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Stella Cox

Italy Age Debut: 26


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Leslove 4 months ago

A year and a half since we last saw her. Please bring her back. So many women loved that sexy body and they were very sincere. Please bring her back for about six months until we get burned out.


ArEm1965 11 months agoLifetime member

It says above that Stella is from Italy. Shurely shome mishtake. Isn't she a Brit, Rose?


Rose 11 months agoCommunity Staff

She's actually Italian by birth, you can hear a hint of it in her accent sometimes :-)


lezlove 2 years ago

Life is so simple even I could be Columbo. With Stella Cox there would be full hand prints on both breasts and they would be red with use. And her pussy would have tongue prints all over it. Guilty.


mm32578 2 years ago

Stella is one of my favorite models. I have seen many of her scenes. she is so beautiful! I look forward o seeing her on VT.

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