cementing her lesbian desires with an old school mate!

The full scene is here.


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Kinzie Kenner kisses a girl

Kinzie Kenner is a real stunner. Watch how she sits in this video with the most revealing t-shirt floating around her incredible boobs. Penny Flame and her are having a giggle at what a prude Delilah Jones is: “Have you ever kissed a girl?”

This is a bit of a blast from the past, having been filmed in early 2006 and the title went on to be one of our more successful ones: In the Family.

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Sandra Shine shares the benefit of her lesbian video experience!

One of my favourite parts of the brand new release Story of She isn’t even a full lesbian video scene – although it is pretty hot and steamy. It’s a guest starring appearance from the incomparable Sandra Shine, who is responsible for awakening Lexi Lowe‘s lesbian curiosity in a breathless encounter that leaves Lexi shaken and very stirred.

It got me thinking back to Sandra’s own sexual awakening… she first shot with Viv Thomas when she was just 18, and although she was a pretty girl (albeit with her hair dyed blonde in those days) I don’t think any of us realized just how impressively she would blossom. She did already have those spectacular boobs, though! Her natural charm made us all want to see her again, and as her confidence emerged and she turned into a skilled teaser and pleaser of pussy, she became quite a favourite around here!

Now of course, Sandra is a deserved megastar, with a successful model agency, so it’s a treat to see her once more in front of the camera. And for a less experienced girl like Lexi, what a thrill to be touched, teased and pleased by Sandra! Lexi told me she will never forget the sensation of those lips touching hers for the first time!

If you want to see more of the delicious Sandra in action (and who doesn’t!), look out for the future lesbian video release Simply the Best… but for now, check out her appearance in Story of She – it made Lexi’s day! Meanwhile, here’s a pictorial reminder of Sandra’s progression from babyfaced blonde to brunette superstar!

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Blue Angel eats pussy like a champion!

No question about it, Blue Angel is super cute. You have to forgive her silly name because it really does describe her very accurately! She’s sweet, sunny and even a bit shy, but she’s also a naughty little vixen. It’s interesting to me to watch the look in her eyes change as she starts to get aroused, and she visibly undergoes the transformation. She’s surprisingly nasty in front of the camera, and clearly loves pussy – which makes me love her!

Blue Angel’s lesbian video scene with Debbie White in the new release Boat Rides is fun, and I have to say Debbie looks cuter here than I remember her! I like the way they improvise with the implements to hand to get each other off – keyring dildo, anyone?! The location also adds a nice twist, as I’m quite sure the rocking of the boat added to the strength of their orgasms!

I’m enjoying watching Blue Angel develop in front of the camera, and I like that she seems to be as much into guys as girls – she certainly responds enthusiastically to both! That perfect, firm little ass may be her finest feature, but her pretty face and small but very perky breasts are also very appealing. She’s a natural in front of the camera too, and as a former gymnast, her flexibility is quite an asset! Mmmm, I’m definitely feeling the love!

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Marlyn’s lesbian threeway in Story of She

Okay I’ve already teased you a bit with the forthcoming lesbian video release Story of She, but that’s because I’m so excited about it! It’s an unusual mix of interesting newer girls with some real veteran stars – the incomparable Lisa of course, not to mention a flirtatious guest appearance from Sandra Shine (and that really will tease the hell out of you!) and a great role for top MILF Marlyn.

Marlyn’s lesbian threeway scene with Lexi Lowe and Sasha is definitely a highlight of Story of She. It’s clear she relishes the role of teacher, and is generous in sharing her expertise when it comes to the fine art of eating pussy! I’ll enjoy seeing Lexi and Sasha put what they learned from her into practice in the future, but for now, my eyes are firmly fixed on Marlyn’s classic curves!

In my opinion, there aren’t enough fabulous MILFs in the industry right now. But who, out of our current stars, can you imagine becoming the MILFs and cougars of the future?

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Exotic Sasha stars in new lesbian video scene!

I love Sasha. No really, when I look at her I think I might actually be in love with her… Or do I mean lust?

I’m guessing Lexi Lowe feels the same, because when the two of them hooked up on the set of the forthcoming release Story of She to shoot a lesbian video scene, Lexi was virtually vibrating with excitement! For a normally very chatty and bubbly girl, she went very quiet and was only answering questions in monosyllables. She clearly couldn’t think about anything except for Sasha.

Now, Sasha often seems to be oblivious to the devastating effect she has on both men and women (which is one of the things I like most about her) but she was sure as hell feeling the vibes Lexi was sending out. The two of them kept looking at each other, looking away, looking back… it was clear they couldn’t wait to touch each other.

Sasha is a Brit babe with Mauritian heritage, which explains that delicious dusky skin, with cute freckles on the nose which we all adore. She plays a dancer in a club, and I’m sure you will agree the skimpy outfit displays her voluptuous body to perfection! Lexi was more interested in getting her hands on those dangerous curves though. She worshipped Sasha’s bounteous boobs (a generous 34D) with her hands and lips, before moving down to that very pretty pussy. Sasha’s sexuality is a slow burn – she starts with a sizzle and builds up to red hot passion! She brings that astonishing combination of doll-like cuteness and feline sensuality to every lesbian video scene, but for me, this one has an extra intensity, and I can only put it down to the chemistry between the two of them.

And yes, Sasha did make Lexi cum too!

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Big boobed lesbian video scene!

Okay, make that huge boobs. Ginormous boobs, even. These boobs should really have their own zip code.

I know some of you are of the opinion that more than a handful is a waste. But I have to say, I really enjoy seeing the way massive boobs bounce up and down with the sheer velocity of their weight and roundness. It’s like watching one of those kinetic desk toys that won’t stop moving once it’s set in action – hypnotising!

Alison Star and Daisey Lee are totally new to me, but their scene in the forthcoming release Boat Rides has certainly piqued my interest. Maybe titanic boobs is actually the best way of describing them, because they look like they are capable of sinking this vessel, the way they sway, leap and bounce around like over-excited chest puppies! I particularly enjoyed seeing one spectacular rack getting doused with champagne – it may be a visual cliche, but it defintely made me feel like celebrating!

This boobilicious scene from Playboy TV production Boat Rides may just be a few inches too much for those of you who prefer your girls unaugmented – although there are some very pretty, totally natural girls in some of the other scenes – but if you’re into the idea of cute, busty girls enjoying lesbian video action which is heavy on the titplay, check it out!

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Angel Long’s hardcore threeway ride!

And now for something a little different… super hardcore video action with no frills but lots of porny nastiness! This is from a forthcoming release of an Andrew Youngman shoot for Playboy TV, titled Boat Rides – and from what I’ve seen so far, it really is quite a ride!

I warn you, this is not a subtle, seductive video – this is big titty bouncing, ass cramming, deep blowjob action all the way! I instantly zeroed in on this threeway between Angel Long, Eliska Cross and David Perry. Angel has intrigued me ever since the days when we were based in the UK. Normally I would have to say tall, skinny British blondes are not my thing, but she has a very compelling way of handling a cock! She never holds back, especially when taking an anal pounding, and I find her exciting to watch.

I really like the look of some of the other girls in Boat Rides – some spectacular boobs on display here – and the location is fun and nicely shot. Need to watch Angel getting her backdoor slammed a few more times before I’m ready to move on, though!

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A preview of Lexi and Lisa’s sexy kissing in Story of She!

I’ve been teasing you all with tales of the kissing in forthcoming lesbian video release Story of She. And yes, the sex is supremely hot – but it’s the kissing I keep watching over and over again! Is there anything better than watching Lisa kissing another girl? Well, as Lexi would tell you, it’s actually being that girl!

The scene has a great intro, as experienced Lisa picks up bi-curious Lexi Lowe in a cafe, takes her home and treats her to a mindblowing sexual awakening. Lisa is one of the finest pussy lickers – make that pussy lovers – around, and so it’s not suprising that she gives Lexi a shaking, shuddering climax. Turns out Lexi is a quick learner, as once she’s come back down to earth she brings Lisa to not one but two powerful orgasms! I love the way this is filmed. You feel like you’re right there in the middle of the action, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one to have my face pressed so close to the screen I was practically licking it!

I wanted to see what would happened when one of‘s veteran lesbian superstars hooked up with an incredibly hot but relatively inexperienced starlet, and now I know – fireworks! Lisa can do no wrong in my eyes, and this is one of her most arousing lesbian scenes to date, due to some bonafide chemistry between her and the boobilicious Lexi. Yum!

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Lexi Lowe’s best lesbian video role?

I find Lexi Lowe a very interesting girl. I don’t just mean sexually, although she is definitely a lesbian video star to watch. I mean, she has a very engaging personality, with lots of opinions, and funny stories and plenty to say, which makes her great fun to have around. We have struck lucky with Welsh girls a few times, it must be something in the water! I do like the way she is very direct and upfront, and she’s just the same when it comes to sex. She’s not too shy to say what she wants and what feels good.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you think of her starring role in the forthcoming Story of She. There is quite a contrast between Lexi, who is tall and lean (although with fabulous natural boobs and a curvy bum!) and her petite costars like Antonya and Lisa. She might have a bit less lesbian video experience than them, but you wouldn’t know it. There was a lot of heat on set, and I think it really translates to the screen!

I’d never actually sen Lexi eat pussy in the flesh, so to speak, so I enjoyed being on the set of Story of She. I had watched her flirting with Lisa and building up the sexual tension, so that was the scene I was most looking forward to, and I wasn’t disappointed. All the kissing, touching and licking was very arousing to witness! I asked Lisa afterwards if the orgasms were as powerful as they appeared, and she said yes, they most certainly were!

Can’t wait to see which scene you like best, but for now, I am enjoying replaying that scene in my head, as well as on screen!

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Antonya stars in two new lesbian videos!

Antonya is such a hottie it’s no wonder we are featuring her in two forthcoming lesbian video releases – two that we’re very proud of.

First, there’s Story of She, in which she plays a sad young girl who gets sexually awakened. It’s a great role for her, as she is genuinely a shy and introverted sweetie – which is why it’s such a treat to watch when the other side of her personality emerges, which is quite a sexually expressive one!

The other is the much-anticipated blockbuster, Simply the Best, which also stars Jo! and Vera! and Sandra Shine! and Eve Angel! That’s all I’m allowed to tell you right now, but check out the trailer and you will see why we are all so excited about it (especially me, and “excited” doesn’t even begin to describe it!).

Seeing Antonya blossom into a bonafide sex bomb has been quite a revelation. Maybe going blonde was all part of it, though I liked her here, when she started out as a brunette, too. She sure as hell has the body for it – boobs and bum that won’t quit, and such a pretty face. But it takes some coaxing to get to her wild side. Luckily we are patient here at, and we could all see she had the potential to match some of our all-time favourites blow-for-blow (or lick-for-lick) in a lesbian video scene. Now she is a little more aware of just how hot she is… but she still blushes when the other girls flirt with her off set! To my mind, that just makes her even more sexy!

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Girl on girl on girl – photos from the lesbian threesomes


A quick look at this, our latest title from Playboy TV, before we release it on our store. It is an unbelievably hardcore horny romp with the top girls in Europorn. I think you’ll like it.

See the trailer here.


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READ MORE releases lesbian threeway video!

Girl on girl action is awesome, but sometimes Girl on Girl on Girl action is even better! I’m a big fan of lesbian threeways done right, and there is a lot in this new release to get my pulse racing and my panties damp!

There are five threesomes here, featuring a roster of girls that reads like a who’s who of hot lez babes. Sandy, Cindy Hope and Aleska have a wet and soapy time washing the car in a fun scene, and the boobilicious Cathy Heaven stars in a photo shoot threeway, but there are two real standout scenes for me.

The first is Sandy, Blue Angel and Madison Parker on a boat out at sea. Normally Sandy commands the attention in every scene she appears in, but she has some tough competition here! Madison Parker is a girl I would describe as a slut in the very best way – she totally loves sex and lets her enthusiasm show. I’m a big fan of her boy-girl scenes – she always looks stunning with a cock in her mouth! – but it’s nice to see her in some lesbian video action with two equally hot girls.

The other scene I love is Aletta Ocean with Brandy Smile and Logan. Actually, I couldn’t care less who she’s with. I could watch Aletta Ocean read the phone book and still get turned on. She’s another really nasty-but-nice girl. I know some of you will think the action is a bit “porny” – it was shot by Andrew Young for Playboy TV, and has his very definite style – but it’s porny in a way I find very arousing! Sometimes I like knowing that the girl is playing for the camera and enjoying her sexuality in a very overt way. Seeing Aletta spread her pretty asshole so it can get crammed with plastic dick is just fine by me!

I have been having triple the fun watching this new lesbian threeway release. Let me know which combo floats your boat!

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Lisa is an amazing kisser in lesbian video Story of She

I know many of you who are big fans of‘s lesbian video work are devotees of Lisa. Me too! and yet I have to confess, I didn’t see it at first. Of course, she is very attractive – I would say elegant rather than pretty, with a classy and confident manner. But since I tend to go either for cute little blondes or exotic Hispanic looking brunettes, Lisa slipped under the radar for me at first. Note that I said “at first”. Because of course once you’ve seen Lisa in action in a lesbian video scene, you can’t get her out of your mind.

Lisa loves kissing girls. She seems like she’s ready to taste, then devour any lucky girl she sets her sights on. Just watching her kissing is enough to get me very aroused. I can only imagine what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a passionate kiss from her. In fact, when she and Lexi Lowe were filming their scene for the forthcoming lesbian video release Story of She, Lexi caught my eye and said, “Avril, when she kisses me I can feel it all the way down to my pussy… I can even feel it in my toes! She’s incredible!”

Lisa is one of my favourite ever lesbian video stars now, and I think working with her shook Lexi to the core. The orgasms are as real and as powerful as they get! But it’s the kissing I keep watching over and over again…

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Sandy and Stella’s lesbian video scene!

This shot combines so many of my favourite things, but top of the list must be Sandy‘s ass! Yes, Sandy’s perfectly peachy bumcheeks hovering above another delicious blonde’s face – in this case the fantastic Stella Stevens, who is another of my all-time favourite lesbian video starlets. You can see Stella is really intent on licking Sandy’s juicy pussy, as Sandy obligingly spreads her cheeks wide so we can see her tight little asshole too! These two are great friends – and we’re talking friends-with-benefits, of course! – so their on-screen chemistry is utterly natural and genuine.

Sandy and Stella are great together in The Sole Collector. Shot in 2005 and imminently available to download for the first time, it features such top-notch girls that it is hard to single one out, but Sandy brings such energy to any lesbian video scene, and she and Stella are very compatible! There were always fun and frolics with these two, both on-screen and off! I’m talking panty raids, impromptu midnight skinny dipping and one memorable occasion involving a remote controlled vibrating toy in a restaurant…

Sandy’s bottom should receive its own star billing in the Sole Collector – is it the most perfect one ever?

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Sophie Moon’s lesbian toe sucking video!

There’s a very special place in my heart for Sophie Moon. This is a girl that lights up a room when she walks into it, who connects with the camera with that sexy little smile, and who makes every girl she touches feel like the only girl in the world! There’s no question every lesbian video scene featuring Sophie is pretty special, but I think she looks particularly knockout in the Sole Collector, a classic which is soon to be available for download for the first time.

Sophie’s in three scenes – a killer fourway with Sandy, Kylie and Cathy Moore, a threeway with Kylie and Cathy, and this girl-girl scene with Kylie, which I think is just delicious! It’s a perfect example of what I love most – pretty lesbian porn!

Sophie always looks so classy, even when she’s getting really down and dirty. She’s a very enthusiastic pussy-eater, who knows how to please! She loves to pamper pretty legs and feet, suck toes and look up with that lovely smile that tells you she’s really into it. Another thing that makes her such a great lesbian video star is that she cums very easily!

Sophie is one of the most popular girls ever, and rediscovering some of her classic lesbian video action in the Sole Collector has got me all hot and bothered! I think these are some of her best scenes ever – what do you think?

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Sandy’s sexy lesbian video!

Whether you are into sexy foot and leg action or not, I am one hundred percent certain the Sole Collector will go straight to the top of your favourite lesbian videos list. Shot in 2005, the Sole Collector is without a doubt one of‘s best ever videos, and it’s soon to be available to download from the paysite for the first time ever! It’s a real treat for those of you who love story-led movies, packed to the gills with beautiful and very horny girls.

It’s an incredible collection of babes – Sandy, Stella Stevens, Sophie Moone, Cathy Moore and Kylie… I actually get very excited just thinking about watching these classic beauties getting up to such naughty things together. This shot is from the opening scene, starring Sandy, Kylie, Sophie and Cathy. Many words have been written in praise of these topnotch favourites, all of them justified! If there’s a more delicious sight than these four gorgeous blondes licking, sucking and eating each other’s succulent pussies then I would like to know about it! This must be one all the all-time greatest lesbian fourways…

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Pick your favourite anal video scene!

I can’t wait to hear what you all think of new release Anal Pleasure… I am very excited to hear your feedback, I have all my toes and fingers crossed hoping that you don’t just like it, you LOVE it! I still can’t decide which is my favourite scene. Alexa Candy and Teena Dolly are both super cute as well as super sexy. Colette is absolutely knockout, I just can’t overstate how arousing I find this busty beauty.

I have to confess though, I keep returning to Cathy Heaven‘s scenes. She’s not just one of the most incredibly accommodating, enthusiastic and energetic anal video stars ever – although that would be enough to capture my interest! She’s also really pretty, and she has AWESOME blowjob skills. I don’t think we’ve celebrated Cathy’s love of sucking cock enough. Any lucky guy who gets her full attention lavished on his dick is bound to be so far beyond rigid it’s a wonder he can ever wear pants again! No wonder by the time he gets to fuck her in the ass there is no holding back and he just has to jackhammer her to a sticky finish!

So, I think my vote for best anal video scene goes to Cathy this time around – although I reserve the right to change my mind after I’ve watched them all again (and again, and again…). Looking forward to hearing what you think!

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Blast from the past

Vera is back, but only for the weekend! Did she really say fuck my ass? This delightful romp is making a debut on our pay site in full scenes. I honestly can’t believe that this little gem was never there before, but it’s just another reason to join up and view about 150 of the best porn titles you have ever dreamt of… or spent a weekend with!

Watch this space – Vera will be back… soon.

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A sneak preview of Halloween 2011 on

This year we have rented the services of a beautiful witch, complete with pumpkins, broomstick and her very own jet black cloak. She let us put out a few shots of her before she emblazons the pages of our official pay site (where there may just be a special little surprise for you on the 31st). Our wicked witch got so horny in the photo shoot that she begged our guys to video her before she got herself off, so watch out for that video too.

4574-011 4574-020 4574-022 4574-030 4574-040 4574-071 4574-072 4574-077 4574-079 4574-083 4574-118 4574-142 4574-153 4574-165 4574-183 4574-221 4574-225

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Colette, anal video star of the year?

You already know how much I looooooove Colette. I might have had a tiny bit to do with her being our Babe of the Month back in July 2011, simply by having an amazing pic of her sensational rack as my screen saver so everybody who passed by was reminded just how incredible she is!

I do like to see Colette with other girls, mainly so I can pretend it’s me! Her lesbian video scene with Eve Angel for Stockings and Lace showed off just how pretty she is, and I think her body is so perfect in sexy stockings. She has great legs and a fantastic ass, although I’m usually so mesmerized by those boobs I can’t look at anything else!

It’s clear where her true star quality lies though. Colette gives a blowjob that will bring a man to his knees, because she truly, truly loves to do it. She told me, “Avril, nothing gets my pussy wetter than to suck a guy’s cock, to know that at that moment there is nothing else in the world for him, that it’s the best thing he’s ever felt. I love to give pleasure.”

Blowjob skills like that would be enough to make Colette one of my favourite girls, but the fact that she’s one of our top anal video stars makes her unbeatable in my book. Her scene in the forthcoming release Anal Pleasure is a real keeper because she puts so much energy and personality into it. I want to look at a girl and think, Wow, she really loves anal sex! She’s totally into it! And with Colette, there’s no doubt about it. Physically and vocally, she lets her lucky partner (and the rest of the world!) know how much she’s getting off on having a cock plowing her tight little ass.

For me, Colette is the anal video star of the year so far. You’ll have to watch Anal Pleasure and tell me if you agree – or do you have another candidate in mind?

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Alexa Candy makes sweet anal video scene!

I know it sounds like a cliche, but Alexa Candy is just… sweet! She’s a pretty girl with a very friendly, sunny disposition, always quick with a cute comment which keeps everyone upbeat on set. The other girls like her, but the guys – they LOVE her! Maybe it’s because she looks even prettier with a mouthful of cock, or maybe it’s because for such a sweet girl, she has a very, very naughty side!

On the set of Anal Pleasure we were treated to a few classic Alexa moments, as she kept everyone giggling while the guys set up. But, wow! The minute shooting started, Alexa’s attention was one hundred percent focused on lucky Andy’s cock, which was immediately rigid. He said later that the blowjob she gave him felt so intense it was a struggle to remember they were making an anal video and not blow his load right then and there, especially when she looked up at him with those pretty eyes!

Luckily he held out manfully, not wanting to miss the chance to plunder that very tight asshole. For such a slight girl, Alexa proved to have a lot of energy, riding him hard and fast and having a powerful orgasm that shook her willowy frame. I felt like I was spying on a private moment, not watching them shoot an anal video scene – and I like that naughty feeling of spying on a sexy girl getting fucked every which way!

It’s funny, as soon as the scene finished Alexa was back to her sweet and giggly self, but I felt we’d seen a glimpse of another side to her personality – one that’s pure SEX – and I liked it!

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Riding made easy in anal video demonstration!

Now, you may think it doesn’t take much to be a great anal video star, except maybe a pliant, yielding asshole and a great attitude. You’d be entirely wrong though, as I think this shot of the delicious Cathy Heaven riding Jamie in new release Anal Pleasure demonstrates!

Maintaining your balance enough to bounce up and down on a stiff pole in this position requires great stamina, strong leg muscles and terrific poise. The fact that Cathy can manage it so gracefully at the same time as utterly throwing herself into the moment and letting the pleasurable sensations wash through her whole body makes her an amazing anal video star in my eyes.

Cathy is an incredibly sensual girl, and yet she has this inner power that really reveals itself in a physically draining scene like this. I love that she is strong and fit and yet has these super-sexy curves! I asked how she prepares for an anal video scene, expecting her to talk about calf exercises and butt plugs… I loved her response though!

“I just have lots and lots of anal sex, Avril! I really love to take a big cock in my ass, and doing it in lots of different positions keeps me really fit, as well as giving me loads of orgasms!”

Now that’s a fitness regime I can really get behind. I recommend you see tons more anal videos on our site.

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What makes a great anal video scene?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot the past few days as the guys have been finding time in their crazy schedule to put the finishing touches to the new release Anal Pleasure… and of course I have been finding time to watch each scene over and over again… all in the interests of quality control, you understand!

For me the most important requirements for a good anal video scene are:

1. The girl has to be pretty. Really pretty. Sorry, but that’s just how I like ‘em. And super-sexy too, naturally. If you already caught me raving about the busty beauty Colette, who stars in Anal Pleasure, you’ll know exactly what I mean. That’s her cute ass in the pic above.

2. The girl has to really be into anal. It might sound obvious, but I don’t want to watch a girl who’s just doing it for the cash. Again, I refer you back to Colette, and to Teena Dolly, possibly the happiest girl I’ve ever seen when receiving a cock into her tight booty!

3. I want to see chemistry between the couple. I want her to want him. Make me feel it!!! If she talks to him during the scene, so much the better – especially if she has a sexy accent.

4. I want to see some variety. Tight close-ups, wide shots, interesting angles. Pretty lingerie and a fabulous location would be the icing on the cake.

See, I am quite easily pleased – I just want it to be gorgeous and hot! Oh, and did I mention that any girl in a great anal video scene obviously has to have a perfect ass – not too skinny, not too wobbly, but just right?

I think you’re going to like Anal Pleasure a lot.

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Teena craves anal video roles!

I think we’re all agreed that Teena Dolly is a bit of a silly, lost-in-translation name – she sounds like a cross between Malibu Barbie and a seventies disco queen! She’s a surprisingly nasty girl though. I was having a coffee with her before her scene for Anal Pleasure, and she told me that while she enjoys shooting lesbian scenes and the softer boy-girl scenes, what she really enjoys is shooting anal video. Okay, what she actually said was, “Avril, am I the only girl who cums so much harder when I have a hard cock up my bum? I’m sure I can’t be!”

When you hear words like that come from such pretty lips, believe me, your heart skips a beat! The sexy accent helps too! After that, I was eagerly anticipating watching the scene, ready for ‘the moment’. You know the moment I mean? It’s when that sweet, pretty, nice girl forgets there’s a camera on her and surrenders to the sensations coursing though her body as she really connects with her partner. With Teena, her pussy was wet right from the get-go and I could tell she was genuinely excited – but the moment came when she felt the head of James’ cock press up against her tight asshole, ready to breach it. Watch the scene and you’ll see it – Teena really lights up to anal pleasure, so she’s a worthy star of this new anal video release!

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Busty beauty Colette stars in new anal video!

I’m sure I’ve told you how much I love Colette. I mean seriously, this girl has it all… pretty face, spectacular rack and a very nasty-but-nice attitude. She’s the kind of girl you would take to a fancy restaurant, enjoy stimulating conversation with her all evening, then take her home and let her fuck your brains out! LOVE her! So, seeing her as one of the major stars of upcoming hardcore anal video release Anal Pleasures is quite a treat.

Colette doesn’t just let lucky Jamie screw her tight asshole, she rides him till her plump buttcheeks are jiggling and her fantastic tits are bouncing. You can tell she really gets off on having his huge cock in her bounteous bum, her pleasure is so evident and communicates right off the screen – believe me, you will feel it from your head to your toes and every spot in between! It doesn’t hurt that she’s wearing black stockings and suspenders and looks absolutely fabulous!

Anal Pleasures is coming soon… and so will you be!

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Our hardest lesbian video scene yet?

Now, you know I love to see passionate kissing in a lesbian video scene. I love to see ardent pussy licking too, and even a bit of anal tonguing and finger action. Who knew I would like to see FISTING though!!! Call me naive, but when Bellina and Cathy Heaven hooked up on the set of Naked Impulses 2, it was the first time I had ever seen a lesbian scene progress to that somewhat taboo point. The real thrill for me though, watching the action unfold, was that it was all totally unplanned…

The girls were really into each other, that was clear for all to see. Cathy is so curvy and pretty, and Bellina is a firecracker – one of those girls with mischief and seduction in her eyes. It was evident from the start that she would be the instigator, as she teased and stroked Cathy, building up the anticipation before zeroing in on her pussy for some serious licking and fingering. Cathy was so turned on at this point that she was literally putty in Bellina’s experienced hands. Later she told me it was the best pussy-licking she’d ever received, from a man or a woman!

Bellina was using plenty of oil to get Cathy’s pussy so slippery and pliable… I don’t know what put this wicked idea into her head, but the girls exchanged a look, Cathy nodded and then… WOW! Was I really seeing this? Bellina was fisting Cathy, who was moaning with pleasure!

It was certainly the hardest action I’d ever seen in a lesbian video scene, and yet the girls looked so beautiful and had such a strong and passionate connection that it really felt right. You can see for yourself on the download and at And before I could quite catch my breath from that, Cathy was repaying the favour with an anal dildo fucking that made Bellina cum like a train! I think everyone on set felt quite shaken and stirred by the time the scene drew to a close, and these two stunning girls had soared to the top of my ‘must see’ list!

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Brand new lesbian video Naked Impulses 2 released today!

I’m so excited today… and you know, when Avril gets excited, everyone gets excited! It’s the effect I have on people! Anyway, I’m just so happy you are all going to get the opportunity to see our new lesbian video release Naked Impulses 2 today!

It’s a vignette movie with some of the most amazing lesbian video match-ups I’ve seen for a long time – truly topnotch starlets doing what they do best! I still can’t decide which is my favourite scene… Sandra Shine with Blue Angel is a strong contender, these two are so hot for each other! The beautiful sunshine as they play and tease each other in the pool is just divine.

It has some strong competition from the other lesbian video scenes though – Danika and Teena Dolly are very cute together and get nastier than you might expect. Zuzana and Eve Angel… just breathtaking! I loooooove these two gorgeous girls, and they certainly love each other too! Vera and Danika create some real magic – looking delicious as they do so – but the action between Cathy and Bellina has to be the hottest of all. Passionate, animalistic heat, add in some oil and – ohmygoodness!!! A real pleaser for fans of anal action!

The guys reliably inform me that Naked Impulses 2 is available in 1080p download too… of course I have no idea what this means, but apparently it’s something very good! If you’re anything like me, you will have to watch each scene many, many times while trying to decide your favourite… enjoy!

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Vera shines in new lesbian video scene!

You had me at “Vera”. Add in “wearing a skintight swimsuit,” not to mention “shooting a lesbian video scene with Danika,” and I could scarcely contain my excitement on the set of Naked Impulses 2.

I don’t think Vera has ever looked better. She’s gone from being a sweet girl to a confident woman who exudes such sexual power, despite being so petite, that it’s impossible to take your eyes off her. And, those boobs! That long blonde hair! That gorgeous face! Could it be that I’m in love?!?

Seems like Danika shared my emotions, as she was all eyes (and hands!) when Vera appeared. Now, Danika is no innocent when it comes to shooting lesbian video action, she’s known for being quite the sexbomb. So this was one meeting of hearts, minds and knockout bodies that I had been fantasizing about for quite some time.

Vera sidled up to me right before we started shooting and said, “Hey, Avril! Danika is damn hot, right? Are you looking forward to watching me make her cum?” I just nodded and blushed, a bit tongue-tied (which you all know is rare for me!). Vera just smiled and sashayed away. She knows exactly the effect she has on other women!

Suffice to say Danika did cum… and cum… and cum! By the time Vera had finished with her, she was a shuddering mass of heightened sensitivity, with a very satisfied look on her pretty face! She gave as good as she got, too – if you got the chance to make Vera cum, would you waste it?! These girls look stunning together, and it’s as intense and gorgeous a lesbian video scene as you could hope for. As for me… let’s just say it was a very arousing day!

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Eve Angel’s lesbian video seduction!

The story behind Eve Angel‘s dripping wet scene with the gorgeous Zuzana for new lesbian video release Naked Impulses 2 makes me smile every time I remember it. The girls were fooling around on set while everyone worked around them, and Eve suddenly grabbed a camera – not something we usually encourage, but I think we all wanted to see what would happen! She started giving Zuzana the most explicit direction, pretending to be an outrageous lesbian video director: “Now stick your fingers in your pussy! All of them! Rub your clit, I want to see you cum hard!!!”

We were all quite shocked to see the usually sweet Eve become such a sexual aggressor, while Zuzana, usually quite dominant, meekly did exactly as she was told. It really seemed to ignite a spark between them, and I think you can see that from the eye contact in the scene. You can tell from Zuzana’s pink, puffy pussy that she had already cum before we started shooting, too!

Eve was happy to let Zuzana take charge once filming began, and submitted to some expert tongue and finger work. The wet, transparent clothes clinging to their perfect bodies made for a beautiful and very erotic scene. Sadly, I can report that Eve would make a useless lesbian video director – she was evidently so turned on that the shakey camera work was appalling! It was quite a thrill to see her get in touch with her inner dominatrix though, if only for a few minutes! I hope we get to see more of it.

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Photos from the new Viv Thomas lesbian film: Naked Impulses 2

Eve Angel and Zuzana fell in love in the third scene of Naked Impulses 2 – how could you resist either one of these beautiful girls? Especially as they are kissing in a beautifully lit bathtub, dressed in light white (and WET) dresses.

What do you think? Good, bad or ugly?

4376_Zuzana_EveAngel_011 4376_Zuzana_EveAngel_038 4376_Zuzana_EveAngel_054 4376_Zuzana_EveAngel_156 4376_Zuzana_EveAngel_168 4376_Zuzana_EveAngel_174 4376_Zuzana_EveAngel_221

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Face riders in upcoming steamy lesbian video!

I really love to see a girl grinding hard on another girl’s face. Especially when the face is as pretty as Danika‘s! It was quite a special thing to watch a sweet blonde like Teena Dolly (silly name I know, but she is actually just like a cute little doll) riding Danika and soaking her face with girl juice. They were filming for Naked Impulses 2, my favourite lesbian video so far this year as the girls in it are top class and the orgasms are quite spectacular!

At first I thought it would be nothing special – Teena is a little bit shy, and seemed in awe of Danika, who is just so knockout S-E-X-Y that I find myself blushing whenever she looks at me. Oh, if she could read my mind…! But of course, Danika is an amazing seductress too, which is a thrilling and arousing thing to see in such a beautiful lesbian video starlet.

As we started filming, I heard her murmur to Teena, “You are so pretty… is your pussy this pretty too? Is it wet for me already?” The answer to that turned out to be a resounding YES! And after Teena had proved that by riding Danika’s face until she was shuddering with pleasure, you can see Danika’s fingers were soon buried up to the knuckle in that dripping honeypot.

Naturally, Teena repaid the favour with interest, and watching Danika cum hard, seeing the cream trickle down the crack of her peachy ass, was pure delight. I’ll be replaying this ultra-juicy lesbian video moment from Naked Impulses 2 over and over on the screen, as well as in my head!

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Intense kissing in new lesbian video!

Fans of intense kissing in lesbian video action should brace themselves for the first scene of Naked Impulses 2… Blue Angel and Sandra Shine, two of the hottest girls ever to appear in a Viv Thomas production, share a long, lingering moment of passion that you will feel in every nerve of your body, from head to toe!

Being the naughty peeper that you know your Avril has always been, I was watching the action from a very privileged vantage point, as Sandra and Blue Angel made out in the hot sun and then moved to the pool to get each other even wetter! Sandra is always a sexual tigress, but she clearly has a thing for Blue Angel, as the pair of them refused to stop even when the camera was not running.

I was afraid their best orgasms would not get captured on film (yes girls, I was watching you fingering each other in the kitchen before we even started shooting!!!) but never fear – Blue Angel is such an exhibitionist that knowing she is being filmed seems to kick up her sexual heat a few more notches! I like to see genuine energy and mutual lust in a lesbian video scene, so I’m happy to say these pussies were dripping wet long before they moved into the pool, and both girls were quivering, sensitive and satiated by the end. In fact, Sandra Shine slept for about ten hours after the scene finished, and now she can’t say Blue Angel’s name without smiling!

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Sudden new lesbian porn shoot announced

That headline is not ENTIRELY true – the porn shoot is sudden, but it won’t be 100% lesbian video (and photo sets), we will do two solo girl sets as well at the end of this month. The PLAN at this stage is to do something with a very special and topical theme – let’s just say at this stage that it may involve mud and grass…

We have booked two super hot beauties from Hungary who will be winging there way over to us here in Portugal on the 28th September. Stay tuned to this blog (and our twitter) for coverage of their visit with us.

Nicole Smith is from Hungary and apparently hasn’t done any girl/girl on camera before. Her only lesbian experiences have been in her private life which sounds exciting. I hope she speaks English so we can nab a few words with her for our interview section. Sunny Diamond, we don’t know much about bar the fact that she is blonde, beautiful and loves to get naked for the camera.

nicole-smith sunny-diamond

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Carmen Croft nude solo video

You may know that we are all pretty keen on Carmen Croft, our latest Czech beauty. She has unbelievable breasts and a butt that would crack acorns. Here she is posing for a photo set and while Mark very kindly grabbed some behind the scenes footage, Viv Thomas pours a bath for her, what a gentleman!

We have some super sexy boy-girl footage (no not leg sex, just footage as in film!) and we are looking forward to flying this sensual porn star out to Portugal again for some erotic lesbian videos. What do you think of Carmen Croft?

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Summer of Lust – scene 5

Summer of Lust

Scene 5

The summer of lust comes to a grand finale with Cathy Heaven. Jamie and her have dropped a blanket on the grass. It’s late afternoon and these guys are keen to get going. Being a little older than the average young model, Cathy has an urgency about her that seems to scream out: “Fuck me now”. Jamie slows her down and satiates her with ease. There is one stunning glimpse of her as she is lying face down, smiling up at Jamie as he roots her from behind. Its yet another great scene from the masters of sensual erotica.

See the trailer

4363-002 4363-007 4363-017 4363-095 4363-146 4363-172 4363-190

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Lisa in the lesbian film "The Story of She"

Guess who is returning to the Viv Thomas Scene? Yes, it's Lisa, who creates a scintilating performance in our new title: "The Story of She". Right now, it's being edited and these grabs have been lifted from one of our edit suites. The Story of She should be out later this year.

Lexi_Lisa_01a Lexi_Lisa_02a Lexi_Lisa_03a Lexi_Lisa_04a Lexi_Lisa_05a

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Deluxe ride!

After reading what the guys were saying about scene one of Summer of Lust, I was inspired to go back and take another long, lingering look at this photoset of Sylvia Deluxe and James Brossman. It’s funny, I usually like quite curvy girls and Sylvia is very slim and petite, but DAMN! She’s so nasty!!! This is not a thought I often have, but looking at Sylvia actually makes me wish I was a man, so I could fuck her! The way she caresses, licks and sucks a cock, it’s like nothing else in the world exists for her at that moment. Her focus is so animalistic, those piercing eyes show she really means to drain it dry. Sylvia’s definitely a woman, not a girl, even though she is quite playful and even giggly at times. I do like multi-faceted people, and I’m looking forward to seeing how much further she’ll go! In the meantime, unless I come back as a guy, I will have to content myself with watching James fuck her and trying to imagine how it feels to have your cock going out of that snug little hole…

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Summer of Lust – scene 4

Summer of Lust

Scene 4

Teena Dolly, a cute blonde as her name suggests, just can’t wait for James to get out of the pool and to slip her bikini off. You can see he knows it as he swims around, almost teasing her. She is just taut with anticipation, nervous giggles, hair flicks and coy smiles. The moment he leaves the water, their lips lock in culmination of the sexual tension.

See the trailer.

It looks like she really enjoyed this scene, and starts to moan with pleasure as she opens up her most private place to him: her bum. It’s surprising to see Teena enjoying Jame’s lavish strokes as she seems like such a demure and innocent young girl, yet she shivers in pleasure as he slides yet another load into her twitching little bum.

4345-204 4345-069 4345-091 4345-143 4345-227 4345-005 4345-013 4345-021 4345-025

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Summer of Lust – scene 3

Summer of Lust

Scene 3

A few beers down, Bellina and Jamie wake up on the grass beside a pool. Is it the morning after an awesome party? What ever happened the night before, these two wake up desparate to lavish each other with love. Bellina’s beautiful breasts jump out of her bra and her blouse comes off, jeans slide down smooth thighs and they ease slowly into the throes of passionate sex.

You know that feeling when you have just met someone really special the night before and EVERYTHING feels right? I think Bellina is right there. You can see these two don’t care about who might be walking past, they’re so involved with each other. It’s incredibly erotic and exciting at the same time and reflects the desperateness of fresh love and two people who can’t wait to explore each other’s bodies.

The Summer of Lust is coming to our site and our shop pretty soon. Enjoy the trailer.

4373-003 4373-024 4373-026 4373-027 the-morning-after-sex

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The Summer of Lust – scene 2

The Summer of Lust

Scene 2

Keni Styles is leaving and blonde Barbie White sure is going to miss him. It’s a warm summer’s afternoon in her apartment in Budapest and Keni’s bags are at the door. This will be the last time that they will be able to enjoy each other’s bodies for a while. Will it be the last time ever? Barbie slowly dissolves into a passionate trance while Keni laps at her shaven little pussy. The scene accelerates at a rapid pace and trust me, you won’t be disapointed with this one!

Did I mention you can see the free trailer as well.

4309-152 4309-092 4309-127 4309-202 4309-005 4309-009 4309-053 4309-057

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Summer of Lust – scene 1

Summer of Lust is a new title from us here at which will be released in the middle of August 2011. Here is a brief run-down of the first scene.

Summer of Lust

Scene 1

Sylvia Deluxe, relaxing beside the lake on a hot summer’s afternoon, catches the eye of a roving gent. In true porn style he steps out of his row-boat and proceeds to caress and tantalize the young brunette. Before long her juicy tits have slipped out of that slight summer dress and the warm breeze is playing over their naked bodies. The shade of a sleepy olive tree provides a seductive backdrop to this sensual scene.
Sylvia Deluxe is a truly hot little thing and has proven herself in the past by wining the coveted Viv Thomas “Babe of the Month” award. She proves herself again under the olive tree with porn legend, James Brossman. An amazing straight porn scene filmed beautifully outdoors.
Please note: the images below are from both the photo set and the video scene – both shot in slightly different places.
Summer-Of-Lust 4336-043 4336-096 4336-127 4336-158 VT208_001.mp4_000116080 VT208_001.mp4_000127560 VT208_001.mp4_000299160 VT208_001.mp4_000766160

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Carmen Croft in lesbian porn?

Carmen Croft relaxes in the Viv Thomas pool

We’re getting ready to release a few smoking hot sets of Carmen Croft. Now she’s a girl who seems to have been working extremely hard of late on the “European porn circuit” and what is fascinating to me, as an unbiased onlooker (I don’t take the photos Viv and Mark do!), is that she is a good looking girl. Fascinating, we have tons of those.

Carmen Croft is not a smoking hot natural beauty. She’s a big girl and could be viewed as very much on the busty side and even slightly overweight from some people’s views. However, when you see how the crew here at have captured this girl, you’ll be blown away at the solo masturbation scenes and hardcore boy girl videos they managed to film. Surely we need to get her back and coach her in the true art of lesbian porn?

Do you feel that a busty porn star like Carmen Croft would fit well with one of our lesbian beauties like Jo, Vera or even one of our up and coming British porn models?

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Young and Curious 4

20 minutes of pure lesbian porn and solo bonuses in this new scene on the pay site.

How could you go wrong with a cast like this: Suzie Carina! Sandra Shine, oooh. Zuzana and tons of other hotties. It will get you all set for your weekend. Log on now.

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Unfaithful 5 Trailer


Well it’s been a long time coming but it’s finally almost here!

Unfaithful 5 sees Lisa leaving the city of Budapest and go on holiday to Portugal with lovers Jo and Eve. She’s trying desperately to cut the ties and get on with her life after thinking that she might have lost Nella forever, but as she struggles to sleep at night the memories of better times with Nella keep coming back to her. Meanwhile in Budapest Nella might have finally come to her senses after a string of affairs led her astray.

Here is the trailer, featuring an original song by White Dice – who kindly gave us permission to use the song in the movie. If you want to check out their music this is their official website.

There will be a higher quality version of this trailer available shortly on our main website. Check out the Lounge for more! A release date will be announced there.

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Unfaithful 5 Jo and Eve Clip


As I was saying earlier, I am in the midst of cutting the official Unfaithful 5 trailer. As great as it is looking, it pains me to have to leave things out, for instance there is nothing from the great seduction scene (it’s pretty strong seduction) between Jo and Zafira, there’s also a lot of Jo and Eve I had to leave out in general because I really want to get across the main focus of the movie – which is Lisa thinking back to better time when she and Nella were still together and very much deeply in love.

In light of that, I decided to put this little clip up today because I think there’s not enough attention to women’s backs these days, the back is great! You got the bum down there, the back of the neck, the base of the spine, these areas don’t get enough caresses and kisses as far as I am concerned! So without further ado, enjoy a small treat of Eve kissing the lovely Jo on the back, warming and wetting her up for something even more special!

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Hugh G Rection – Footage Hunter

HughGRectionBlogClipAs a lot of you who follow the blog will know by now, I currently have the job of trawling through a mountain of shoot tapes that we have amassed here at VT Towers over the years, in search of outtakes, interviews, never before seen material, banned material and behind the scenes footage. It is then my job to clean these up, if they need it, and to encode them for the new forthcoming website.

There is going to be a plethora of new and classic footage available online in the new site as a result of hunting this material down, which I’m really excited about and can’t wait for you all to enjoy. Sometimes I’ve had to go to dark corners of the office, breathing life into the heart beat of long forgotten shoot tapes, coaxing shy behind-the-scenes material into the sunlight and capturing wild, untamed, banned material with a butterfly net and a big pair of balls.

It’s been a brilliant experience for me, searching for this material and getting it ready for the new website, and my job is far from over yet. As it’s Monday I’ve decided to post an Outtakes clip from the production Ella’s Dirty Little Fuckers that I recently encoded. This title has also been a recent topic of discussion which you can see in this thread here and you can read some recent reviews and thoughts on the film in this thread here. Enjoy the clip, I know I did, I do love that dirty little minx Ella. Anyway, back to the hunt…

Video clip after the jump

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Shooting with Sasha


As some of you know this week we shot some new picture sets and video footage with two girls we’d never worked with before. Carie from the Czech Republic, and this girl – Sasha.

Sasha was born in the UK but has family roots in Mauritius, she has a beautiful and incredibly photogenic face as you can see, and such a great smile it just sends shivers of joy down my spine. I shot her in two girl/girl scenes, this solo scene (the full version will be on the web soon enough for members, and also includes a masturbation) and finally Viv shot her in what he has described as an “epic” scene focusing on her legs and feet, but also in which she cums twice using the trusty ‘pocket-rocket.’

An interview with both girls will also be on the site sometime soon, and also a little behind the scenes footage. So lots to look forward to for members.

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Sex Tapes Clip – Jo and Eve Angel

SexTape_jo_eveThe time is approaching, the four “Sex Tapes” projects are soon to be released!

We’re hoping to have the first one available to download next month and then we’ll release a new one every two weeks, we’re not sure of the order yet. The 4 DVD versions will come out a little later, and will be tightly crammed with some new extra features, including some unseen scenes.

At the moment there is some subtitling work going on and some colour corrections being made, so basically they are all in the final stages. I for one am getting pretty excited about them. Back when we made the first Unfaithful movie there were calls for someone to film a project which allowed the viewer to really spend some time with just two girls, not just for one sex scene but a whole movie. Well this is exactly that – we spend an entire day with these girls recording everything they do, including making love (of course!).

Each one is a little different which I think is what is going to be the really cool thing about them. You can read about each tape in more detail in that link above.So I won’t say much more, I will just introduce this clip and you can post questions on the forum.

It’s December 12th 2008, Jo and Eve Angel are best buddies, they have been for years. We follow them around as an invisible observer for a day, the take the subway to a Christmas market, do some shopping and drink some mulled wine, eat some traditional Hungarian sausages, then they catch a tram to the local shopping center and go ice-skating. Eve hurts her back a little so afterward they go back to her apartment where Jo gives her an oil massage. Getting a little turned on, the girls begin to get intimate on the floor, then later they take it to the bedroom, where we get to spend some really personal time with them. Sounds good? Check out a random couple of minutes -

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Stella Stevens Tribute

StellaRimBlogPicStella stunning Stevens is divine. Her incredible body, with arguably the best ass in the business, deserves it’s own tribute post in our blog. I could talk for days about this woman’s body, but lets hear someone elses voice for a change. So I’m going to let forum member, moderator and good friend Holmesy tell us what he thinks of sultry Stella. Take it away Holmesy:

“I was watching Sole Collector again and it got me thinking about how good and how sexy she really was. If she was in a movie I knew her scene at least would be good, and I don't think she ever got the recognition she deserved. Everything about her was perfect, she had amazingly long legs, athletic body, pert breasts, her eyes, all were perfection, People use sex on legs a lot, but Stella really was. You knew when she was in a movie it was going to be good, I mean her scene with Sandra Shine in Butterfly was one of the hottest things I have ever seen. A few other great scenes that spring to mind are Stella and Lisa in Office Girls, Stella and Kathy in Sole Collector and Stella and Sandy in sole Collector.

And then you could see she was a fun person and nice to be around through seeing her in outtakes and Our Movie, and she is extremely photogenic too. One thing I keep coming back to is her athletic body and long legs, she is built for sex and she never disappointed Her photos on the site, everyone of them is fantastic, even her acting you could say was good, some of the little glances she gives to the camera just makes the viewer smile,

She really loved what she was doing, which made us love what she was doing.”

To read more and see the video clip click here:

Thanks for that Holmesy, I don’t think I could have put it any better myself, and thanks for choosing the blog picture also. You can find recent reviews and discussions about The Sole Collector here in this thread, including a recent review by the man himself Holmesy.. Below I’ve added a clip taken from Sole Collector where Sandy does to Stella something that I have dreamed about doing to her on many an occasion, lets just say it sounds like swimming. Enjoy the clip, and thanks for the tribute Holmesy.

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Unfaithful 5 – Behind The Scenes


Spunk L Davis has given me this must see behind-the-scenes clip shot during the making of the highly anticipated movie Unfaithful 5. As it’s Friday and I’m in a good mood I’ve decided to share it with the world.

The Unfaithful series have been a huge hit and we’re very proud of them here at VT Towers, and this next installment in the saga is shaping up to be one of the best. Unfaithful 5 is packing a stellar cast, the jaded lovers Nelly & Lisa are present, but are accompanied by Jo, Zafira and Eve Angel. My god, this title is so hot it’s a wonder Spunk’s computer hasn’t melted whilst he works on it.

The following clip is a real treat, a little sample of life behind the cameras. Once again you can see how much fun the girls have whilst on location, and also how much work goes into producing these titles. Nelly is as fun loving as ever, and watching Eve Angel get dressed in preparation for her scene held me in rapture. Eve truly is an angel, an angel of lust.

Anyway enjoy the clip and have a great weekend. Clip after the jump

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Portrait of a Lesbian – Duality


We are currently re-editing Portrait Of A Lesbian for Playboy TV complete with a new English language voice-over and remix of scene order amongst other things. It’s interesting to see how editing can really alter the pace, tone and feel of a movie. One thing which we didn’t emphasise too much in the original movie was the parallel between Jo and the character she has created and is writing about – Kyla.

Jo says at one point she feels like she might be writing about herself, and the otherworldliness and dreamlike quality of the end sequence where Kyla comes into Jo’s world where they make love touched on this idea. It was meant to be transcendental, like their souls meet in a spiritual realm where they are also able to be physical! We didn’t push this too much, at least not as much as we wanted to because we’ve been criticized in the last year for taking porn too seriously! In the original script all the characters from Jo’s book come to her (in a dream maybe, or they transcend worlds) and they all take turns to fuck her as she submits herself completely to them. When it came down to it we were worried it might not work for people, and because there was this real chemistry between Kyla and Jo (which kind of surprised us all to be honest) we decided to shoot a really romantic, deeply passionate and intimate scene between the two girls, which I was really happy with.

So we wanted to emphasise it a little more in the Playboy TV version and we cut this following sequence (which still needs some trimming) where Jo is away from her laptop because all this erotic writing has got her wet, so she lays down to masturbate. Then we splice in a sequence with Kyla where for the first time we see her without Jo breathing life into her while creating the novel in which Kyla exists – is Jo imagining or thinking about Kyla as she plays with herself, or does Kyla really exist in another world, where she too is masturbating? Is she Jo in a parallel universe? Am I on psilocybin mushrooms? No, I’m not, and by the way our next few movies, after Unfaithful 5, will be fun-lovin’ lesbian romps! Don’t fret. Here’s the rough cut of that clip…

Full Trailer.

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Most Subscribed – A Clip


Most Subscribed has been out for a while now and I have read reports from people who think it’s “the best movie we have ever made,” to “best movie this year,” to “don’t see what all the fuss is about.”

For me personally, despite all that’s happened recently and the rather ugly situation surrounding the Peaches and Gina break-up, I still consider it one of our best and one of my personal favourites. I think the simple concept, the little scenarios, the personality of Peaches and her co-stars, the way we filmed it and the sheer raw, lustful passion of the sex scenes makes it a top title. But of course it doesn’t matter what I think! What you think is what is important to us so please keep the reviews coming on the forum because I take a lot from reading them (usually a lot of anti-depressants more recently.)

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Lola – July’s Babe & Portrait Of A Lesbian


In celebration of the release of Portrait Of A Lesbian, and Lola becoming our July Babe I thought I would leave this nice clip here – it’s taken from a longer solo scene with Lola which will be on the site for members.

The first part is an erotic nude sequence outside (nice navel shot for the navel people!) and the second part is Lola on a bed masturbating, which is a quite beautiful sight let me assure you…

You might remember me getting quite excited about Lola a while back, well I’m still excited about her. We’re hoping she’ll be back in September for a Mums and Daughters sequel, and also we’ll be seeing her again before the year is out in a still yet untitled project with Lisa.

Portrait Of A Lesbian trailer here.

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Private Lesbian Sex Tape

I saw this video a while back – it’s a homemade lesbian sex tape – and it kind of inspired Most Subscribed and also the new Sex Tapes which are currently being finished. If you like this kind of thing you might enjoy this. Thanks to the girls (who ever they are) for sharing it!

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Portrait Of A Lesbian


Stern and I have been working on finishing off Portrait Of A Lesbian for a couple of weeks now. I know we’ve been fairly quiet about this one but finally here is the full trailer for the movie.

The minisite will be up next week, around the same time that we are going to simultaneously release the film on DVD and as a download. A date will be announced on our forum very soon. This trailer will also be available to watch in a larger size in the trailers section of our website.

Portrait is one of our most polished movies I think, when we were making it we wanted it to be a super erotic piece so even though there is a story and a strong setting it’s quite visual. Once again it’s different, and coming after something like Most Subscribed (which is very different in style) it will be interesting to see what people think.

The cast is almost entirely made up of girls making their debut in a movie – for me it’s Lola and Kyla Fox who come out on top.

There will be a lot more to say about this movie on the forum a little later. For now, enjoy this trailer.

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Zara & Eve Get The Giggles

zaraevesmilegigglesblogpicWe’ve all been there, we all know what it’s like, your trying to perform a smoking hot lesbian scene and you just get a fit of the giggles. Bugger. In the clip below the very horny Eve Smile and Babe of the Year Zara, just can’t seem to stop laughing, giggling like nuns in a cucumber patch.

The clip is taken from a rough edit I was doing of a scene which will feature in a series of productions entitled ‘Family Affairs’, here’s what Spunk has to say about it – “The new Family Affairs series is a joint PRO and project and stars a host of beautiful girls including, inter alia, Laryne La Roche, Erika Angel, Bianca Golden and Debbie White. They are a mix of lesbian and straight scenes, each one with a nice set-up giving the sex some basis for happening. All of the scenes revolve around cheating wives and husbands, curious sons and daughters, older/younger seductions, it’s all in keeping with the ‘suburban secrets’ theme we explored in Mum’s and Daughters but this time the scenes are not quite as ominous – it’s an all round more fun affair”.

Thanks for that Spunk. Family Affairs will be released later this year, and what a series it’s shaping up to be. Just from the rough edit of this scene I had to have twelve fans blowing on me to keep me from boiling over with lust. These two lovely ladies are great together with some memorable moments from the edit being watching Zara lick Eve’s pussy like the cat that got the cream and Eve feasting on Zara’s splendid and plentiful bust.

It’s nice to see that ultimately all the girls on location with us have a great time, and that our cameraman has the patience of a saint as these girls try to shake their laughing fit. Enjoy the clip and keep your eyes peeled for the forthcoming ‘Family Affairs’.

Click here to view the clip

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Sammy-Jaynes Outtakes Cont…

sammyjaynebogpicouttakesconYou know it’s getting harder and harder to write introductions for these clips, there just seems to be a bottomless pit of her outtakes in the shoot tapes for the Playboy production Sam Gets Her Girl. Not that I’m complaining, they are quite amusing and it’s always a pleasure to see Sammy-Jayne gracing my screen, but if they don’t end soon I’ll probably have to resort to just posting the videos with a one liner introduction instead. This just seems lazy however.

Anyway, Sammy once again has trouble remembering her lines as in previous posts, and the cameraman once again shows incredibly good patience, bless him. I wonder if she wasn’t so good looking whether he would have resorted to vent his frustration on her by now. Who knows? Anyway enjoy the clip and I daresay there will be at least a couple more to follow.

Click here to view the clip

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Sammy-Jayne Outtakes Cont…

sammy-jayneouttakesagainSammy-Jayne, you are outtakes heaven, every shoot tape is filled with your exceptional ability to not get your lines right. I think though that what comes across in every Sammy-Jayne outtake that I have posted is that she is good fun to work with. Frustrating but good fun.

The cameraman has the patience of a saint, probably helped by the fact that an incredible body is straight in front of him, and how much he fancies her helps his patience very well I’d imagine. Anyway, enjoy the outtakes clip, I’m very confident that there is more to follow! Sammy-Jayne = Outtakes Gold.

Click here to view the clip

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Sexy Monique Striptease

moniqueblogclipI’m currently going through some single girl striptease footage at the moment from back in the day and I came across this absolute darling that I just had to post a clip on here for all of you to see.

Monique is her name, and looking smoking hot is her game. What an incredible body this woman has, firm pert breasts, stunning legs, toned stomach and an ass that begs to be worshiped. She has a very sexy look to her and did I mention her ass. Now I’m a breast man as you have all probably guessed by now, and Monique has undeniable near perfect boobs for her physique, but what blows me away with this girl is her spectacular rear end. The things I would do to this ass, wow!

Anyway enjoy the clip of this stunning girl who has made my weekend complete, I’ll be burning her to disc and placing a ‘Do Not Disturb‘ sign on my apartment door as soon as 4pm rolls around.

Click here to view the clip

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Sammy-Jayne Outtakes Cont…

sammy-jayneouttakescontblogThis girl is just giving us gold all the time. We’ve seen in previous posts that Sammy-Jayne is just not the best at learning or delivering lines. Again whilst this is quite common in porn, it should be slightly easier for someone whose main language is English. If girls like Peaches and Nelly, can remember their lines from scripts as detailed as the Unfaithful series why the hell is Sammy struggling with dialogue that is overly simple.

But I guess we don’t really watch her for her acting skills, more for her incredibly sexy body. When Sam does get her lines right she oozes sex appeal, and the outfit she’s wearing in this outtakes clip is fantastic, I’d love to peal it off her and devour her body with my eyes, before tasting with my mouth.

It also makes for funny viewing however, and once again I’ll reiterate that I’m sure there’s a lot more left in the Sammy-Jayne fluffing her lines tank, for a few more posts. Enjoy the clip taken from the shoot tapes of the production Sam Gets Her Girl, and look forward for more to follow…

Click here to view the clip

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More Outtakes from Sammy-Jayne

moresammy-jayneouttakesWe’ve seen in previous posts that Sammy-Jayne just isn’t very good at remembering her lines. Now whilst this is quite a common problem on set for models, it’s usually because they speak very little English and have trouble saying the lines let alone remembering them. So what’s English rose Sammy’s excuse then?

Even speaking in her mother tongue she just can’t seem to remember a few lines of dialogue. I mean we’re not expecting her to recite the entire works of Shakespeare, but a few lines, before she buries her face in the juicy pussy of the girl sitting next to her. On the flip side of that though, it’s not really her acting skills that we are probably watching her for, but instead to see her tongue probing another vagina while her pert ass sticks high in the air and her stiff nipples are being caressed to ecstasy by another woman’s touch. Although on the flip side of that she has such a nice posh accent, if she can just get her lines right my balls would tighten like they were on a choke chain.

Anyway, it makes me giggle and I have no doubt this is not the last we’ve seen of Sammy-Jayne fluffing her lines, as I continue to plough ever onward through the mountain of shoot tapes. Enjoy the clip taken from the production Sam Gets Her Girl, and hopefully there’s more to come…

Click here to view the clip

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Revisiting Spunk Fiction

revisitingspunkfictionYou should all know the deal with these revisiting posts by now but just in case heres a brief explanation: Some of our forum members have been revisiting older movies in this thread and then posting up to date reviews on them so people can get feedback on what some of our older titles are like. To help them out I'm posting clips from the titles they've mentioned so far so people can have a peek at the film as well as read up on them. Today's clip is from the production Spunk Fiction.

Spunk Fiction is a tremendous film with a quality cast of hot models and an engaging storyline about a frustrated novelist. Out of all the scenes present in the film I’ve taken a clip from the Jo and Sophie Moone scene, and from the James Brossman and Alexa scene. Just watching Jo and Sophie Moone oiling each other up makes my groin pound, and watching the incredibly horny Alexa take James sapling like cock up her puckered asshole makes me gasp with sensuality.

An incredible two scenes and a lot more to be seen in the film itself including Mya Diamond and Tera Bond playing two demon whores who could come and take me to hell anytime they wanted. Anyway, enjoy the clip, I’m off to watch Jo oil up Miss Moone…
Click here to view the clip

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Revisiting Hot Slots 1


I’m sure you know the drill by now with these revisiting posts, but just in case, here goes: Some of our forum members have been revisiting older movies in this thread and then posting up to date reviews on them so people can get feedback on what some of our older titles are like. To help them out I’m posting clips from the titles they’ve mentioned so far so people can have a peek at the film as well as read up on them. Today’s clip is from the production Hot Slots 1.

This title will always be a special title for me. Not only is it a 100% smoking hot lesbian film, but it was the first title that I edited shortly after joining the team here at Viv Thomas. This film has everything you could wish for including an all star cast, great lighting, stunning locations and a maelstrom of fingers, tongues, hot slots, tight assholes and breathtaking orgasms.

In the below clip you can get a taste of how incredibly horny this DVD is. The models I’ve featured in the clip are Nikki Case (Who has one of the best asses I’ve ever seen, I just want to touch, taste, squeeze, lick, probe, delicately enter and eat every meal I ever have again off it), Sonia Red and the Queen of lesbian erotica, Nelly herself. The film itself features even more darlings including Eve Angel, Zafira, Stella Stevens, Jo and Peaches. Wow, I fucking love this film!

I’m just going to daydream for the rest of the day about Nikki’s ass and pussy, two slots hotter than the sun.

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Revisiting A Weekend With Vera


As explained in an earlier post, some of our forum members have been revisiting older movies in this thread, and then posting up to date reviews on them so people can get feedback on what some of our older titles are actually like. So I’m posting some clips from the titles they are revisiting so people can have a peek as well as read up on them. Todays clip is taken from the production A Weekend With Vera.

This title has it all. Vera alone would be worth watching but sticking her in a movie with Aphrodite Night, Kylie and Kathy Moore just makes this an unmissable watch. I’ve included in the clip each of these girls getting down and dirty with the vixen Vera, including in the first part Vera paying a lot of attention to Kathy’s bum hole with no complaints from the ever ready Kathy.

Enjoy the clip, I think I’ll be digging this film out of my collection this Friday and spending a weekend with Vera and her friends myself.

Click here to view the clip

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The Best Breasts – Part 3

bestbreastsmya2Welcome to part 3 of the ‘Best Breasts’ posts and have I got a treat in store for you today. Today’s fine clip is concentrating on the almost perfect rack of Mya Diamond.

Mya Diamond is without doubt absolutely bloody gorgeous. Beautiful legs, an ass so tight you could open a bottle of beer with it, and then that wonderful pair of breasts. Wow! Whilst not overly large they are a good handful, and are perfectly formed, they’re just the right size to slide your member between. As you will see from the clip below, it doesn’t matter what position she’s in, they always look amazing. A perfect shape for a perfect body. They bounce well with a natural weight and they sit pertly on top of her chest, begging to be consumed. Even the nipples fit and help create that perfect breast, with nice stubborn numbers, pointing out, begging for tongue and lips, to caress, nibble and flick.

Mya is without a doubt one of my favorite models, and this is an awesome scene that is taken from the production Pussies On View Volume 2. Enjoy the clip and don’t drool on your keyboard too much, I know I did.

Click here to view the clip

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Revisiting Bubblegum Babes 4

bubblegumbabes4blogpic1Some of our forum members have been revisiting older movies in this thread, and then posting up to date reviews on them so people can get feedback on what some of our older titles are actually like. So I’ve decided to post some clips from the movies they are revisiting and today’s turn is the classic Bubblegum Babes 4.

This title may well be old but it does have some quality models in it, including Jo in a ballerina dress, Jamie in a schoolgirls uniform, and Ella and Olivia getting it on in the garden. I’ve included a sample of these three in the clip below, so watch it and enjoy. Although the quality of BB4 is nowhere near the standards that Spunk and the team have achieved in their modern classics such as the Unfaithful series, it was an important step in the progression of the company and a learning point for all those involved.

LeVerne has already revisited Reality Porn, you can see his post here. Enjoy the clip.

C lick here to view the clip

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Portrait Of A Lesbian – Coming Soon

portraitOkay, you’ve listened to the hype, you’ve waited patiently for the movie to arrive, and now after months and months of work it is finally in the UK at a distribution lab going through the final process of what is a time consuming and frustrating journey that a movie goes though from conception and filming to DVD and download.

It is an ultimately rewarding journey though, and when you see this one I’m hoping for some very positive comments. I believe it’s a winner, with a great cast of mostly new girls, some incredible scenes (lots of them) and a solid story, its a keeper.

Jo is grown up now, she’s no longer the innocent virgin who is unsure of her sexuality, experimenting and allowing herself to be dominated by older women, she’s a lesbian, she’s our lesbian!

So here is a clip from the movie. It features a scene between Babe Of The Year, Zara, and Jo – busy writing her novel, a local girl from next door comes to see who is staying in the cabin next to her house. The full trailer will be released in a week or two.

Since I first joined the team, Jo (now in her 9th year of working for us,) has pretty much summed up what we are all about. Her perfect form of femininity and female beauty encapsulates our idealism – someone liberated, not ashamed of her own desires and who she is inside. But Jo is real. She loves sex, she likes to experiment, she enjoys making love with men and women, she has desires, she has needs, just like any other woman or man, and why should she have to feel bad about them, she does what she feels is right, and embraces them. Even though Jo has a real-life job and career, she still loves to work with us, and its a testament to everything we like about her.

In the meantime if you didn’t already see it here is the teaser.

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Sexy Striptease

evastripteaseblogpic1I’m currently editing up some striptease performances from some of the older shoot tapes ready for the new website, and I stumbled across this girl calling herself Jasmin. Needless to say I was mesmerized.

Spunk himself looked up at my screen and almost stumbled on his way over to get a better look. Not only is this girl incredibly cute, she’s got a great ass that you just want to grab hold of and lick from side to side, up and down, and a pair of breasts that look sensuously edible.

Check the clip out for yourself, I’ve taken a minute out of the final edit and put it up on this post so you can all see what it is that I’m talking about. I think this is the only scene we have of her, but there’s a lot more tapes to get through yet, I hope she re-appears soon. If she does, I’ll share her with you again guys and gals. Enjoy the clip.

Click here to view the clip

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Porn Tribute To Christian Bale

tanyatatemattbirdblogpicNow this is probably my favorite out of all the funny clips that I’ve posted on this blog, sheer comic genius. As a matter of fact don’t bother reading this text, just click play on the clip.

Still here, fair enough, you must be the kind of person who likes to read descriptions, instructions etc before you begin. I applaud you. Anyway I digress, in the following clip Matt Bird is giving the big titted Tanya Tate a workout in the gym. Then from out of nowhere, Matt decides to do a tribute to Christian Bale from his sex scene in American Psycho, the old pop your arm muscles whilst doing a bird doggy style and then shake a stern finger at yourself. Tanya is oblivious to this, concentrating solely on the pounding from behind.

At the end of the clip I’ve repeated it, slowed it down and inserted a picture to show you what character Matt Bird reminds me of when he points his finger like that. If you don’t recognize the character, your not watching the right comedy shows. Enjoy the clip.
Click here to view the clip

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Say It Again Sam

sayitagainsamblogpicSammy-Jayne is not very good at remembering her lines. In yesterdays post we saw her fluffing some lines, but that was nothing compared to this clip. Let’s be honest, in the production Sam Gets Her Girl that this clip is taken from, I can’t imagine there is extensive monologues of Shakespearean standard, but Sam just can’t seem to get it right.

I’m currently going through the shoot tapes of this production and no doubt this won’t be the last post of Sammy-Jayne forgetting her lines and I’ll be sure to stick it on here for all of our entertainment. Sammy-Jayne, a true blond.
Click here to view the clip

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Sammy-Jayne Gets Her Girl Outtakes


As it’s Wednesday and midway through the week I decided to post a clip with the beautiful Sammy-Jayne fluffing her lines on location for the production Sam Gets Her Girl, which we shot for Playboy.

There are several things I like about this clip. First I love the fact that in the background of this clip is a very sexy model who was underused by us in my opinion, Sophie, who later gets very horny by the poolside with Sammy. Holding a light reflector next to her is none other than our own diva Avril, and taking the photos is a younger, well toned Sir Viv, looking like a taller Matt Bird.

I think the fun these guys had on location is evident in the clip, with the cameraman asking Avril to point her toes (Which she actually starts to do before realizing he’s extracting the urine), and again with Avril interrupting Sammy doing her lines when it looked like she was actually going to get them right.

I also love the bikini Sammy-Jayne is sporting, very old school designed to make her legs look longer. Very sexy tho, and what an incredibly flat stomach this woman is showing off here, if she lay down you could use her as a very sexy spirit level. Anyway enjoy the clip, I’m going to watch the scene by the poolside that follows, now where did I put those man size tissues…

Please click here to view the clip

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Unseen Peaches Footage – Stockings & Suspenders

peachesstockingsAs I explore the mountain of tapes we have here at VT Towers I often stumble across a forgotten gem, and this is truly one of them. The clip below is of a young Peaches in a stockings and suspenders single girl scene, which to the best of everyone’s knowledge here, has not been used in any production yet. Therefore this is unseen Peaches footage. Brilliant.

My job now is to edit this scene up ready for the release of the new website, but as it’s Friday I decided to give you all a treat and put together a clip so you can all see what I’ve been drooling over this afternoon. This is seriously hot stuff, a very young Peaches with her ever nubile body, all dressed up in stockings and suspenders, and masturbating herself to a great orgasm.

I just love stockings anyway, and to see Peaches dressed in this way makes me hornier than a mutated rhino. Anyway, why are you still reading this, click on the clip and enjoy this teaser clip.

Click here to view the clip

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Inexperienced Video Shoot Model

awkwardsuzannablogclipFollowing on from my Abigail’s Insight post yesterday, about how some models prefer shooting stills to video and vice versa, I came across a single girl scene starring a woman calling herself Suzanna.

Now this is clearly a model who is not experienced when it comes to be being filmed, and like Abigail, I would say she would much prefer to be doing a photo shoot as opposed to a video shoot. Watch the clip below for some rather awkward moments captured on film, where instead of getting you the viewer turned on you start to wonder if the model is really comfortable doing this. This would be a pain to edit, every time the video cameraman asks her to smile she laughs, she wants constant direction (as you would get in a photo shoot), and she is clearly not relaxed.

I’m not sure if Suzanna went on to be a veteran of the video shoot and perform it with pomp and flair, but she does have a very nice set of breasts (although not quite up to this standard), and it would be shame if this was the one and only video shoot she ever performed in. Although judging from her performance here, I’d imagine it was.

Click here to view the clip

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Abigail’s Insight

abigailtoyneSpunk says we’re often asked here why some models are good at photo shoots but dont convey themselves very well on the video camera, and vice versa. Some models are great at both, and some suck at both but they usually have a preference for which one they prefer.

Whilst going through some older material here at VT Towers, I came across a soft striptease video starring Abigail Toyne. At the start of the video shoot the cameraman has left the tape rolling and we get an insight into this models views on whether she prefers stills to video and the reason why. It’s interesting to get Abigail s viewpoint and I’d thought I’d share it.

Personally I always get quite nervous whenever a video camera is pointed at me, so I’d probably pick still photo shoots as a preference, but who the hell is going to want to shoot me anyway. They’d sell about as well as plane ticket to Mexico right now. Too soon?

To view the clip click here

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The Premature Problem cont…

dirtydogelle2Thanks to Spunk for pointing me in the direction of this outtake, featuring none other than Dirty Dog and Elle. The scene is from the production Sex@ctually, which in my opinion is a must see film, packed with some steaming hot scenes that will have you reaching for the fleshlight in no time!

I believe that Elle was Dirty Dog’s girlfriend at the time of filming, and she is one sexy minx, grinding away on Dirty Dog’s member for all she’s worth. It all begins to take it’s toll on the poor chap and he realizes that he has to stop or he’s going to shoot his load all over the room, ahead of schedule. But he almost leaves it too late so there’s no time to politely ask her to stop, he has to eject his member out of there and fast, hoisting her out of the way and throwing her to the side. Brilliant, nice moves Dog, that was a close call.

Also if your wondering why she moves Dog’s hand out of the way when she gets close to orgasm, it’s because she trying to save her orgasm for the hard shots, as Spunk informed me that she had already had one orgasm during the soft shots and he asked her to have her next one whilst a hard shot was being filmed. Nothing like a bit of trivia for these posts.

Click here to read more and view the clip

Enjoy the clip in all of it’s unedited and raw glory, it made me smile and feel horny, I hope it does the same for you!

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The Best Breasts – Part 2

bestbreastspart2Chikita, Chikita, Chikita. Wow! What an absolutely fantastic set of breasts. As part of my ‘Best Breasts’ posts, there was no way I could not mention the beautiful Chikita, crazily good looking, great ass, in fact great body altogether, topped off with that awesome rack of man magnets. Incredible.

What I also love about this woman is the fact that her nipples are ‘innies’ as opposed to ‘outies’. This means you would have to tease them out with your tongue, gently nurturing them out of their hermit caves. You’d know when you’d finally got this woman turned on as they’d swell out onto the end of your tongue, reveling in your caress. The things I would do just to get a mouthful of her mammaries, to get the opportunity of coaxing her nipples to hardness and to suck on them all the while hearing her groans of pleasure…Ahem, anyway what was i writing.

To get back to the point, the clip below is unedited footage of her in two single girl scenes, taken from the forthcoming production Making Snow. Here’s what Spunk says about it:

“The making of Snow was a disaster, things fell apart during the shoot and we never finished the movie, we did however film one g/g scene, and quite a few solo scenes which were going to be in the movie as dream-like sequences. So lots of this content currently has no context. At a later date, I am going to put all this footage together, along with interviews with the crew documenting the shoot. It will be a kind of ‘Lost In La Mancha’ making of film. Including full scenes, bits of edited footage from the movie we did manage to finish, and some other bonus stuff too.”
Click here to read more and view the clip

So enjoy the sneak preview footage of Chikita and her two best assets, and we promise to keep you updated on Making Snow, more best breasts to follow…

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Portrait Of A Lesbian – coming soon


In the run up to Portrait Of A Lesbian being released we thought we would post some nice clips and images from the movie. This one (after the click), is taken from the scene between Lola (our current muse) and Kyla.

Now this whole movie is just an erotic tour-de-force, but this scene was a really memorable one to film, mainly because it was twenty minutes into the scene (and that is in the edit!) before Kyla slipped off little Lola’s panties to sample her flavour, and when I nipped around for a close-up shot I was struck by just how wet she was! Off-camera Kyla was looking at me smiling, with a “can you believe this!” expression on her face, gently dipping her finger into Lola’s pussy to show her cum. It was hot, and this is just the build-up! The whole scene is great, they do loads of tribbing and after Lola has eaten Kyla’s pussy (Kyla does this great thing when she’s having her pussy eaten where she almost fucks the girls mouth, riding and grinds against her face) there is this moment where Lola comes up to kiss her and Kyla just starts licking all over Lola’s mouth and chin saying “I can taste myself…” and things like that.

Portrait Of A Lesbian is our next “big” title as far as we are concerned. It’s a really, really strong title with some incredible new girls, and a string of memorable, sensational scenes, and of course the iconic Jo, and Babe Of The Year, Zara!

Teaser here, trailer coming soon.

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The Best Breasts – Part 1

sandras-breastsI’ve decided to do a few posts in homage to some of the best breasts out there on planet erotica. I am a boob man first and foremost (although I am partial to a tasty looking ass also), so the following posts will be in my own opinion, some of the finest out there in porno land. I’m not saying I should be the master of mammary but I like to think I know a nice breast when I see one, well preferably a pair. Also to be in my best breasts posts does not mean the girls just have to have big boobs, the best breasts come in many shapes and sizes as we’ll see in the following posts.

Who to start with? Sandra Shine of course. This girl has an absolutely fantastic pair of full tits, firm and bold, they pack a punch without being overly large. They’re perfect for her body frame, with ripe nipples and a natural cleavage that just sends me drooling. Having those heaving bad boys in front of me wold mesmerize me like headlights to a rabbit.

I also happen to have the perfect video clip to show her assets off. whilst going through some shoot tapes from the production The Return Of Sandy I came across an introduction clip filmed for Reality Porn 2 that was filmed the same week. The shot required is for Sandra Shine to bounce topless up and down on a trampoline and introduce that episode of Reality Porn. Well here it is in all its unedited and raw glory, featuring the perfect Sandra getting breathless by the end of the final and third take.

To read more and view the clip click here

Sandra’s amazing personality and just how much of a nice girl she really is shines through here (see what I did there), but most importantly her amazing breasts bounce up and down lots of times. Enjoy the clip, more best breasts to follow…

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Lola and a new movie


As some of you might be aware, last week we shot a new production. You can read all about it here.

This blog is to basically share with you my enthusiasm for a new girl we have been working with called Lola. She is, I believe, a wonderful new discovery. For three days Lisa was giving me comparisons with one of her favourite girls, Jo, who she shares a long history with in our movies. Lola’s eyes, her soul, her smell and her taste were all that of a young Jo, apparently. Lisa’s words, not mine.

Lola not only encompasses young natural femininity and female beauty, but she is really great to work with too. I can’t say enough about this young girl right now, but I think she is something special and I hope it’s going to come across over the next few films she is in.

Below are a few quick snips of raw footage I threw together, just from skimming quickly through a tape while reviewing the footage. It’s nothing special, I just wanted to include something. Sorry I didn’t bring in a funny dialogue section or something like that, but I don’t want to give anything away about the movie just yet, as I said, this is just from forwarding through some footage this morning.

I couldn’t believe just how incredibly beautiful Lola’s face was, she didn’t need any make-up at all, all I had to do was point a camera at her and the shot just came alive. It was incredible.

Lola will next be seen in Portrait Of A Lesbian. Teaser trailer here.

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Revisiting Sonia Red

soniaredblogpicAs Sonia Red arrived here in Portugal yesterday, all set to join the crew in making a brand new movie, I thought I’d remind myself and everyone else of exactly how much of a sex kitten Sonia Red is. So I compiled the following clip from the production Inside Peaches.

In this scene Sonia and Peaches are playing the roles of two schoolgirls discovering each other. This is a highly erotic scene, and Miss Red certainly knows her way around a pussy. I love the way that when she’s licking Peaches pussy she keeps glancing upwards, watching Peaches expression and maintaining eye contact. Then when it’s her turn for the orals we get to see her beautiful body, spread out on the bed sheet as she rubs her full breasts while Peaches tongue probes her inner goodness. Then Sonia’s back to doing what she does best, skillfully fingering and rubbing Peaches pussy, bringing her closer and closer to climax.

Click here to read more and view the clip

Sonia is a very horny girl, who genuinely enjoys her job and is very much into girls. I can’t wait to see the results of her latest photo and video shots, I may even have to take them home for a private screening. You may also be able to catch Sonia wandering round on or having sex on location with our live web cam here. Anyway enjoy the clip of Sonia Red, it’s great to be working with her once again.

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Unseen Squirt Footage

squirtblogpicLogging some shoot tapes earlier this afternoon and I stumbled upon a scene that said ‘Dawn & Georgette – The Squirt”. Upon further inquiry I was informed that actually they didn’t think the squirting footage contained within had been used before as it couldn’t get classified by the BBFC. Right, I thought, I’m blogging it then!

In this scene these two classy British birds are doing all the things that,we have learnt as a company over the years, are just wrong for porn. Cheesy dirty talk, over-the-top fucking, almost trying to be American porn (Remember this was early days for the company, way back in 2003). This was soon phased out for the style we have today, genuine orgasms, tender and passionate lovemaking and high end adult erotica (A cut above the rest). This was also the reason we started working exclusively with Eastern European Models, as the British models just couldn’t cut the mustard, not providing us with the scenes we wanted.

Anyway, in this clip I’ve kept in a bit of the cheesy dirty talk etc so you can see how bad it is. The model in question apparently squirts 3 times during this scene but the only one clearly caught is the third squirt. There is a funny little outtake midway where she sucks in more than she can chew whilst receiving a strap on doggy style.

Click here to read more and view the clip

Anyway before I sign off, can anyone tell me whether there are women out there who genuinely have a female ejaculation whilst orgasming. I’m dubious as to whether it’s a myth or not, as to me it just looks like they’re pissing. I’d love to have my opinion turned around on this matter, feel free to leave comments below.

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Our Movie Outtake

vivthomascom_33382I’m going to post this outtake from OUR MOVIE because I saw it the other day while scanning through some footage and it cracked me up!

It features Bridgett in her scene with Stella Stevens – who performed so much cunnilingus that week on-location filming Butterfly that by the time she was to go home she could care for the specific, individual needs of each girl we had with us. She knew what Sandra Shine’s little pussy needed to bring the lovely lady to orgasm, she knew that Britney liked a little anal-stimulation while having her clit sucked on, she knew that Sophie Moone likes to have her whole pussy, labia including chewed and sucked on while also having the opening to her vagina gently kneaded….Anyway, enjoy the clip. Bridgett has one of those contagious laughs that’s for sure. I have no idea why she starts laughing, I guess something just tickled her.

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Can’t Cum Won’t Cum

cantcumwontcumI found this clip earlier whilst logging some old shoot tapes and I think it dispels a popular myth about porn. You always imagine, especially after my premature posts, that it’s hard work for a male model, fighting the desire to cum and thinking of anything else apart from whats going on in front of him so he doesn’t shoot his load too soon. Well check this out.

In the clip below we have the stunningly filthy Sarah (who also looks awesome in a nurses outfit), with a model called Simon and, for whatever reason, Simon cannot pull off the money shot. This scene is from the production 100% British Hardcore Fuckfest 1 and Sarah, who I believe was his girlfriend at the time, does everything imaginable to help this guy take the safety catch off his nuts but to no avail. She sucks him, licks his coin purse, whispers dirty talk to him, hell I think she’d toss his salad if that’s what it would take for this guy to produce the protein goods. It’s a funny clip for all these reasons, I especially love the bit where she takes control telling him to “Let me do it”.

Finally after a lot of footage, 70% of which I’ve had to cut out of here (as like the Duracell bunny it goes on and on), he finally builds up his head of steam. Look how eager Sarah is to take the shot, pushes her hair back, eager look on her face, an almost, ‘Really? Wow’, expectant look on her face, probably glad just to get off her knees. Then comes the money shot, and this guy has been going at it so long he doesn’t just have one money shot, but two. The first one looks weak, must have drained his left nut first, because the next ones a beauty, up one nostril and down the other, her top lip looking like she’s just feasted on iced buns.

To read more and see the clip click here

Anyway enjoy the clip and I hoped you learnt that blowing your wad in front of a camera, is not such an easy thing to do…

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Behind Most Subscribed


By now many people will know a little bit about the rather ugly situation surrounding Peaches, Gina B, and their ex-website. Reactions to the whole debacle have been mixed, but this being the entertainment industry, and them being pornographic models who have sex freely and with multiple partners as part of their job, most people aren’t taking it too seriously.

Moving on, we have a movie some of you might be aware of. A really, really good movie which stars both Peaches and Gina, as well as a couple of other young girls, lovely nubile young girls. It is a real shame that the movie will now in many ways be associated with this fiasco, because it is a top notch movie which I wanted people to love and enjoy. It’s called Most Subscribed and you can currently download it here or watch the free trailer here.

We are currently showing a behind the scenes feature of Most Subscribed for members of our website, which will show in parts over the next couple of days, starting today (read more for short clip…)Below is a short snippet (the full feature is about 30minutes long), highlights including a cute arse-jiggle from the lovely Nikita, a quick flash of the elusive Avril, Gina B wearing MC Hammer’s trousers and blow-up ball keep-ups from Sean and I, samba style.

It will be interesting to see what members think of the full on-location feature because there are a lot of interesting moments between the two lovers, which is the key word here.

Whatever anyone says, Peaches is a great model and this really is her movie. She shines in almost every frame, captivating you and pulling you into the scene with her. She shares a strong chemistry with each girl in the movie, and in regards to her scene with Gina B, which I still rate as the best in the movie and amongst the top scenes we’ve ever done, …well watch it and you decide what you want. Boyfriends, drama, only models or not – it’s a fucking great scene and beyond that who really cares?

Mini Site is coming soon, as is the DVD (sorry I can’t be more specific, as the censors have had their scissors out!). You can read reviews for Most Subscribed here or find information and ask questions here.

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Revisiting Reality Porn Series 1

heniThe guys over on our forum have started to discuss some of our older productions, in particular the first Reality Porn series we did back in 2003.

We had so much fun making these productions. Basically it involved us guys messing around with a bunch of models as we went about our daily routine of filming pornography. There were never any scripts, never any elaborate set-ups, we just filmed what was in front of us.

Of course what was in front of us was hot naked chicks so it was always going to be interesting. I personally love watching those moments that most people don’t get to see – the castings, the models getting ready before they shoot, the crew doing their job. The edited clip I have posted here is taken from the first series and is probably my favorite episode.

Former VT staffer Mates shows us why he is no longer with us and Lew does a stellar job in eventually convincing our make-up artist Henrietta to do a masturbation scene. It turned out to be one of the best solo masturbation scenes we’ve ever filmed. There was genuinely fire in Henrietta and this scene is just incredible.

Anyway here is a short clip from that episode..

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Tit To Clit

tittoclitblogpicNow here’s an unusual clip of sexual activity that I spotted whilst going through the behind-the-scenes shoot tapes from the production Sandy Agent Provocateur. I’m sure it’s not unheard of but I cant say that I’ve come across it very often either. It involves rubbing the breast against the clit, whilst at the same time almost using it as a big soft dildo, dropping it on the pussy and pushing against it.

In this clip, Sandy is on her back and Sandra Shine is in between her spread legs. Watch the clip to see how Sandra grabs her perfectly formed breast and rubs it all over Sandy’s pussy, she even attempts a kind of thrusting motion with it, moving her body up and down so it lifts and drops into Sandy’s succulent sex. Sandy then spreads her lips wide, exposing her pussy, for Sandy to try and penetrate with her hard bullet like nipple.

I’m intrigued as to whether or not any of our female readers have ever thought of rubbing their breasts into their partners pussies. I’m sure the nipple clipping the clit would provoke quite pleasurable results but is there something more to it, is it that when your breasts then get sucked by your partner that they are coated in their own juices from their own bodies, the fragrant scent fuels more lust?

When it boils down to it tho, whatever the reason behind this, it’s still hotter then pissing on spark plugs. Enjoy the clip and let me know your views in the comments below.

Click here to view the clip

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VT Nights – The Outtakes

vtnightsblogpicsWell as promised yesterday, here are the hilarious outtakes from the filming of the introduction clips for Playboy TV UK’s Viv Thomas Night. I’ve had a great time going through this series of posts, I had never seen these clips before and it was a pleasure to dust them off and post them here on the blog for all to see.

But this clip is by far the longest and the best of them – the outtakes. Everyone loves to watch gag reels and bloopers, you can’t help but laugh watching someone stress out and fluff their lines over and over. Plus if you’ve been following the series of posts you’ll recognize from which introduction clips each outtake has been taken from.

And the bonus is that normal outtakes do not usually contain the likes of Sophie Moone, Kylie and Kathy Moore. Plus there’s more ‘fucks’ in this video then in all 2 hours and 26 minutes of the film Goodfellas. If anyone wants to try counting them, be my guest. Anyway, stop reading and start laughing, enjoy the clip…

To view the clip please click here

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A Candid Interview From Sandy

sandyinterviewblogpic1Whilst going through some behind-the-scenes tapes for the filming of Sandy Agent Provocateur, I came across an interview with Sandy (who incidentally is Babe of the Month this month), that had been filmed using the very same behind-the-scenes camera.

The clip below is a snippet of that interview (the full 5 min clip will be available in the members section of the new website when it launches), and I think Sandy’s lovely and honest personality shine through here. I love the way she pokes fun at the first question, and then seriously goes on to an answer a question that she has been dreading answering. I think she comes across as frank and honest in her answers. What do you guys and gals think? Let me know in the comments.

To read more and view the clip please click here

Anyway enjoy the clip and check the blog tomorrow for all the outtakes from the ‘Viv Thomas Nights‘ posts in one clip, which I assure you are hilarious.

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VT Nights Part 10

vtnights10blogpicWelcome to the final part of the ‘Viv Thomas Nights’ posts and I hope you have all enjoyed this series of posts as much as I have. Whilst there are no more clips the good news is that I have a whole string of outtakes from all these introduction clips, compiled by Spunk himself, to post here tomorrow, and they are absolutely hilarious. It’s quite long also, and I just couldn’t help cracking up with laughter watching them.

Anyway, today’s introduction clip filmed for Playboy TV UK, is introducing a scene from the production The Making Of A Madame. We’re back on the golf course again for this clip and the stunning Sophie Moone, Viv’s ever faithful caddy, is also present. We learn from Viv here that this production, starring Porn Academy winner 2004, Gina B, is one of his favorites, featuring a lot of lingerie and high heels.

Click here to read more and view the clip

I’ve also tagged on at the end the short clip which was aired at the end of the Viv Thomas Night, after what I can imagine was a lot of orgasms in a lot of households, where Viv thanks the viewers for watching before taking one of his personal ‘best’ shots at the flag. Hope you enjoy and watch out for the outtakes post from this series tomorrow.

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Viv Thomas Nights Part 9

vtnightspinkvelvet2blogpicWelcome to the penultimate post featuring the introduction clips filmed by the crew for Playboy TV UK and their ‘Viv Thomas Night’ evening many moons ago. Today’s intro clip is introducing the scene between alluring Ella and the ripe young Peaches taken from the incredibly sexy production Pink Velvet 2.

Viv is getting a massage off an unknown darling as he talks about his reasons for choosing the scene, seemingly oblivious to the naked woman that saunters past, which was chiefly the only thing I noticed as my eyes shifted to the right. I did catch something that he said as drool spilled over my bottom lip, about how he loves the slow build up in the scene, but I’m going to have to watch it again and concentrate on the man himself and not the naked gorgeousness walking past.

Click here to view the clip

Enjoy the clip…

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Viv Thomas Nights Part 8

vivthomasblogconfesionspartToday’s introduction clip filmed for Playboy TV UK, is again for Confessions Of A Make-Up Artist, and the only reason I can think of for filming two intro clips is that two scenes must have been shown throughout the Viv Thomas Night from this production.

Viv starts off again on a golf course in Portugal, with the stunning Sophie Moone minding the flag in the background, as he reiterates what he has said a few time before, about changing the style of the movies each time they go onto a new production. Then he’s back sitting with the naked Stella Stevens, who seems to be chilling out after successfully pouring Viv’s beer. I personally think she’s eying up his remaining sandwich, ready to snatch as soon as Viv’s attention is distracted.

To read more and view the clip click here

It’s interesting to note that Viv says the girls took charge of the sex in thier own scenes in this production, which he says can be seen clearly from the scene the audience is about to see. I wonder which one it was that was to be aired?

Enjoy the clip, more to follow.

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Viv Thomas Night Part 7

vtnightpinkvelvetblogpicThis introduction clip filmed for Playboy TV UK, Viv is introducing the groundbreaking production Pink Velvet 1. This clip is a little more serious then the others, but we do get to see a slice of Sophie Moone at the beginning and watch Viv hit a very nice drive up the fairway.

It’s interesting to see the reasons why Pink Velvet came about, and as Viv himself says that with this particular movie they raised the standard for lesbian movies, as far as their competitors go. With a stellar cast including Lisa, Jo, Ella & Eve Angel, Pink Velvet 1 was destined to be an extraordinary movie and is still one of my favorite VT films to this day.

Enjoy the clip, more to follow

Click here to view the clip

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Position Of The Week – Cowgirl Tribbing

cowgirltribbingblogpicThe clip below is a snapshot of two scenes from two productions, each showing the beauty of the position chosen for this week from different viewpoints. Before I talk about the clip tho I want to talk a bit about the actual position first.

Why have we chosen this position and whats so good about it? Well this position is highly liked for possibly several reasons. Firstly it’s almost a heterosexual position, so a male viewer can really get into the scene watching the two lovely ladies grinding away at each other. Secondly it could be seen as a dominant position, with the woman on top taking more control as the other lies on her back, in a helpless sort of manner. My own personal preference for liking this position is that I love the idea of two pussies rubbing against each other, moistened lips and folds pressing and catching, creating their own wet friction as their juices mix and mingle whilst their engorged clit’s are caressed by their naturally lubed soft skin. All the while accompanied by the sounds of wet membrane on membrane. Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom…

Okay I’m back lets talk about the clip. In the first part we see the much loved Nelly with the tempting Tori, taken from the production Girl On Girl 2 (fantastic film by the way). Nelly’s bum is slightly raised here and I love the way she undulates her groin upwards, desperately seeking contact with Tori’s damp sex. Both girls are getting quite a lot out of this position, their groans and gasps escaping them Tori’s free hand reaching down to squeeze Nelly’s perfect breast. This position also allows for kissing as we can see when Nelly gets up on one elbow to mingle other juices whilst they still grind away. Phew!

To read more and view the brilliant clip please click here

The second part of the clip features two hall of famer’s, Eve Angel & Sandra Shine, taken from the superb production Pink Velvet 3. We get different angles on the position here, ad some quality close ups of the two gladiator pussies battling it out for the orgasmic prize. Fuck this is a horny scene, you can imagine Eve’s coarse pubic hair setting Sandra’s sensitive skin on fire as their pussies juice up and Sandra’s absolutely fucking fantastic tits are squeezed and groped by Eve in their mounting passion.

To summarize, before I head off to the bathroom to fire another web from the wrist (call me Spiderman), I think this position is one of my all time favorites for lesbian shenanigans. For all the reasons mentioned above and also because their hands are free to tweak nipples, stroke bodies and generally stoke the fires of orgasm. I mean the idea of one girl on top, pussies rubbing together….just watch the clip, I’ve got to go…

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Viv Thomas Night Part 6

vtnightellasdlfblogpicIn this introduction clip filmed for Playboy TV UK, Viv is introducing the very horny production Ella’s Dirty Little Fuckers. This is one of my favorite introduction clips so far, just keep an eye out for the stunning Kylie’s entrance.

It’s interesting to note as Viv points out, that they selected the particular scene aired for that night, because it starred Danni who came close to winning Porn Academy. This is a very hot scene and all I’m going to say is James Brossman is one lucky fucking bastard.

Ella’s Dirty Little Fuckers is almost certainly a gem in the VT vault, and I would give anything to get a piece of Ella’s ass. What an incredible fuckable woman, with a body meant for fucking and a mind as filthy as a tramps vest.

Click here to view the clip

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It Can’t Be That Hard, Can It?

dirty-dogA lot of people ask us how they can get into the industry, mainly men who think they have a chance at fucking an endless stream of beautiful women. Most guys think it must be easy, although maybe that’s a male-ego thing, I wrote a little on our forum about it a few weeks ago (but I can’t find the post). But with all the premature ejaculation blogs I thought I’d add this one for kicks.

Basically, it’s not easy. So I dug out this clip from Dirty Dog 1 (the best Volume) of Ian Tate and Lucy Law, who was a really horny girl, but I was convinced would make the Dog struggle. First she started laughing at his pants, really laughing and making fun (as seen in the clip below) but he recovered well and ventured south, chewing on her pussy for what seemed like ages until she’d lost all capability for mick-taking. Later someone knocked on the door interrupting them (it was the gas man) then someone else knocked on the door ten minutes later and he actually got up and answered, cradling his hard-on like a baton. At the end of the scene we faked a piece where Lucy is really pissed off at him and she was throwing herself at him and flicking his own spunk on him, which was quite funny at the time until some of it got on the camera and then an argument ensued as to who was going to clean it off.

So enjoy the clip, and if you like a bit of fun in your straight gonzo porn this title comes highly recommended.

Another Dirty Dog blog here – this time where he just can’t quite keep it together. The cool thing about Dirty Dog is that he is a very likable and down to earth guy who doesn’t pretend like he’s too cool for school or wave his ego around in everyone’s face, that’s why we used to use him so much. The girls seem to much prefer guys like this too, Tristan Seagal is another good guy.

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Viv Thomas Night Part 5

vtnightmaneaterblogpicThe production being introduced by Viv in this clip, filmed for a Viv Thomas night shown on Playboy TV UK, is Maneater starring Sammy-Jayne. I’d always like Sammy-Jayne since seeing her in Sex Analyst, so when Maneater was released I quickly snapped it up and I must admit I thought it was well wank worthy.

However Viv does not seem as impressed with Sammy-Jayne as I am, but then I didn’t have to work with her, I just saw the finished product that Spunk and the boys cooked up in their cauldron of cum. Watch the clip below to see the reason Viv was far from impressed with her. If your also wondering what Viv is laughing at in the above picture, again watch the clip for Viv’s so bad it’s funny simile.

More to come…

Click here to view the clip

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Peaches Video Link

peachesvideolinkSpunk has asked me post this video because he has just had to run off to play golf with Viv, so here it is.

Peaches is back in Budapest and since she was on our forum just an hour ago we thought we’d try and get her on a new videophone link-up we have set up in our Budapest apartment. We wanted to ask her a few questions regarding her movie Most Subscribed and her experience of making the movie.

She did briefly say one or two things today on the forum here and the reviews so far have been very positive, the buzz around the office is a good one on this. We have high hopes for it. You can see the trailer for MS here, and what a trailer it is! My dick was so hard after watching this it could have cut diamonds. Watch it and tell me your not aroused afterward.

Click here to read more and view the video

Oh and on a side note, Spunk also told me to mention that you can now follow him on twitter which he updates daily with breaking production news and he’s promised some honest industry secrets and also some on-location pictures as they come in too. Sounds good. Next production starts at the end of April so we’re all looking forward to that.

So enjoy this video, I just hope he doesn’t leave Peaches waiting there all night.

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Cheeky Symphony


I’ve been editing some scenes which are not our material recently, and whilst editing the scene this clip is from, starring Satin and Carl, I noticed the fascination this guy seems to have with playing some beats out on the girls ass. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone likes to tap a girls ass during foreplay, but this guy seems to get completely carried away, like he’s training to be in a new Um Bongo advert.

The taps he gives her loosely follows the beat of the electronic music the original rough editors have playing throughout the whole scene and this gave me an idea. I began to play around with the footage, looping it in the first half and then adding some special sound footage to the second half. It cracked me up and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Click here to view the clip

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Viv Thomas Night Part 4

vtnightsixdayswithverablogpIn this introduction clip filmed by the guys for the Viv Thomas night shown on Playboy TV UK, Viv is introducing a scene from a film that I’ve always enjoyed watching, which is Six Days With Vera.

This introduction clip starts off on a funny foot as the crew ask Viv some very personal questions which he seems a bit reluctant to answer, especially in front of the lovely Sophie Moone and whilst once more on a golf course.. Viv then becomes more serious after washing his car (this man does get about in his clips), and provides some insight into why they filmed Six Days With Vera in the way they did.

Enjoy the clip, more to follow…

Click here to view the clip

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Jessica Biel Strips

jessica-bielblogpicThe gorgeous and sexy Jessica Biel is to play a stripper in the upcoming film “Powder Blue“, also starring Patrick Swayze and Forest Whitaker. But who cares about the guys right, I mean Jessica Biel is going to be playing a stripper! Awesome. I love strippers.

The film is going to be one of those ones about a group of people who’s lives become intertwined on Christmas Eve due to a mixture of circumstances, and Biel’s character is trying to raise money for her terminally ill son. Perhaps not the feelgood movie of the year then but did I mention that Jessica Biel is going to be a stripper in it.

Check the trailer out below to see if it’s your cup of tea or not.


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Viv Thomas Night Part 3

vtnightconfessionsblogpicOK I’m assuming you all know the story behind these ‘Viv Thomas Night’ posts and how Playboy TV UK wanted us to film some introduction clips, so I wont keep reiterating what I’ve already said, but if you don’t know you can get the background info from this post or this post.

So Viv in this clip is introducing a scene from the excellent production Confessions Of A Make-Up Artist, starring, amongst others, the ever lovely Vera and the heavy breasted Zora Banx. This introduction made me smile for several reasons, mainly the fact that this man is living the dream having the stunning Stella Stevens fetching him a beer and then sloppily pouring it into a glass with her tits standing proud and pert a few feet away. You can also tell Viv had a great time filming these introduction clips as can be seen from his laughter midway through.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the introduction clip, more to follow…

Click here to view the clip

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Position Of The Week – Sideways 69′er

powsiodeways69blogpicFollowing on from this earlier post by Sr. Spunk, I have decided to add my own position of the week, which as you can guess from the title is the sideways 69′er. The best example of this position in my opinion is in the scene between Anouska and Ella in the production Pink Velvet 2.

In this scene the big titted Anouska and the sultry Ella get up to all kinds of sexy shenanigans, before Ella rearranges herself on the bed in the above mentioned position, which is where the clip starts. What I love best about this position is not only is it pleasing to look at, but they also get full access to each others gorgeous looking pussies. Some people may be unaware of this sideways variation of the classic 69, and all I can do is try and encourage them through this post to try it. It’s a lot easier as one persons weight is not on the other, being the one underneath can be quite hard as you strain your neck upwards to reach those delicate folds. Sideways is a lot more comfortable and you can get hands and mouth to work straight away.

Click here to read more and see the clip

Which is what these two do, wasting no time they go to town on each others bodies. Anouska is straight in there, devouring Ella’s tight gory hole with relish, whilst Ella also laps away like the cat that’s got the cream (Lets hope her tongue isn’t as rough). Anyway why are you still reading this when the clip is a click away. Sit back, draw the curtains, and watch these two beautiful bodies getting intertwined sideways as they strive for orgasms.

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Viv Thomas Night Part 2

vtnightpart2blogpicAs mentioned in Viv Thomas Night Part 1, Playboy wished to do a Viv Thomas night on their channel Playboy TV UK, for which they asked us to film an introduction for each selected clip starring none other then Viv himself. I’ve decided to post these clips for you all to see as I found them very entertaining and they haven’t seen the light of day for a good few years.

In Part 1 we saw Viv introducing the clip from The Secret Video Diary Of A Lesbian Nympho. In this part Viv is introducing a clip from the production Porn Academy. It’s nice to see just where future VT starlets started out such as Peaches & Gina B, knowing that without these casting shoots and auditions for this production we may never have been graced with titles such as Inside Peaches & The Making Of A Madame.

Anyway enjoy the clip, more to follow…

Click here to see the clip

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Viv Thomas Night Part 1

vivthomasnightblogpicA good few years ago, well before my time here at VT Towers, Playboy decided to do a Viv Thomas night on their channel Playboy TV UK, using certain scenes from select movies. They asked us to film an introduction for each selected clip featuring the man himself, Sir Viv.

I’ve recently discovered these introduction clips and i found them quite entertaining, so I’m going to post one clip a day over the next week or so, as I’m sure many people have not seen these intro’s, just as I missed them when they were aired so many moons ago. Also who knows after all the clips have seen the light of day I may even post all the outtakes from the clips for everyone to have a good chuckle at.

This 1st clip is Viv introducing a clip from the production The Secret Video Diary Of A Lesbian Nympho. He’s on a golf course and can you guess what starlet is given the job of his caddy? Enjoy the clip, more to follow.

To see the clip click here

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Makeup Mishap

verapeachessmudgedlipstickThe following clip made me laugh, and it also reminded me of this topic on the forum where one of our forum members said it was such a turn on for him to see, in the production Butterfly, girls lipstick being smeared over each others faces whilst kissing. He asked Lewis why it wasn’t shown more and Lewis replied that often the girls couldn’t help laughing at each other and they disliked the ‘clown’ look it gave them.

Here is just such an outtake involving the voluptuous Vera and the perfect Peaches as they do a kissing scene whilst filming the production Forbidden Fruits. In this behind-the-scenes footage the girls get into some sexy passionate kissing and as Vera breaks away to catch her breath both girls stare at each other and………..begin to piss themselves laughing, as they realize that they have lipstick smeared all over each other.

To see the clip click here

I have no idea what Vera says after they cut to get their makeup sorted, so translations would be welcome. Enjoy the clip!

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Most Subscribed – Download 25.03.09

most-subscribed-frontMost Subscribed, the eargely anticipated new Peaches film will be available to download from our online shop on the 25th March 2009.

The 3 hour movie sees the lovable Peaches start a video blog which she becomes rather obsessive about, first revealing herself to her subscribers in the most intimate of ways, and then inviting girls back to her room and recording pretty much everything which happens there.

A lot of people have been asking for something with less cuts and longer takes, something more natural, playful, unscripted, and where we not only get to see hot, sweaty, flowing lesbian sex but also where the girls real personalities are allowed to shine. Well…here it is!

Most Subscribed is a little more explicit than our last few features but it’s all done in our own unique way, I think even in during the most extreme close-ups the fun attitude of the project elevates it above the usual unpleasant porn where girls are just raw flesh, the type that leaves a bad taste in the mouth and most of us here try to avoid. I found myself getting really turned on during this one and as a consummate professional that is something that doesn’t happen all that much.

Cindy Hope, Vivien, Lucy Bell, Nikita and Gina B co-star in the movie. Every scene is great actually, with a lot of really funny moments, outtakes left in the scenes, some insanely hot orgasms (some of the girls cum two or three times a scene!) with the final scene being unmissable! Seriously. The sounds of slippery wet, juicy pussies and the girls voices is also the only music in the movie, which I think adds to the naturalistic feel behind the whole thing.

Anyway enough rambling, check it out next week and please be sure to report back to us with your thoughts, we would greatly appreciate that. In the meantime here is a clip from the behind the scenes feature which will be in the members area of the website, also next week.

For more information see this thread and for details on the DVD check here.

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Fun But Professional

funbutprofessionalOnce again whilst sifting through the behind-the-scenes footage detritus I came across a clip worth posting. This was again taken from the production Sex Wives & Videotape and starts the smoldering Mia and lucky bastard Clark.

As you can see from the opening clip Mia and Clark are amusing each other as they wait for Lewis to roll the camera, with Mia messing around with a rough example of what she’s about to do to Clark’s old boy, and Clark decides to amuse her back with his version of the invisible string magic dick trick (see clip).

What I liked about this was the stark contrast afterwards in the second part of the clip. Here the camera is rolling and all messing about is out the window as they continue on with their scene. They’re such consummate professionals at what they do that they don’t even as much as blink let alone look round when a loud noise is heard from off camera (Lewis included doesn’t move an inch but continues the shot). Me, personally, I would have spun around and tried to help whoever had just fallen over flat on their face. I actually did spin round in my chair here at VT Towers as the noise was so loud I thought Sean had fallen off his chair to the floor, I’d seen him two minutes earlier standing on his chair trying to reach a copy of ‘Swallow My Sludge 4′ off the high shelf beside his desk (purely for research purposes obviously).

To read more and view the clip click here

Anyway, Sean turned out to be fine, still sitting in his chair and at the end of the second chapter. Whoever made that sound in the clip however I guess I’ll never know how they fared. Didn’t look like any of those three were going to rush to find out what the noise was. True professionals, I salute them!

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Behind Convent Walls

2556204108_cc1871883a_bROME, Italy, a 45 year old gay man is planning a sex-change operation to become a nun, but in a quite shocking and and uncharacteristic act the church has failed to back his plan.

“I talked about my wish with a priest but I was misunderstood. A conversation with a bishop was even worse,” he told to an Italian news agency. What he obviously fails to realize is that anyone who questions our all-loving-all-forgiving God’s infinite power will burn in the fires of Hell, gays and non-believers included. It would be easier if the Church was just allowed to burn these sinners at the stake while they were still alive, wouldn’t it?

If only the church was like it is in the Porn World, where sexuality and desires are dealt with properly. Here is a clip starring Anoushka and Olivia (I really liked her) from Hot Babe Seduction.

Talking of religion, I haven’t seen Bill Maher’s documentary Religulous yet but I’m looking forward to it.

Source of news article.

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Fun On The Beach

beachpicblogdixiemiaevevivHere’s a fun behind-the-scenes clip of the girls enjoying some quality time off location and on the beach. In this clip Vivien, Mia, Eve Angel & Dixie have been given a well deserved break from filming to go and frolic in the surf (Clark is also there, but gets minimum screentime). The ever aware Lewis had grabbed his camcorder and followed them down to the beach, and as you will see, gets almost soaked for his efforts, when a big wave comes from nowhere as he innocently keeps the camera rolling. It reminded me of the film The Blair Witch Project as when he legs it out of the water the camera moves erratically as he escapes the surf.

I believe this was taken around the time of filming the production Sex Wives & Videotape, and if like me, you enjoy beautiful girls relaxing and having fun on the sand then please click play on the clip and enjoy.

To read more and view the clip click here

Plus keep an eye out for the ever filthy Mia as she says her sopping jeans are as wet as her pussy. That a girl Mia! But then we’ve known how sexy and filthy this girl can be from this previous post.

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“You can not get pregnant by swallowing spunk…”

vivthomascom_44084Wise words there, spunk ingested orally is simply a source protein and enjoyment for whomever’s spunk it is.

Private Practice was a sex-comedy we made in 2004 for Mayfair Magazine. I’ve blogged about it before, but since the download version has just become available I thought I would post one last clip. This is from a scene filmed between Stella and Sandy.

It’s done with it’s tongue firmly in it’s cheek so please no comments about Stella’s young schoolgirl acting or her costume, yes they are both colourful exaggerations of reality; although if you went to my school in South Wales you wouldn’t know it. This question she asks Sandy in the scene was actually asked by a 16-year-old girl in my Sex Ed class causing me to burst into spontaneous and hysterical laughter and saw me removed from the class and spending the next 45 minutes waiting outside until everyone had finished their various lines of questioning. <Video Clip after jump>

Anyway – wow, check out Stella’s soft wet pussy, I was so close to her filming that I could feel the warmth coming from it (insert big smiley face grin here.)

Other Private Practice blogs: The nurse, premature ejaculation and Outtakes

Buy now.

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Taking The Piss. . .

dirtydogangiegoldenshowerAs I rummage through the archives of behind the scenes footage, I stumble across some absolute gems which I feel the need to share. This is one of those moments. The following clip is taken from behind the scenes camera filming Dirty Dog & Angie Scott, in a scene from the production Sex Wives & Videotape.

Now for some background info before we begin. Angie Scott had mentioned whilst filming the scene that she needed to use the toilet to urinate. Dirty Dog, who has a bit of a fetish for golden showers tells her to pee over him. This is something that the crew had noticed before that the Dirty Dog loves women pissing on him. It’s not really something I’m into, I’m unbepissed, but he loves it, check how rock solid his erection is whilst she pees all over him.

There are quite a few funny moments in the clip, at the beginning when she cant quite go Dog is so desperate for her to do it he prods her stomach and whispers encouraging words. Then when she gets going he actually goes in close and starts to drink and lap up that urine like it was apple juice. Now for me that shit is just plain wrong. Funny tho!

I also love how sweet Angie Scott is, she actually apologies to Dirty Dog after the deed is done when he was the one who requested her to do it. He even has the audacity to ask Lewis at the end of the clip if he can get out of the bath now as he’s starting to ‘prune up’. A girl just pissed in your mouth and your worrying about getting wrinkly fingers. Glad you got your priorites straight there mate. Anyway, I digress, enjoy the clip and watch out for Lewis asking the Dog if he’s happy now!

To read more and see the clip click here

Plus if your into peeing women you may want to pay a visit to this website!

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BotY – Zara?


We know most of the girls in the running for the Babe of the Year competition by their boobs and asses, but what about their personalities? I thought I would try spice things up a little by posting some footage of some of the nominees where you get to see them laugh, giggle, chat to the camera, just anything a little more natural and a little less sexy (not easy as I think most of these girls could look sexy eating spaghetti with their hands!) We’ll start with front runner Zara…

When I first met Zara I thought there was something different and special about her, she is a fairly new girl to the business and hasn’t done that much work, you don’t really see many of her pictures or scenes for other producers and there is a reason for that. She is not working in this business purely for the money, she is working because she loves girls and it’s a good way for her to explore that. It makes her presence in our movies much more interesting and exciting. Her first scene was with Vera in Female Liaisons and her inexperience shows through, next was Nella in Unfaithful 4, then CJ in Mums and Daughters, then Jo in the upcoming Portrait of a Lesbian (clip taken from below), and more recently Peaches in one of the Sex Tapes we made (what a run!)

Since I started working here I always liked to show the girls personalities in our films (see Our Movie, Six Days With Vera, Jo’s Secret Video etc), that is why I always write characters to suit the girls own personality, I’ve always done that, even in the Late Night Films we make. Zara has a naturally coy and quiet demeanor, but she likes a good giggle as much as anyone, and once you start talking to her she opens up more. I think her lack of confidence stems from her lack of English, because in Hungarian she is much more talkative, and of course once she climbs into bed with a girl and the cameras are rolling, shy Zara steps aside and the young sexual minx Zara comes out to play!

Other similar posts:

Cindy Hope clip here.

Lucy Bell and Angelika Black here.

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Female Orgasms Part 8

nellytorifemaleorgasmblogpNow we’ve seen some great orgsams so far in this series of posts, but this next one is a bit special. It’s taken from the hit title Office Girls, and stars the ever poular Nelly and the delightful Tori. The reason it’s so special is because Nelly after her intense orgasm becomes ‘cum drunk’. This phrase was mentioned by one of our forum members Just Like Honey, who mentioned it in this thread on our forum about the best orgasms. JLH described it as “confused, disoriented, in a stupor, and/or made temporarily insane as manifested by excessive laughter or maniacal giggling”.

As you can see from the raw unedited footage that forms the clip, after Tori laps away like a thirsty dog on a hot day, Nelly’s orgasm is very intense and she does appear to become ‘cum drunk’, writhing around on the desk and almost falling over Tori when she sits up, almost like she’s inebriated. She also has to hold tightly onto Tori whilst kissing her as she appears to be disoriented and in a stupor. This is no doubt due to Tori’s superb cunnilingus skills and magic digits.

Click here to read more and see the clip

Office Girls is available to watch as a streaming video in the members section of our website, or is available to download or purchase on DVD. It’s a great title and was such a success it spawned a much clamored for sequel which was just as good. Anyway, stop reading and start watching, and hats off to JLH for coining the phrase ‘cum drunk’. Enjoy!

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The Contagious Laugh


Lewis was saying in this thread here that Gina B has what can be called a contagious laugh. Whilst i was looking at the raw footage for this scene from Pink Velvet 2 starring Ella & Peaches, I noticed that Ella also has one too.

In this clip Peaches is sitting astride Ella and whilst fingering her bum hole decides to suck on Ella’s toes. This goes OK at first until Ella cant seem to take it anymore and begins to laugh, also causing Peaches to giggle. Ella then has the giggles every time Peaches licks or sucks her toes. What I find endearing is that you cannot help but laugh when she laughs. You know what I mean, when someone is laughing and you are laughing with them only because it’s so funny that they’re laughing. I think I’ve confused myself now. I’m sure you get the gist. Watch the clip and i dare you not to smile and chuckle.

To read more and see the contagious clip click here

As I’m feeling very saintly today, I’ve also snuck a quick clip at the end where peaches sits up on the bed and watches Ella remove her top. Why have i put this in you may ask? Simply so you can admire the pertness of Peaches 18 year old tits as she is sitting up. God damn, what an amazing pair of breasts that woman has, they’re sitting there like two alert sentries with bayonets affixed. Magnificent!

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Nella, Lisa and Unfaithful 5

nellaOk, calm down. I am only posting this clip because it is a special day today, it’s the birthday of one of our forum moderators, Kim, and it features her favourite girl, Nelly. So this little behind the scenes clip is for you Kim, Happy Birthday!

Unfaithful 5 has a lot of Nella and Lisa together in lots of different places, as people were hoping! But it is still in the early stages of post-production, so please don’t ask me for a release date just yet. This scene of them in the shower will feature in the movie and of course it gets a little more raunchy than this! I’m just showing you this little taste because I caught them a little off guard and acting natural. We filmed this piece in the shower after they made love, so they really were just showering together and washing down each others sweaty bodies.

Clip after the jump…

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Grown Up Peaches!

peachesFollowing on from Hugh’s Ripe Young Peaches blog here is the now grown-up Peaches in all her womanly glory, having just turned 25 last month!

I guess she’ll be coming into her prime as a woman over the next few years, confident, sexy, sassy, Peaches has really become something much more than just a beautiful young girl, she’s attractive in so many more ways than just physically, which is hard to admit since she does have such a fucking knock-out body! Over the years we’ve had the privilege of watching her develop not just as a model but as a person too.bum

She has a movie coming out with us soon called MOST SUBSCRIBED. She also has a website with her girlfriend Gina B, and they are currently filming lots of very intimate sex tapes for the site which will hopefully go up over the next few months. Some of the things they are filming are so hot, it’s something that only they could do together. The video below is a small example (I’ve cut out the tasty parts for obvious reasons and watermarked it) but it’s still really enjoyable to watch this kind of thing, and even though they are filming these videos for their site they still feel really private.

There’s much more on their website at the moment including my favourites where they interrupt each other in the shower or wake each other up to cunnilingus! It’s intimate stuff.

So please support the girls and their website as I think this year they could make it a place quite extraordinary and very different to the host of other porn sites out there. They have the opportunity to offer something different and hopfully people will dig it. All the videos they have filmed themselves, and they use all their friend and favourite models so there’s a myriad of babes of there! They also have a free blog which they update regularly.

By the way, they filmed more things around this shopping center and eventually a security guard had to come and tell them to stop! Well done girls! I love it!

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Private Practice

ppSo Jimmy Brossman is concerned that there is a bend in his penis when it’s fully erect, so he goes to this surgery run by Mayfair Magazine for concerns of this kind and is checked out by sexy, (hang on let me put that in capitals,) SEXY nurse Mya Diamond. Oh man, imagine a nurse like Mya handling your balls, you really would spurt accidentally, and as the guys reading this know once your past the point of no return there is no holding back. This is a pretty funny clip I think.

Talking of holding back, this is the scene where James Brossman genuinely couldn’t hold back, he came far far too early as seen in this other blog. I can’t blame the bloke really, two men have told me that Mya Diamond has a pussy like ‘silk.’ I have yet to confirm that myself, so it’s all hearsay.

Private Practice is available on DVD and soon to be available to download! Check the forum for more details on this. It’s a recommended title and stars a great array of girls including Sandy, Stella Stevens, Vera, Judith Fox, Mya Diamond, Sandra Shine and big boobed Susane.

There are outtakes from this film here.

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Ripe Young Peach

youngpeachesblogpicFirst of all I’d like to congratulate Peaches on becoming Babe of the Month for March. In honor of her attaining this, I’ve decided to put a clip together of the early years of Peaches, when she first came to work with us here at VT at the tender age of 18.

The first part of the clip is taken from the production Pink Velvet 2, and I chose it just to show the incredibly nubile and breathtaking body of Peaches. She shines with innocence in this clip, and I love the fact that this is unedited footage that you are looking at. This raw shoot tape footage of Peaches looking at her body in a mirror had my face about an inch from the monitor, and as she unveils her ‘peachy’ boobs and delicately exposes her thatch of pubic hair, I was making strange gargling noises which had my colleagues looking in my direction. Wasn’t long before they were clambering round my desk making the same noises that I was.

The next part of the clip is taken from the production Pussy In Paradise co-starring Gina B and it is again taken from unedited raw footage. Now this is the first time these two adorable girls worked with each other and I think it shows that this was lust at first sight. I love the relaxed way they fondle and kiss each other, clearly desiring and willing to explore each others bodies and wanting to satisfy each other completely. It’s funny to think that some years after this Gina B and Peaches would be a couple in real life, with their own groundbreaking website. This is where the magic of their relationship started, and it was all captured by the cameras of Viv Thomas.

To read more and see the clip click here

I hope you enjoy looking back at the younger days of Peaches when she first started to work with us. Since then she has gone from strength to strength and has entrenched herself as a fan favorite, well loved by fans and all of us here at VT Towers.

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Oil be damned…

ginabsandymassageblogpicI had to post this when i saw it earlier. This is some footage shot during the production Making Of A Madame, with this scene starring the blue eyed goddess Gina B and the owner of one of the most toned and supple bodies ever, Sandy.

This was shot with a behind the scenes camera, hence the jerky footage, but it still aroused me earlier. This is a massage scene where Gina B is set to give Sandy a massage and ends up giving her a whole lot more for no extra charge. Sandy’s body could only be made more perfect by covering it in oil, and Gina’s deft hands caress and fondle Sandy beautiful bum till its as slick as wet raincoat. Also what a phenomenal outfit Gina B has on, must get one for the missus!

Click here to read more and see the clip

I found this almost amteur footage very sexy and i hope you lot do too, enjoy and let me know what you think of Sandys oiled up posterior!

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Can I just rub it on your bum..?


I literally stumbled across two male performers this week who have developed a strange way of making love to their partners. In the first scene, you won’t be surprised to know that it’s Coky Ice, who we already know can get creative from this post, paired up with Aletta Alien (Yes we know it’s a strange name, no we didn’t pick it). This was taken from a forthcoming Club Girls production.

As you can see in the clip, whilst sawing away into the ravishing pussy of Aletta, he pulls out merely to rub his schlong on her ass crack and buttocks. That’s right he doesn’t put it in her bum hole, but rubs on top of it instead. Strange indeed. Could this be a delaying method, a chance to cool his heels and to prevent him from appearing in a future premature post. Or does he think it’s generally erotic?

Next up then is Bob Terminator and sex mad Missy Nicole. To my surprise Bob then does the exact same thing as Coky, and starts to rub his cock up and down the crack of Missy’s fine ass. However i quickly discovered that this is not a ball cooling moment for Bob, he actually has his orgasm this way and coughs up a fine wad. If anything this seemed to push him over the edge, so he obviously finds it very erotic and sexy. You can see the scene in it’s entirety in the production Daughters Of Desire Vol 1.

To read more and see the clip just click here

Personally I would rather keep the bug in the rug then rub it over other parts, or at least go for a tit wank as opposed to a bum rub. Any readers out there that have this need to pull out and start rubbing? Let me know.

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Female Orgasms Part 7

sandybridgettorgasmblogpicNow we’ve seen Sandy giving out some great orgasms with some expert cunnilingus over previous posts in this topic. So I thought why not get a clip where the stunning Sandy gets an expert tongue bringing her to a shuddering climax.

I picked the following clip, from the production Sandy Agent Provocateur, where the beautiful Bridgett in 69 position, licks, sucks and savors Sandy’s succulent slit (try saying that after a few drinks). This was also shot with a behind the scenes camera and catches the raw passion of the scene. I love how it slowly builds up, Sandy trading licks at first but soon becomes too consumed with lust. Bridgett’s labored breathing as she lashes her snake like tongue ever quicker along Sandy’s hot spots, pummeling her with passion. It’s not long before Sandy cannot contain herself and the inevitable orgasm hits her hard.

To read more and see the clip click here

I have to admit that the best angle to view this orgasm from is the one used in the movie, but it’s nice to see a more amateur, blurry and shaky view that concentrates solely on the face. It’s also cute to see Sandy thanking Bridgett at the end, causing the crew to erupt into laughter, as her kness still seem to be turned to jelly from Bridgetts expert licking. Enjoy the clip, more to follow…

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Female Orgasms (Part 6)

sandrashinesandygreatorgasContinuing on with Spunk L Davis ‘Female Orgasm’ posts, I’ve taken up the baton and decided to add this clip to the collective. In this scene, taken from the production Sandy Agent Provocateur, Sandy and Sandra Shine are consuming each other in the bedrooom. Now this have got to be two of the most hottest and popular European porn stars ever, and you can see why in the performances below.

What I love most of all about this clip is Sandra’s orgasm, brought about by Sandy’s expert cunnilingus skills. This behind the scenes camera catches the raw footage of Sandy sucking and licking Sandra’s pussy before zooming out to catch Sandra have a extraordinary powerful orgasm. I love the way Sandra gasps with pleasure, pulling Sandy’s head into her mound and her stomach undulating as the waves of orgasm radiate out from her twitching pussy.

To read more and see the clip click here click here

What I also like about this clip is how it catches the fun the girls have as they work together, with Sandra eager to return the sweet favor of an orgasm right back at Sandy. It’s evident these lovely ladies fancy the panties off each other and are eager to get down and dirty to deliver pleasure back and forth!

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Coky Gets Cocky With New Move…

cokyicelindashaneblogclipI’ve seen quite a few daft things in my time, but what happens in this clip strikes me as plain stupid. In this clip, Coky Ice is pounding the luscious Linda Shane, and it seems in a moment of inspiration, he decides to whip his old boy out and try to stimulate her by rubbing his cock against her ‘little man in a boat’ (her clit).

Unfortunately this doesn’t look as good as he probably thinks it does. Instead I’m left with the impression that he is unaware that he is fruitlessly fucking thin air. It just looks highly unerotic and made me chuckle insead of splashing one out. Furthermore when he finally decides to pop it back into the snug looking pussy, instead of thrusting aimlessly into the air like a blind man trying to hit a pinata, he almost puts it into the wrong hole.

Click here to read more and see the clip

Now I’m no expert but I can imagine this blog clip would have been a lot funnier if he had stuck it up her deaf and dumb by accident, as she’d have probably yelped and scrambled off rerady to give him a pounding instead. Maybe he could learn some moves of Thomas from this earlier post. Or maybe not. Enjoy the clip!

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Seagal Almost Spills…

tristanjennyblogpicRemember an earlier post i did, where Tristan Seagal has to punish his penis, to stop himself giving up the goods too early? Well in a scene I was editing today he doesn’t punish it as such, but he does come very close to spilling his seed ahead of schedule.

Not that I can blame him of course. If I had the aptly named Jenny Lovely bouncing up and down on my shaft, pert breasts jiggling in front of my face, the sound of that lovely ass slapping against my thighs as she took every inch I could give, then my sailors would probably have jumped ship about 20 minutes earlier.

What I also liked abut this clip is the way he reigns her in to stop her bouncing on his balls, gives her a naughty slap as if to say ‘Easy’, and then gives a yelp to express how good it was and how close he was. I also put in a clip at the end of Jenna Lovely producing a fanny fart which almost seems to propell her across the seat into her next position. Just for fun.

Click here to read more and see the clip

If you enjoy the clip check this post put also for more premature clips and near misses!

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Femininity and Female Sexuality

joI’m not going to write some rambling blog about one of the things I love, I’m just going to post this video I filmed of Jo, our embodiment of femininity and female sexuality. I filmed this little sequence for The Art Of Sex but only some of it was used, along with her interview about sex. I just love this, everything about it just makes my heart pound. Now then, how could anyone call this porn?

Video after the click -

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Make Your Mind Up

makeupyourmindblogNow i know some of the models we work with don’t speak very good English, but I thought most of them had mastered the art of ‘yes’ and ‘no’. In this clip here we see Jenny Lovely, struggling to answer Tristan Seagalls question whilst they act out the beginning of a scene.

What makes it worse is that I know for a fact she speaks some English as she delivered some heavy dialogue just before this scene. Which seems to mean to me that she’s forgotten her line to the question he asks, but how do you forget a response line to a question that is a simple ‘Yes’.

To read more and see the clip click here

Anyway Jenny’s a cracking bird, good fun to work with and one hell of a shag. She also has a pert ass and could suck a golf ball through a straw. Enjoy the clip, it made me smile.

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Eye 2 Eye

valentinanickthomaseye2eyWell it had to happen eventually, I mean you can probably guess from the picture what unfortunate incident is about to happen in the clip below. I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, and just say that my favorite parts of this clip after the unfortunate aiming are when the guy responsible (It’s either Nick or Thomas as they are the two with the pork swords), gives a little ‘Oops’ giggle around the 10 second mark. Then it’s when the guy who it occurs to, after it sinks in what happens, around 18 seconds in, desperately tries to wipe off the offenders wad onto the lovely Valentina’s cheek.

Click here to see the clip and read more

Top stuff, tho if I was in the guy on the rights shoes, as soon as those cameras stopped rolling I’d have knocked a bastard tooth out of the offenders head and sent him off for target practice.

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On Location Making Snow

hiddenLast year we had a project fall apart on us, you might remember me talking about it. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong that week. It got to the point where I started doing wild and crazy things just to salvage something from the week. I’ve been wondering what the heck to do with all the footage we took, none of it makes any sense. We had a few cracking girls doing some particularly sexy things, but it has no coherency. Chikita, Lola, Zoe, Bianca, Gina B, all ended up doing some great work which I can’t bear to see sit on the shelf next to my desk! It occurred to me that we could make the project into a documentary with behind the scenes, interviews with crew and what we did manage to film all put together. So, question… What happens when you hide a camera in the bedroom of two models on location? Answer – they break the microphone.

Hawthorne, go fuck yourself.

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Eating Pussy Makes Me Cum

eatingpussyDirty Dog is becoming a bit of a star in my posts lately, although I doubt he’d thank me for it. This post is linked to the ‘Close Calls‘ post and the ‘Oops He Nearly Did It Again‘ post, where Dirty Dog keeps coming close to cumming too soon. Well in this clip, taken from the production Dirty Dog 3, the man cannot stave it off and has to erupt like Vesuvius.

What makes his cock twitch like a rabbits nose? In case you hadn’t guessed it yet it’s eating the juciy pussy of the ever-so-horny Destiny Deville. Dog goes to town on her holiest of holes like a drunk attacking a fish supper, practically burying his face while his tongue lashes like a dominatrix whip. He gets so turned on by devouring her dish that after only a few strokes inside her he has to unleash the man juice. Watch till the end of the clip to see Destiny having a spot of trouble swallowing what just happened!

Click here to see read more and see the clip

They say every dog has its day, but this was not to be his, check this clip out from the same scene, when Dog decides to have a second go and he ends up breaking his penis. I shit you not! Enjoy.

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Eager Eve

eagereveblogclipThis is a clip taken from the same scene as this post, but it is behind the scenes footage from the video shoot, not the photo shoot. Lewis in this clip is filming the video scene for the production Sex Wives & Videotape, and is going for a soft shot. However the luscious Eve Angel, so horny and turned on from the previous photo shoot, is just dying to get hold of Dirty Dogs swollen member and suck the skin off it.

Click here to see the clip and read more

Watch as she undress the lucky Dog and tries to bare all, not content with leaving his pants on for the soft shot (and a terrible pair of pants they are too). Enjoy!

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Fun On Set

sexwivesblogclip2As I’m sure you all know constant reader, from this previous post, I am currently trawling through hours of behind the scenes footage, searching for hidden gems.

I came across this clip earlier today which made me chuckle and I decided to post it. Basically this a a clip from a photo shoot starring Dirty Dog, Eve Angel and Dixie, filmed during and for the production Sex Wives & Videotape.

Viv wants Dog to act surprised for when the camera clicks, but old Dog feels a bit silly and all parties end up chuckling. My favorite bit is at the 9 second mark where Dog starts to try to look cool after pulling his little ‘Oh my gosh’ pose. And just looks a bit stupid.

Click here to read more and see the clip

I also tacked onto the end Dirty Dog receiving a blow job from Dixie, just for you to hear Viv’s ‘reality check’ words to Dirty Dog, as to a reason for him to crack a smile. Viv you really are a legend. You can check out another post I did with a clip from this same scene here. More to come.

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Behind The Scenes With Maneater

sammyjayneblogpicOne of my main roles at the moment here at is to plough through the vast back catalogue of behind the scenes footage from all the productions we have filmed over the years. It’s a huge task, hundreds of tapes, hours of footage to be sifted through and all for two main goals. Firstly to discover a lot of unique and never before seen footage ,and secondly so we can put this footage along with some classic behind the scenes (From now on called BTS) moments onto the forthcoming, newly revamped website.

At the moment I’m currently panning for gold through the reels of BTS footage for the production Maneater, starring the stunning Sammy-Jayne. Sammy-Jayne is a perfect Playboy model and it’s no wonder they commissioned this film to star her, fucking an array of men and women. With her perfect fuck-me-face, stunning legs and a pert ass that deserves to be committed to celluloid. Her posh accent has my balls trembling like a rookie soldiers hands holding live grenades with the pins pulled. I’ve always had a hard spot for Sammy since seeing her in Sex Analyst, which also has a load of accompanying BTS footage.

Click here to read more and see the clip

Check the clip out below for a quick compiliation of some of the BTS footage I’ve stumbled across. The thing about Sammy J is that whilst she loves the fucking (as proved by her very naturally juciy pussy in this post), she sometimes pretends not be into the scene as much in case her boyfriend ever sees the tapes! Nevertheless a funny girl and top body mean you should stop reading now and click play on the clip. Enjoy!

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Happy Birthday Silvia Saint

silviasaintbirthdayYep, today is the birthday of the most famous European porn star in the world, Silvia Saint. Now I’m not a religious man but i do tend to think of Silvia as a deity. She’s 33 today, and still remains one of my favorite, and in my opinion, one of the best looking porno stars in the world.

Since she started her porn career she has left a legacy of hard core fuck flicks which have included interracial, double penetration, anal and fetish. Her body is simply stunning, with a beautiful (albeit fake), pair of breasts, perfectly toned leg muscles and an arse and pussy that are irresistible. The contours of her face were meant for sperm races and her mouth is a glistening entrance to heaven.

Click here to read more and see the clip

I was chatting to Sean the other day about Silvia, saying how funny it was that I would spend hours throwing myself around my room with the latest Silvia Saint flick. I’d get home, slip the video into the VCR, settle down in my wanking chariot, and shoot thick ropes of potential people all over the place. It was funny in the sense that I never thought one day I would be editing her video footage, and in my opinion, doing a much better job then the editors back in the day.

One of my favorite VT films of her is Searching For Silvia, and as a treat I’ve put some snippets together of Silvia and Tara‘s scene in the pool together. Anyway, Happy Birthday Silvia and may you continue to keep me a shareholder in Kleenex for many years to come. Enjoy the clip.

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The Invisible Lover

maneaterthomas7dixieNow I’m not 100% sure what Thomas is actually thinking or doing, but he appears to be simulating sex in this behind the scenes clip, filmed during the production of Maneater.

As the main camera is not on him maybe he’s helping Dixie stay in character, as she is supposed to be masturbating whilst watching him feed the dick to Sammy-Jayne (who is absent for whatever reason).

To see the clip and read more click here

However his ‘air sex’ isn’t as good as the real deal, with him throwing random shapes out and generally looking a bit silly. Watch till the end for a cracking one liner thrown out by someone about Thomas’s moves. Comedy gold.

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Lesbian Encounters – Fluffing their lines


I was originally going to name this post – Lesbian Encounters – Fluffing. But the use of the word ‘fluffing’ has a very different meaning in our world. Apparently that is just a porn myth anyway. To be honest if i ever witnessed a porn actor getting sucked off before a scene just to make him hard enough to go and have sex with the actual actress i’d punch the lucky fuck in the head quicker than you could say ‘If you can’t get it hard in the first place then get the fuck off my set.’ Hope that makes sense, it made me angry just writing that sentence.

So anyway, let’s move on to what this post is actually about – Lesbian Encounters. Viv insisted on all the actresses speaking the Queens English. Not surprisingly our beautiful Czech and Hungarian starlets usually required more than one attempt at delivering their lines. Here is a snippet of the gag reel (not that sort of gag Stern). The full version will be included on the the DVD release along with plenty of unseen footage.

See the clip click

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Penny’s Filthy Feet


As seen from my post yesterday, Miss Flame is hilarious to work with on location. Another comment from the biography of her states, “Her confidence also means she is a great improviser”, and this can be seen from the following clip

This was once again taken from the behind the scenes footage shot during the production of The Art Of Kissing 2, and she is in top form as the man himself, Sir Viv, washes her, apparently, filthy feet.

I enjoy her mischievous nature and impish grin, and from the comments on the last post I can see the crew are eager to work with her again in the future. To be honest, I can’t blame them. It would be a pleasure going on location with such a laid back, witty porn princess who has a body that screams out lust and fun.

Penny Flame we salute you, a 100% genuine sexy funny girl!

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Evelyn Gets Physical


If you read my previous post about how highly erotic i find a woman’s gym and aerobic wear, and how much I love to watch them work out in their tight t-shirts, panting and sweating, slight jiggle of tightly contained boobs…..I digress.

Anyhow you would have seen the attached clip showing the ever lovely Silvia Saint working out on a running machine. If you, like me, enjoy watching that sort of thing I have a treat in store for you. Also from the behind the scenes footage of The Art Of Kissing 2 comes some footage of the sexy Evelyn, limbering up as part of her everyday routine.

To read more and see the clip click here

Now this is one sexy woman with a beautiful ass and an incredibly toned body, Spunk mentioned to me that she was absolutely gorgeous in the flesh, with a really nice personality also. If you’d like to see more of her (literally), she’s in the above mentioned The Art of Kissing 2 and also stars in Silvia Saints Leg Sex Friends.

So if this is your cup of tea, be my guest, click play and drink your fill.

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Avril’s Crotch!

avrilAvril once promised me that she would open up on this blog, something I was genuinely hoping she would do. Alas it seems the whirlwind of her life has got in the way; what with three dogs, a very, very big house to attend to, her various beauty appointments, and all the Portuguese nick-nack markets around it seems she hardly has time for anything these days, let alone write her location diary or blog.

However Avril does turn up in the Making Of Most Subscribed (the full 30min version of which will be online next month) and she has a cameo appearance in Unfaithful 5 (released this summer.) Yippee!

In the meantime, (and no one email Avril that I have put this here!) this is her first ever appearance in a VT Production, the VERY FIRST film from our Studio – LEG SEX. Although Viv’s hair steals the show, the (even) young(er) Avril can take a bow for her confident performance as Samantha, the leggy leg-obsessed agent!

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A word about Walleria

Walleria created quite a storm on our Forum when we first announced that she was Babe of the Month for February 2009. The reason being that she was a relative unknown in the world – that she certainly is, but what a stunner! Straight jet black hair (are jets actually black?) flows over a perfectly taught body and being fairly tall (5’8″ or 1.73m) she really does it for me ( I’m 6’4″ or 193cm!).

Walleria on

It seems like she “really does it” for quite a few people… What do you think?

Click through for our YouTube video featuring the one and only Walleria (and that isn’t a Prussian Province – she’s a GIRL!)


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Playful Penny


“Brash, confident, cheeky, funny, and very playful, even whilst she is working”. This is how the biography of Penny Flame describes her at, and after seeing this behind the scenes clip filmed during The Art Of Kissing 2, I couldn’t agree more.

Watch how mischievous she is whilst she is having her makeup applied, most models would sit there patiently, but Penny just cant help herself, playing up for the camera and generally being a zany American.

More behind the scenes from the beautiful, and not so typical porn princess, Penny Flame, later.

Click here to see the clip

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Let’s Get Physical

eric-prydz-call-on-meEver since Olivia Newton John graced us with the song “Physical“, which stirred the beast in my loins, I’ve always found woman’s gym wear and working out clothes extremely erotic. Adding to the erotic factor is that this sort of clothing usually comes hand in hand with gasps, moans and a lot of sweat, which means I’m usually in Utopia whenever I see women working out. I love the whole range available also, from leotards, tight shorts, tight tops, even gym socks and headbands, I love it all.

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when i first saw Eric Prydz ‘Call On Me’ video (probably my favourite video of all time), and so you can imagine my joy when i stumbled upon some behind the scenes footage featuring Silvia Saint working out on a running machine. This footage was shot whilst filming The Art Of Kissing 2, and what a gem it is. Click here to read more and see the clip

Watch as Silvia with her toned legs and stunning body first starts walking and then speeds slowly up. Then try not to be captivated as her ass quivers and shiver with each leg placed forward, her derriere bouncing with an abandoned joy. Her firm breasts taut within her….. I’ve got to go now as it’s all been to much for me today, enjoy the clip and I’ll see if I can find another tomorrow.

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Lesbian Encounters – To Fist or not to Fist

poster_lesbianencountersThat was the decision we had to make when it came to the final edit of
Lesbian Encounters. At the end of filming the ‘Caught in the Act’ chapter starring Eve Angel and Lauryn May we found ourselves trying to answer a difficult question. The lovely little Lauryn, fresh from giving Eve an earth shattering orgasm wandered up to us and softly said ‘Would you like me to fist my arse now?’ We had already wrapped on the scene but thought why the hell not.

The problem we faced was that it had no real place in the context of the story. We didn’t just want to throw it in or tag it on. So when it came to the download version we chose to cut it. This meant of course that because of BBFC guidelines concerning fisting there was no way we could include it in the DVD version either. I’m not revealing the full story though. The five minutes of fisting footage that we captured that day has a twist in the tale which helped cement the decision to cut it. You will soon be able to see exactly why this decision was made when the full version of this clip is in the members section. Here though is a little clip of how it began.

Clip after the jump…

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“Most Subscribed” Coming Soon!

cindyI’m finishing off MOST SUBSCRIBED at the moment. We’re planning on releasing the download in March, and the DVD in April, so that is something to get excited about!

Although this latest release will come in the midst of the Lesbian Encounters whirlwind, we still want to release it sooner rather than later because it seems to be quite an eagerly anticipated title, and anyway it is quite different to Lesbian Encounters, less vintage VT gold and more the contemporary styling of recent years.

Not only is Most Subscribed quite different, but it’s got an edge to it I think will really thrill people. I really am excited about the reactions to this one – the scenes themsevles are longer than usual (around 30mins), they are filmed a little differently, and the whole thing has a realistic context which seems to give each scene an intense authenticity to it. The sex is also just spot-on, there are plenty of things to get worked up about!

On top of this, the whole Gina B/Peaches relationship dynamic comes into play, Gina being the make-up artist on the film and having to sit by whilst a myriad of younger girls eat out and getting eaten out by her lover. Gina also stars in the last scene of the movie with Peaches (I personally think it’s the best scene on there and one of the best scenes EVER!) Lots of great stuff was captured on the making-of documentary with regards to this, which will give the film a whole other dimension.

At just a scratch over 180mins, it’s a big title! DVD extras will include alternative angles on some of the orgasms, and also some deleted footage/outtakes. These extras can also be seen on the website, along with a 30minute making-of documentary (I’ve taken a short clip from this for below.)

Oh yes and did I mention Peaches is absolutely fucking hilarious in the movie.

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Mums and Daughters SOLD OUT AGAIN!

vivthomascom_74034As a celebration of our current quickest-selling DVD title – “Mums & Daughters” being sold out once again(!), I thought I would post a little behind-the-scenes snippet of Zara recording her telephone voice-over for her scene with CJ.

Thanks to everyone so far who bought this title be it on DVD-or-download, in this midst of this global recession it’s success has in part allowed us to continue our work this year! We’re already talking about a sequel!

Mums and Daughters will be available again very soon!

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Latest Nelly Scene

nellyeveangelblogInspired by the comments on the ‘O Nella Where Art Tho‘ blog, I’ve decided to do another. In the first blog I showed you a few clips from one of Nelly’s first ever scenes, for this one I’m going to show you a few clips taken from her latest scene to come out on DVD, from us here at VivThomas. And what a scene it is!

Nelly is paired up with the simply stunning Eve Angel, in this smoking hot scene taken from the recently released production Club Girls Lesbian. And what a dream team this pair make. Soft kisses, expert lovemaking and genuine pleasure being taken from one another bodies. I couldn’t help but get aroused as I compiled a couple of clips from this scene, what with both girls being stunningly beautiful and gifted in the art of sex.

Click here to read more and see the clip

So without further ado, please click on the play button, make yourself comfortable, and prepare to get turned on by two of the best in the business.

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Oops He Nearly Did It Again…

2685-40Sorry Dog, don’t mean to pick on you lol. In case you haven’t guessed it, this is a clip of Dirty Dog having another close call. This time he is with Angie George, the woman with a stupendous set of tits. What I wouldn’t give to feast on one of those bad boys.

Anyway, the clip is taken from the production Dirty Dog Volume 1 and up until now Dirty Dog has been roasting Angie George all shapes. However as the clip starts he’s on his back, and, as we’ve seen in the other close call clips, when he’s on his back he has trouble keeping his mind off the job lol. Not that I can blame him, after being ridden by such a sexy lady. And this woman knows how to tackle a cock from on top.

To see the clip and read more click here

Anyway, enjoy the clip, I know I did.

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O Nella Where Art Thou?

nellatorihelena1Ahh Nelly, we do so miss Nelly. A great performer, lovely girl, fun pleasant and beautiful are just a few words the crew here use to describe her. It is always a pleasure to work with her, she’s almost the quintessential VivThomas girl.

Nelly has been a part of many stand out scenes over the years, and the crew have had some very intense filming experiences with her and various girls over the years. Spunk would often come back from location, trembling with lust after he had just filmed the latest scene with Nelly and partner. This is a girl who loved her work.

Sadly she’s moved on to do softer modelling now. We always wish her all the best in what she chooses to do, we’re all very fond of her here and it’s like she’s part of the VT family. Nelly will be sorely missed by crew and fans alike.

So i decided to dig out her very first scene that the crew worked with her on. Starring her then real-life girl-pal and fuck-buddy Tori, this scene was totally natural, erotic and brilliant. I’m pretty sure these girls forgot the camera was there and just went for it, passion and lust erupting from them both.

Click here to read more and see the clip

Since this scene she has gone on to star in over 15 productions with us here at VivThomas including the highly acclaimed Unfaithful series. As a matter of fact she is soon to be seen in Unfaithful Part 5, and the crew is still hoping that she will be a part of Unfaithful 6.

Anyway, press play and enjoy the clip showing Nelly in her first ever scene, taken from the production Girl On Girl 2. A bit of trivia for you actually, they both turned up originally to debut in Office Girls, but because the crew could see the chemistry between them, they decided off the bat to film a seperate scene first for Girl On Girl 2. Enjoy!

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Close Calls

tateclosecallsLinked to the premature problem blogs I have been doing I decided to show you a few clips of close calls. This is where the male actor has come close to shooting his wad before its needed, but has managed to control it at the last instant. Pull himself back from the brink of the abyss as it were.

The man featuring in this collection of clips is none other then Dirty Dog, the guy from the magic pussy blog. You cant really blame the guy from coming close to eruption, what with shagging the darlings you’ll see him with in this collection of clips (including one of my personal favorites, Eve Angel).

The first outake clip is from the production Sex Wives & Videotapes, the second from Sex@ctually and the third from Hot Babe Seduction.

To see the clip click here

So click play, sit back and enjoy watching the Dog trying not to spill his seed.

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The Premature Problem cont….

cherryjulcruzOkay, this has to be the best clip yet. Not once but twice does this young chap cum before he’s done. He also cums close to shooting from the hip a third time, as can be seen by the third part of the clip, but he manages to stop shagging and delay, though how he had anything apart from pure salt left to ejaculate by this point we’ll never know.

This clip stars the delightful Cherry Jul and Cruz, who according to Stern, looks a bit like Paul Ince the football player. Now this girl is such a hot piece of ass I can understand that every cry from her mouth would start your sack twitching like a rabbits nose. But this man is meant to be a professional, a cum on demand kind of guy. Yet watch the clip and it’s all too much for the poor chap.

Click here for the clip and to read more

I especially find funy the second part of the clip where he grips the bedsheets in an effort not to shoot, but to no avail. Needless to say the fella needed a cup of tea and a slice of toast before we could finally film the money shot we wanted.

If you liked this clip check these others here, here and here.

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Silence Is Golden

blogbianca-golden-carla-cI was editing this scene the other day and it made me chuckle. The scene stars Bianca Golden & Carla Cox, and the intro to the scene requires a little bit of acting. At first i thought she couldn’t speak or understand English, but it turns out she does, a little anyway, it seems to me she’s just shy whilst speaking dialogue in a sex scene (where I would be more shy about tonguing a girls asshole on camera). I can assure you she certainly wasn’t shy after the acting and dialogue part was over, devouring Carla like a T-Rex eating a sheep.

Click here to read more and see the clip

I don’t know whether it’s the bewildered look in her eyes at first, or just how cute she appears and how quiet she is when she finally says her lines, but I smiled throughout this clip and I hope you all enjoy it too. I know that Stern Bigot who is filming this, has the patience of a saint. Keep an eye out for this scene which will be appearing on a future Viv Thomas title.

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The Premature Problem cont. . . .


Welcome to the continuation of a topic started by Senior Spunk and followed up by yours truly, this blog is carrying on with the premature problem suffered by male porno stars. This time it’s James Brossman who is about to cum before he’s done, in the clip below. This isn’t Jimmy’s first time gracing this topic either, check the previous clip where he lost his load whilst being ridden by Mya Diamond, or as we like to call her, ‘The Body’. Understandable I suppose.

Anyway onto today’s clip which stars James pairing up with the sensual Kristi Klenot, who happens to own a cracking set of tits and by the looks of it, an incredibly tight pussy. Spunk tells me he thought James might have his work cut out with this fine lass. For instance in the first part of the clip James is in love with the view he has in front of him, enough so that he calls the cameraman to film from his angle instead, which he duly does, and it certainly gets my balls boiling.

For more and the clip click here

The second part of the clip is where it all went wrong. No money shot was called for at this point, but as James pummels Kristi senseless you see him stop sudddenly and pull out, before realizing he cant stop his own orgasm, and he sprays a fine portion of population pudding all over the impressive chest of Kristi. Amazing stuff. I tacked a bit on at the end of the clip where poor James is told he has to do another cum shot for the photographer, who failed to prematurely press his button on the camera, to catch the unexpected delivery.

If you enjoyed this there’s another clip here of Dirty Dog trying not to cum when he’s with a woman with a ‘magic pussy’. O.K. Dog, whatever you say. Anyway enjoy the clip, there’s more to come . .

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Penis Break


Yep, that is the title of this Blog. Due to the plot of an episode in the US show ‘Greys Anatomy’, which was about a man with a broken penis, there has been a sudden flurry of inquiries on internet search engines by worried men. And who could blame them?

According to an article in the telegraph, the Google search engine has reported that two of the three most searched terms at present are “Penile fracture” and “broken penis”. This has occurred following the airing of the above mentioned ‘broken penis’ plot line in Grey’s Anatomy.

The above picture is incorrect, in that there is no bone in the penis which can just snap in half. So how can a broken penis happen, is it a myth?

Unfortunately it can indeed happen. It is caused by a “tear in the tunica albuginea, the thick fibrus coat surronding the corpora cavermosum tissue that produces an erection”. Ouch. Apparently when it happens some people report a sound like someone popping thier knuckles. Check this poor chaps account out of what happened to him, best line from it being, “I jumped up, absolutly stunned my dick had gone completley flaccid and looked like Gonzo’s nose…”.

To read more and see the clip click on the read more button:

The good news is that the injury is rare and it mainly affects young men during sexual intercourse. So slowly, softly seems to be the wise way to enjoy sex from now on. It is treated with pain relief, ice packs and anti-inflammatory drugs (unless you’ve damaged your urethra which will require surgical correction).

It can happen to anyone however, even the original Dirty Dog “Ian Tate’. Check out this clip from ‘Dirty Dog 3: Cross Breeding‘, where the Dog finds out first hand what a penile fracture looks and feels like.

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bigslipFollowing on from Sean’s post we have here another example of the classic nip slip. During the shooting of a scene for the Lesbian opus “Portrait of a Lesbian” somehow no-one noticed that Rachel had half (well, more like 3/4) of her left boob hanging out of her pink dress. I have often wondered how a woman doesn’t notice something like this, I’m sure you’d feel the sensation of it sticking out but perhaps not. Maybe it’s just my obsessive male gaze that makes this such a significant event! Either way, Spunk nor I were too tuned in at this moment because this slipped by unnoticed! (groan)
To see the clip, click “read more”

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Lily Allen had lesbian sex with identical twins

lily-allenNow, I’m not one for celebrity gossip but when a headline like that comes along, my integrity vanishes as quickly as it takes to read it. Don’t get me wrong, I still couldn’t care less about the other aspects of the life of the “celebrity” involved in this supposed scenario (here, she’s interchangeable with any woman below the age of 30) but what the headline has cleverly done is conjure imagery, in my mind, something like what’s in this clip. Except I’m in it as well.

She told Gay Times and they ran with the subtle cover quote “I Snogged Lesbian Twins” then The Sun got hold of the story and reworked it with the word “romp” unexpectedly contained in the phrase. I’m guessing that’s how the broken telephone headline subsequently ended up as it is here; full blown lesbian sex. The unique way that in British tabloids the verb “romp” can mean pretty much anything from “she sat on his lap” to “they had a 12 person, booze and drug-fueled orgy, covered in oil, in full view of everyone in the club”. Use a thesaurus, for fuck’s sake.

The “story” with added romp!

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Cunnilingus – Get To Know Her

i-love-you1Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than eating a girls pussy, savoring the smells and flavours, and letting her know so. There’s no denying that it’s something every man/woman should do for their girl to make them feel special. As Pacino says to his nephew in Scent Of A Woman when detecting a slight sexual frustration in the guys wife, “…you’re so wrapped up in the sugar business you’re forgetting the taste of the REAL HONEY! Whoo-haa!”

Some women are nervous about letting their partner perform cunnilingus on them because of the ridiculous stigma attached to the smell/taste, and they need to be gently coaxed into believing that there is nothing to be worried about. On the other hand, some men are nervous about doing it because they feel they don’t know what they are doing, and perhaps might make a fool of themselves. There are lots of tips and guides (some by women too) but they really don’t amount to much, I mean spelling out letters on her vagina, please.

The main debate is, are women better at eating pussy than men?
Video if you click….

Now it might seem obvious, women know womens bodies better than men do, but by that same regard are men better at blowjobs? I honestly can’t say. Some women are spectacular at fellatio, others aren’t, surely it’s the same with men and cunnilingus? I think it’s about getting to know your partner, once you get to know your girl in bed you can drive her crazy knowing the particular tricks and nuances that rock her world. I do suspect that on the whole there are more women that are better at it than there are men, because men are generally lazy, selfish lovers, but hey, not all of us. I can say honestly, from experience, that not all women are good at cunnilingus, I’ve worked with girls before now who don’t have a damn clue! They don’t even know where the clit is! I promise you. I’ve had to step in and give lessons.

Anyway, as a little bonus I have included a short clip here from the movie MOST SUBSCRIBED, as Peaches eats out her girlfriend Gina (these girls obviously know each others bodies very well). I notice that both girls have the same kind of technique, they like it when two fingers gently swirl around inside the vagina, stretching it ever so gently, as the tongue caresses the clit lightly but consistently. In fact, in this scene Gina has three (count them!) orgasms, about one minute apart from each other as Peaches employs this technique, broken up with some sucks and slurps of the pussy.
Exercise techniques can be found here.

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Mums and Daughters: Scene 2 starts now

This scene really is above par – you should know the story by now, but if you don’t here goes. Picture a gorgeous young thing called Zara, skipping home from school and getting attacked by bullies. She rushes off to her rather tough buddy, CJ.

Shaved head and dope lying around her apartment, she is clearly something of a rebel. She starts to rip into Zara and telling her to stop being such a sissy and do this and that. CJ shows her a few moves, smokes a bit and then gets on top of Zara and really starts putting the moves on.

The subtle music, the tension in the air and Zara’s soft confused murmurings to stop (but please don’t really stop) all heighten the eroticness of this scene, and it’s ONLY getting started…

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Mums and Daughters – Scene 1 done!

So the first scene of Mums and Daughters is up and live for members in our web site. Its the first of four Secrets in the suburbs entitled: “The Babysitters”. Angelika Black and Lucy Bell baby-sit for Dorothy Black and Sean (yep the lucky bastard is her husband in the movie – all he gets to do is lie around and act drunk though :)

The web team is extremely proud to have presented the video in flash with MOV, DivX and WMV downloads as well. This sets the trend for all the videos on our members site: Soon all video will be presented this way!

Along with the completion of the first scene is a brand new trailer for all those of you who are unfortunate enough not to be a paid up member of our world.

The SECOND scene will be on the site by Tuesday 11th November!

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Cindy Hope video

I couldn’t resist – she looks so hot and what with her going under the knife to enlarge those sweet little tits, well I had to say something before she comes out looking like Dolly Parton! I am sure Cindy will be very careful about what kind of breasts she chooses – lets hope! Here’s a snippet of her recent video in the pay site.

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New FEATURE shakes!

Maybe I got a little carried away with this headline – but you know I have been watching FAR too much sensationalist news television these days, what with you Americans going about the process of voting in a new guy. Anyway the point here is that Dan Buzzcock and I are extremely pleased to announce something that I have wanted to have up for a very long time: a new video page! This just helps you to know exactly who is in the clip and what movie the clip comes from.

It also lays the groundwork for our new downloadable MOV, WMV and DivX AVI files (if this is all Greek to you, go on our forum and ask Panos, our senior moderator, for a translation) which will be ready as soon as our trusty little super computers can process them. We will also be adding new clips from each section, HD videos and all kinds of other funky technical goodies. So stick with us, we aren’t about to be left behind!

Let us know what features you really crave, want and desire? We can’t quite get Jo and her love buddies to jump out of the screen into your living room, but we can offer you an invitation to meet our girls in the flesh at the Babe of the Year party!

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The Premature Problem

I was editing this scene earlier today and this out-take made me laugh. Tristan is the consummate professional in his line of work, and he takes his performance very seriously. So seriously in fact, that he is willing to punish his schlong if he thinks it’s not quite performing right. Take this clip for example, where he gets caught up in the passion of the moment with the delectable Carla Cox, and has to stop feeding her the dick as he is ready to blow his baby batter deep inside her, and it was nowhere near the time for the cum shot.

Fair enough, some women do have naturally tight pussies which can choke the sturdiest chickens and cripple the careers of many a male model. Also it’s not the first time it’s happened while we’ve filmed, in this clip James Brossman fails to hold out, and in this clip the male model declares that the girl has a magic pussy, of all things.

But Tristan blames his appendage personally and gives it, wait for it, the back of the hand! It’s true, check it out and laugh out loud, this clip made my day!

Needless to say Tristan carried on to deliver an outstanding performance and to fire a well deserved salvo of cupid’s toothpaste all over Miss Cox’s pretty face

This has also made me wonder if there is anyone out there, reading this blog, that has to punish their penis to stop it giving up the goo too early? I’d be fascinated to find out!

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