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Vera A

Hungary Age Debut: 21


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Dude9er 2 months ago

Vera is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.


DuellingTwangos 11 months ago

Having just discovered Vera just after downloading Tiffany's gallery next door from 2007,my sexy intuition having prompted a look at Vera in Back in Buda,and what do we have here? A paradise of sexy beauty behaving in the most wonderful way imaginable,And so many!
It has doubtless been noted on a number of occasions that beauty is drawn to beauty for happy love, and whoever had the idea of placing a camera in front of such happenings rejoices in my everlasting gratitude. And Vera is deeply beautiful,and so it must follow that her co-stars are a match also,
Good Heavens! what a find!


AshSexyAndre 1 year ago

I have been infatuated with Vera since thought my studies at University on the subject of Rape and and other anti-societal behavior, I found a movie called "Office Girls" by Viv Thomas. Which thru many months I was able to download bits and pieces and eventfully edit and restore it too its original movie format, evenly printing the original cover for the the DVD. I have been following that and other series by Vera for many years, and hope to see more of her in the future. With just an a unbind LOVE, in other words, I am JUST A FAN, God Bless and Keep on giving a Great performance. with LOVE Andre


Andre 3 years ago

a lovely woman


Ramdat 4 years ago

What a gorgeous petite woman!


Nick Spillum 4 years ago

She sure is - an absolute VT treasure is our Vera!


Michael NYUSA 4 years ago

Vera is the sweetet. most ravishing little model in the world!


4dal34f3221dre5 4 years ago

Very shapely body. The kind you want to lick all day long.