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Valentina Nappi

Italy Age Debut: 22


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bonoONE 5 years ago

Valentina is gorgeous and seems to relish making love to a woman passionately. That goes a long way to making any scene a success. I hope you shoot her a lot more. Miss Nappi seems to hit all the right areas from big natural breasts to a pretty face and a nice ass too. I'm becoming a bigger fan of hers with each successive scene I get to watch.


HolmesVT 5 years ago

As are we, When she turned up on set we were all transfixed by her and she really makes it her mission to make her partner come, both Henessey and Valentina couldn't keep their hands of each other. Genuine attraction, and this is the first time they have done a scene alone together, they have done scenes with each other but usually someone else is involved so this for them was perfect they could finally get each other

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