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Vera A

Hungary Age Debut: 21


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HopelessRomantic 3 weeks ago

Oh yes, Vera, the great "little one" (she reminds me btw. a little bit of Kylie Minogue, don't know why...).

When I started watching and falling in love with Viv's flicks, she was at first for me only one in an ensemble of incredible beautiful and talented models. But then I saw "her" movie A Weekend With Vera and was convinced that she is probably one of if not the best performer who ever made love to a girl in front of a camera ever. Now, many years and too many adult films (with and without her) later, I still have this opinion.

Thank you, Vera!


Dude9er 1 year ago

Vera is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.


DuellingTwangos 2 years ago

Having just discovered Vera just after downloading Tiffany's gallery next door from 2007,my sexy intuition having prompted a look at Vera in Back in Buda,and what do we have here? A paradise of sexy beauty behaving in the most wonderful way imaginable,And so many!
It has doubtless been noted on a number of occasions that beauty is drawn to beauty for happy love, and whoever had the idea of placing a camera in front of such happenings rejoices in my everlasting gratitude. And Vera is deeply beautiful,and so it must follow that her co-stars are a match also,
Good Heavens! what a find!


AshSexyAndre 3 years ago

I have been infatuated with Vera since thought my studies at University on the subject of Rape and and other anti-societal behavior, I found a movie called "Office Girls" by Viv Thomas. Which thru many months I was able to download bits and pieces and eventfully edit and restore it too its original movie format, evenly printing the original cover for the the DVD. I have been following that and other series by Vera for many years, and hope to see more of her in the future. With just an a unbind LOVE, in other words, I am JUST A FAN, God Bless and Keep on giving a Great performance. with LOVE Andre


Andre 4 years ago

a lovely woman


Ramdat 5 years ago

What a gorgeous petite woman!


Nick Spillum 5 years ago

She sure is - an absolute VT treasure is our Vera!


Michael NYUSA 5 years ago

Vera is the sweetet. most ravishing little model in the world!


4dal34f3221dre5 5 years ago

Very shapely body. The kind you want to lick all day long.