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Talia Mint

Ukraine Age Debut: 25


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Leslove 10 months ago

Now when I put this thought into their minds, which hotel chain will be the smartest and do this the soonest. Put a Talia Mint on every bed. That's the kind of idea that normally would win me a lifetime membership. The best thing is that it's reusable after you eat it.


logger7 3 years ago

Talia Mint is willowy and very attractive and unique. What is clear from seeing these beautiful girls is they are ready for anything; whether sucking the pubes and ass of their pretty girlfriends or if they are so inclined riding a tumescent boner all night--they could have sex 24 hours a day without getting tired. And as their fertile womb gets drenched in the fresh and potent cum, seed and semen of their boyfriends is there any doubt they will be having families before long??


Morgan28d 3 years ago

Talia and Tracy surely this must happen ! what would be your fantasy for them ?


Morgan28d 3 years ago

Talia Mint surely one the best new people working in G/G worldwide


Rose 4 years agoCommunity Staff

I just posted an interview with Talia on the blog, I hope you'll read it... she's awesome!


fer_realz 4 years ago

Gorgeous... sexy... cute... what more could you want? I've already got a serious crush on Talia after only one scene. ( :