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Danika A

Philippines Age Debut: 24


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BlueBaron 9 months ago

Gorgeous woman in the high fashion sense. Or, put another way, one of those gals who seem too beautiful for porn. Although born in the Philippines, with distinctly Asian features, she appears to be an ethnic mix which gives her an exotic look.

She didn't make but a handful of films, all of them girl-girl, and while she was never an outstanding performer, she clearly liked women. Plus the camera loves her. In few scenes she appears in, you can't take your eyes off of her.

Her Betty Boop voice and bubbly, giggly child-like manner can be alternately annoying or sexy, depending on your mood. A woman that beautiful will likely have options beyond erotic films and modeling lingerie but, damn, I wish she'd made more films before moving on. *pouts*


of rock 5 years ago

another beautiful shaved asian


of rock 5 years ago

danika sweeeet asian tasty treat


theer 5 years ago

Would luv to see more of this lovely