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Kira Zen

Czech Republic Age Debut: 27


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ori3noco6 2 years ago

I love this Czech doll. It´s about time to have her BTS special....
Want to see her more personal side...


Rose 2 years agoCommunity Staff

This Monday you will be very happy, ole6gario12 :-)


Larry 8441 3 years ago

I’m speechless about Kira :-D
She is so beautiful, particular, unique and passionate that almost feels unreal to me.. but luckily she is real and embodies the living proof that perfection does exist and that Mother Nature is the amazing artists capable of achieving it in infinite forms, all different and totally unique from each other.. this perfection is Female Beauty, the purest and deepest kind of beauty existing in the whole universe in my opinion :-)

Kira’s face, her smile, her amazing eyes got my heart immediately: her traits are very very particular and unique, a very special kind of beauty that screams both sweetness and wild passion at the same time :-D

Her body is incredibly hot: wonderfully and gently shaped like an Art Masterpiece, I won’t hold myself back and I’ll say that I’m really wild crazy for her ass, legs (especially her thighs, being one of my major fetishes :-P) and her beautiful pussy :-D I totally love how much she gets wet, I have the feeling she is a squirter and I would love to discover it in future movie ;-)

She gave me the feeling of being very strong, determined and very self-aware girl (both of her body and sexual tastes), she loves going extremely hard and wild with her partners driving them as crazy, wild and wet as she love’s it on herself ;-)

I also noticed a much sweeter side of her, that can bee seen clearly in her beautiful eyes right from the pictures a very sweet romantic side that totally drove me crazy deep in the hear for her as well :-D

Amazing perfect angel and I’m so incredibly happy that she is being featured so much and I really really hope we will see a lot more (and even more) of her on VT and also on TLE as well ;-)

Thank you so much Kira for sharing your passions and beauty here on VT and thank you for being born perfect angel :-D

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