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Julia Roca

Spain Age Debut: 24


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Larry 8441 3 years ago

There is something about Spanish girls.. something that can’t be explained with words or with “human” concepts as it transcends the whole essence of beauty and furious blazing passion itself :-D
To almost give the idea: is almost as if every single Spanish girl I’ve met and saw in my whole life, has an everlasting huge blaze burning stronger and stronger deep within her shining soul ;-) They are gifted with the brightest and most lively “essence of life” and their beauty totally reflects this.. just look at their eyes and you’ll always see a bright strong spark shining like an eternal star :-D

When it comes to the amazing, wonderful and super hot Julia Roca.. wow, in this moment I’m really getting hot just by thinking about her and watching at her deep passionate eyes in the small picture of her page :-P

Julia is absolutely one of my super top most favorite models ever and let me say it loud that with her was literally love at first sight :-D Or should I say also at first listen? ;-)
Yes because Julia is pure and direct in-you-face-hard-and-loud-screaming charm, seduction, sensuality and lust.. she is really overwhelming as tsunami of passion, love and beauty hitting you more than once extremely hard :-P

Of course the first time I saw her on the cover of a movie (on Sexart ;-) ) the first thing that got straight into my heart were her beautiful eyes her sunny lively smile :-D (her perfect toned body of course had a major role as well :-P), but when I heard Julia’s voice.. omg I literally went crazy beyond any limit :-O

Julia’s voice is the sound of pure passion and lust, a deep intense melody telling endless stories of endless pleasure and infinite beauty :-D
Just her voice is the most erotic and mind-lust driving thing I can think about in my whole life.. imagine when I saw the rest of the movie, with Julia totally losing control and going incredibly wild and hard while having wonderful girl-girl sex ;-)

Gorgeous and perfect in every sense you can think about: Julia is the essence and muse of pure section and eroticism at it’s deepest core and essence.. she is a true goddess on Earth, her name alone is enough for me to go straight and watch a movie :-D

As I said her deep eyes, her smile and her wonderful lively face got my totally, while her voice drove me crazy beyond any possible limit created by the human imagination :-P her body is a true perfect masterpiece of Art: wonderful perfect round breasts, amazing toned tummy and beautiful looking soft skin, gorgeous ass and truly perfect legs with amazing thighs and perfect juicy pussy (love how much she gets wet during g spot finger fucking :-D)

Last but not least: she is really really wild and loves to have truly hard sex with her partners :-D Her girl-girl videos are some of the hottest, wildest and wettest I’ve ever saw.. I totally love how her lively personality explodes sexually as well, making everything four times much more intense both for her and her partner. She also made some of the hottest ever g spot finger fucking and tribbing scene I’ve ever saw as well, she has a very kinky side that always comes out as she has some really wild, creative and beautiful fantasy :-D

Whoever has the luck to have Julia in her life, no matter the role, has won the lottery of life :-)
She is amazing and I really hope we will see a lot more of her soon :-D

Actually, as I’m writing this, I’m eagerly waiting for her “Hypersexuality” episode with Lola ;-)
Thank you perfect goddess for sharing your passion and desires with us: you are perfect Julia, thank you for being born :-)


Rose 3 years agoCommunity Staff

You know I am totally with you on this, Lex – Spanish girls are my weakness! (Spanish guys too, but that's a whole different story...) My current top three are Lorena, Alexa Tomas (my ultimate girlcrush) and Julia. Ohhhhmygoodness Julia's voice drives me CRAZY! Especially the noises she makes when she's getting close to orgasm :-)


Larry 8441 3 years ago

Oh Rose :-D you surely read my mind about Julia's pre-orgasmic moaning ;-)

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