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Karina Currie

United Kingdom Age Debut: 33


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Mimi01 8 months ago

Karina is hot with a bit of Samantha Bentley in her. These English birds!


Wanda Lust 1 year ago

So it looks as if the Legal Lesbian Seduction series was a one-off for Karina. That's too bad.

In this series I thought she carried he role well, as a more mature woman (33 yrs old per the above) who has the sexual maturity and command to know what she wants and how to get it, in a way that no 20-year old can accomplish. That;'s a feminine pulchritude that I find incredibly compelling. And that is a wonderful example to hold forth for why our performers shouldn't consider age 30 to be the end of their careers. MetArt has many Dorothy Black types of examples, And moving outside of MetArt/VT. Jessica Fiorentino has done some MILF stuff that is some of the most erotic content I've seen - sweating, grinding, writhing, palpitating, pulsating - extracting three ejaculations from her partner in one session.

Dyanna Lauren and Julia Ann, both well into their forties have also done some amazing scenes together (though you have to look past their implants - and they've actually done some nice videos making fun of that). Though long in the tooth, their fires still burn, and the two of them are close enough in real life that they don't need to act - they just let it go and get it on. They talk to each other, verbally and non-verbally, and have unscripted friendly banter with each other that only people who are close can have. It's almost like reimagining one of those old Mariette Hartley-James Garner Polaroid commercial as lesbian porn - something you can't really believe until you see it.

One of my hallmarks for scenes, particularly with older performers such as Karina, is whether the scene makes me smile. That happens when I can tell the performers are truly enjoying themselves and are having fun. Not just serious sex, but deriving true emotional pleasure at the same they are experiencing physical pleasure. Like the shit-eating grin that spreads on Eufrat's face when she knows she has brought her partner to a real (not simulated orgasm).


Buck Bare 5 years ago

I love Karina, o tell the world I do. Karina, Karina, I cum for you.