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Amarna Miller

Spain Age Debut: 24


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HopelessRomantic 9 months ago

Normally, I need to see a few scenes or photoshoots of a model before I become her fan, sometimes I need only one good one to make it click. In case of Amarna, I needed to see only one preview pic where she was laughing to become totally fascinated by her - and the fascination and my respect for her became bigger with everything I found out about this wonderful human being.

Not only that she's pretty and a top performer, she's also very smart, outspoken, fun and seems to be an all around nice person. On another commentary somebody from the staff wrote something like when she enters a room it's like the sun starts to shine - that doesn't surprise me at all. I knew a few girls like that, no matter how dark or grey everything seemed, with them around suddenly it gets brighter and doesn't seem so bad at all. Oh well, I hope that doesn't sound too cheesy.

Needless to say that I hope she will work for Viv Thomas again and if she does I hope you do then a video cover where she's laughing or at least smiling! ;-)


Mimi01 1 year ago

Understated beauty, humility, highly sexualised and fun, Amarna is one special model.

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